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Cloud Computing, Oracle VM, and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Best Practices: Expert Panel

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Tariq Farooq (BrainSurface) Kai Yu (Dell) Charles Kim (Viscosity NA) George Trujillo (HortonWorks) Syed Jaffar Hussain (Alinma Bank) Mike Ault (IBM)


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Tariq Farooq –
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Oracle ACE Director Oracle Technologist for 20+ years: Architect, Author, Speaker, Blogger, Forumizer & Community Organizer Focus Areas: IT Architecture, Core DBA/DMA, RAC, Exadata, EBS, Fusion Apps, Virtualization, Cloud Computing Co-Author: Expert Oracle RAC 12c – Currently authoring multiple books on Exadata, E-Business Suite and Database Clouds Oracle Certified Expert – Real Application Clusters Oracle Certified Professional – DBA – 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g & 10g Apps DBA Oracle Certified Professional – Internet Application Developer 2, 6i, 9i Oracle Certified Professional – E-Business Suite 11i Founder of BrainSurface – a Collaborative Social Networking, IT Knowledge ConnectSpace for the Oracle, Java & MySQL domains; catering FREE services to thousands of signed-up users President & Conference Chair – VirtaThon | The largest virtual conference for the Oracle, Java & MySQL domains BootCamp, Track Manager & Conference Committee Member – IOUG COLLABORATE12/13 – Virtualization and Cloud Computing Tracks Founding President - IOUG Cloud Computing Special Interest Group (SIG)

About “Syed Jaffer Hussain”

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Syed Jaffer Hussain – Oracle Database Support Manager 20 years IT experience Oracle DBA since 2000 Oracle ACE Director Oracle DBA of the year (2011) Oracle 10g Certified Master(OCM) Oracle 10g RAC Certified Expert OCP v8i,9i,10g & 11g ITIL v3 Foundation + Perusing ITIL Expert certification Oracle 11g R1/R2 Real Application Clusters Essentials Twitter: @sjaffarhussain

George Trujillo  Sun Ambassador          Master Principal Big Data Specialist .VMware 20+ years Oracle DBA: DW. Perf. Oracle and BCA Specialist . Streams. B/R Oracle Double ACE Sun Microsystem's Ambassador for Application Middleware Oracle Fusion Council & Oracle Beta Leadership Council Two terms Independent Oracle Users Group Board of Directors Recognized as one of the “Oracles of Oracle” by IOUG MySQL Certified DBA VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) . BI. RAC.Hortonworks Tier One BigData. Data Guard.

Dell Oracle Solutions Lab 18 years Oracle DBA and Solutions Engineering Specializing in Oracle RAC.Kai Co-author Apress Book “Expert Oracle RAC 12c” . Senior Principal Architect. Oracle VM and Oracle EBS Oracle ACE Director. Oracle papers author/presenter IOUG RAC SIG President. Co-founder IOUG Cloud Computing SIG 2011 OAUG Innovator of Year. 2012 Oracle Excellence Award: Technologist of the Year: Cloud Architect by Oracle Magazine My Oracle Blog: http://kyuoracleblog.

Charles Kim @racdba • • Oracle ACE Director Over 22 years of Oracle Oracle Certified RAC Expert . VMware. Exadata. Shareplex / Golden Gate • Co-founder IOUG Cloud Computing SIG • • Blog Sites: + http://dbaexpert. / Oracle VM.

Bachelors Degree Computer Science .Certified in all Oracle Versions Since 6 .Nuclear Navy 6 years .Michael R. since 1990 .Kennedy Western University Graduate . author.Author of 25+ Oracle books . Ault Oracle Guru .Nuclear Chemist/Programmer 10 years .Oracle DBA.

NV    Network with 5.COLLABORATE14. 2014 The Venetian .ORG April 7 – 11.000+ database and application professionals 5 days of in-depth education built by users. for users Complimentary Pre-Conference Workshops for IOUG registrants Attend for free! IOUG’s Call for Speakers is now open collaborate14. Las Vegas.

org/masterclass or visit the IOUG kiosk in Moscone West. WI October 16: Rochester. GA Get more information at www. NY Performance and Internals with Craig Shallahamer November 6: Chicago.Training Close to Home IOUG Master Class Series Returns Coming soon to a city near you! One Day Interactive Training Events to meet your educational needs Maximum Availability Architecture with Oracle’s Larry Carpenter and Joe Meeks Communities October 15: Milwaukee. IL November 8: Atlanta. 2nd floor .ioug.

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options and best practices around key areas of Cloud Computing from the perspective of Oracle  Access year-round education through webinars. online symposia.IOUG Cloud Computing Special Interest Group (SIG)   Sign-up today at http://www. COLLOBORATE and Oracle OpenWorld Get the user and vendor perspective all in one place!  .org/cloud & on Dedicated to communication and information around all areas of Oraclecentric Cloud Computing   Learn from thought leaders in the Oracle Cloud Computing community Openly discuss and share the key challenges.ioug.

Prevalent/Dominant Paradigms & Technologies and. detail & elaborate Comprehensive Concepts Overview. a whole lot more about Virtualization & Cloud Computing as. they relate to Oracle professionals from the perspective of Oracle on Oracle VM & OEM12c . Insight. Best Practices. Relevance/Role in Cloud Computing.Session Abstract  Virtualization is the foundation stone in the Cloud Computing era  The speakers will present. Pros & Cons. Recommendations. Current Strategies.

Elastic. Secure & Reliable Metered Service-based models .Virtualization in Perspective: What is Cloud Computing? – Synopsis & Overview  Cloud Computing means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Agile and Scalable Multi-tenant. strategies & models: In many aspects it is a re-branding. Metered and Self-Serviceable  Cloud Computing is an evolution of existing IT paradigms. So what exactly is Cloud Computing?    In its most generally accepted form. Cloud Computing is Web/Network-based computing where Abstracted Resources are located and shared on the Network. re-organization and re-presentation of various components in the overall IT ecosystem. whether Intranet (Private Cloud) OR Internet (Public Cloud) Cloud is sometimes used as an alternative term/metaphor for the Internet Cloud Computing is On-Demand. Here are a few salient characteristics/features of an IT Cloud:    Dynamic.

Virtualization in Perspective: What is Cloud Computing? – Synopsis & Overview  Four models of deployment are currently prevalent/Inuse:     Private Cloud (aka Enterprise Cloud): Characterized by clouds on private networks (May someday replace the traditional DataCenter term) Public Cloud: Shared (Typically Virtualized) resources over the Internet Hybrid Cloud: A mix/hotch-potch/conglomerate of Private/Public Cloud models Community Cloud: Organizations forming a shared cloud for common needs/goals/purposes .

browsers etc Application layer: aka Software as a Service (SaaS Service Model) provides applications (typically multi-tenant) over the Internet Platform layer: aka Platform as a Service (PaaS Service Model) provides a computing platform by implementing/providing the whole solution stack.Virtualization in Perspective: What is Cloud Computing? – Synopsis & Overview  Five layers of Cloud Computing with three Service Models are broadly identified according to general consensus:      Server layer: Hardware/Software: CPUs. RAM etc Client layer: Desktops. OSs. This has been identified by Oracle as the sweet spot of Cloud Computing in the years to come Infrastructure layer: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS Service Model) provides the entire computing infrastructure/ecosystem usually through virtualization .

here to stay: The future prospects are very promising   . understanding & implementation of your flavor of Cloud Computing Is Cloud Computing seeing massive adoption?  It is being widely adopted.Virtualization in Perspective: What is Cloud Computing? – Synopsis & Overview  Cloud Computing is mature but still evolving Is Cloud Computing a Paradigm Shift?  The answer is YES & NO: Depends on your perception.

Virtualization in Perspective: What is Cloud Computing? – Synopsis & Overview Figure/Diagram from Gartner .

Virtualization in Perspective: What is Cloud Computing? – Synopsis & Overview  Oracle’s definition of Cloud Computing:       Infrastructure Clouds: Virtualized and Elastic Clustering Virtualization Dynamic Provisioning SOA/Shared Services Management /Automation .

& Windows  Support for paravirtualized.2 is the latest version and is a state-ofthe-art Enterprise-grade Feature-packed  Installs on “bare-metal” servers in about a minute  Guest operating systems:  Solaris.and hardware-virtualized kernels & drivers Supports both Oracle and non-Oracle applications .What is Oracle VM?     Server Virtualization and Management Solution from Oracle Oracle VM Manager & Oracle Enterprise Manager  Manage hundreds. Dynamic Power Management… Oracle VM Server for x86  Based on XEN 4. Linux. Oracle VM 3.or thousands of servers  Central Java management server  Web browser-based management console  Advanced virtualization management including Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS). HA.x.

XEN – Synopsis & Overview Figure/Diagram from Oracle Documentation .

Scalability and Performance Agility and Fast Deployment with Oracle VM Templates and Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Web-based GUI Management High-Availability & Live Migration with Oracle VM Server Pools Simple & Easy Installation: Low Learning Curve     .Oracle VM – Features/Benefits/Advantages  Elasticity.

Oracle VM – Features/Benefits/Advantages  Server Load-Balancing Centralized Network and Storage Management P2V & V2V Conversion    Support for Windows. Linux & Solaris as guest OS Affordable world-class support  .

Oracle VM – Overview & Architecture Figure/Diagram from Oracle Documentation .

resources    Guest VMs are created/configured As/In DOMus .Oracle VM – Overview & Architecture  Installs on bare-metal x86 hardware Does not require a pre-installed OS XEN-based hypervisor boots a small domain called DOM0 which is used for assigning/distribution/co-ordination of CPU. I/O etc.

Oracle VM – Overview & Architecture  Java-based management server with a Web-based UI Utilizes Oracle Database as Management Repository: Comes pre-packaged with a FREE XE version of the Oracle databae. Can be converted to all other flavors of the Oracle Database Server family   Oracle VM Agents on each Oracle VM Server for Communication/Management Uses “Server Pools” to group virtualization resources: Each Server Pool >= 1 Oracle VM Servers  .

Oracle VM – Overview & Architecture Figure/Diagram from Oracle Documentation .

Oracle VM: HA-enabled Ecosystem – An overview Figure/Diagram from Oracle Documentation .

 Oracle VM Templates OR Golden Images provide reusability and full-stack implementation Factory-packaged. Real Application Clusters (RAC) etc. Pre-installed and preconfigured software images Reduces Installation/Configuration costs Major Oracle products are available as templates e. Fusion Middleware. Oracle Database Server.g. Enterprise Linux. Oracle VM Templates – Overview & Architecture    .

Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder – Synopsis and Overview     Rapidly Create & Configure full-stack topologies and provision them onto virtualized appliances Used for creating dedicated-purpose virtual machines called software appliances Structured Process for appliance consolidation into cohesive & reusable assemblies Facilitates Deployment of entire application as a single automatically configured unit .

Dynamic Resource Management for VMs All VM operations are submitted as jobs.Oracle VM 3. simplifying VM deployment Scalability:   Up-to 160 physical CPUs and 4 TB of physical memory Up to 128 virtual vCPUs and 2TB memory per guest VM  Oracle VM Manager provides centralized management        Fusion middleware Apps on WebLogic and Database Provide Brower-based GUI Interface Provide completed network and storage management Cloning.x – A brief Intro. All the configuration operation done on VM Manager .   Application Driven Virtualization. sharing. configuring and migrating VMs.

Infrastructure Cloud – Based on Virtualization  Enterprise Manager 12c manages the infrastructure cloud .

Oracle VM: Easy Integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c  Oracle VM 3 management has been integrated into the base framework of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c .

Oracle VM: Easy Integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c  Deploy Virtualization on OMS sever/OMS agent of EM12c: • Setup extensibility plug-ins .

Oracle VM: Easy Integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c  Deploy cloud on OMS sever of EM12c: • Setup extensibility plug-ins .

 Configure Secure TCP(TCPS) on VM Manager host (#1456338.1)  Use tcps and port 54322 port for VM Manager Registration .Oracle VM: Easy Integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c  Register VM Manager on Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

Infrastructure Cloud managed by OEM12c – Based on Virtualization .

Automated VM Deployment in Self Service Cloud  Deployment of Assembly/template in Self service Cloud .

Oracle VM provides a .ioug.Summary & Q/A  Virtualization is one of the key elements and foundation stones of modern day Cloud Computing as it relates to Oracle professionals Based on XEN. the leading open-source hypervisor. secure and fast platform for Virtualization & Cloud Computing OEM12c is the go-to management & administration tool for Oracle-centric Cloud Computing    Sign-up at: http://www.

Tariq Farooq Monday.5:45 PM . Sep 23. 3:15 PM . Sep 22.Moscone South – 250 / .Speakers: Kai Yu. Speakers: David Mar.Virtualization/Cloud-centric sessions  Clustering/High Availability with Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: 360 Degrees [UGF9803] Tariq Farooq . George Trujillo. 4:45 PM . Kai Yu Sunday. Sep 22. Sep 23.Moscone West – 3016 Oracle VM and Virtualization Best Practices: Expert Panel Discussion [UGF9809] . Kai Yu  Sunday.Speakers : Tariq Farooq .4:30 PM . 1:00 PM .4:15 PM . Kai Yu Monday. Charles Kim . AJ Schifano .Westin San Francisco – Concordia  Configuring Database Cloud with Oracle Database 12c on Dell Blades: Methods/Tips [CON11220].Moscone West – 3018  Best Practices for Deploying Highly Scalable Virtualized Oracle Applications [CON11257] .2:00 PM . 3:30 PM .