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28, събота Свински пържоли с гъбен сос и картофено пюре Туршия Някой кекс

The composition Is made by me, it is not a watercolor copy from photo or just repruduction. It is unique one of a kind art made y professional artist, signed on the front and back. More about me as an artist you can know if you simply google my name: Suren Nersisyan. The Second Photo Is in my studio when I just painted the artwork:)!

Exotic Flowers Print Watercolor Floral Painting Realistic Summer Flowers Home Decor Gift *This is a print of one of my original watercolor painting. .My painting is painted on 9 X 12 cold press 140 lb. with Grumbacher fines quality watercolors. NOTE: There are three companion giclee prints available also.The print is done on archival paper by a professional art printer.$40 * Each is signed and dated on the bottom. acid free LANAQUARELLE Cold press. I ship all my paintings in plastic sleeve and hard backings for protection during shipping. signed on front and on back. I will ship the painting with USPS priority email. museum quality watercolor paper (100% cotton).$25 30 X 40cm(11X16inches) . The envelop comes protected with thick cardboard. See other listing in the shop of that print.1inches) *Title: Exotic flowers * You can select different size: 20 X 30cm (8X12inches) . This is a high grade giclee print of an original watercolor. so I will make sure that you receive the painting secure and safe:)! If you buy more than one artwork from my store you always pay for shipping only once! YOU CAN ALWAYS RETURN THE ARTWORK WITHIN 7 DAYS AFTER YOU RECEIVE IT! NO QUESTIONS WILL BE ASKED! "HUMMINGBIRD IN FLIGHT VI". * There is a white border around the edges of the print for easier framing. The signed painting measures 8 x 10 but with the purchase it includes a white 11 x 14 mat.9 X 5. *Size:10 X 14cm(3.Unframed.

A digital image on the computer can appear bleached or harsh due to this contrast issue. *Comes with asturdy backing and pretty packaging-ready to give as a gift. EUROPEAN All orders would be shipped within 2 to 3 business days via Registered Air Mail. Loose Strife. →Shipment: ♥♥ Improving Shipping♥♥ ✈ It will take approx 1. "COSMOS IN CONTRAST". All my paintings are clear and concise with many subtle hues and colors. This is an original watercolor on 300 lb cold pressed paper and high grade pigments.2 weeks to USA. They seem to take on a personality of their own and just bring extra pizazz to the other flowers. If purchased this painting will be shipped in a plastic sleeve and hard backings for protection. ready to frame NOTE: Digital images are very bright and never as detailed or sharp as the actual painting. The painting measures 11 x 14 but the purchase includes a 16 x 20 white mat making this ready for a frame upon arrival. original floral watercolor painting. They appear to be lit from behind.*Please note. . The image does not convey the richness of the oil paintings or luminosity of the watercolors either in the original or the high quality prints I make.color hues may vary slightly between different monitors. The look of pink and white cosmos in the summer is so fun. signed. 5x7.