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17 September - 23 September 2009 Vol. 2 Issue 46 FREE
Lincoln Land Community College's
WREC is the home to Extreme Theatre,
a traveling acting group led by Ken
Bradbury. The group will be performing
in various area elementary schools this
PAGE 2 17 September - 23 September 2009

Community develoPment TRAVELS THROUGH THE CORNFIELDS by Bob Bradney 3
Planning, Zoning, Code enforCement BEE AFRAID, BEE VERY AFRAID by Patrick Grace 4
JAZZ by Ken Bradbury 6
YOUR GRANDCHILDREN’S FUTURE Submitted by Brent Bordenkircher 7
JUST BEDS by Mindy Farmer 11
FLORENCE’S PHILOSOPHIES: As One Door Closes, Another One Opens 15
ENTERTAINMENT: Movie Review by J. Sabetti & Theatre Listings 17
THE POWER OF A FATHER by Lisa Talton 19
AGRICULTURE: Words from Jon Freeman and the Crop Report 20
COTTAGE DELIGHTS: Stories and Recipes from Georgia Stout 21
BACK PAGE BUSINESS: Briefs and Announcements 24
The City of Jacksonville Property Maintenance Department presents 857 S.
Clay, owned by Harry DeGroot, as our “most improved property” for the
month of September. Improvements include siding, roofing, gutters, and staffMembers Vol. 2 Issue 46

Managing Editor

Crime Stoppers of Morgan and Scott Counties is seek-

ing information to assist the Jacksonville Police
Department with their investigation into two recent bur- Change of KIM KING
Classified Department/Outside Sales

The owner of a residence in the 200 block of Sandusky reported a residential burglary that

occurred on Saturday, August 29, 2009. The property owner reported that he left the residence ­
at 3:00PM and left the back door unlocked. When he returned at approximately 11:45PM, he
discovered numerous items missing, including a Playstation 3 video game console with one
We’ve Moved! BOB BRADNEY
remote and four games, a Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 magnum hand gun, a .380 caliber hand- The Source has relocated to MINDY FARMER RICK WADE
gun, unknown make or model, a bottle containing 38 hydrocodone pills, and a case contain- TREV FLORENCE GUEST WRITER
ing numerous DVDs and CDs.
205 E. Morton Ave., Ste 6 PATRICK GRACE RIC ROWE

A resident of the 500 block of S. East reported a residential burglary on Wednesday, September
9, 2009. The burglary is believed to have occurred between 6:00PM and 8:00PM on that date.
It is believed that entry was gained by prying open the back door to the residence. Items taken
Note: 205 East Morton Ave., Suite 6
P: 217-243-3857 l
l Jacksonville IL 62650
F: 217-245-4839
include an XBOX 360 with three wireless controllers, and a silver Ipod Nano.
Published weekly on Thursday. Copyright 2009 by
Jacksonville Newspapers Inc. All rights reserved.
The police are asking that anyone who has information concerning these crimes, or any other EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Reproduction in any form without permission is pro-
crimes within the two county area, submit a tip online by going to or call- hibited. POSTMASTER: Send address: Jacksonville
Source, 205 East Morton Ave, Ste 6, Jacksonville IL
ing Crime Stoppers at 243-7300. The Source will no longer have a 62650.
post office box. Please address all Out of Area Mail Subscriptions: Send $40 a
A cash reward of up to $1000 will be paid for information leading to an arrest. year to Jacksonville Source
correspondence to the address 205 East Morton Ave., Suite 6
Jacksonville IL 62650.
Travels through the Cornfields
Bob Bradney is a lifelong resident of Jacksonville and spends a great deal of time exploring the countryside. This column will appear monthly, suggesting
the best places to go for short and inexpensive trips, revealing what there is to see and do in the prairies.

17 September - 23 September 2009 PAGE 3

If I have heard it said once, I have Morgan County and western Brown County in the late 1700s, at first they stayed away possible for barges to connect the City of
heard it said one hundred times that nothing creating the ten mile wide Illinois River from the wetlands because they didn’t know Chicago to the gulf of Mexico (and this is still
significant ever happens around here. Oh, Valley. When the waters finally receded, left how to farm them. In addition, they associat- true today), they kept the wetlands from being
maybe there are some improvements in seed in its wake were thousands of lakes, ponds, ed the area with such diseases as malaria. But flooded. The second thing occurring about
corn and in seed beans, but how exciting is swamps, and other areas now described as they did harvest the riches of the river. The the same time was the need for more farm
that? I may surprise you by telling you that wetlands. Ecologically, these wetlands were commercial fishing was very good and the land as the country’s population increased.
an incredibly important research project is extremely important to the environment area produced more mussel shells than any- Levees were constructed and drainage dis-
taking place nearby, a portion of which is less because in the annual spring floods, flood place in the world. (Mussel shells were used tricts pumped water back into the river so that
than 30 miles away, and the rest within an waters covered them and sediment filtered for pearl buttons for shirts and constituted the former wetlands could be farmed.
easy hour’s drive. The results of this project While these developments were
are being watched by scientists throughout necessary for the country, they pretty much
the world. To give you some idea of the destroyed the habitat. The river lost its
magnitude, the biggest water reclamation health. The mussel industry came to an end.
project ever undertaken in the United States Commercial fishing was badly damaged.
is the restoration of the Everglades. The Sewage dumped from cities upstream didn’t
second greatest reclamation project ever help. Quite frankly, the formerly pristine
undertaken is right here! river stank.
I am talking about Emiquon, a When it was discovered that the
pretty dramatic concept involving The wetlands could be drained and farmed, one
Nature Conservancy, the Emiquon of the biggest developments was just across
Scientific Science Advisory Council - a the river from Havana. On the east side of
group of more than 40 scientists of regional Route 78 from 1919 on was the biggest farm
and national acclaim, the Illinois in the State of Illinois, the Norris Farm. Not
Department of Natural Resources, The only did it raise countless acres of corn and
United States Department of Agriculture, beans, but it produced large numbers of cat-
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National tle. The Norris Farm was so big that when
Fish and Wildlife Foundation, U.S. Corps it changed farm managers back in the 50s,
of Engineers, the Illinois Natural History or thereabouts, the change made headlines
Survey, the University of Illinois, and sev- in the business section of the Chicago
eral other universities. And, my guess is I Tribune.
have omitted others. This is a BIG research out, improving the quality of the water. Man major industries in such places as Bath, The Norris farm became viable
project, the largest ever undertaken on a river came shortly thereafter, living successfully in Meredosia, and, their namesake, Pearl.) because the owner had a levee built around it
in the United States. this country for 500 generations. The area The River stayed healthy until the and drainage ditches dug. This wasn’t the
To describe what is happening only now called Emiquon supported not only man early part of the 20th century. The first thing only levee on the river, and not the only place
a few miles from Jacksonville it is necessary for all of these generations, but supported an affecting the health of the ecosystem was the where water was pumped back in, but as a
to go back an estimated 12,000 years ago, incredibly diverse number of plants, fish, and building of dams, locks, and levees on the large farm adjacent to the river, it certainly
when the last glaciers melted and that torrent animals. river to accommodate the needs of the grow- was a contributing factor to the demise of the
of water crashed through what is today When white men settled in the area ing United States. While these dams made it
(continued on pg. 9, see Emiquon)

Directions: To get to Emiquon, take Route 78 to Havana; cross the Illinois River and continue on Route 78. Shortly after it turns north, you will see the
parking area for Emiquon. To get to Spunky Bottoms, take Route 67 west until it junctions with Route 104. Go through Meredosia and after crossing the
river, take Route 99 to Versailles. Turn right and follow the signs to LaGrange Locks. The Spunky Bottoms overlook is on your right on the way to the
PAGE 4 17 September - 23 September 2009

Bee Afraid, Bee Very Afraid by Patrick Grace

Challenges you to The inevitable march of the me (or perhaps unfortunately for you), divine purpose behind suffering, my
seasons continues its route, marked by it was only a stepladder. Half an hour seclusion is not in vain, for I survived
recycle the earth! the daily changing palette of the trees. later I was covered in hives, so my long enough to sound the alarm of an
City-dwellers take to the highways to supervisor sent me off to the doctor, even greater stinging threat on the
soak up some country before the where I was granted the Holy Grail of horizon: the horrible Asian Hornet.
Clean Screened leaves start to fall. Country folk poke allergy sufferers, otherwise known as Larger, deadlier, and far more aggres-
Black Dirt
through their garages in search of the EpiPen. sive than North American wasps, the
$ per
rakes, for once the shedding starts, An EpiPen grants you a dubi- Asian Hornet is currently colonizing
rakes must be swift in hand lest the ous sense of security; you hope you France, which will undoubtedly
leaves get the best of them. I know all will never need it, of course, while become the staging area for further
of this because I see it on the TV your so-called “friends” are hoping westward conquests. Though the
news. for the opportunity to plunge it into wasp-controlled “Mainstream Media”
Though I would like to expe- your thigh. The EpiPen also serves as is burying the story, the Asian Hornet
rience autumn in person, sadly I can- a talisman for the wasps. Once one of adopted a 9/11 terrorist tactic and used
not. I close my front door near the end them spies the telltale gray cap stick- our modern transportation against us,
Fresh of July and do not leave the safety of ing out of your pocket, a message is stowing away on a shipment of
the house until sometime in October. relayed to headquarters and soon the Chinese ceramic goods to France.
Compost $
20 per I do not shutter myself indoors by other squadrons know that you are off From there, it is only a matter of time
OOP preference; rather, it is a practical mat- the approved target list (albeit only before they discover the American
BIG SC ter. Fall is wasp season, after all.
I was once free and ignorant
temporarily). Wasps only have so
much venom to expend per mission,
fondness for French wine, and thus
the means to infiltrate every U.S.
much like normal people, but fortu- and they maintain strict ordinance town.
nately I came to my senses before the control. My Asian Hornet survival
evil yellow predators could finish me Alas, my epinephrine- plan is ready to implement.
off. Upon realizing that things like induced life of freedom ended several Following the strategy I developed
church picnics, Labor Day, and mail- years ago when, at my wife’s urging, I years ago, when the Africanized Killer
Driveway Rock boxes were actually nothing more was retested and declared free of my Bees swarmed over our southern bor-
20 per than wasp ruses conjured up to lure
people outdoors, I decided that fresh
bee allergy. This was a shattering dis-
appointment, as I had to carry on
der, I will once again move further
north, as bees do not flourish in cold-
air was really over-rated anyway. without an EpiPen and contend with er climates. This time I have my eye
Besides, what good was holding a job the knowledge that my wife was clear- on a quaint little lodge in
if I was not alive to enjoy it? From ly now in cahoots with the wasps Saskatchewan. It may be hard to
that moment on, I resolved to control (after so many years, I thought I knew afford (holding a job for no more than
my own destiny and no longer fall vic- her). The whole process was suspect; nine months at a time has negatively
tim to this vast four-wing conspiracy. when the doctor entered the examina- impacted my savings), but I keep
Before you call Social tion room, I distinctly heard buzzing, hearing that life’s necessities are pro-
Hardwood Services to come pick me up, please which confirmed my suspicion that vided by the government in Canada
.95 allow me to explain why my paranoia the wasps held his children hostage anyway, so not to worry.
$ per
is justified. Working outdoors during just outside the door. Under those cir- I just heard a knock on the
my high school and college vacations, cumstances, even I might have caved door. Sorry, but I must go; the wasps
I was stung so frequently that I devel- in to their demands and falsified the have Social Services here again.
oped an allergy. This diagnosis came test results.
after I was stung for the umpteenth That tragic appointment
time one particular summer, got dizzy, marked the start of my annual autumn
and fell off a ladder. Fortunately for hermitage. But as there is often a

4 Varieties of Mulch
9 Varieties of
Landscape Rock & Sand
Delivery Available When
and Wherever You Want! Tree & Lawn Care
217.245.6227 2148 E. State Street Jacksonville, IL

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We’ve always believed our personalized approach made
sense for our clients. And they agreed. Edward Jones
ranked “Highest in Investor Satisfaction with Full Service
Brokerage Firms,” according to the J.D. Power and
Associates 2009 U.S. Full Service Investor Satisfaction
StudySM. But investing is about more than numbers and
rankings — it’s about you.
Edward Jones received the highest numerical score among full service brokerage firms in the proprietary
J.D. Power and Associates 2009 Full Service Investor Satisfaction StudySM. Study based on responses from 4,438 investors measuring 21
investment firms and measures opinions of investors who used full-service investment institutions. Proprietary study results are based on
experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed in March – April 2009. Your experiences may vary. Visit To learn how we
can help make sense of investing for you, contact one of our financial advisors today.

To learn how we can help make sense of investing for you,

contact one of our financial advisors today.
John J Bordenkircher Will Whalen
Financial Advisor Financial Advisor
Bingo was one of the many events available over the weekend at the Arenzville Burgoo. Photo by Marcy Paterson. 25 S Central Park Plaza 326 E. Morton Ave
Jacksonville, IL 62650 Jacksonville, IL 62650
217-243-3111 217-243-6664
Brent Bordenkircher Tom Hill
Financial Advisor - AAMS Financial Advisor
25 S Central Park Plaza 1111 W. Morton Ave
Jacksonville, IL 62650 Jacksonville, IL 62650
217-243-3111 217-243-4945 EdwardJones
making sense of investing

“Our commitment to you...”

A real person will always answer
your phone calls.
l Home l
You will receive advice from a
Serving Burgoo was a weekend long event. Photo by Marcy Paterson. licensed insurance agent.
l Auto
l Your claims will be handled
l Renter’s promptly and fairly, with personal
attention and care.

l Business l Your renewals will be reviewed

for price and coverage.
l Life
“For over 60 years the Jacksonville com-
l Health munity has allowed us to provide pro-
tection and security to their most val-
l Medicare ued assets. We do not take that trust for
Supplements granted and will continue to live up to
the responsibility.”
l Nursing
Ella’s mother denied there was burgoo in the bottle, but really, since she is a Beard, I am not convinced. Photo by
Marcy Patterson. (More on pg. 17).
PAGE 6 17 September - 23 September 2009

Tree Service l
Tree Trimming Jazz by Ken Bradbury
STump removal
I have a friend other likes and dislikes in music had simi-
BruSh removal named Brock…a lar origins. Rock music bores me a bit. I
BruSh CuTTing tall, slender sopho- played in a rock n’ roll band through the
more at Routt 60s and 70s, and after the initial thrill was
STorm Cleanup Catholic, who is gone, our main concern about a gig was
BuCkeT TruCk probably as close to a prodigy as anyone “How far do we have to drive to get there?”
discount parts, sales and service availaBle for varieTy I’ve ever met. The victim of only a few and “Is it another third floor dance without
phone: 217.245.2650 of joBS: anTenna & years’ piano lessons, his greatest talent is an elevator and tons of equipment?” I think
Sign removal, rafTerS, innate more than learned. He conquers a that’s it. Rock and roll wore me out.
Harley-Davidson sales and service eTC. Scott Joplin piece then turns it on its head. I love Wagner and Tchaikovsky,
400 W. Morton Ave Jacksonville, IL
l Call Today! l
affordaBle raTeS! He’ll master a bit of Mozart then flip it but can become bored by the time intermis-
inside out, making it his own. Brock does- sion rolls around in a Mozart concert. That 217. 491.7820 l
reliaBle ServiCe
n’t play the piano, he gets inside it, he makes no sense. Any musicologist will rate
makes it dance. Firemen tell tales of house Mozart at the top of any musical heap, but
fires in which the piano keyboard was left he has the same effect on me as Nyquil, the
903 E. Morton Ave. - Jacksonville, IL intact. This is a lie. I’ve seen ivory smoke cold medicine. Now that I’ve started psy-
P: (217) 245-1445 under Brock’s pyrotechnic fingers. choanalyzing my musical tastes I think this
Which made me wonder why I slight perversion can be traced back to the don’t much care for jazz. Brock likes jazz. Bugs Bunny cartoons that featured the
l Prepare for Fall - see our specials online l Oil Change Specials I listen to Brock play jazz, and tell him, biggest and brassiest Wagnerian music.
“Hey, I really like that.” I’m not exactly Sorry Amadeus, blame it on Elmer Fudd.
l All-season Tire Buy l And Much, Much More... lying. I mean, I don’t dislike it…it’s just Gospel music? Love it. Four-part
…well…like celery. I don’t get it. I keep harmony. Simple, three-chord stuff and I
For the best deals, list of services, inwardly shouting “Who stole the can’t get enough of it. There’s nothing
melody?” complicated about gospel music, nothing
discounts & coupons visit our website at This is not a condemnation of especially intricate. Not to show any disre-
jazz. Heck, it’s the only truly American spect to those who sing it extremely well,
form of music, really intelligent people but practically anyone can sing it. So how
love it, and it takes a skill of both music come my enjoyment whenever four men
and improvisation that few musicians ever kick into “I’ll Fly Away”? I think it goes
The stop that keeps you going! manage to put together in one talented back to Fishhook, Illinois, and the annual
package. But it’s always left me cold and Sunday School convention where gospel
I’ve wondered why. singing was mixed in with a little preaching
Until I got on the elevator in and a whole lot of fried chicken and corn-
Peoria. I had been hired by the Kiwanis to balls. That was the only place I could get
play for their state convention. Two days of my grandma’s fried cornballs. Somehow
honky-tonking for various banquets and The Blackwood Quartet and the Singing
programs. I’d do a gig in the banquet room, Lester Family got all mixed up with crispy,
hang around Peoria for a few hours, then lard-fried breading in my adolescent musi-
show up for their dinner meeting. A nice cal mind.
gig aside from the fact that I was stuck in Folk music? One of my favorite
downtown Peoria for long periods of time. genres. When I grow up I still want to be
On the second evening of the convention I Pete Seeger. Why? Again, I guess I’ll
climbed aboard the elevator en route to the blame my growing up as a child of the six-
awards’ banquet and it all became clear. ties. The whole world was protesting one
The elevator was filled with the sound of thing or another, but at Illinois College we
jazz music piped in from somewhere and skipped the peace marches and draft card
suddenly my teeth started to ache. burning and went to the really important
The dentist. Ever since I was old national issues: compulsory attendance at
enough to grow my own teeth, my parents the college’s chapel services, and being
took me to a Jacksonville dentist who had forced to wear a tie to eat on Wednesday
jazz playing in the background all during nights. Our student body president spent a
those dreaded minutes in the waiting room, week underneath his desk in Crampton
all the time I nervously clutched the arms Hall and wouldn’t come out. I guess we
of Dr. Herr’s chairs awaiting his arrival, showed them. That was pretty much the
and then jazz accompanied every x-ray, extent of our radicalism, but we always
drilling, filling, and extraction I ever suf- thought it’d be cool to go to Woodstock or
fered in that seat of horror. That was it. march to Selma, or …well…something,
Somewhere between the third and fourth dog-gone it. I like folk music.
floor of the Pere Marquette Hotel of Peoria And it was Pete Seeger who said,
I discovered the “root” cause of my dislike “There’s no such thing as bad music. The
for jazz. It had been the background music very term is an oxymoron.” I guess he’s
for the most dreaded moments of my young right. And I’m glad Brock’s dentist didn’t
life. fill his waiting room with jazz.
Which made me wonder if my
17 September - 23 September 2009 PAGE 7

Invest in Your Grandchildren’s

Future Submitted by Brent Bordentkircher
20 Years of Service
November 1, 1989 - November 1, 2009
This time of year marks National Grandparent's Day. While not as e Clinic has provided continuous
well known as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day is, Service Since 1953
nonetheless, a reminder to us of the importance of grandparents in
the lives of their grandchildren. If you’re a grandparent yourself, you might want to
use this day as a starting point to consider how you can best help your own grandchil- “Our Family Cares
dren on their journey through life.
Of course, one of the most generous things you can do is to help your grand-
children pay for college. A person with a bachelor’s degree will earn, on average,
for Yours”
almost twice as much over a lifetime as workers with a high school diploma, accord-
ing to the U.S. Census Bureau. And over the past several years, college costs have
risen significantly.
To help meet these costs, you might want to consider opening a Section 529
savings plan. Your contributions may be deductible on your state taxes, and all earn-
State of the Art...
ings and withdrawals are tax-free, as long as the money is used for qualified higher ...treatment modalities.
education expenses. Withdrawals for other types of expenses may be subject to feder-
al and state taxes plus a ten percent penalty. And since you can open a Section 529 plan
in your name, you’ll maintain control over the funds, so if the grandchild who is the
plan’s beneficiary decides against going to college, you can switch the beneficiary Eurotech’s flexion adjusting table
designation to another grandchild. allows optimum correction of
While saving for college may be more of a near-term goal for your grandchil- spinal or disc problems. is
dren, they’ll also have other objectives, such as saving for retirement — and you can
fully biomechanical table allows
help them out in that area, too. For instance, you may want to help them fund a Roth
for all ranges of spinal correction;
IRA. Since your grandchildren are young, they have many decades ahead of them to
flexion, extension, and axial rota-
take advantage of this retirement vehicle, which offers tax-free earnings, provided
your grandchildren don’t make withdrawals until they’re 59-1/2.
To qualify for a Roth IRA, your grandchildren just need to be old enough to
earn some money. They would have to establish the Roth IRA in their names, but you
could contribute to it. The contribution limit is the lesser of $5,000 per year or the
amount of annual earned income.
Helping your grandchildren pay for college or save for retirement will bring
you great satisfaction during your lifetime. But once you’re gone, you can still provide Traditional erapy
valuable financial resources that may help your grandchildren achieve other goals, Modalities such as heat, cold,
such as furthering their education or making a down payment on a home. ultrasound, and interferential
Specifically, you might want to pass on some of your assets to your grand- current can help strengthen,
children through a living trust, which can avoid probate and gives you great control relax, and heal muscles; decrease
over how — and when — you want your wealth distributed. And if you name your pain, increase circulation, and
grandchildren beneficiaries of a life insurance policy owned by a trust, the proceeds decrease inflammation.
will not typically be subject to estate or income taxes. (Keep in mind, though, that you
will need to consult with a qualified legal advisor before establishing a living trust,
which can be a complex arrangement. Edward Jones does not provide tax or legal
You may have received a card or a gift from your grandchildren on Intersegmental Traction
Grandparent’s Day. But you’ll get even more satisfaction by helping them invest for Will greatly help re-establish the
their future goals. normal ranges of the body’s
spine. It also helps facilitate mus-
This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor. cle relaxation and reduce muscle
Aqua ermassage combines
flotation, heat and massage to
produce stimulation, yet relaxing
dry hydrotherapy. You will expe-
155 W. Morton Avenue rience high pressure water mas-
217.245.2174 sage that increases circulation,
Area Chamber of Commerce relaxes muscles, reduces spasms,
tension, and cramping.
Invites you to be a winner... During September & October,
save your receipts from purchases made from Local Chamber
Members. Bring in $500 worth of receipts to the Chamber office
by November 2nd, and you will be eligible to win a Chamber Welcoming New Patients
Community Check valued at $100. Drawing to be held on
November 3rd. ...Shop LOCAL - win BIG! 217.245.4810
PAGE 8 17 September - 23 September 2009

Community News & Bulletins... Berco Farms...

2669 Old State Road l (4 miles east of Mobil Rd.)
407 S. 6th - SpRingFieLD, iL 62701
Curves of Jacksonville Celebrates Women's Health
phiL FRoMMe and Fitness Day Grassroots Newswire Beautiful, Big, Belgian
Store Manager
Phone: 217.522.7741
More than half of adult U.S. women are overweight and more than one-third of
adult U.S. women are obese, according to the American Obesity Association. In fact, obe-
Cell: 217.306.5641 sity plays a major role in the poor health of women, including diabetes and high blood
pressure. Such statistics can be alarming, and the increase in obesity is why places, like 8" pots
We will beat ANY the local Curves center, have educational programs to address weight loss through
focused curricula and classes.
$6 each or 3/$15
tire pricing around.
"Wouldn't it be great to have a program that helps you reach your weight goal
and stay there? In order to reach your weight goal, however, you have to retrain and sus- 217-245-4808
tain your metabolism," says Stephanie Johnson of the Jacksonville Curves. In recognition of National Women's Health and Fitness Day on September 30th, the Curves location in
Jacksonville is announcing its no cost, 30-Day Diet Plan program for all Jacksonville-
...where Mums the Word
area women interested in weight-loss results and health improvement.
on going eVentS:
According to Johnson, the 30-Day Diet Plan program is a series of free weight
management classes. These classes are based on recent research findings from the
Exercise & Sport Nutrition Laboratory at Texas A&M University. I
Jacksonville Area Senior Center Schedule -
Community Park Open Tue -Thu 9:00am
- 4:00pm handicapped accessible.
Classes for the 30-Day Diet Plan program include:
1. Start-Up Class (90 minutes) and progression to Phase 2 for first-time participants.
2. Phase 3 Class (30 minutes) to teach the most important stage of the Curves Weight
Jacksonville Fire Department Raffle - tickets Management Plan and special techniques for ongoing weight maintenance. Antique & Home Decor Shoppes
for a pink fire hat with proceeds to ben- 3. Special Topics Classes (30 minutes) to cover a different health-related topic each 1847 S. Main St. - Jacksonville
efit the Mia Ware Foundation. For more month, including Smart Grocery Shopping, Choosing the Right Carbohydrates, Eating (2 miles North of I72 exit 64)
info, please call 245-2174. Out, Emotional Eating and more.

"We hope to show local women how they can benefit from these specialized
Red Cross training for September 2009 -
classes," Johnson said, "and invite them to learn a brand new way to lose weight and keep
CPR and First Aid Training in September.
it off - without counting points, calories or carbohydrates."
Pre-registration and payment is required
All classes are available at no fee and no membership is required. For more
prior to the training date. For more info,
information about Curves of Jacksonville and when the diet classes are offered, please
please call 243-6641.
contact Stephanie Johnson at 217-243-6464 or
David Strawn Art gallery - paintings from Friday, September 25th
the collection of Dale Reiber Heiniger
Fighting the Flu & Saturday, September 26th
from September 5th -27th.
thu, 17 Sep
A Knowledge Is Power (KIP) presentation on “Preparing to Combat the 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
5:30pm - 10:00pm Chamber of Commerce H1N1 “Swine” Flu” will take place on Tuesday, September 22, at the Jacksonville
Steak Fry at J’ville Municipal Airport Area Center for Independent Living. The event runs from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. and is Enjoy savings of 10% storewide
FRi, 18 Sep open to the public with no charge for admission. Door Prize $50.00 Gift Certificate
The presenter will be Jackie Barringer, R.N., with the Morgan County
7:00pm Football JHS vs Lanphier Public Health Department. Topics will include: H1N1 Flu, seasonal flu, symptoms Refreshments
of H1N1 flu, getting a flu shot, preparing for a pandemic, and populations these two
SAt, 19 Sep
different flus will target.
10:00am - 1:30pm Central Illinois
Please call Larry Whewell with questions at (217) 245-8371 (voice/tty). A
Community Blood Center - Wellness
sign languange interpreter will be present.
Fair. To make an appt. or for questions,
call Mindy at 866-448-3253 ext. 38.
The KIP presentation will be held at the JACIL office located at 15 Permac
Road. Refreshments will be served.
1.30 pm - 3:30pm Knowledge is Power
(KIP) - presentation on combating the
H1NI “Swine” Flu. Open to public. Free
event. For more info call 217.245.8371.
We are planning to restart what was once known as the "Decker
tueS, 22 Sep
Reunion." We want to get members of our families together again - as
6:45pm Bingo Meredosia American we had done so back in the 1960s, annually for a get together/reunion.
This would be for the families and /or descendents of the Decker's gen-
Legion Hall
eration of Charles, Alvin, Lyman, and Albert Decker - as well as Doll
up CoMing eVentS: Collins and Mabel Hayes.
Our plans are to have a reunion this year, Sunday, October 11, 2009.
Friday, 25 September 7:00pm
Of any family members of any of those noted above, please contact the
Football Routt vs Brown County
following so we can secure your names/addresses/and for additional
Sat, 26 September 10:00am - 2:00pm information and details about the reunion.
Ladies Day - sponsored by Simply Judy Cisne: 243-3417 Beck Zito: 245-7862
Unique Styles at 205 E. Morton Ave. #9. Betty Lou Anderson: 245-9237
For more info, please call 371-7660. If you are unable to attend the October 11th date, we ask that you con-
2:00pm Football ISD vs West Centrall tact us so we can have your contact information for future reunions.
Sunday, 27 September
17 September - 23 September 2009 PAGE 9

Emiquon (continued from pg. 3) there is the overlook to Spunky Bottoms
Right now, you cannot go down to
M-F 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
ecosystem. the wetlands area, because it is undergoing
Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
In the 1970s, after extended negoti- restoration. More than 7,500 trees have been
ations, The Nature Conservancy acquired the planted, and all sorts of seeds are in place. Service Center l 217.245.4117 l Jacksonville, IL
Norris farm. After extended studies, the Today, Spunky Bottoms has one of the most
Conservancy enrolled 6400 acres of the farm abundant populations of northern cricket
in the federally subsidized Wetland Reserve frogs in Illinois. In the spring, 16,000 water-
Program. fowl migrated through, and this fall The
So far 300,000 wetland trees,
including black walnuts, swamp white oaks,
Nature Conservancy is going to permit water- Because You are Special to Us!
fowl hunting on a limited basis in late
and pecans have been planted at that site, October, both at Spunky Bottoms and also at our Service Center has Specials for You!
together with 8,000 pounds of grassland seed. the Emiquon Preserve.
You can see what is being done via the walk-
ways, just off to the east side of Route 78. In
addition, ongoing lectures and seminars are
Suffice it to say the results of these
restoration projects will have enormous con-
sequences. If they succeed in restoring the
$75 Full Detail Most Vehicles
open to the public on developments. health of the Illinois River, the techniques

$5 off
Now, this is only part of the story will be utilized not only in the United States,
and this brings us to The Merwin Preserve at but throughout the world.
Spunky Bottoms. Spunky Bottoms is just So, exciting things are here in the our Full Service Lube,
upriver from Meredosia, on the west side. midst of these cornfields. Watch for future oil, Filter with our 27-point Safety inspection
After descending the bluff out of Versailles, developments and have a good trip.
and turning towards the LaGrange Locks, 15% off Mechanical Services over $100
www.Simply Unique
205 E. Morton Avenue, Suite #9

Weekly Specials
Is the economy tugging at your pocket?
Let us give you a bang for your buck!
$39 .95 Lube, Oil and Filter with tire Rotation

Business Day Wear Casual Formal

$ 10 off
l l l

Wed, September 16th Fri, September 18th Mon, September 21st Nitrogen Tire Service
All clothes $3.99 when done with lube, oil & filter service.
Buy 5 items get 6th Bring in your
FREE instyle coats (must be in
good condition - no stains) and
Tue, September 22nd Offer expires September 30, 2009 please present Coupon at check-in. not Valid With Ay other offers.

Thu, September 17th get 50% OFF & a FREE earrings with
Buy 1 get 1 item FREE bracelet. purchase
1/2 OFF Sat, September 19th
Purses 1/2 OFF
ALL OF SEPTEMBER Bring in 2 cans of food items and receive 20% oFF
Pneumonia Vaccine
Did you know the CDC has new recommendations for when
and who should receive the pneumonia vaccine?

the good news is most people only

Play by Ken Bradbury with “brief” music by roger Wainwright
need 1 pneumonia shot ever!
Playing November 6th - 8th
Friday Evening saturday Evening sunday Matinee Vaccines are Recommended for...
November 6th November 7th November 8th l People over 65 years of age.
7:30 pm 7:30 pm 5:00 pm l
Ages 2-64 with chronic cardiovascular, pulmonary, and liver disease,
or diabetes.
Tickets Available NOW! Contact the Jacksonville Theatre
Guild for Ticket Purchasing and Reservations
And those ages between 19 - 64 that have asthma or smoke.
Talk to your health care provider about these new recommendations.
217.245.1402 This Public Service Announcement brought to you by The Morgan County Health Departement
Join us for an evening or afternoon of entertainment and help
support the boys and girls Club of Central Illinois.

Sponsored by The Source, Jacksonville Theatre Guild and

Lincoln Land Community College WREC.
PAGE 10 17 September - 23 September 2009

Pierson Beware the Street Walkers by Roger Deem ahead and pretend to be totally oblivious to
the fact I am standing there in my bright
I am not typically a person who had the opportunity to participate in its' orange vest. Quite an accomplishment--I
stays with organizations for extended peri- annual Peanut Day fundraiser. That occurs am about as hard to miss as a buffalo in the
ods of time. Perhaps I simply have an atten- on one of the first Autumn Saturdays when middle of Norma's North Star Cafe.
tion span as long-lived as a snowflake in Jacksonville's collective blood pressure 4. An approaching motorist spies the tell-
the Sahara. Therefore, it says a great deal spikes a bit as people take up positions in tale streetwear and executes the kind of 90-
for the Kiwanis Club of Jacksonville that the streets asking for money to support degree turn that can generally only be
nearly a decade and a half have passed their favorite causes. accomplished by transports that have
since my induction, and my enthusiasm for Of all the stations that Kiwanians installed a lateral rocket thruster package. I
the club and its membership has the staying fill that day, my favorite has always been in can vouch for the fact that West Street and
power of an unemployed relative after the the middle of College Avenue in front of the parking lots belonging to the library and
948 North Main St. Jacksonville, IL 62650
l holidays. the Public Library. My affection for this the Jacksonville Theatre Guild see more
217.245.7446 Fax 217.243.4513
l Kiwanis is a global organization assignment is generated in part by the fact traffic on Peanut Day than Morton Avenue
of volunteers dedicated to changing the it is usually fairly busy and that there is that on Cruise Nite.
world one child and one community at a ungraphable thrill that comes with the 5. With a sigh of resignation, a driver will
time. That's the official line. The truth is, knowledge that at any given point I may be remove his or her vehicle's ashtray and
Kiwanis is that and a whole lot more. Our a stranger's next hood empty the contents into my jug. Sorting
1002 West Walnut - Jacksonville
club contributes thousands of volunteer ornament. through the goodies afterwards has always

service hours and more than $30,000.00 There are certain traditional been one of my favorite activities. Standard
every year back into Jacksonville, almost responses by the drivers who pass our way finds include paper clips, buttons, safety
exclusively to programs and agencies that which never fail to inspire chuckles. A few pins, tokens for the vacuum at the old
benefit our children. of my favorites: Wareco car wash and for the video games at
We are so blessed to be support- Aladdin's Castle, gum wrappers, gum rem-
1. A motorist shuttling along towards a red
ed by the citizens of this region at our nants and, my personal all-time favorite: a
stoplight sees us in the road and slows to a
major fundraisers. We stage Pancake & small packaged product that I won't name
crawl while still two blocks away. Just as
Sausage Day in March--an event which,
Summer Silks during its most hectic hours, can remind
he or she nears the intersection, the light but I will confess it saved me 75 cents dur-
ing my next trip to the rest room at Huck's.
goes green and the car is shifted into light
one of trying to get into the Titanic's last
speed and roars past us like a teenager I appreciate very much the folks
217.245.6134 lifeboat. We stage a pair of TriviaMania

answering the doorbell. who speak to me, even if it is to apologize
events to test the impressive intellectual

& mettle of its participants. And we conclude 2. Someone is heading down the street as that they don't have any small change. I
our administrative year by hitting the the light is green, sees us and puts the pedal envision a day down the road where we
Established in 1990 to the metal in an attempt to clear the inter- will be able to access the electronic debit
Bonded & Insured streets for the last of our annual fund
builders. section before the red light foils the escape. systems and folks can just swipe their cards
Cleaning Service Free Estimates
in our machines no matter how rapidly they
For 13 of the 14 years I have 3. Someone who gets caught at the light
been a member of the local Club, I have demonstrates the ability to stare straight are moving. My trust in this vision tends to
Office Cleaning l
Medical Offices
explain why my favorite zone at
Ceramic Tile l
Grout Line Sealing l
General Office Cleaning
Disney World is Fantasyland.
This year I am taking my turn as
chairman of this event. In our club
217.787.6335 l
Mobile 217.741.1543
whoever holds that position is
Jim & Gwendolyn Wolfley, Owners
referred to as "Mr. Peanut" for the
duration of the campaign. I find this
“Cleaning Done Your Way” appellation a fairly good fit--in part

Sam’s Mowing
because I've been called a nut for a
very long time and in part because the
Servicing Jacksonville for over 20 years.
unshelled peanut and I have a lot in
Commercial & Residential
Grounds Maintenance
Come See... common anatomically. As chairman,
I find my largest historical concern
NEW LAWN ...What We Can Do For You
about this event is now my responsi-
bility to address: how to help the peo-
Auto and Truck Loans
ple we encounter feel less irritation,
vexation and guilt at our presence.
Please Call for a FREE ESTIMATE There are basically three points which
Home and Farm Mortgages I believe would help deal with the sit-
217-245-9137 uation if only I could get the word
Don’t Forget I Do More than Just Mow
Home Equity Loans out.
Here’s a partial List of Services I also Provide:
Aeration l Rolling l Tilling l Landscaping l Shrub Trimming
Personal, Mortorcycle, ATV, RV Loans 1. We have no problem at all if a per-
son does NOT want to participate.
Business and Commercial Loans These are tough times economically

Dave’s Music l
Farm Operating Equipment Loans for most folks, many of us included.
We totally understand if a person can-
not or chooses not to be a part of this
project. None of our Kiwanians is
41 S. Main, Winchester, IL going to hurl caustic comments, make
rude gestures or take a sledgehammer
Largest Selection of new and used guitars and to a car if it passes by without help-
amps in the area! ing.
Over 100 used and reconditioned school band 2. Our Kiwanians are all volunteers--
instruments at sale prices! every last one. We don't take home
203 South Miller St. 1604 W. Morton Ave. 300 third Ave. north any of the money we receive
Paying Cash for older guitars, banjos, man- (continued on pg. 19, see Walkers)
dolins, and basses. Waverly, iL 62692 Jacksonville, il 62650 White hall, il 62092

217.742.9255 217.435.3000 217.243.0660 217.374.2233

Business Feature

17 September - 23 September 2009 PAGE 11

Have you ever slept on an customers find the right comfort

uncomfortable mattress? If so, then level at the right price point. He is
you know that the quality and comfort available to answer any questions
level of a mattress greatly impacts the and can assist customers in navigat-
quality of your sleep. Since humans ing the variety of choices available.
spend about 1/3 of their lives in bed, Customers are welcome to lie down
selecting a mattress is an important and try different mattresses because,
decision. Unfortunately, many of us as Don says, “You test drove your
feel overwhelmed by the myriad of car, didn’t you?” Sometimes cus-
choices available. This is where the tomers even narrow down their
experts, or “yawn exterminators,” at choices to a few models and come
Just Beds come in. back in a few days to try them out
During the mid ’90s, Steve again before making a final decision.
Stimac worked for a furniture retailer The right mattress will be the one
and noticed that quite a few customers that is most comfortable for the cus-
came into the store looking to pur- tomer.
chase mattresses. Steve wondered if Just Beds is proud to offer the
he could offer a different shopping Bemco mattress, their most popular
experience with customer service rep- selling brand. Bemco’s headquarters
resentatives as sleep experts. Steve are in Des Plaines, IL, and their prod-
and his friend, Jerry Pagel, decided to uct is made locally at a factory in
pursue this concept and open their Springfield. Bemco patented the first
own “sleep shop.” They named their pillow-top mattress in 1961 and
store Just Beds and the Springfield, IL recently celebrated its 50th
location held its grand opening in the Anniversary in 1996. The company
spring of 1996. has also seen more than 20 of its
Over time, Steve and Jerry mattresses earn the Good
found themselves regularly delivering Housekeeping Seal of Approval
to Jacksonville and surrounding coun- since 1980. At Just Beds, the stores
ties. According to Steve, they “saw a feature the Bemco Posture
need” and opened a Just Beds store in Collection.
Jacksonville in 2000. This turned out Just Beds has Central Illinois’
to be a wise decision, as business has largest selection of name brand bed-
increased every year since then. Steve ding and bedding related products.
says it’s been a pleasure serving the At the Jacksonville location, you can
Jacksonville community over the past purchase headboards, footboards,
nine years. According to Jacksonville daybeds, futons, bunk beds, and
Just Beds store manager, Don Stimac, water bed accessories, in addition to
just Beds remains one of the only mattresses. When you purchase a
shops of its kind in Central Illinois. mattress from Just Beds, all prices
A “sleep shop” shopping include delivery, set up, and haul
experience differs from a visit to a away of your old mattress at no extra
general furniture store. Employees at charge. They are committed to pro-
a sleep shop focus only on sleep-relat- els are on or size mattress viding a quality product, with on-
ed products, whereas a furniture sales- display. you are seeking, time delivery and excellent service.
man must focus on a broader range of Queen mat- they can direct Steve explains that Just Beds
products. Don says customers can feel tresses start you to the best always provides an exceptional value on
the difference because “all we do is mat- at $269 and choices and help mattresses. In addition, they offer month-
tresses.” This means that at Just Beds you end at you understand ly features and discounts. You can stop
can depend on salesman to have an in- $1299, with the differences. by the store for specials or visit
depth knowledge about the products. numerous Don Stimac to view a monthly
At the Jacksonville Just Beds, mattress explained that specials flyer. Just Beds is located at 940
employees are very knowledgeable about options and selecting a mat- W Morton Ave. Store hours are Monday
the variety of brands and options they price points tress at his store - Friday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m and Saturday 10
carry, including Sealy, Bemco, and Lady in between. is a low-pressure a.m. to 5 p.m.
Americana. When customers visit the No matter experience. His
Jacksonville location, 22 mattress mod- what style goal is to help
PAGE 12 17 September - 23 September 2009

Who Does Ken Bradbury Think He Is? plays. Then he found out I knew a little about
electrical wiring, and that turned into set light-
ing; then he found out I knew a little bit about
A light-hearted look at our own “KB”by G.Q. Spaulding building things and that turned into set con-
struction and it’s been going on ever since.
Somewhere, in the tiny rural town of books and more than 100 plays and musicals. dom turns anybody down. And when he puts on “He’s great to perform with,” said
Coonridge, a phone rings. According to Dr. Crowe, “he is the foremost a show, he doesn’t do it for money, he does it for West, who’s shared many stages with Bradbury.
“Crump residence, this is Freida Marie author of speech contest material in the United the enjoyment of others. People don’t realize “He works hard and he demands hard work in
speaking…” States. His work is used by more students than just how much Ken Bradbury gives away every return, and if he’s not getting it, he’s not very
“Mrs. Crump, my name is G.Q. anyone else.” Crowe’s Consortium Publishing year. Not just in
Spaulding, and I write for the Jacksonville Co. distributes Bradbury’s speech contest mate- donations to the
Source. We’re going to do a story on Ken rial nationally and internationally, and currently causes he supports,
Bradbury, and I understand you know him pret- lists more than 200 contest pieces in its catalog. but in time.”
ty well. I was wondering if you could tell us a “If someone was looking for a challenge, try Crowe’s
little bit about him.” compiling the complete works of Ken thoughts were
“Herb, it’s the Jacksonville newspa- Bradbury; all the songs, all the skits, all the echoed by another know the free one. They want to talk to plays, the musicals, the books, and the articles. l o n g - t i m e
me about Ken Bradbury.” It would be an almost overwhelming task.” Bradbury friend
“Bradbury, that bum, he still owes me Bradbury not only writes original and colleague
money,” said Herb mumbling in the back- material for speech competitions, he often Chuck West. “Ken
ground. serves as a judge for them as well. Crowe is absolutely
“Sorry you had to hear that,” Freida recounted a story from one of Bradbury’s trips devoted to helping
Marie said. “Herb is still sore over a bet he to an area school where he was being featured people. He’s gen-
made with Ken during the annual January as a guest author. “Ken arrived at the school erous not just with
molasses race festival. Herb won and Ken early and made his way into the building his money, but
asked if he could pay him off in chips. Naturally, through a back door. Inside, he found a couple with his time. He
Herb thought he either meant poker chips or of students practicing for their performance, gives a lot to local
potato chips. Either way he thought they were and they were doing a piece Ken had written. charities and min-
worth somethin’ and he agreed. So Ken paid After they had finished, Ken asked them ‘Do istries, but also
him off...with cow chips. That Ken, he’s such a you know who Ken Bradbury is?’ ‘No,’ the stu- raises a lot of
scamp you know, but he’s always been that dent answered. ‘But I think he’s dead.’ money for local
way...why I’ve known him since he was a Over the course of a friendship that causes.”
kid...and I knew his mom too. Ken and I talk all has lasted more than 25 years, Crowe and West was a
the time, and share lots of ideas. But before we Bradbury have collaborated on five plays writ- member of the
start, I’m gonna tell you that I’m darned tired of ing everything from the script to the songs and Christian band
Ken Bradbury takin’ the credit for all my best lyrics. “I struggle sometimes to come up with Bradbury formed
ideas. So now, what would you like to know?” ideas, but they seem to come so easily for him,” called “Shiloh.”
Crowe said. “He has a knack for character and “Whenever Ken’s sense of showmanship blossomed at an early age. Here he is pictured at age four, perform-
ing an Al Jolson bit for the PTA. Photos courtesy of the Bradbury family.
Anyone who has ever read the locally incident development.” While Bradbury’s out- we performed, we
syndicated column Coonridge Digest will rec- put has been prolific, Crowe points out the took an offering,
ognize Freida Marie Crump and her husband entire process is far from easy. and all the money
Herb. Freida Marie and Herb are true-to-life “I’ve heard people say this 100 times, we raised went to
characters projected from the brilliant and busy ok, so its more like 103…it’s easy for him the Green Pastures
mind of Ken Bradbury. (Bradbury) because he’s so talented. He’s campground.
Bradbury is a man of many talents, and extremely talented, there’s no question about There were times
many hats. (Trust me, I’ve seen lots of his hats that, but people just don’t realize how hard he though, when we
and some of them should never see the light of works to get things done. It’s not just his talent, thought the church
day.) He’s been a teacher, author, playwright, it’s his work ethic. Honestly, I don’t know or group we were
musician, songwriter, lyricist, actor, director, when, or if, he really sleeps, and if he does, it performing for
entertainer, keynote speaker, and mentor to can’t be for very long. needed the money
name a few. As a musician, Bradbury has per- “Ken has produced an overwhelming more, and we gave
formed with the piano, organ, accordion, trum- body of work,” Crowe said, “and he spends it back to them, but
pet, banjo, and bagpipes (much to the disap- hundreds of hours to get it right. There’s a lot of it all went to a
pointment of his neighbors.) This short list is work involved in writing a script, developing charity or min-
by no means a complete list of his accomplish- the characters and the plot, and then there’s the istry.”
ments, but it does beg the question “Just who is third component, scoring the music for the West said he
Ken Bradbury anyway?” orchestra. It’s one thing to write a song, or first became aware
The son of Elmer and Freida write the lyrics for a song, but writing the score of who Ken
Bradbury, Ken grew up in Perry, a tiny town in for the orchestra is a very time-consuming task. Bradbury was
northeastern Pike County. He graduated from Each part has to be written separately for each when Ken cap-
Perry High School and Illinois College, and instrument. That’s a lot of work.” tained the debate
through his writing, his music and his perform- While Bradbury has already earned a team at their alma
ances, he’s gained a reputation that’s made his a nationwide reputation, Crowe believes had Ken mater, Illinois
household name from Arenzville to as far away decided otherwise, he could have commanded a College. “Ken was
as Chapin. Truthfully, Bradbury’s reputation is much larger audience on a national stage. “I a couple of years
widespread, and his work is known nationally believe had he chosen to do so, he could have ahead of me in
Dressed in full Scottish garb, Ken makes no secret of his love for playing bagpipes.
and in some cases internationally. filled many roles on a national scene, as a per- school, so I knew
Just how much he’s written, no one former, a comedy writer, or as a composer.” who he was.” Later
(not even Ken) actually knows said long-time Asked what he believes makes Ken the two would find themselves as faculty col- happy.” West says Bradbury’s not as much a
friend and collaborator Dr. Robert Crowe. A Bradbury tick, Crowe paused thoughtfully and leagues when West accepted a teaching position task-master as he is someone who knows how
partial listing on the inside cover of his 2007 said “Service to others. He has people come to at Triopia High School. to get the very best out of the people he works
book Soup Town credits him with six published him all the time asking him to speak, or put on “I started out working with Ken in 1977, with. “If you’re on stage with him and you blow
a skit, or write a skit for a fundraiser, and he sel- helping him work out special effects for his
17 September - 23 September 2009 PAGE 13

a line, he knows how to help you recover.” done and get it done on time.” really great to work with. When things don’t go everyone else was wearing jeans and t-shirts,
West also believes one of Ken’s great- The Ex-wives Club exactly like they’re supposed to, they always Ken’s band showed up wearing shirts, ties and
est joys is working with young people. In addi- Janet Long has known Ken and designed seem to work out when Ken’s involved. jackets. They also added a keyboard, trumpet,
tion to a teaching career of more than 34 years costumes for his productions for more than 20 “What makes it so easy for me to work and a saxophone to the normal lead guitar, bass
at Triopia, Bradbury has spent the last 26 years years. By the time the two met, Bradbury had with him is that he tells you what he wants, then guitar, and drummer set up most bands had.
as the driving force behind the Performing Arts already established himself as one who put on let’s you go do it. More importantly he listens, They used to go to the battle of the bands com-
Camp at Green Pastures. “He’s really good at quality productions and demanded that same too. He lets you tell him what you want or what petitions and won about every one they were
helping young people find their faith, or quality from the people he worked with. you need too.” in.”
strengthen their faith through the performing “To tell you the truth, I was scared to Their theater relationship has turned into Making the “cast”
a great friendship that has seen the two attend Ken’s performances have not always
functions and travel together. “We’ve gone been limited to the stage. Keith recalled a time
places where people knew Ken, but not me, and in high school when Ken found himself drawing
more than once he’s introduced me as his ex- the wrath of one of the school’s coaches. “With
wife, but anyone who knows him, knows he’s this particular coach, if you got in trouble with
never been married.” Long said with a chuckle, him, the punishment was always the same...lots
“And I know I’m not the only woman he’s ever of laps around the gym,” Keith said. “Ken knew
said that about. With Ken, you never know what he was going to have to run laps the next day in
he’s going to say next.” school, so he had a local doctor put his leg in a
Brotherly love cast. He showed up the next day with the cast
It’s long been said if one wants to find on his leg and, when the coach asked what hap-
out what someone is like, ask his friends, and if pened, he told him he’d broken his leg the night
you want to know what he’s really like, ask his before. That only worked for a little while,
family. maybe a day, but the coach eventually found
For Keith Bradbury, he’s grown more out.”
than accustomed to answering the question ‘Is The Author’s source
Ken Bradbury your brother?’ Keith, like everyone else who knows his
His response not only answers the ques- brother, is aware of Ken’s prolific writing out-
tion, but drive’s the point home. “Yes, he’s my put. “He’s always writing something, and a lot
brother, but that’s not my fault. You have to of things he writes come from things we expe-
blame that on poor family planning on my par- rienced growing up in Perry. As an example,
ents’ part.” It doesn’t take long to figure out that Keith cites Ken’s Coonridge Digest. Freida
the Bradburian sense of humor is a family trait. Marie gets her first name from our mother, and
“Ken and I were fortunate enough to a lot of the characters in Ken’s stories are actu-
grow up with parents who both had great sens- ally a combination of traits from people we
es of humor.” knew growing up.
Keith who is a couple years junior to “After Mom died in 1998, Ken told me
Ken said their up-bringing wasn’t one involving he didn’t realize how much he was actually
sibling rivalries. “I’d have to say we got along writing for her when he put those columns
pretty well. Sure we had our disagreements and together. Mom loved it, she knew all those
Knollwood Retirement Village received a star performance of Ken’s piano stylings, as he worked the keys for a resident’s still do, but as far as those brotherly spats you folks and got all the inside jokes.” What Keith
birthday celebration. hear about in a lot of families, there weren’t finds remarkable, however, is the number of
any.” people he meets who are convinced a piece was
For the two of them, music and perform- written about someone in their community. “It
ing have been a big part of their lives. “We doesn’t matter if you’re from Arenzville,
started piano lessons on the exact same day,” Murrayville, or Franklin; it seems everyone
Keith said. “I quit because I wanted to play knows someone who is just like one of the char-
Little League and he kept on going. And now I acters in Ken’s columns.”
guess we see how that turned out,” he added The secret is out
with a laugh. “Ken’s still playing the piano, and Given the number of irons Ken has in
I’m too old to play ball anymore.” the fire at any one time, folks tend to wonder
Finished a distant third how he gets everything done. It is, after all,
The two have been involved in perform- hard to juggle cats without getting scratched in
ing arts since they were young. “I remember the process. “Lots of people say they don’t
they were holding local auditions for the Ted know how Ken is able to do so much,” Keith
Mack Amateur Hour (For those of you not old said. “But the answer is simple. Ken does lots
enough to remember it was the original of things for other people and in return, when he
“America’s Got Talent” minus the hype, bad needs some help, lots of people do things for
fashion and bad hair. Ted Mack was the host Ken.”
and Geritol was the sponsor.) Ken and I decid- But knowing the secret does not dimin-
ed to try out. I sang and Ken played the piano. ish his brother’s appreciation for what Ken can
More than 200 acts auditioned, and only 20 get done. “I’m amazed by what he can bring out
made it. We were in the 20, but we eventually in other people,” Keith said. “He knows how to
lost out to a girl named Helen Cornelius and a find it and bring it out of them, especially in
baton twirler. We just prefer to say we came in young people.”
a distant third to Helen Cornelius.” (Helen “Take the Performing Arts Camps for
Ken Bradbury, has been photographed all over the world. Ken visits Florida as often as he can to spend time with his
Cornelius, a native of Hannibal, Mo., went on to example,” Keith said, “when you think about
Here he is pictured in London. nephew David.
become a Nashville recording star.) how many kids have gone through those pro-
Ken, says his brother, has always been grams and have gone from sitting in the back
arts. He describes his long-time friend as “one death of him when we first started working a performer. Once upon a time, Ken was part of row to standing and performing on stage…to be
who will tell you the truth without bending the together,” she said “I knew everything he’d a rock ‘n roll band called “The Maddics.” able to showcase yourself, that’s one thing, but
corners; and as one who is responsible. If he done had been so good I was afraid I couldn’t “They played pretty much the same songs as to bring it out in other people, especially young
tells you he’ll get something done, he’ll get it live up to his expectations. The truth is, he’s every other band around back then, but while (continued on pg. 14, see Ken)
PAGE 14 17 September - 23 September 2009

Ken keep up with rapid-fire changes in direc-

(continued from pg. 13) tion. “In the space of a minute, he can go
from poking good-natured fun at a kid
people…that’s something quite different.” from Pike County, to sharing an insight
A young person’s perspective into who kids are and what they’re going
Ken Bradbury impacts the lives of through, that you almost get whiplash
people with whom he interacts, young or old. from the sudden gear change.
But given the tenure of his teaching career “Having cultivated a relationship
and the length of his service to his with him of my own, I can tell you that
Performing Arts Camps, it’s safe to say his he has given me more self-confidence,
biggest impacts have been with young peo- but that growth in confidence hasn’t been
ple. for free. Rather than give out meaning-
Hannah DeLoche has worked with less compliments to kids at random, he
Bradbury since age nine, first as a PAC stu- waits until he sees something in them
dent, and now a college senior, she serves as that deserves a compliment. He also goes
a camp counselor. into every meeting with a new student
“Hanging out with KB is kind of like knowing that there is something worthy
hanging out with the emcee of an awards in them,” DeLoche said. And where the
show. There are times when you feel like older, more established PAC students and
some things are a little bit scripted, but at the counselors are concerned, there is ever-
same time you never know what he’s going present encouragement for them to be the
to say, or what’s going to happen next. best role models they can be for the
“And it’s always great to see the reac- younger students.
tions when new kids come to camp and meet As is the case with the older con-
Ken for the first time. Their reactions to him tributors to this article, DeLoche too rec-
are always the same, and always different at ognizes Bradbury’s expectations of
the same time. When you’re a kid and you excellence. “You may not be the lead
In 2007, Ken took a leisurely horseback ride with his family. His brother reports, “The family tries to mark each Thanksgiving
meet him for the first time at a performing actor on the stage, but if you’re there, he with a different activity, in order to preserve the memory.”
arts camp, it’s kind of intimidating at first, expects you to be the best supporting
because he’s so talented and so sarcastically actor you can be while you’re out there. intended to help improve the student’s per- ple. Ken Bradbury really is a teacher, author,
funny. But every kid leaves the camp know- You may not be the best dancer, but he still formance. He’s keenly aware of your faults playwright, musician, songwriter, lyricist,
ing that they’ve been cared for and that expects you to be the best dancer you can be and limitations, but he makes it no secret actor, director, entertainer, keynote speaker,
they’re individually known to him.” at that moment.” he’s also keenly aware of his own.” and mentor who really does (with little or no
DeLoche said campers and counselors “He can be critical,” DeLoche said. As for the question “Just who is sleep) work tirelessly for the benefit, enter-
alike have to stay on their toes in order to “But is not mean-spirited criticism. It’s Ken Bradbury anyway?” the answer is sim- tainment and benefit of others.

Green Service Center l 217.245.4117 l Jacksonville, IL

M-F 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Don’t get CAUGHT

with Your HOOD UP
Visit Green for a FREE
GM fall/Winter Vehicle INSPECTION
DOCTOR is in for a limited time to make sure you are ready for the
cold winter weather to come. there are only so many
Goodwrench appointments available so call for this valuable service offer.

LIMITED inSpeCtion WiLL inCLuDe (but is not limited to):

Belts Hoses Battery and Battery Cables Brakes Tires
l l l l

T I M E ALL FLuiD LeVeLS AnD ConDition oF the FoLLoWing:

Anti-Freeze Wipers Washer Fluid Filters Light Signals
l l l l

Must present coupon at time of service. Expires September 30, 2009

17 September - 23 September 2009 PAGE 15

Florence’s Philosophy: There is No Such Thing

as Luck….Everything Happens for a Reason
by Trev Florence 497 N. Westgate Avenue Jacksonville, IL 62650

Webster’s defines the following: relief and gratitude.

Luck: Thank you, Lord! Both the Lord
1: a force that brings good fortune or and I know, I have not a dime between us Sales of New carpet, vinyl & Laminate Flooring
adversity b: the events or circumstances until next payday. Nonetheless, I can
that operate for or against an individual appreciate he restored to me an item
which was mine, and I did not have to go
In-Home estimates
2: favoring chance
Hard Luck:
through the hassle of contacting the bank, and INStALLAtIoN
requesting a new card, waiting seven - ten
1: marked by, relating to, or experiencing

business days…yada…yada. Through
bad luck or difficulty
what I consider to be his help, I would 30+ Years Serving
now have immediate access to my
1: something that happens unpredictably “resources,” once they became available ALwAyS FREE DESIGn!
without discernible human intention or to me.
observable cause b: the assumed imper- ALwAyS on TIME!
There is truly something to be
sonal purposeless determiner of unac-
countable happenings c: the fortuitous or
said about being in the right place at the Slit Seeding
n 205 e. Morton Avenue - 217.243.1555
right time. There could also be something
incalculable element in existence
2: a situation favoring some purpose
said about being in the wrong place at the
wrong time. I cringe as I consider what
n Hydro Seeding
4: the possibility of a particular outcome might have happened if I had not returned n weed Control Cigarette & tobacco
in an uncertain situation; the degree of
likelihood of such an outcome
to the parking lot when I did. However,
for the sake of this particular philosophy,
nMole Control PRICES
Reason: the focus will remain on what I consider in toWn!
1: a statement offered in explanation or to be a more “positive” note. 2148 East State St.
Jacksonville, IL
Come see gordy Cotter,
justification b: a rational ground or Some other individual, in that
motive c: a sufficient ground of explana- situation, may have experienced personal Manager.
P: 217.245.6227
tion or of logical defense; something (as a grandeur for having gone back and recov- F: 217.243.2268 huMADoR &
principle or law) that supports a conclu- ered what was lost. He or she might be gReAt CigAR SeLeCtion
sion or explains a fact d: the thing that comfortable with leaving his/her life to LoCALLY oWnED & oPERATED

makes some fact intelligible chance. Me on the other hand, I tend to be

2: the power of comprehending, inferring, more of a “big picture” person, and I am
or thinking especially in orderly rational humble enough to accept that I, alone, am
ways not solely responsible for my own good
Okay. So I’m on my way back fortune or for the favor that has been
to the office after returning from home on shown to me throughout my entire life.
my lunch break. I get inside the building As I look back over my existence, I am
and I realize I have left my office keys in deeply rooted in the belief that my life has
the cup holder in my truck, again. I sigh not been directed or left to occur by
and roll my eyes upward into my head. chance.
Now normally I would just say “to heck The little hairs rise up on the
with it,” forgo returning to my truck, and back of my neck when I observe a person
have one of my co-workers let me in the who has been blessed, yet attributes it to
door. But on this particular day, I thought this concept called “luck.” See, I have
differently. I take a deep breath, turn heard a few things about luck. One thing
around, and retrace my path back through I have heard is that it “runs out.” Another
the parking lot to retrieve those pesky thing I have heard is that it sometimes
keys. As I round the side of my vehicle, I comes hard, and so, is known as “hard-
look down and there, lying on the ground luck.”
outside my vehicle, is my bank debit card. Hence, with that said, I believe I
OMG….I immediately realized if I had will acknowledge a resource, or “power”
not followed that “little voice” that was (if you will) that is from everlasting to
within me, I would not have returned to everlasting and NEVER “runs out.” Too,
that vary location at that very moment, to I can rest assured that which could be per-
reclaim that “valuable” thing that ceived as “hard” can be made easier, if I
belonged to me. You know, I could have offer accolades (or praise, if you will) to
just been pure lazy and went on into the what or whom I believe to be the true
office instead of taking the extra time and source of my ultimate good fortune.
those few extra steps that revealed there Ladies and gentlemen, again,
was something, in that moment, that was this is one of my philosophies. I invite
actually more important than those keys you to have your own.
having been left behind. Once I picked
my card up, I rolled my eyes upward Peace & Blessings.
again. But, this time it was not done out
of frustration, rather it was done out of
nightlife Page
&S The &S
.a gaudio onS, inC. .a gaudio onS, inC.
Since Since
1947 1947

PreSenTS PreSenTS
PAGE 16 17 September - 23 September 2009

When you live about a best Italian food I have had in this

The Depot Sunday
$3.00 Pitchers
Keystone, PBR & Natural Light cans $1.00
day’s drive from the place you call
“home” – the place where the
majority of your friends and fami-
ly reside…there are certain times
Last week, I had the
opportunity to sample an entire
day’s worth of their menu
Bud, Bud Light, Busch & Busch Light cans & boles $1.50
when any form of true comfort items…and the combination of all Everyday
Wednesday seems out of reach. of them took the idea of “comfort $1.75 Bud Family Cans
1/2$Mixed Drinks Coors Light, Miller Lite cans & btls $1.50 I can say that in my year food” to a whole new level.
& $2 Bud Family Bottles
Thursday of life here in Jacksonville, I have I started off my “Day of
All Pitchers $2.00/Well Drinks $1.75 & DJ 9-close developed a new “family” made Lonzo’s” with the Lonzerotti’s Mondays & ursdays
Friday up of various people from my sev- salad that I picked up for a col- $3 Bud Light Pitchers
DJ 9pm - Close eral places of employment and league and I to have a working
Saturday & FREE POOL!
others I have met through them. It lunch. Not just an ordinary salad,
DJ 9pm - Close
is a constant cycle of networking it was full of salami, pepperoni, Wednesdays
and finding things in common artichokes, tomatoes, and of Taco Night!
B ar ney’ s with these people who represent
what my life looks like now. And
course, Lonzerotti’s famous salad
dressing. This stuff is so good that
For a $1 donation you can
eat a delicious taco
Pub & Pizza I couldn’t be more grateful to have it (as well as a variety of their
from 6pm - ?
218 W. Morton - Jacksonville found such “comfortable” friends. pasta sauces) is bottled and sold
217-245-1678/217-243-6632 However, there is some- on its own!
thing else that aids in curing “the In the evening, I took a
F ri da y, Se pt e mbe r 18t h blues” no matter what part of life friend out to a birthday dinner,
is ailing you – food. In the past where we tried everything from
Not or i ous Ni gh t Cr awl e rs few months, I have mentioned the potato leek soup all the way to
several of my favorite Morgan the homemade blackberry cobbler
S at u rda y, S ep te mb er 19t h County staples, when it comes to (which, as a side note, I should
D . J. Sn a ke finding a good meal…but I have probably mention were two of the
yet to discuss one of my all-time most amazing things I have ever
favorites: Lonzo’s. tasted). For dinner, she chose the
D o n ’ t Fo r get to try o n e o f o u r Lonzerotti’s Italian all-you-can-eat pasta (which
grea t D ai ly Lun ch Speci a ls ! Restaurant was the very first allowed her to try several different
Delivery available on orders $8 or more. restaurant I had the opportunity to pasta/sauce combinations), and I 315 W. STATE - 217-245-8021
try in this town. I was actually had the parmesan cod with fettuc-
taken there for my job interview, cine alfredo. Both of our meals
309 S. Walnut St Rochester, IL
which, now that I think about it, were fantastic, as were all of the
might have been sort of an evil very attentive wait staff who 217.498.9800
September 19th
trick. Tackling nerves and pasta in served us.
Sable a business suit is probably not the All in all, my “Day of T - Th 3-pm
F 3-10pm
best plan, but what was I to do? Lonzo’s” couldn’t have been
September 26th Either way, the food and the set- much better. If you ever find
Sat 1-10pm
Sundown ting won me over immediately. yourself in need of anything from
Transformed from an old a romantic evening out or just Daily tastings of Shanle Wines. Wines from around the
don’t Forget every Friday train station, this unique building some good Italian comfort food, world. We also sell beer. Wine garden and Bocce Ball
lunch 5:00pm - 9:00pm is located on E. State St. next to consider this Jacksonville staple court. Wisconsin cheeses, beer and wine accessories.
ribeye Steak the Illinois School for the Visually one of your best options…and Special order European gift items. Schedule Parties,
214 north east St.
$12 Impaired. The decorative lights have a couple of those yummy
Jacksonvile, Il Meetings and get together. Bike trail accessible. Free Wi-
dinner served with
and candles inside and out of the parmesan breadsticks for me.
Potato and salad restaurant make for a relaxing, yet Fi. 10% CASE DISCOUNTS.
Until next time…
243.3099 elegant place to get some of the

Sign up Daily for Lahey’s Butch’s

our Monday Night
Drawing 315 W. State 217.245.8021
311 W. State
217.245.5526 The Depot
213 W. Morgan 217.245.1401
214 E. StatE - JackSonvillE, il
17 September - 23 September 2009 PAGE 17

enTerTainmenT Essay of the Weak by Robert L. Crowe

SPONSORED BY THE ILLINOIS AND TIMES MOVIE THEATRES- When I was in 6th grade we had birds such as…as…the whooping crane.
a writing project each week. During a For a change they also snack on flying
MOVIE REVIEWS BY J. SABETTI class period we were to write an essay on insects. They can be used for tuning
a topic assigned by the teacher. I pianos and starting barbershop quartets.
Movie Listings - remember one vividly. The essay ques- Hummingbirds winter in Central
tion was: If you had to be an animal, America…not Illinois or Iowa, but
Illinois Theatre times Theatre which would you be and why? Write the Honduras, and so on. The usual life span
DATES DATES name of the animal and the reason you is two – three years, and that seems
chose it. short, but they live fast and cover a lot of
Movie Movie
Time Time I asked, “Is a bird an animal?” territory. They feed on nectar of flowers,
Movie Movie
The teacher sighed and said, but pay no attention to those with less
Time Time “Don’t you remember that we studied than 10 percent sugar content. Hummers
the animal kingdom? There are five need a lot of sugar because they burn a
Phyla: mammals, reptiles, amphibians, lot of energy, 100 times that of an ele-
birds, and fish.” phant. During the night the bird’s
“I must have been absent that metabolism drops to 1/15 the day rate.
week. Does that mean birds are ani- The little wingers are tired. That seems
mals?” like a lot of hard work every day, so I
“Yes.” don’t think I want…”
2: High Voltage so much more, but viewers I took out some paper and I wadded the paper and threw it
should really know that this movie is not quickly wrote: Hummingbird. away.
your typical action film. The movie almost “I want to be a hummingbird I quickly wrote: Koala
seems to unfold more like a video game, because they are fast. They flap their “I would like to be a Koala.
which I think the directors may have wanted
wings eight – seventy times per second, Surprise! The Koala is not a bear. Ha!
audiences to think. It also has some ridicu-
lous story elements and carnage one might hover and look around for a while, then It is not a bear. The build-a-bear look-
see in a video game. All and all, Crank 2: take off at 35 miles an hour. They can fly alike weighs ten – twenty five lbs. and
High Voltage was very entertaining, but I use backwards, a neat trick not duplicated by lives in parts of Australia. I want to be a
the adjective ‘insane’ to describe this movie. other animals…or minerals. They are Koala because it is a cousin to a wombat.
CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE So, if the first thing you think when you walk
Blu-Ray Edition New on DVD 09.08.09 the smallest of birds which is neat The koala lives almost entirely on euca-
in the video store is, “I want a really ‘insane’
(Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Efren Ramirez, Clifton movie.” then Crank 2: High Voltage is what
because they are a lot faster than big (continued on pg. 23, see Essay)
Collins, Jr., Dwight Yoakam, Directed by Mark
Neveldine and Brian Taylor)
you’re looking for.
Crank 2: High Voltage is rated R

Sheridan Lane
for frenetic strong bloody violence through-
Somehow Chev Chelios (Jason
out, crude and graphic sexual content, nudity,
Statham) survives a fourteen thousand foot
and pervasive language. Hmm...that sounds
drop from a helicopter in the final scene of
exactly like last week's criteria for Gamer
Crank (2006) to return in Crank 2: High
(2009) being rated R...perhaps because
Voltage. This fact alone kept me from seeing
Crank 2: High Voltage is directed by the
this film while it was in theaters. What an
same people. Crank 2: High Voltage looks
utterly ridiculous premise? But… Crank 2: 9900 SR 78 South l
Bath, IL 62617 at LakeWWooD GoLf CouRSe
great and has some pretty decent Special
High Voltage is utterly ridiculous… in a good
Features. It is an entertaining movie, as long
as you don’t take any part of it seriously and
From the beginning, Crank 2:
don’t expect most of it to be logical. Just Wednesday - Saturday
High Voltage is a rollercoaster ride that kept
laugh at what is funny, turn your head at what Lunch 11:00am - 2:00pm
me laughing, grossed me out, and had me
is gross, and say “WHAT?” to all the absurd- Dinner 2:00pm - 5:00pm
questioning the sanity of directors Neveldine Sunday Brunch 11:00am - 2:00pm
ity. That is how I did it and I had a pretty
and Taylor. I thought that Crank (2006) was
good time doing so.
just an alright action movie. I enjoyed Crank Lane’s Lounge & Bar
Wednesday - Satuday 11:00am - 11:00pm 309.546.2741
Let Our Big Red Light
Guide You Home

3201 Old Route 36 Alexander, IL 62601

Saturday, September 19th

a ce S tarts
R 5:00pm
1914 Southbrooke - Jacksonville, IL 62650

(South Jacksonville)

Gates Open at 2:00pm
on all rooms (Including Suites)

Drivers Meeting at 3:45pm Please present this coupon to redeem discount.

Joe Horabik from the First national Bank checks out customers at the Arenzville Burgoo. Photo by Marcy Patterson.
PAGE 18 17 September - 23 September 2009

On Campus... The Computer Doctors

(Help for PC computers using Windows Operating Systems)
Iraqi Journalist Speaks on Constitution
The Computer Doctors is a Jacksonville company specializing in
A young Iraqi journalist will address issues of freedom in low-cost computer repair.
this country and abroad when he gives Illinois College’s annual
Constitution Day Lecture Thursday, September 17, in Sibert “My pictures have numbers and I can’t find what I want.
Theatre. Any ideas?”
The 8 p.m. presentation by Haider Hamza is free and open When you transfer pictures from a camera, they are
to the public, and will be presented under the auspices of the
identified by number … since the camera doesn’t know the peo-
Illinois College Convocation Series.
ple. Right click (right click) START and choose “Explore.” On
James Marshall, Assistant Vice President for Academic
the left side in XP, click My Documents\My Pictures. In Vista,
Affairs, said the visiting speaker will compare and contrast certain
freedoms and protections in the U.S. with those he is familiar with click your name and click “Pictures.” On the right side, the list
in Iraq and the Middle East. of pictures will appear. If not already selected, click to the VIEW
The son of a diplomat, Hamza lived with his family in menu at the top and choose “Thumbnails.” In Vista, click the
Babylon, south of Baghdad, during the 2003 U.S.-led invasion. VIEW menu and choose “Medium Icons.” Point to a picture and
After the end of major combat operations, he left his post with the right click (right click.) Look down the menu and choose
Iraqi Ministry of Information, joined the mainstream media and “Rename.” Type in the new name and click in any open area on
started covering the war for broadcast outlets around the globe. At the screen. The computer will list the pictures alpha-numerically
19, he worked as a producer and photo editor for some of the when you next open this folder.
world’s largest news agencies, including Reuters and ABC News.
Life Home Car Business
Hamza has been an eyewitness to many of the events that Download\upload
have taken place in Iraq since the outbreak of hostilities. These The term “upload” refers to a process but it has nothing
include all 40 trial sessions of former president Saddam Hussein, to do with anything going “up.” Same with “Download.”
the deaths of Saddam’s sons, the bombing of the holy shrines in Nothing comes down from anywhere. The two terms refer to the
PATRICk L. VANDEVELDE Samara, the elections and referendum, establishment of his coun- transfer of data. If you and I were doing the naming, we would
try’s new governments and political cabinet, and the daily sectari-
Peak Insurance Agency, Inc. call it “send” and “receive.” When data are transferred by send-
an violence.
16 S. Hill - Winchester, IL 62694 ing, it is called “Uploading.” When data are transferred to us, it
He came to the U.S. in 2006 after winning a Fulbright
P: 217-742-9595 is called “downloading.” For example, a software “download” is
Scholarship during his studies at Baghdad University. National
F: 217-742-9413 simply the process of transferring software data from some other
Public Radio and Showtime featured Hamza’s travels across the U.S. in a program titled “This American Life.” The program computer to our computer. We “upload” a file by sending a copy
chronicled his efforts to meet people in different parts of the coun- from our computer to another location.
“Providing Safety, Security, and try and to share what he knew about the events taking place in his
Peace of Mind.” homeland. “I recently was asked to provide the make and speed of my
CPU. How can I find information like that?”
At some time, you may need to provide information
IC Golfer MWC Performer of Week Honors about the computer components. Belarc Advisor is a dandy
FREE ESTIMATES!!! Junior Juliann Papesch of resource … and it is free. This little program reads everything on
To enhance the beauty and value of your lawn Lincoln has been named Midwest your machine and creates a report that can be printed, usually
and landscape while exceeding your expecta- Conference performer of the week in about five pages. Go to
tions every step of the way! women’s golf after setting the pace Download the software and click RUN. After the report is gen-
l Yearly Lawn Care l Slit-Seeding for Illinois College in the Lady erated, print it and save it. Keep it with your computer disks. It
Programs l Mole Control Blues’ opening match of the 2009 can be a great help.
l Tree & Shrub Care l and Much More.. season.
l Lawn Renovations Papesch carded an 87, “What’s a CPU and why does anyone need to know the
JACKSONVILLE September 5, at the Illinois College
Invitational and paced the Lady
The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the core that exe-
LAWN CARE INC. Blues to 12th place. The Lincoln
cutes all the commands and performs the operations. Think of it
High School graduate is the team’s
top returning letterwinner for 2009 as the motor that runs the vehicle. The bigger the motor, the more
and a two-time participant in the NCAA Division III women’s golf power that is available. The minimum processor speed to run
1918 Southbrooke Road 473.7667 championship tournament. Windows XP is 300MHz. Any less than that and operational
Jacksonville, IL 243.0525 The IC women competed Friday (September 11) at the Knox problems will occur … if it works at all. Most new computers
College Invitational in Galesburg and on Saturday (September 12) have around 2.0 GHz.
at the Fighting Scots Invitational at Monmouth College. “What is a GHz?”
As related to the Central Processing Unit a GHz is a
measurement of speed. It equals one billion cycles per second.
Mens High School Golf
GET HIGH SPEED Quincy notre Dame 148 Jacksonville 153 Springfield Southeast 170
The CPU runs at mind-boggling speeds.

In RuRAL MoRGAn CounTy! Quincy notre Dame's Andrew Boudreau was medalist with a two-under
Par 34 on the Par36 Links GC.

Fast, Reliable Service Crimsons individual scores as follows: The

Computer Doc+ors
only $35 per month Grady Erickson 35 (1 under par)
Taylor Pettit 38 Computer slow? Needing repair? Want to purchase
a new computer but don’t know what to get or how
Taylor Kirchhofer 38
to set it up? Virus? New programs?
Jake Fairfield 48
800-713-4782 Brandon Hannel 42
Brock Moore 44
Inexpensive and Effective
We make house calls!
17 September - 23 September 2009 PAGE 19

The Power of A Father Dr. Paul Mach, Dn, nD, CCn

A father’s
words spoken to his
children are very
make it hard for them to show love to others.
There is power in a father’s pres-
ence among his children. His presence alone
HolisticHealth Ca
powerful. His can make us feel safe. Knowing he will never
encouraging words leave us gives us a sense of security and takes l
preventative health Care 1208 S. 6th St., Springfield 217.638.6224
can lift up our souls away our worry. l
Women’s health Care natural Safe effective
l l

Lisa Talton and make us feel When a father makes time to spend Cancer, Cancer Everywhere …How Does It Manifest? (Part 2 of 2)
like we can accom- with his children, they can feel like they are
Your biochemical and physiological makeup, along with many types of stress placed upon
plish anything. The compliments he gives can special and worthy of his time. When a father the body, play an important role of disease development. The #1 thing is an accumulative effect of the
build up our self esteem and make us feel like is involved in his children’s lives they can live many carcinogens and immune suppressing actions that we expose ourselves to and create every day.
we are worthy. a life of accountability and can carry a desire When all of these factors accumulate and interact together, it sets up the environment for disease to
When a father tells his daughter, to achieve great things. occur and cancer cells to proliferate.
"You are beautiful," it makes it easier for her But there is also power in the lack Your million dollar list of what causes cancer:
to love herself. When a father tells his son, "I of a father’s presence among his children. His 1. Poor diet: processed nutrient deplete foods, additives and chemicals, a diet lacking in 7-10 servings of
am proud of you," it makes it easier for him to absence can make a child feel like they are not vegetables/fruits per day (preferably raw and organic), consumption of high allergen foods such as dairy or wheat,
believe in himself. good enough or that they are unlovable. It can sugar, soda, hydrogenated oils, junk and fast foods.
2. Poor bodily toxic waste removal: constipation, inadequate water intake, sluggish liver, kidneys or bowel.
But a father’s words can also be cause them to think it is their fault that their
3. Sedentary lifestyle: lack of exercise.
damaging. His hurtful words can put tears in father is not around. It can cause self hatred or 4. Carcinogen exposure: firsthand or second hand smoke, lawn or household chemicals and residues, bug poisons, air
our souls and make us feel like we are failures. mistrust in others. pollution, junk food, vaccines, irradiated foods, chlorine & fluoride, radiation, tobacco, dental amalgams and factors
His negative words can cause us to believe we Some of us have been blessed with 5. Poor absorption & breakdown of food: leaky gut, digestive impairment (i.e. stomach, liver, gall bladder conditions)
will never be good enough. His words never wonderful relationships with our fathers, some 6. Emotions: guilt, fear, remorse, anger, boredom, loneliness, negative attitude.
spoken can keep us guessing if we are loved or of us not so wonderful, and others no relation- 7. Stress: whether real, imagined, or self imposed.
8. Chi or energy blockage: inactivity, structural damage, or spinal nerve impingement.
not loved. ship at all. But the good news is we all have
9. Genetic predisposition: hereditary weaknesses are a concern not a verdict.
When a father never tells his daugh- an opportunity to have an awesome relation- 10. Viruses, parasites, candida: These life forms if allowed to propagate are destructive to the body.
ter, "You are beautiful," she either believes she ship with our heavenly father. We do not have Take a look at the list, it really makes sense. If you remove stubbornness, conditioning, and
is not or she goes out into the world trying to to earn His love or be worried He will leave unreasonable false attachments, and truly look objectively you can’t help but realize that these aren’t
find someone who will tell her she is. When a us. We can wake up every morning feeling things you want as part of your daily life. Be proactive. Don’t just “walk” for a cure. Prevention is the
father never tells his son, "I am proud of you," safe and secure because He is there. He will best cure. Live Health. Avoid the problem in the first place. Acquisition of cancer is not our species’
it can create a void that the son tries to fill with never put us down or speak hurtful words to destiny if we treat our species the way our species should be treated.
the wrong things. us. He will guide us and direct us through We have health problems we continue to ignore and either figure it will A) go away or B)
There is power in a father’s touch every area of our life. His presence and love we cover it up with pills, potions and medications. These problems need to be addressed. If you do not
given to his children. A warm embrace can will be with us always because His word tells address these issues they are guaranteed to manifest themselves in your life somehow. Crisis is not the
soothe our woes and make us feel protected. us there is absolutely nothing that can separate optimum time to implement change. Address stress before it knocks you out. Confront your issues. Be
at peace with your soul. Be informed. Be strong. Make wise educated choices. Be powerful.
A hand held or a kiss given can let us know we us from His love.
are loved and everything is going to be okay So if we have or have had bad rela-
which is a feeling we can cherish forever. tionships with our fathers, now might be a
There is beauty in a child crawling
up into his or her father’s lap and snuggling
good time for us to forgive so we can move on
with our lives and stop living out of the hurt. THomson, mCneelY, CReWs,
beside him. There is joy felt when a father Yes the hurt is real, but we have to believe we
gives his child a big hug or a high five to let
them know I’m here for you.
can move past it with the help of God. We
need to realize there is no perfect earthly
HuRsT & THielen, P.C.
But there is also power in a father’s father. All fathers are human which means
touch not given to his children. When a father they are prone to make mistakes. But it can be
never lovingly embraces his child, it can cre- through the imperfections of our earthly Worker’s Compensation
ate a feeling of loneliness and a feeling of fathers that we can grow closer to our heaven-
being loved from a distance. When a child ly Father. There is only one PERFECT father
never feels the love of their father through a - God - and He is longing to pour out His love
physical touch like a hug or a hand held it can on His children.
Do you have a work related injury?

Walkers my money tree only so vigorously before the

(continued from pg. 14) leaves are gone and the bark starts falling off.
if you have been injured at work or if
Each citizen has not only the right but the your work causes you pain or discomfort,
(although I occasionally cop one of those responsibility to decide what causes to support.
aforementioned extra gifts like the vacuum We simply cannot assist everyone who needs then you very well may have a compensa-
tokens). We are out there doing our thing help and to give a nickel to everyone is not ble claim under the Workers’
because we passionately believe in Kiwanis helping anybody. We are all fully aware that
and it’s mission. Kiwanis is not at the top nor even cracking the Compensation laws of the State of
Hot 100 on everyone's list. From 8:00 to 9:00
a.m. on Saturday, September 19, I will once illinois
again be the target du jour in front of the
library. Now that I have revealed several of the
OUR CHILDREN! The motto for Kiwanis
traditional escape routes, I will be most inter-
International is "Serving the Children of the 226 West State Street
ested in seeing what ingenious new methods of Telephone Fax
World" and the Jacksonville club takes that
peanut circumvention our intrepid city 217.245.7148 217.245.0556
challenge very seriously! I gave a contribution
motorists will dream up. If you see me while
a few years back to an organization that ever
you are out, smile and say hello. I will do the
since that day has inundated my mailbox with
further fundraising appeals. They have spent
same. And if you decide against donating to
our cause, that's cool. But at least toss me
Dependable Results that Will
far more in postage and printing than they ever
received from me, and I am frankly less
another vacuum token. Help You Get Back on Your Feet
inclined to support them again. One can shake
625 COuNTry hiGhwAy 967 - MurrAyville, il

we Sell All OF yOur FAvOriTeS

Field Seeds Native Grasses
wheat Corn Soybeans
lawn Grasses Cypress Mulch
FreeMANSeed@GMAil .COM
217-673-4591 800-396-2184

PAGE 20 17 September - 23 September 2009

AGRICULTURAL SUMMARY - Ongoing cooler temperatures have continued to slow the crop maturity. Many reports of soybean aphids have also been received statewide.
There was a welcome break in rainfall statewide, with precipitation returning to normal levels after weeks of above average rainfall. Many farmers were able to take a
well deserved break with a trip to the Farm Progress Show as well. There were 5.9 days suitable for fieldwork reported. Topsoil moisture was rated 1 percent very short,
10 percent short, 82 percent adequate, and 7 percent surplus. Corn dented was at 44 percent, well behind the five-year average of 84 percent. Corn was rated at 64
percent good to excellent and 27 percent fair, with 9 percent rated as poor or very poor. Soybeans were 7 percent turning yellow, also far behind the five-year average
of 42 percent. Soybeans were rated at 60 percent good to excellent; 31 percent rated as fair and 9 percent rated as poor or very poor. Temperatures statewide aver-
aged 64 degrees, 7.3 degrees below average. Statewide precipitation averaged .61 inches, 0.01 inch below average.

From the Fields Crop Progress Percents August 2nd

Corn - Percent Dough - Illinois 9/6
Crop Type This Week 8/30 Last Week 5-Year Average 2008
No rain for the week. Temps have warmed up
which is starting to show. Some fields beginning Corn:
Dough 86 78 94 98
to mature. All corn fields are showing a great deal
Dent 44 26 58 84
of anthracnose which can accelerate the loss of
Mature 3 2 4 31
stalk quality. Had a report of some of the tornado Harvested 1/ 1/ 1/ 3
damaged corn trying to be harvested.
Moisture was reported to be in the 38-40 range. To Setting Pods 98 91 99 100
the south of us there is some corn that is really dry- Turning Yellow 7 1 16 42
ing down. Harvest could start there before long. Shedding Leaves 1 1/ 2 15
Soybeans - Percent Setting Pods - Illinois 9/6

Soybeans are starting to mature depending on
Headed 81 80 99 99
variety. Looking at some fields I am not seeing the
Coloring 49 23 39 77
pod set I would like. Also it appears that seed size Mature 7 3 1/ 35
could be small. I hope I am proven wrong.
With the recent drop in crop prices I hear more that 3rd Cutting 78 70 88 91

haven't priced crop as those that have. These

prices make ACRE look good. Many who have 1/ Less than 1 percent.
been in the office are concerned over what input
costs will be for the coming year. Many are con-
Illinois Weather & Crops Illinois Weather & Crops (ISSN 0273-
cerned over seed prices and what alternatives will Corn - Percent Dented- Illinois Soybeans - Percent Setting Pods - Illinois
8635) is published weekly April-October, semimonthly in
be. We'll know that here shortly I'm sure. Some January, monthly in December, February and March and
wheat has been moving, but not as much as the three issues in November, by the Illinois Dept. of
Agriculture, USDA-NASS Illinois Field Office, Room 54,
past. If you are planting wheat be sure you order it
Department of Agriculture Bldg., 801 Sangamon Ave.,
as most will not be in an overstock position. Springfield, IL 62702. For information on subscribing, send
request to the above address. Periodical postage paid at
Springfield, Illinois. Postmaster: Send Address Change to
Till next week - Jon Freeman
Illinois Weather & Crops, P.O. Box 19283, Springfield, IL

Birdsell ma ch in e
Hopper RV & Feed & orn amenta l inc.
Steve 531 W. Independence Ave.Jacksonville, Il 62650
298 Moeller Rd.
M A S o n RY / C o n C R e t e
South Jacksonville
S n o W R e M o VA L
Just South of the Comfort Inn Doug Birdsell
Kevin Birdsell
“Proudly serving the Jacksonville area RV Sales, Service and Rentals
since 1974” Check us out online at
P.O. Box 845, 1313 Elm Street Phone: 217-243-3718 Ph: 217.243.5849
Offering quality dog, cat,
JACkSONvILLE, ILLINOIS 62651 Fax: 217-243-8639 Fax: 217.245.0349
livestock and horse feeds
Email: Cell: 217-473-7576
from Kent feeds and Science Diet

or call CHRIS RICHARDSON 217-473-7579 Full DELIVERY service available in Jacksonville

Cottage Delights
17 September - 23 September 2009 PAGE 21

Chocolate Dessert Pizza

Regrettably, the Little White
Cottage Catering Service will no longer be 1 roll chocolate chip cookie dough
providing food service to the Tattered Quilt 8 oz. softened cream cheese mixed with
tea room. I thoroughly enjoyed whatever
small part I played in the beginning of the tea
2/3 c. sugar
room. If you visited the establishment 1 small box instant chocolate pudding
because of the Cottage’s association, thank mixed with 1 ½ c. milk
Troy, our youngest son, is 11 years 1 small cool whip
old and is in Mrs. Worrell’s 5th grade class at
Our Saviour grade school. This summer, to ¼ c. chocolate chips, optional
give him a little responsibility, we had him
come to work at the Cottage on Mondays, 1. Press dough onto a 15" round stone or
Wednesdays and Fridays for a couple of pizza pan leaving an edge of about 1 ¼
hours. For fun, he clocked in and out just like
a real employee and helped out with watering
flowers and other similar chores. One day 2. Bake at 375 degrees for 10-12 min-
Justin, his older brother, was putting away utes. Allow to cool.
food items in the storage room and asked Troy
to help him. Troy said (very seriously)" Well,
3. Spread cream cheese mixture on
I’d like to but I’ve already clocked out". cooled cookie.
This recipe comes to you this week 4. Spread pudding on next, followed
from a good friend of ours, Tammy. She gave with cool whip.
it to me years ago and it is a family favorite.
the traditional birthday cake. He calls it his 5. Sprinkle with chocolate chips.
Troy wants it for his birthday cake instead of
"birthday cookie."

iTaLiaN REsTauRaNT
600 E. State St. - Jacksonville, IL
White Cottage
C at e r i n g S e rv i C e
619 n. Prairie - Jacksonville, iL 62650
Corner of north Prairie and Lafayette
C o f fe e & C o n e s
he Donut Place
Lunch: T-S. 11:00am - 2:00pm
217.243.1888 l
115 W. Lafayette
Dinner: T-Th. 5:00pm - 8:30pm
monday, september 21st

october 10th
F.-S. 5:00pm - 9:00pm Stuffed pork chops, dressing, oven roasted potatoes, corn
Closed Sunday & Monday casserole, oreo fluff.

tuesday, september 22nd
Spaghetti with meat sauce, homemade garlic bread sticks,
tossed salad, lemon cake.
Wednesday, september 23rd
218 W. Morton l Jacksonville, IL our popular individually bacon wrapped meat loaf filet,

mashed potatoes and gravy, seasoned green beans, home-
made roll watergate salad. order early!
thursday, september 24th
Corned beef and cabbage, buttered potatoes, crunch almond don’t forget our

butter muffin, warm apple cobbler.
friday, We are at the kC Hall $1.00 hamburgers, $1.25
daily lunch Specials!
Cheseburgers, and more...

FOR FREE Grandma

Rudy’s noW
2001 W. Morton Ave.
Mon - Thu 6:00am - 11:00am
OFF $6.99
(includes your choice of coffee or tea)
CAKE purchase Expires 10/17/09
• 24 hour club access
over $16.00 • State of the art equipment
• Reciprocity at all Anytime Fitness clubs
• Secure, clean environment
Stop in and try our • Tanning
901 W. Morton Lincoln Square Suite 1A

Featuring: 2 Eggs Any Style Bacon Sausage Hash

l l l l
“The Best in Town” 901 W. Morton, Jacksonville 217-243-1368
Mon - Thur 11am - 9:30pm Fri - Sat 11am - 10:30pm
Browns Biscuit Pancakes 1/2 order Biscuits & Gravy

l l
l l

Toast Grits French Toast Ham ‘n Cheese omelet

Sunday 11am - 9pm Western omelet Raisin Bread
l l
PAGE 22 17 September - 23 September 2009


c/o Box 2A ft $395 per mo, and 527 sq ft 2000 DODGE 3500 RAM 4
The Source is currently taking applica- 205 E Morton Suite 6 $349 per mo. 20 yards off wheel drive, 75k miles, 1 ton
Jacksonville, IL 62650 Morton Ave., The Courtyard. dually white with 10’ rugby
tions for Independent Contractors to Call Andy for more info, landscaper bed with hydrolic
deliver newspapers in the City of COOk NEEDED for full serv- 217.370.2969 hoist and curtis snow plow.
Jacksonville. ice kitchen. Must be reliable. $11,900. 217.245.6227
Various days, nights, and week- ***kING RENTALS***
ends. Apply in person at 1 & 2 BR apartments. Call 217- MOTORCYCLES
Shepp’s Bar and Grill 111 E. 491.3853.
We require a valid driver’s license and 1986 HONDA GOLDWING.
Illinois, New Berlin

proof of insurance.
r c 77k miles. Loaded. $4900.

T he
S o u Please email:
REAL ESTATE 3 Bedroom house $550.
2 Bedroom apartment $275. 1
Bedroom mobile home $345. 2
Runs excellent. Please call
217.473.4614 Bedroom mobile for $355. PETS

Water and Trash included.
or call 217-243-3857 and leave your con- Please call 217.479.0297
tact information.
For Sale: MODULAR office/retail 1122 Veterans Dr.
HOME, 52’x28.’ This house 1750 SQ. ft Prime space
was bought new in 1996. Is in Morton Ave. Please call for
VERY GOOD condition. 3 more info. 217.243.8000
Bedroom, 2 Full bath (w/ gar-
den tub), Large dining and liv- LOCATE YOUR BUSINESS
YOUR PATHWAY TO ing room. Full Kitchen, kitch- or office in Historic Downtown
OPPORTUNITY enette & laundry room. Comes Jacksonville. Storefront space
for rent or sale @ 206 E State BICHON FRISE PUPPIES.
w/ central air, gas stove, refrig-
IS HERE! erator, washer, dryer, curtains, Street. $300 per mo + utilities. Ready to go. Vet checked intel-
shades, & bedroom outfit if Hardwood floors, original tin ligent dogs, no excessive bark-
Pathway wants YOU if you are wanted. This house must be ceiling, and finished ing, and non-shedding. Please
relocated when bought. basement. 217.245.4414 call 217.245.8430 or
an energetic, caring person and $36,000. Also will sell ONLY 217.248.8434
would like to assist individuals WITH HOUSE a 30’x16’ MISCELLANEOUS
who have developmental dis-
abilities. YOU can help us make
a difference in someone’s life. $ in these tough economic times,
could you use an extra

$ Diamond Building insulated,
heat & power, A $6000.- Value,
& a cyclone fence, A $2,500 -
value. Will sell all for $40,000.
ED. Serious written inquiries
WORk WANTED Certified
We are now accepting applica-
tions for QMRP, Residential
Aides and Assistant Teachers.
various work schedules are
$ to fill in the extra gaps?
There is NO recession
in this company!
$ OBO Phone 217.245.7061 or

only. C/O Source Box 1H, 205
E. Morton Suite 6, Jacksonville,
IL 62650

Nursing Assistant will give
compassionate care to elderly /
disabled. Excellent references.
$10/ hr. Call 217.245.2979

available. All positions require at

least a High School diploma or
G.E.D. Attractive benefit pack-
age is available to full-time
employees after 6 months.
$ We are looking for people like


Call 217-430-0147
$ 250 South Westgate
Open House. Sun 9/20 12:30 -
SILVERADO 1500 long bed,
black, 130,000 miles, 5 speed.
$3,300 OBO. Call
Viking sewing machine, stereo
system, and 17’ Bass Boat. For
more info, please call
Paid training. Apply in person 2:30 pm 1300 sq. foot, 3 217.245.2039
GRACE UNITED BDRM, 2 Full bath, dinning
at Pathway Services Unlimited METHODIST Church in room, living room, kitchen, full WANTED
in the Leschin Building on the Jacksonville, Illinois presently unfinished basement and 2 car
has opportunities for those
Community Park grounds.
interested in music ministry.
EOE. Positions are: Organist and
Director of Music in charge of
SALON is looking for 2 part-
chancel choir and/or praise
time hair stylists with some FOR RENT 1 BEDROOM For quality wrist watch-
band. Interested persons should
contact Richard Ommen,
clientele. Apply in person at Apartment. Please call es, pocket watches, gold
205 E Morton Ave #12 217.371.8275
217.245.5977; the church office
Jacksonville, IL 62650
& silver jewelry. Also look-
217.245.9521; or Pastor Mike
"WLDS-WEAI RADIO is seeking Fender at pastormike@jax-
BUSINESS OR Building for ing for old toys, military items
COMMISSION ONLY lease. 403 E Morton Rd. Call
an assistant news director.
SALES Rep. Fun, make your 217.491.1479 for more info. and other antiques. One piece
Experience required.
E-mail with
own hours, lots of potential for or whole house full.
self-starter. Send Resume in GREAT OFFICE SPACE for
Assistant News Director in subject rent! 880 sq ft, $585 per mo,
care of:
line. EOE." 368 sq ft $330 per mo, 840 sq
Source Newspaper
17 September - 23 September 2009 PAGE 23

Dean Traditional Flattop
Sept. 18 & Sept. 19
Marnico Village, 129 S
Sheppard Hire Our Team TO Clean
Weekly, Biweekly, and
monthly Cleaning
$250.00, Martin 0001XCE
$550.00 (with case), Conn
Valevue Acres neighborhood
garage sale. Three miles north
Marnico Ln., Fri Sept. 18, Sat
Sept 19, and Sun Sept 20. 8 am Auto Sales & Carpet Cleaning

Tenor Sax $550.00, Washburn

Acoustic Electric Packs
of Jacksonville on Hwy 78.
Many sales,many,many items!
- 5pm.
Salvage Yard l
Interior Window Cleaning
$250.00, Pair of Congas with Friday 4-7pm, Saturday 8am- SEPT 19TH 9:30 - 2PM
Reasonable Rates l Bonded & Insured
stand $250.00, Squire Mini 12pm GARAGE Sale 205 E Morton We Buy and Sell Used Cars l
Gift Certificates Available
Strat $75.00, Kramer Bass #9 Court Yard Plaza (next to Also Buy JUNK Cars,
$250.00, Hofner Mini Electric 1582 PORTUGESE HILL Smoke House). All clothes .50 Jacksoville Office
$125.00, Martin Backpacker RD. (turn on oak go past or less. Various items. Iron & Farm Machinery
available to serve you!
$150.00. Roland’s Trucking 1st house on
Over 100 used flutes, clarinets, right) September 21st -26th. As 217.488.6386
trumpets, saxes, and trombones things go new things will be
added. Lots of kids clothes, 217.488.6330 Jazzy Services, inc.
in stock, Reasonable prices. f r e e e s t i m at e s
baby, and up. Also lots of
Dave's Music, Winchester, IL
odds and ends.
217.836.7386 217-544-7872
62694 217-742-9255
175000 OLD ROUTE 54 - NEW BERLIN ReSiDentiAL & CoMMeRCiAL CLeAning

Classified Essay
(continued from pg. 17)
they can run 50 miles an hour for a long
time. They eat plants and leaves and live

Specials! lyptus leaves and that reduces the need for

a changing menu and recipes. It rests
in hot, wide-open spaces like Africa and
Asia. My favorite type is the Thompson’s
Gazelle because it is in the same family as
motionless 16 – 18 hours a day. I think the people who make Thompson’s Water

that’s what I’d like to do. The baby Sealer. Another favorite of mine is Grant’s
5 Lines for Just Koalas remain in the mother’s pouch for Gazelle because that answers the question

$5 or a regular up to 15 s!
six months. Wait. I don’t think I want to
live in a leather basket for six months.
about who, or what, is buried in Grant’s
tomb. But come to think of it I don’t like
There must be a better way to grow up.” real hot places or tombs, so I don’t think I
classified for just... So … I wadded the paper and want to…”
threw it away. As a wadded up the final piece of
I quickly wrote: Gazelle paper, the class was over and I felt sick as
“I want to be a gazelle because a dog.
PAGE 24 17 September - 23 September 2009

Your 15 Minutes Mindy Farmer Recognizes the Individuals that Make Our Community Wonderful.
When you walk past the ting the store together. This store prepara- how fellow employees will seek her out to her immediate family. She says her mom is
Jacksonville Walmart deli, Sue Ballinger’s tion gave Sue the opportunity to acquire say hello as she walks through the store. “a saint” and has been instrumental in help-
infectious grin is difficult to miss. As cus- new skills and she says that she “learned a Sue shared how one day last win- ing her through challenging times. Sue also
tomers come up to the counter to place an lot of things that I never dreamed that I ter a manager approached her and it was says her brother, Danny, “has her back.”
order, she greets them like old friends. It’s would ever have the knowledge to do.” “like getting called into the principal’s After her initial move, Sue found herself on
not uncommon to catch Sue asking how a Since the grand opening in March office.” She felt nervous, but was pleasant- her own for the first time since the age of
sick spouse is feeling, sharing a chuckle of 2008, Sue has ly surprised when twenty. She spent a great deal of time stay-
with someone, or complimenting a baby on enjoyed the vari- the manager told ing at home. Danny came over one day and
his sweet dimples. A twenty year veteran ety of working in her she was doing told his sister, “You need to get out of the
of food service, Sue has always enjoyed the deli, doing a good job, but house.” Sue realized he was right and has
interacting with customers and is a self- everything from they’d noticed that appreciated his honesty and support.
proclaimed “people person.” During the making sub sand- she looked down While adjusting to such a huge
twelve years she worked as a baker for wiches and sal- lately. They want- change at this point in her life is challeng-
Illinois College, “Baker Sue was the one to ads, stocking ed to check in with ing, Sue has decided to not “dwell on what
go see” for delicious cookies and Rice meats and her and see how I don’t have.” She’s found that “life goes
Krispie treats. cheeses, to she was doing. on” and has discovered new personal
While Sue is finding it easier to preparing fried When she strengths, developed stronger bonds with
smile now, the last couple of years haven’t foods. She jok- explained her situ- her family, and made new friendships
been the easiest. Following her separation ingly says her job ation, manage- through this experience. Sue loves spend-
from her husband, Sue returned to in the deli is a bit like being a bartender ment provided encouragement. They also ing time with her two children, Brittney
Murrayville after living in Jacksonville for because of the opportunity to interact with helped make her family’s Christmas special and Bryce, and their dog, Bowdog. She
twenty-five years. She needed to transition so many different people, something she by providing funds to shop for gifts. explains that she doesn’t focus on the past,
to full-time work and decided to apply at clearly takes pleasure in. Sue feels that Experiences such as this are the reason Sue but is thankful for her two wonderful chil-
the new Walmart Supercenter. Initially, the Walmart “has been a good thing for me” considers her fellow employees her dren and the good times she had over the
store was just concrete floors and bars with because of the relationships she’s built “extended family.” years. Sue says that, “everybody gets dealt
no signs, lights, or shelves. Employees there. The comaraderie amongst employees Returning to her hometown of bad hands, but I give it to the Lord. I live in
worked from January through March put- means a great deal to Sue, and she loves Murrayville has also brought Sue closer to the minute.”

If you would like to nominate someone for Your 15 Minutes please contact Mindy Farmer via email at

ome Tour
tual H

i r s... Interior Design CLaSS Bob Hawks BACKPAGE BUSINESS

Auto Body, Inc. Green Chevrolet
2189 Old State Road - Jacksonville - 217-245-0504
Design Associates of Jacksonville winter Check-up
“Complete Collision Repair
114 N. East Street In the Hamilton’s Building
See Coupon on pg. 14
& Rollback Towing”
Classes will focus on the personal l Computerized Color Matching
decorating needs of the
class participants
l Air Conditioner Charging Mr. Johns School of
l Featuring Car-o-liner Frame Cosmetology
& Measuring Equipment
5 Sessions on Saturdays new Classes Start Every Month!
Full Time Students Earn a Degree
9:00 am - 10:30 am in 1 year!
217-245-4151 Starting September 26th Scholoarships Available
$50 Fee 217.243.1744
Call Donna Standley at Let outbreak Design
217.245.9168 Help Make T-Shirts
for more info or to sign up to Support your Favorite Team!
Class size limited
to 12 participants. NormA m. HerroN
Y ou never have a second
chance to make a first
exclusive Agent
448 South main
Jacksonville, IL
Charlie’s Coffee & Cones
Pre-order your october Burgoo!
impression. P: 217.243.7667
F: 217.243.1452
Call Carol at 9:00am-6:00pm CoMING SooN 
perkins homestagers Auto, Home, Business, Life SoURCE CLASSIFIEDS
217.370.1949 or 217.243.2354 Be Sure to Bring thiS AdvertiSement in
for Your free gift