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Litti Chokha is a traditional dish eaten mainly in Bihar and Jharkhad.

It can be had for lunch, dinner or you can make it on your holidays and you will surely love it. Litti is similar to Bati in appearance but there is a little difference. The Pitthi stuffin!" to be filled in it is made with #attu and Litti is eaten with brin$al bharta or mashed potato. %e can also prepare &i'ed (e! Chokha. #o let us start the preparation for Litti Choka.

Ingredients for Litti
To make dou!h ) • %heat flour * +,, !rams - cup" • .$wain carom seeds" * /0- tsp • 1hee * - tbsp • Curd * 20+ cup • Bakin! soda * /0- tsp • #alt * 20+ tsp Ingredients for stuffing(Pitthi) • #attu * -,, !rams / cup" • 1in!er * / inch lon! piece • 1reen chilly * - to + • 1reen coriander dhaniya" * /0- cup finely chopped" • Jeera cumin seeds" * / tsp • .$wain carom seeds" * / tsp • &ustard oil * /tsp • Pickle spices * / tbsp • Lemon * $uice of / lemon if you prefer" • #alt * add to taste /0- tsp"

- Ingredients for Chokha
• • • • • • • Brin$al bi!" * +,, !rams / or -" Tomatoes * -3, !rams + medium si4ed" 1reen chillies * - to + finely chopped" 1in!er * / /0- inch lon! piece finely chopped" 1reen coriander * - tbsp finely chopped" #alt * add to taste / tsp" &ustard oil * / to - tsp

-How to make Litti Chokha
Prepare dough for Litti 5ilter the flour and keep it in a utensil, put 1hee, bakin! soda, .$wain and salt in flour then mi' well. Beat curd and put it in flour as well. 6nead a soft dou!h usin! warm water. Cover the dou!h and keep aside for 2, minutes. 7ou!h re8uired to make Litti is ready. How to make Stuffing for Litti %ash, peel and finely chop !in!er you can also !rate it". Break the stems of the !reen chillies, wash then finely chop them. Clean !reen coriander, wash then finely chop the leaves. Take out #attu in a utensil put chopped !in!er, !reen chillies, coriander, lemon $uice, salt, Jeera, .$wain, mustard oil and pickle spices in it. &i' all the in!redients properly, if the Pitthi seems dry then add /*- spoons of water to it, #attu Pitthi is ready. How to make Litti Break off medium si4ed pieces from the dou!h. %ith the help of your fin!ers e'pand the pieces -*

red chilly powder and salt to it then mi' well. dip hot Litti in melted 1hee. #erves * + Cookin! time * / hour. Brin$al Chokha is ready. If you prefe !arlic and onion then peel 3*. !reen coriander chutney and eat. cloves of !arlic then finely chop them.llow them to cool. Litti can also be broken at the centre and then dipped. place the stuffed pieces of dou!h in the Tandoor and cook it by turnin! sides re!ularly till they turn brown traditionally Litti is cooked on a :pla". salt. peel the skins. Put the chopped spices. minutes . keep them in a bowl and mash with a spoon. Serve Put Chokha in a bowl. !reen chillies. . !reen coriander..tsp Pitthi on it. chop it finely and mi' these with brin$al. How to make Chokha for Litti %ash brin$als and tomatoes then fry them.• • 2 inches in diameter. oil and mi' properly. Place /* / /0. #erve with Chokha. . add chopped !in!er. 9eat the Tandoor furnace". Peel / onion. Aloo ka Chokha Peel +*3 boiled potatoes break them into small pieces. Litti is ready for fryin!. wrap up the dou!h piece and close from all sides. 2. Press this stuffed pieces to flatten it a bit.loo ka Chokha is ready.