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REALIZATION Characters: Anthony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee, Ziva David Pairings: Tony/Ziva Rating: PG Summary: Tony comes to a realization. Takes place after Season 3, Before Season 4. Disclaimer: I don't own them. I'll return them... Eventually.

"That's a wrap guys. McGee go home." Tony declared. It had been a long case. And without Gibbs here the whole team felt just a step off. "Ziva, I got a question for you." "Yes, Tony," Ziva asked. "Would you mind making lasagna for me tonight?" "Why Tony?" Ziva questioned suspiciously. "Because you make the best lasagna I've eaten since Mama Spinolli retired. She was our cook when I was growing up. And I'm just craving comfort food. " "What's in it for me?" "I'll owe you one." "Well, just for lasagna you'll be in my debt, Tony. Are you sure it's worth that much to you?" "I'll take that risk right now."

Tony stretched out his legs in front of him on the sofa. He had brought over the movie XXX to watch with Ziva on her new TV. Tony thinking that their relationship was strange to him. He'd worked with women partners in the past, but none of them had become his best friend like Ziva had. Kate would have never joined him in supergluing Probie's face to his desk like Ziva did. Or IM'ing Agent Larsen who thought he was McGee. When he started acting like Gibbs, Ziva stood up to him and reminded him that he was Tony. It was strange, but Tony really enjoying the friendship. He found that while he would enjoy that "something more" with Ziva, he was content with the friendship. She had fallen asleep next to him with her head on his shoulder like she had when they were

searching Lt. Hall's house. When he tried to move her so he could leave, Ziva muttered something he couldn't understand in her native tongue and started reaching between the cushions of the sofa. Tony just froze. Knowing Ziva who slept with a gun under her pillow, she had about 3 guns and 5 knives in various spots in and under the couch. He often thought she could probably supply the NCIS armory. Tony just stretched out to make himself comfortable because it was looking like a long night. Ziva muttered something that sounded suspiciously similar to "Little Hairy Butt." God, she knew how to get under his skin like no other woman.

LT. JILL Title: Lt. Jill (1/?) Rating: PG (for a little violence) Disclaimer: I don't own them. The plot bunnies made me do it. Jack was walking back to the Hub when he heard an engine, a very distinctive engine. It was a engine he hadn't heard in a long time. No not that engine. No this was the engine of a 1969 Dodge Charger. And it would be painted black. She wouldn't have it any other way. A smile rose to Jack's face as the black 1969 Dodge Charger pulled up beside him. He stopped as young woman got out. "Hey, bro. The Director's been looking for you." At that time a guy in a dirty hoodie from the other side of the street approached her. Jack had an idea was he was up to and figured he'd watch the show. "Hey." He shifted his eyes behind her to the guy in the hoodie to give her the slightest of warnings. "Give me your keys!" Hoodie-man said pulling a knife on the young woman. She turned her eyes glittering. "You want these keys?" She asked holding them out in front of her and then dropped them. Her left hand came up blocking the knife. Her right cross punched the guy in the face. He fell like a tree, but somehow still gripped the knife. Her left boot stepped on the knife hand causing him to release it. Jack kicked it out of the way lest the irate female decide to use it on the unfortunate would be thief that she was currently kicking in the face. Jack heard the sirens in the background approaching. "Enough. They don't react well here to excessive violence and you can't go flashing the agency badge just yet." The slender woman stopped kicking the downed man. The police officers pulled up blocking in the Charger. The woman smoothed down her clothing. "I can get out of this without an agency badge. I am a Southern Belle after all." Jack thought it was all amusing to watch her bat her eyelashes and charm the police officers who responded. She had to explain the boot print on the would-be thief's face, but she just batted her eyelashes and added a little more Southern drawl to her American accent. In the end they did not even take her into the police station, but let her leave from the scene. "Did you have fun?" Jack asked as they were walking away from the scene. "Are you kidding? That's the most fun I've had in years. The Director's had me in the most boring post." The door at the docks opened and Jack ushered her inside and down the elevator. At the main section, she stopped and stared around. Owen noticed the woman and approached her with

his hand extended and a cheeky grin on his face, "Doctor Owen Harper." She extended her hand while checking him out, "Lieutenant Jill..." "Harkness," Jack interrupted. "Owen, Meet my baby sister." Owen's jaw dropped to the floor. Jill strolled up to Jack "Hey bro, what year is it?" "2007." "Damn, Strummer's dead, but the iPod lives! Which Gen?" "5th, video, but no widescreen yet." "Bummer. I'm taking the receptionist out clubbing tonight. But we have to go do a makeover first." "Mildred, from your hotel?" "No, we're on for tomorrow night for a nice French restaurant. I'm taking your receptionist out tonight." "Ianto?" Jack asked amazed. "Yes, that one. Hmmm," she muttered outloud, "I wonder if I'll go with nice butt jeans or black leather pants???" Jack just gaped. Ianto in black leather pants or nice butt jeans. Ohhhh, the decisions... A/N: And the plot bunnies seem to have abandoned me at this point. Oh well, maybe they'll strike again and I can work on this story again.

FIGURING IT OUT “Montana,” Danny said as he walked into the lab’s break room. “I brought Mom’s special recipe for upset stomachs. Don’t worry I got all the ingredients fresh this morning.” “I’m starved,” replied Lindsey. “I caught the case this morning and didn’t get to eat breakfast on the way in.” Danny started pulling containers out of the sack he had brought in. He had been worried about her. For the last few days she had been throwing up her lunch. He thought she might be developing an ulcer. He made a mental note to ask Hawkes what he should pick up for her. Lindsey grabbed one of the containers and opened it. Here face crumpled immediately and she made a quick dash to the lavatory. Stella had noticed the mad dash as she passed the doorway. “Is she okay?” she enquired of Danny. Danny sighed, “Day 3, she throws up at lunch again. Not breakfast, just everyday at lunch. Even Mama’s recipe doesn’t work.” He started putting the containers back in the sack. “Hmm…” Stella replied. “Tell her to come talk to me when she’s feeling better.” “Stella, Danny said you needed to see me,” Lindsey said walking into Stella’s office.” “Yes,” Stella replied. “You feeling better?” Lindsey swallowed, “It’ll pass, just a little bit of nausea.” Stella looked shrewdly at Lindsey. Then she pulled a sterile specimen cup out of her desk. “Just go take the test.” Lindsey’s brow furrowed in confusion, “I don’t understand. You want me to do a drug screen on myself??? That’s against protocol.” “No, Lindsey,” Stella sighed. “Urine pregnancy test kits are in the lab, the third cabinet from the door.” “Oh, I see.” Danny was in the lab when Lindsey entered with the specimen container half full of clear yellow liquid, “Hey, Montana, don’t tell me they gave you the piss job on this case,” he grinned at his own joke, but Lindsey didn’t even crack a smile. She must still be fighting the nausea, he thought. She just proceeded to pull to down the urine pregnancy test kit out of the cabinet. It was then he noticed that the specimen container wasn’t labeled. So she’s doing a pregnancy test for

someone, he thought. He knew that they had always used protection so he wracked his brain to think who else it could be. Not Stella. She hasn’t trusted any guy since that psycho. Maybe that girl in DNA that got married a few months back. Linds was friendly with her so she may be doing the test for her. He watched as Lindsey pipetted a small amount of the sample onto the test kit. Danny set his piece of evidence aside to go over and watch Lindsey’s test. He didn’t care if it belonged to the DNA girl’s. Lindsey seemed nervous about it. And his silently standing beside her always settled her so he walked up behind her and touched her waist lightly. Almost automatically Lindsey shifted slightly so she leaned back into him. He watched over her shoulder as the test ran. In less than a minute the test window turned blue. “Positive,” Lindsey whispered. “So who do we need to congratulate?” Danny asked. Lindsey laughed. Danny was so careful to avoid assuming anything. “Ourselves.” “Us?... But we… You’re sure?... So the throwing up… You know Montana, you would be the woman to get the morning sickness wrong.” Danny grinned and kissed her.

TENNESSEE A woman in a long coat stood looking nervously around the bullpen. "Can I help you?" Flack asked her. "Yes, I need to talk to you in private, Detective." "We can go in the conference room, " Flack started to usher her into the conference room when his mobile phone rang, "Flack... Tennessee You're sure?...Well, get back to me when you find out." Flack hung up and ushered the nervous woman into an interview room. The woman slipped out of her heavy coat revealing ceil blue scrubs underneath. She put her hand on the table revealing a badge and a photo ID. "I'm Special Agent Jennifer Hughes with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. I'm undercover and my weapon has been stolen." A million questions floated around Flack's head and he blurted out the stupidest one there was, "What are you doing undercover in New York if you're from Tennessee?" "I'm actually on temporary assignment with the FBI. There are very few investigators who can work undercover inside a health care facility and only a handful of us can take an Intensive Care assignment." "Why not go through your FBI contact?" "I paged him as well as his backup several times. No one's called me back in over an hour. Pagers in this area are having problems this morning. We had several problems paging physicians this morning. So when I talked to my boss this is what was suggested. And to be honest, I'm back on duty at the hospital in 11 hours. I'd like to get a little sleep before then." "So let me get this straight. You want me to expedite a gun theft report." "Basically, yes. It was stolen from the glove compartment of my car in the second level of the parking garage." "You should have just reported it and let us come process the scene." "Oh, yeah, sure! Why don't I just take out an ad saying 'Undercover Agent Investigating Your Ass.' I call you to the scene and hospital security would be involved. Then word would be out that there's a cop undercover and then the last month's work would be shot. This way if anyone from the hospital asks nothing much was stolen just an umbrella, CDs and I'll swear a desk clerk filled out the report." "Still we'll have to take a look at your car. Just sit tight and let me verify somethings." "Oh. I have this for you." She pulled out evidence bags with glass and a swab. They were labeled and sealed. "Just sign and they're yours. Presumptive test indicated human blood."

Flack looked at the photo ID closer. There it was, Special Agent - Forensic Scientist 2. "Shoulda know lab rats..." he muttered. "I'll send Hawks down from the crime lab to pick those up and finish processing the car. Where did you leave it?" "In the lot outside, an officer..." she consulted her smart phone. "J. Smith, is watching it." "Just sit here, I'll be back." Two days later, Flack found himself on the city's sniper range looking for a little brunette nurse/forensic scientist/sniper. He found her at the qualifying range and watched as she put 5 rounds into center mass. She took off her headgear and flicked the switch to bring the target back to her before leaning back and grinning at Flack. "Are you trying to be supercop?" he asked. "Forensic scientist, undercover work that only a few people can do and a sniper." "Only 4 Metro PD's in the state have SWAT teams that are full time SWAT. Rest of the state's various PD's SWAT officers do double duty so we qualify where we can. I qualified as an expert sniper at the academy. I've got to re-qualify again next week and I'm going to requalify as expert." "You qualified as an expert while still in the academy?" Flack almost cursed himself for the note of incredulity that creep-ed into his voice. "Kinda annoyed my instructor that the girl lab rat out shot everyone, but hey, it's Tennessee we all shoot at a young age. And the backwater town where I'm from it isn't that unusual. I learned to shoot my dad's old squirrel hunting rifle when I was 10." "Your parents let you shoot a rifle at 10?" "Yeah, my dad taught me." "Your dad taught you to shoot a rifle? At 10?" Flack took a minute to process this information. "Was he a cop?" "No, factory worker. We'd go out in the woods to a hollar so the earth would act as a backstop." She grinned lost in memory. "My first gun, the first one that was mine, was a .257 Winchester rifle. It was a youth model, but with a 100 grain bullet it would fire a mile accurately. I had trouble learning to shoot with a scope. I was used to using open sights." "Hmmm..." Flack was amazed that this little spitfire of a woman could wax on about a rifle like most of the women he knew talked about shopping. "Well, what I stopped by to tell you is that found the guy who stole your weapon. The blood and prints you lifted from the broken window matched a guy who was paroled 6 months ago after a felony assault. We arrested him this morning and he still had the gun on him. We traced it to a murder at 0700 the

morning you came in to report it stolen. Rifling patterns matched to your gun." "So you've booked him for murder as well as the theft. As well as booked my weapon into evidence." "Yes and the DA says you'll need to come back to New York for the trial." "But of course. Just call me with the dates." "Made the arrest this afternoon. I'm booked on a flight back to Nashville tomorrow." Flack thought a moment. Well, Danny had gotten roped in by a Montana girl and look how well that had turned out. What the hell, he thought. There may be something to this country girl jazz. "So, Jenny, do you have dinner plans?"

MISSING SCENE – SLIGHT OUT OF HAND The Missing Scene from 3x18 "Slight Out of Hand." D/L. First time they slept together, but Danny's passed out from exhaustion. Mostly just fluff. Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own any of the characters. Danny smiled as Lindsey sat beside him after her testimony. He was exhausted after the last case, but he knew he wouldn't sleep worth anything after Stella had mentioned that Lindsey didn't sound good. That had prompted this cross country excursion. The defendant turned to glare at Lindsey, so Danny just put his arm around Lindsey and glared back. The defendant turned back to face forward. They listened to the testimony of a few more people who didn't really have anything tremendously revealing to the case. The defendant didn't turn around again, but Danny kept his arm across the back of her bench anyway. The judge declared recess and stated that they would reconvene in the morning for closing arguments. Danny followed Lindsey out of the courthouse. "Are you hungry? " Lindsey asked. "I didn't really have much of an appetite for breakfast or lunch for that matter." " I don't remember when I last ate either." "Do we need to get your car out of the garage?" she asked indicating the parking garage attached to the courthouse. "No, I took a cab here from the airport. Didn't do the rental thing." "Well, I left my rental car at the hotel and walked over this morning. But there's a 24 hour diner just around the block that we used to eat at all the time. The food may not be the best, but we ate there all the time." Danny just grinned at the thought of flying 2,000 miles just to eat at the local cop diner, but for Lindsey he'd eat anywhere. "Just lead the way, Montana." Apparently Lindsey knew almost everyone in Bozeman's law enforcement community. By Danny's estimate at least three quarters of the diner's patrons had stopped by their booth to talk to her. Danny had lost track of the number of people he'd been introduced to. And he had a sneaking suspicion that a few of the older guys would run him when they got a chance. Danny didn't care at this point. He'd hit the wall. He sat there while Lindsey was chattering away and he was falling asleep in his coffee. "Danny? Danny?" Lindsey's voice finally penetrated his haze. Danny shook his head to wake himself up. "Sorry, Linds, guess I'm jet lagged. Took the red eye out of La Guardia." Lindsey's eyes just narrowed at him shrewdly.

"How many hours straight did you pull before you got on that red-eye?" "Hmm. 48, I think." "Forty- eight hours straight? Danny it's a wonder you aren't hallucinating." "I started that about 24 hours ago. I swore I saw you walking down the hall in the lab." "Daniel Messer, why are you sitting there listening to me prattle on? You need sleep. What hotel are you at?" "Didn't pick on out yet." Danny yawned. "I took the cab straight from the airport." Lindsey got up and paid their bill. "Did you leave your bag in the courthouse lockers?" "Nope. Didn't pack one. I didn't really plan this out, Linds. One minute I'm headed home to crash and next thing I know I'm at La Guardia trying to find a flight out to Bozeman." Danny stumbled over a crack in the sidewalk. Lindsey grabbed him and he placed his arm around her to steady himself while walking. "We'll just go back to mine and see if they have one available." "Shounds like a plan." As they got closer to the hotel Danny had to lean more on Lindsey and the slur in his speech was increasing. So Lindsey made the executive decision to skip trying to find Danny a room and just take him up to hers. When she got him up there, he fell face first onto the bed. Lindsey removed his glasses and jacket from hi prone form. She saw his weapon holstered in the small of his back. That definitely wouldn't be comfortable if he rolled over on it. So Lindsey started to remove it. Danny began to stir, but she leaned down and whispered, "Danny, it's just me. Just Montana. I'm putting your weapon on the nightstand." Danny calmed at this. Lindsey removed his gun and went through the steps of clearing the weapon almost automatically. Once she placed the weapon on the nightstand closest to Danny she removed his boots. Lindsey then sat at the desk across the room and opened her laptop. She noticed Stella was online so she sent her a video chat request. Stella popped onscreen with a "How's the trial going?" "Went well. Well, well enough on my part. It helped that Danny showed up. Closing arguments are tomorrow." "Wait a minute did you say Danny showed up? In court in Montana?"

"Yes, take a look." Lindsey tried to angle to laptop to catch Danny's sleeping form for Stella. "Oh. My. God. What did you say or do to finally get him to go to sleep?" Lindsey turned the laptop screen back so she could be seen. "Not much. He almost fell asleep walking back from the diner." "Let him sleep! Did you know that he worked on this case for 48 hours straight on only 1 hour of sleep? And he had just came off a 20 hour day before that?" "No wonder he just shut down." Lindsey glanced amazed over her shoulder at Danny. "Any way, I buzzed you cause I need a little recon work." "Sure, what do you need?" "I need you to raid Danny's locker and tell me what kind of stuff he's got there. Danny showed up with nothing except what he was wearing. I was going to be nice to the idiot and hit the drugstore around the corner and pick up a few a few things for him." Stella laughed. That was so impulsively Danny. "I'll call you right back after I finish my panty raid. Take care of him for us, Linds." Lindsey waited until Stella returned and gave her the list. She saw a housekeeper in the hallway on her way out and got an extra blanket from her since Danny had crashed on top of the blanket and bedspread. So she slipped back in and spread the blanket over Danny and tucked him in. Then she went out to purchase toiletries for him. When she got back she showed and changed into a camisole and her pajama pants. She had no desire to read or watch whatever happened to be on TV. She felt her own energy start to drain after the stress of her testimony. So she decided to just go to bed. The king size bed in her room had plenty of room even with Danny sleeping on the other side so Lindsey decide to try to sleep some. She hadn't slept very well for the last 10 years, but there wasn't much else to do. Lindsey lay down beside Danny. He muttered something beneath his breath and reached out so his palm lay on her abdomen in a protective gesture. Lindsey smiled and for the first time in years easily fell into sleep. She was hiding in the bathroom again, the cold feeling of dread washing through her. She heard 4 shotgun blasts and heard footsteps nearing the bathroom. Please don't open, please don't open, please don't open, she thought. The bathroom door eased open and she found herself staring down the barrel of a shotgun KABOOM Lindsey woke up screaming. She fought against the arms that were holding her. "Lindsey, Lindsey! It's just me. Just Danny." Lindsey relaxed on his shoulder and started

crying. "It's okay. Montana. I'm right here, just let it out." Danny held her and rocked her until her tears and shuddering subsided. "It's over." "But Danny, what if they don't find him guilty? I hate being this scared." "Montana, after what I heard you say up there, I don't think they have any choice, but to find him guilty." "I dreamed about what happened, but this time he found me in the bathroom." Danny leaned back enough to look at her face in the moonlight. "You're safe. I'm Here." H placed a kiss on the top of her head before embracing her to his chest. "I'm here." He leaned them back to lying on the bed. Lindsey turned on her side so that her back was to Danny's chest. HE threw his arm over her and she interlaced their fingers. They slept that way until morning. A/N: It was hard to come up with what went on between Lindsey's testimony & the handling of the verdict and stay true to cannon of Snow Day being the first time physically between these two. But it finally came to me that Danny was exhausted. He was to the point of hallucinating over 24 hours before he arrives in Montana. I assume he took a nap on the plane, but that's only like an hour or two. (I have worked at 12 hour night shift and then flown from Memphis to Phoenix after that so I have some empathy for Danny.)

WHEN THEY REALIZED MAC A few years ago, I told him that it could happen to him and he scoffed at the idea, but then I had to go and hire a pretty little investigator from Bozeman. I knew I'd have to watch Danny for a little while with anyone new on the team. He doesn't accept new people well, especially when they replaced a dear friend of his. I knew he had put her up to calling me Sir, but I figured if that was the worst of it we could all live with that. Then she went undercover as a Holly. And I thought Stella would have to have to tie him to the chair, but he knew the exact second things went bad. Then things went cold between the two. I knew the reason why. Two suits from the Montana State Police showed up early one morning with a photo lineup. I'd know about the shooting. It was in her personnel file, but it was her place to tell him not mine. And she didn't. The day she left, I saw him grinning silly over a card. While she was gone, he nearly worked himself to death and he wasn't sleeping too well either. But I don't have much room to talk about that. I don't know exactly what happened when she came back, but suddenly the two were best friends doing everything together. Silly grins. I swear the sexual tension was building to the point I could almost cut it with a knife. Then things changed. I could see it in their body language. A hand on the small of the back when sliding past one another in the lab. The visible teasing and banter actually toned down, but just the slight touches when they passed in the lab gave them away. Their personal spaces had melded. I knew they were sleeping together. But in some strange way things were working better between them. They didn't really talk much anymore. Not the "hold this here" kind of talk anyway. They just sort of instinctively know what the other will way or want. Although, they did start off the Great Car Debate. That went through the whole lab like wildfire. Batmobile, Mach 5, K.I.T.T., Viper, and even the Fantasy Island car was debated hotly by every lab tech in various corners of the lab. I didn't even know some of the folks were into that stuff. So when Amityville called for CSI help, I sent the two younger detectives and prayed that I didn't hear any reports back about PDA on a crime scene. I know they are both more professional than to be extremely overt, but here in the city I think most of the homicide squad has clued into them being a couple and just overlook the teasing and goofiness that goes on. I guess in a way, it was an effort on my part to let them be together on the holiday. Lindsey got freaked out by the old woman who invaded the crime scene, but Danny managed to calm her down. In the end they put the puzzle together with facts instead of rumors and closed not only a current homicide, but a 30 year old cold case as well.

SID Young love. I almost feel like sighing. It's interesting to observe the mating dance of the Homo sapien. It starts out with the equivalent of pigtail pulling. Danny calling Lindsey "Montana" constantly, which annoyed her, was their personal equivalent of pigtail pulling. After a few months, she complained about it to me. Like I had with my own daughters, I felt that I should point out that Danny had a crush on her. Once that observation was spoken aloud, she realized more herself and her responses changed. She almost came to enjoy being called Montana. She did try to push him away. I could only tell because he was pushing himself too much at work. Then she disappeared for a few weeks. The grapevine rumors reached the morgue and I looked up the case on the Internet. Horrible thing. I privately checked the Bozeman newspaper online daily to follow the progress of the case in court. I saw the photo of Danny and Lindsey on the day of the verdict. The boy had worked himself to exhaustion with her gone and just ended up following her out there. Then there was the day we evacuated the building for a gas leak that wasn't a gas leak. We heard about the hostage situation at the warehouse that Adam and Lindsey were supposed to be processing. A second later Lindsey popped up beside Peyton and I asking what was going on. She was looking very relaxed and almost glowing when she first arrived. Peyton told Lindsey she thought Lindsey was processing the warehouse with Adam, Lindsey told her about Danny swapping shifts with her, and then I mentioned the hostage situation at the warehouse. I'd never seen Lindsey run, but she was about to reset world records with how fast she headed out. After that point, it was pretty much an unspoken fact that the two were a pair. In my own way, I like to think I contributed to their happiness by mentioning Danny's crush on her. Hmmm... I wonder if they will let me cater their wedding dinner. I've been meaning to try out a variation on that new duck recipe...

HAWKES You know, I did well in my psychiatry rotation. Of course, I preferred surgery, and that lead me into pathology and the ME's office. I could fix things or I could interview the unbiased witness. In psychiatry, all I could do was listen and encourage someone to find their own way. I had joined the Medical Examiners office only a few months before 9/11 after spending years on my residency and surgical practice. When the towers fell everyone in the ME's office was sleeping in the basement in shifts to deal with the massive numbers of dead. I've always thought I'd get involved with someone later. Always later. When I realized that I was living my life in that morgue, I put in the request to be transferred to the crime lab. It's been interesting working with more people who will talk back to you. The wisecrack jokes from Danny. The thoughtful insights from Lindsey. Somehow I always thought that opposites would attract with those two. You could just sort of see the click. When she left for Montana, she left a card for him in the office. I encouraged her to call him, let him say goodbye, but I doubted she'd take my advice. I could see those two were close, but she was sneaking out without speaking to him. Things still weren't right between them. Danny went to processing in the lab without noticing the card so I just moved it to the file stack he had in the lab. I saw when he found it and he had the silliest grin on his face while reading it. I must confess. Every morning I checked the website of the Bozeman newspaper following the trial. We were working the Luke Blade case and Danny was really working himself into the ground. I saw the photo from the day of the verdict. Danny and Lindsey looking at each other. And it made me smile. They just seem to be made for each other. And it's fun to work a case with them since they've gotten back, they tease each other and crack jokes and generally make it fun to be at work. Maybe at heart I'm a romantic, but you know, I really wish I could find my someone like Danny & Lindsey have found each other.

FLACK I almost never thought I'd see the day my man Messer fell for someone. His bad boy swagger didn't usually attract the kind of girl that you take home to mama. I knew he was a cream puff under that exterior street smart crust. I'm among the few who knows. I thought it might have been Aiden who would get to him eventually, but she was a little too crusty NYC as well. Believe it or not it took a country girl. You know, early on I had considered making a play for her. Something subtle. Work her up to it. But Messer had one advantage I never considered. A desk across from her. He got to see her daily. I'd run into her 2-3 times a week on crime scenes or when I came to the lab to pester someone for results. Slowly, I noticed looks between the two of you. So I backed off. Linds, when you went undercover I really thought I was going to have to have someone sedate Danny, but he was the first one out of that van charging to your rescue. I never really thought to see Messer as a knight in shining armor, but that day he was trying to be your knight. Then shortly after that you almost broke his heart. I heard all about the "It's not you, it's me" when he got drunk. I tried to convince him to step back a little. Give you some room. Just take the work partner role for a while. Then you broke down on a crime scene and in the morgue. Rumors reach me and any homicide detective worth his salt knows how to listen to gossip. Danno, I started to tell you about what I was hearing about Lindsey breaking down, but I figured the grapevine would get to you. But apparently it didn't. I did a search in the system. Lindsey's name came up as a victim in a cold case mass murder from Montana. I didn't tell anyone. I was kind of embarrassed that I'd been checking up on her. After she came back from the trial the both of you were looking happier. And to be honest Danno, I saw the ticket stub in the trash one night when were playing pool. I didn't say anything. I knew you'd tell me when you were ready. Slowly Lindsey became my best friend's girl. We'd be at Sullivan's and she'd join us after she finished her shift. You'd always leave together. I'd never say anything. Okay, so I might harass Danny about it, but what you have is golden. I really hope the two of you stick. Oh, and BTW I'm never playing pool at Messer's place again. Monroe, what were you thinking?

STELLA Lindsey has quickly become one of my favorites of the younger CSIs to be around. Her excitement over a key piece of evidence is infectious. If I had to pick the odd couple in the office I would probably pick Danny and Lindsey. I don't know how that one developed behind my back. The earnest fresh face Lindsey (or as he calls her, Montana) managed to corral the smart ass Italian. You know I think everyone in the lab was doing little things to throw the two together when I wasn't looking. I'm just really surprised that it took me this long to clue in. I had noticed Lindsey looking happier and more relaxed since she got back from Montana. I just wrote it off as the trial ending and Cadence's conviction. I was just happy that her head was back in the game at work. I figured out that they were sleeping together when I paged Lindsey for a crime scene one night. I had tried her apartment land line first because it was 3 am. When her machine picked up I paged her instead. When she called me back from her mobile I heard a sleepy sounding male voice in the background muttering curses in Italian. Later in the day when he was in the lab, his collar slid back a little and revealed a bite mark on his shoulder. I had to restrain myself from snapping a photo of the bite mark. Sorry, but after 13 years working in the lab it's just instinct that when you see a bite mark to photograph it for comparison. But if you asked me, eyeballing it, it looked like the bite mark would match Lindsey's teeth. I know Mac's position on relationships in the lab is that as long as it doesn't effect the integrity of the lab it's okay, but still... I almost feel like someone should warn Lindsey about Danny. But then again, he's the one being bitten. So maybe I should get someone to warn Danny about Lindsey...

ADAM I owe you guys so much. Let me just say that right off. I mean if it wasn't for Danny I'd probably have died in that warehouse in Hell's Kitchen. He took a pretty severe beating just to cover me getting sulfuric acid out of my kit. And I'm not sure that I'd still have my job if it wasn't for Lindsey. THE day Mac comes back, I was late for work. I'd have been later if it wasn't for Lindsey calling me. You really saved my job. Although you're picking up Danny's sense of humor. Come on, The Office of Unemployment? There's a reason why I'm not out there interviewing witnesses. I think I was the last one to know that you two were paired up. While Mac was on vacation, I'd come by the office you two share to drop off a report. Danny was sitting on Lindsey desk talking to her and he suddenly he leaned down and kissed her. It was quick, but one of those HOT kisses, if you know what I mean. So I made myself scarce and just sent Danny a text message that the results were ready and he could pick it up whenever. Now that I know about the two of you, I just see it. There's this, I don't know, unity between you two. You don't look at each other's face quite as much anymore, but Danny's hand will now come to rest on Lindsey's hip in the lab instead of the back of the chair when you're working together. And you two are spreading your pheromones all over the lab. I mean, I've been friends with Kendall for a while now, but after I noticed the two of you were a couple things kinda shifted with myself and Kendall. She's HOT. I mean I knew she was hot before, but I can't really explain it. I mean 2 nights after I realized you two were together Kendall & I went clubbing together. That was the night before Lindsey had to call me to get into work. And I must say waking up on the floor was not fun but I forgot about it when I saw here lying there in just that fancy getup that women call lingerie. I tell you Danny, if Monroe wears anything like that for you no wonder you're gone over the moon for her. I'm surprised you would be able to keep your tongue in your mouth. Not that I spend my time thinking about Monroe's underwear. HONEST. No, please don't hurt me...

DANNY, DO YOU LOVE ME? “Danny, do you love me?” Danny just grinned. Lindsay was lying next to him on the couch with her head in his lap as he was watching the Mets game on TV. She was looking extremely cute in her pajama pants and camisole top. “Of course I do. And you love me too.” “We should get married.” Danny allowed himself a small smile. “Go get the condom box out of the nightstand.” Lindsay’s brow furrowed like it did when she was puzzled. “But I’m on the pill now, we haven’t used condoms in months.” Danny grinned down at her. “Just go get it.” Lindsay sighed, but curiosity got her up. She went into their bedroom. In the nightstand was the box of condoms, but when she picked the box up out of the back of the drawer it was heavier than it should have been. She opened the box up. Shoved inside was a small velvet box. She pulled it out and opened it up. A small gasp escaped her lips. Danny slipped his arms around her from behind and kissed her neck. “So?” Lindsay turned in his arms and kissed him full on the lips. “Yes.” Danny grinned. “My grandmother surprised me and gave the ring to me last week. Said she thought I was ready for it. My grandfather bought it for her when they first arrived from Italy as newlyweds. I know it’s kinda small.” Lindsay shook her head. “No. The history makes it even more special.”

MISSING SCENE – CHILD’S PLAY A/N: This is my take on the “missing scene” in Child’s Play. Takes place immediately after Lindsay & Mac’s conversation in the morgue. (And on side note, I really thought the words about to come out of Mac's mouth were going to be, "Just tell him you love him." The writers have left them alone for how long now? Isn't this some sort of record for a CSI character to be relatively happy?) “Danny. Danny.” Lindsay called after him. She caught up with him in their office. Danny was pacing with tears streaming down his cheeks. “I should have…” “Danny, you know, I’m no good at things like this, but it wasn’t your fault. We’re trained…” Lindsay just stood there. All the words in the world seemed useless to her. Danny just grabbed her and pulled her into a hug. He didn’t need words he just needed to hold her and reassure himself that she was still there. Lindsay just held him until he cried it all out. She had met Ruben & Rikki as well, but Ruben had really latched onto Danny. Adam had started to approach their office, but Lindsay had waved him away while Danny cried himself out. “I gotta go tell Rikki. Ruben was with me, so I gotta tell her.” Danny said. “Do you want me to go with you?” Lindsay asked. Danny just shook his head. “No, I need to do this. Just be there tonight please, baby.” “I will. Call me if you need me.” Danny gave her a quick kiss and then grabbed his coat and keys.

DANNY MESSER HAD WAITED FOR HER Danny Messer had waited for her. That was a first. Danny Messer hadn’t waited for any woman before her. If it hadn’t come easy, he let it go. That was only until her. With her he waited. He let it develop. He backed off when she asked. When she said she couldn't be in a relationship with him. He was almost so pathetic that he was willing to settle for what few scraps of her attention she threw his way. A single smile over a piece of evidence would keep him going for a week. He bought a new mattress for her. Of course he never told her. During the miserable period of his life when she had gone to Montana, he thought about the number of women whom he'd had over before he met her. Granted the number was nowhere near the number people imagined and gave him credit for. But still he lay in bed on night shortly after she left and thought of the DNA that would be on his mattress that he'd had close to 10 years. Most guys would not think of such a thing, but he tested other people's mattresses for semen and vaginal fluids for a living. And she did too. So therefore he saved all his overtime while she was back in Bozeman and bought a new mattress. Not that they had ended up using it the first time. Granted he wouldn't have planned it that way. The bed would have been much softer. But he wasn't saying no when she initiated things. Granted he had suggested playing pool at his house. He had hoped for something to happen, but he was letting Lindsay set the pace of their relationship. Just because she was too important to him to screw it up. It was also important that she was the only woman who had slept with him on this mattress. But he never told her that. If he screwed this up in the end he didn't want her to know that. That he associated this mattress with her curled up next to him. Granted they didn't need the entire huge mattress the way they slept. They could have fit onto a twin bed they way they slept enmeshed together, but they made full use of it when they were awake. There were nights when she had to leave him or he had to leave her to go stand over a cold body. Or one of them was late coming in. But he slept better because in his mind it was their mattress.

MOTHER AND CHILD REUNION Oh I would not give you false hope On this strange and mournful day Lindsay stood over the baby in the bassinet. She was barely 2 hours old, but they had her stabilized at the moment and on the respirator in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The little girl was tiny. Weighing only 750 grams on her arrival. Her skin has a shiny almost pearl like skin that made Lindsay think you might see the organs underneath if the warming lamps shone just right. That was the brightest light source around. She was used to going into Adult ICU's to photograph survivors of assaults, but this was her first time in NICU. The Adult ICU's had bright lights blazing brightly all over the unit with beeping, buzzing & blaring machines. Even at 3 am. The tiny little girl stirred and made a face that looked like crying, but the tube in her mouth prevented the noise of the cry from escaping. Lindsay looked around for help, but all the nurses were across the room attending to another little one that was having problems. Lindsay tentatively reached out and touched the little girl with her gloved hand. The tiny hand latched on to her finger. She was so small Lindsay thought she could almost fit in her palm. The tiny face screwed up again. LIndsay fell back on what she remembered her mom doing to calm fussy babies. She opened her mouth and quietly sang the first thing that popped into her head. “Oh, I would not give you false hope. On this strange and mournful day. But the mother & child reunion is only a motion away.” She couldn't remember the next line so she just hummed her way through it. The voice behind her made her jump. “You know, Montana. I'm not sure that she's quite ready to appreciate the irony and quirkiness of Paul Simon.” Lindsay threw an embarrassed smile over her shoulder at her partner. “She's holding my camera finger hostage. I haven't gotten a single photo of her yet.” She inclined her head to indicate where the little one still held her right index finger. Her heavy SLR camera held awkwardly in only her left hand. Danny just grinned and took the camera from her and took the photos of the tiny infant. As Danny was snapping photos of the tiny girl holding Lindsay's finger the nurse approached. “Sorry, It had been one of those days. Do you guys need anything?” “I think the photos were all we needed for now. The district attorney's office will subpoena the medical records later, but that probably won't be until they're getting ready for trial.” “Understandable. Do you know anything about the situation that you can share? All we had time to get out of ER was they had a mom who was crashing and to get there immediately cause they were doing the C-section in the trauma room. We didn't even know if it was a MVA or an assault or what kinda injuries mom had so we could expect certain types of

injuries. Little Bit here is still listed as Baby Girl Doe.” “Assault,” Lindsay replied. “Head injury. I rode in with her on the ambulance. They said brainstem herniation in the ER when the mom's heart rate slowed. The ER when the mom's heart rate slowed. The ER team lost her rhythm about 5 minutes after they got the baby out. Trauma doc declared her dead about 20 minutes later. Mom's still a Jane Doe at the moment. We'll relay any next of kin info we find.” “Appreciate it. Oh, by the way, do you guys have any name suggestions for her? We've completely run through our list this month. I've never seen anything like it.” Lindsay thought for a moment, “Kelly.” Danny's head snapped toward Lindsay. He had heard that name only once before from her. It had been at the trial in Montana. Lindsay was smiling down at the little girl with her gaze a million miles away. “Kelly had a strong grip. Champion tree climber.” The nurse smiled. “Kelly it is then.” A/N: Okay this was sort of inspired by the song “Mother & Child Reunion” by Paul Simon, but the song itself is actually based on the English translation of Chicken & Egg dish at a Chinese restaurant. So the song was not written about any sort of situation like this. I've been working on this story for over a month (my muse let me write about a sentence at a time) so I hope it works for ya. Originally this was going to be longer and Lindsay was going to be pregnant, but that all got edited out just to keep the story about Lindsay & Baby Kelly. ER- Emergency Room ICU-Intensive Care Unit NICU-Neonatal Intensive Care Unit SLR-Single Lens Reflex MVA-Motor Vehicle Accident

THE NIGHT THE LIGHTS WENT OUT IN GEORGIA Glynco, (Brunswick), Georgia Federal Investigator Training Center "Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you for attending the forensic update seminar here at Glynco. I hope when you depart you will be taking with you valuable technique to assist in your investigations. This portion is a crime scene taken from the Georgia history books. We’re going to team you up to work with different agencies. So this first crime scene we’re going to pair NYPD crime lab with NCIS. Scene will be processed by Monroe, Lindsay & Messer, Daniel from NYPD and DiNozzo, Anthony & David, Ziva from NCIS.” “Da-veed.” Came a hissed voice out of the audience. The guy continued as if he hadn’t heard. “Laboratory processing will be assisted by Ross, Adam & Scuito, Abigail.” “Report to the scene. You will be met by the first on scene.” Danny & Lindsay picked up their cases and went to the shuttle. They were met there by two agents wearing NCIS jackets & caps. “New Yawk City. So, how is the old Big Apple?” Tony smarted off. “It’s great.” Lindsay said. “Are you from New York?” “Long Island.” Tony replied. “Capretto ricco.” Danny stated. “Hey, Hanno dato la parte posteriore dell'isola di Staten ancora? Niente ma thugs della via.” Tony spat back. “Arrestilo!” Ziva declared. The guys continued glaring and went to work. As they loaded up their equipment Lindsay leaned into whisper to the female NCIS agent. “Agent David, am I the only one going to this crime scene who doesn’t speak Italian?” “It’s Officer Da-veed. And in answer to your question, yes, I believe so.” Danny stowed the last case that Lindsay passed him. “You first Montana,” he waved toward the two bench seats in the van. Lindsey took the back one and Danny climbed in behind her and put his arm behind her across the bench seat. “You are from Montana?” Ziva asked.

“Yes,” Lindsay replied. Ziva crawled into the middle seat. “Tony weren’t you telling me about Montana last week?” “Uhh. Not exactly Ziva.” Tony remembered the conversation all too well and felt a sense of dread. “Yes, you were telling me about the motto. ‘At least our cows are sane.’” Ziva was grinning animatedly. “It was a joke, Zi-vah!” Tony exclaimed. I am so not scoring any points with the NYPD blonde with this, he thought. “Not true,” Lindsay laughed. “Even the cows are on antidepressants these days.” Capretto ricco - Rich Kid Hanno dato la parte posteriore dell'isola di Staten ancora? Niente ma thugs della via. - Have they given Staten Island back yet? Nothing but street thugs. Arrestilo! - Stop it! The 4 investigators piled out of the van and grabbed their kits. A guy wearing a uniform that identified him as Georgia Highway Patrol met them. “What have we got?” DiNozzo asked. “Male DB in the bedroom. Andy Woloe. This is his residence. I found him when I investigated a gunshot I heard while patrolling the neighborhood. Found Raymond Brody standing over him gun in hand. Sheriff Benson took him to the station for booking. Woloe and Brody have some history.” “What’s this history?” Messer asked. “Brody’s sister is engaged to Woloe. Tonight I responded to a disturbance call at Webb’s, the local bar. When I got there they both had left, but witnesses stated they heard that Woloe told Brody that Brody’s wife had been sleeping around while he was out of town. Statement was made that Woloe confessed to Brody that he had been with her. A punch was thrown and they both left prior to me arriving. It seems pretty clear to me, but you still gotta process it.” “You got the gun?” “Yeah, right here, .38 Smith & Wesson revolver.” “Thank you.”

Danny opened the revolver hinge. “One spent bullet. Four live rounds remaining.” He made sure the safety was on and then boxed and tagged the gun for ballistics. “I’ll sketch. Monroe, you want to shoot? That will leave Messer & David to bag and tag.” Tony suggested. They moved into the bedroom. Together the 4 investigators surveyed the scene. A nude male body lay in a pool of blood. Lindsay spoke first. “There’s something wrong with this blood pattern.” “What’s wrong with it?” Tony asked. “Look at the nine o’clock position. There are drag marks. From the way Andy Woloe is laying he wasn’t moved after he was shot. I think we may have a second victim that’s been removed.” Lindsey stated. “I’ll check the perimeter,” Ziva called out. “Appears to be an entrance wound in the back. From the angle he was shot, the bullet should be in this wall.” Danny deduced. He got his flashlight out and started scanning the far wall. Lindsay got started photographing and Tony started sketching. When Lindsay finished with the photographing, she and Tony turned the body since they were working this case without a medical examiner on scene. Tony leaned down to examine the bullet wound in the front. “This also looks like an entrance wound. Could he have been shot in the front and back at the same time and have 2 bullets in him?” Tony asked. “Danny & I saw something similar on a case at the Met. Victim tried to shoot someone and her attacker turned it on her. She had a similar exit wound because her attacker hasd his body pressed against her when he shot her.” Danny piped up. “I can’t find the bullet here either. You know, I think it could be in that missing body that was drug away. Say he was holding someone close. Work with me on this Montana.” They stepped parallel to where the body lay. Danny embraced Lindsay so they were facing each other. “Woloe and a mystery person in a close hold. Brody walk in and shoots Woloe in the back. The shot is a through and through for Woloe and into the second person where the bullet lodges. They fall.” Danny helped Lindsay down to the ground. “Then Brody drags away the missing person causing the blood smear.” Ziva walked back in at that moment to see Danny & Lindsay entwined on the floor. “Oh! Umm, I have 3 sets of shoe impressions leading into the house from the rear. Two sets appear to be the same shoe. From the sizes I’d guess a male and a female. The female approached twice. And found some drag markings.” Ziva glanced again at the NYPD pair who while they were still sprawled on the floor with Danny on top were now looking at her.

Tony noticed Ziva looking at the pair on the floor. “Working hypothesis,” he said in way of explanation. Lindsay noticed something in the ceiling. “Tony, there’s a bullet hole in the ceiling above you.” Tony looked up. “Well, if there’s only one shot fired from the gun and we think two bodies were killed with the same bullet, then who put a pullet in the ceiling?” “And I walked for quite a while following the trail before I turned back,” Ziva stated. “I do not think Brody had time to hide a body that far away and return in the amount of time between Highway Patrol hearing the gunshot and finding him standing over the body.” Danny stood up and assisted Lindsay to rise. “But if we assume Brody came in the back door and found Woloe here…” Tony stood exactly under the bullet hole. “You can see both the front window and the back door clearly from right here. If he saw the patrol car he could have fired a shot to get his attention.” “And risk being arrested as the shooter,” Lindsay said. “Which he was,” Ziva stated. Danny inserted a directional rod into the hole in the ceiling. “Want to try to find the attic access?” he asked Tony. “Sure” Tony replied. “I’m going to collect some blood samples and see if we can find out the identity of the missing person via DNA.” Lindsay said. Ziva grabbed a few swabs to help her, but a solid piece in the blood pool caught her attention. She picked it up with a pair of tweezers and used the swab to clean the blood off. “Small, but it is a diamond.” “Could be cubic zirconium, “ Lindsay replied. “Never doubt an Israeli about a diamond.” “You’re Israeli?” Lindsay asked with a bit of wonder in her voice. “I am the Mossad liaison officer to NCIS. Hence, I am Officer David instead of Special Agent David.”

“Oh!” Lindsay blinked. “So how does American crime scene processing differ from Mossad?” “I would not know. I never worked a crime scene with Mossad.” “Never?” “Never.” “The how…?” “Since 9/11 I have worked counterterrorism. In that capacity I frequently worked with Director Shepherd. Of course that was before she became Director of NCIS. When I wanted a change, she gave me that chance.” “Oh.” Quietly they worked together and finished the sampling of the blood pool. “Found the bullet” Tony stated coming into the room. It was lodged in the roof.” Danny informed the ladies. “Ziva found a diamond in the blood pool.” Lindsay informed the guys. “Considering both the diamond and the close embrace Woloe had with our mystery victim I bet we’re looking for a woman.” “Only two women we know Woloe was currently seeing,” Tony stated. “Miss Brody & Mrs. Brody.” “We’re done in here. Let’s send this stuff out to Adam and Abby to start processing while we search for the missing body.” Working together they quickly got everything they had processed, packaged and loaded with the courier along with Woloe’s boy. Then the four turned their attention to the footprints and drag marks. “Directionality of all three sets of prints is toward the house.” Lindsay commented. “Look at this set,” Ziva pointed out. “It is deeper in the heel than in the toe.” “The only time I saw that was when a woman committed suicide trying to frame a guy for murder,” Lindsay stated. “Those shoes are a women’s size six,” Tony stated. “You’re not going to get that kind of weight difference unless they have child size feet.”

“I think this set is the same person walking backward while dragging the body,” Danny added. “Look how it is much deeper overall than the approaching set. Plus the drag markings seem to be associated with this set.” “The easiest way for a woman to move a dead body would be to pull from the corpse’s underarms,” Lindsay added. So the four investigators started following the tracks and signs into the woods. It quickly became apparent that Lindsay and Ziva were much better at following signs in the Georgia marsh than Danny or Tony. The guys just ended up following the ladies. “Country girls. When do they learn all this stuff?” Danny asked. “I don’t know about in Montana,” Tony stated while ducking to avoid a tree branch. “But I’m pretty sure Ziva went through Mossad’s assassin school around the age of 12.” “Twelve? I was still playing Babe Ruth league ball.” “I was playing basketball, both at the Y and for my school. So when did you quit playing ball?” “I was 22. My first year in the minors. I broke my wrist in a fight. Ended up applying to the police academy. Graduated first in my class and ended up assigned to the crime lab straight out of the academy. You?” “Played ball for Ohio State. Senior year we made it to the Final Four. I broke my leg. Ended up with the Peoria PD then Baltimore Homicide before NCIS.” At that moment Tony’s cell phone rang. “Hey, Abbs, what you got for us? ... Okay.” He snapped his mobile shut. “Ziva we gotta pull out that video thing. Abby and Adam have some stuff for us.” Ziva pulled her pack off and pulled out the portable videoconference screen. Danny, Lindsay and Tony gathered around so that they could also see the screen. It took a minute to get the connection established, but soon Abby and Adam were on screen. “Hey, guys,” Abby explained. She was acting just slightly jittery like she had just finished a Caf-Pow. “What have you got for us?” Ziva asked. “We’re just starting to process the evidence,” Adam warned. “But we thought you should know,” Abby interrupted.

“The grand jury just indicted Brody,” Adam continued. “On murder One,” Abby picked up and finished for Adam. “What?” Lindsay exclaimed. Ziva and Tony just exchanged glances. “But he was just arrested three hours ago,” Tony stated. “We haven’t found the second body yet.” “I know. We’ve barely started processing the evidence,” Abby explained. “The DA wouldn’t listen to me. He got the indictment based solely on the GHP officer’s testimony, which is totally inconclusive as to what actually happened in that room.” “Well this is rural Georgia,” Adam tried to state in way of explanation. Abby rounded on Adam. “That is no excuse for rushing a grand jury on the basis of a single testimony when we have evidence yet to collect.” Adam was holding his hands up in front of him. “Okay, okay. You’re preaching to the choir here.” He turned back to the video cam. “Anyway we just thought you guys might want a head’s up on what just went down the legal pipeline.” “We appreciate it, Adam,” Danny said trying for a calming voice. But he almost swore he saw a stuffed toy hippo go flying across the screen before the video blinked off. Soon afterward the guys were groaning. The girls had picked up the pace double time. Granted the guys were secretly enjoying the view of their ladies derrières, but they wished dearly for a more leisurely pace. Danny had thorns in his thigh. Tony had a small gash on his arm, but the ladies weren’t slowing down a bit. Finally after what seemed like an eternity they came to a swamp like marsh. Ziva and Lindsay scouted the bank and then decided that it was most likely that the body they were searching for was somewhere underneath the murky water. They quickly suited up in their coveralls and found sticks to probe the bottom with. “Be careful where you step.” Lindsay warned. “This is the natural habitat range of Alligator mississippiensis.” “Did she just say what I thought she said?” Ziva quietly asked Tony. “I’m pretty sure she said alligator in there somewhere.” Tony whispered back. Ziva made a face. “Come on, Montana.” Danny admonished. “You ain’t never seen a ‘gator ‘cept in a zoo.”

“True,” Lindsay conceded. “But that doesn’t change the fact that this is still their natural habitat and they can lie submerged for several hours before surfacing for air.” Reluctantly they all jumped in and methodically started probing the bottom of the marsh. Compared to the trek in, Danny found the submerged body relatively quickly. While Danny, Tony & Ziva handled the extraction of the body; Lindsay called the lab to get Adam to arrange for the coroner’s van. Abby answered the lab videophone. “Lab of the Perpetually Bored Out of Our Gourd, please tell me you have something interesting for me. Please, Please!” Lindsay blinked at the bouncy goth girl. “Well, we have got a body, entrance wound, no exit so the coroner should be able to find a bullet for you to match.” Adam came into view on the screen with two Caf-Pows in hand and handed Abby one of the Caf-Pows. “Hey, Linds, Did Abby tell you that almost everything fit with your theory right down the line?” “Just getting to that part,” Abby replied, “So the blood came back as Woloe and an unknown female, proving your two victim theory. Shot was fired from about ten foot away, entering into Woloe’s back, piercing the left ventricle, exiting the front and as we believe then entering the female victim.” “Can you triangulate our signal and get the coroner’s van routed in as close as you can get it?” “On it.” Adam snapped to attention in front of the keyboard. “Satellite shows an old logging road about a quarter a mile due west we can route them in through. Oh and your shoe impressions were a Men’s Caterpillar work boot size ten which matches the shoe tread to the pair Brody was wearing when he was arrested. The other pair was Women’s Timberland hiking boots size six. Model name is Chocura. Know anyone who wears those?” “Not yet,” Lindsay replied. “Oh, the coroner was able to pull out trace metals of the bullet from the ribs they match the elemental composition of the bullets from Brody’s gun.” Abby added. “Which means they were from the same lot of bullets that Brody used,” Lindsay concluded. “We have two females that we know lived with Brody, his sister and his wife. Does the DNA have any common alleles with Brody’s reference sample?” “No more than a random stranger would have in common.” Adam stated. “Okay so body probably isn’t the sister.” Lindsay reasoned. “Unless his sister isn’t his sister.” Abby stated. “We’ll see when they get the body identified.”

After they got the body loaded into the coroner’s van Lindsay and Ziva looked around, but could not locate which direction the assumed murderess left by so they decided to process the Brody House warrant. The 4 investigators met the sheriff’s deputy with the warrant at the Brody house. Luckily Brody’s sister Louise was at home as the warrant that was granted did not allow them to break anything to enter. The Brody house search turned up four rifles, one shotgun and an additional handgun. A few of the rifles and the shotgun appeared to be antiques, but despite age all appeared to still be in usable condition. The sheriff’s deputy who had come with them to serve the warrant had comment that was a pretty normal weapons haul for the area. The investigators also asked Raymond Brody’s sister, Louise Brody to sit down and answer a few questions. Ziva and Lindsay teamed up to handle the questioning. “When did you last see your brother?” Ziva asked. “It was over two weeks ago when he left for Candletop. I was out earlier this evening so he might have been here then.” “Where did you go out to this evening?” “A friend’s house.” “This friend have a name?” “Amber, Amber Bailey. She’s Judge Bailey’s daughter.” Lousie mentioned. “We were planning my wedding, but I hear that isn’t happening now.” “We will check on that.” “Here is a receipt for the guns and ammo we took,” Lindsay explained while handing over a piece of paper to Louise Brody. “They will be returned to you after testing unless they are called into evidence.” “They better get returned,” Louise muttered. “Those guys are the only things Daddy left us when he died.” “You handle the guns as well?” Lindsay asked. “Yeah, I do some of the hunting. ‘Specially when Raymond’s gone. That’s how we get most of our meat for the table. Irene grows a few vegetables out back and my secretarial job at Andy’s real estate office helps a little to pay the bills when Raymond’s gone for weeks or months at a time on a job.” “Then we’re going to need elimination prints and DNA sample from you as well as a residual test.”

While Lindsay was obtaining the prints, Ziva paced the living room. Danny observed his girl at work and the NCIS liaison officer pacing from the bedroom he was searching with Tony DiNozzo. Danny tried to think of something to converse with Tony about. Their female partners seemed like a logical choice. “Ziva falls pretty naturally into the bad cop to Lindsay’s good cop. They seem to work well together considering they don’t know each other’s interview styles.” “Ziva doesn’t really do good cop,” Tony replied. “She has bad copy and super crazy Israeli ninja. Trust me it’s kinda scary to see.” “I bet that would be scary to see.” Danny continued to sort through items in the closet. “She claims that before she came to NCIS she hadn’t conducted an interview without inflicting pain.” “Are you serious?” Tony shrugged and continued rifling through things in the dresser. “That’s what she says. She was born into Mossad. Like the mafia, the Mossad’s a family affair and they aren’t nearly as squeamish as Americans about how they get things done.” Lindsay finished swabbing Louise Brody’s hands. When she sprayed the reagent for the presumptive gun shot residue test, the pad turned purple. Lindsay looked up at Ziva. Ziva glanced down at Lindsay and the test she was holding and then turned her attention to Louise Brody. “Miss Brody, if you will accompany us to the station we have a few more questions we need to ask you there.” Ziva proceeded to recite Louise her rights and cuff her for transport. Lindsay stood and poked her head into the room Tony and Danny were almost finished searching. “I’m going with Ziva to take in Louise Brody. She tested positive for GSR.” Danny flashed her his trademark grin. “Okay. We’re almost done here, then we’ll be in.” He winked at her. She just grinned back before turning to depart. “Wait a second,” Tony exclaimed as he pulled a pair of shoes. “Didn’t Lindsay say that Adam identified the shoes as Women’s Timberlands?” “Yeah.” “Well look what we got here,” Tony held up a pair of Women’s Timberland hiking boots. Danny grinned and he only had one word for Tony. “Boom.” Lindsey, Ziva, Tony & Danny walked into the lab that temporarily housed Adam & Abby.

Both lab techs had Caf-Pow’s next to them and were twitching slightly while they worked to some sort of punk music that was coming from one of the computers. Tony was the first to break into their world. “What you got for us, Abbs?” “Well it’s hard working without my artwork, but I’ve managed to run through the goodies you brought me. Well, with Adam’s help. The gun that Raymond Brody was arrested with matched the bullet in the ceiling, but not the bullet in the female vic.” Abby replied. Adam looked at a report that just came off his printer. “DNA just came back. Your female vic definitely is Irene Brody, wife of Raymond Brody.” “And the bullet in Irene matched the revolver that you recovered at the Brody house.” Abby stated. “Which only has Louise’s prints & DNA on it.” Adam added. “Also the boots…” “Match you tread wear patterns…” “Of the boots you recovered from the Brody house…” “Analyses of the sediment in the tread…” “Matches the soil on the body…” “And underneath the mud…” “Blood…” “Which DNA confirms…” “Come from 2 donors…” “Both our victims…” Abby & Adam exchanged high fives. “We ROCK!” Ziva leaned over so she was whispering in Tony’s ear. “Has Abby ever liked anyone that quickly?” “Only two people that I know of.” Tony replied in an undertone. “Who?” “The first was Kate,” he quieted for a second at the mention of her name even after the past

few years. “The other was McGee.” “Not you?” “No, initially she took to me about the same as she did to you actually.” At that moment a gray haired gentleman in a suit stormed angrily into the lab. “We have the guy standing over the body with the smoking gun. Trial starts Monday. What are you guys doing bring his sister in? She just lost her fiancé and you’re hauling her in like a criminal.” “”Cuse me. Who are you?” Danny asked almost automatically placing himself between the guy and the rest of the room. The angry guy had the gall to look affronted. Then drew himself up to his full 5’11” height. “I am Judge Bailey.” “Evidence points to Louise Brody, NOT Raymond Brody.” Tony eased up to stand beside Danny to start forming a wall. “We have two bodies, not one. Both killed by the same bullet. One body was hidden which Raymond Brody didn’t have time for. Bullet came from Louise Brody’s gun, not Raymond’s.” “And the second body was confirmed as Irene Brody, Raymond’s wife.” Adam piped from somewhere over their shoulders. “Irene…” The judge said quietly and looked down. Ziva and Lindsay eased beside the guys adding to the wall. “It is interesting what you will hear in a small town,” Ziva added. “Like when we stopped at the dinner to pick up lunch…” “Dorothy was quite chatty.” Lindsay added. “Apparently half the town saw Irene’s car at your house overnight last week while your wife was out of town at her sister’s.” “What?” the judge turned red and started sputtering. “All I have to do is press this button,” Tony indicated the call button on his mobile phone. “To call down a team of federal investigators about your involvement in this case and anything else you’ve ever been involved in.” “Unless, you withdraw yourself as judge of the case.” Lindsay added. “Due to conflict of interest.” “Okay, okay, you win. I’ll withdraw.” The bar was just a roadside pub that catered to those at Glynco. It did not have much of a dance floor, but the 6 people crammed into the biggest booth available.

The guys were both wearing jeans and casual button down shirts. Ziva was wearing a short black dress that Tony’s hands had kept trying to wonder underneath under the table. Of course the second they went just a fraction too far Ziva would crush them and dare him with a look to make any indication other than a wince. Lindsay had on a denim skirt that ended just above her knees and an almost sheer plaid shirt over a white tank top. Danny either kept his arm around her constantly or a hand rested on her knee and slowly rubbed silently promising much more later. “So what I found out about the old case this one was modeled after was that it occurred actually in 1921,” Abby began. “That was way before DNA. Blood typing was also still in it’s infancy. Even ballistics was an emerging science at that time and was not yet available in this part of Georgia. Raymond Brody was hanged after pleading guilty less than a week after the crime. Louise Brody confessed to it in 1962 to a reporter after she discovered she was dying. She stated her brother pleaded guilty to spare her life and she spread the rumor that Irene had left town. As Irene was the town tramp no one thought to question it. It wasn’t revealed until a letter was opened and read after Louise’s death 2 months after her confession where Irene’s body was hidden.” Then Abby spun to Danny who had his arm around Lindsay. “So how long have you two been together?” Lindsay just blushed. Danny shrugged, “Six months.” 25 days, 15 hours, 35 minutes, he thought even though he wouldn’t voice it aloud. He still played down his relationship with Lindsay just a bit. She meant the world to him and while she knew it inside he was terrified that saying the words aloud would jinx things. “That’s so sweet.” Abby bounced. “These two,” she indicated Tony & Ziva. “Have been off and on for about a year.” Ziva looked down and pinched the bridge of her nose. “I know you don’t like it announced Ziva, but it’s kinda hard to miss it when Tony’s got his hand up your dress.” Tony suddenly slammed both palms onto the table. “Abby!” he admonished just to get a cheeky grin in response. Then the bass line of a popular song started throbbing through the bar’s speaker system. Dial up my number now Weaving it through the wire Ziva saw an opening to get out of this conversation. She hit Tony. “Let’s dance.” She led him out to the postage stamp of a dance floor and began dancing very close to him. Switch me on Turn me up Don’t want it Baudelaire Just glitter lust Lindsay leaned over to Danny’s ear and whisper. “Oh, the things I would do to this song…” He jerked his head up and then suddenly drug her out onto the dance floor. They didn’t have

anywhere more private at the movement, but he just had to have her close to him and it was more socially acceptable to make out on the dance floor. Switch me on Turn me up I want to touch you You’re just made for love I need la la la la la la I need ooh la la la la Abby yelled at Adam over the music. “So which ones first on your office pool? Pregnancy or a proposal?” “They’re running neck and neck. Yours?” “Actually first is the Deputy Director of Mossad trying to assassinate Tony. Then, Ziva having to kick her daddy’s ass. Then the pregnancy. ” Adam just laughed. After the Goldfrapp song was over the opening chords of a slow ballad came on. A disembodied voice came over the PA system. “Ladies & Gentlemen we heard that the final case of the Annual Forensics Update Seminar has had a successful conclusion. So it’s local tradition to play this song after it is solved.” Reba McEntire’s voice filled the bar. That’s the night that the lights went out in Georgia That’s the night that they hung an innocent man Don’t trust your soul to no backwoods Southern lawyer Cause the judge I the town’s got bloodstain’s on his hand

SCENES She was taking him back home. He was injured. Far, far beyond the capabilities of medical care in the remote African village where he had been filming. In fact, with the sepsis that was setting in, he was far sicker than the capital city of Lilongwe's best hospital could even handle. He was just plain lucky that she was in the country. She was probably the only nurse with true Western critical care experience in the nation of Malawi at the moment. She was there with a UN humanitarian mission helping the refuges that had fled Mozambique to a nation that was only slightly larger than her home state of Tennessee. She knew him from a science fiction television show that had never been shown in her home country. She doubted that he was conscious enough to register who she was through the sedatives she had given him. She also knew he was openly gay, but to mention that in this country would probably get him killed. Getting him out of the country took some finagling. She had switched the morphine & saline vials. When they went through the checkpoint and her “morphine“ was confiscated, she still had the real thing to give him. She prayed that she would have him out of the country before her duplicity was discovered. Also she had used up her IV neosynephrine and the dopamine stock was down to her last bag. She really didn't want to think about tapping into her levophed stock. She was terrified about running these medication without an IV pump and levophed would be the worst to control in such primitive surroundings. An IV pump battery would had died long ago on the crazy 9 hour cross country road trip. She rarely touched any of these medications anymore because by this point natives were expecting death and their medical system didn't have the resources to continue extreme aggressive treatment, even for the young and strong. But she had seen it many times, run these drugs on many patients back in America, including those who probably shouldn't have received it. Full lifesaving measures on 93 year old grandmas whose cancer ridden bodies were fatigued from the fight and eyes were begging for cessation. Dr. Schmidt from Dusseldorf had worked with her on 4 missions now and trusted her judgement with critical patients. In fact many times he had left her to manage the night shift with a “do whatever you think.“ When they had packed him up for the trip Dr. Schmidt had piled extra IV fluids on board with a quiet “you'll need it.“ She just nodded. Of course she'd need it. He was going to get much worse before he got better. She had the IV antibiotics & morphine in the false seat bottom in the back of the Land Rover. It was a nice invisible one which was good with the “patrols“ she kept running into. She suspected some of the patrols were more highwaymen instead of government troops. She just wished Antoine would be able to get them there faster. Peter's fever was climbing. She directed Antoine to drive them to the British embassy. The passport she had found in his items indicated dual US/UK citizenship with a current address listed in Cardiff, Wales. At the moment she trusted the British to get them out of the country quicker than the Americans. The Americans would probably fly him out to Ramstein where she would loose touch with his care. She thought the Brits would allow her to see him through to London without much

hassle. She had a passport with UN personnel badge so pretty much any of the member nations would help her. Plus she was sure MI5 would wait until they had touched down in the UK to grill her. The CIA would start the minute she walked through the door without caring if her patient was stable. The Brits had more class that way. She'd still be under surveillance until she'd been debriefed, but they'd let her continue to care for her patient before the questioning began. As luck would have it when Antoine pulled in front of the British consulate just before she ran out of dopamine. The Scotsman who was pulling guard duty apparently recognized the face of her patient. So when she started barking order that she needed the facility physician and more dopamine, she got an immediate response. Dr. Smythe luckily had started his career as A&E physician who had had frequent exposure to shock trauma. She rattled off report with the succinct rapid fire staccato of the experienced critical care provider with a few questions from Dr. Smythe occasionally interjected to clarify her American terms & usage with his British experience (even medicine has its regional dialects). When he started rattling off mcg/kg/min to the consulate nurse and her blank look at him, the American took over. “Look just go look in the IV medication supplies. Find Dopamine. D-O-P-A-M-I-N-E. And a 250 mL bag of Normal Saline, that's 0.9% Sodium Chloride. And your IV pump. I'll handle it. Right now, you need a nurse who knows how to care for the critically ill. And right now I appear to be the only one in country.“ The Scotsman from the Guard popped his head into the infirmary. “RAF has one going wheels up in an hour. They can make room for you if you want.“ “Do it.“ “Someone medical has to go. They can rig a stretcher, but they're staffed as a cargo plane not medical.“ “Clear me through.“ She threw him her passport. The flight to London was bumpy and uncomfortable. She kept talking to him to keep herself awake. “I'm taking you home. To London. I know it is not my home. Listen to me, you hear America in my accent. The Southland. I actually grew up in the area that was the border between the Appalachian and the Mississippi Delta accents. That is one of the most prejudiced places on the planet in my opinion. Sometimes I wonder how I came out of a place like that. “I'm not saying I don't have prejudices because everyone has them in some form or another. I try my best not to let labels do more than start conversations. Like someone says they are an otaku, I try not to assume they live at home with their mother, but rather ask about their collection and interests. Heck, the fact I even know what an otaku is is amazing for where I'm from.”

“Why aren't you asleep?“ Peter asked coming through the door from a rehearsal that ran late. “Can't. The nightmares are right beneath the surface. Waiting for me to fall asleep.“ She petted the dark glass window following the glistening path of a raindrop outside, her forehead touching the glass. “Then come in and sleep with Danny & me. We'll be right there when it happens.“ “You know how you get accused of being a 13 year old in an adult body.“ “Yes.“ “So what do you do when your body's 31 and your brain is 100. I'm old. Maybe not physically, but my perceptions, my experiences. I've always been old. At 24 I did this 'fun little quiz' to determine your mental age. I was 60. At 24, I was 60.“ The tears spilled over her cheeks.

Peter was already up when Rachel stumbled into the social room. She noticed he had sweats on, notebook in hand and mumbling under his breath. As she stuck her head in the fridge to find juice she heard the familiar clackey-clack of tap shoes. Rehearsing, she thought as she searched for the orange juice. stomp-clackey-scuff-clackey-clack-stomp “You're dropping your heel in the shuffle,“ she yelled from the fridge trying to find the elusive orange juice that she knew had to be there. “Oh, okay.“ Peter muttered absently. stomp-clackey-clackey-clack-stomp “Hang on!“ He exclaimed looking up from his notes. He saw Rachel's head still buried in the fridge. “How the hell could you tell I was dropping my heel from inside the refrigerator.“ Rachel straightened up and looked at Peter. “I could hear it. During the shuffle there was a slight scuff sound. Only happens when you let the heel drop instead of pointing it.“ “You dance.“ Peter stated with a confounded look on his face. “Used to. Did some tap, little bit of jazz, but mostly ballet.“ “So show me this.“ He tried to execute the buffalo step he had been working on.

“We called it Shuffle Off the Buffalo where I studied.“ She copied his movement, but did it faster than he had. “Whoa, too fast for me to figure out what I'm doing.“ “It's a step (or stomp) on the right, shuffle with the left, step on the left, draw the right up to passe, then step on the right.“ She did it as she was explaining the step. He got her dancing with him with her still in her pajamas. She had stopped briefly to throw her hair up in a quick ponytail to keep it out of her eyes on the turns. He slowly worked her into working on the partner work he needed to work on. It was nice rehearsing with someone who could go over the dance steps even if she wouldn't sing because she was off key. He threw her into the next turn while thinking about the upcoming lift and got smacked hard in the face by her flying ponytail. It stung. “Oh, I'm so sorry,“ she apologized. “I'll put the wild beast up.“ She snagged her hair clip out of her room and twisted the ponytail up into a rough bun.

TV interview -Tanya 12/5/06, 6:26am

“Now I hear you and your partner are expecting.“ “Yes, it is true. It wasn't exactly planned, but we're looking forward to it.“ “Wasn't exactly planned? How do you go about not planning that when you are two partnered gay men?“ “There's no way to really explain this without it sounding like a really bad soap opera..“ “That bad?“ “The short answer is Danny, my partner got a girl knocked up.“ “Your man cheats on you with a woman and you're not chucking him out?“ “We've got 16 years invested together. You don't just chuck all that out. At least I don't. We elected to work through it, all three of us. It's made us face some things and we're growing stronger because of it. And I'm really looking forward to being a father. It is an opportunity we might not have had otherwise.“

“So the mother is giving you custody of the baby.“ “Sort of. Rachel, that's the baby's mother, is usually deployed to some third world country about eight to nine months out of a year. She did not want to put a child through living some of the places she would be living. And she really wanted to have the most interaction she could with the baby. She was very distraught about possible decisions but she knew she did not want to terminate when she told us about the baby.“ “She told you both at the same time?“ “Yes. Rachel was very adamant that she had no intention of breaking up the relationship Danny and I have together but that we did need to know about it. In fact I really have a lot of respect for her in how she's dealt with the whole situation. She is a very strong woman and I admire that.“ “You said deployed. Is she in the military?“ “No, no, no! She's a nurse for the UN. She deploys on health care inspections and relief aid missions.“ “So she goes down to Africa and takes care of sick people in war zones.“ “Exactly! You should invite her on sometime, she's got lots of great stories.“ “Maybe I will.“ “She's going to kill me for putting the idea into your head.“ “Now weren't you injured a short while back while filming in Africa?“ “Yes, Yes I was. We were filming and I had gone behind the privacy sheet they had up to use the bathroom and ended up gored by a rhino. It all happened so fast I'm not really sure what all happened. I know I was taken to a local hospital. The surgeon there did what he could to stop the bleeding, but I was getting septic (or that's what Rachel told me). She made the call in Recovery to try to transport me back to London. I was really out of it most of the way between the fever and the drugs. I don't remember much, I remember her voice mostly. Telling me she was taking me home.“ “So she transported you back to London and slept with your partner.“ “I've forgiven them and we're both in love with her, so we're just trying to deal with whatever comes next.“ “You're in love with her? What?“ “So is Danny! It's sort of a threesome. It's sort of like she completes the both of us and she

completes us as a couple. We never realized that we were missing that piece until she came along. She just makes our lives richer. And with the baby on the way it is becoming more interesting. We're all there for each other wherever we are in the world. Like 2 weeks ago Rachel had to go to the UN office in New York for a training seminar and some other stuff. At the end of the week that she was there, I had to be in NY for guest appearances to promote Sector 7, because it is just now premiering on American television. So she picked me up at the airport. The minute I climb in her car at the airport she has her mobile out. She's calling Danny to let him know my flight landed safely.“ “Do you all sleep together? It would make for a crowded bed.“ “Yes it does.“ Peter mutter, but with the microphone on his lapel the crowd could hear it. “What?“ “I am so dead after this,“ Peter blushed. “The rule in our home is Rachel cannot sleep alone if anyone is there. Stuff that she has seen and experienced in Africa causes her to have absolutely horrible, horrible nightmares. But if she sleeps with us they aren't as frequent. Before she started sleeping with us we were in her room a minimum of 5 times a night with her screaming.“ “That bad.“ “Oh, yes. Once I had to cover a black eye for a week and Danny got kicked in a very tender area.“ “Ouch.“ “Exactly!“ “So how do you fit 3 adults in a bed?“ “Very carefully! No, it's really not that hard for us. We have a King size bed in our London home and Danny & I have always spooned when we're sleeping so we really don't take up that much space. Rachel sleeps back to back with whoever has the middle. “ “Now are you living in London or Cardiff?“ “Both. Between the 3 of us we have 3 places we share. I have a place in Cardiff that Danny & I bought. I'm there when I'm working in Cardiff. We just bought a new place in London. We needed more space especially with the baby on the way. Danny works in London and Rachel's in the process of being reassigned to London from New York. We've also got Rachel's little place in New York that we're keeping. I plan to go there for some Broadway show runs in July and she still has to go back to the UN offices regularly for various things.“

“She got a phone call from Bono yesterday.“ “Bono? U2 Bono, Bono?“ “Yeah.“ “Okay.“ “Apparently they met in Africa.“ “Really. Hum, she never mentioned it.“ “Never mentioned it to me either. She took most of the call in the guest bedroom. She did come out at the end and told him to give her best to Ali and the kids. I think she was giving him some ideas for some health care system aspect of one of his projects.“

Danny picked her up outside her office. When she exited to come to the care there was a guy who came up and started snapping photos of her. He continued despite her not cooperating with the camera. She hurried and got into the passenger side of the car. “Go!“ she snapped her seat belt. “I don't know what was up with that man.“ “I recorded Peter's interview this afternoon. You need to see it. What do you say we swing by and pick up Chinese to eat while we watch it.“ “Sounds good to me.“ insert a TV interview here -Tanya 12/5/06, 6:29am “I'm going to kill him! I'm going to kill him in the most painful way possible and then bring him back just to kill him again.“ She angrily paced the floor. “He has no idea of the things I've seen! I'll pull out all his fingernails to start with!“ Danny was just sitting back staring at her wide-eyed. That was one of the things he supposed he had to get used to with a woman around the house. The hell cat beneath the funny, sweet caring woman would occasionally come out with claws in full force. She marched over to the table that she had sat her purse on and picked up his mobile that he had sat beside the purse. “Call him.“

“What?“ “Call him from your mobile. I can guarantee he won't answer if I call him from mine and he probably won't answer if I call from the house phone.“ “Okay,“ Danny slowly dialed the number for Peter's mobile. “Hello?“ Peter picked up sounding hesitant. “Hey, it's me.“ “Whew, for a second there I thought it might have been Rachel. I'm almost done talking to my mum on the other line, just let me hang up,“ there was a click, silence for a second and then he was back. “He's on the phone with his mum,“ Danny informed Rachel. Rachel picked up the house phone and started dialing. “I'm back. How did she take it?“ “Well the list of torture methods that have been spewing out of her mouth are impressive. She swears she's going to save your life multiple times just to kill you again,“ Danny moved the mouthpiece away from his mouth and turned to Rachel who was dialing on the house phone. “Who are you calling?“ “His mother!“ Danny redirected the mouthpiece of his mobile. “Man, she is seriously pissed. She's calling your mum.“ “Hello, Mr. B. It's Rachel. I want to talk to HIS mother about what her little boy did on national TV!“ Danny: “She's got your dad.“ “Mum B, Rachel. Just watched the telly. I'm going to murder your son! I'm going to keelhaul him just as soon as I find a bloody boat big enough. Then I'm going to resuscitate him just to suspend him from his thumb over a stake! He announced to the world that we were a threesome! I had paparazzi waiting for me outside work today. I'm going to break the bloody Geneva Convention in so many ways that it's going to take them a month just to write up all the charges!“ Danny: “Oh dear, she made the paparazzi connection to the guy outside her office. You're screwed. You know those nightmares? The way she's spewing I think she's planning on doing

everything she's ever heard about to you.“ Peter: “I've thrown some stuff in a bag and I'm on my way to London in just a few minutes. I'll ask James to redo the shooting schedule so I can have tomorrow off. Mom should have her a little softened up by the time I get there. Just keep her away from sharp objects.“ Danny: “I don't think it's the sharp objects you have to worry about. Most of the thing's she's spewing involves more rope than anything else. She's pissed enough that she's cursing in American, British & Scottish plus a few languages I don't recognize.“

Danny's alarm clock rang early. He untangled himself from Peter as he climbed out of bed. He watched as Peter rolled over in his sleep and threw his arm over Rachel's protruding belly to start rubbing gently. Luckily they got to sleep in today. Rachel deserved it though. She had just got back from her last deployment until after the baby arrived. Her abdomen had grown so much in the month that she had been gone. He felt that little trickle of fear that always accompanied the thought of being responsible for a little life in the world. Peter seemed to be taking it in stride. Rachel was relatively calm about the situation, but he could tell that she was nervous about it.