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CAREER OBJECTIVE: To make a promising career, where my har work an e ication will take me to the pinnacle o! s"ccess while contri#"ting to the growth o! the organi$ation. TECHNICAL SUMMARY: • • • • %&perience in esigning, eveloping, implementing, maintenance in we# #ase #"siness sol"tions. 'igni!icant e&perience o! (icroso!t .)%T !ramework with programming e&perience in *'+.)%T, ,-.)%T an './ 'erver 0118 20. %&perience with 3esign an 3evelopment o! 456 74raphical 5ser 6nter!ace8 "sing *'+.)%T 9e# :orms. %&perience with ;#ject ;riente +rogramming Techni<"es.

PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: • ,"rrently working as .)%T eveloper at ,omp"net connections, ,hennai.

PROJECT DETAILS: Project Title= %lectronic +ayroll (anagement 'ystem 7%+('8 Co i!" L#!"$#"e= *'+.)%T an ,D#t#%#&e= './ 'erver 0118 A%&tr#ct= 3evelope a we# #ase sta!!ing system that han les the payroll system o! the client that per!orms the !ollowing !"nctions= '( *ssigning projects to the employees. )( ,alc"late the n"m#er o! working ho"rs o! its employees. *( >illing a!ter the project is complete . +( 6t can also import the etails !rom e&cel or oc"ment !ormat an e&port the etails to e&cel !ormat ? oc"ment !ormat.

Project Title= ,anyon :"n s (itigation 'ystem. Co i!" L#!"$#"e= *'+.)%T an ,D#t#%#&e= './ 'erver 0118. A%&tr#ct= 3evelope a we# #ase system that han les the !"n s granting system o! the client that per!orms the !ollowing !"nctions= '( 6nvolve in gathering "ser re<"irements, prototyping the esign. )( *ctively participate in *nalysis an 3esign phase. *( 3evelope we# !orms in *'+.)%T.

on the topic @9%> 0.84 F Hi"/er Seco! #r0 Sc/ool T)+/ (atric Digher 'econ ary 'chool.or E!/#!ce Sec$rit0A. 3. Cagithap"ram 80. .96 7cgpa8 B(Tec/ I!.ORKSHOPS AND TRAININ-: • • • • +"#lishe research paper in the I!ter!#tio!#l Jo$r!#l .hettina .ollege o! %!!ective +acket :iltering *lgorithm to 2e "ce . an Tamil :5. .11 F M#tric$l#tio! T)+/ (atric Digher 'econ ary 'chool.omple&ityA.ore an * vance BavaA at .or1#tio! Tec/!olo"0 0111 .D%))*6... Cagithap"ram 84. *tten e workshop con "cte #y 6>(. +resente *tten e paper in the I!ter!#tio!#l Co!. Gijay Genkat 2aaj.or1#tio! Tec/!olo"0 '2( 5niversity. ACADEMIC PROFILE: M( Tec/ I!. )ehr" )agar. '"n ara 2aj"l" 2ea ing (otivational #ooks %nglish.ere!ce ICISC )K'* on the topic @*n training on the topic @. 'hankarlal Bain 'treet.11 F PERSONAL PROFILE: NAME A-E -ENDER DATE OF BIRTH FATHER2S NAME HOBBIES LAN-UA-ES KNO.ollege o! %ngineering an Technology 71. .1A at *nna 5niversity.ic #! E!"i!eeri!" Re&e#rc/ on the topic @A! E. Car"r. ' . %ngineering an Technology. Cattank"lath"r 7.hettina .icie!t Scree!i!" Co!trol .N ADDRESS : : : : : : : : Gijay Genkat 2aaj 04 (ale 0E?17?1989 (r. *r"n Bayam !lats.or Scie!ti.hennai H611144 0117 011E 0115 Io"rs 'incerely. Tel"g".hromepet.