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Photovoltaic Systems (PV)

Benefits and Value of PV Systems
• A reliable system, used for many countries around the world for many years • Good for isolated zones • Easy operation and simple maintenance • Easy to transport • Easy to install • Its genereation capacity can expand gradually according to the demand or budget • Clean energy, it does not produce pollution, noise neither toxic emissions

PV System Components

Charge Controller

Efficient Lighting 12v.

Solar Panel

Deep-Cycle Battery

Power Inverter

Day Functions Diagram .

Solar Panels Different installations Different Powers 36 watts 50 watts 60 watts 85 watts 100 watts 200 watts .

day. Total consumption = 416W Specials requirements The versatility of systems allows to join many solar panels to meet the energy required. To see how many solar panels you may need. Recommended use time: 3hr. Recommended time use: 4h. Recommended time use 4h. 11w Recommended use time: 4h. you have to know the following: *The total power of devices that you will use with the energy produced from the solar panels *The total time that you will use daily for each device . Black&White TV: power 15watts.Two example for Systems Capacities 50 watts installed system Generation estimates: 250 watt hour/day. day. System Capacity: Lighting Power: 4 units: 11w each. Full Color TV: power 60watts. Total consumption = 192watt per day 100 watts installed system Generation estimates: 500 watt hour/day System capacity: Lighting Power: 4units.

Pico Light System Lights Charge cell phones Listen to radio Solar Module Mobile Phone Distributor MP3 Devices Conector Charge´s USB ISL-120 (portatil lamp) Switch Lamp with extention ´s radio ISL-120 (Static lamp) USB Output Conector Radio Switch Lamp ISL-120 (Static lamp) Radio .

The Result .

Photovoltaic Systems 36W/Installed Products Solar Module 36W Battery 28AH/12V Controller 6-8 Amp Lamps 11W/12V Units 1 1 1 3 50W/Installed Products Solar Module 50W Battery 105AH/12V Controller 8-10 Amp Lamps 11W/12V Units 1 1 1 4 .

Photovoltaic Systems 85W/Installed Products Solar Module 85W Battery 105AH/12V Controller 10 Amp Lamps 11W/12V Units 1 1 1 6 100W/Installed Products Solar Module 100W Battery 105AH/12V Controller 10 Amp Lamps 11W/12V Units 1 1 1 8 .


Solar modules .The Components > Water Pumping Solar Module Controller Sumergible Pump SQF Controller CU 200 Interruptors Boxes IO 100 e IO 101 Braking Box IO 102 Energy suministry: .

low weight and volume. Very high reliability and long life (over 15 years). Easily transportable. It does not pollute the air or water.The Benefits • • • • • • • It consumes no fuel. completely silent operation. Modular capacity expansion. Fully automatic and unattended operation. Very simple installation and minimal maintenance. .

System Example 5.000 gal /day Description Solar Module 100W Water Pump Grundfos/75 mts Units 10 1 Controller Grundfos Accesories Kit Installation Training: How to use the system Annual Maintenance Danger Signs 1 1 .

Where can be used? • • • • • • • Rurals zones Water Centrals Ecotourism Clinics Farms Schools Ships .

Solar Chlorine Generators .

wells and contaminated reservoirs.Current Situation In the rural area. people transport and drink water from rivers. Sometimes they keep water in open containers. The result? Diseases = .

The Solution Power Solar Chlorine Generator Systems .

Electrode Source .

Process Results • Prepare the brine • Activate the electrode • The hypochlorite is ready at cycle end • Prevention of diseases. . • Low mortality rate. • Better life.


Our Solutions Responder™ Portable Filling Station™ Portable Outpost™ Semi-Portable Villager™ Static The Aqua Bag™ Portable Recycler™ Trailer .

energy extern sources 1 Gal / min or 4.5 microne Carbon block Focus One. 9" H 45 pounds / 20.The Responder™ • • • • Portable Easy installation in any car Can be transport in a regular backpack Standard parts and easy to operate Three Models S – Solar Energy and integrated battery operated B – Car Battery and cigarette (without solar energy) T – Any vehicle can be install. 17" W. cigarette. 20' cable.5 kg max (Responder-S) 25 pounds / 11. battery´s cable 20" L.4 kg max (Responder-B) .0 micrones Sediments 0. Doble step Self priming.16 Lt / min Metal Mesh 5. on-board Production Capacity Filter/Purification Pre-filter Post-filter Ultraviolet Lighting Pump Energy Size Weight Solar.

2 Lt / min Metal Mesh 5. 27" H. Doble step Self priming.5 microne Carbon block Focus One.0 micrones Sediments 0.5 kg max o 200 pounds / 88 kg max .The Outpust™ • Ideal to meet increased demand • Transportable (wheels structure) or permanent (on walls) • Mades with militar class components • Standard parts and easy to replace Two Models 4 – Solar Energy and integral battery charge 12 – AC Energy Input required Production Capacity Filter/Purification Pre-filter Post-filter Ultraviolet Lighting Pump Energy Size 4 Gal / min or 16.7 Lt / min or 12 Gal / min or 50. 12 Volts and output energy Outpost 12 – Output energy source 30" L. on-board Outpost 4 – solar. 24" W Weight 52 pounds / 23.

5 microne Carbon block Focus One. Doble step Production Capacity Filter/Purification Pre-filter Post-filter Ultraviolet Lighting Pump Energy Size Weight Self priming.5 Lts / min o 40 Gal / min o 167 Lts / min Metal Mesh 5.0 micrones Sediments 0. on-board Output enegy Many Many .The Recycled™ and PODs • • • • Portable or semi-permanent Trailer and accesories to be transport PODs size change accord to needs Purifiers and recycle large quantities of water Two Models 4 – Solar Energy and integral battery charge 12 – AC Energy Input required 20 Gal / min o 83.

Standard Parts / Fast conexion .Medical procedures .Metals Very effective vs Cost .Pesticides .The Technology A resource renewable and sustainable of clean water generation that exceeds all Environment Agency Protection´s protocols of United States (EEUU) Support: Without Quimics Remove/Kill .Quimics .General Population .Off-flavors .Clinique cirurgy .Sediments .Militar Embalage .Decontamination Durable & Trust .Bacteries .Long duration for parts Eliminates .Odors .Virus .

Pollutants removed in fact list Organism Type Bacterie Agrobacterium tumefaciens Bacillus anthracis – (Anthrax) Bacillus anthracis spores – (Anthrax Spores Bacillus magaterium sp. Coli Infectious Hepatitis (Hepatitis) Influenza (Influenza) Poliovirus – Poliomyelitis Yeast Brewers yeast Common yeast cake Saccharomyces carevisiae Saccharomyces ellipsoideus Saccharomyces spores . (veg.) Staphylococcus aerius Leptospiracanicola (infectious Jaundice) Staphylococcus hemolyticus Microccocus candidus Staphylococcuslactis Streptococcus viridans Vibrio comma (Cholera) Microccocus sphaeroides Virus Bacteriopfage – E.) Bacillus paratyphusus Bacillus subtilis spores Bacillus subtilis Clostridium tetani Corynebacterium diphtheriae (Diptheria’s) Cryptosporum Mycobacterium tuberculosis – (Tuberculosis) Neisseria catarrhalis Phytomonas tumefaciens Proteus vulgaris Pseudomonas aeruginosa Pseudomonas fluorescens Salmonella enteritidis Salmonella paratyphi (Enteric Fever) Aspergillius glaucus Mucor racemosus A Mucor racemosus B Oospora lactis Molds Penicillium expansum (olive) Penicillium roqueforti (green) Penicillium digitatum Protozoa Chlorella Vulgaris Paramecium Nematode Eggs Salmonella typhosa (Typhoid Fever) Ebertelia typhosa Salmonella typhimurium Sarcina lutea Escherichia coli (E. Coli) Serratia marcescens Giardia Lamblia Legionella bozemanil Shigella dyseteriae (Dysentery) Legionella dumoffii Shigella flexneri (Dysentery) Legionella gormanii Shigella paradysenteriae Legionella micdadei Spirillum rubrum Legionella longbeachae Staphylococcus albus Legionella pneumophila (Legionnaires Dis.

Solar Refrigeration .

System Components Charge Controller Refrigerator Solar Module Deep-Cycle Battery .

Applications • • • • • • • • Rural homes and stores Ecotourism hotels Markets Fishmen Butcher s Farms Ships Ice making .

Refrigerator characteristics • • • • High eficcient refrigerator Exceptional low energy consumption Excellent trust and durability. The design allows an easy cleaning .

4 – 31.5Kg 110mm 2m Capacity Dimentions (cm) Weight Aislament: Polyurethane Output cable Lenght .5V 198Wh 225 Litres 127x76x94 63.4Kg 110mm 2m DCR-225 10.4 – 31.Systems Capacities and models DCR-50 Operation Voltage 12/24V Rating Energy@ 32°C 10-31V 114Wh/day 50 Litres 67x58x77 34Kg 110mm 2m DCR-165 10.5V 164 Wh 165 Litres 102x76x94 54.

Systems Example 50lts Products Solar Module 50W Quantities 1 Battery 105AH/12V 50lts Refrigerator Controller 8 Amp 1 1 1 Electric Accesories 1 .

165lts Products Solar Module 100W Battery 105AH/12V Quantities 2 2 165lts Refrigerator Controller 20 Amp Electric Accesories 1 1 1 .

225lts Products Solar Module 100W Battery 105AH/12V Quantities 4 4 225lts Refrigerator Controller 20 Amp Electric Accesories 1 1 1 .


The Components > 24W LED Solar Module or 36W LED Controlador Deep-Cycle Battery .

000 hours • Design and Manufactured in Taiwan • CE Approved .) Operation Temperature: -30°C˜50°C Input voltage: 12 .Specifications • • • • • • • • • Power Consumption: 36W±10% Lumens Output:2600 lm (6000K)/1670 lm (3000K) Numbers of LED: 24 Philips Rebel LED Outline Dimension: 305(W) x 92(D) x 156(H) mm Color Temperature: 6000/3000K (typ.2% lumens • Expect maintain over 70% lumens at 50.maintain 99.24Vdc Ingress Protection Rating: IP65 Fixture Material: Aluminum alloy Our led Luminaries • Live test for over 6.000 hours.

1 Kg Outline Dim. Diameter): Ø <55mm Our led Luminaries • • • • • Live demonstration for over 15.000 hrs. Short.: 530(L) x 100(W) x 95(H) mm Hole Size (Max. Long last: Over 50.Specifications • • • • • • • • • • LED Light Source: 24 Nichia LED Beam Angle: Type II. mantain 92% lumens.000 hours with 70% lumens maintenance Luminaire is made from aluminum Design and Made in Taiwan UL Approval . Cut Off Color Temp:5200±400/3000±300K Input Voltage: 12Vdc or 24 Vdc Power Consumption 26W Operation Temp:-30°C≠50°C IP Rating: IP65 Net Weight:2.

Where can be used? • • • • • • • • • Rural areas Roads Parks Malls Markets Gas station Parking Billboards Places that do not have access to conventional energy .


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