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Private Residence on Plot #9, Sec.

E/49, Eastern Mangrove, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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October 2011


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GENERAL 1. based on testing manufacturer's standard units in assemblies similar to those indicated for this Project. E/49.bead-architects. apply to this Section. Thermally Improved Construction: Fabricate units with an integral. Eastern Mangrove. Related Sections 1. 4. Abu Dhabi. Drawings and general provisions of Contract. E. to glazing units. 08 71 00 Door Hardware 05 50 01 Aluminium Fabrications. Failure includes the following: Air infiltration and water penetration exceeding specified limits.3 SYSTEM PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS A. Framing members transferring stresses. General: Provide aluminium door systems capable of withstanding loads and thermal and structural movement requirements indicated without failure.1 RELATED DOCUMENTS A. 1. Bureau of Excellence in Architecture & Design www. C. Glazing: Physically and thermally isolate glazing from framing members. This Section includes glazed aluminium-framed doors. including General and Particular Conditions and Division 1 Specification Sections. low-conductance thermal barrier. 07 92 00 Joint Sealants.2 SUMMARY A. including those caused by thermal and structural movement. UAE Main Contract SECTION – 08 11 16 ALUMINIUM DOORS & FRAMES PART 1 . Sec. 2. in a manner that eliminates direct metal-to-metal contact. 3. October 2011 2 Sec. 1. concealed. 09 91 01 Polyester Powder Coated Finish to Aluminium Division 16 Section for electrical service and connections for doors connected to fire alarm panel. 6. B. located between exterior materials and members exposed on interior side.Private Residence on Plot #9. 05 50 00 Metal Fabrications. Rev (0) Project A10-18 B. 08 11 16 . D.

UAE Main Contract 1. Sec. including anchorage. capable of withstanding wind-load design pressures calculated according to requirements of authorities having jurisdiction or the American Society of Civil Engineers' ASCE 7. failure of operating components to function normally. H. Provide thermal-break construction whose design has been in use for not less than three years and has been tested to demonstrate resistance to thermal conductance and condensation and to show adequate strength and security of glass retention. Provide a minimum 1.bead-architects. 08 11 16 .59 mm clearance between members and operable windows and doors. Abu Dhabi. Wind Loads: Provide door systems. (299 Pa). 1. Eastern Mangrove.4. structural distress.2." whichever are more stringent. including anchorage. or permanent deformation of main framing members exceeding 0.18 mm clearance between members and top of glazing or other fixed part immediately below. Air Infiltration: Provide door systems with permanent resistance to air leakage through fixed glazing and frame areas of not more than 0. (0. that accommodate thermal movements of systems and supporting elements resulting from the maximum change (range) in ambient and surface temperatures without buckling. "Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures. unless otherwise indicated. Dead Loads: Provide door system members that do not deflect an amount which will reduce glazing bite below 75 percent of design dimension when carrying full dead load. G. m) of fixed wall area when tested according to ASTM E 283 at a staticair-pressure difference of 1. Static-Pressure Test Performance: Provide door systems that do not evidence material failures.2 percent of clear span when tested according to ASTM E 330. Deflection of framing members in a direction normal to wall plane is limited to 1/175 of clear span or 3/4 inch (19 mm). "Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures. E/49. Bureau of Excellence in Architecture & Design www. K. damaging stresses on glazing. that accommodate the supporting structures' deflection from uniformly distributed and concentrated live loads indicated without failure of materials or permanent deformation.Private Residence on Plot #9. Water Penetration: Provide door systems that do not evidence water leakage through fixed glazing and frame areas when tested according to ASTM E 331 at minimum differential pressure of 20 percent of inward-acting wind-load design pressure as defined by ASCE 7. J.24 lbf/sq.2 Pa). Thermal Movements: Provide door Rev (0) Project A10-18 I." but not less than 6. 2. damaging loads on fasteners.3 L/s/sq. ft.06 cfm/sq. Live Loads: Provide door systems.57 lbf/sq. whichever is smaller. 1. (75. October 2011 3 Sec. ft. F. and other detrimental effects. failure of joint sealants. "Analytical Procedure. including anchorage. ft." 6. Provide a minimum 3. 2. failure of doors or other operating units to function properly.

Fastenings. Sec. including reinforcement and stiffeners. Construction details and fabrication methods. Rev (0) Project A10-18 Bureau of Excellence in Architecture & Design www.bead-architects. 3. Full-size section details of typical composite members. Profiles and dimensions of individual components. 10. including: 1. 6. Arrangement of components. B. Data on hardware. Abu Dhabi. 4. 2. 5. including anchors. Hardware. Shop drawings showing fabrication and installation of each type required including information not fully detailed in manufacturer's standard Product Data and the following: 1. but not limited to. Acoustic Performance: Where specified on the drawings and/or schedules. Product data for each system required. 12. 08 11 16 .Private Residence on Plot #9. Panning details. 7. 4. 9. Accessories. Location of weep holes. Jointing. 2. Layout and installation details. UAE Main Contract L. Structural-Support Movement: Provide door systems that accommodate structural movements including. 8. E/49. 11. the complete door assemblies. shall provide the following airborne sound insulation ratings measured in accordance with ASTM E 1408 “Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of the Sound Transmission Loss of Door Panels and Door Systems” and rated in accordance with ASTM E 413 “Classification for Rating Sound Insulation”: Villa Building Bedrooms 3 & 4: Master Bedrooms 1 & 2: Family Room: Majlis Building Formal Majlis: Casual Majlis: Entrance Foyer: Dining Area: STC 29 STC 29 STC 29 STC 29 STC 37 STC 34 STC 29 M. accessories and October 2011 4 Sec. Metal thicknesses. Eastern Mangrove. including operators. 3.4 SUBMITTALS A. sway and deflection. including frames and seals. Recommendations for maintaining and cleaning exterior surfaces. Glazing details. Details of site connections. 1.

2. using materials indicated for final unit of work. Installer Qualifications: Engage an experienced Installer who has completed installation of aluminium windows similar in material. frames. 1. Weather stripping. E/49. design. hand. construct mock-ups for each form of construction and finish required to verify selections made under sample submittals and to demonstrate aesthetic effects as well as qualities of materials and execution. Coordinate hardware with doors. Fabricator Qualifications: Firm experienced in producing aluminium work similar to that indicated for this project with a record of successful in-service performance and sufficient production capacity to produce required units. thickness. Submit panels for each type of glass indicated on drawings.5 QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Submit samples typical finished panels of minimum 600 mm x 600 mm size made from full-size components and showing details of joinery. Sub-framing. October 2011 5 Sec. D.Private Residence on Plot #9. 1. Flashings.bead-architects. Submit samples of each item of hardware for each type of doors. Eastern Mangrove. and extent to those required for this Project and with a record of successful in-service performance. D. UAE Main Contract 13. Metal finishes. 17. C. 15. and finish. Mock-ups: Prior to fabrication of systems. Bureau of Excellence in Architecture & Design www. expansion provision and glazing and as follows: 1. Single-Source Responsibility: Obtain units from one source and by a single manufacturer. Simulate all types of surrounding finish materials for mock-ups. E. C. anchorage. 16. 08 11 16 . Abu Dhabi. Finish of frames shall be as specified. as directed by Engineer. Build mock-ups to comply with the following requirements. 2. function. name of the manufacturer and complete designations of every item required for each door opening. Rev (0) Project A10-18 B. Hardware Schedule: Submit complete hardware schedule organized into sets based on hardware required. and related work to ensure proper size. Test Reports: Provide certified test reports from a qualified independent testing laboratory showing that aluminium door systems have been tested in accordance with specified test procedures and comply with performance characteristics indicated. 14. if not indicated. Sealants. Include item name. Sec. Demonstrate the proposed range of aesthetic effects and workmanship. F. Other pertinent information. Locate mock-up in the location and of the size indicated or.

and ASTM B 211 for aluminium bars. and application of required finish. STORAGE.PRODUCTS 2.Private Residence on Plot Rev (0) Project A10-18 B. Obtain Engineer's approval of mock-ups before start of final unit of work. Steel Sub-Frames: Cold rolled steel to ASTM A569 and galvanized. Abu Dhabi. D. C. 1.1 ACCEPTABLE MANUFACTURERS / FABRICATORS (Refer to approved List of Manufacturers) 2. or ASTM A 570 for hot rolled sheet and strip. Sections to be no less than 100mm deep overall from front face to rear face. Aluminium Members: Alloy and temper recommended by the manufacturer for strength. comply with ASTM B 221 for aluminium extrusions. plates and bars. PART 2 . Retain and maintain mockups during construction in an undisturbed condition as a standard for judging the completed work.bead-architects. B. Bureau of Excellence in Architecture & Design www. ASTM A 611 for cold rolled sheet and strip. corrosion resistance. Fasteners: Provide fasteners of aluminium. tarpaulin or polyethylene sheeting in a manner to permit circulation of air. 4. Coordinate fabrication schedule with construction progress to avoid delay of the work. hardware.6 DELIVERY. Store components in a clean dry location away from uncured masonry or concrete. Steel reinforcement of aluminium framing members shall comply with ASTM A 36 for structural shapes. AND HANDLING A. nonmagnetic stainless steel. ASTM B 209 for aluminium sheet or plate. October 2011 6 Sec. zinc plated steel.2 MATERIALS A. E. UAE Main Contract 3. Cover components with waterproof paper. Show recorded measurements on shop drawings. E/49. Deliver components in the manufacturer's original protective packaging. 1.7 PROJECT CONDITIONS A Field Measurements: Check openings by accurate field measurement before fabrication. anchors and other components. Glazing as specified in Division 8 Section "Glazing". 08 11 16 . or other material warranted by the manufacturer to be noncorrosive and compatible with aluminium components. Front part and rear part to be available in different colours ie: internal and external colours different. Eastern Mangrove. Sec. rods and wire.

UAE Main Contract 1. 2. or provide standard non-corrosive pressed-in splined grommet nuts. Eastern Mangrove. Contractor to provide samples surpassing standard commercial range and to Bureau of Excellence in Architecture & Design www. number. including the items of sizes. fabricated with mechanical joints using heavy inserted reinforcing plates and concealed tie-rods or j-bolts. Reinforcement: Where fasteners screw-anchor into aluminium members less than 0.3 COMPONENTS A. F. where use of aluminium is not feasible provide nonmagnetic stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized steel complying with ASTM A 123. Louvers constructed with inverted V-shaped or Y-shaped blades. Doors: Provide doors with minimum 3. 1.4 HARDWARE A.Private Residence on Plot #9. Exposed hardware finish to match the aluminium door finish. with exterior stops anchored for non-removal. I. 08 11 16 . Glazing to be safety glass to comply with the requirements of the International Building Code. G. B. Door Louvers: Provide louvers for doors where indicated with blades formed of extruded aluminium set into the frame. October 2011 7 Sec.2 mm thick extruded tubular frame members and panel members.125 inches thick. Glazing: Fabricate doors to facilitate replacement of glass or panels. without disassembly of stiles and rails. 1. Sec. Concrete and Masonry Inserts: Provide hot-dip galvanized steel inserts complying with ASTM A 123. E/49. Abu Dhabi. according to location. Brackets and Reinforcements: Provide high-strength aluminium brackets and reinforcements. Provide heavy-duty hardware units as required or specified for operation of each door. All hardware shall be cleared to proceed by the Engineer prior to installation. and type recommended by manufacturer for service required to the approval of the Rev (0) Project A10-18 B. 2. For sliding/folding doors where shown refer to 01 23 01 Schedule of Approved Manufacturers. B. Include flymesh behind louvres 2. reinforce the interior with aluminium or nonmagnetic stainless steel to receive screw threads. Compression Weatherstripping: Manufacturer's standard replaceable compressible weather-stripping gaskets of molded neoprene complying with ASTM D 2000. H. Provide snap-on extruded aluminium glazing stops.

straight and free of defects or deformations. Perform fabrication operations. Sec. and other work to the greatest extent possible before shipment to the Project site. I. Where aluminium will contact concrete or masonry. Abu Dhabi. Complete these operations for hardware prior to application of finishes. Eastern Mangrove. General: Fabricate components that. finishing. Continuity: Maintain accurate relation of planes and angles with hairline fit of contacting members. October 2011 8 Sec. C.Private Residence on Plot #9. Prefabrication: Complete fabrication. drilling and grinding of metal work to prevent damage to exposed finish surfaces. Fasteners: Conceal fasteners wherever possible. provide compression weather-stripping at fixed stops. 3. After fabrication. Weather-stripping: For exterior doors. E.. F. protect against galvanic action by painting contact surfaces with primer or by applying sealant or tape recommended by manufacturer for this purpose. fitting. H. J. forming. Forming: Form shapes with sharp profiles. Disassemble components only as necessary for shipment and installation. G. E/49. adjustable for contact with threshold. B. 2. will have accurately fitted joints with ends coped or mitred to produce hairline joints free of burrs and distortion. sag resistance and rigidity. assembly. 08 11 16 . Bureau of Excellence in Architecture & Design www. Metal Protection: Where aluminium will contact dissimilar metals. Provide EPDM or neoprene-blade gasket weather-stripping in bottom door rail. Fabricate components to drain water passing joints and condensation and moisture occurring or migrating within the system to the exterior. before finishing. Reinforcing: Install reinforcing as required for hardware and as necessary for performance requirements. 1. when assembled. including cutting. hardware application. clearly mark components to identify their locations in Project according to Shop Drawings. UAE Main Contract be cleared with Engineer prior to proceeding. Prepare components to receive concealed fasteners and anchor and connection devices.bead-architects.5 FABRICATION A. Rev (0) Project A10-18 D. Do not drill and tap for surface-mounted hardware items until time of installation at project site. 2. protect against corrosion by painting contact surfaces with bituminous paint. Preglaze door and frame units to greatest extent possible.

Identification marks shall not appear on finished surfaces. C.6 FINISHES A.1 EXAMINATION A. and gaskets to be installed concurrently with units.5 mm cross hatching to base metal. Examine substrates and supports.Private Residence on Plot #9. Set sill members and other members in a bed of sealant or with joint fillers or gaskets. Rev (0) Project A10-18 B. colour to be permanent and free from "banding" or "streaking" and to the approval of the Engineer. Do not proceed with installation until unsatisfactory conditions are corrected. 2. as shown on Shop Drawings. Cuttings. Abu Dhabi. fillers. 1. Provide proper support and anchor securely in place. or BS 729 Part 1. without warp or rack of frames or sash. 3. Coordinate installation with Bureau of Excellence in Architecture & Design www. for compliance with requirements indicated. 1. colour RAL as per approved mock-up. Adhesion: No removal of finish after 1.m.2 INSTALLATION A. October 2011 9 Sec. Concealed Steel Items: Galvanized in accordance with ASTM A386. Eastern Mangrove. with the Installer present. E. 08 11 16 . E/49. to 610 g/sq. PART 3 . provide neoprene silencers on stops to prevent metal-to-metal contact. level and true to line. Set units plumb. to provide weather tight construction. installation tolerances. UAE Main Contract 2. B. and other conditions that affect installation of aluminium doors. Refer to Division 7 Section "Joint Sealants" for compounds.bead-architects. At interior doors and other locations without weather-stripping. holing and assembly preparation of aluminium extrusions and metalwork shall be carried out prior to colour finishing.EXECUTION 3. Aluminium Finish: Powder organic as specified 09 91 01. Correct unsatisfactory conditions before proceeding with the installation. Concealed Aluminium Surfaces: Any aluminium sections which are completely concealed and therefore do not require the facing colour shall be clear (silver) anodised to a minimum standard of BS EN 12373: 2001. impacting to the point of metal rupture. D. and subjecting to application and quick removal of cellophane tape.

Cut and trim component parts during erection only with the approval of the manufacturer or fabricator and in accordance with his recommendations.Private Residence on Plot #9. with uniform joints. bowed. I. Sec. Check the location of such items and verify that they have been set accurately in relation to the final location of windows. Paint concealed contact surfaces of dissimilar materials with a heavy coating of bituminous paint. plumb and true to line. G. and in accordance with appropriate recommendations of the AWS. Eastern Mangrove. Set units level. as directed. K. E. wedges. Employ only experienced erectors. 08 11 16 . Restore finish completely to protect material and remove all evidence of cutting and trimming. C. Erect the units. and in accordance with component part manufacturer's recommendations. L. Do not erect members which are observed to be warped. Do not cut through reinforcing members. Verify dimensions of openings by field measurements so those units will be accurately designed. Coordinate with the work of other trades and provide items to be placed during the installation of other work. Abu Dhabi.bead-architects. 2. Support on metal shims and secure in place by bolting to clip angles and similar supports anchored to supporting structure. Use only methods which will avoid distortion or discolouration of exposed faced. in accordance with the manufacturer's written instructions and recommendations. Solder and braze only to fill or seal joints (not to form structural joints). Erection Tolerances: Erect within the following tolerances: 1. October 2011 10 Sec. Remove and replace members where cutting and trimming have impaired strength or appearance. Bureau of Excellence in Architecture & Design www. Variation from plumb: 3mm maximum. shims and other items during erection. using only clean wheels and compounds which are free of iron or iron compounds. Use only the tapes of equipment. Grind smooth and restore finish. UAE Main Contract wall flashings and other components of the Work. Variation from level: 3mm maximum. Remove and replace members damaged in the process of erection. F. E/49. Restore finish of component parts after welding and grinding. which will not stain or mark the finish of units. Rev (0) Project A10-18 H. deformed or otherwise damaged or defaced to such extent as to impair strength or appearance. J. Grind exposed welds smooth. fabricated and fitted to the structure. Weld with electrodes and by methods recommended by manufacturer of material being welded. or provide other separation as per manufacturer's recommendations. spacers. ropes.

and for weather tight closure. for smooth operation without binding. 3. inside and out. 3. Clean the completed system. other than normal weathering. END OF SECTION Document History (Office Use) Date of previous use Feb 2011 Project A8-21 Comments Bureau of Excellence in Architecture & Design www. Adjust operating hardware to function properly. Clean glass surfaces after installation. complying with requirements contained in the "Glass and Glazing" Section for cleaning and maintenance. Sec. exercising care to avoid damage to coatings. with zinc chromate paint. B. E/49.bead-architects. unless exposed sealant is shown. promptly after installation. which will be Rev (0) Project A10-18 October 2011 11 Sec. Abu Dhabi.Private Residence on Plot #9. Paint clip angles and other ferrous metal parts. N. 3. Institute protective measures required throughout the remainder of the construction period to ensure that system will be without damage or deterioration.4 CLEANING A. Eastern Mangrove. Seal joints in a concealed manner. Lubricate hardware and other moving parts.3 ADJUSTING A. dirt and other substances from aluminium surfaces. O. Remove excess glazing and sealant compounds. UAE Main Contract M. at time of acceptance. 08 11 16 . Adjust hardware to provide a tight fit at contact points and at weather stripping.5 PROTECTION A.