What Employers Expect From New Engineers -- Matt Gleason (c) 2001

From the Interview Process Through the First year of Work
Interviews of professional engineers at YTC America, discussing what employers expect from new engineers
PERSON A INTERVIEW PROCESS math science PERSON B INTERVIEW PROCESS transport kinetics math PERSON C INTERVIEW PROCESS thermodynamics transport kinetics something that stands out; specialty PERSON D INTERVIEW PROCESS kinetics undergrad research PERSON E INTERVIEW PROCESS process control data analysis mechanical aptitude unit operations kinetics internships undergraduate research analytical ability quickly adapting to real world scenarios innovation new ideas very important

INTERVIEW PROCESS What are the major technical skills the interviewer looks for?

What are the major soft skills the interviewer looks for?

critical thinking critical focus

attention to detail critical observation skills clarity of thought good communication skills

critical thinker communication skills team effort

critical thinker recognizing problems interpersonal skills

How important is GPA?


important but goes down with experience

important since nothing else to judge by


What type of questions does the interviewer expect you to ask?

what does company do how long in business what is immediate focus long term goal of company

what is job about what the company is about how does job fit into company vision atmosphere in the company

how do they fit in company what do you (interviewer) do

how company works what do you (interviewer) do showing of genuine interest

what does company do technical questions on patents and papers size of organizations

What questions should you ask that will impress the interviewer the most? What are the major things the interviewer does not want to see in an interview? budget questions profit margins off point answers technical weakness arrogance

looking at patents and asking good technical questions

question about patents or technical papers

lack of enthusiasm ill prepared with a lot of nervousness compensation questions skirting answers pre-prepared answers

arrogance avoidance of questions overselling one way discussions

prepped answers arrogance

What Employers Expect From New Engineers -- Matt Gleason (c) 2001
PERSON A FIRST YEAR What types of objectives would be set for a new engineer? FIRST YEAR broad range of responsibilities multiple tasking "putting out fires" finish the task completely consistent solid work not leaving last 10% undone PERSON B FIRST YEAR focused tasks like train on equip. A carry out parametric study on process B completing tasks on time consistent, high quality work new ideas innovative approaches depends on job requirements not a large amount just perform strong logical approach PERSON C PERSON D PERSON E FIRST YEAR FIRST YEAR FIRST YEAR tasks to demonstrate technical abilities some specific goals learning the basics and non-administrative tasks mixed with unspecified goals hands-on process tasks involving a mentor learn from other people interpersonal skills teamwork trust analytical ability recognize connection between textbook and real world

What skills are necessary for the new engineer to develop within the company?

How much innovation/new ideas not very much is expected of the new engineer? some creativity

not much not a lot but moving attempt to think about things in that direction

How much independence is expected from a new engineer?

not very much

not a lot during training period enough to carry out job functions

it is a necessity gather info quickly, then disappear and get it done have judgement to know when to ask coming in relaxed arrogance not being "coachable" not ready to prove self

not much

not much

What are the major things new engineers do wrong regarding personal development?

trying to "run" before learning to walk taking shortcuts to "advance"

AFTER FIRST YEAR What is expected from the new engineer after the first review?

AFTER FIRST YEAR AFTER FIRST YEAR not as much dependence immediately address shortcomings work on developing strong areas work on improving weak areas

AFTER FIRST YEAR strengthening weak points taking responsibility for own development

acting like a supervisor not addressing what you were hired to do arrogance looking for shortcuts not accepting failure AFTER FIRST YEAR continual development independence

try to "rise" too fast looking for shortcuts without analysis

AFTER FIRST YEAR give more tasks to develop weaknesses identify skill sets and move in that direction give tasks above level to challenge

What skills are needed of the new engineer to continue to develop within the company?

originating ideas

strive for excellence open-mindness not being a "yes-man"

interpersonal skills