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Tryphon De Tropis Author(s): M. L. West Source: The Classical Quarterly, New Series, Vol. 15, No. 2 (Nov.

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THEwork with which I am concerned is not the one that appears under the name of Tryphon in Rhetores viii. 726-60 Walz, iii. 191-206 Spengel, Graeci, but the one that appearsunder the name of Gregoryof Corinth,viii. 76 1-78 W. and iii. 215-26 Sp. What I now offer amounts to a makeshift edition. I call it makeshift,because I have not sought out and assessedall existing manuscripts of the work, or versed myself in Greek grammatical writing to the extent that a serious editor would have to do; I offer it because, whatever its deficiencies, it represents a more complete and a recensionally better founded text than those of the three existing editions, the most recent of which is now Io09years old. The nature andoriginof thework This is one of seven extant or partially extant Greek works r-Ept pdoroa or rrEpt rroL770KWV -VpdrrWov.The full list is: P. Wiirzburg 2 (U. Wilcken, Mitteilungenaus der Anon. i: Wiirzburger Papyrussammlung [Berlin 1934], Pp. 22-3I and P1. iii). viii. 726-60 W., iii. I91-206 Sp. Tryphon i: Anon. ii: 207-14 714-25 761-78 215-26 Tryphon ii = [Gregory]: Anon. iii: Fredrich-Wentzel, N.G.G., 1896, 337-40; partial text in viii. 779-8I W., iii. 227-9 Sp. Cocondrius: 782-98 230-43 [Choeroboscus]: 799-820 244-56 Cf. also [Plutarch], vit. Hom. ii, 15-26 (vii. 344-50 Bern.). In what follows I shall refer to these works (except Anon. i and iii) by the page and line in Spengel; to Anon. iii by page and line in Fredrich-Wentzel. Besides these, there exist four similar works in Latin: Charisius Arsgrammatica, pp. 358-65 Barwick (= i. 272-7 Keil) Diomedes i. 456-64 Keil ,, iv. 399-402 K. Donatus ,, Sacerdos vi. 460-70 K. ,, Although published with the Rhetores, these works properly belong to grammatical, not rhetorical, literature.' They are not didactic, they simply record linguistic facts and (not always happily) classify them. They make no attempt at being works of literature; they are not treatises, but dictionaries. Each begins with a preface on the concept of a trope, and an index of tropes. The rest of the book then consistsof a brief account of each trope, in the same order as in the index: a verbal definition, followed by one or two examples 'J. Stroux ap. Wilcken, p. 23. The men by whom they were written, or to whom they were attributed, are indeed normally
classed as grammarians: Tryphon, Choeroboscus, Gregory of Corinth. Nothing is known about Cocondrius.

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from literature. There is normally no syntactical connexion between the entries.I This pattern is ancient. The Wiirzburg papyrus, dated to the second century antequem, and there is no reason why it should not go back A.D.,gives a terminus to, say, the first century B.c. Cf. Stroux, loc. cit.: the Latin works 'fiihren die ungefihr gleichgemeinsam auf eine frtih-kaiserzeitlicheQuelle zuriAck, zeitig mit dem echten Tryphon anzusetzen ist, und die ihrerseits schon VorZeit hatte. Das Systemund die Terminologie liufer in r6misch-republikanischer dass die Abschnitte de bei den lateinischen Grammatikernauf die zeigen, tropis gleiche griechisch-grammatischeTheorie zurtickgehen, wie die bei Spengel gesammelten griechischen Traktate. Die Abweichungen wieder beweisen, dass sich beide Zweige frfihzeitig trennten und der lateinische seinen eigenen .berlieferungsweg fand'. The ascriptions of the extant works are of doubtful authority. It is evident that few if any of them are original compositions, but rather revisions and rearrangements of traditional material; and a celebrated grammarian's name might easily find itself attached to a summary (or prolix) Byzantine text of which his own work was a distant ancestor. The historyof scholia gives a warning example of how a grammatical text may suffer in transmission. The work with which we are principally concerned is ascribed to Tryphon in the manuscriptsknown to me; that is to say, to an Alexandrian contemporary of Didymus to whom a work rmpt is in fact ascribed in the Suda (iv. 7rpdrrwv 602. 2 Adler). Walz, followed by Spengel, printed it under the name of Gregory of Corinth, because (a) there is another work rEpt 'rpodrrov bearing the name of Tryphon, and (b) Leo Allatius, Diatribade Georgiis, p. 416, claimed to have found in a Vatican manuscript a work with the same opening sentence, under Gregory'sname.z That Gregory cannot have composed it was proved by C. E. Finckh,3and finally by Maas's recognition of it in P. Vind.29332,4which is probably of the fourth century, some six or seven centuries earlier than Gregory.s The editor of the papyrus was not unnaturally led to consider the possibility that the work does after all ultimately derive from Tryphon. 'Ultimately' is obviously a necessary qualification, and even then no certainty is possible. But one must presume that Tryphon did write a work on tropes, and there is no particular reason why this should not be it or a form of it, in other words, why we should wholly reject the ascription in the known manuscripts. I refer to it as Tryphon ii to distinguish it from the other rrEpt bearing Tryphon's name. rpdopwv The relationship ii to Tryphon i and [Choeroboscus] of Tryphon Within the tropographic corpus, certain works are much more closely interrelated than others. Anon. iii is related to Cocondrius; one can almost
I In general these characteristics, as well as a certain amount of material, are shared by the works rTEp't aX-i&wroyv. 'scheint auf einem Irr2 Allatius' report tum zu beruhen' (C. Wendel, R.-E. vii A 730). I suppose this means that Wendel could not find the work in the Vatican catalogues; but that does not prove much. Allatius must at any rate have found it in

a manuscript somewhere, for it was not printed until 162 years after his death. 3 Zeitschr. f. Altert. 1838, 1053 ; Philologus xxv (1867), 347. aus d. Papyrus* H. Oellacher, Mitteilungen sammlungder Nationalbibl. in Wien iii (1939),
pp. 59-6 I. Neugr. Jb. ii (1921),

s On Gregory's date see P. Maas, Byz.53-55-

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treat them as different recensionsof the same work. In the same way, Tryphon ii is related both to Tryphon i and to [Choeroboscus]. In Tryphon ii, the examples, except for a few relating to the usages of single words, are all taken from classical poetry: the majority from Homer, others from [Hesiod] K4vKog yoalos, Simonides' epigrams, a lost tragedy, and Callimachus'lIambi. The choice gives an indication of the work'sbasic antiquity. [Choeroboscus]representsa version in which many of these classical examples have been replaced or supplementedby Biblical ones.' The author has omitted the initial distinction, drawn in both Tryphons, between KvpLoAoyia and rpdnros. The first seven of his tropes are the same as those of Tryphon ii, and in the
same order, but after that the order is more confused; he leaves out aapKaato'Ls, dapipfloAla, Tav,gas, while adding 7rE7roL'vE'Vov, EiravAArjts, 7rrapaaU-rEcalzo', Against the authorship of PoA7j", dv7rarr8oa's, rrpouaorro7roda,and rrapdSEypeta.

Choeroboscus are (I) the christianization, which is not characteristic of the grammarian's other writings; (2) the style, indeed the whole unambitious conception, which lack the 'geschwitzige Weitschweifigkeit'of Choeroboscus;z

(3) the reference to d MEraqpaur~g at p. 251. 19; if this is Symeon Metaphrastes, the author is not earlier than the tenth century, and Choeroboscusis probably to be put in the sixth (though admittedly the only certain terminus ante quem for him is in the tenth) ;3 (4) the inclusion ofa 7Xta as a trope, before 6a5-EpoAoyta (255. Io), seems to be secondary to what we find in Tryphon ii. There, aXfaLa comes after 6arEpoAoyla, at the end of the whole work. In one branch of the

On thispartof the tradition of uaXa in the initialindexin partof the tradition. and 'Choeroboscus' is that the branches of tradithe ii, Tryphon dependent;4 tion wereseparate as earlyas the sixthcentury doesnotseemto me the likeliest of this fact.s explanation Tryphoni, like Tryphonii, does not admit Christian examples,and has in fact more classicalexamples:from variousriddles,from Hesiod (Erga), Sappho, the Delphic Oracle, Pindar, Aeschylus (Agamemnon), Sophocles and an unidentified and Orestes), (Peleus play), Euripides(Medea Diphilus, But in spite of this apparent Menander,Callimachus independence, (Iambi). of the two worksrevealsa basic identityin the definitions and comparison and to two seem branches,already separatein examples, they represent a of that both bearthe nameof tradition. When we consider antiquity, single the possibility arises thathe wasthe source of thattradition. Tryphon, Tryphon some ancientfeaturesmore faithfully than the other. i and ii each preserve
A good parallel for this relationshipis provided by Anon. rTEpL iii. oaX~y71zdrwo, 174-88 Sp., in comparisonwith Zonaeus, ibid., pp. 161-70o. 2 The phrase is Cohn's,R.-E. iii. 2364. iv. 2 Graeci, 3 Cf. A. Hilgard, Grammatici (1894), praef. pp. lxiii-lxviii; K. Krumd. byz. Litt.2,p. 583; Maas, bacher, Gesch. Byz. Zeitschr.xxv (0925), 359. A. Ludwich, De loanne Philopono grammatico (Progr. ' Konigsberg, I888), p. 9, argued that Mcra pauar-g Thrax, might be Demosthenes the paraphrastof Homer and Hesiod; but cf. Hilgard,p. lxxxix. 4 Cf. the apparatusat Try. ii, 217. 3 = cap. 2. 6. s The authenticity of the section axijya is further disproved by the non-classical example d KP 'IAtO 'V 0 OCEO VVwy ,'aE7O

tradition, moreover, the section is omitted, in another it is at the beginning of the work, and in both, aX-pa is absent from the initial list of tropes. Evidently it does not belong to the De Tropis:it is the beginning of a separate work rrept which has become attached to Tryphon ii at a date later than the aXr-pd-wov causing the interpolationof the words Kat archetypeof our manuscripts,

dyae0ds Eon.

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We can see this in the distribution of the ancient examples between them, and in the choice and arrangement of the tropes: rather than elaborate on this here, I refer to (Stroux-)Wilcken's commentary on Anon. i. Notes on themanuscripts Graecaiii (1831), Tryphon ii was first published by Boissonade, Anecdota pp. 270-87, from the Parisini gr. 2551 and 2929, with some acute textual suggestions. Two years later, Cramer published three excerpts from Bodl. Museumii [1833], 432-4). Two years after that, Barocc. 76 (The Philological Walz edited the work in volume viii of his Rhetores Graeci, using Par. gr. 2008 in addition to the two manuscripts used by Boissonade and the excerpts published by Cramer. Spengel's edition of 1856 was based on Walz. The existing editions are, therefore, based on four manuscripts-or rather three and a bitnone of which is earlier than the sixteenth century. I have collated the Leidensis Vossianus Gr. Q 20 (f. 263v-265r), of the thirteenth century; the Matritensis 7211 (f. 86-9, r), written by Constantine Lascaris; and the Baroccianusin full. e. Besides the manuscripts containing the whole work, we must make use of the excerpts published by Hilgard in the midst of a somewhat indiscriminate Gr. volume entitled Scholiain Dionysii Thracis ArtemGrammaticam (= Gramm. i 3, Leipzig, 1901). I call them e. They extend from p. 456. 17 to p. 462. 35They are found in two manuscripts, Brit. Mus. Add. 5118 and Matr. 4613; in the latter, they are mixed up with excerpts from Anon. iii (which Hilgard mistook for a paraphraseof Cocondrius). Both must be used in reconstructing the excerptor's text, as Hilgard shows (praef. pp. xxxv-xxxvi). The excerpts give the correct text, against the rest of the MSS. known to me, in four places: E V 217. 3 El 841wov p1 fpEV q'pEal wq(vas. So Homer; E'M 7Tva K KEdVOS Uj-Tv the manuscripts. 6qalv'vE t--v 8E" AELS7 v 218. 27 dvaarpooq' OaL go &avot'aS 7TP077YEr uqatVo1EtgEvEuHere of is proved right, against E'Xovaav E'Xovaa E'Xovra SEvrTEpav -raev. manuscripts and editions, by the sense as well as by Try. i, 197. 11 and Coc. 239- 3The manuscripts omit bpcuts. 220. 16 wrEpL`0paacl EEatL dpdai . .. 8Aho-a0a.

L. The Leidensis (L) is another important witness to the text, as its relative age would lead us to expect. It is the only manuscriptto give a full and correct text of 218. 8 ff. and 221. 10 (see ad locc.), and it has other good readings in common with e or with Barocc. 76; most notable of these are two major is followed divergencesfrom the editions, p. 222, where the section on &dv-rqpacs
by one on E'vavr-lwaY, and p. 224, where the whole section rapdeKauLs, with

is absolutely standard in these definiBut bpoasgor AE'gs or pu'pos AOyov cf. tions. For qOpciasg here, Try. i, 197- 4, Coc. 238. 4, [Choer.] 251. 9I ~ c181 KOLVCWS s E'on 7irapaAapLqpcCnpS...7d i-T -Epc) 7irpaXOEv 224. 5 &AAtih MSS. fdvovaa. 1a ;'IKOtVWS

is omitted. Both of these the last three lines of the preceding section Jpte oila, divergences agree with the index of tropes, 215. 14-20, which includes dvav'l-wcS and omits "rapK/Iaa3Ls. m = MP. Matr. 72II (M) and Par. 2551 (P) are copied from a single hyparchetype which may be called m. For the most part the text given by m resembles that of L, but contains rather more errors and omissions. It was not

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derived from L itself, however, as certain individual errors of L show: 216. 2 seem to have been copied from a book in which alternative versions of two sections were added in a margin. Thus in m we have, as in the printed editions, two alternative accounts of dv-rl'paans side by side, linked by '4 (222. 20-22, 23-29). In L, the second version precedes the first, and the connecting " is absent. (In Barocc. and in the London MS. of the excerpts, the second version is absent; while the Madrid MS. of the excerpts has both versions, in the same order as in m, but without the connecting -q.)Similarly in the section dvrovoomitted in L, the second in Barocc. and Lond. Par. 2929, copied by Constantine Palaeocappa,' is an apograph of P, so far as I can judge from Boissonade'sapparatus. Its divergent readings (which have all become canonical) can be explained as conjectures:
LM .CJ1 223. 27 'rr"E3OKEt7 "ItLOS 7T7EEX OatYa 3OKEt om. P: (.'.m)": Par. 2929. "IAto rETEXlturat 225. 2 aadrp ETEt SaroS,gv rEEtca7)S Ee EpOv Evro Lm: ava2apE2TEt8' ao701
E pOv EV70Par. 2929. -LEV KvKdGY7r)5

219. 8 a'o Aar', 223. 8 and Io auaauv'wv.L and m 8vvavrat, 217. 18 EPovoXEt,

ptaada (223. 2-13): two versions side by side in m and Matr. 4613, the first

B, b. Barocc. 76 (B) and Par. 2008 are copied from another hyparchetype which may be called b. b has the right or more nearly right reading against eLm in the following places: 216. 7 215. 14 215. 18 '4yovvXAEv7) om., 216. 5 LapyoivraSLr7rovS,

Par. 2929. E tL 225. 6 EKKEKdOQat LM:. EKKOdGOat P: EA. om. P: t 225. 27 lE'Epdv 8 SEt 7rp rov Aytw -rS rd7f LM: d'peo r-f oqav Par. 2929. I 226. 8 TraVES EAEovaLV 8Ov dayaOoe ar M (and presumably m): wVVawg7 P: and for uLuo-utv, iAbthrro5 'Iwdvvq)s, perhaps for some personal 4.Loefhv Par. 2929. reason, The Vatican manuscript from which Allatius cites 215. 3-4 agrees with Par. for Et"S). 2929 in the corruption 78,7)


Par. 2929. 3 otovoa Lm: Katoa3

The same applies to B in some places where Walz does not give the reading of the Parisinus:
221. 215. 6 rte (that is, -rS corrected to -r), 220. 27 AEAdflaqE AEAcdxovaL, 224. 17 E LAnOLEV 224. 20 a'&. KapTrrv, EJVW"EoV' In where Lm have B omitted7rVa, severalwordsand e is


221. 26 OEOV, 224. 30 zrapd; and with e against Lm, as 219. 6 "OrXE e, ELX?'7 B, 222. 22 KaAov'OEV, 224. 20 (?) \AAa, 225. 8 7rpdOElv. b must therefore be

223. 23, absent, gives like the correcttext; while at 225. 2, whereagain e is absent,B's something is closerto the (presumably) correct than is rEOE1da`7 of Lm. 0&ct)s Eitc But in other places,b (or B) shareserrors with Lm againste (as in the of e); with m against (e)L, as examplesadducedfor the indispensability

treated as contaminated, but indispensable because one of its sources is independent of eLm. Our conclusions about the transmission may be summed up in the accompanying stemma.2
I The compiler of the Violarium of 'Eudocia'. 2 The work is also contained on ff. 182-6

of Atheniensis 1083 (s. xvi), which I have not investigated.

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In constituting a text, I have used principally LmB, and e and the Vienna papyrus (fH) where available. B becomes b where Walz reports the readings of Par. 2008. I have relied on Boissonade and Walz for the readings of P, and on Hilgard for those of e; those of ILMB are from my own collations (from photographs in the case offl, from microfilmsin the case of LM).
(Q) Tryphon

'Tryphoni' ' Tryphon i' P. Vind.

Cocondrius Anon.iii

[Choeroboscus] L

Matr. 4613 B.M.Add 5118

P M (Lascaris) B


Par.2929 (Palaeocappa)

The text profits considerablyfrom the use of better manuscripts; but there remains not a little scope for emendation. Walz and Spengel were extraordinarily negligent in the use of the parallel texts to correct this one (and vice versa), and unduly content to print nonsense; of the twelve pages of Spengel's text, only two make continuous sense from top to bottom. We shall find that the remedy that is most often effective is the assumption of a lacuna. The frequency of omissionsis evident from comparisonof the manuscriptswith one another, with II, and with the parallel texts. I number the sections for easier reference. I print section headings, as do Walz and Spengel, they are not in the late manuscripts, but they were in II, and they are convenient. In the critical commentary I use compendia for two articles by C. E. Finckh: Finckh' = Philologus xxiv (1866), 545-9. Finckhz = Philologus xxv (1867), 347-8.

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215 Praefatio. To Ao'yov 9 dEk EI`'

- q7(TV Kat 7pdTro9. Kvptohoyta o v aTtV atV hAE'e v 7r-7EVXvLa K7ar aX/t'a tzv pC~cTLSa 'EyoTOOKvpLwS raparpa7 rE yap OKLtkLS 7TpOEpOLTO v 7TL, 7TV /tk-7T7 OLOY IdEyOUV,
TVKEOVEM 17 caldvoaros vov" (KAv0rolEa O' ot VE'Tr-r')> AyKatov U -irTcAv HAEvpovLov, I EaOdAV "IOLKAOV EdvTra TrapCGpatlOV TrEUUL 8' TE Kat Ho Avopov.> (K0vpt vTEtLpElaAov OPvA-qa

TpowvvogrEpt rpOrOwv pELpoEvov (&o), r5 'vy U7r KUvptLoy<,


ptv 7rb% d[LVKua


&TTL S 7 7podwS'o )aaOEK 7S "paCLS AE'

ElA9IqVca, B Ka% pTO


&o0d7TSO rTapEr77rat 6S 70roL XPLa 'VEKa 77 K


Eav7vv doTWUOiV

EraA 77LS,

ITEpL 771) 9pCiTw.



l?OUV 2



lTapalTA -pw/ta,


rTAEovauErwrovvta, replpaats, VVEKo0X7, t ovo/arrooIota, , ElpwvEla, JAAELV1LS, XAEV'h,} apKaoctdos, {4yovv lITEpfloA av-oOLcUa, atkpofloAla, Ealwr rvav , alrdAA7s,

EiOX77, vcrTEpoAoylc




AAA-qyopia 216
EUTl AAA-qyopla q paLs

%VOvtav E7EpOU SE r7Aov-Ua,

'1 TrapLuCa. v tCavEp<W^o dra7TLyyELAa, rpodrov rTap&KaAAqtcdaXpElv S&'alUXVvrvVo0 8moWVraL

v 7-r 8UKa7raXPovraL &' -AAryoptl, oaiy I"ES3VdELad EOdvrWS rdrE



rL (KvpLWS-)




repL> ITvpoS


l rrropolLaS

E A~
lEtE 7-)V "t-Ep7

dyos, O

V 7S


s> Opt'a) EA-Y

W<TrEp OpavT?7T70S.


Titulus: rpv'dOwvos B, Tro avoiO m, (T)oi 7rpdowvos 7rfEpl -rporrwv rpdrrwv ypatLa7t-Ko rr'EpL L (praecedit 'Trypho' ffrrept' rEpt r7pdorwov 7raOGv) gua Kal om. b Praefatio I. roD ydp Adyov e in suo contextu aX &3o addidi eL: rErvXvia L corr., mb ovv om. Lm: cf. Try. i, 191. 6, Anon. iii, 340o.2 7ErvXVa Hom. 634-7: versus 9T 7rlb-HoAh'6wpov rt scripsi: rtc B: rS cett. rrpoau potro B e Finckh2 347, cl. Anon. 1. deest om. e i. e explevi, cl. Try. 191. 8-I A~r den eLmb iii, 337. I, Coc. 230. 4-5: A'6EWs % ' Lmb: e oL 7 Praefatio 2. rpdo'rot e (cod. Lond.: dwrravrrs rolqTLKOl rp?7Tro rrTot-qrKOt irpo'noL cod. Matr. Anon. EuKodalEb: EIKOO ex post excerptum d raptO/IqOatELLw iii) abv 70roL ' LmB deest in b 9yovv XAEV77 KalaX'ftjadeest irr-d L: K em dvrwvo~aat'a in eb KvpiwS addidi (desideravit Stroux p. 29 adn. 6); cf. Try. i, 193. 9, I. jupvi-ot b ov rpordov7rapaKaAAqtuccx Coc. 234. 28, etiam Tiber. rr. P. 70. 3 3vvavratL aXlt e Call. fr. 195. 23-29, ex quo verba aliquot supplevi ut sensus Lmb: Ka~AAt'~aXo constet os eLmB: J-IePar. 2008: e'7' [Choer.] 245. 6: SE-ropap. Callimachi, unde 67rEp ' b Se eLm [Choer.] pap.: ivrEKavaao~ dvCKavaas rv- Pfeiffer (Se rdv- iam prius Meineke) ows oz supplevi ex [Choer.]: aXP's oi Callim. rroAA-... KEXp-qKE(v) cAoyl [Choer.] fere codd. nostri (K'xPIlqjII B, KEiXP'r7ra ... KEXP77KE et Callim.: woAA'V OAOdya (om. rrpo'aw)
Matr. 4613) codd. 6pdLov Callim., [Choer.]: tapyLvYas Gpdov b: eLm Callim., [Choer.]: LrGI-KUvflawrroov i'rrTovS tapyoivras rTrrovS tapyo0vrS rMay habet [Choer.], itaque et noster olim habuit rEpt add. 8Evrip-qv Callim. ( dErrv c b: &n-1 eLm EK A9WS Walz, cl. cod. Par. 2087 (= [Choer.]) B: iK jAWv eLm: AoiV Spengel dE1TEV,&d -7i dAArlyopias ex. gr. supplevi; cf. [Choer.] loc. cit. KKE 0 if Par.
00oo8 et dAA' GorrEp altodLEvo 7jMyE Par. 00oo8 EL7TEVY EfloVAEro, dAArlyopl4 EIXpjOa7o qAEyE eLm: qhAAE B:

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IpospgEraE-pdolEvov (drTO 70to KVPLOVE') ETEpOV> o70t ME-raopd E'ar Aodyov p LUEWSC L EVEKC. TiVELv877 E UTL i OIETSCOpV a t V yp d77o'eo) aws 7TE'VTE av)LaWV aErodW E),v/XWV E'l v1a, a S ro3vvav-rt5o aro &#vxwv wIr4 vxa, at E E at SE . .wladvXwv JadE vxa, at SE "dw 7rrpa6Ews 'E rod aa clt0vTxwv t1Ebvxa, kv xw Em 2 2 1pTcLEw. cdd Eph o -av d Eromrvpisdil r6v tv o0pci-rwv AEy bvXa, as ' E)Vyaqt iLravo,

S Kal oAAa'



pos Xpda EaTLavpEV dar. , pooAEvo


To yap

7c 8dpaTL rTEpdErlOKEV EnTL TpoOVuElEcOacE drv'Xco [FIVXOv ETarLV, QrTEp Asd 8 ELpY7TaL Kiai E L/ V. Ti E &bXiwv E OVTL' 70TovTo70 vXwa, ' c v pro yEAWS. So lEuo 0ap'

)ITL ro yap dacEfErrov a7To aCwvov To0 IvpOS T 4 0TO7 KVa'T E ULV. aLo oEEv EXWv dEI
of' 'AoL, oi7w 7i- /3aoLAEF 1 5 ir7d Ea0d/wyv dlXvEa,
LVpOs UITrp/Ca

Kc 7A ,LvXa. -V ,xAwV' Ytp cl-Eparoqu-v Wo7O",8 c ,s yrp pa3LraEdsC EMl 0ro

' " w 7a a TkoEV T'w?Y,

I' yd'Awra, Kat' IvXov OLOV v, T7v/aAE'a TOtLLEVa AaVrTV ElvXiVLa, fla

, 7,,K-L KcO ELpr7ai 70E70- oS'OLTd77-0L.




El 8-

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/77W VfYJvCSg. E?V (bpEUMt TLvaKEWVOS Too A V Ew7d01 alvEMP IAv 0aocrlrwv T7cLU7ETCt KVpUs VV


-q flovAjSq
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at 3E (dioOd7Or77T5roaEV ELULYE(ta'OCLEWS- g8Aw70KCL at cLdcdEO, 3E &Ovtni7)


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2. I dad ... TEpovsupplevi cl. Anon. i, 1. 46/47, Try. i, 191. 24-192. I, Anon. ii, 208. 2-3, Anon. iii, 338. o10,Coc. 232. 15-16, [Choer.] 245.I-5-6 vcd vxua, ElaLwV &rTlvXov !Erm b at roavav-r'ov drT ES'7Tpeitw b, cf. 2. 6 et Anon. iii, 338. 7, &'vXa & 'EtkwXoTV [Choer.] 246. 18 2. 2 oTov S &i-ray Lb: -ravm: locum decurtavit e rroAAa--aaL Hom. A 573-74 = E om. m b b (ex yE- B) TO O 316-17; versum priorem om. e LEUaa77yts

2. 4 ioq~pva acv saepius apud Horn.: [Plu.] 20 et Coc. 233. 3 laudant integrum versum 17V Aya.LkE'vova Totlbva Aadov, p' &' 5JTpdEt qui est conflatus ex B 18 et 243. Ad explica$ tionem cf. Apoll. Lex. Hom. p. 133. 8 Kvplw 7~v rv rpoI7-rowv,

dum est: "ro70o yCadp 7irpyo& (= rtv &racAEo" 0 246. i-5 cuEauror--y~oAws Horn. A 599, 326


o vrt7T TpoOVLELt-eaL e O J ' urpoOvLELaOaL-Etv"y v'XCp TEp auTLVMtovXwY lrapE'lqKEv, Lm: similiter7 e: ' 5 2. 3 ir'd E d 47T ydEAwCra O~w--v-v 'xV

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(v B, quod ita emendand'TEl K0a d &paS puyas ' A 556), wdTE~ KaL ALas ikyags 1v. Cf. [Choer.]

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EUry7V ajv" ETL ELpvxa mrn 6XAOwvKal yap-s /3aaEI&S Om. B acFLpdTEpa ~4tvXa eL: D&tdrEpa E 490 2. 5 <os dr2 70-oom. B arnptBa--aoLT Hom.Ka,--b' vxa om. B 2. 6 ElS rpd?tvB et (cod. Lond.) e, cf. supra ad 2. I El 834-tq-4vaS Hom. 8 739 I # ItTI 246. 19 'r( Lm, [Choer.] FCr WV ValveL Lmb ( davvn m); vIIarvE [Choer.] pEa V

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[Choer.] 246. 21I


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2. 7 Kac oz Lm Ldr)a) 3rlw7LKal oz eB": E4LcdoEv 3?7AW07LKal E dLEw& (d/o-drp-0o9-d/o ex. gr. supplevi: Kat OUj Uv (dKoLodr?7roS Br7AW7-Kac baULv, a 38 auqovUaL w K/wo Finckh' 546: at 3~8c40O IJU/L (vel Kat) Hilgard 7?7vdpobLOdr7ra) (7rVv 3rl,~Aoaa) Koa dold7o7-a

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70To KVplWSgKal ETvtW'WS dpoS Aoyov (KderT KaTOVOtLaoOEVTO> olov 1TvlS XaAK'7Kal OLKElOV, erepov aKaTOvopaUTr KaTaTo K Kat - ItEV 1TVets- KVp1WsKat ET7VWSg EOaTLV EK {WAov} TVOV KaT7p07papXos. O <KaL 7TK>XaAK<i -T7e>Isi- Colva EUKEVaU/LEv7, KG> ) <KaTaXpl77UT&K$ 7d 7V 7pt&povgS pXova, dAAaKa" 7TEEVT7pOv Ka 7pt papXov 0 Udvpov irpoaayopEVo0Ev" Kat &4pov9-. Tv 8vspadvra Ka1 yvvaltKos AEYOfEV. Ka, "OoPrloog Kat,
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Ka'7T7T 'CVL ETEl KaX 7 .} Ka' T 73Oo0v 3orLa'cVEL Oouatv, aT TE ?oE&oWAL (XpwpLEvog>) apog S'TO' r Wv . V) rV7Tp TcrdpoV EUTr7CK> pv'yas
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KL lKp7t ELOAOS aUVVWYALWS9 aKpt fE, KaTa7 77V 7 XVnrV


218 J ydp

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T7, Finckh' 546, cf. Try. i, I92. 21, 3 a&t eLm: 6S B 70)o... KarovotLaaOEV(r0)> (d<wrr codd. utroque loco: Anon. ii, 208. 21, Coc. 232. 5, [Choer.] 246. 23 KVPlwSKa &oooklwS corr. Boissonade <o3) Ka-rdFinckh ibid. cl. 3 fin.; at vide Try. i, i92. 23, Coc. 232. 7 LB Kat ante TptqpapXos om. LB, post ins. in otov om. B em, yp. L: XaAKLs XaAKbq M: deest in e <Kal dv3ptds) excidisse ci. Boiss. evAov deest in B, cf. Try. i, 192. 26, ~ a7dw v6Awv e Anon. ii, 208. 21, Coc. 232. 8, [Choer.] 246. 26: Kvpiws ydp In (<Karasupplevi; nescio XPpOTLKW0S 81) (et plura) suppl. Finckh ibid. (KaLrd>)XaAK(<a~ rv)a T an scribendum sit i-d<(s) 7Kat 7rpv 7p7ipovs--~i6jpovSLB, cf. XaAK(Ka 'ds) tLoAlPStva<9 Try. i, 192. 31-193. 2, Coc. 232. 11-12, [Choer.] 246. 31-247. I: Tobs PXOVraS 7p(-jeV BT ad loc. et KaL e7pCwv M VEK7ap odf Hom. A 3; cf. schol. aAA'Ka 7TE~crvrpEWV (mpVO JAAa schol. T ad A 598 Ka-rovitaardv m Lm, cf. Try. i, 195. 1o, Anon. ii, 209. 2, eB, cf. Coc. 239. 10o:T' d"dvvupov 4 "rey 0 299: utrum 0o-a&u an Oof-cLvoluerit poeta, [Choer.] dPdvvtUov 247. 20ao vev--Oo?rL Hornm. d T70L intellexit, cf. Coc. 239- 14 rdS 7 nescio; at noster certe &Oo~a y eoXiLt'aroS dvpvdLa7L o 'O~da~r KaAovLEvas viaovs IuEraA-qTr&LKC EoSplYqKEV. Try. i, 195. 13 TaS' 7dp KaAovUlEvag .d0s E)KdAAcUEv. Item Strabo p. 350/1 de 7-6 ovoLaa7-TLKc 'O~EIas vcTovs "SL v 'ExwdS3wv 3S'dc'tlYai-ra, rhrA7TOduaovaaL versu eodem: &oda 8 E'p77KE rTa9 aX7itLa rCl .LE7raAqr'TLK(Js r?capx? 'Olda" KdA7TOV Ka' Tra EK'KOAa ydp e: rovs ydpB: Kai yap 7rdT tro .lXEAov 70o KopwOtaKOo addidi Coc. cit. uLEraA77rr&KTK ex Lm rad~vi'/ovs Lm loc. <'Oe(-as---viaovs> cf. Coc. et Try. i, 11. cc. fort. delendum, yap 77r dTO (.r< r7 v4aovoS Kar) l sustulit Finckh' 547, quod ego leviter mutavi, Coc. 239. I6--17, scripsit et Ka KV7aCTLv) e: cl. Try. yap GodsLmb: 7o ydp o00v Ka' OeBoissonade, P [Choer.] 247. 27: 7r 0oy~p b d eLmb i, 195. 13 dEidAwvydp--3 dosZvaria recensio roirw Boissonade: 70oT70 Kat 7eL: OoLv Kat& elregv m quam om. B 7d Oev: fort. -d-raxb dITE OO^laLr 7"aX Ka do'v' TEDKpos-'-Ppyas Trag. fr. adesp. 569; Sophoclis Teucro ascripsit Blomfield; cf. Soph. Ai. r7dv Anon. ii, 209. 3, [Choer.] 247. 29: -drovcodd., praeter quod x279 b M rdoov exhibet ex Lascaris coniectura (deest e): rdoov Try. i, I95. 16 ELshALos-r7Cov b
7rv ftdv


7iv 3dOwL Anon.

ii, [Choer.]

Boissonade; cf. Anon. ii, [Choer.]

d 84 UvvovvlLE



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T Y7TEp/3p-o'v v ovv 'Y7TEpPa-roJdorr E19 9 EXouva. ylvovrat SE pi A iv ELS~L vUlyV, <'EE A E V E EE V AY) E'' ET E JV EL,) OLOV



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5. I

(posteriore loco) cit. Gregorius Corinthius comm. in

E1rrpLalrdvLO--Iov 7Eaw7IcaavrE vda Hermog. weEpl SELoov vii. 1250. 20-1251. 8 Walz tdpos-e: ctdauov dwor'qroS EV Aodyp) addidi, noluit f. Altert.1838, 1o53 Greg.: &S~a uoov Finckh, Zeitschr. (dELE Coc. 238. 12-13 Boissonade; cf. Phoebammon. K(v p. 48. 7 Sp., Try. i, 197. 21-22, AE'EL)addidi 7Iryv--rAdvov Hom. M 177-8 non post T-ErXOS sed post ifrp B om. e Ac'ivov 5. 2 -rap' 'O/iL,4pom. e 3SE(Ipa'TO-EloL

Ad'vov. -Tb y&p--7Tep om. m: T ydp-rrOp Hom. a 8 v4-rLLoL-?raOwv

Hom. B 333-5 Tas oavAAaf3aE:av vAAa/P3

lacunam statui. nam in codd. sequitur statim pro AdJr-ppto L), deinde dvr' 7rov oQK apOta d'(3Eom. e); verum 'Eptjv-- -rpo0v'pot (AqL~pdrpos in H, quae hic incipit, ea habes quae supra dedi. locum non poteram ita explicare ut omnibus persuaderem; sed non tacebo quid suspicer. pone poetam nescioquem, ne dicamus Simonidem, epigramma ludicrum in hunc modum scripsisse: e Simonides: fr. 159 Bergk4, 113 Diehl 'Epj4v 7rdv' 6pGta oS 3'
id est, homo Syrus, Demetrius
OVK E". ~V'poS AI7L7PtLOS, TPTEv EV7TpOOVpoS. ip nomine, erexit hermam ante domum suam et deo (Mercurio adVEY'KE vJL7Tp' Ar

videlicet) dedicavit; male quidem, cum illa imago non deceat Cereris aedem. haec potuit grammaticus perperam interpretari, ut esset, 'Syrus hermam dedicavit Cereri': TO ydp i~gs,
flj]pPL, OpOLa ' OK dV7rpOOgpOLS 'Epl.djv rdv3' avEO7IrKEV dg,ry7poS =pEIEV. 6. I CpacLe item H ut mihi videtur: 11:"cpdCaTS AdgSOellacher &avoa"s: tcA EnLVOLCC leg. Oellacher SEV-rEpaV ~Xovaa crd~v e: &EvrEpav XovUav rdciv Lmb: ra~tv H ut vid.: cf. Try. i, 197. I I, Coc. f EXJ]ovcav vel 3EvrVEpaV EX]ovcav et inter lineas ra$L]v 239- 3

H: EvLoTE Spengel (iii, p. xi) verbum iVLOt eLmb: Finckh' 547: tc. (Kt~L-Kal) inserui, cf. Anon. iii, 34o. 4 et 9

(quale rroLoawv) excidisse ci. Hom. A 162 c~'-dLy'aa

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240 [ [avr]t T0% P[6]'



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(Qv3S) avv8rja[oLs, dOKaAA~lt'Faos

Ka fLaKpov oLTEVOLEV 7T 6pa, Maaaa]y.Ta[L v puav dvaa7p'ETtaL a' Maaaay'raL.] rara , Tzrpv CdwLV t70 K v XELYV, otov aT7t poS 7TAElova tIdpq Aodyov)v dvaaorpoq "EK-ropo
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ot ti V97T2
S 9TELXOS EV/Jl7)T0V /3as avas,

5 codd.; cf. Try. i, 197. 17, Coc. Hom. dvT 23917, om. roo--EKaKoId9~laa iure? quaeris. Ka pro iv oavv lootLSscripsi. quo ia--cs B 764 o700 LB: ivAtm JvrT vide sis Anon. iii, 340 ( = 460. i Hilg.), qui docet (perperam sane) id esse in his versibus Atav. quae explicatio fort. et hic anastrophes, quod oz A&lqv Avrrpi7dictum sit pro o'-Av7rpad olim sequebatur.-post ' (Hom. v 242-3) sequuntur in codd. statim Taora t4v pTs ro----.r&v'KTaL MaaaaK.T.A.,in H vero [: lacunam explevi ad exemplum Anonymi iii, loc. cit. iLUav non dissimilia. hoc Call. fr. r. 15. in H supersunt vestigia verbo y cvV.5.E ,at-adv3pa est ultimum litterae fere cxxx de anastrophe, ftacca]yf'.T[L quod in papyri priore facie dispicitur; sequebantur deinde titulus CVV4EKOX77. AE e: JAAa5 e'anU T: 6. 2 cAAaxo 8' ia': e: AAa B; cf. infra ad 22. 2 XEL: LaXEL HilFinckh' 547 B: ElpELV Hom. Q 254 'EKropos--7T6Ea &OaL 67rordcaaaEraL ELaxri eLmb. cf. Anon. iii, 340. 2 gard: ~ Anon. ii, 209. 25; AELfst es Coc. 236. 28 7. Iavvrd-aa'Era Stavolas: item bpdaaLs AEes Opda &Saqopas 29: om. Anon. ii, loc. cit. Try. i, 195. " [Choer.] 248. 16-17: cit., cf. Try. i, 196. I, Anon. ii, loc. cit., Coc. 236-30 : Traaapas3taoopce, [Choer.] loc.dKoAovOas rcEaaapas Lmb -70oante pipovg et ante avl43avovros seclusi; cf. quae sequuntur, et Try. i, 196. 2, Anon. ii, 210. I, Coc. 236. 31, [Choer.] 248. 20. sed librorum in hac re haud magna est fides dcic avL43dAovB: d8d avtfldAov Lm: aiwocvpfloAo H, quae hic denuo incipit
70"oi 8&rAot H yap a~To OGE--"Hpr) Hom. A 55 et saepe 79v oA'r LI, cf. Anon. ii, 20o. 1-3, Coc. c7)L.L.VEL p.A[o]. 237. 5, [Choer.] IpaxLovoc] r'r)v [E]povUC B in L: om. et em rd 5Aov 21 :i ['rovydp e) margine 248. a6Waa .?EVKYv (mriv fpaXiovos 3'rAo" o70o in H LB oL-3[oac avac (Homrn.M 137) H: fldas~aias eLmb 7. 3 dirdr8 JAov rd Ldpos~ sequuntur -rac acrrytac E[K yap SEpLa]Tw v gict JLEpoc BE rpy oAov [rao SEpLa] vyv yap AYEL K.r.A. F~IPLawovroc floa. garo 7. 2


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4 'yovv 7TO SpLa.

Tg S. p jAov ro 3o5r'AwsT CavT rds yaa rE "70o vpaas, Tro0VTErT Cr 70" a7TO SE aVlOvoros Td rporyovLEvov, olov
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Hom. ?t 172 EOdl'EvoC-EAdL7TaL om. Lmb: deest e aVtL H: EtlTEv

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Horn. I 38 7. 5 (<oov) Palaeocappa: om. UK'7rTpov--7TVrVTwo eLm: om. B: 70] cv 0floAoyap Vri[c acLELac 70 advT CK]T71rpO[v ,yap-PaLtlaEav r70o a]yr ToPv tcvp[tov et in proximo versu ovo]Liaro7r[otta H,E..YV quae hic deficit 8 post 9 habet B: hoc loco HeLm: cf. I. 2 Anon. ii, 210. 27, Ij dpo AOdyov Ale3LS Finckh' 547, pdv addidi; cf. Coc. 231. 17 sqq., [Choer.] 249. 20 ( wvl"s Xw>V) [Choer.] 249. 21 A~yE fLto'd Hom. A 125: om. B Hom. N 530 at




9 p4pos~ Adyov em, yp. L: &vola LB: A~Ls [Plu.] 23, Try. i, 195. 20o, Anon. ii, 209. 8, cb&' i7r'pov m Coc. 232. 22, [Choer.] 250. 21 integrum otor eB: omrn. Lmrn versum aorAdyxva 8' cp' &LTrdtpavrES 7TEiPExov 'H aba-roeo (Hom. B 426) habent [Plu.] Try. [Choer.], et potuit noster habere Iv~a-A1prj~ Hom. N 444

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Heptpaots u 70Tv laawovoewv ad7TAELtVWV air 7 CVppov rAooaa Tirp oaP i TaeY e t A27Cb To7 , 'cV7A Kal EpoV dvos AlAKVdOLO, 'HpaK "HpaKA?g Kal (Kal 7TaALv>

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ex. gr. scripsi: &a<a'd~ratc > Boissonade: ,pjfvela 1o Opdatgom. Lmb ta(<AAaaaovaaa) Finckh' 547, cl. Phoebammon. p. 47. 4 et Tiberio p. 75. 26 Pflq'HpaKAerldr Hom. A inserui Hom. q 167 etc. 690 etc. 7rapdlEPOvptvos AAKLw'oto <Ka TCiAtv>) om. m: deest e (Hom. A 631) dKr7V i s EIv3XETatL o0 p v... .o II eP avrT7: EavT B KaraT7vaAoylavnon intelligo V B, om. eLm. quis hac forma (iii, Spengel p. xi): 8e i& . . . 8 eLmb AAdpflySa usus sit, nescio; ap. Homerum reperitur AEAaPiE'aat, 8 388. fort. scribendum A'd/la P (Boiss. p. 480) B: eLM: AEAdXovaL Hom. AdXXWaL c<tofdyoL-8ap&z7rovaL Ao'xaac A eLB: rcv m yap inserui 479 Hom. v 220 Orva vwop3v rapa epw'dwov reLm: vceOs B (debuit codd. (deesi rdovo-AE/l3wv Hom. E84 vwOs) EPEacKETO e), propter aapdcrrovcn credo 2 7yp 7rpO e om. B I1 dpxodr--rpocreas Hom. B 493 Aatzfavoyt'vq rapE'AKEt KE Kal om. m: KalB: deest e Hom. E 5 Kaia KE-ltErrpqvoda'rdp-p-/LdAcara Ka?" pEov'rwv Homrn. A 176

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yap E'AAErr

ra~ XEpolv.d olws



yap rTd rdTrr. Kat> (AA:ElTE &AA'El E V 8UoovaL yEpas

apo'avTEs Ka7Ta UOvlO,

Axatol, LLEydaOviotL O7irws dv7tovLOV Orat.

av EXOtL yap 7q yaprT KaAsG arEKpCELaTo E'AAErE &?vota.

s 7Tv rpdoTOrovrov 7Tpouv7TaKOUdv0EIVOV KaAoVULV. EvtOL TYrrepfloA ' / Y 7ep7~og


ra a7E, Ert Aoyos vTEpalpwov EldoEW ~ EVEKGa a


at 8' ~E pOVpOUpav, orE t EV KLpr7EP ETL

{Kal}l K'KTEKACoWv aKpOV EIT avotEpLKWV KapIo OV OVOv'S AA' oTE 8 UKLp7-rwEV E'7r EvpEa v3-ra 6aAduorus,





t ELTI,l7rraX-KOVOLT7 70TLU0TOV, dKUpoAoyla 0av7aUratL, Ed El Iv oPv 7LS VVOtLK-S . ro 0%oerat 7rf ) ViTEploA^. ( 5 aVE1LVOLuLV dLOLOL. xOVOS, QELELY AEVKd7EpOL


EpwvEla rt pdSat- To-S PrS AEyo<(LE'voLS a' LTro>L) V rovav-rov LEO'
AvrTLvo', /iv

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2apKacrtLd( I6 ZapKao'"sds EUTL opdaS

T0L5r pO~Ws. Trov V AEYO<ItLVOLS. altVLTTo>tE

otov XAEvao=utov, & rrdyXv VvKTabvAde4tELS MEAdvOtE v6v 4vCL5dAa

lacunam secutam esse vidit Boissonade, Hom. K 199 13 fort. (Kal) d0olcos cv-XpOS0 Hom. A 135-6 loc. rdv KaOap8v , BT ad 8oovaU explevi ego; cf. schol. Tr0rov dAA'-~a-raL av E lXOLLm (Ev deletum in M): deest e; cf. M Ka7a UOvd'v om. B apaaVTES9 schol. B ad vers. 137 LM: d7rroKEKpaaUTO B: malim dirOKpEP: drrEKpEaaT70 drrEKpEiaTro vel a7roKEKpE~ a7araL Ia-raL at 8' at 8' Hom. Y 226-9 L: rd m 14 ET Todrov:e: TOTri orW B: EMd T0oo &OT--OEEaKov AA' S Lmb (deest e) KaLseclusi KaTcKA B GCE Kap7rrv eLm ov aKOVtE y": ATE Finckh2 347 lacunam statui. si supra suppleas Palaeocappa dKvpoAoyta: KvpLoAoyl'a E' lk. ( ,v,>) C K.T.A., hic requiras &K iLcdacwS LaoTLEwsEr)Ka %rV E/cdaUos (dkoLwaEwso C9 Kal To B (Kal post insertum) AEVKdTEpOL"'). cf. [Choer.] 252. 28-30, 253. 3-4 l0otoL Hom. K 437 Finckh' 548: jr~pogS eLmb b (KwA-B) 15 qpcasi: KOAaKELta AEyo/Lyv7 plrCrg (cf. eLmB:A-eo/LdvoLS Par. 2008: (Kd aivovaa) Finckh loc. cit.: Anon.
-vlo) rr.




Ayor/voLS aXrylp.141. 19 Sp.) vel flovAo)>ivr ego pro /Ev Palaeocappa Horn. p 397 tdaAa


avr-ro)>zV7 om. b Avrivo' propter ydAarldyXv quod paullo infra



P'ITroLS AEyo1lv'q eLm: eadem i6 qpaoaLs om. e 6A om. eLmb Hom. X 195-6

ac supra Finckh et ego


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v ?7LK SLqaivoUGa, d d Tpd~ Evav orKpELT70V O.OV Et, rSt o jTovtos' OV d7TEV7S Kal d E'vae AE'yE, KaL TEXVL aa'osv. Xayao'g arEXvos, x vEot &47ov daTE*odv &X7dlEas-. 7tr oplaavro r7Tpoorom)lv ELvaI



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70~ vavtov T Evavriov xwpis ro- (b) uav'alvovua Uo'V v K' KpLUEWS.71TOErat 3 rT70O Kar E' Evav?TwUa. Ka'T E v rlt~)tLov T'v aKavOav /3c7-ov OUK L, rL/3Vp -rav qT tzdy, AE'y(OJLLV, UErv Etv 7T-V XoA qV Kal 8 Ka7 yAvKEt-a. ~VaV7EtaCW o'8'
YE 18 'pa 7rdW



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'EvavrT wajr 'EvavtCwusEi dar A4Lts8& rio
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Evavn'twv To EVavTloV Ka7-rd cro/oA-OV 87Aovoura,

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T.77lUaV. s apa ararp dVrKOaUT7rEV Av7 rdAAwV, 7T tla. 7raT7pdoKalT rrap7TAr Avrovo/atau 20


'artv ovo1za EEtOErLKOV0 Kal zodVoV aV7r KvptOU irapaAatUflavEraL,(a) LS,


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ydap S7 Ttro7t JuLjoXE


l o170 ov. Kal7r apa7TA4 ta. avTl70TUO) o ante dyaOds om. eP 17 7rs ELvat A'yELeB: A'yot Lm "vat 7Evrs m (cum coniunctione ) et e (cod. Matr.): (b) ante (b) habent x8 recensionem (a) ante 70o om. M a.c. irap-aravol'vov B (a) L: (b) om. e (cod. Lond.) et B 0rav om. e eB priusom. L om. m: Kat KaAOVLLEv Kal ante rv orn. Lm Katl a 700To EvavTlov Trevavrlov e (cod. Matr.) et L: io rv-raparAGata dvavrltovSa 70to'vavrTov m atzlatlvet M a.c. o0V'--XAXLEAAE Hom. A 330 r7( coni. ?) -'-rTrTEaOlIv om. Lond., LB ,As~r Matr. 46I3 (ex I1 hoc caput om. m 8 KOVTES L: IKOV7ES e: oi3 aKOVTES B o0 1 B: Horn. E 366 etc. r7r7daO aav L: om. e qKOU(E TOO oB'--A~rdAAwv Hom. O 236, H 676 avr Errd7aOriv

oT70 rarpds L: omr. B: deest e L: B in om. om. Lond. verbo i, in Matr. 4613 (b) m coniunguntur 2o recensionem (a) verbis Kat 6 mB qp'-pdx7paL Hom. O 406 ELdf Lm et 9osf d&vrvooLaaia codd. Homeri fere omnes: i' eB, Try. i, 204. 27 om. B r o7w-KvavoXai7a T rapaTrrjata B Hom. O 201 d om. m lAo" codd. (mB) Kal o 7roodw&ov r

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87t {Mvrovoaiala arT s&q AE,,S' ,, l-Erw.v 8t' mrnOEr'7 wv v oIE v, otov arvtalvovaa. A-rpEtlr KV8tarTE, ovc w , t avrL AyiEiLvov. 8t& 8 UVLO ,otov

245 UavaaTo' OY ia Lt&'OVTrpoPUarY1ptKOV vo?

rrdoat"Hpr-s, dply8ovrros Ka, 21

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a alvovaa, otov Aj t oAla art' pacas~ &8o TAEL'Oasvolla7s

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E&OLK'S', rTELTEr7 K vtLa cwpvt op(p LO 7rpU o' 7E Ka7a 8tEVOVS KOT7TOUS t~ XG1vss aypoaawv 7vKtVa 77-rEpa 8E6 7 aL (ACi-.

8 Kal Aa" 7070' 2 rTEpa }. {8EVEaE auv GEWVbEpOV K17)UKE9S l.oAov (ac... ava o opKta 7rLUra,
GEV &vva W70EV tIvov KELEOaL 80KEF 7' IAtOS 7ETELX

7 rot yadpTo

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Er Kt)pVKWV Kat 7s 7E TEpVV 'rOEws, 7TWV 7WV 71TrEEI" GEWv &' Kal 7TOAAaRKLS' Oa6L TmOEV' <EpaY>aV3r7'v AE'yEt,

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t8 'E dqsL/oAla , A'las, i'3v8Aov AE'aE, C ydp 7ir r6v 8'o, Kal {ylvE-raL Ayc", 8E JAELEv Kat E dE'AEV.

' v8' dO gAXtA'a KVK(OLEVOV KvLa?. ,ELV, ,fa-o770


v8pa op/l7)V EYXEOS rd tz' t x tV HapKflau~l ar Ayos o as EVEqaAOylaS -TapaAatzflavodCEvoS-, r7 aTrop0p Co 7Ept r70o o0VLKOS~ Kovp'4rwv" L ov Matr. 4613: Pv Lm p0Ev ArpEtIq dvrwvolaala Lm rmOL&ov Kv'U-r7E A I22 (sscr. KLCrt7E)m Homrn. Eply0ovros yLE'7LUtE 5 om. Matr. 4613, L vto S Horn. A 9 Ayro6g KaLALS Ortg's wHprgHorn. N 154 al. Horn. 317 rcs om. P q 21. I advar' 7a: ra dE roo: d rlom. P XEpas-Eralpov toOaAaaars codd. --&ah Hom. E 51-53 KdOTovt a7'pvyC'70o rvKLva--7pd TO
E1ETa cAPt~ &ypcoaawv om. Lm (homoeoteleuton) q seclusi Finckh' 548 KpVKES~ 2I. 2 (< lfPoAv-rov-rooro) ex. gr. addidi: lacunam hic esse susp. ' UUEUat, El S --7a'rd Horn. F 245; cf. schol. BT ad loc. 'Sva-ro Eiv Kal TOL7 p UVTo A scripsi: 0 KGa r erroXEWs i 9j Lv "OpKLa7TL7 OE~Va(Vayov"-T' T7V LEpiV iV TL viTs oo 70r trt Kal 7t V LEpWV libri (Kal 7LV LEpWv post additum in B): (KGa)77 7TdEs K-cTv 7-i 7dAEWS r -OKEL -rv dpKwv?) Boissonade om. P, unde EEiXLtraLscripsit Ka, Palaeocappa LEpV (-= addidi "IALov LEPrV LEpdv r5 OBEvL: wrd 7av OEWv m: om. B Horn. H 20o, 0 E A 196, O 169, LEpiV E~ al. ELS m: lepo ElS "IALov Lpg4v v B: Ed lEpiv L: (pry Boiss. TpiTXov B --Ovdopadv JrEHom. E 706 rprlXv Lmr: 7rpL2Xv Hom. 'P 24o ewELvv--Kra ?2) om. eLMB (sed in M margine additum) dEI (cf. Try. i. 203. 2I1-204. ds-YwVEra---r Hom. E Ii8 JAOEtV

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M. L. WEST dOE pyov rEy l a l o, Ort vEoQ yE, tdEClY7)LatL A a L c .7V, oT. V3 EV, Vt EpEt IP o 7rTECE Kal KovpijrE' r' iadxovro7 AlwAo' wEvExdPaLat,



KOLVWStpdatsS rrapaAatflpvovaaU ZEAA-h~lt



otov "TOKEL '08voaev

TpaXOEVta A lETEp AdEovs s rrEpt 7rOs avatpE~Ewos yEL


' vwV. ELoliEVVEyyvOt TOv 7pLUKaLE3KaTov UKO7TOV VEA

7T V ETLyLa TOy 2

a' avAAc3vEt Eva 7Tpd E'av Eva 7TpoS' oAAgowv EiXEL ' sE (L sExt Ta v'-'t,d(0 7ro 'E-L lTpo AyajtCivOvai vyap ohovs., r op EXrEL 17WE ('EpULTOV AEyo',IEva ova" trov vo 7jrov roTt AEat` XaAKO 7Toha8EyvvatLKES KtLULat,
E Eltal Evl KtOLUTs rrpwrtar

ELAAoLEV EL7TE, KatroL ToO Lovov avo -ALO0rL7JsVS" AAaoo


yap avyKa7aptO4LEL

atot av 71rroALEpov gAwotLEv. Kat ov' tauvos TrvyXa VV. avTrov TOts apLUTEVUVatv daUGEV-s E,7' SLoI0LEV,

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EarT ALvetyjc qpaatsap' 'Hatdo tz& 77 or'

Kat a7TOKEKPV,4EIV)qV LKOS EydLEV' St'votav 7rpT~ KS rpt $avEorov


ElEV Kp~ 7TrPOSVITEpOEV. olvoxdoTvrLE

<a(aAEvjv 7E Kat' 07-aAEV)V U9%7EpOLUL 7EKErUUL TEOva'vat.

ftolvo0ot ropavrp, <

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M: Hom. libri: pEvEXaPpot Hom. I 527 sqq. pwLExdppat EvE',IELvY7lLatL-~EvExappat P Xaptpot L: Finckh' Anon. 22. I pdsat om. m cl. emB 548, 8votv vELAv 7rpoarcrowv codd. B p.c.: rc ealpw B a.c.: drdpwe: &pq LM, r@ dr rr. aXr*. i58. 9 Sp.: rrpayptrwv 6 om. P. cf. [Herodian.] rr. pro JAAws,sicut p. Ioo. Sp. in Anon. ii, 211. 2 lege JAAcp axryqt. LmB Hom. K 561 151a KOLV4O 15 7' KOLVW [Choer.] 249. I dyyv'Ot e": 7v-v-v--yv em: Kal7rTp, TV B: om. eLm JEAopLEv v7)qV restitui: ETr om. eLm r KaloLt dtLVOEw" P eLMB: 4d0vov yp. TroL: Kat 7reptB 40dvov B: &eLm Lm: JAAa St' & eB: eadem variatio supra 6. 2 22. 2 d'AAaxoo rrEate e Hom. B 226-8 bvy (omissis reliquis) et L AwFlyev da0ov-gs apwtarevovarw eL: rapa mb 23 adcvElrov Finckh2 348: avvOerov codd. 'Hatd6Scrd Lm rTEpt nihil in sequentibus de calice dicitur, sed potuit auctor de interpretatione versus KVALKo0S falli. &KV"Aov Merkelbach, versu proximo non recepto; 7rap 70ov ego olim eodem K,4VKOS Hes. Op. 744: versum habent eLm pacto (ErepOE(v) KpatrpOS 4t7qdC7ro7'-7rcEpOEv dicere docent scholia ad loc. (p. 226. 11-227. 11 Pert. omnes), om. b. Hesiodum av4floAtrLKa cum explicationibus variis), et vv. 745-6 ut aenigmatis exemplum laudat Try. i, 194. J o. itaque non audeo, ut olim ausus sum, versum expellere. post eum excidisse existimo interHes. fr. 158 Rz.3; cf. C.Q., pretationem nescioquam, deinde vel sim. a1rdp-rEOvdvaL KaG" collatio codicis B a Cramero facta: I96 1, 142-5; Merkelbach-West, Rh. Mus. 1965. EiUy7 Lm: 3aLros tLEVOELKEOS Nauck, iii. 273: 8' atrol Melanges grico-romains, OIalS B ipse: rTEOdE(Ur~S (Oxy. 2495 fr. pEv Kvinaas Palaeocappa 4EpEovro L a.c. et fortasse pap. [Hesiodi] otov o1 LmB: lacunam statui propter 37. 8) a.c. post Kal o0 Palaeocappa t,-rpu pap. [Hes.] post dyovro lacunam statui et ex. gr. explevi ayovro (rratc]wLLobel) ]..

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AYEL ijv PCdAavov-alo' 5vravOa yap ylvovrac at 8pvES, ,rpoS rcav-rl" tu7rTpa t ~O cvOpCdTovs AyOUvor rots Kal d?aVAE'7v adTod r%62v 3pvy5V LVO0LKWS YEYEV7cTaG.> u ETEpOLUL L,

EWTEL 80KE Trpcy7ora 7TraAdyv, ,v




EL7-aTI7-acOL. "t. qpatvEuOat, 'vatS KLU TO7 Q TEUVCVC, 'Errad:O7s




avlavovua 'Errave s Ecr- qpa~ULS KaLa 7TpdOOEutLV 7a TotClUwa'



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/ ov )"7- Ao T ov vo'vros. vpos at OoLEvov " E, 'vtow'o E aO'S y? , wpOUTLEdS 8 o E77S yap ~- ElKEAo lKLavov U77,'/v7E rTo


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otov aolota, Euatv ovo/daros Stac-roA) Kam7d a opav 7Tpos 7d ov ZE %C, E'I)TE Ka'L"EKropa TpC'is 7TE vqvaL TEraaacUEv, TP~OV, TEL TOVTOV 7EYKEK 'EoX7V

7 7 o-q Xt EdVO wTTEp o703 "'EKo0pos yap avrTv E'jAwE0. Kal dc~Ows KT

ov ydp E"7 Ov-qos I?uEyaA--7ropoS v EES~ 7aav, Ep'E'T avr s E-v OOdVEE 6avOes MEAE'aypos. o"'


tuEposAo'yov 8SEi AE'yEw va-Epov T'LS Ta, ~Etv &orav wrrpc_,rov &ta TpdcEV 7q EdYEvovTO,

dvrt 7"006O?o

dE'yVOV70KaUETrp g7o.aav. Kat

SE SOV'7T7E<(v> 'TErwV,
avr70t TO)TEoWV E V7ToUaE. Kac
rE>)Ka' Bergk, Poet. Lyr. Gr. iii4. 668 cdaAqv LB: dyaASqv M (et m ?, inde) : at'aAEqvP L: rTKELB: 7EK'ETTL B: E' Lm a Er7poLc4 Finckh'549": E~E7rpoLa: BrKEUUL m KrdpoLa B: Cramer:E': Ivds obscurumr: I 'votg Anon., 4dvoLr davrT, Klou'ek ap. Rzach3 G rEOvcvaL:rEOvivaLM: r7eOvYIEva v,'AoL~ Lit. Centralbl.1878, 1643 Bergk loc. cit. dKKdOe P, unde ElAigqOaL Palaeocappa Boissonade: 24 POaLs om. e wK7TEpov rwC-v-vdtjaHom. ~ 36 rrpdOelv eB

codd. (deest KdrrV7TEpOV Walz (ex codice ?)


Hom. X 134-5 dvdovroS

25 Proca eLB, yp. m:


rciv vylqv LB: 7rapdEaaaE Boissonade: wrpordpq codd.



Ylqv m


(Kal) addidi

WKEAos Lm (et infra)

aUl?/aLvoIEva m in textu

ETEL scripsi: d'l codd. 70o0Ivos B ol-MEAdEaypos Horn. B 641-2; cf. schol. A (ad v. 641) et B Jav L (yp. tdipos Adyov), B. ad 26 A scripsi: eavtispos Adyov Adyov57avem: odyogs .Mdpos formulam. .. rlyv, Jrav cf. Coc. 240. 29, A4, 241. 2, 7, [Choer.] 250. 14, 252. 8, 254. et cs auctores rEpL aXE?Ltrwmv rcfy eLMB: om. P: inCdpEL Palaeocappa passim


et Eust.

ad loc.

pg om.

atoodvoCo ZEb;S-wdtE'aUOEv Horn. N I; cf. schol.

~ codd. 7EAloLo



e dErwLEv oLov ovCa-y~vovro


A 251


504 et saep.

T raoVy


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avl Kal

aye pot 7V &AA'



70oy aKO0VOV Ka lfVToKptvat. KaC 8' aLJtlEaUava OV EL.LaTra Ea Kal Aovcaaa.

S7' p77Lavro, Aao~ QEOLut 8~ XEtpas caVEIXov.

TOAoytOaV 5Oyav Jd EXwV, uoAOLKLtCLrjzuS Eo(Tt o 'EgS EJAE tE ov {z('Xld TEL, dayaOd&art. SLtao/pEL aX-7'
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EVOvlcV EKOVULOV Xv qV -cqLap-r-lia -q uvyyp?EcEws O 8t') aptaoclav SE cLAAl &La 7-XVr7V cKOVXLOV, KacAAWTLCLoVdV,uOAOtKLtcrjIs 'qltpT774pta


ctLtaTa-Aovaaaa Hom. om. B; cf. quae de hoc aXiCta--yLvo'tCvov 0 KVpLOS capite in praefatione dixi [Choer.] 255. IO adroAoylav e'xwv aoAOLKLatso' eL [Choer.]: d 'IwadvvrjCm: C (IAr7Tos Palaeocappa 'IcoCyvvjS3 d Oeos eL [Choer.]: P: ftwooawvPalaeocappa L: 'AEoatvM: toov-aw EAe?4E e [Choer.]: ~AE'lat m radvTES

c~AA' 7 535 dye-cKovaov Hornm. E 264 Aao-advoEaXov Horn.

codd. hic et infra v7roKptVE 318

[Choer.] JdyaO's eLm: KaA3savOpowrrds EPIMETRUM

Anon. iii: collation of cod. Leidensis Vossianus Gr. Q 20 against the text of Fredrich-Wentzel. 5 alMv 337. 3 APatKV-V dC Oya p apa 7 olioAAA (recte, cf. 10 q dcvarr ' re 6 8E o7j Coc. 230. 20) 338. I 4 acvrwvopaua av deest 12 aCos 27 mapep?ros 29 15 Epov .7i7r" 339E'ELovro om. sed 2 &Ad9 aurpoyyvAq, 5 3 7rovA7v 7 v7rv ycAP Cret ex os 8 -70o v-ds 16 5' 14 XaAK 13 19 Ad'ivov.

dKaTWVOOfaaTV 20 Saro rodydp i TELrXOs 23 '?ar'Ad'ivov ot3 'rTp ' drvU- 24 :o 7 8 t1SI v 2 A'IEL 340. dE' 5 aOos 2LErafLoA3 rovov v7TrorauaotjEvr" 12 9 Adyov om. 15 13/14 13 AvTrqlp o0 Alqv tpaKpdV Prpooqc om. KOVU77S 16 Ed'E aSvov 8 17 a1ramprqurtsL dv cart deest Ecr& 20 OV'VEKc 70ovui XwoplS-rra

University College,Oxford


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