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Gravity Obatala Ofun and the Blinding Brilliant Light
Last night while watching the film Gravity with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock (great film by the way beautifully done and not only suspenseful but also insightful with a spiritual message – highly recommend it) and being somewhat emotional and full of gratitude around the holidays for the life I have and this I love, my thoughts, of course turn to the most important one in my life, my santo, Obatala, but even more than that, as I am watching the film I realize that perhaps Obatala has his thoughts on me as well. Obatala is arguably one of the least understood Orishas of what we call the “pillar” Orishas ( pillar Orishas being those Orishas that are most well known to us and the ones that form Obatala World the pillar of our spiritual court). In fact even I have learned much about him / her since being initiated into his priesthood. I have included a gallery of various images from the internet because there are so many faces of Obatala and all those faces would be correct. There is so much to this energy we call Obatala because Obatala is present in everything there is and everything we do. He is male – she is female – he is white – he is black – he is young – he is old. He represents all that is good , peaceful and serene but when provoked can be the worst force on earth to rectify. I think part of the reason that Obatala represents things like serenity, tranquility and peace is because Obatala has, over the course of time , been through it all. He has made every mistake. He has been a gangster and seen how it just didn’t work in the end. Obatala is the one that we can come to with our

but it does illustrate that Obatala is not always or just the laughing. brilliant. and to my satisfaction and great acceptance and embrace. dazzling. the Odu have many different facets. sweetness and love. The breath of this chapter known as Ofun is great. It has been said that the reason we ordain people to Obatala his because we can.t ordain people to satan LOL. just because the adults told us . I was a little disappointed because I wanted one of the dark. As we move in closer the light is getting brighter and brighter – more and more spectacular – drawing us and our curiosity all the more until we realize that we must go back to our ordinary lives and realize that we can’t see anymore in this ordinary world. Does this make Obatala bad? No. but this is cool light so what could be wrong with it? It seems that it really is everything that is good in the universe. if I am being completely honest. Ajaguna. but rather a complex deity with many facets. cool white light. feared warrior Orishas. mysterious. it’s true there are very dark and mysterious things about Obatala and one aspect of Obatala (or camino or road) actually brought into being the most terrible thing we know on earth and is present when ever this thing is going on…. When I was first learning about Obatala and found out that he was my guardian angel. war… and guess what? This is my avatar of Obatala. the ancestors and the dead and the list of themes goes on and on. there are 16 major chapters that speak to every aspect of life and everything within it. How many times as children have we looked right into the sun defiantly. Ofun is the name of one such chapter and it is one of two true homes of Obatala. forgiving. Sometimes they never do. encompassing many many themes but one theme we will choose and look at in the notion of the blinding. It’s like we have been staring at the sun and our eyes take a long time to readjust to the world around us. In the course of learning about the Odu. We use the term to describe things of value and people who are smart or talented and if that light is bright like fire or the sun it gets hot and burns. old man that he is made out to be. but over all they might speak of balance or the need for change or violence or sudden death. sort of like the impression people have of Obatala initially. This is heart of the problem.deepest secrets and know he will understand. Yes. but i digress … this is a topic for another post all together. Like the Orishas themselves. gentle. The brilliant cool light seems safe and spectacular and so we ask ourselves “Why is everyone so cautious about looking deeper into this thing?” and we move forward into it to see what is at the base of this spectacular thing. Little did I know. motherhood. that was exactly what I got. the texts that support and make up the corpus of the religion it’s self. It is also one of the most dreaded of the 16 chapters. People are even shocked to learn that Obatala can be a quite sexual energy and this is often evidenced by the people who are ordained to him…. What could be wrong with that? Light is good and it illuminates our world and lives and brilliant is good too.

as the sun is essential to life. Your headlights lighting the way for you. and come to be destroyed by that very thing? How many people (and this is hard to say) learn some secrets of the magical arts and created their own destruction and the destruction of others in one way or another through their misuse of what they have learned? How many people of the world have died and or suffered by the hands of someone with charisma and an ability to inspire awe in people through spirituality like Jim Jones and “The People’s Temple” for example? It is a snowy night … you are driving your car along a dark road.not to and because they said it would make us go blind? Seemed unlikely to us so we did it only to learn that it is. How many people have we seen who. not all things can be or should be known. Such is something else on a higher plane… spirituality it’s self. causes cancer. in fact. That because something is good doesn’t mean it is good ll the way through or that we should dedicate our lives to it to the exclusion of all else. finding a place in the world and a sense of belonging through spirituality. it can also take it. if some is good more is better. Yes. become completely fanatical and obsessed with it like a drug addict addicted to drugs. a bad idea. humility and positive balance are the real goals we as spiritual people need to work for and idealize in our lives and inspire in the lives of others. You turn your head to avoid the bright light. slide in the road’s snow and crash right into the oncoming car with devastation following. that maintaing perspective and simple truths will take us further that those things that draw us in through their brilliance. So what are we to make of this? One interpretation is that we posses the light we have in the world to match the environment and conditions we live in. Without it we and everything around us would certainly die. How many people start out with the best of intentions and end up being religious lunatics and fanatics eventually destroying everything good in their lives? Ofun and Obatala himself warns us here that not all that glitters is gold. This is a parallel to the dreaded feature of Ofun. comes right towards you. Using spirituality as a place to hide so as not to look at their own spiritual or other personal problems. dries up the water supply. Then a speeding car coming from the other direction with his high beams on. In short that acceptance. but on the flip side of that we have radiation. Radiation that burns us on the beach. The sun is a good thing. something essential to the good things in life. but something to be kept in perspective. . People use this same logic in the spiritual world as well using spirituality as a means to control people and grab power. You are temporarily blinded by their headlights. No problem at all. sometimes not giving any back to us. and treating huge unstoppable forest fires. How could spirituality be negative? It is like the bright light of Ofun and the sun. warning us that while there are spectacular mysteries in the world and spectacular things to behold on the spiritual plane. In a greedy world it’s not so uncommon for people to reason that. veer off your course slightly. Ofun speaks to us.

what was at the time. Obatala Obatala in the Sky Obatala Near the Mountain Tops Obatala After Dark Obatala in an Elderly Aspect Obatala Creating the World .So what’s this have to do with the movie Gravity? I don’t want to spoil any part of the film – i really enjoyed it but suffice it to say that it had me thinking about these themes and Obatala himself. Obatala is associated with higher planes. Such are the perils of uncharted areas of the spiritual realm. but the lure of learning more about who we are and what lies beyond drives us to go further and further out. Floating until they suffocate or run out of resources. In the film the characters are astronauts on a mission. In the film the characters are in an outer space mission within the orbit of earth and something occurs which is one of the dangers inherent within this kind of exploration and leaves the characters dealing with the threat of being lost in space with absolutely no way for anyone to get them or otherwise save them. Outer space is a place that is clearly not meant for us. This has to do with his energy being on a “higher plane” and the notion that he came down to earth from a much higher place to create the world in. thus depicted with and by and on top of mountains. a grayish bog. .A Dance Performance An Obatala Shrine Obatala Festival Catholic Rendition of Obatala Obatala World Obatala in Africa Celebration Google+ Eugene Edo Follow 41 This entry was posted in Orishas and tagged Ayagunna. George Clooney. 2013 [http://ileido. Yoruba divinities. Light. HyperSmash. Obatala World. Yoruba culture. Yoruba deities. Peoples Temple. Spirituality. santeria. Olorun. orisanla. orisha. Sandra Bullock. religion. obatala.] . Yoruba people on December 26.