800//2 SPEAKING ,ASSESSMENT CRITERIA (15 %), STPM, MUET TASK A G (46-45) 37-45 BAND 6 (very good speaker) 5(Good speaker) SCORE (individual

) I (16-18 ) 13-15 TASK FULFILMENT Understanding & ideas Relevant response Show very good understanding of topic given and develops ideas effectively Relevant and adequate response to task given LANGUAGE Sentence structure Vocabulary Pronunciation stress & intonation EXCELLENT USER Good command of structures with occasional slips, many complex structures Use appropriate and varied vocabulary effectively Pronunciation does not interfere with comprehension and no noticeable errors in stress and intonation patterns. Shows good understanding of topic reasonably well. Relevant and adequate Response to the task given, with few slips COMPETENT USER Ease of use of common structures. some errors in tenses and use of connectors Use appropriate and varied vocabulary Reasonably well Pronunciation problems do not hinder comprehension . Only occasional errors in stress and intonation.

28-36 4(Competent speaker) 10-12 Shows satisfactory understanding of topic given and develops ideas satisfactory Response for the most part relevant to the task , but there some gaps redundancy GOOD USER Some errors in structure but these do not hamper communication Use appropriate and varied vocabulary Reasonable Pronunciation is not clear but this only causes occasional understanding. Shows mastery of basic stress and intonation patterns.

19-27 3(modest speaker) 7-9

10-18 2(marginal speaker) 4-6 Shows limited understanding of topic given and hardly develops ideas Response of limited relevance to the task with major gaps/repetition POOR USER No mastering of basic structures. Utterances phrase level/telegraphic Limited use of appropriate and varied vocabulary. Problems in pronunciation lead to miscomprehension. Has many problems with stress and intonation patterns.

0-9 1(limited speaker) 0-3

Shoes fair understanding of topic …with some effort Response for the most part relevant but does not touch on point adequately MODEST USER Many error in basic structure, but can manage to use a few correctly. Use appropriate and varied vocabulary fairly well. Some problems in Pronunciation ,stress and intonation but these do not cause serious misunderstanding. Able to keep communication going although speech is uneven, hesitant and marked by some unsuccessful groping for words Not much confidence in delivery.

Barely understanding Topic given…/ Very limited Response irrelevant to the task given, totally inadequate response VERY POOR USER Utterances – one word level/phrase Barely uses appropriate and varied vocabulary. Pronunciation heavily influenced by L1,, causing incomprehensibility. No control of stress and intonation patterns.


Speech is smooth with occasional hesitation and slight groping for words. Delivers very confidently with minimum reference to text

Speech is generally even but some hesitation and the occasional stumbling occurs. Delivers confidently with intermittent reference to text.

Able to keep communication going though with occasional evenness, light stumbling, and groping for words Delivers quite confidently with some reference to text

Speech is frequently jerky by many false starts.

Speech is extremely uneven. Many utterances unfinished.

confidence minimum ref to notes INTERACTIVE SKILL (TASK B) Initiative Confidence Competence to changes in discussion)

Lack confidence in delivery.

No confidence in delivery.

Contributive Adaptive

Able to interact confidently Displays initiative Can direct interaction

Interact quite confidently Displays initiative Adapt to changes.

Attempts to interact Occasional prompting

Take time to respond to changes Relies on prompting

No initiative to interact Does not respond when Prompted. PREPARED BY,IMM,2006

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