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International Conference on

In collaboration with

Andhra Pradesh State Council for Higher Education
Government of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, India

Organized by Department of Commerce Osmania University, Hyderabad, A.P, India
Venue: Auditorium, CSIR –IICT, Tarnaka, Hyderabad, A.P, India


V. Osmania University.Shankaraiah Head. Hyderabad PATRON Prof: K. Osmania University. Satyanarayana Dean. V. Hyd.Usha Kiran Prof.Ramesh Dr. Gangadhar COORDINATING COMMITTEE Prof.Usha Prof. V. M. UCC &BM. Faculty of Commerce. Department of Commerce. A. Osmania University.Pratap Reddy Registrar. Krishna Kumar Shri. T. B. S. Hyd.Lalitha Prof.Appa Rao Prof. S. V. Prashanta Athma Prof.V. Board of Studies . M. D. OU CONFERENCE SECRETARY : Prof.CHIEF PATRON Prof. Achalapathi Prof. Laxman Gaddam Chairman. Anand Kumar Prof.Rajaratnam Prof.M. K.Purushotham Rao Prof.Shekhar Principal. P. Hyderabad Prof. K.Chennappa Department of Commerce. Department of Commerce.Subba Rao Dr. Osmania University.Anjaiah Prof.Satyanarayana Vice-Chancellor.Venkateshwarlu Prof. ADVISORY BOARD Prof: H.Patrick 2 . CONVENORS : Prof.V. Osmania University.A. Hyderabad CONFERENCE CHAIRMAN : Prof. OU Prof.D. S.

set up as per the recommendations of the National Education Policy 1986. making higher education accessible.Kavita Devi Ms.Ravi Kumar Dr. RBI.V. the State Government and the Universities. It is the general duty of the Council to coordinate and determine standards in institutions of Higher Education or Research and Scientific and Technical Institutions in accordance with the guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission from time to time. “ A pioneering and performing university re-accredited by the National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC) of the University Grants Commission (UGC). Srinivas Reddy ABOUT THE APSCHE The Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE) came into existence on 20th May. Ranjani Dr.G. PV Narasimha Rao. This aptly sums up the spirit and essence of Osmania University – the symbol of life long learning. the first of its kind in the Country. Anitha Jyothi Ms.Venkateshwarlu Dr. Barrister and Member of Parliament Asaduddin Owaisi. S.Srinivas Dr.Srinivas Rao Dr.K. ABOUT THE OSMANIA UNIVERSITY Osmania University (1918) is one of the premier institutions of higher learning in India epitomizing the National agenda for higher education. and Sri S. 1988 through an Act (No.J. Venugopal Reddy former Governor. Sabina Shareef Dr.Shekar Indrakanti Dr.B. P. The Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education. Y. affordable and meaningful to lakhs of students from the backward region”.S. Government of India with the highest rating of Grade ‘A” in the service of the Nation.Dr G Naresh Reddy Dr. 16 of 1988) of the State Legislature to advise the Government in matters relating to Higher Education in the State and to oversee its development with perspective planning and for matters connected therewith.Shailaja Dr.R.C.B. Some famous alumni of this prestigious institution include former Prime Minister (late) Shri. Shri.Sandhya Rani Dr. 3 . is primarily a coordinating and liaisoning body between the University Grants Commission. Jayapal Reddy and among others.

The Department has been making intensive efforts to improve its profile. Spoken English to help the students with regional medium in improving their communication skills. inter-disciplinary and of a higher order.Com.The Research pursuits at the university are wide ranging. Industrial establishments. M.Com.. undertaking projects financed by the U. The Department is always in the fore front in leading other Institutions in the State in designing the common-core syllabus at under-graduate level and showing a new direction to educational institutions from time to time. University College for Women. Secunderabad.20. Koti and Nizam College in the city of Hyderabad . viz.Com (Information Systems). State Government. in the form of imparting education through various courses. etc. programme is offered in University campus and in the three constituent colleges. are designed to suit the needs of the corporate world. The premier and unique master programmes like. The department also runs an internationally reputed Quarterly Journal “Osmania Journal of International Business Studies” which has very large readership all over the world. and encouraging intensive research on topics of contemporary relevance. P G College.G. The learned faculty strive always our students towards realising their dreams and attaining their goals.000 Commerce students. ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE The Department came into existence as an independent wing of Osmania University with the launching of B. personality development programmes. through a network of about 425 affiliated colleges about 1. M. by serving the community on different fronts. University envisages for itself a proactive role in re-engineering the higher education system for the establishment of knowledge-based society. seminars etc are being conducted to enhance their employment opportunities in various sectors.Com (Finance) and M. and about 44 other Private Colleges situated at Hyderabad and Secunderabad and other districts. Various programmes like. The Department is also imparting Commerce education at Undergraduate level.C. course in 1945. 4 .

But markets cannot ensure that everyone shares equally in the benefits of increased efficiency. cheaper imports. No country can afford to remain isolated from the world economy. it is not progressing evenly. foreign and government participation in global business. international players today find themselves dealing with new issues ranging from cross border alliances to responding to competitors backed by powerful governments. But it is wrong to assume that nothing can be done to improve this situation. capital and competition have been changing dramatically in recent decades. Government and Industry. The economic power is cartelizing in few giant organization/ institutions and evolving into disruptive competition in the international business. With change coming increasing complex. BROAD AREAS OF THE CONFERENCE 1. The global environment has changed dramatically with the rise of rapid economic development. using different means of organization. there has been striking and growing differences among countries in their ability to compete and grow. The global financial system remains in flux. practitioners. and is more subject to rapid change than ever before. International Business Environment. The poorest countries may need the support of the international community. Countries must be prepared to adopt the policies that will enable them to benefit from globalization. 5 . At the same time. The objective of the conference is to foster close relationship of teaching institutions.THEME OF THE CONFERENCE The world today is more closely knit. giving them access to more capital flows. To address these issues the International conference is organised. Low income countries have not been able to integrate with the global economy as quickly as other countries partly because of their chosen policies and partly because of circumstances beyond their control. The uncertainty landscape poses both opportunities and risk for international financial institutions and there is a pre & post partnership crises between public. digital trade. Although globalization offers extensive opportunities for worldwide development. Global markets offer people greater opportunity to tap into more and larger markets around the world. It also provides a platform to discuss the ongoing issues pertaining to WTO. The Conference aims at providing interaction with cross-section of experts involving academicians. and the international community should work to help the poorest countries become better integrated and grow more rapidly. with serious consequences for business strategy. private. technology. Patterns of international trade. communication and production. and global competition. administrators and policy makers. IMF and Globalization and its impact on global business. and larger export markets. Some countries are becoming integrated into the global economy more quickly than others and are seeing faster growth and reduced poverty. It is a disturbing matter that the income gap between high and low income countries has widened and the so many of the world's citizens live in abject poverty.

World bank. International Financial Institutions and markets Talent Management CALL FOR PAPERS Keeping this impetus. I T & E-Commerce in International Trade & Commerce 7. Hyderabad. International Marketing 3. 2014. Selected papers will be published in Osmania Journal of International Business Studies (OJIBS). policy makers . A hard copy along with CD must be sent to Conference Secretary on or before 28 and www. India by the Department of Commerce. For further th information. FDI & IFI in global business 9. 6 . organized at Hyderabad. You can send your papers through e-mail also :icobgbosmania@gmail. 10 Developed and developing countries in global business. 2014. 13. International Accounting and Taxation 4.13) from each technical session. W TO . please log on to: www. academicians. International Banking & Insurance services 6. MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION GUIDELINES All authours must follow the following Submission Instructions and Guidelines. Giant MNC in global business. corporate executives and research scholars are requested to contribute research papers and to participate in the International Conference on GLOBAL BUSINESS : OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES which is scheduled 27th – 29th 11. OJIBS is a refereed and listed ( ISSN0973-5672) journal and outstanding papers will be published in edited book(s) (ISBN. Forex Market.2. osmania. durgachenna@gmail.978-81-910003. You are invited to send research papers/articles and case studies for above topics to the undersigned. International Exports and Imports.oucommerce. Osmania University. IMF in global business 8.

justify style in MS Word. Abstract should be in italic. Author name and university/organizational affiliation of each author must be printed on one line each. TECHINICAL TRACKS Track I Track II Track III Track IV Track V Track VI Track VII Track VIII Track IX : : : : : : : : : International Finance International Commerce and Business International Marketing International Trade / Accounting / Taxation International Business Environment WTO / IMF / World Bank Information Technology / E-Commerce / E. 2014 : Track VIII / Track IX / Valedictory Function 7 . double-spaced lines. Track I / Track II /Track III March 28. and double-spaced from last author’s name/affiliation.Governance International Insurance and Banking. All four margins must be 1” each and number of pages must be not more than 12. First Page: Paper title. Typing: Paper must be laser printed on 8. 2014 : Track IV/ Track V / Track VI /Track VII March 29.5” x 11” ( A4 size) white sheets in Arial 12point font. or cases submitted for presentation /publication should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time.Originality: Articles. not exceeding two lines. left justified. papers. must be CAPITALIZED AND CENTERED IN BOLD LETTERS. Please print the word ”ABSTRACT” in capitalized bold letters. 2014 : Registration and Inaugural Function. All accepted a papers belong to OJIBS. Talent Management PROGRAMME SHEET First Day: Thursday: Second Day: Friday: Third Day : Saturday: March 27.

a kit bag. lodging (for the duration of the conference).4500 per delegate Rs. Participation and paper presentation certificate will be given and an opportunity is provided to present the research paper at the International Conference. 2014 : 15th March. 2014 ACCOMMODATION Accommodation will be provided to the outstation registered delegates on their request. 2014 : 10th March. 2014 : 28th February. Since the accommodation is limited advance information for the same would be highly appreciated.3500 per delegate (Valid Identity proof card holders only) USD 125 per delegate Rs. Registration fee is not refundable. The particulars of the registration fee: PARTICIPANT Research Scholars (without accommodation) Research Scholars (with accommodation) Academicians (without accommodation) Academicians (with accommodation) Executives (without INDIANS Rs.5000 per delegate 8 USD 250 per delegate USD 300 per delegate USD 500 per delegate . REGISTRATION FEE The Registration fee includes boarding. one-year subscription of “Osmania Journal of International Business Studies (OJIBS)” and Publication.3500 per delegate Rs.2500 per delegate (Valid Identity proof card holders only) FOREIGNERS USD 100 per delegate Rs.IMPORTANT DATES Last date for submitting abstract : Last date for submitting full papers Sending the Acceptance letter Last date for registration Display of progamme sheet 31st January 2014 : 28th February.

The journal aims at covering research papers in the areas of Business Environment. book reviews. 2014. Finance. journal copies are also available through online. 9 ..500 per person USD 600 per delegate USD 100 per person Registration fee must be paid in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Conference Secretary – International Conference on Global Business : Opportunities & Challenges” payable at Hyderabad at any branch of any nationalized bank and be sent to the Conference Secretary along with Registration Form on or before 28th February. OJIBS is dedicated to publish high quality research papers providing meaningful insights into the subject areas. Hyderabad. Economics. Osmania University.8000 per delegate Rs 2. etc. constitute a part of the journal. Commerce and Business Management. OBJECTIVE OF THE JOURNAL “Osmania Journal of International Business Studies” (since 2005) is a peer refereed and listed (ISSN 00973-5672) is a bi-annual publication of Department of Commerce.accommodation) Executives (with accommodation) Accompanied person Rs. Abstracts of doctoral thesis. International Business & Trade.

A.Amount------------------------------. of accompanied persons: ----------------DD number ------------------------.No.P. A. 10 . CSIR –IICT.Drawn bank-----------------.Hyderabad Organized by Department of Commerce Osmania University. India REGISTRATION FORM Name _______________________________________________________________ Designation____________________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Telephone:____________________ Mobile Number:_____________________ Email:___________________________ Track ------------------Broad Area ---------------------------------th th Title of the Paper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Co-Authors name ---------------------------------------------------------------Interested to serve as : Technical session chairman/Key note speaker/ discussant/ Editorial board member Accommodation is required : YES/ NO Number of delegates : ---------------------.P. Tarnaka. Hyderabad. India Venue: Auditorium.International Conference on GLOBAL BUSINESS : OPPORTUNITIES & CHALLENGES 27 – 29 March 2014 In collaboration with Andhra Pradesh State Council for Higher Education Government of Andhra Pradesh. osmania. durgachenna@osmania.27682308 Mobile: 11 .09440360149 E-mail: durgachenna@gmail. India – 500 007 Office:040.The DD may be drawn in favour of “Conference Secretary. 91. Department of Commerce. For further details.International conference on Global Business: Opportunities & Challenges” payable Hyderabad at any branch of any nationalized bank and be sent to the Conference Secretary along with the registration www.Chennappa Conference Osmania University. Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh.09490102332. Contact: Prof.