APA 6th Edition Citation Style Exercise – part 1

Write the appropriate citation for the items below:


2. Land called “Attachment in Adolescence” Answer: . Allan and D. Write the appropriate citation for a book chapter: Chapter by J.P.

psych.org/Departments/EDU/Library/APAOfficialDocumentsandRelated/PositionStatements/200205.aspx Answer: (Hint: insert current date and capitalize the name of the disorder) .3. http://www.

4. Answer: .

Use PDF Full Text version: To locate the doi.5. you will need to click on the title to see if it is included in the complete citation. or … … see if the doi is included in the PDF Full Text Answer : .

For page numbers.6. link to the Abstract or PDF Answer: .

Write the appropriate citation using information retrieved from a database citation: Answer: .7.

This article does not have a doi and the journal is no longer published and thus does not have a web page to cite. Under these unusual circumstances. .8. include the database information in the reference citation.

jsp Answer: .ahrq.hcupus.9.gov/reports/statbriefs/sb17. URL: http://www.

gov/health/prof/lung/asthma/asth_sch.pdf Back Cover: Answer: .nhlbi. http://www.nih.10.

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