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Program Release Information CSES ID No.DLBT1000988EN00 Title: Universal Printer Driver Maintenance Release (PS/ Version 2010/04/26 1.

Release version and download file name The newly released program version and download file name are as follows. [Release version]
Program Name KM Universal PS Current Ver. v1.0.1.0 New Ver. v1.10.0.0 Language JA/EN/FR/IT/DE/ ES/KO/ZH-CN/ZH-TW Install Type Exe type

Model Child Driver Version Common PS (PS3) *1 1.0.1.UPD_02 KONICA MINOLTA pagepro Series (PS3) *2 1.0.1.UPD_01 KONICA MINOLTA bizhub Serise (PS3) *3 1.0.1.UPD_02 KONICA MINOLTA magicolor Serise (PS3) *4 1.0.0.UPD_01 KONICA MINOLTA 500/420/360 (PS3) 3.0.2.UPD_01 KONICA MINOLTA 501/421/361 (PS3) 2.0.1.UPD_01 KONICA MINOLTA 750/600 (PS3) 3.1.0.UPD_01 KONICA MINOLTA 751/601 (PS3) 1.0.2.UPD_01 KONICA MINOLTA C650/C550/C451 (PS3) 6.3.1.UPD_02 KONICA MINOLTA C450/C450P/C351 (PS3) 1.0.0.UPD_02 KONICA MINOLTA C352/C352P/C300 (PS3) 1.0.1.UPD_01 KONICA MINOLTA C250/C250P (PS3) 1.1.2.UPD_01 KONICA MINOLTA C252/C252P (PS3) 1.1.2.UPD_01 KONICA MINOLTA C353/C253/C203 (PS3) 6.3.1.UPD_02 KONICA MINOLTA 350/250/200 (PS3) 1.1.2.UPD_01 KONICA MINOLTA 362/282/222 (PS3) 1.1.0.UPD_01 KONICA MINOLTA C652Series (PS3) 3.0.16.UPD_03 KONICA MINOLTA C360Series (PS3) 3.0.16.UPD_03 KONICA MINOLTA C35/C35P/mc4750 (PS3.) 1.0.2.UPD_02 *1 Common PS: Common driver (mc1650/2550/7450/7450II/C10P,etc) *2 KONICA MINOLTA pagepro Series (PS3): KM Common driver (pp4650/5650,etc) *3 KONICA MINOLTA bizhub Series (PS3): KM Common driver (C20/C20P/C30P/C31P/40P/mc8650,etc) *4 KONICA MINOLTA magicolor Series (PS3): KM Common driver (mc5450/5550/5570/5650/5670/4650/4695MF,etc) *5 When trying to connect to a device from Device Selector window and individual child driver is not contained, KM common driver may be used. In case the child driver for each model, KM common driver can not be used, the common driver will be selected.

[Download file name] PRI_DLBT1000988EN00.doc


KONICA MINOLTA C360Series PS -----(For Function Version 3) . Enterprise x64 Edition Windows Vista Home Basic* Windows Vista Home Premium* Windows Vista Ultimate* Yes Windows Vista Business* Windows Vista Enterprise* Windows Server 2008 Standard* Windows Server 2008 Enterprise* Yes Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard** Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise** Windows 7 Home Basic* Windows 7 Home Premium* Windows 7 Professional* Yes Windows 7 Enterprise* Windows 7 Ultimate* * Both 32bit(x86). Standard x64 Edition Windows Server 2003.KONICA MINOLTA C652Series PS -----(For Function Version 3) . What changed Following Child drivers are added. When performing Network Search. Standard x64 Edition Windows Server 2003 R2. The function that displays the condition of the device is added.0. Addition of function 1.Unicast .10.0) 2010/04/26 [Supported OS] OS WHQL Windows 2000 Professional (SP4or later) Yes Windows XP Home Edition (SP4 or later) Windows XP Professional (SP4 or later) Yes Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Windows Server 2003.KONICA MINOLTA new C652/C552/C452 PS -----(For Function Version 2) .Program Release Information CSES ID No. Standard Edition Windows Server 2003. Standard Edition Windows Server 2003 R2.KONICA MINOLTA C652 Series PS -----(For Function Version 1) . Enterprise Edition Yes Windows Server 2003. Enterprise x64 Edition Windows Server 2003 R2. it is possible to select the procedure from the following. . .KONICA MINOLTA C35/C35P/mc4750 PS Following Child drivers are deleted.KONICA MINOLTA C360 Series PS ------(For Function Version 2) 2/5 . Enterprise Edition Windows Server 2003 R2.DLBT1000988EN00 Title: Universal Printer Driver Maintenance Release (PS/ Version 1. 2.Broadcast 3. . 2. 64bit(x64) ** Only 64bit(x64) This driver is not supported in Windows Cluster environment or Terminal Service/Citrix environment.

> Please connect with IPv4 address or please use IPv6 link local address when it is not necessary to be retrieved the device information. Applies to the following models: KONICA MINOLTA C650/C550/C451 KONICA MINOLTA C353/C253/C203 KONICA MINOLTA C450/C450P/C351 KONICA MINOLTA C352/C352P/C300 KONICA MINOLTA C250/C250P KONICA MINOLTA C252/C252P KONICA MINOLTA 350/250/200 KONICA MINOLTA 500/420/360 KONICA MINOLTA 750/600 KONICA MINOLTA 751/601 4.0.DLBT1000988EN00 Title: Universal Printer Driver Maintenance Release (PS/ Version 1. If you print the job from Microsoft Excel when selecting the destination printer on the Device Selector and using it. please perform printing.Program Release Information CSES ID No. Printing is possible. 2) To open the help topic. 6.. When printing the job from Microsoft PowerPoint2007. 5. close with Cancel button. If you perform Booklet Printing using the following drivers. <Connecting to MFP with an IPv6 global address does not work. direction and position of the image on the job is not printed correctly. XP and 2003: 1) To open the help topic. "Remove White Background" does not work in the Universal Printer Driver.10. With the windows2000. Note: To open help topic. Restrictions 1. please click help button on the driver dialog.Common PS (Common for all venders) . Note: Windows Vista does not have above two features. paper size and printing direction that were saved in Excel file may not be reflected. Applies to the following models: KONICA MINOLTA C450/C450P/C351 KONICA MINOLTA C352/C352P/C300 KONICA MINOLTA C250/C250P KONICA MINOLTA C252/C252P KONICA MINOLTA 350/250/200 KONICA MINOLTA 500/420/360 KONICA MINOLTA 750/600 3. . Countermeasure Please select Excel file >Print >Properties and perform setting again 3/5 . Use IPv4 to acquire the device information. It is the restriction from OS. "?" button on the Upper right on the driver dialog does not work." may be displayed when you open the Device Selector window from Printing Preferences. 2.0) 2010/04/26 4.(document property) and then. the right button click menu of the mouse does not work. The message "Operation could not be completed. <The case that is used linklocal address> The driver cannot acquire the device information but. There are following restrictions under IPv6 connection..KONICA MINOLTA magicolor PS (KM Common driver for Printer Model) Countermeasure PostScript Driver: After setting "Advanced> PostScript Pass Through" to "Disable".

*Reference The following is Device Selector screen. When the following sympton1 occurs.10. Important Notice 1. When you print a document from bizhub C220/C280/C360/C452/C552/C652 with Function Version1 or 2 Firmware using this Universal Printer Driver. If you select specific driver for each product. 2) Touch “Device Information” button. the version is “Function Version 1”. please close the Device Selector. Open Print> Properties of 32bit application (ex. applicationA). switched application (applicationB) does not respond. 4/5 . If you close "Print Dialog" of 32bit application (applicationA) under the condition1. cannot acquire the Device Information from MFP. After that. applicationB).DLBT1000988EN00 Title: Universal Printer Driver Maintenance Release (PS/ Version 1. In this case. 2. if you select the destination printer using Network Search.0. 5. 2.0) 2010/04/26 7. please select the Driver and the printer port (IP address) manually. If you open "Properties" when using the Universal Printer Driver under the following conditions. How to confirm the Function Version of the MFP 1) Press Utility/Counter key on the MFP control panel. Condition: 32bit Application is installed on Windows 64bit OS. 32bit application (applicationA) does not respond. do not switch the application until the Device Selector is opened.Program Release Information CSES ID No. KONICA MINOLTA bizhub Series Common Driver will be selected. if you switch to another application (ex. *If “Device Information” button is not displayed on the control panel. Procedure/ Symptom 1.

Right click on the icon and select “Properties”. 2. XP(x86/x64). 6. How to install/uninstall program 6.0. 3.exe”. go to [file] . ) (The existing registry key depends on the version of installed UPD. <32 bit OS (Windows 2000.[Run. (for all OS) . (Differ in PCL and PS. Open “Printers and Faxes”.If you added the printer icon from [Add this Printer to my Printers folder] of Device Selector. Please delete the following folders after restart PC.[OK]. . please delete it and install this driver. Click “Details” button.] . and start the [Registry Editor].10. please use “UPDSetup64.DLBT1000988EN00 Title: Universal Printer Driver Maintenance Release (PS/ Version 1. b) Installation from manual Please install the driver from “Add Printer wizard” of the Windows OS. . . Delete the printer icon. XP(x86). 4. How to check version information 1. 5. please use “UPDSetup. Then. Server 2008(x86/x64)> C:\Users\(User name)\AppData\Roaming\KONICA MINOLTA\UniversalDriver <Windows 2000.2 How to un-install Universal Printer Driver a) When the driver was installed from attached installer Please start up “Uninstaller” from any of the following and follow the instructions of dialogue box to uninstall the driver. 1. 7. (for all OS) .input "regedit" .[Drivers] tab and Remove [KONICA MINOLTA Universal PS].Please delete all the following keys and each sub-key by the Registry Editor. 4. 6. if the folders or files are hidden.“Start” menu> “All Programs”>”KONICA MINOLTA”>”Universal PS” . And if your PC is 64bit. Server 2003(x86/x64)> C:\Documents and Settings\(User name)\Application Data\KONICA MINOLTA\UniversalDriver 2.OS might grip the file. please perform the following procedure.exe”.. *If former version driver is installed. 5/5 . Delete entries from the Registry. INC. * Company names and product names in this document are the registered trademarks for respective companies. . When uninstalling UPD. Click “Version Information”. Server 2003(x64))> C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\x64\konica_minoltauniverfe33 Delete the UPD child drivers.1 How to install a) Installation from attached installer If your PC is 32bit.From [Printers (and Faxes)] folder. 3.0) 2010/04/26 6. please change the setting to indicate the files and folders. Select “KONICAMINOLTA Universal PS”.. <Windows Vista(x86/x64).Program Release Information CSES ID No. Click “Option” button.[Server Properties] . follow the instructions of dialogue box to install the driver. please delete all added printer icons. Copyright(C) 2010 KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES.[Start] button .“Control Panel”> “Add or Remove Programs”> “Remove” button of “KONICA MINOLTA Universal PS” b) When the driver was installed from manual If uninstall the driver completely.) <PS> HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KONICA MINOLTA\KONICA MINOLTA Universal PS Please delete the following folders. Server 2003(x86))> C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\konica_minoltauniverfe33 <64 bit OS (Windows XP(x64). . right click [KONICA MINOLTA Universal PS] icon and select [Delete].After deleting all icons related to Universal Printer Driver.