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See 5c. Extend TTM 34321 1 year. Council Member Lupe Watson Recused herself.

of Indio Citj Council/RDA illinuieN klatch "7. 2007

Mr. Southard indicated tow trucks have been an issue with a number of council members regarding parking in the community and the City has had numerous complaints from people about trucks, particularly the large ones. Chief Ramos indicated the Police Department came up with a system where towers could park in designated areas that were fairly close. Regarding higher compensation, we are aware there could have been an extended response time, and had suggested 30 minutes went to 40 minutes due to the fact that the tower might be having to park in a commercial parking area or make arrangements with a private property owner that has a strip mall where they could park and looked at they would still be able to meet the needs of the community. The Fire Department has a ladder truck that we did not have at the time of the contract that makes extractions and other things that are life saving. The City is concerned with the amount of tonnage that is on streets as it tears up the streets. We looked at some of the radiuses of the drivers and most of them could be within a five or ten minute walking distance if they wanted to walk to their rigs or if they had to drive more than a ten minute response from where they live to where their vehicle was parked. Councilmember Gilbert stated he asked Chief Ramos to look into this several months ago because his neighborhood was impacted by a tow truck company. It had numerous tow trucks there with vehicles on top of those, tearing up the street, oil in the street, firing up in the middle of the night and letting it run with the diesel, taking up all the parking spaces and his neighbors complained to him. Hopefully, this can be worked out. 5. CONSENT CALENDAR a. Approval of Minutes, February 21, 2007 Meeting b. Payment of Warrants c. Request for one year time extension for Tentative Tract Map 32869 as requested by Beazer Homes and Tentative Tract Map Nos. 32287; 32288; 32341; and 32462 as requested by SUNCAL d. Acceptance of Street, Water and Monument Improvements for Tract No. 31692 (Las Colinas Enclave, GHA, Paloma Group) release of bonds e. Report on the measures to alleviate Ordinance No. 1496 imposing a moratorium on the approval of Medical Marijuana dispensaries f. Deny claim as submitted by Janette Vasquez Mr. Kotkin indicated Councilmember Ramos Watson would recuse herself on all but one Tentative Tract Map in Item 5c. based upon income derived from the developer with respect to those tract maps within the last 12 months.


ti of Indio (. '/0 Council/RDA A/lin-Wes ch 7 2007

It was moved by Councilmember Gilbert, seconded by Councilmember Ramos Watson, and unanimously carried to APPROVE the Consent Calendar as submitted including only Beazer Tentative Tract Map No. 32869 and excluding SunCal Tentative Tract Maps 32287, 32288, 32341, and 32462 in Item 5c. It was moved by Councilmember Gilbert, seconded by Councilmember Wilson, and carried with an abstention by Councilmember Ramos Watson to APPROVE Consent Calendar Item 5c. SunCal Tentative Tract Maps 32287, 32288, 32341, anc 32462. 6. PUBLIC HEARING: REQUEST BY TARGET CORPORATION FOR A CERTIFICATE OF PUBLIC CONVENIENCE AND NECESSITY TO SELL ON-SITE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES Mayor Godfrey declared the public hearing opened at 6:50 p.m. Steve Copenhaver, Community Development Director, indicated this is the Target site located at the southwest corner of Avenue 42 and Jackson. He indicated stores of this nature sell alcoholic beverages for off site consumption. Mayor Godfrey declared the public hearing closed at 6:51 p.m. It was moved by Councilmember Gilbert, seconded by Councilmember Ramos Watson, and unanimously carried to APPROVE the issuance of a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. 7. ALTERNATIVE NO. 1 ON THE JEFFERSON STREET/INTERSTATE 10 INTERCHANGE Jim Smith, Public Works Director, reported there are several agencies planning improvements along Interstate 10 including the Federal Highways Administration, Riverside County, Coachella Valley Association of Governments, and Caltrans. The City of Indio is the lead for this Jefferson Street project and we have enlisted the help of RBF Consulting Engineers of Palm Desert to help us complete the environmental documents which we have been involved with since about 2001. He provided a PowerPoint representation of the area. We are talking about this project because of developmental growth and additional traffic. Based upon geometric studies, layouts, cross sections, environmental impact, and the effects on the environment, this is the proposed alternative. Several alternatives have been looked at. Since 2003, many environmental studies and documents pointed to this alternative. This will support the future growth in this area and allows smooth circulation and all the things the General Plan talks about in terms of level of service and capacity.


(' (?! Mdio (10 council/RDA ;IlinutesAkio ch 20111

Mr Southard indicated this is what was first envisioned by the City Council a long time ago. We looked at it not as an interchange, but as our economic development opportunity, because it is a major interchange. This alternative leaves four areas for development. These interchanges were funded then defunded because of the State budget and the longer we wait the greater likelihood we have of being defunded again, so we want to make a decision. Charles Ellis, co-manager, Jefferson Street Ventures, LLC, owners of the property on the east side of Jefferson thanked staff for the report and the recommendation. He indicated none of the alternatives work well for his organization, but they want to see the City move forward and Alternative No. 1 is the least onerous to their project and to their property. He thanked the City Manager for getting personally involved and pushing the process forward. His company is very concerned that the whole process has held up their project and is concerned that the project will lose funding if it does not move forward quickly as it is a long process just to get to where it is today. He believes if a decision is not made tonight to select Alternative No. 1 and tell Caltrans this is what the City wants, the project will be delayed even further which will not be good for anybody. His company concurs with the Staff Report and with all his company's reservations about it, they applaud Staff for moving it along and hope it will accelerate. It was moved by Councilmember Gilbert, seconded by Councilmember Ramos Watson, and unanimously carried to AUTHORIZE staff to finalize Alternative No. 1 and to solicit proposals for completing construction drawings of the interchange based on Alternative No. 1. 8. AMEND CITY'S TRAVEL AND EXPENSE POLICY Councilmember Wilson stated he did some research into past City policies and pulled travel and expense policies from other cities. His recommendation is that this be handled with a Council sub-committee to look over the different policies and make some recommendations. It was moved by Councilmember Ramos Watson, seconded by Councilmember Gilbert, and carried to ADOPT the proposed revised policy by the following vote: AYES: Gilbert, Godfrey, Ramos Watson NOES: Wilson ABSENT: Fesmire



Council RDA Minutes Alwch 7 . 2007

ADJOURN There being no further business to discuss, it was moved by Councilmember Wilson, seconded by Councilmember Ramos Watson, and unanimously carried to ADJOURN at 7:20 p.m.