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Enrollment System of Colegio del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus

Chapter II Christian Jess Galarce Glory Joy Santacruz Ferly Rose Felarca Kristelle Monique Layam John Rey Dondonay Joemarie Sapalo

Review of Related Literature This chapter presents the related literature and the studies that is relevant and significant to the current studies. This presents a survey of related literature which have relevant bearing upon the present study in the application of the system to would expedite the process of all aspects of transactions.

Foreign Literature Indias higher education system is the third largest in the world, after China and United State. The main governing body at tertiary level is the University Grants Commission. Which enforces its standards, advises the government, and help coordinate between the centre and the state? Accreditation for higher learning is overseen by 12autonomous institutions established by the University Grants Commission. As of 2009, India has 2 central university 215 state universities, 100 deemed universities, 5 institutions established and functioning under the state act, and 13 institutes which are of national importance. Other institutions include 16000 colleges, including 1800 exclusive womens colleges, functioning under these universities and institutions.

Local Literature Enrollment System of Colegio del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus is useful especially chosen the school retrieves the important information from the student. The school can trace what is the standing of the students. Lack of Enrollment System in a school can lead to chaos and troubles. Students will be confused on what they should do to be able to enroll. It is extremely useful in the school in the way of working processes of enrolling become much easy. The technology today plays a vital role in our society. It makes man work easier and fast. It lessens error of work by using machines. It reduces costs to an organization from paper works up to computerized working system. Many manual transactions can be computerized by using software applications or computer systems to make work easier and efficient. Information technology can give a company ready access to improve product and service quality, reduce costs, increase productivity in smallest time possible, and communication between employees and to make things with lesser effort but having a better output and even improve the CSCJ. The process of enrolment in schools nowadays requires information technology. The objective of Information Technology is to help humanity from doing loads of work over time. By having computerized system, the cost during enrolment will be cut down and much effort will be reduced.

The project involves a series of studies that covers all the requirements of creating a computerized enrolment system. The goal of the study is to provide an efficient computer-based system that will easily update, retrieve, and maintain student records. The developers main concern is to make a system that will help to speed up the process. The subject of this study is the Enrolment System of Ebenezer Montessori Christian School, Inc. The study aims provide a system that will serve their Registrar accurately and with efficiency in matters related to their enrolment.