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EDGAR CAYCE's HEALTH SECRETS ----------------------------

(Health Secrets) Edgar Cayce believed that the good things that are given to us from Spirit should be freely shared. This sharing may include a self healing ma ntra for meditation during which ifear and anger that is encapsulated in the bod y becomes released through transmutation. To remove this encapsulated fear and anger, and the bodily symptoms of disease t hat accompany it, the fear and anger must be identified, acknowledged and owned as real. Then the disease as well as the fear and anger can be transmuted to a Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is identified in esoteric knowledge, as in the energy quality of the Creator. What is esoteric is hidden, buried deeply. For example, the true (or esoteric) meaning of the Mayan calendar was not the forecasting of the end of the world as the media suggested. Instead, it was the end of secret knowledge, as Spirit wi ll make all knowledge available to those who chose to know. The Violet Flame can be used to transmute energy. It is essential to realize th at a disease is the energy that can be generated by an idea or thought form that one has created or materialized in the body. It may represent a current life s tressor, or it may represent a karmic lesson or shock. The first source below c an provide more understanding of the Violet Flame, which is also known as the Vi olet Ray. Cayce often prescribed a therapy that made use of an actual violet light. An in tuitive understanding reveals that we can meditate on the Violet Flame to transm ute disease. The disease idea or thought form resides in the unconscious, subco nscious, and conscious aspects of our mind. These layers of Mind and Spirit are where the roots of the disease reside. We can use treatments and therapies at the body level where the disease symptoms reside, but until we address the roots of the disease at the Mind and Spirit level as well, we are vulnerable. The or iginal disease/fear/anger may return or manifest as another disease. The role o f the disease is to motivate us toward Spiritual enlightenment and Mind evolutio n. For example, in the case of a tumor or scar tissue, one starts the healing proce ss when the fear and anger are identified, acknowledged and owned as real. Then one repeats the Violet Flame mantra with an attitude of faith. After one has a sked for the tissue to be transmuted in the Violet Flame, the tissue will be bro

ken down by natural body processes, reabsorbed, and eliminated. Once the diseas e energy is transmuted and released, one s personal life energy is no longer feedi ng the disease and can be used to rebuild the body. We tend not to give up disease because we fear that we will be isolated and left unseen by our fellowmen. We have given up on love and joy and we recognize fe ar and anger instead. Love is the opposite of fear, and joy the opposite of ang er. These energies cannot co-exist harmoniously, and in order to move toward fr eedom from disease, this dichotomy must be reconciled.. Meditate on this statement to find your inner truth. But be aware that change h as consequences relationships and family dynamics will change. If you know this before hand, you can compensate for it. Here is a technique for working with the Violet Flame. *Accept that you need to forgive yourself and others for __________________ tha t has led to your manifesting of disease. Put into the blank the name of what i t is you are angry about and the whole idea that surrounds it. Clearly review t his in your mind. *Say this healing mantra: Father, Mother, God, Goddess. I AM, All that Is. Pl ease send a Violet Flame of transmutation to surround and permeate all energies of (name the disease) at all times, places, spaces, events and participants. Cle anse and heal and bring into alignment my energies with God s will for humanity at this time. Amen. *Say the mantra 3 times. Many diseases are the result of accidental occurrences or exposures to toxins th at get overlaid with emotional shocks life happens. It is essential to remember that disease becomes a habit pattern, an energy habit pattern in Mind, Body and Spirit. To overcome the disease you must break the energy, the body memory, by doing therapies at all levels of self Mind, Body and Spirit. We are a threefold being. Successful healing therapies must address the physical body, the mind a nd the spirit. In other words, you many need to forgive yourself for forgetting to wash your hands, or forgive your child for dropping a hammer on your toe! It is also essential to remember that you and those you love have a life plan. No one lives forever. Death is a doorway to the next adventure.