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MBA - III Semester Examinations January 2011 ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND GOOD GOVERNANCE Time: 3hours Max.

Marks: 60 Answer any five questions --1. Explain the features of Sole Proprietorship. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this form of organization? 2. Explain Risk Reduction Strategies for new entry exploitations. 3. What is SWOT analysis? How it will be useful in the promotion of a new enterprise? 4. Define Patent, Trade Marks and Intellectual Property Rights. Why the knowledge of these matters is required for a New Entrepreneur? 5. Define Business Ethics. What factors affect Ethical choices? What are the elements of building an ethical organization? 6. Write short notes on : a) Justification for ethics b) Corporate Climate. 7. Define Corporate Governance. Who are the major stakeholders in Corporate Governance? What are the principles of Corporate Governance and Its importance? 8. Define Corporate Social Responsibility. What are the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility that are important for an organization? MBA-III Semester Regular Examinations February -2010 ENTERPRENEURSHIP Time:3hours Max.Marks:60 Answer any Five questions 1.a) Discuss attitude and leadership of an entrepreneur? b) What are the problems of Indian entrepreneurs compared with American entrepreneurs in starting ventures? 2.a) Distinguish between entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship? b) Explain Importance features of various types of businesses? 3.a) What technological competition we are facing from Global players in the telecom sector. How to overcome them? b) Discuss SWOT analysis for biotech industry in India or any industry of your choice. 4.a) Explain projects life cycle with examples? b) Why most of the Indian entrepreneurs are not competing in the global markets. Discuss their lack in feasibility studies? 5.a) Explain the various steps taken by Indian government to promote entrepreneurship? b) Explain types of investors and private offerings for entrepreneurs? 6.a) Discuss about first mover disadvantages in the market? How can we overcome them? b) What are the various imitation strategies followed by Indian two wheeler entrepreneurs? 7.a) Why India recording poor in women entrepreneurs? How to improve their

a) Explain various phase in EDP’s? b) What is the need of rural industrialization in India? MBA-III Semester Supplementary Examinations July 2010 ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING Time: 3hours Max. Discuss the attitude and leadership qualities of an entrepreneur. Explain the significance of entrepreneurship in economic development.Marks:60 Answer any Five questions All questions carry equal Marks --1. (a) Oracle Corporation (b) Baan Company 8.Marks:60 Answer any Five questions All questions carry equal Marks --1. Explain the following Enterprise Resource Planning business modules (a) Materials management (b) Quality management 7. 4.contribution? b) Discuss about AP government initiation to promote women entrepreneurship? 8. (a) What are the steps involved in Enterprise Resource Planning implementation? Is Enterprise Resource Planning implementation same as ERP package implementation? Give reasons for your answer. 5. (b) When it can be said that Enterprise Resource Planning implementation is over? What is to be done during post implementation phase? 6. What are the practical difficulties faced in generating all the material requisites through ERP? How should one overcome these problems? 3. Enumerate various modules available in the following Enterprise Resource Planning products. Illustrate the following with respect to future directions in Enterprise Resource Planning (a) New markets (b) New Technologies MBA-III Semester Supplementary Examinations July/August 2010 ENTREPRENEURSHIP Time: 3hours Max. 3. (a) What are the advantages of Enterprise Resource Planning (b) Why is integrated data model considered the heart of an ERP system? Explain 2. How to achieve reduction of lead time and reduction in cycle time with the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning. (a) What do you mean by optimal means of developing an Enterprise Resource Planning (b) Explain Enterprise Resource Planning proposal evaluation system. What is ethics in entrepreneurship? 2. Explain how SWOT analysis can be used by an entrepreneur for the development .

Explain the scope of Women entrepreneurship in India? What are the promotional efforts of Indian government to support women entrepreneurs in India? 8. 7. 6. What is Project life cycle? Discuss project planning and its significance in product development.of the enterprise? 4. Discuss the various sources of Financing to Indian entrepreneurs. What is the role of NGO’s in rural entrepreneurship in the development of the backward regions in india? . What is market scope strategy? Explain the various difficulties faced by the first generation entrepreneurs. 5.