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COURSE OUTLINE FOR POL128, Sec. 021, Politics and Film, Fall 2012, REVISE R!

e"son Uni#e"sit! $ e%a"tment o& Politics and P'(lic )dminist"ation* Inst"'cto"+ La'"inda ,a"tt-Fo'"nie", Department of Politics and Public Administration Email+ Please Note: the email address begin with a lower case L NOT a #1 or a capital I. !1"# $%$&'((() *+t. %(!" O&&ice: ,oom %(1) -orgenson .all O&&ice ,o'"s+ /ondays from ':(( pm to ":(( pm) 0hursdays from !:1( pm to ' pm and 2ridays from 1:1' to 3:1' beginning /onday 4ept. 1(th5 any changes will be announced on 6lac7board and in class. I can be reached at anytime by email if these office hours do not fit your schedule. Classes+ 0a7e place on T.'"sda!s in /,S201 &"om 10+10 am to noon $!o'" lect'"es a"e s.a"ed 1it. Sec. 021 o& same co'"se* and on F"ida!s in TRS1030 &"om 10+10 am to 11 am $ is se%a"ate &"om Sec. 021, 1.ic. meets a di&&e"ent time on F"ida!s*. 6oth classes are of e8ual importance with the 2riday class a continuation of the 0hursday class) rather than being a tutorial# and attendance at both is re8uired. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Immediate )ttention Please: 9ertain Lower Le:el Liberal studies courses) due to their close relation to the professional fields) cannot be ta7en for Liberal 4tudies credit by students in certain programs. St'dents in all Politics %"o4"ams $incl'din4 Politics and 5o#e"nance, and Politics and P'(lic )dminist"ation*, and st'dents ma6o"in4 in Social 7o"8, ma! not ta8e co'"se &o" Lo1e" Le#el Li(e"al St'dies c"edit. 9o' s.o'ld cons'lt 1it. !o'" %"o4"am o&&ice as soon as %ossi(le to con&i"m !o' s.o'ld d"o% co'"se and select anot.e" lo1e"-le#el li(e"al st'dies co'"se. C.ec8 t.e online 2012-2012 Unde"4"ad'ate Calenda" 'nde" :Li(e"al St'dies;, Ta(le ), &o" t.e list o& lo1e"le#el li(e"al st'dies co'"ses a"e "est"icted in !o'" %"o4"am o" contact !o'" %"o4"am de%a"tment &o" assistance. $ is a co""ected #e"sion o& anno'ncement 1.ic. %"e#io'sl! contained o'tdated "est"ictions*. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Please cons'lt <lac8(oa"d "e4'la"l! &o" co'"se anno'ncements and to do1nload and %"int co'"se doc'ments incl'din4 co'"se o'tline, .ando'ts, st'd! s.eets &o" tests, and t.e occasional notes on some o& t.e &ilms. )n! c.an4es in sc"eenin4s, "eadin4s and lect'"e to%ics, etc. 1ill (e noted 'nde" )nno'ncements--!o' a"e e=%ected to note an! c.an4es !o'"sel& as t.e co'"se o'tline doc'ment itsel& 1ill not (e '%dated 'nless ma6o" c.an4es a"e "e>'i"ed. All students officially registered in a course ha:e access to 6lac7board) so ma7e sure you acti:ate and use your 6lac7board access if you ha:e not already. If you are registered in the course and still do not ha:e 6lac7board access for this course) contact the instructor immediately as it is your main source of course materials and announcements essential to the course. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Calenda" Co'"se esc"i%tion+ 2ilms often mirror society in both intentional and unintentional ways. 4ome are o:ertly political) some reflect changing :alues) and some are made purely for entertainment. 0his course will reflect on the :arious political perspecti:es which enable students to critically assess films. It will unra:el the relationship between politics and film. It will assess the role films play in reinforcing or debun7ing stereotypes. 0hese themes will be e+amined in the conte+t of the film industry in 9anada. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 5ene"al O#e"#ie1+ 0he film industry is an important part of a more comple+ web of media industries. 2ilms as well film and :ideo material on tele:ision and the internet# mirror society in both intentional and unintentional ways: some of these media products are o:ertly political) others are made for entertainment purposes) yet they all una:oidably and inherently reflect the e+isting and changing :alues of the society and era in which they were made. /o:ies are about creating) reinforcing and debun7ing stereotypes) including those of gender) race and

e and assess films from a :ariety of political perspecti:es) thereby enhancing their understanding of the power of film and other :isual media that e+tends beyond art) aesthetics and philosophy into the realm of the social and political. Please Note: In past versions of this course.ts*+ Pa"tici%ation $0@* and )ttendance $0@* 10@ In-Class Test A 1 $B0 min. classes a"e essential and #e"! &e1 classes 1ill . &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& EV)LU)TION and )SSI5N?ENTS $1it. To enable students to understand and interpret mo:ies as a comple+ blend of business) art) entertainment) and ideology and as the reproducer of dominant :alues. 0hey embody and reflect our constitutional rights and freedoms) such as the right to free speech5 they are both an outlet for artistic e+pression and promoters and sustainers of ideologies. online o" (! email* 20@ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------REFUIRE TEGT+ Canadian National Cinema+ Ideolo4!.an (e&o"e.en it is "et'"ned $ t. and F"ida!s sta"tin4 a 10+10 and 4oin4 's'all! " co'"se is t.a#e to lea#e ea"l!.e co'"se is de%endent on a lect'"eIsc"eenin4Idisc'ssion &o"mat.e" t1o a"e in-class* and a &inal Ta8e-. so it is essential t. t"! to seat !o'"sel& nea" a doo" &o" eas! de%a"t'"e.e T. under P@LI0I94 =@0 under 2ilm or Image Arts#. a course reader printed at Alicos was required BUT this is no longer the case. t.ic. In 9anada) mo:ies are about our national identity) while at the same time they are about hiring people) go:ernment funding) ta+ subsidies and go:ernmental encouragement and protection of a domestic industry in the face of the omnipresent and per:asi:e international power of the American film industry. 10t. o& 1. 6ut they are also about business) demographics) corporate industry and public policy.e" t. Appro+.e c'""ent %olic! &o" t. 20@ Ta8e-. 20@ Ta8e-. 1Dt. No#.ic. sta"tin4 at 10+10 and &"e>'entl! 4oin4 "i4. i&&e"ence and Re%"esentation. a s%lit class &o"mat and d'e to t. 10t. o& some o& t. (ot. d'e online means t.e 4"ades &o" eac.e . ?C and one S)*. and e#al'ation 1ill (e t. fro past !o' %ic8 '% eac. Oct 0t.an4in4* ('t 1ill li8el! end "i4. 20t. Co'"se O(6ecti#es+ To pro:ide an understanding of and the relationship between politics and film.e len4t. class 1ill (e4in at 10 min'tes a&te" t.e ot. please purchase only the !ittings text" &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& O#e"all Co'"se St"'ct'"e and Fo"mat+ T.omeC t. T. To encourage students to become more acti:e and enlightened in their understanding of and response to the films and tele:ision programs that they see) and the ideologies they promote. ?C and one S)*. ?!(. test 1. so if you are purchasing your texts used.C d'e online o" (! email. "at. 1ill (e disc'ssed in detail in t. Unless a c.'"sda! classes a"e 1 . as 1ell as in-class disc'ssion %a"tici%ation and attendance $( co'"se o'tline*.outledge) 1((1. test and &inal e=am 1ill not (e %osted on <lac8(oa"d.t '% 'ntil noon.o'" $allo1in4 time &o" class c.ome Test $)#aila(le online Oct.a#e time &o" a si4ni&icant ("ea8. 2Et.*."ee tests $One o& 1.."o'4.t at t. so %lease 8ee% t. 1ill (e a ta8e-. 0t. 2D* 20@ In-Class Test A 2 $B0 min. in mindC eac.t '% to 11 am--i& !o' . F"i. <ittings London: .o'" and 00 min'tes.e &ilmed mate"ials. )V)IL)<LE at R9ERSONHs <oo8sto"e. 'e ates and 5"ade 7ei4.o'".class. d'e ec.ome E=am $disc'ssed in class at %osted No#. I46= (&!1'&1!1>1&1.e . To introduce students to the political) economic and cultural challenges facing the mo:ie industry in 9anada. To e8uip students with the s7ills to critically and ideologically analy.an4e is anno'nced in class and on <lac8(oa"d. by 9hristopher *.e e=am 1ill not (e "et'"ned ('t !o' ma! in>'i"e a(o't it (! . F"i. 7it. t.ome Final E=am $%osted online No#.

0@* will depend on your attenti:eness in class including the a:oidance of tal7ing during films or lectures#) how fre8uently you participate in the white cards 8uestionBanswer acti:ities described below) how you impro:e or not# o:er the course of the term in the :arious graded elements) your demonstrated commitment to the course and understanding of the course content) and whether you as7 for assistance a good thing# if you are struggling for any it is conside"ed c. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& )(o't )ttendance and Pa"tici%ation+ 9o'" attendance ma"8 $1o"t.o"t . t. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In-Class 1ill (e made a#aila(le &o" d'"in4 eac. as 1ell as !o' si4n t. eac."o'4.'"sda! and F"ida! classes a"e o& e>'al im%o"tance $F"ida! is not a t'to"ial ('t a contin'ation o& T. Con#e"sel!. It is a #ital so'"ce on contact "elated to t. with announcements) possible additional handouts rare5 most AhandoutsA are posted under 9ourse Documents on 6lac7board#) discussion and lectureBscreening content. the instructor will send you an email with a complete <rade brea7down of all mar7s obtained in the course in its :arious elements.ose classes. is "e>'i"ed and 4"aded as %a"t o& !o'" attendance ma"8.e co'"se. At the end of the term) a&te" !o'" Final 5"ade .eet &o" eac. )ll R!e"son "elated matte"s 1ill (e dealt 1it.'"sda!Hs class. USE OR CONSULT 9OUR R9ERSON E?)IL )IL9 <OT. !o' 7ILL lose ma"8s to1a"ds attendance.o1e#e" (e a1a"e t. and to ans1e" s%eci&ic >'estions as8ed o& !o' (e&o"e eac.*. and F"ida! Octo(e" 1Dt.o1 "e4'la"l! !o' as8 o" ans1e" >'estions* and inte"action in t. Please ma8e s'"e to 1"ite !o'" name $and date as 1ell* on eac.e &i"st &e1 classes d'e to late en"olment. !o'" %"o&esso" and R!e"son administ"ation.e! 1ill "e#eal !o'" le#el o& inte"est $. ('t 1ill (e a %a"t o& !o'" %a"tici%ation 4"ade in t. !o' need to loo8 into t.e "e4'la" &illin4 o't o& &ilm and "eadin4-"elated comment and >'estion ca"ds $&ile ca"ds* t. T. consistin4 o& se#e"al ?'lti%le C. ca"d& s'(mitted. . It is 9OUR RESPONSI<ILIT9 to ENSURE t.e! 1ill not (e 4"aded indi#id'all!.email o" in %e"son* so !o' 1ill 8no1 1.e" %e"son to si4n in &o" !o'J I& !o'" name 1as not on t.eatin4 $a &o"m o& academic miscond'ct* i& !o' si4n in &o" someone else o" allo1 anot.'"sda! and F"ida!) from wee7 1 onward#. &ilm and disc'ssion. New this ter + Pa"tici%ation 1ill incl'de t. T.e"e !o' stand and also to o(tain !o'" ma"8 as 1ell as m'c.oice $?C* >'estions and one s. *ach class begins at 10 min'tes a&te" t.OUT T. !o'" R!e"son email o" <lac8(oa"d anno'ncements onl!. T. 9o'" %a"tici%ation ma"8 $1o"t. !o'" attendance ma"8 calc'lation 1ill e=cl'de (een %osted on R)?SS. s. Although participation will be assessed separately from attendance) a perfect attendance record does not mean a perfect participation mar75 in fact) if you attend e:ery class and yet maintain a 9 le:el or less in your tests and e+am) this is a red flag that you are struggling and need assistance) so if you do not come forward and as7) it might impact negati:ely on your participation mar7.e &i"st class o" t1o.e en"olment list and !o' miss t. class !o' attend an easy way to earn 'C for immediatel!. sc"eenin4. Remem(e" t. i& !o'" name IS on t. and 1ill (e disc'ssed in detail d'"in4 class one.ome Test.ese ca"ds 1ill o&&e" !o' an o%%o"t'nit! to as8 >'estions "elated to and an! t.e" R!e"son co'"ses !o' ta8e. 0@* will depend on your signing in to e:ery class you attend an attendance sheet will be passed around at the start of each class) (ot. so i& !o'" email o" <lac8(oa"d access is not acti#ated o" not &'nctionin4 %"o%e"l!. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Conce"nin4 9o'" Email )dd"ess+ 9OU )RE EGPECTE TO )CTIV)TE. Ta8e-.a"%.e attendance s.ome Final E=am 4tudy sheets outlining in detail the re8uirements of each of the 2 In-Class Tests $F"ida! Octo(e" 0t.IS COURSE. incl'din4 contin'ation o& sc"eenin4s. T. and Ta8e-.e . lect'"e and disc'ssions* and attendance at eac.needed &eed(ac8.o'".e class list &o" t.

eit.a#io'"* so ma8e s'"e !o' . and 1ill (e d'e $online o" (! email* (! 11+0E %m ecem(e" 10t.e class 'ntil ne=t class.e R!e"son Uni#e"sit! 1e(site.e %"o&esso" d'"in4 disc'ssions.e doesnHt . "aise !o'" . I?PORT)NT+ )LL TESTS $T)/ (e4'n. 2012."ee tests 1ill (e "et'"ned in class. T.e st'd! s.e &eed(ac8 t."o'4.in4 to sa! to !o'" nei4.e Ta8e . . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Co'"se Polic! Re4a"din4 Tal8in4. NOT )S S. te=te"s and la%to% 'se"s %la!in4 4ames o" en4a4ed in social net1o"8in4 in class.e ta8e .e Uni#e"sit!Ls Policies on )cademic ?iscond'ct $incl'din4 %la4ia"ism and e=am (e.ome Final will consist of one multi&part multiple choice 8uestion and two short essay answers =@0 formal research essays# that will be posted online on 6lac7board) and will be discussed in class after they are posted and before they are due#) in order to help you understand what is e+pected of your answers..e same class* !o' 1ill (e as8ed to lea#e t.e" and La%to% $)(*Use+ As the #lass Begins+ 7. T.O?E OR IN-CL)SS* )N T.ome ma! ta8e t1o o" e#en %ossi(l! t. as 1ell te=te"s and %. t.e e#enin4 o& Oct. ('t t.ones and la%to%s can (e 'sed to sea"c.a#e somet. PERIO .ome Final E=am 1ill (e %osted on <lac8(oa"d on T.O?E EG)? )RE ESI5NE TO <E ONE IN IVI U)LL9..e"e is Me"o tole"ance &o" tal8e"s.e same time as t.o1 !o' did in te"ms o& content &eed(ac8 $ot.a#e to S.e same da! as !o'" &i"st in-class test* and is d'e to (e s'(mitted elect"onicall! on o" (e&o"e Octo(e" 1Et. T. is al1a!s %"o#ided and 1ill .t (e "et'"na(le in one 1ee8C (een set '% in ca%a(ilit! .e ne=t test o" t.an4 Sc.E CL)SSROO?*.is doc'ment.em '% %"om%tl! not onl! to lea"n !o'" 4"ade.e 4"adin4 t'"na"o'nd time &o" t. !o'.e 4"ade 1ill (e made a#aila(le as noted else1.e Ta8e .e %odi'm and (e4ins to s%ea8.and1"itten note.)THS IT.e t. o" .es t. I& !o' a"e "es%ondin4 to >'estions %osed (! t.el% 1it.e class .(o'".e"1ise no &eed(ac8 1ill (e o&&e"ed e=ce%t t. 0 $! co'"se is 's'all! one to t1o 1ee8s. I-%.o't o" !o'" nei4.e" (! email o" t. so %lease sto% tal8in4 so s. so it is im%o"tant &o" !o' to %ic8 t.(o'"s .em a .EREFORE+ It is !o'" "es%onsi(ilit! to ac>'aint !o'"sel#es 1it. $iscussions and &creenings: I& !o' . Ot. $uring %ectures. &o" co'"se-"elated doc'ments o" in&o <UT T. and to ad.E FIN)L T)/E .eets a"e %osted $o" (e&o"e i& %ossi(le*. ) Sam%le Test 1ill (e %osted at t. 'e to %ast com%laints &"om st'dents dist"acted (! tal8e"s.e %"o&esso" to sto%. Final e=ams a"e not "et'"ned.ome Test and t. T.e ma"8*. T.ome Test 1ill (e %osted on <lac8(oa"d in t. t. de%endin4 on t. Te=tin4. and !o' can as8 &o" &eed(ac8 and cla"i&ication o& . <lac8(oa"d IF t.)RE PROKECTS.e" st'dents d'"in4 in-class disc'ssions.a#e a >'estion to as8 t.a#e cons'lted !o'" C. %ass t.a#e to s.ool co'"se calenda" o" t.e com%le=it! o& t. T.en t.'"sda! No#em(e" 2Et. La%to%s a"e %e"mitted &o" note-ta8in4 onl! and I-%.e tests in t."ee*.e %"o&esso" a%%"oac. i& !o' a"e s's%ected o& doin4 so.e t1o in-class tests mi4.e"e in t.e"e to 'se"s $5O OUTSI E T. t. t. 0he Ta8e-.e a%%"o%"iate a"ea on t. ('t to lea"n &o"m t. !o' 1ill (e as8ed $sometimes im%atientl!* (! t.e ne=t time $e#en in t.ans1e" $S)* >'estion* will be posted on 6lac7board no later than a wee7 before each test and will be discussed in general terms in class in 7ee8s 1 and 2..e Ta8e-.e &inal e=am.and.e test--&o" e=am%le.e %"o&esso" o" ot.

&o" anno'ncements and to do1nload $and RE) co'"se doc'ments* which range from re8uired reading the course outline) online class Ahandouts)E and study sheets for each test and the final e+am) and sample tests and e+am 1ill (e a#aila(le onl! on <lac8(oa"d#. 2* T. Late en"olment does not e=c'se !o' &"om t.ed'le o& classes in o'tline* and as8 &o" assistance i& !o' do not 'nde"stand a conce%t o" "eadin4 in t..o1n in eac.o' !o' can acti#el! %a"tici%ate in class disc'ssions a(o't t. and in&o"mati#e. 2012+ 2inal date to officially drop a 2all undergraduate class and remain in good .at !o' UN ERST)N co'"se content.el% !o'. conce%ts and "eadin4s and donHt sim%l! memo"iMe in&o"mation &o" 1ill (e a%%lied t. testC 3* ?OST I?PORT)NT+ !o' do t. e#en i& I donHt 1"ite t.e"e to .e name on t.o't t. sc"eenin4s and notes.in4 and 1. 2* T. . 2012+ final date to drop an undergraduate class to be eligible for a full refund of fees5 final date to FaddD or FswapD undergraduate classes for full and part&time students5 F"ida! Octo(e" 0t. o&&ice . ItHs essentiall! t.e"e is a "eason 1. es%eciall! t.e &i"st %lace to 4o i& !o' .e"e*.e &ilms (ein4 s.e detailed sc. missed lect'"es."o'4.em and so t.. 0* T. !o' a"e not e=c'sed &"om co'"se content d'e to late en"olment. St'dents 1. !o' a"e e=%ected to 'se it as a 4'ide &o" class %"e% $1. Almost e:erything you need to 7now is there and then some from what te+tboo7 is needed) to what films we will be watching in each wee7 of the course#.a#e 4"eate" meanin4 to !o'. 1e e=%lo"e t.e e=am.e"1ise*t. '% 1it. listen and 1atc. o" ot.e title o& t.e di"ecto"sH names and t. !o'" 'nde"standin4 o& t.ed' t.ec8 <lac8(oa"d "e4'la"l!.at !o' T)/E NOTES d'"in4 e#e"! lect'"e and sc"eenin4.e REFUIRE RE) IN5S &o" eac. email contact."o'4.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In o"de" to do 1ell in t.o'"s* i& !o' a"e enco'nte"in4 an! %"o(lems $%e"sonal.e co'"se and t. !o' 1ill (e e=c'sed.e co'"se.+ final date to drop a 2all undergraduate class and be eligible for a '(C refund5 F"ida! No#em(e" 1Dt. NOTE+ i& !o' en"ol late $a&te" t. ItDs there to help answer most of your 8uestions and to define what is e+pected of you in the course) and should be consulted before you as7 me any course&related 8uestions&&you might find the answer there and sa:e yourself some time in waiting in line to tal7 to me. no matte" .at !o' come to me $incl'din4 t.e B &i"st classes in 1.! it is 1o"d!.e co'"se .ic. D* T.e (oa"d.e mate"ial co#e"ed in t. class a"e t.a#e a >'estion a(o't co'"se %olicies. ItHs 1o"d! ('t clea" &o" &ilm !o' a"e 1atc. st"'ct'"e.i"d classes* !o' a"e "e>'i"ed to catc. onHt 6'st toss it aside and come to me instead.e &ile ca"ds disc'ssed ea"lie" in !o' c.and(oo8. class as noted in t. B* !o' as8 >'estions and %a"tici%ate in class disc'ssions $incl'din4 t.en it 1as made. a&te" class.d"a1al eadlines*+ F"ida! Se%tem(e" 1Bt.e &ilms 1e sc"een in class $t.e most %a" !o' cons'lt !o'" co'"se o'tline "e4'la"l!--it is t. attendance-1ise* &"om t. it is essential+ 1* T.o1 tem%tin4 it is to 6'st sit. o'tline so t. T"ans&e" and 7it.e"s (! tal8in4 o't o& t'"n o" d'"in4 sc"eenin4s o" 'sin4 !o'" elect"onics &o" te=tin4 and social net1o"8in4 o" %la!in4 4ames d'"in4 class.e end. &"om 7ee8 1 to t. $)lt.e "e4'la" &illin4 o't o& t. so !o' 1ill 8no1 1.o ta8e ca"e&'l notes 's'all! do #e"! 1ell on tests and t.e classes !o' missed d'e to late en"olment--see )ttendance*. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& I?PORT)NT )TES $En"olment.e (asic conce%ts t.e "est o& t.e &i"st second o" to "ead* and to t.e e#enin4 (e&o"e eac.e lect'"es and sc"eenin4s 1ill .at a"e inte"&e"in4 !o' do not dist"act ot. content and class. )lso.e co'"seC I am . class.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Re4a"din4 Sc. (! 1"itin4 t. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Re4a"din4 ?issed In-Class TestsC If you /NO7 you are going to be away on a crucial date in&class test#) contact t. 0here is no need for a doctorGs note simply for a single missed class5 if you are away for a more e+tended period of time) then a doctorDs note will help reduce but may not completely eliminate# the impact on your attendance portion of your mar7.e inst"'cto" as soon as %ossi(le.ed'led Lect'"e To%ics.an4es in &ilm sc"eenin4s and . S'c.T. isc'ssion Foc's and Sc"eenin4s+ Although the topics and scope of each wee7Ds classes will remain largely as presented in the following pages) t.e inst"'cto" $1.e! "elate to t.o1n in eac.em do1n on !o'" co%! o& t. disc'ssion and sc"eenin4s &"om t.* @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 7EE/ 1 -.# always chec7 with the professor =@0 your fellow students# to clarify. If you are not certain about the specifics of an announcement new due date etc. 6eing late or absent doesnGt e+empt you from this material&&you must 7eep up) perhaps with the help of a study associate or HbuddyH who fills you in on what you missed but do so during the brea7 of after class) not during the as soon as %ossi(le. $NOTE+ 9o' s.t o& c'""ent e#ents t. t. online $o'" class site &o" notes and anno'ncementsC some o& t.e &ilms a"e a#aila(le online as 1ell* o" t.o'ld (e o(taina(le &"om ot.e co'"se o'tline. Please Note+ I& !o' .'"sda! Se%tem(e" Dt. !o' ta8e detailed notes on lect'"es. a(sences 1ill not (e co'nted a4ainst !o' in !o'" attendance ma"8 and most mate"ials !o' miss s."o' sc"eenin4s 1e"e act'all! s. and F"ida! Se%tem(e" some ('t not )LL 8e! &ilms a#aila(le to loan '%on "e>'est. ?a8e s'"e !o' 8ee% t"ac8 o& ma! need to (e add"essed as t.o'ld ma8e note o& an! c.e sta"t o& eac.Section I+ Int"od'ction 0his first wee7 introduces the course and presents some of the :arious political and analytical framewor7s and perspecti:es which inform the study of the relationship between mass media and society.ando't mate"ials to (e "ead.o .e" st'dents $lect'"e notes*. Co'"se Content $Lect'"es and Sc"eenin4s* and Class )nno'ncements+ It is e=%ected t.e co'"se.a#e missed o" 8no1 !o' 1ill miss a class o" classes o" a test d'e to a "eli4io's o(se"#ance. 2ilm) tele:ision) d:d :ideos) internet :ideos e:en the homemade 7ind# are made to draw as wide an audience as possible) underlined by an increasing emphasis on the creation of mo:ies designed to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.e listed sc"eenin4s ay change or 'e rescheduled due to :arious circumstances) including time constraints) a:ailability of prints and e8uipment failures as well the need to offer fle+ibility and freedom in terms of in&class discussion and interaction) es%eciall! in li4. 2012 -.e #e"! &i"st da! on1a"d all are eligible for e+am 8uestions later# and ma8e note o& an! anno'ncements made at t. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Re4a"din4 Lateness. ?issed Classes.Academic 4tanding. It will locate the film and tele:ision and now internet# industries as parts of a larger media industry) and encourage you to e+plore the AfilmBpoliticsE relationship more closely. and Res%onsi(ilit! &o" /ee%in4 U%-to-date 1it. 0his in turn means that media products another name for mo:ies and 0I programs#) li7e the products of other media industries) are also being impacted by the changing pattern of ownership and mar7eting on a global scale a 7ey economic aspect of Aglobali. %lease in&o"m t.e inst"'cto" o& t. class. If you miss a crucial date for an assignment or e+am due to illness) a docto"Ls note m'st (e s'(mitted to support a ma7e&up test or late submission of the ta7e&home test or final e+am.ationE# which places e:en more emphasis on the need to appeal to a wider and di:erse audience both nationally in the country ..

'"sda! Se%tem(e" 20t. Is a distinct national :oice dying in cinema and 0I and the internet and being replaced by a globali. %a4es 1-D.eo"! o& .eo"! o& Inte"%ellation. i&&e"ence and Re%"esentation.obert Lieberman) 1(11) $$ mins.a:e the media played a role in .Section II+ Film.e Fi#e Filte"s o& Ne1s ?ediaAC K Online $<lac8(oa"d*+ . Do the :arious politicalBanalytical framewor7s and perspecti:es e+plored in the pre:ious section assist us in understanding the Afilm&politics relationshipEJ Are most mo:ies made purely for entertainment) or do they ha:e hidden subte+ts and meaningsJ Are mo:ies ideologically loadedJ 9an or e:en should# the :iewer separate the content of a film from the way it was presentedJ Do mo:ie&ma7ers intentionally or otherwise use their craft for ideological and political purposesJ Are films made about politics the only political filmsJ Lect'"e. and F"ida! Se%tem(e" 21st.e &ollo1in4+ K Brea(away 9anada) dir.'"sda! Se%tem(e" 12t.artt&2ournier5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7EE/ 2 -.allHs T.T.e ?ass ?ediaISociet! Relations.i% Unde"standin4 t. . and sc"eenin4Idisc'ssion o& t.i% 0his wee7 and section introduces and applies the basic concepts of film language) and the power and impact of mo:ing images5 the basic concepts of politics power) authority) the role of the go:ernment and other power groups such as corporations#5 the role and impact of media in our society5 and the relationship between media and politics and how that relationship can be understood.e Classical . and T"aits o& t.oll!1ood Na""ati#e Film St!le.e ?ass ?ediaISociet! Relations. and int"od'ction o& some (asic conce%ts $%olitics. St'a"t .Section III+ ?ass ?edia as C'lt'"e and Ente"tainment Ind'st"ies--Unde"standin4 t. and F"ida! Se%tem(e" 1Bt. Re#ie1 o& Co'"se O'tline $downloaded from 6lac7board class site5 itFs under 9ourse Documents#) lect'"e. K Online $<lac8(oa"dICo'"se oc'ments*+ $efinitions of Things Political under 9ourse Documents#5 K Online $<lac8(oa"dICo'"se oc'ments*+ )ac( %ayton*s %ast %etter under 9ourse Documents#5 K Online $<lac8(oa"d*ICo'"se oc'ments+ :Notes on ) 7ee8 and Ne=t 7ee8+ K Online+ Co'"se O'tline $<lac8(oa"dICo'"se oc'ments*: read through it carefully) especially the introductory pages5 K 5ittin4s Co'"se Te=t: :Int"od'ction+ Canadian National Cinemas--Ideolo4!. 2012-. Re>'i"ed Readin4 &o" Ne=t 7ee8+ K Online$<lac8(oa"dICo'"se oc'ments*+ :Notes on t.ed samenessJ Is this a good thing or bad in terms of films that help us understand who we are as a nationJ Int"os.e4emon!.ight +a-or +edia #o panies with . 2012-.e4emon!. disc' which they are made# and internationally in the wider range of countries in which they are seen#. Inc" L4A) Pi+arBDisney) dir. 5"amsciHs T.'sse"Hs T. As a result) the concept of a AnationalE cinema is under pressure in terms of what ideologies are con:eyed that distinguish a 9anadian film from an American film or a film made in India. disc'ssion and a%%lication o& "e>'i"ed "eadin4s to t. TV and Ideolo4! 0his wee7 and section loo7s more deeply at what roles film and tele:ision play in political life.e sc"eenin4 and disc'ssion o& + K +onsters. . .eo"! o& Encodin4 and ecodin4. Pete Docter) 1((1) $1 mins#. national cinema*..# Re>'i"ed Readin4 &o" T.orldwide /each and &o e of their 0oldings" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7EE/ 2 --T. ideolo4!. by Laurinda .

Lan4'a4e Canadian Cinema Lect'"e. $3E to 8D.e &ilm Peoples of #anada* 81-8DC and :Post1a" Sc. 1.e &ollo1in4+ K E=ce"%ts &"om The Insider L4A) dir.emes and Inde%endence. Prods. and F"ida! Se%tem(e" 28t.. incl'din4 disc'ssion o& t.. $8D-88*C K Online $<lac8(oa"d*+ St'd! S.* 1ill (e %osted on <lac8(oa"d. 6eing close to the most powerful mo:ie industry in the world has had a profound impact on the 9anadian mo:ie industry.T.shaping the nature and 8uality of political thought) acti:ity and debate in 9anada and the Lnited 4tatesJ Lect'"e. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7EE/ B -. and 1ill (e disc'ssed in t.T. Re>'i"ed Readin4 &o" Ne=t 7ee8+ K 5ittin4s+ e=ce"%ts &"om C. /ichael /c<owan) 1((>) $! mins) with -oshua -ac7son as 6en 0yler#.ow has the 9anadian go:ernmentDs attitude to and funding of the =26 changed in recent years and with what resultJ Mhat role should go:ernment play in protecting and nurturing a 9anadian film industry andBor a distinctly 9anadian A:oiceE in filmJ Is there any such thing as a distinctly 9anadian filmJ And how ha:e political issues influenced the content of films made by 9anadian filmma7ers.in4 t.. 0hese issues are e+plored in the remaining wee7s of the course) as ..oad /o:ieA genre#. and sc"eenin4s disc'ssed in lect'"es &"om Sessions 1 t. sc"eenin4.) 964) *+ec.e Canadian Film Ind'st"!. Please Note+ 9o'" Ta8e-. /ichael /ann) 1$$$) 1!> mins. $33-3E*..isto"! o& Film in Canada and Iss'es o& Canadian Identit!+ IN-CL)SS TEST ONE+ F"ida! Octo(e" 0t. m'lti%le c. sc"eenin4 and disc'ssion o& 9anada) dir. $St'd! s.e s'(section :Bac( to !od*s #ountry.o"t ans1e" >'estion*.ome Test $d'e online o" (! email (! 11+0E %m. 10+10 am to 10+ 00 am in o'" F"ida! class"oom TRS1030 B0 min'tes.e . conce%ts.e s'(section entitled :$rylanders and Ideolo4!. Pa"t One--T.) starring . and F"ida! Octo(e" 0t. 2012----. :Na""atin4 NationsI?a"8in4 i&&e"ences.e classes o& 7ee8 D. Readin4 &o" Ne=t 7ee8+ K 5ittin4s+ C. F"ida! Octo(e" 0t. 0he remaining wee7s of the course in:ol:e the e+amination of the history) themes) realities and politics of the 9anadian film industry and its films. on co'"se "eadin4s. and disc'ssion o&+ K 1ne .. .e National Film <oa"d o& Canada. :Immi4"ation and Em%i"e <'ildin4+ Film as a ColoniMin4 isco'"se.e Iss'e o& National and Pe"sonal Identit! in En4lis. /urrow and 2red 2riendly) 1$"(#..."o'4. :P"od'cin4 ) National Cinema. 2012-. *dward .'"sda! Octo(e" Bt.IN-CL)SS TESTA1 and Section IV+ T. :Le4islatin4 a National Cinema.e Canadian Film Ind'st"! Pa"t T1o -.Section IV+ T. onl! t.'"sda! Se%tem(e" 23t.eets &o" In-Class Test 1. %a4es 102-110 end a&te" the A/elodramaA subsection which concludes at top of page 11'# and 1BE onl! subsection introducing and defining the A. 0he creation of the =ational 2ilm 6oard of 9anada in 1$3$ was a :ery important response to the growing power of the American industry in the late thirties.oice and one s. 2. $21-22*C K 5ittin4s+ e=ce"%ts &"om C. F"ida! Octo(e" 2D t..ussell 9rowe and Al Pacino#5 K *+cerpts from #B& /eports: 0arvest of &ha e L4A.. %a4es 3 to 10Calso t. :Esta(lis.. @:er the years) the 9anadian go:ernment has passed protectionist legislation and pro:ided numerous ta+ benefits or Ata+ brea7sE and subsidies in order to ensure the continued life of a home grown mo:ie industry. B. $20 to 21* and es%eciall! t. B. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 7EE/ 0--T. 3D-3E incl'din4 section. .eets and a sam%le test 1ill (e %osted on <lac8(oa"d (e&o"e o" d'"in4 7ee8 B.e section titled :E=te"nal and Inte"nal Colonialism.

$8E-E2*C :State Inte"#ention+ T. Lect'"e.BD. St'dio and Ne1 Initiati#es in Film.oad /o:ieA genre#) and 108-1D2 discussion of !oin* $own the /oad). %a4es 102-11B. Don 4hebib) 1$%() $( mins. B.ome Test $1ill (e %osted Oct.no4"a%. Lect'"e.. Lan4'a4e and F"enc. 1D and is d'e 1ill (e cla"i&ied in t.'"sda! Octo(e" 18t. 2. 2E t. :Na""atin4 NationsI?a"8in4 i&&e" 11+0E %m.oll!1ood Feat'"es.O?E TEST IS UE T. onl! t. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7EE/ 3 -.artford) co&written by and starring =ell 4hipman) 1$1$#5 K Possi(le $i& time %e"mits* e=ce"%ts from :arious =26 film shorts) 1$3$&1$'$#.. sc"eenin4 and disc'ssion o& Ta8e . OR OFFICE . and F"ida! Octo(e" 1Et. Sc"eenin4 and disc'ssion o&+ .e NF< and Feat'"e P"od'ction. 7.'"sda! Octo(e" 20t.* K 5ittin4s+ E=ce"%ts &"om C. 2012 -.elte" <oom and CanadaNs .ite Et.ichard and former Nuebec Premier /aurice Duplessis#. 9laude -utra) 1$%(#5 K !oin*$own the /oad 9anada) Ot. $%a4e 8E*. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------T.e Ta8e .Section IV+ T.IC. Da:id /.2 %a4es 2B-28 in t.e s'(-section :7.E T)/E .ERE 7ILL <E NO CL)SSES ON T.e Canadian Film Ind'st"!--Pa"t T. 2012--Section IV+ T. and F"ida! Octo(e" 2Dt..e disc'ssion o& :0ot Ice.. I C)N <E RE)C.e Canadian Film Ind'st"!--Pa"t Fo'"+ T.we apply the s7ills and 7nowledge gained thus far) in a special and specific loo7 at film in 9anada.URS )9 OCTO<ER 11t.C K Online $<lac8(oa"d*+ Notes on +aurice /ichard3 The /oc(et di:ided into two notes5 includes basic cast and info on /aurice .--:T.T.ow has go:ernment public policy influenced the 9anadian film identity and the 9anadian film industryJ 0o what e+tent ha:e broader political issues of regionalism) national unity) national identity and constitutional rights and freedoms influenced the type of films madeJ Oou should apply these 8uestions to the film shown in the first wee7 of the course Brea(away#) as well as last wee7) this wee7) and the ne+t few wee7s) 7eeping in mind what you ha:e read in the assigned reading..e section titled :E=te"nal and Inte"nal Colonialism. Lect'"e.asis on %a4e 22 and also t. and anal!sis o& t.ome itsel&*.e Le4islation o& a Canadian Feat'"e Film Ind'st"!. Re>'i"ed Readin4 &o" Ne=t 7ee8+ K Online $<lac8(oa"d*+ Ta8e . 22.e Ta= S.e"s..OURS UE TO T. no late" t. s%eci&ic em%.e NF<+ Re4ionaliMation. Canadian Cinema+ Is there a distinctly 9anadian identity that emerges in the films made by 9anadians in both the 1$%(s andBor beyond#J 9an we tal7 of a A2rench 9anadianE or Nuebecois identity as distinct from an A*nglish 9anadianE identity in filmJ . :F'ndin4 i&&e"ences at t..ite Peo%le )"e 7.T. 1it. Re>'i"ed Readin4 &o" Ne=t 7ee8+ K 5ittin4s+ E=ce"%ts &"om C. disc'ssion o& "e>'i"ed "eadin4. .e Iss'e o& National Identit! in F'e(ec and in F"enc.e &ollo1in4+ K Bac( to !od*s #ountry 9an. Canadian Cinema T."ee+ T.ome Test $d'e ne=t 1ee8* as 1ell as disc'ssion o&+ K E=ce"%ts &"om +on 1ncle Antoine =26BNuebec) Dir.ia(le..e Iss'e o& National Identit! in En4lis.no4"a%. $online o" (! email--t.ies+ NSome 7.E <9 E?)IL* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7EE/ D -.o is Et. %a4es 2B to to% o& BD. 2 :P"od'cin4 a National Cinema. %a4es 11B-11E about the film genre of melodrama and the film +on 1ncle Antoine#)1BE about the A. $ED-E8*C Tele&ilm Canada $E8-EE*C K 5ittin4s+ C. $E2-ED*C :T.E F)LL STU 9 7EE/ $ URIN5 7.#. and FRI )9 OCTO<ER 12t.ite" T.) dir.IS FRI )9 OCTO<ER 2Dt.

ts K 5ittin4s+ ORe%"esentin4 t.e Octo(e" C"isis.e sc"eenin4 $1.e Canadian Film Ind'st"! --Pa"t Fi#e+ Film and Identit! Politics --O ecoloniMationITa8in4 <ac8O and t.* .'man Ri4.e &ilm 1ill disc'ssed in detail as it "elates to t..# T. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 7EE/ E -. Canadian Cinema.'man Ri4.e United NationsH Uni#e"sal ecla"ation o& ."o'4. T.. Mhether consciously or otherwise) mo:ies and 0I programming often reproduce national) .e 7a" ?eas'"es )ct o& 1E1B and t.thnography. t. Lect'"eIdisc'ssion o& t..'"sda! No#em(e" 1st and F"ida! No#em(e" 2nd.. t.ts $so (e %"e%a"ed (! "eadin4 t.4.e ..'man Ri4.Section IV+ T. incl'din4 ea"l! coloniMation and con&lict 1it.e Canadian Film Ind'st"! --Pa"t Fo'"+ T. . B. 210-220 which includes a discussion of ne+t wee7Fs film) 4anehsata(e: 567 8ears of /esistance#.. and F"ida! No#em(e" Et. T.K +aurice /ichard3The /oc(et NubecB9anada) dir. T.e F"enc. SO )TTEN )NCE at T. t. 1ill (e t.a"d o" so&t co%! 1it.e Eme"4ence o& :Ne1O Voices Concl'sion o& t.O?E FIN)L EG)? $d'e ec. contin'ed 0his wee7Ds main focus will be on a screening of the independently produced Nuebecois film) %es 1rdres NuPbec) Les Productions Prisma5 written) directed and co&photographed by /ichel 6rault) 1$%!# and its depiction of the 1$%( @ctober 9risis as it relates to the topics listed abo:e.IS SESSION IS OF 5RE)T I?PORT)NCE J Re>'i"ed Readin4 &o" Ne=t 7ee8+ K Online $<lac8(oa"d*+ T.e Uni#e"sal ecla"ation o& ..e test t. 0 :Vis'aliMin4 Fi"st Nations.e T.e ecla"ation and ("in4in4 a . !o' to classJ*+ K %es 1rdres NuPbec) Les Productions Prisma5 written) directed and co&photographed by /ichel 6rault) 1$%!) 1(% mins.no4"a%. 11( mins# 1ill (e sc"eened in its enti"et!.E T)/E .ts and an int"od'ction to ne=t 1ee8Ls &ilm+ %es 1rdres" Re>'i"ed Readin4 &o" Ne=t 7ee8+ K Online $<lac8(oa"d*+ Octo(e" C"isis C.E FIL? )N LECTUREI ISCUSSION PERT)ININ5 TO LES OR RES )RE /E9 ELE?ENTS IN T.e '%lessis !ea"s. T.e disc'ssion o& %es 1rdres" In 9anada) the L.e Uni#e"sal ecla"ation o& . 2 :7. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7EE/ 8--T. :Na""atin4 NationsI?a$"*8in4 i&&e"ences."onolo4!5 K Online $<lac8(oa"d*+ %es 1rdres in&o s..ia(leP. %a4e 22.e Iss'e o& National Identit! in F'e(ec and in F"enc. Immediatel! a&te" t.e United NationsH Uni#e"sal ecla"ation o& . and) increasingly in nations around the world) there is considerable political debate o:er how women) aboriginal people and people of colour are depicted in the media) especially on film and tele:ision. in Canada.E IN-CL)SS TEST 2 $NEGT 7EE/* )N ON T. 2012 -.e FLF C"isis)H 13D-1E0) in C. 9harles 6inam) 1((') 111 mins#.isto"! o& t.'"sda! No#em(e" 8t. s'(section :&aving the &agas: &alvage .e 5aMe+ )(o"i4inal Film ?a8e"s and ecoloniMation.'man Ri4.ts as it relates to the film %es 1rdres5 K 5ittin4s+ C.eet 5 K Online $<lac8(oa"d*+ T. t. %es 1rdres appro+. 10t.e F'iet Re#ol'tion.e <"itis.e (e4innin4 o& ne=t 1ee8Ls session*. 2012-.Section IV+ T.ic.E COURSE )N ON <OT. 1ED-1EE and :Ret'"nin4 t.e &oc's o& t.o Is Et.2 BD-0BC K 5ittin4s+ C.T.

o"t ans1e" >'estion*.E 0his wee7 e+plores how the immigrant e+perience has been translated into film and tele:ision programming) in both the documentary and feature form.'"sda! No#em(e" 10t.e &ilm and t. in C.a%te" 3+ :Sc"eenin4 5ende" and Se='alit!. Re>'i"ed Readin4 &o" Ne=t 7ee8+ K 5ittin4s+ e=ce"%ts &"om C.e immi4"ant e=%e"ience in Canada $can (e 1"itten on t. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7EE/ 11-.*+ K In the &hadow of !old +ountain =26) dir. Immigrants ha:e historically played a 7ey role in shaping A9anadian culture.indigo. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7EE/ 10--T. $St'd! s. Re>'i"ed Readin4 &o" Ne=t 7ee8+ K !ittings: :Sec"ets o& C.a%te" 2.e Canadian Film Ind'st"! --Pa"t Fi#e+ Film and Identit! Politics -. and F"ida! No#em(e" 1Dt. + 10+10 am to 10+ 00 am in o'" F"ida! class"oom TRS1030 B0 min'tes. m'lti%le c.#5 K Possi(le Sc"eenin4 o& e=ce"%ts &"om &pea(ers for the $ead 9anadaB=26) dirs. Lect'"e.gender) racial) ethnic and class stereotypes. incl'din4.oice and one s. :?'ltic'lt'"al Fields o& Vision. 0o what e+tent can generali.eets &o" In-Class Test 2. 1EE-210 and #harley &quash !oes to Town and0oney +occasin 220-220. t.) wr.'"sda! No#em(e" 22nd and No#em(e" 22"d.e &ollo1in4+ K .ollness and Da:e 4utherland) 1((() !$ mins. K 5ittin4s+ C. Re>'i"ed Readin4 &o" Ne=t 7ee8+ .. i& %a"tici%ants a"e 1illin4. 5ende" and Se='al Identities 9anada is considered one of the most racially and culturally di:erse countries in the world. :?'ltic'lt'"al Fields o& Vision. 2012--Section IV--T..T. +ap of the 0u an 0eart and $ance +e 1utside. /ina 4hum) starring 4andra @h) 1$$') >% mins#. #learcut. %a4es 0B-0E.e "elated assi4ned "eadin4s+ K E=ce"%ts &"om 4anehsata(e: 567 8ears of /esistance 9anadaB=26 documentary feature about the @7a 9risis of 1$$() dir.eets 1ill (e %osted on <lac8(oa"d (e&o"e o" d'"in4 7ee8 E. contin'ed IN-CL)SS TEST T7O on F"ida! No#em(e" 1Dt.e s. K 5ittin4s+ E=ce"%ts &"om C. not "ead in %"e#io's assi4ned "eadin4+ t. sc"eenin4 and in-class disc'ssion o& t.e ?onst"o's Et.ite &ile ca"d &o" t. t. Immi4"ant. sc"eenin4 and disc'ssion o& anal!tical essa! assi4nment 4'idelines.ecoloniMationITa8in4 <ac8O and t. 2D2-2E0.a"in4 o& %e"sonal o" &amil! e=%e"iences and %e"ce%tions o& t. on co'"se "eadin4s.e Eme"4ence o& :Ne1O Voices. K 5ittin4s+ :+oving the +ountain.e Inde4ene.o is 9anada) dir.ia(leP.7. Alanis @bomsawin) released in 1$$3#5 K E=ce"%ts &"om 9th :ire 9anada) 969) 1(11#. Pa"t T1o+ ?'ltic'lt'"al.e 1.e Canadian Film Ind'st"! --Pa"t Fi#e+ Film and Identit! Politics -.ecoloniMationITa8in4 <ac8O and t. 2012--INQCL)SS TESTA2 )N Section IV--Section IV--T.itin4-O't T.inato1n+ T. conce%ts. %a4es 22B-22E and :$ou'le 0appiness2 pages 5<=>5?@ in C. -ennifer .no4"a%."o'4.#.e sc"eenin4 and assi4ned "eadin4s "elatin4 to t.Bdir.ations be made QustifiablyJ In this and the final sessions of the course) we will encounter the often contradictory processes of stereotyping as it relates to gender) race) culture and class# both in society and in the media and what should be and is being done about it. Paul Lnwin) wr. 9raig 9orbet) 1((%) >> mins. D. Lect'"e. Lect'"e.e s'(sections :7. 0 :Vis'aliMin4 Fi"st Nations.. Raren 9ho) 1((!) !3 mins#5 K $ou'le 0appiness 9an.no4"a%.a%te" D.ic. .+ 221-22B and 200-2D1C K Online $<lac8(oa"d*+ St'd! class o" ne=t i& !o' 1is.e Eme"4ence o& :Ne1O Voices. sc"eenin4 and disc'ssion o& t. $discussions of Blac( /o'e .e &ollo1in4 &ilms. and sc"eenin4s disc'ssed in lect'"es &"om 7ee8s 3 t. E.

O?E FIN)L EG)? to be discussed ne+t wee7 and due for submission online or by email by /onday December 1(th) 11:'$ pm at the latest. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7EE/ 12--T.e &ilm /ude. * IS UE onlineI(! email ECE?<ER 10T. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 9OUR T)/E . D+ ?'ltic'lt'"al Fields o& Vision %a4es 200-2D2C Online $<lac8(oa"d*T)/E .ed mar7etJ )s t.e"e 1e 4o &"om .P Lect'"e.e co'"se ends 1e s.Section V+ Co'"se Concl'sion and Re&lections As the course ends) we return to some 7ey 8uestions: Are mo:ies and tele:ision and internet programming# made purely for entertainmentJ 0o what e+tent do all these :isual media forms) especially mo:ies) mirror the political times in which they are madeJ 0o what e+tent does a ApoliticalE or AideologicalE analysis of a film or tele:ision program ma7e senseJ Do film) tele:ision and the internet merely gi:e audiences Awhat they wantE or do audiences actually get mo"e than they want or need: are they being manipulated by what they see and e+perience in these :isual mediaJ In a world such as ours) it is not too difficult to argue that mo:ies and tele:ision and the internet are big business) but can they also be agents of changeJ Do 9anadian films continue to offer a distinctly 9anadian A:oiceE or its it a :oice being stilled by the need to reach a globali. (! 11+0E %m. sc"eenin4 and disc'ssion o& Final Ta8e . &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& ..'"sda! No#em(e" 2Et.'"sda! No#em(e" 2Et. and F"ida! No#em(e" 20t..ome E=am and o&+ K nurse"fighter"'oy $9anada) dir.e"e. 2012-. 9harles @fficer) 1((>) $3 minutes#.K K K Online $<lac8(oa"d*+ Notes on nurse"fighter"'oyA 5ittin4s+ s'(section on t.o'ld "e&lect on 1. in C. Is a1a"eness eno'4.O?E FIN)L EG)? $a#aila(le on <lac8(oa"d (! T.

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