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Dahn Mu Do Tai Chi

Local Course

DahnMuDo Local Course is an intensive course, designed for those who want to rapidly improve their body, mind and emotional conditions. Based on the principles of structural alignment, improved energy circulation and the deepening of awareness, you can expect to improve your balance, your strength and your concentration. DahnMuDo is the traditional form of Korean Tai Chi, based on a comprehensive system of healing and martial arts dating back five thousand years.

The Art of Being Limitless.

Dahn Mu Do Local Course
Intensive Program
You will learn the basics of Dahn Mu Do, the Traditional Korean Tai Chi, as well as Dahn Hak Ki Gong. The weekend will provide a basis for a life long practice of mind body connection. You will master basic forms and exercises as well as learn the principles and philosophy which govern the body, energy system and nature.

Post Training Materials
Through videos and reference materials, you will reinforce the principles and practice that you learned in the intensive course. Gain the confidence that you can establish lasting changes in your health, and in your life.

Main Course Curriculum

Meridian Exercises –Open the 12 meridians to unleash unlimited energy into your body. Bo Hyung Gong –Proper stances. Feel the effortless transition between postures by creating an empty upper body and a solid lower body. Five Element Ki Gong - The basis of Oriental Medicine, the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water relate to the basic energies in nature. They also govern the health of your major organs: Liver, Heart, Stomach, Lungs and Kidneys. Experience the healing and awakening of these powerful energies in your own body. Woon Ki Gong - Learn how to move hands and feet together with awareness and balance. Circulate energy throughout your whole body. Learn how to use internal energy for your movements. Chuk Ki Gong - Accumulate as much energy as you want, through proper alignment and awareness. Find the center of your body and mind. Dahn Mu - Experience letting go of forms and structure, and become completely unified with your own energy source and instinct. Apply the principles and practices into your own unique free form movements. Principle Lecture - Learn the underlying principles and philosophy that reveal the power behind the forms Follow up home practice - Achieve the benefits of Dahn Mu Do in your daily life by following a consistent home practice.

Benefits of Dahn Mu Do
In Dahn Mu Do Principle, we have three bodies; the physical body, the energy body and the spiritual body. Improving the interconnection and harmony of our three bodies create changes in our behaviors, emotions and thoughts, resulting in better health, happiness and peace of mind. The goal of Dahn Mu Do is self-mastery and growth of consciousness, and ultimately, living a more compassionate lifestyle.
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Builds more energy Improves your balance Prevents osteoporosis Keeps your joints healthy for life Reduces pain, especially in your joints Increases your awareness and coordination Master life-long skills to improve your health Strengthens your self-confidence and self-esteem Improves learning ability and comprehension. Strengthens your core, legs, knees and ankles. Connects you with Universal Energy (Life Particles)

“This training is suitable for all levels and a must for all who want to feel the power of movement to purify and integrate the physical, energy and spiritual bodies. I could feel an amount of energy and opening that I have never experienced before. The depth of this training is infinite.” Magda, Northbrook Center

Course Information
DMD Local Course
Sunday, Feb 23rd 9:00am – 5:00pm Northbrook Center

1947 Cherry Lane, Northbrook, IL 60062
847-562-9642 Course Fee: $190