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Vijay Venkat Raaj.


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To work in a challenging environment with responsible position !tili"ing m# abilities $evelope$ thro!gh alliance learning an$ e$!cation an$ also creating opport!nit# %or career growth thro!gh m# potential while promoting the &rgani"ation's growth.

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(T) Tool )ang!ages , Tools /atabase RO!ILE:

*+n%ormatica 9.1 *-.) *&racle 10g 11g


1roject Title (nvironment

* -mart 2ank -#stems. * +n%ormatica 9.1 &racle 10g

S"o#e* -mart 2ank -#stems is $esigne$ to store the in%ormation abo!t the c!stomer's $etails pa# amo!nts incl!$ing holi$a#s e3cl!$e$ an$ e%%ective $ate an$ so on. 4aw $ata %rom client is which is generall# $elimite$ %iles will be e3tracte$ an$ converte$ into stan$ar$ %ormat an$ place$ in the staging area. 5rom their $ata will be loa$e$ into /ata 6art which is -peci%ic to each in$ivi$!al clients an$ generate the reports b# !sing some reporting tools an$ moreover this project mainl# !se$ to pre$ict the %orecast. Role$ an% Re$#on$ibilitie$ • 7nal#"e$ so!rce $ata an$ gathere$ re8!irements %rom the b!siness !sers an$ participate$ in b!il$ o% the $ata wareho!se • 9se$ +n%ormatica 1ower center %or :(T); e3traction trans%ormation an$ loa$ing $ata %rom so!rce s#stem. • • (3tracte$ the $ata %rom &racle 5lat %iles an$ loa$ into /ata wareho!se 9se$ +n%ormatica /esigner to create mappings !sing $i%%erent trans%ormations like %ilter 4o!ter look!ps store$ proce$!re joiner !p$ate strateg# e3pression

se8!ence <enerator an$ aggregator trans%ormations to loa$ $ata into /ata marts • (3tensivel# !se$ the -=/-T#pe ++ in vario!s $ata mappings to $imension tables in /ata wareho!se • 1er%orme$ /ata =leansing an$ T!ning.

S : 24 : Male : English. • 7tten$e$ workshop con$!cte$ b# IBM on the topic EG(2 A.   ACA(EMIC RO!ILE: M.Te") In*o+mation Te")nolo. Re$ea+") on the topic E An E**i"ient S"+eenin.0F at Anna &ni.) 5!nctions 1roce$!res Triggers an$ =!rsors.y -46 9niversit# ?attank!lath!r 7. . ERSONAL RO!ILE: • • • • Came 7ge <en$er )ang!ages : Vijay Venkat Raaj .y =hettina$ =ollege o% (ngineering an$ Technolog# 71. <oo$ e3perience an$ knowle$ge in t!ning the per%ormance o% Targets -o!rces 6appings an$ -essions.1 /evelope$ vario!s sol!tions %or implementing the $ata integration across vario!s so!rce s#stems. Tamil (ECLARATION + hereb# $eclare that the above mentione$ in%ormation is correct to the best o% m# knowle$ge.inee+in.)e+ Se"on%a+y S")ool TC1) 6atric Digher -econ$ar# -chool ?agithap!ram 8@. B.84 B Hi.RO!ESSIONAL S&MMAR':   >er# goo$ e3pos!re in +n%ormatica power center 9. <oo$ ?nowle$ge in -.00 B Mat+i"-lation TC1) 6atric Digher -econ$ar# -chool ?agithap!ram 84.00 B ACA(EMIC ACHEIVEMENTS: @01A @011 @007 @005 • 1!blishe$ research paper in the Inte+national Jo-+nal *o+ S"ienti*i" an% En.97 :=<17. Cont+ol *o+ En)an"e% Se"-+ityF. Te") In*o+mation Te")nolo.e+$ity/ CHENNAI.

(ate : Vijay Venkat Raaj . S .