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Malicious hypocrisy of the Western marionette- press towards Russia, Putin and Olympics in Sochi in 2014

The weeks leading to the Olympics 2014 in Sochi, the vicious and malicious brigade of estern press, spare no time to invent the accusation! The attitute of corrupted press in the est" #$, #S%, shows the true bias, especially towards &iblical 'hristianity and normality! The brainwashed (ournos, being in the pocket of perverted folks in #), #* and #S%+s ',% operation leaders called +get rid of normality+,+praise evil, hate and malign what+s good+ shoot their empty talk in the serious of news articles in their -uest of fault"finding! Their motives are. hatred toward anybody who dares to e/pose their evil and inhuman policies like" fascist and evil" homose/ualisation of the *urope and #S%, %frica, %sia, %ustralia0 trying to find somehing on them, in order to poke fun and to disparaged their names! ,t looks like most of the estern+s companies, press, T1 is to implement vicious, homose/ual, ',%" 2ind 'ontrol Scripts to destroy the whole societies! ,f you dare to say something, they will try to manipulate you with money! They will organi3e the flash mobs to picket every point of resistance! %nd this is why this is the right time for the 'hristians to wake up0 Say. )o to perverts0 They manipulate the data, they present false +scientific+ proofs of their evil, they are bent to destroy the humankind and the basics of it" family! *ven the worst, inhuman perv was born!!!off mother and father0 4uack science, financed by depraved and morally lacking, morality hating *#, #) and #S%+s pervs, is pushing the lies down the throat the unsuspecting and brainwashed populace! e hear. se/ualisation of children, pornification of teenagers and populace in general! There is one more, ugly"headed monster that must be stopped at any price 5 homose/ualisation of the world! There are no homos, they make them so! The evil destroyers of humankind are on their mission to teminate the normal and healthy relationship" a marriage between a man and a woman! They don+t want to treat the abnormal perverts, they want abnormal to supersede the normal, healthy and 6od"given0 The +abnormal weather+ as you can easily spot in *urope and #S%, is not the warming of climate! )ot at all! 'ameron, elby, *#, #) and others opened the doors for destroyer to invade the land! 7o you complain that your houses were flooded, well send the bill to the address of pervert pushers, and false 'hristians like elby0 8et 'ameron pay for the damage of #$, cos he proudly said. 9esus, up yours0 )ow the whole *ngland must pay for his wicked rebellion! elby, 2,: agent and +evolved+ liar should foot the bill, for calling %frica to abandon the 6od"given ways0 elby calls them to rebel against 6od! elby is the fake, 6ospel" selling english, proud 9esus hater0 %nd 6od will get him for it0 1icious and malicious estern press make up the accusation! They (ust cannot stand the +rebels from their ungodly cause+0 %nd this is the real reason! Their evil minds are soaked in the demonic philosophies and they are all heading to the darkness that is reserved for the damned!

They scream. corruption, poor condition, ;utin+s resistance to+ evil fag cause+, nobody watches Olympics in Sochi, +empty+ seats, no lear to attend the Olympics!%nd on, and on, and on, and on! Their list of made"up accusations is long! #S%" look at the real corruption of 2uslim Obama0 8ook at the debt, and tell me who stole the trillions<8ook and cry at the corruption of kids in the #$" and politically motivated brainwashed imposed by evil and black"hearted 'ameron0 =ou tell them. evil is normal, and when you say no to evil perverts, you are abnormal to the evil minds of the world"wide, conspiration of the mass" homose/ualisation of normal people0 =ou are nothing, but a bunch of dirty scumbags0 %nd if the ne/t time you see a hurricane, floods don+t listen to them saying. it+s mother nature railing! &oloney0 ,t+s 6od whom you offend time and time again! Send the bill for your flooded or broken"down house to the relevant person" in #S%" to scumbag Obama, in the #$" to 'ameron or elby, the pervert pusher! %nd 6od is not mocked!!!

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