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Qualified by Experience: How to Get Skills for the Global Economy

he Q!E Story "ill Sutherland

With Contributions from Wes Green Steve McCrea Noel Thompson John Vornle

#opyri$ht %&'( by "ill Sutherland

ISBN-13: 978-1495387937 ISBN-10: 1495387933

)rinted in *S+ by #reateSpace,com for Qualified !y Experience +cademy

-ntroduction Part 1: Skills for a Larger Worl ony "a$ner.s /ist of Se0en Sur0i0al Skills -nitiati0e: he 10erlooked Skill

Part !: "B# $%a e&' he Q!E Story 2"hat is Qualified by Experience3 Bring the methods and principles of one on one education to the con!ned space of a boat"# Prin%i(les for "B# $%a e&' 4elay rewards #reate planned temporary hardships !ecome comfortable with bein$ uncomfortable "hat to Expect 2a typical three5week pro$ram3 Part 3: Insi e "B# 6eet the 7ounder

hou$hts of the 4ay by "ill Sutherland 2stories that demonstrate -nitiati0e3 The S$eets Seller The %& 'ear (ld Captain )eading to San *emo Part 4: )*e Larger +ision Q!E as a rainin$ Space for eachers +ppendix 2'3 "ho was 8ohn #orlette9 2%3 "hat 4id 8ohn #orlette 1ffer9 #omment !y "es Green 2:3 !uildin$ #haracter and !ody: #omment by ;oel hompson 2(3 !rain <esilience #omment by Ste0e 6c#rea 2=3 + )ro$ram 7or +ny School 2or Home3 +n ,ntroduction to The John Corlette SocietThe .o$er of .osters + Short /ist of !ooks and >ideos 2compiled by the ad0isors of Q!E School3

wo boats in St, 6alo? 7rance

hank you for takin$ time to learn more about Q!E: Qualified !y Experience, - ha0e been usin$ this phrase for years because - noticed the difference between a person with experience from work and the person who had book knowled$e, he person who has won work experience often has an ed$e o0er the academic person, -f you are @ualified to take a Aob because of your experience? you ha0e somethin$ that a person with book knowled$e lacks, - be$an the website Qualfied!yExperience,com with the specific aim of helpin$ people disco0er the expert inside themsel0es, oo often the $eneral public discounts the 0alue of experience, -.0e met many intellectuals who can.t fix a toilet or put up a shelf, Bnowin$ how to $et thin$s done is part of the reason for creatin$ Q!E +cademy, - ha0e a particular skill in fi$urin$ out what a youn$ person needs,

-.ll $i0e you an example: 7red was a %'5year5old lad who had completed his de$ree at a maAor uni0ersity and was workin$ his way up his father.s company, !y most accounts 7red was a likeable fellow in social situations? but at work he was downri$ht laCy, He would not take the initiati0e and he would a0oid responsibility, Since he was the owner.s son? he was often allowed to slip by and $et credit for work that others had done for him, 7red.s father sent 7red on a one5week trainin$ session on one of my boats, -t was @uickly apparent to me that 7red.s lack of initiati0e would be exposed onboard a sailin$ craft, - re@uire each person to take the helm and $uide the work on the boat and 7red was @uickly ostraciCed by the other students onboard, 1ne incident turned 7red around: another student asked 7red to tie up that boat but reminded him to wrap the rope around a post and to pull the boat toward the dock and not to use his hands, 7red didn.t follow the instructions and was pulled off balance and he tumbled into the water, +fter emer$in$ from the water? 7red looked at me and said? -f - had followed instructions? - wouldn.t ha0e $otten wet, - replied? rue, +nd that.s what it took, here was a clear shift in 7red from that point on and for the rest of the course? 7red was en$a$ed and focused, wo weeks after the course ended? a call came from 7red.s dad, "hat happened on that course9 6y son is a chan$ed man, He is fittin$ into the company and e0eryone is surprised to see his en$a$in$ manner, "hat did you do9

"ell? readin$ this booklet will $i0e you an idea of the method? but it comes down to three principles: 5 offer students challen$es and opportunities to make decisions 5 plan temporary hardships 5 delay $ratification -n short? $et comfortable with bein$ uncomfortable, - hope you will find 0alue in these pa$es, Will Sutherland

T$o of the /B0 boats1 sailing near St" Malo1 2rance

Part 1: Skills for a Larger Worl )on' Wagner,s List of Se-en S.r-i-al Skills
ony "a$ner is a resident expert in Har0ard *ni0ersity.s -nno0ation /ab, He inter0iewed doCens of business and or$aniCation leaders to find out what do you look for in your employees9 Bnowled$e about chemistry or how to find a s@uare root9 ;o? the se0en sur0i0al skills are: Collaboration across net$or3s and leading b- in4uence 0ffective (ral and Written Communication ,nitiative and entrepreneurship Curiosit- and ,magination Critical Thin3ing and .roblem solving +ccessing and +nal-5ing information +gilit- and +daptabilit-"

Dou can read more on his website, ///0ton'/agner0%o&17-s.r-i-al-skills hose skills are at the core of what Q!E +cademy builds in its students,

he Q!E /ibrary includes readin$s related to skills as described by ony "a$ner,

Initiati-e: )*e 2-erlooke Skill

"hich of "a$ner.s se0en skills is the most difficult to find in a classroom9 -t takes a special teacher to step back and open control of the curriculum and to the use of class time to students, - ask teachers? "hen was the last time you acted on a su$$estion from a student9 ;ot somethin$ that you asked the student to do? but rather somethin$ that the student proposed out of the blue9 6ost teachers ha0e to complete a daily lesson plan, How often ha0e we seen a space on the lesson plan where student input will adAust this plan9 -t.s rare, "hile at +i$lon #olle$e? - recall how 8ohn #orlette responded to student re@uests, + student5run newspaper? a student5run community room? new acti0ities and clubs? all were the result of students bein$ $i0en an ear, "hen children $ain practice in speakin$ their minds? they do it more often, +t Q!E we ha0e a clear curriculum? but we make sure we listen to our students,


+erial vie$ of St" Malo


Part !: "B# $%a e&' )*e "B# Stor' 3W*at is 4".ali5e 6' #7(erien%e89
Bring the methods and principles of one on one education to the con!ned space of a boat"#
Prin%i(les for "B# $%a e&' 4elay rewards #reate planned temporary hardships !ecome comfortable with bein$ uncomfortable 6ake a decision )*e "B# P*iloso(*' Education: -n the %'st #entury students need a basic liberal arts education? the opportunity to follow their own interests? and to become masters of the skills that will allow them to be of ser0ice to others, "ith modern technolo$y they ha0e a steam of information and knowled$e at their fin$ertips, So e0eryone needs to know how to research and to learn? and they should be moti0ated to do so,


)ractical /ife Experience: +ll youn$ people need coachin$ in life skills? a plan for life and a 6entor in order to approach the $oals they aspire to achie0e,

he school to work $ap: 6ost students face a 0oid when they lea0e school and they are often not e@uipped to cope with it, he transition from a 0ery super0ised and re$imented en0ironment to colle$e? or uni0ersity and work can be 0ery stressful, Each indi0idual needs experienced coachin$ and $uidance, oo much theory and not enou$h do: +cademics ha0e loaded school curriculums with so much academic content there is not enou$h time to learn the soft skills for life or to $ain practical experience in usin$ them, Self knowled$e and confidence? communication? tolerance? respect? team leadership? humility? relationship buildin$? perse0erance? mastery and passion? are but a few of the in$redients of success,


-nternships are important buildin$ blocks for any career: +sk yourself a simple @uestion, How is it $raduates from business schools ne0er $o strai$ht into business mana$ement9 -t takes se0eral years of apprenticeship before they know enou$h to mo0e into mana$ement, Det the 4octor doin$ an internship can practice immediately because of the internship, o $et an internship? and to be successful durin$ the experience? the student needs excellent life skills, -t is currently estimated that E=F of what a mana$er uses he learns on the Aob? not in school or uni0ersity,

6akin$ mistakes is a $ood way to learn: eachin$? testin$ and most work at schools are based on mistakes bein$ a bad thin$? and employers follow this lead, he problems with this paradi$m are: G Dou ne0er learn by doin$ the ri$ht thin$ because you already know how to do itH and G he only opportunity for learnin$ is when you identify mistakes and rectify them, 6akin$ mistakes bad suppresses learnin$ because the student tries to a0oid them? or if made? to shift the responsibility to somebody else, 15

+t Q!E +cademy mistakes are seen as learnin$ opportunities,

+ $radin$ index needs to be experience based: )eople and employers use de$rees and the school that you went to as an index of how much you know? when in fact? nothin$ could be further from the truth, eachers educate as thou$h $ettin$ a de$ree is the most critical thin$ in modern life, Det more and more employers want youn$ people with experience of their business and life? and with excellent life skills,


)esti&onial fro& a for&er st. ent

, gained insights about m-self from living in the crucible of the boarding school6 close monitoring1 !ve roll calls per da-1 7ac3et and tie for dinner $ith conversation practice led b- a master teacher1 $ee3end e8peditions to harden the bod-1 morning meditation1 a challenging academic program led b- passionate teachers1 cultural immersion from living $ith 9: nationalities1 social s3ills for dealing $ith people $ho irritated me""" , learned m- limits and learned to stretch because there is more in -ou"# The motto .lus en vous# ;more in -ou< is part of $hat drives man- out$ard bound# programs1 summer camps and other e8periences1# $hich often aim to develop s3ills of leadership"# + program at a boarding school that too3 t$o or three -ears on a S$iss mountain can be compressed into several $ee3s on a boat" That=s $h- , support Will Sutherland=s program" , am delighted that the ne8t generation of students can have access to the challenges of living in close >uarters $ith people from other countries" ,=m pleased that teachers can visit Will=s school and learn b- observing his methods" Man- aspects of the program are videorecorded to allo$ students to listen again to the thought for the da-# and to ponder deepl- the feedbac3 that students have received" Teachers can learn from these recordings and pic3 up some of the techni>ues for use in their classroom"
Ste0e 6c#rea? +lpina? 'EI:5IJ


St, 6alo !each

W*at to #7(e%t
2courses run one? two or three weeks3 4urin$ a weekKs course there is a three5second period when you make the all important breakthrou$h and see the li$htL -f you: /ack direction in your life and are not sure what to do next 7eel a bit low and ha0e little or no moti0ation ;eed an opportunity to pro0e you can shine "ant to expand your horiCons and succeed ;eed a $uidin$ li$ht in your life ,,,,, ,,,, hen this course is for you,


E0ery experience counts? but upliftin$ and thou$ht pro0okin$ experiences are ne0er for$otten and therefore chan$e our li0es, "e ensure that you ha0e new and upliftin$ experiences and by the end of a week are walkin$ tall and full of self confidence, -mpro0ed life skills are key to your success, Q!E Education hi$hli$hts your potential and takes you towards: $.tono&' - :aster' ; an P.r(ose "e $i0e our students autonomy? set them on the road to mastery and the de0elopment of their purpose 2usefulness for the benefit of mankind3, <o/ o /e o it= )ro$ress is born of experience, So we take you into an entirely new en0ironment where you are e@ual to all those around you? and pro0e you are capable of bein$ an essential member of a 0ery successful team, "e pro0e you are a 4oer? a /o0er? and a Bnower, Dou are a doer because you want action? a lo0er because you ha0e identified your passion and a knower because you can be a master in your field, Q!E )roAect /earnin$ is based on pro0en principles of education and a uni@ue deli0ery system which has been de0eloped o0er the past (& years? combined with the most modern methods which produce instant? lastin$ results,


10er a fi0e5day period? throu$h relaxed informal discussions with your mentor? we help you identify and clarify your 0alues and $oals, o$ether we plan a strate$y for your future that focuses on your priorities and relationships, "e demonstrate the 0alue of inner reMection and start you thinkin$ in life5chan$in$? rather than life5impro0in$? terms, -t is 0ery simple, E0ery person needs to succeed in their own way, Success leads to moti0ation for more success, "orkin$ in small disco0ery $roups of % or : students? there is time for indi0idual expression? self disco0ery? relationship buildin$? mutual respect? and appreciation, 6akin$ a mistake is part of the learnin$ process not an error, Helpin$ each other is encoura$ed and seen as collaboration and team buildin$, he workin$ day is full of practical acti0ities re@uired to sail and li0e to$ether? and an academic research pro$ramme which de0elops creati0e and artistic skills, Gathered information is used in presentations and discussions? which are shared with all the $roups in order to problem sol0e in collaboration with each other, W*ere o /e o it= -n a relaxed fun atmosphere whilst coastal cruisin$ on our boats, he sea is a le0ellin$ en0ironment for the first time sailors amon$st our students? and no matter how experienced you are you learn somethin$ new e0ery time you $o out on a boat,

he sea is beautiful with its e0er chan$in$ colours and shapes and it pro0ides an excellent learnin$ en0ironment with a ne0er endin$ list of new experiences and challen$es, 1nce on board e0eryone has a set of responsibilities? Aobs to do and decisions to make? and you soon realise we ha0e to depend on each other, #hat leads to discussions and you slowly $ather answers to important @uestions, +s our two identical boats cruise to$ether alon$ some of the most beautiful coastlines of the world? there is plenty of time for reMection and the mix of learnin$ acti0ities, -n a short time relationships are buildin$ and we ha0e free and open discussion which after a couple of days or so leads to the ma$ic : seconds when you see the li$ht, Dour preferred best practice path to success will suddenly dawn on you, hat is when we start plannin$ and the moti0ation to succeed sets in, he one5week )ractical )lannin$ for Success courses run from Saturday mornin$ to the followin$ 7riday e0enin$, here are also :5week courses and lon$er courses can be arran$ed, -f you learn to sail whilst on the course it is an extra freebie on the sideL


)*e >Intra :.ros> is the old town of Saint56alo surrounded by defensi0e walls and fortifications, ;ow the town centre? it is a peaceful place where we can wander throu$h the many windin$ streets and s@uares, here are many shops and excellent cafes? bars and restaurants, "ith about =&?&&& residents? numbers increase considerably in the summer season,


"e aim to $i0e all our students +utonomy? 6astery? and )urpose in their li0es? and to moti0ate them into immediate action, +lso to i$nite the power of trust, $.tono&' N he opportunity to be self5directed and self reliant, :aster' N he ur$e to $et better at creatin$ and doin$ thin$s, 6asterin$ skills to become the best, P.r(ose N Ser0in$ and makin$ a contribution to other indi0iduals and the community as a whole, <ead more about the concepts in 4aniel )ink.s book ?rive, 2-t.s in the Q!E library onboard3, -t is scientifically pro0en that the most contented and successful indi0iduals are moti0ated by a challen$e and an opportunity to demonstrate mastery and purpose in life, +t Q!E Hi$h )erformance +cademy we de0elop in our studentsK skills for the -ndi0idual Entrepreneurship that e0eryone has to employ in order to obtain an education and professional work? $i0en we all ha0e to be an entrepreneur at some point in our li0es,


"e also aim to keep up with the e0er chan$in$ en0ironment we li0e in so we use new technolo$ies to educate our students, "e ha0e reco$nised the need for chan$e in education systems and in deli0ery methods, Hence? we ad0ocate the need for small $roups workin$ to$ether to produce better results and to foster life skills? relationship and team buildin$? $ood communication and listenin$? leadership and self5confidence, 6uch of the academic course content is based on research and the use of the internet, )*e "B# :in set: "e foster practical creati0e thinkin$ in e0erythin$ we do as it is an inte$ral part of our basic mindset, 4esi$n? de0elop and do? links into entrepreneurial thinkin$, he Qualified !y Experience method of teachin$ is founded on the answer to the @uestion Shall do,,, bein$ Des if you think it is a $ood idea,,, his lea0es the 6entorOGuide on the sideO2 eacher3 with the responsibility for safety and the student with the responsibility of the decision and the conse@uences? but most of all the students ha0e the maximum number of opportunities to use and de0elop their creati0ity mind sets,


Part 3: Insi e "B# :eet t*e ?o.n er

"ill was trained as a teacher at St /ukeKs #olle$e Exeter? maAorin$ in )hysical Education? 6aths and Education, Ha0in$ played ru$by at county le0el he played for the #olle$e durin$ his first % years, He had sailed since he was J? and annually competed with his 7ather in the Enterprise *B ;ational championships, !ein$ keen to $et in0ol0ed in outdoor ad0enture sports he spent the last year at colle$e? white water canoein$? canoe surfin$? climbin$? di0in$ and sailin$ bi$$er boats,

)hoto by #ecilia )eck fa%e6ook0%o&1/ill0s.t*erlan 0750


-t was whilst learnin$ to ice climb on !en ;e0is that he realiCed he had to learn to ski in order to access ice climbs in the +lps, He meet 8ohn #orlette and hence ended up in SwitCerland at +i$lon #olle$e in >illars5 sur51llon for one year to learn to ski whilst teachin$ maths and bein$ responsible for 8unior Expeditions, He e0entually stayed 'I years? spendin$ J years as Housemaster in !el0edere? and '& in +lpina and became head of sports and director of skiin$, 4urin$ his time at +i$lon he kept a :Jft Sailin$ Sloop at +ntibes in the 6ed and re$ularly took students on +d0enture Holiday courses to learn to sail and abo0e all to $ain self5confidence, He also ran the 8%( racin$ team which competed at #owes week for I years, +i$lon teams won the class = times and came %nd on the other two occasions, ;ot sure what to do when he returned to the *B in 'EPE? he decided there was no way he would be able to cope with the laisseC5faire methods of teachin$ that were the 0o$ue in the *B at the time, 7or a short while he worked trainin$ youn$ executi0es in situational leadership? team buildin$? and problem sol0in$? usin$ a (& foot sailin$ boat as a le0elin$ en0ironment, 4urin$ this time he achie0ed <D+ Dacht master -nstructor 21cean3 status with a commercial ticket,


He then was retained by #ardiff !ay 4e0elopment +$ency as their water use expert and wrote the strate$y? which is bein$ implemented today? to re$enerate the economy in and around #ardiff, He continued this work? settin$ up his own business and workin$ within a network of consultants on marine tourism and re$eneration proAects throu$hout Europe, "ill has also been workin$ as a )ersonal 6entor to business leaders and has kept his eye on educational de0elopments whilst mentorin$ Jth form students durin$ their Q+K/e0els and on throu$h colle$e? workin$ 0ery closely with the student? parents and colle$es, He has now turned all his attention to de0elopin$ modern teachin$ techni@ues in order to $i0e our students an education suited to the fast chan$in$ times and technolo$ies of today, Linke In: *tt(:11///0linke in0%o&1(ro5le1-ie/= i @1715A4333


hou$hts of the 4ay by "ill Sutherland

2stories that demonstrate -nitiati0e3 8ohn #orlette instituted a tradition of the 6ornin$ 6editation at +i$lon, He asked a staff person to $i0e a short anecdote or read a 0erse and make some comments? followed by a period of silence, -n his $uide to the 6editation? #orlette $i0e these tips:
Talk: The purpose of the talk is to drop one, single pregnant idea into the silence which precedes and follows it. It should not occupy more than at the outside 10 minutes, including silence, and can be no less than one minute. The idea can be a quite simple one. The leader may stand for the talk. The Silence. The central and most important part of the exercise is the silence. For most people only when the mind and body are stilled can the oice of !od be heard, or, to put it differently, can we pick up the direct signals concerning the truth about e erything which are constantly being sent out but to which we are normally insensiti e. This is what meditation is, laying oursel es open to recei e the truth about something, direct from the source and origin of all truth. "ence, the first place taken by the silence.


The Talk. The purpose of the talk is to indicate to the assembly a sub#ect for meditation, ery briefly, ery simply, in the fewest possible words. It is not a lecture. It is extremely difficult to do well. To boil it down to one idea $ minutes in length may take % hours of preparation and hard thought, whereas a 1$ minute talk or a talk of a discursi e nature can be done with little or no preparation and fails completely of its purpose. It is better to ha e no talk at all than one which is too long or too discursi e. The silence alone, without any talk, would be more creati e, pro ided that the leader is willing to listen, but the students are not willing to be bored and their powers of concentration are limited. Thus talks that are o er& long or o er&complex defeat the purpose. It should also be remembered that they are required to listen e ery morning.

2from (ur @ives are What We Ma3e of Them1 a collection of #orlette.s writin$s3, - use a similar procedure and call it hou$ht of the 4ay so that the pro$ram doesn.t ha0e the ba$$a$e that the word meditation carries for some people, he hou$ht is then analyCed at the end of the day o0er dinner, Here are three stories that - use to ask listeners to think about the skills that ha0e been won by the indi0iduals in the stories,,,


)*e S/eets Seller 3a stor' a6o.t Initiati-e9

- met a teena$er who was a former thu$, He told me how he started a business, ,=ve set up a business selling s$eets" , love football1 , got to ever- match to $atch @iverpool pla-1 and , reali5ed that if , too3 a tra- of s$eet $ith me , could sell them" , got stopped b- the people in the stadium $ho told me that , had no right selling in the stadium1 so , got m-self a license because it $asn=t ver- e8pensive" No$ ,=ve got :A people $ho are selling m- s$eets in the stadium and $e ta3e in about %AAA to %:AA pounds ever- match" This $ee3 $e=ve had three matches" ,=ve got &1AAA pounds in mpoc3et"#

his is a thu$, He.s 'J years old, He.s $ot a criminal record for assault and battery, He.s now tellin$ other thu$s that if you want to $et a bit of self5respect? $et yourself a business and you don.t ha0e to be a thu$ anymore, He was kicked out of school because he could do any maths and was labeled as stupid and disrupti0e, He said? "hen - $o into a shop and $et chan$e? if - don.t $et the ri$ht chan$e - raise hell, hat means - can do my maths if - ha0e to, He.s a real /i0erpool lad? 'J years old and he.s makin$ thousands of pounds per week, - met someone the other day who said that Dou can.t be tau$ht to be an entrepreneurH you.0e $ot to be born into it, - thou$ht? "hat a load of rubbish, -f you $i0e people the confidence and help them find somethin$ that they are $ood at? somethin$ that they can sell to other people? they.ll do it, +udio track: *tt(:11///0'o.t.6e0%o&1/at%*= -@B'WCiC2DE6C on Dou ube? search "ill Sutherland thu$s sweets


)*e 14-Fear-2l Ca(tain

- was sailin$ in the south of 7rance with three boys, 1ne was Doshi? a fellow from 8apan who was not adaptin$ well to school, eachers complained that Doshi would act out in class? a0oid classwork and sit in the back of the class and make Aokes, Se0eral teachers warned me not to take Doshi on my boat, 6y method is to rotate the duty of captainin$ the boat and it was soon Doshi.s turn, - said? omorrow we head for #al0i in #orsica, " $oin$ to need some information from a chart and an update about the weather, - handed the microphone to Doshi R Harbormaster? this is Sailboat 7ree "ill, <e@uest information about weather in #orsica,


his is the harbormaster, )lease state when you are sailin$, 32

"e hope to lea0e toni$ht at ( a,m, "ho is sailin$9 asked the worried 0oice, "ell? there.s Geor$e? who is '=? and +lbert? who is '=? and -.m Doshi? and -.m '(,,, replied Doshi, Dou could hear the @uiet on the other end of the con0ersation? and then Doshi added? 1h? and here with our teacher 6r, Sutherland,

he si$h of relief was easy to hear, Sailboat 7ree "ill? we are pleased to inform you that the weather is calm for your trip to #orsica, Good sailin$, Doshi or$aniCed the team? $ot us underway by ( a,m, and had the boat headed in more or less the ri$ht direction, +round noon we were about halfway across and - asked Doshi? "here do you think we are on the map9 Doshi looked at the map a moment and made a circle with his fin$er, Somewhere here, 33

Good lad, -f you had put your fin$er on a spot? wouldn.t ha0e belie0ed you, So? since you don.t know precisely where you are? what will you do when you see land9 "ill you turn ri$ht or left to $et to #al0i9 - don.t know sir, "hat if you make a mistake9 8apanese people don.t make mistakes? sir, "ell? what if you miss your tar$et on purpose9 hen you will know that you are too far to the ri$ht and you can adAust your direction after you are in si$ht of land,

+nother pause, +h? that.s cle0er, - see? the lad remarked, He $radually $ot the idea that it.s okay to adapt to the situation and be Mexible,


here were other mini5lessons based on my obser0ations and $entle feedback about his options, he fellow who had a reputation of bein$ tou$h to teach was turnin$ into a star pupil? capable of reMection, Dou could tell that Doshi was proud of himself, He was beamin$ all the way across the 6editerranean, He had learned somethin$ about takin$ char$e and about bein$ part of a team, wo weeks later? back at school? teachers asked me? "hat did you do to Doshi9 He.s a dream student nowL He sits in class? does what he.s told and doesn.t $i0e us lipL - replied? - let him be captain,


<ea ing to San Be&o

1n another sailin$ 0acation with four boys? - recall this incident that pro0ed to me that almost nothin$ teaches a lesson of double5checkin$? teamwork and humility than a sailin$ trip, "e woke up in the harbor at 6onte #arlo, announced? - want to be in +ntibes in time for tea, "ho is the skipper today9 +n o0er5confident teena$er named Stefan 0olunteered, His father owned se0eral boats but Stefan had not been allowed to be captain on any of them, his was the first time that the boy was at the helm of a boat, He looked at the map and said? 1kay? we need to $o that way? pointin$ to the east,

Which $a- to +ntibesD


- noticed that he had the map turned 'P& de$rees, "hat he thou$ht was east was actually in the west, He pointed toward San <emo? not the destination of +ntibes, Se0eral other boys on board looked at me and - si$naled to them? ;o, hen - walked around and conferred with each of them, /et.s see how lon$ it takes before Stefan realiCes what happened,

1ur sailboat was soon makin$ excellent pro$ress towards the -talian border, Stefan smiled confidently, Here he was? finally? at the wheel of a sailin$ boat, "ouldn.t his father be proud9 "e had a snack at noon and somethin$ to drink around % pm, +round ::(= pm Stefan announced? "ell? 6r, Sutherland? we are almost there, he other lads on board stiMed their smirks and resisted the ur$e to point out his error,


!ut what - don.t understand? sir? is why that man is speakin$ -talian, +nd why is the -talian Ma$ Myin$ o0er the harbor9 hat.s when - told him that it.s all ri$ht? we can still make tea time? but it will be in San <emo? not in +ntibes? and there.s an excellent trattoria down a side street, hen - showed him how he had read the map upside down, - asked him if he would remember this incident, 1h? yes? sir, - won.t for$et this, -n the decades since? when - see Stefan? he.s the first to remark? ea time in San <emo? - still remember, +lways check the chart, hat.s the beauty of a sailin$ school, - can put youn$ people in circumstances that help them re0eal their biases and blind spots, hey can often make internal shifts that ser0e them for the rest of their li0es,


)art (: he /ar$er >ision "B# as a )raining S(a%e for )ea%*ers

4urin$ the off5season? when inclement weather makes sailin$ less enAoyable or dan$erous? the Q!E methods are deli0ered in teacher5trainin$ courses, "ill Sutherland offers courses to teachers who aim to infuse their academic work with pro$rams to de0elop social skills and leadership skills, "ill Sutherland tra0els to schools to deli0er workshops, He is also a0ailable by Skype for deli0erin$ mentorin$ $uidance to teachers and principals, o arran$e for a trainin$ course in your school? contact him at /sGH6eglo6al0net0


+n excerpt from an inter0iew with "ill Sutherland on Dou ube, , can use the sea the $a- $e used the mountains at +iglon Ein S$it5erlandF" We can do a lot of good for a lot of 3ids" Thecan do e8peditions on the $ater instead of on the mountains"

*tt(:11///0'o.t.6e0%o&1/at%*= -@94#IBB6JgI " Short Courses N.B. Course duration varies from 1 day to 5 days according to the needs of the participants. Decision making - A study of the principles and process of responsible decision making and their application in team situations and the workplace.

Team building - Studying and experiencing the personal skills required for a team to work efficiently and achieve maximum performance. Creating loyalty and respect amongst team members and environments which allow leadership aptitudes to emerge. Leadership Potential - For students between the ages of 16 and 30yrs who wish to assess their leadership potential. The first session is dedicated to an initial assessment. Coaching followed by series of briefings and harder tasks may culminate in a final assessment and certificate. Leadership Skills - Drilling down into the skills that make a good leader and competent decision making and problem solving. For students between the ages of 16 and 25yrs, mature middle managers and executives. Advanced Entrepreneurial Skills - Focusing on the soft skills for entrepreneurial development. This course is for those who have already done the Leadership Skills course or can demonstrate leadership experience. Practical Planning for success Focusing each individuals abilities, identifying strengths while working in a team and starting a plan for life. For students between the ages of 16 and 25yrs. Study and Travel Courses


One week to twelve week "term out" courses are possible over the spring and autumn terms enabling students to live aboard, and study their academic school/college work and projects through links on the internet and their laptops. The benefit of interaction with experts in the ports of call is invaluable to the learning process and motivates them to complete projects. The routes are designed to take the students on a tour of destinations relevant to the projects they are studying. Corporate training courses Corporate training courses are customised to include inhouse course content and to produce the client's required outcomes. Our qualified skippers and trained students may assist in the delivery of the corporate courses as part of their QBE experience. Office Team Activities - 1 to 3 day courses for small groups wishing to improve communications, team building, or decision making. Sea School Courses Specialising in teaching clients to sail traditionally rigged boats, leading to internationally recognised Skippers certificates.


Specialist Academic Courses Students are free to request customised academic courses to suit their individual study requirements.

Teacher Training Course We show teachers how to lecture less and guide more. Classroom time is for discussing finer points and clarifying understanding. Lectures belong online, or on DVDs, for students to study before attending the classroom discussion sessions. QBE uses these techniques in teaching students and teacher-trainees.


+ppendi8 ;%< W*o /as Do*n Corlette=

1ne of the reasons for offerin$ a free copy of #orlette.s writin$s is to help you $ain insi$ht into the methods used at Q!E +cademy, The following extracts from a speech given by Corlette at Aiglon's end-of-term ceremony in July 1973 help illustrate his vision for the school. Education should be more than academics. We believe that the goal of education is, or should be, the development of the spiritual man, that is of that part of each one of us which, with development and training, is capable of a vision or direct apprehension of the purpose of life, of the true nature of ourselves, of the world in which we live and of such other worlds or states of being as may exist besides. Tolerance of the beliefs of others does not mean that there is a relativistic any standards will do approach to teaching. Multiculturalism does not connote a lack of universal standards. Education requires teachers to look beyond academics, even if the judgments might be regarded as subjective. This is no reason for teachers to avoid the responsibility of judging their pupils' work and progress, moreover this is precisely how promotion is accorded to us in real life outside school.


We get promoted in our business or occupation and our salary increased precisely as we are able to convince our superiors in the hierarchy of our merits with reference to their requirements. The exception to this is of course if we are members of a trade union, in which case, as things are today, our salaries are increased, not according to our merit, but according to the seriousness of the threats with which we are able to menace our employers. There have been attempts by students in some schools to follow this example by threatening the school authorities in various ways if they do not give them what they want. This could not happen at Aiglon for the very simple reason that we would rather close the school than abandon our principles. Education includes developing appreciation for and a relationship with our environment. Intimate contact with nature, too, is important, and a realisation of our living relationship with it. Hence our adventure training programme. Learning to live with others and maintaining good relations with people is part of an education. Absolutely essential too is a positive and loving relationship with all other people regardless of their origin, background or beliefs, and a positive and loving relationship with everything in the world and in the universe around us. Dou can download the (P5pa$e book from ///0s%ri6 0%o& and from ///0Do*nCorlette0%o&,


*tt(:11///0s%ri6 0%o&1 o%14A4505351Do*n -Corlette-s-S(ee%*-fro&-1973-/it*$BBIEK#E-Writings-!4-('-!011 en0/iki(e ia0org1/iki1Do*nLC0LCorlette he "ikipedia article,


+ppendi8 ;9< W*at Ei Do*n Corlette 2ffer=

!y "es Green - was a student at +i$lon #olle$e in the 'EI&s, - met "ill Sutherland in his first year as a teacher at the school, "ill went on to ser0e as housemaster for 'I years and de0eloped a system for buildin$ character and life skills in teena$ers, - am an ad0isor of this proAect called Q!E European /eadership #ourse, - belie0e that focus on standardiCed testin$ has distorted schools and diluted the curriculum at most institutions, 1f particular interest to parents who ha0e read #orlette.s collection of meditations is the fact that "ill Sutherland spent more than '&& pri0ate meetin$s with #orlette, "ill made it a practice between 'EI' and 'EI= to spend Sunday afternoon with #orlette? discussin$ educational practices that work with teena$ers, School apparently has descended to become a way to $et a Aob, -f the course doesn.t lead to a Aob? it is not discussed in school, - come from an era that belie0ed that education is about celebratin$ and identifyin$ what is beautiful in the world, Des? students need to learn some basic standard information to meet the needs of the $lobal economy,


!ut there is more and "ill Sutherland.s school keeps ali0e the methods that - experienced in +i$lon, learned the power of initiati0e and - practiced the skills of startin$ an nurturin$ a proAect while at that school, "ill talks about the need to $i0e students real decision5makin$ power, Students at Q!E make choices, Dou will read about some of the incidents that show the method that "ill uses, -.m a parent, - put myself into the shoes of parents who are tryin$ to find ways to supplement the current academic en0ironment, - in0ite you to Aoin me in learnin$ more about "ill Sutherland and his experience as a teacher in 8ohn #orlette.s school, particularly recommend that you 0isit 8ohn#orlette,com and download the collection of speeches and meditations by #orlette called (ur @ives are What We Ma3e of Them"
"es Green? #hattanoo$a? enn, 7ounder of a lan$ua$e5enhancement course called Berliner )auptstrasse


+ppendi8 ;G< ing C*ara%ter an Bo '

#omment by ;oel hompson 8ohn #orlette points out that the obAecti0e behind the rankin$ was to let students know what pro$ress he or she was makin$, -t was not structured to be a competition amon$ students, he rank system le0eled the playin$ field within the community and set $oals for students to pro$ress? Aud$ed by the staff and their fellow students, he second element - consider important was 8ohn #orletteKs concern for $ood nutrition, 6y $uess is his choice of or$anic fruit and produce related to his own delicate health, - also think a respect for food was de0eloped throu$h the in5house dinin$ system, + staff member sat at the table to ensure students ate some of all the dishes which would include 0e$etablesL here was discussion at table and at the end of the meal the students would be dismissed, his was not an assembly line buffet which can lead to bad eatin$ habits and encoura$e a social $roupin$ at meal times of self5selected students, Noel Thompson HIA1 distributor of artisan olive oil at CampoBello?oro"com Noel attributes his abilit- to stic3 to a tas3 and overcome obstacles to the training he received at +iglon College at meal time1 in house meetings and on e8peditions" The same principles of dela-ed grati!cation and planned hardships are at the core of the /B0 program" Noel founded the John Corlette Societ- in 9A%A to promote the principles used b- Corlette at his school1 +iglon College"


+ppendi8 ;&< Beser-e an Besilien%e

#omment by Ste0e 6c#rea This room is too hot"# ,=m hungr-" ?o -ou have a snac3D# 'ou used to $al3 %A miles and camp outside in S$it5erlandD , $ould N0V0* do thatJ# 'ou slept in -our car last nightD )o$ much are the- pa-ing -ou to $or3 hereD# hese comments are common in many *,S, schools, -t amaCes me that students lack the Mexibility and stamina to tolerate unexpected circumstances, !ut then - think about how many parents treat their kids, , had to struggle $hen , $as in school" ,=m going to ma3e sure m- children have more opportunities than , did"# he result: heir darlin$s are often incapable of focusin$ on anythin$ when they are uncomfortable or when there is a hint of discomfort in a planned acti0ity, 4aniel +men 2a&en%lini%s0%o&3 writes about brain reser0e and resilience Here is an extended @uote from his website? where he $i0e '% prescriptions for better brain health:

Daniel Amen's View about Brain Resilience Several years ago, after looking at tens of thousands of scans, I started to think about a concept I call brain reserve.Brain reserve is the cushion of healthy brain tissue we have to deal with the unexpected stresses that come our way. he more reserve we have, the more resilient we are in times of trouble. he less reserve, the more vulnerable we are. !hen we are conceived, let"s say, we all start with the same amount of brain reserve. #any things can decrease it and many things can increase it. $or example, if your mother smoked, drank much alcohol or was under constant stress when she was pregnant with you, likely she decreased your brain"s reserve, even before you were born. If she exercised, ate a healthy diet, and took prenatal vitamins, likely she increased your reserve. If you fell off a bunk bed onto your head at age of ten, were exposed to chronic stress from alcoholic parents or drank much alcohol or used drugs as a teenager you decreased your brain"s reserve. %n the other hand, if you protected your head, were raised by reasonably loving, consistent parents, ate a healthy diet and avoided drugs and alcohol you increased your reserve. 51

he exciting news is that it is never too late to work on increasing your brain"s reserve. &nything you do that harms how your brain decreases its reserve. $or example, we know that' Chronic stress** kills cells in the memory centers of the brain Too much alcohol** or drug abuse damages the brain Negative thinking,** as we will see, disrupts healthy brain function. A lousy diet** is harmful, if you have a fast food diet you will only have a fast food brain &nd, anything that decreases blood flow to the brain, such as a lack of sleep,** smoking** or too much caffeine steals from your reserve. (ikewise, living a brain healthy life will increase your brain"s reserve and your ability to deal with the inevitable stresses that come your way. cy /!"# change#your# rain#change#your# ody/$$%# $!#prescriptions#for#creating#a# rain# healthy#life
Here.s the link: Go ahead? click it or type +men '% prescriptions healthy brain,


-.0e hi$hli$hted in B2LE an (la%e asterisksMM on the elements that are found in 8ohn #orlette.s writin$s 2#orlette.s procedures addressed these issues3, - attended +i$lon and - am sure that the weekend walks in cold driCCle and the challen$in$ en0ironment built my brain.s reser0e, he food? the discipline and the positi0e mental attitude 20ery little ne$ati0e thinkin$ could sur0i0e the positi0e reinforcement that teachers like "ill Sutherland $a0e me, wholeheartedly endorse "ill.s school,
Steve is an advisor to /B0 +cadem-" )e teaches high school in 2lorida and edits the blog TheInde endent!ducator.blo"s and www.Trans#ormTeachin".or" "

In s*ortN "B# s 6rain reser-e an resilien%e0

Pulling out the essence of JC's thoughts and communicating them so that they are understood in today's world are important and valuable tasks. 55 8ohn ), >ornle? .IJ


+ppendi8 ;:< $ Progra& ?or $n' S%*ool 3or <o&e9

he follow items are compiled here to $uide the reader in settin$ up their own pro$ram of readin$s for life skills, )arents can add these books to their home libraries and download 0ideos and transcripts? )47s? ebooks and webpa$es for their children to look at before comin$ on a Q!E course, +s a ser0ice to readers? Q!E makes a0ailable the Q!E collection of many of these ebooks 2that are a0ailable online3 to students who participate in the pro$ram, $n Intro .%tion to )*e Do*n Corlette So%iet' he )ower of )osters ?ree $gentsN SalesN :oti-ation an a W*ole Ne/ :in : $ S*ort Co.rse /it* Ean Pink )*e Ne/ )*ree B,s: BigorN Bele-an%e an Belations*i(s "hat can parents learn from the work of 4ennis /ittky9


+ Short /ist of !ooks and >ideos

2compiled by the ad0isors of Q!E School3 he followin$ list is a sample of the materials that students recei0e, he +cademic )ro$ram at Q!E includes three sta$es: a3 +bsorbin$ key ideas ;What can , learn from this boo3 or T0? tal3D< b3 SummariCin$ the key ideas ;What are the 3e- pointsD< c3 )resentin$ the key ideas with action points ;ho$ can $e ma3e this s3ill eas- for others to pic3 up and appl-D< he writers and their works ha0e been selected to $i0e students some of the perspecti0e that they will need in the comin$ decades where collaboration and the Se0en Sur0i0al Skills described by ony "a$ner 2Har0ard *ni0ersity3 will dri0e the $lobal economy, Students will lea0e the Q!E pro$ram able to stand and deli0er a summary of key ideas from at least ten of these books,

/B0 +cadem- is one of the antidotes to the culture of standardi5ed testing"


4)ransfor&ation of e .%ation8 an 4!1st Cent.r' skills8

What boo3s and >uestions could inspire teachers to move a$afrom lectures and to$ard becoming Kguides on the sideKD 4an )ink 2ree +gent Nation Bey idea: "e are all free a$ents, E0en when we are employed? we can ha0e a website and a business that we are $rowin$, + Whole Ne$ Mind Bey idea: o succeed in the future? proAects will need to use +sia? +utomation and appeal to +bundance, )ink. @uotes include 4esi$ners $i0e us what we didn.t know we were missin$, ?rive Bey -dea: 6oney is an incomplete incenti0e, 6oti0ators include autonomy? mastery and purpose,


htt $//www.dan'()/'*/how+to+ itch+better+the+question+ itch/ To Sell is )uman 6any of us spend (& percent of our day doin$ non5sales persuadin$, "e ask people to alter how they use their time and ener$y, 4an )ink $i0es tips includin$ the new ele0ator speech and the @uestion pitch, See more at ///0 an(ink0%o&, 6alcolm Gladwell? The Tipping .oint Bey idea: 1ften a trend emer$es and fades because there was not enou$h to tip the balance, Gladwell helps us detect the point where there is a chan$e, Blin3 Bey idea: "e think that more information will lead to better decisions, -n fact? our decision makin$ becomes clouded and we instead can often find a better decision5makin$ process if we rely on tips from this book, (utliers Bey idea: '&?&&& hours to become an expert homas 7riedman? The World is 2lat Bey idea: 4o you know why the world is Mat9 7riedman $i0es ten factors? includin$ the ''OE factor 2most people think about the EO'' factor and asymmetrical conMict3, )ot 2lat and Cro$ded Bey idea: Ener$y use and climate chan$e offer opportunities in En0ironmental echnolo$ies 2E 3, *tt(:11///0et&solar0%o&1gs..1gs1frie &a n1s'no(sis0( f


#arol 4weck? Mindset Bey idea: 7ixed 0s, Growth 6indsets and how we can alter our perspecti0es, http:OOmindsetonline,comOwhatisitOaboutO ;eil )ostman and "ein$artner? Teaching as a Subversive +ctivit#hapter '% offers tips to turn any teachin$ situation 2and we are all teachers3 into a Inno-ati-e tea%*ing &et*o s ///0)ransfor&-# .%ation0%o&? a web book by +braham S, 7ischler? former president of ;o0a *ni0ersity and a pioneer of distance education, W//0)ransfor&)ea%*ing0org ///$n $%ti-e0%o& ///0t*elearning/e60net the /earnin$ <e0olution? described by Gordon 4ryden ///0W*atEoFaOno/0%o& mana$ed by 4ennis DuCenas ///0BigPi%t.re0org and ///0:etCenter0org? mana$ed by 4ennis /ittky and Elliot "ashor *tt(s:11sites0google0%o&1site1net/orkofe . %ators offers translations of key concepts,


)*e ?li((e Classroo& sear%* 4Oatie Ki&6ar W*' I ?li((e &' Class8 Q!E +cademy uses the techni@ue of Mippin$ the class, + traditional class in0ol0es a lecture by an expert followed by discussion and homework, he 7lipped #lassroom asks students to 2a3 study materials and 0iew lectures before the class meetin$ b3 compile some @uestions and participate in a pre5 discussion before the class meetin$ c3 +t the class meetin$? the discussion is led by one or two of the students with the teacher as the $uide on the side, he discussion leads to a proAect 2often a poster to summariCe what was raised and a$reed to in the discussion3, o learn about the Mipped classroom? the student is encoura$ed to search "hy - Mipped my class by Batie Gimbar on Doutube,

*tt(:11///0'o.t.6e0%o&1/at%*= -@9aK.L.i()/g


*tt(:11t*ein e(en ente .%ator06logs(ot0%o& 1!0131051/*at-6ooks-%o.l -sti&.late-lets(.t0*t&l his list of books is expanded from the list that appears at this blo$, !rainsmart,or$ has excellent materials for en$a$in$ students,,, and the tips help their Smetaco$nitionS 2they will obser0e better how they think3,

:arketing an Co&&.ni%ation !ooks by Seth Godin such as .urple Co$ and 2ree .ri5e ,nside"
)*e skill of %.rating: a summary by BrainPi%kings0org Bey idea: "e can focus on a collection of ideas and select 2as a curator does3 for our museum display, Students can become experts in a limited field by learnin$ to become curators, *tt(:11///06rain(i%kings0org1in e70(*(1!0 1!1031091%.rators-%o e1

1urs is a culture and a time immensely rich in trash as it is in treasures, T <ay !radbury Dou are a mashup of what you let into your life, T +ustin Bleon? author of Steal /ike +n +rtist #hance fa0ors the connected mind, T Ste0en 8ohnson

hese three @uotes $uide the Q!E pro$ram to aid students in becomin$ curators,

+s both a consumer and curator of information1 , spend a great deal of time thin3ing about the architecture of 3no$ledge" (ver the past -ear1 ,Hve gro$n increasinglconcerned about a fundamental disconnect in the information econom-#6 ,n an age of information overload1 information discoverL the service of bringing to the publicHs attention that $hich is interesting1 meaningful1 important1 and other$ise $orth- of our time and thought L is a form of creative and intellectual labor1 and one of increasing importance and urgenc-" + form of authorship1 if -ou $ill" M Maria .opova www.Brain,ic%in"s.or" Ne/sletters o keep in touch with new ideas? students are encoura$ed to arri0e at Q!E +cademy already subscribed to the free newsletters offered by some of the authors of the books in the Q!E library, Here is a partial list of si$n5up locations for newsletters, he links in the )47 are clickable, Brain.ic3ings htt $//www.brain ic%in"s.or"/


Seth Godin1 mar3eting guru seth""/ Tom .eters tom ?an .in3 dan This is one of the premier ne$sletter services" ?an .in3 sends an irregular update $ith tips for students and business o$ners"

6alcolm Gladwell )*e skill of (resenting infor&ation0 Seth Godin set*go in0t'(e(a 0%o&1 The .urple Co$ 2ree .ri5e inside Nnoc3Nnoc3 a $uide to web desi$n *tt(:11///0set*go in0%o&1sg1 o/nloa s1k no%kkno%k0( f )owerpoint 6a$ic: *tt(:11set*go in0t'(e(a 0%o&1set*sL6log1! 0081101nine-ste(s-to-(0*t&l 62

7ree ebooks from Seth Godin

Students are encoura$ed to search free materials om )eters and 7ree ebooks Seth Godin to find more materials, om )eters: 7ree Stuff to&(eters0%o&1freest.ff1in e70(*( 4oCens of downloads
)*e trans%ri(ts fro& )#E )alks 6' Oen Bo6inson Ean Pink :al%ol& Kla /ell an ot*ers )o see a s.&&ar' of t*e "B# Bea ing li6rar'N an to a 'o.r %o&&entsN go to: *tt(:11t*ein e(en ente .%ator06logs(ot0%o&1!0 131051/*at-6ooks-%o.l -sti&.late-lets-(.t0*t&l

We6sites +S#4,or$? publishers of The Big .icture6 0ducation ,s 0ver-bod-Hs Business 2%&&(3 by 4ennis /ittky and Samantha Grabelle? -S!; EIP5&PI'%&EI'E Ed<eform,com? #enter for Education <eform Ed<eformer,com? om 0ander +rkKs blo$? now at $ettin$smart,com


edSpresso,com? newsletter? ser0ed hot with a twist ema$inos,com? 8ack aubKs site <e0/earnin$,com? 0ander +rkKs in0estment $roup EssentialSchools,or$? #oalition of Essential Schools Gates7oundation,or$? fundin$ for education reform GuideontheSide,com? Ste0e 6c#rea? teacher trainin$ workshops ;ew /earnin$ -nstitute? newlearnin$institute,or$? search for d: lab new learnin$ institute Slo$an: ransformin$ how youn$ people learn, Sponsored by the )earson 7oundation, ;i$htin$ale -nitiati0e? ;i$htin$ale 6iddle School? /os +n$eles, Search new learnin$ institute ni$htin$ale initiati0e to find the I 6! )47 update 2=I pa$es3 or the ori$inal %= 6! 0ersion of the )hase ' report 2(I pa$es3,
media,newlearnin$institute,or$OdownloadsO;i$htin$ale-nitiati0e ,pdf

)U,har0ard,edu? )roAect Uero? Har0ard *ni0ersity? teacher trainin$ Q!E+cademy,net? "ill Sutherland? inno0ati0e curricula the/earnin$"eb,net? Gordon 4ryden? ;ew Uealand? author of The @earning Web with 8eannette >os: )o$ to >uit school at %& and eventuall- $rite a top selling boo3 about learning" abe, heStudent-sthe#lass,com? 4r, +braham 7ischler.s blo$ %mminutes,com? wo 6illion 6inutes? <obert +, #omptonKs proAect "hat4oDaB;ow,com? 4ennis DuCenas? master teacher and trainer? de0eloper of workshops inte$ratin$ di$ital portfolios


2t*er Beso.r%es: !-!)enpals,com !-! )enpals is a pro$ram to brin$ classes to$ether, )rofessor 8air da Sil0a has participated in numerous Skype classes, His En$lish for Special )urposes class in 7lorianopolis? !raCil used posters a0ailable from 4r, 7ischler for pronunciation practice, +IE#2S )2 SCPP2B) )B$NS?2B:$)I2N of t*e /ork(la%e These videos can stimulate discussion" 4an Heath has produced a series of 0ideos with 7ast #ompany to $uide transformation in business, Schools could use many of the methods described by Heath, Search dan heath fast company, hese 0ideos ha0e millions of 0iews:

',' million 0iews 2;o0ember %&'%3 0ducation scientist Sugata Mitra tac3les one of the greatest problems of education the best teachers and schools don=t e8ist $here the-=re needed most" ,n a series of real life e8periments from Ne$ ?elhi to South +frica to ,tal-1 he gave 3ids self supervised access to the $eb and sa$ results that could revolutioni5e ho$ $e thin3 about teaching" Sugata Mitra=s K)ole in the WallK e8periments have sho$n that1 in the absence of supervision or formal teaching1 children can teach themselves and each other1 if the-=re motivated b- curiosit- and peer interest" ;*evie$ reprinted from T0?"com<" ': million 0iews 2;o0ember %&'%3 Nen *obinson ma3es an entertaining and profoundl- moving case for creating an education s-stem that nurtures ;rather than undermines< creativit-" *obinson challenges the $a$e=re educating our children" )e champions a radical rethin3 of our school s-stems1 to cultivate creativit- and ac3no$ledge multiple t-pes of intelligence ;reprinted from T0?"com<" 10er E million people ha0e seen this animate based on 4an )ink.s talk to the <oyal Society of +rts 2<S+3, )ink describes his book ?rive on witter as follows: Carrots O stic3s are so last centur-" Dri1e sa-s for 9%st centur- $or31 $e need to upgrade to autonom-1 master- O purpose"


+lso a0ailable from danpink,com Excerpt: The manifesto -ou have here offers advice that runs counter to $hat -ou might have heard else$here" ,Hve found that the individuals and organi5ations doing great things have often 4ipped the conventional $isdom" The-Hve ta3en age old beliefsLand turned them upside do$n" What the-Hre doing1 and $hat ,Hm advising based on their success1 represents smarter adviceLdespite ;perhaps because of< running counter to $hat man- others believe"

;ew /earnin$ -nstitute has a collection of 0ideos hi$hli$htin$ the important work of education leaders and inno0ators, Go to ;ew/earnin$-nstitute,or$ and click on 7ilm Series, 7ound at newlearnin"institute.or"/2m+series" D1* *!E #H+;;E/S Doutube,comOchannelname !)/earnin$ by !i$)icture,or$ H H0ideo or$aniCed by Hi$h ech Hi$h Schools in #alifornia? where students learn about 4i$ital )ortfolios Q!ESchool 0ideos posted by Q!E ad0isors +Guide1ntheSide Ste0e 6c#rea.s Guide on the Side 0ideos for trainin$ >isualand+cti0e a channel created to support the work of the >isual and +cti0e -nstitute %6illion6inutes a channel de0oted to the documentary film about hi$h schools in the *S+ and around the world that offer comparisons, Edutech7oundation a channel maintained by Edutech 7oundation ;etwork, .lease send -our suggestions for additional $ebsites and 'ouTube channels"


2nline :aterials
he followin$ items are links to materials and files that are a0ailable online, -f you ha0e the )47 0ersion of this document? you can click and reach the materials that are listed below, hese items are also distributed to students at Q!E +cademy,
7ree )ostersMMM
4ownload 'I pa$es Questions

7<EE #1//E# -1; 7<EE SH1< 1;/-;E #1*<SESVVV 7ree QuotesMMM ?reearticle MMM from *; ES#1
17 Prin%i(les

?ree P2S)#B $4 #/-#B HE<E

7ischler.s Quotes "orksheet ?ree We6 Book

)ocket edition of 4r, 7ischler.s book ofCo&&entaries an ".otations 2helpful for eacher rainin$ to support transformation in schools3 41";/1+4 6ottos? slo$ans? catch phrases for transformin$ schools 27<EE3 Sixth Edition 7ischler #ommentaries book 27ree 4ownload3 I points for discussion 2excerpt from the Jth Edition3 ?B## 67

Spanish 0ersion of 4r, 7ischler.s #ommentary book ?B## KB$)IS

7ree /ist of Quotations 7ree: "hen to use proAects 2#lark et al3MMM
Questionable )rinciples of 6ultimedia /earnin$ 2#lark3MMM )en +i eosN )en We6sitesN )en #6ooks :7ree Ebook for )arents 7ree samples of 6att !laCek.s %olle%tion of ProPe%ts for a Eigital PortfolioMMM he 7lipped #lassroom *sin$ 0ideos to lecture less in class and turn class time into collaboration time
7ree Doutube channel for e0ery teacher who wants one

4ennis DuCenas? a teacher in 7lorida? maintains a website at W*atEoFaOno/0%o&


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"es Green? entrepreneur? ad0isor 7acebook: ///0fa%e6ook0%o&1/es0green077 /inked-n: linke in0%o&1(ro5le1-ie/= i @!84A1!!9

Ste0e 6c#rea? hi$h school teacher? trainer? ad0ocate of Global Skills and 4an )ink.s books fa%e6ook0%o&1)*eK.i eont*eSi e /inked-n: linke in0%o&1(ro5le1-ie/= i @34745114 ///0)ransfor&)ea%*ing0org, ;oel hompson? 7ounder of the 8ohn #orlette Society? entrepreneur? importer of foods from Europe /inked-n: *tt(:11///0linke in0%o&1(ro5le1-ie/= i @18!4!970 8ohn >ornle 2'E=P5%&':3? ad0isor to Q!E and member of the 8ohn #orlette Society,


he special 0alue of this ebook is the collection of links throu$hout the document, Dou are encoura$ed to click and experience the multimedia associated with Q!E +cademy and its supporters, Some people Mip to the back pa$e to learn somethin$ about the book and perhaps to see how the story ends, he Q!E story is Aust be$innin$, "hy not become part of the story9 <ead about 8ohn #orlette by 0isitin$ ///0Do*nCorlette0%o&, 4ownload the free ebook of #orlette.s speeches and thou$hts for the day, 6any of the principles tau$ht by "ill Sutherland appear in books by 4an )ink, See )ink.s most recent book To Sell ,s )uman ///0 an(ink0%o&16ooks1to-sell-is-*.&an1 >isit some of the 0ideos on Doutube showin$ Q!E +cademy, W//0Fo.t.6e0%o&1"B#$%a e&'

///0H.ali5e 6'e7(erien%e0%o&1