Marine poetry in English

Author: Milos Bjelic Miljak (Each poem should have a secret - Malarme)

( A few poems from my collection: “ Marine poetry”) *****************************************

********************** * WORDS * Words over the rocks are breaking sinking unutterably into the gloom of water. On the sandy beach are traced into the gray horizon erased. I hurl them to the wind shout them into the storm. Or whisper in vain into the foamy waves.

************************** *WE ARE ALL SAILORS ...* We are all sailors of our lives carried by the waves of destiny in search of bonanza but often lost in the storm. Sailors of our dreams looking for a safe harbour for a lighted window a love still unlived or just for another glimpse of a passerby survived in our memory. Fragile built we are and yet willing to swim upstream the current weakling but able to defy the mighties to provoke unrest amidst the guardians worms among giants we are but still daring to attack the Dragon of the Universe with our bare hands. Prisoners to sing a freedom chant.

************************* * COSMOS IN THE OCEAN * Cosmos is marine island in the ocean reflected as sparks in wave crests. Star clusters abound the moonless nights. As children’s dreamland at fingers reach.

************************ *A MESSAGE TO A POET* Brother to listen to ocean waves as only you can hear to sing about the sea to wander off toward the horizon where the salty foam is touching the lonely cloud don’t have to be a sailor. It would be quite sufficient to venture the open sea-ward. Lyrics which is not carried by the wind not resisting the waves is not the song of the sea.

***************** *SUNKEN CITY* Under the boat suddenly a sunken city appeared. I lifted the oars and let the boat glide over the former gardens wrecked house walls marble pavements without steps. In the bell-tower the rusty bells are tolling soundlessly. Te Deum from the deserted lips to the forgotten deity is celebrated. here.

**************** *APOCALIPSIS *

From a sandy hill embraced two of us, naked, watching as the sun downs in ocean waters. Fiery red the clouds are shining on the horizon. Shivering while as melting copper enormous sun ball sinks in the distant waves. Fearing not to drown for ever in the dark sunset. Apocalipsis But two of us still here by the darkness hidden and by the linen of shining stars covered.

*THE BLIND POET* The blind poet walks along a footpath near the sea. Guided by scent of cypress forest salty breeze in branches. He does not see the blue of the deep nor the horizon where the cobalt of the sky melts in turquoise of water. But hears sonorous humming of waves wind whistle laughter of children playing on a distant beach send. Loving words reach him as an omen perhaps from a maiden unknown. And all is immersed in music of the celestial spheres whose harmony only he hears. He extends his hand his fingers to feel the wind slips to greet the children laughing on a beach unseen. Walking along the sea

again he starts creating a new poem.

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