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Iron Product Industries Floating Roof

which will pay for itself in less than a year • Prevents Pollution .Prevents evaporation and harmful vapors from entering the atmosphere .Benefits• Savings -Preventing evaporation of product.

the floating roof pays for itself in as little as 6 months. With a floating roof installed you would save more than 5. .Savings• For example.480 barrels for a savings of over $200. • By reducing evaporation losses in excess of 95%.550 barrels.000 each year.6 meter) diameter tank the losses from a fixed roof tank would be more than 5. in a typical 120' (36.

7 Million pounds of pollution and $300.000 is lost annually on a typical uncovered 120 ft diameter gasoline tank .Savings• A Typical Uncovered Tank 1.

000 pounds without failure. our roof has been field tested with a concentrated load exceeding 2.064 inch thick pontoons. In fact. alloy 5050 H38) pontoons. utilizing aluminum alloy 3004-H36 are more than twice (225%) as strong as the competitor's 8 inch (0.
 • Pontoons: Our 10 inch diameter x 0. all automatic welding eliminates hand welding errors.050. .Technology• Design Strength: The floating roof is designed for a point load of 750 pounds which exceeds API Appendix H requirements by a full 50%. In addition.

Technology• Pivot Joints: All floating roofs come equipped with unique pivot joint to allow flexural movement between adjacent main pontoons. • Clamp Beam: Perfected the vapor tight. metal-to-metal joint that recent API testing has shown to be critical for a good floating roof design. .

Computerization of the design and production process allows very rapid response times.Technology• Computer Technology: Each roof is custom designed for the planned service utilizing complex computer programming and the latest evaporation loss data available. even for relatively non-standard application .

12m height . 13. 14m height 3.5m height 2. 12m height 2. 17.) 1 tank: 22m diameter.) 2 tanks : 35m diameter.) 1 tank: 22m diameter.Jobs Completed (Nigeria) 1. Total Nigeria Plc.5m height 3.) 1 tank: 26m diameter. 20m height 2.Total of three tanks 1.) 1 tanks: 30m diameter.Total of one tanks 1. Integrated Oil and Gas.6m diameter. Mobil Nigeria Plc.) 1 tank: 28.Total of three tanks 1.

Pictures of ongoing works: .

Ongoing Works: .

Ongoing Works: .

com/images/Ultraflote_Video_56k.WMV .Video Floating Roof http://ultraflote.

USA) . • Engineering • Construction • Inspections and Repairs • Technical Partners – (Houston.Thank You • Iron Products Industries provides complete turnkey services from budget preparation to installation.