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HPT Multistage Barrel Casing Boiler Feed Pump

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Combining engineering and application expertise. These include developments in precision casting. sealing technology and materials. as well as the application of Finite Element (FE) analysis and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Their robust construction and tolerance of changing conditions makes them particularly suitable for cyclic operation. The pump’s efficiency is a result of its advanced hydraulic design and therefore does not rely on the use of close internal clearances. service centers and representatives. it has been continually updated to take advantage of technological developments. China Elandsfontein. sales offices. Although the HPT is a well-established design.Sulzer Pumps Sulzer Pumps is one of the world leaders in state-of-the-art pumping solutions. Sulzer Pumps’ solutions add value and strengthen the competitive position of its customers. South Africa Leeds. HPT Pump . even with the clearances worn to their maximum values. UK HPT – Efficient and Reliable HPT radially split barrel-casing pumps are specifically designed for boiler feed applications in thermal power stations. This is 2 also the case for the rotordynamic design. which ensures low vibration by providing a high degree of damping throughout the life of the pump. with many years of reliable operation. These pumps are optimized to provide high availability and high efficiency operation over an extended period of time. Sulzer Pumps is a well-recognized player in the following industries: • Oil and Gas • Hydrocarbon Processing • Pulp and Paper • Power Generation • Water • General Industry • Chemical Process Industry HPT Global Manufacturing Facilities Suzhou. Thanks to a global network of manufacturing facilities. thus reducing operating and maintenance costs. we are able to provide fast responses to customer needs. Through its extensive experience in providing innovative solu­ tions to business partners.

without any need for pre-warming • minimizes thermal distortion to avoid the reduction of internal clearances • handles thermal stresses thanks to a selection of high strength materials • ensures secure sealing under all transient conditions thanks to graphite stationary seals Computerized analysis to optimize temperature distribution under various conditions Shaft Seal Option Cooling jacket decreases temperature in seal chamber Air barrier avoids heat transfer from hydraulic pump parts to sealing area Mechanical seal Thermosleeve with air gap Cold condensate injection Bleed-off for high suction pressures.Optimized Thermal Design The HPT benefits from an optimized thermal design which: • allows operation under cyclic conditions. without bleed-off for low suction pressures Cold condensate injection •• • • • • • • Hot (~180 °C) • • Cool (~60 °C) Drain Drain Single Mechanical Seal • Minimal leakage • Low energy consumption Fixed Throttle Bushing • Simple and reliable design • Less sensitive to dirt and flashing With Floating Rings • Moderate leakage 3 .

HPT Design Features and Options • Barrel design incorporates many design features resulting from Sulzer/EPRI research contract • Maximum safety due to double casing design • Pipework connections remain undisturbed during disassembly • Barrel casing design provides maximum rigidity and accepts high pipe loads • Top or bottom facing nozzles welded or flanged. coupling hub. can be positioned to suit the planned installation layout • Full cartridge pull out for rapid changeover • Axial thrust compensation by balancing piston to avoid damage during transient conditions • Long operating life regardless of the operating mode • Design features to eliminate the need for prewarming in most installations • Fully rated double acting tilting pad thrust bearing • Design of close running clearances • Optimized labyrinth—high efficiency and good rotordynamic behavior • Radial grooves—increased radial stiffness. reduced effect on rotor tilting and good rotor dynamic behavior • Swirl break at balancing piston to maintain rotor stability even when internal clearances are worn • Centerline mounting • Removal of bolts. piston and thrust collar by means of a common hydraulic pump to simplify maintenance and reduce cartridge replacement time • Precision casting in chrome nickel steel • Optimization of hydraulic profiles • Kicker stage available 4 .

designed for long term cycling operation and to resist erosion-corrosion without the need for overlays • High strength material to accept thermal shock • Other materials possible to suit customer requirements • Sliding pads to maintain alignment during thermal movements Optional Double Suction Optional Kicker Stage Kicker stage flow • Kicker stage forged design for flow < 50 m3/h Kicker stage cast design for flow >= 50 m3/h Shaft forged in chrome nickel steel • Low L/D ratio • Stable operation without critical speed problems • Reduced vibration levels Balance drum leakage flow Main discharge flow • • • • 5 .• Optional intermediate take-off possible • Integral impeller wear rings for longer life dimensioned to allow re-machining several times • Double suction first stage available • Pure graphite stationary seal rings at external joints • Bearing housing fixed to pump cartridge through 360° • Bearing provides high stiffness and damping to minimize shaft movement • Anti-whirl journal bearings • E-P o-rings at internal joints • Forged. low alloy steel barrel casing as standard.

coupling hub.HPT Features Integral Cartridge Design Step 1 Advantages • The cartridge is completely assembled outside the barrel case • Prior to installation of the cartridge. suction and delivery cover • Suspended and supported on rollers at the drive end (DE) Step 2 • Suspended for re-rigging • Step 3 Final Installation Rotor Design Advantages • Shrunk on parts allow for high rotor balancing quality • Shrunk on parts avoid fretting corrosion and minimize stress concentrations • Shrunk on parts avoid loose parts on shaft during operation and result in lower vibration Rotor Shrunk on thrust collar. balancing system. the rotor is radially and axially adjusted and the axial thrust bearing clearance is set • Quick cartridge changes for increased productivity • Cartridge support for increased safety • Cartridge includes the shaft. parallel stepped or taper fit • • • Impellers are shrunk on. static and dynamic hydraulic parts. oil press fit. oil press fit Shrunk on balance drum. oil press fit Shrunk on coupling. radial bearings and thrust bearing. shaft seals. have keys for torque transmission and use split ring for thrust loading • 6 . the mechanical seals are set.

Diffuser and Impeller Design Advantages Precision castings • High efficiency • Small hydraulic unbalance Thick impeller shrouds • High strength for high head • Natural frequency away from resonance. Division 1. thus avoiding shroud breakage Diffuser Continuous channel diffuser • High efficiency Impeller Continuous channel diffuser Thick impeller shrouds Precision castings • • • Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Tightening System for Delivery Cover Studs Advantages • Accurate tensioning to required pre-load • Fast cartridge change Set up Tensioning Tool Tension Stud Bolt Turn Nut Release Tensioning Tool Pressure Retaining Parts Advantages • Hydro test (1.5 x or 1. optional • Finite Element (FE) for selected cases FE Model Diffuser 7 . standard • ASME section VIII.3 x pD) of each pressure casing provides high safety Analyzed with proven codes for high reliability: • German vessel code AD.

400 hp) • Electric capacity up to 10 MW (13.000 hp) inverter + increasing gearbox with multiple ratios • Flow capacity up to 20.000 USgpm) Sulzer Suzhou.000 m3/h (66. China • Up to 11 MW electric motor at full speed (14.700 hp) • Electric capacity up to 16 MW (21.400 hp) • 12 MW VFD. South Africa • Up to 4 MW electric motor at half speed (5. • Flow capacity up to 13.360 hp) • Various increasing and reduction gearbox with multiple ratios up to 2.600 m3/h (60. USA • Up to 15 MW electric motor at max speed 6.000 hp) • Electric capacity up to 45 MW (60.000 m3/h (66.000 m3/h (88.000 USgpm) 8 .000 USgpm) Sulzer Portland.Sulzer Test Facilities Sulzer Leeds.000 m3/h (300.000 hp) • Electric capacity up to 15 MW (20.300 hp) • 18MW (24.5 MW • Flow capacity up to 15. UK • Up to 18 MW electric motor at full speed (24. output frequencies from 15 Hz to 100 Hz • Flow capacity up to 15.400 hp) • Increasing gearbox with multiple ratios • Flow capacity up to 70. France • Up to 10 MW electric motor at full speed (13.000 USgpm) Sulzer Mantes.000 USgpm) Elandsfontein.360 hp) • Electric capacity up to 4 MW (5.000 rpm (20.000 hp) • Multiple speed options and elevated temperature testing capability.

150 m /h 3 U.000 1.000 1.000 10.000 100 1.000 Head H (ft) 10.000 Operating Data Metric Units Pump sizes Capacities Heads Powers Temperatures Speeds up to 4.700 hp up to 430 °F up to 6.500 kW up to 220 °C Materials Part Barrel casing Delivery cover Impeller Diffuser Stage casing Suction casing Shaft Balance drum Stationary wear parts Stud Static seals (internal) Static seals (external) DIN material 10 Cr Mo 9 10.300 USgpm up to 13.HPT Performance Range Capacity Q (USgpm) Head H (m) 10.200 m up to 47. Units From 150–260 to 500–505 up to 18.750 rpm up to 4.000 3 Capacity Q (m /h) 10.S.800 ft up to 63. forged G-X 5 Cr Ni 13 4 G-X 5 Cr Ni 13 4 G 17 Cr Mo 9 10 A 217 Gr WC 9 X 4 Cr Ni 13 4 X 20 Cr Ni 17 2 X 20 Cr Ni 17 2 36 Ni Cr Mo 16 Ethylene-Prpylene Pure Graphite ASTM material A 182 Gr F22 A 182 Gr F22 A 743 Gr CA-6MN A 743 Gr CA-6MN G-X 5 Cr Ni 13 4 A 743 Gr CA-6NM A 182 Gr F6MN A 276 Type 431 A 276 Type 431 • High strength • High fatigue resistance • At least 50 HB hardness difference • High erosion resistance • High strength • Good pressure / Thermal resilience Advantage • High erosion resistance • Good thermal transient properties • High erosion resistance • Good cavitation resistance 9 . forged 10 Cr Mo 9 10.

867 m3/h (17. Singapore HPT 150-260/1d / 5 stage Pump 441 m3/h (1.050 hp) at 5.343 KW (63.457 m (11.113 USgpm) at 3.961 m (12. specific SO2.050 USgpm) at 3.117 m3/h (18.717 rpm 10 .833 KW (48.488 hp) at 4.342 ft) 36.448 ft) 35.875 hp) at 6. Germany HPT 350-440 / 5 stage Pump 3.890 kW (3.926 USgpm) at 4.100 MW lignite-fired power plant (electrical power output) and has been commissioned in January 2012. The electrical efficiency of the power plant is over 43%.154 m (7. It has a capacity of 887 kg/s at 332 bar discharge pressure (including booster pump) and 185 °C feed water temperature.100 m (13. China HPT 500-505-5s Pump 3. Schwarze Pumpe. NOX and dust emissions should also be significantly reduced.845 rpm Neurath BoA 2 & 3 are lignite fired power plants with optimized system engineering located in Germany’s region of North Westphalia.References Pulau Seraya Power Station. as of today.991 ft) 47. The plant is a 2 x 1.941 USgpm) at 2.258 kW (48. Developed according to the latest available technology and the best practices in the industry. Germany HPT 500-505-6s 4. the BoA 2 & 3 plants benefit from considerable improvements compared to older plants.067 ft) 2. the world’s highest efficiency for a lignite fired power plant. The emission level of CO2 should be reduced by 6 million tons per year compared to older plants. which is.364 rpm Neurath.795 rpm Waigaoqiao 3. The HPT pump provided by Sulzer is the biggest boiler feed pump in Europe. On top of carbon emissions.600 hp) at 4.165 m3/h (13.

we provide a full range of innovative service solutions to our customers to keep their pumps running including: • Spare Parts • Field Services • Repair Services • Retrofits • Maintenance Agreements • Operation Agreements Flexibility With services ranging in scope from supplying a spare part to operating the pump under contract.Maintaining and Improving Pump Performance Sulzer Pumps – Customer Support Services The continuous availability and high operating performance of pumps is the key target for our customer support service organization. we are uniquely placed to make your process run smoother. A dedicated team of our services specialists based at either our manufacturing facilities or one of over 60 service centers located around the world is dedicated to maintain the performance of our customers’ pumps and associated equipment. This service is not just limited to Sulzer products. all the pumps our customers operate can benefit from the support of Sulzer Pumps. Through our highly experienced personnel and application knowledge. Network of Locations Divisional Headquarters Manufacturing Facility Customer Support Service Center (CSS) Sales Office 11 .

000). E00616 (2) en 2.2013 (1. . contact us for a description of the warranties and guarantees offered with our products.www. Copyright © Sulzer Pumps This brochure is a general presentation. All information herein is subject to change without notice. It does not provide any warranty or guarantee of any kind.sulzer. Directions for use and safety will be given separately.