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Godmind Mutual fund Advisory Services- Investor Profiler

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Godmind Mutual fund Advisory Services- Investor Profiler
There are today more than 2000 Mutual Funds Schemes with more than Rs 400,000 crores in assets, as on june 4th’2007. Various investors have wrongly equated mutual funds with “shares” or equity. Mutual Funds are trusts that are formed to mobilize and pool in resources from investors with a common objective. The funds that are pooled in are invested in specified markets - equity or fixed income. Each fund has predetermined investment objective that tailors the fund's assets, regions of investments and investment strategies. Mutual Funds can thus be of varying degrees of risks; returns would also vary according to the type of fund you invest in. The type of funds available is vast and can today suit requirements of any type of investor at any stage of life. The benefits of investing through mutual funds are many such as diversification, reduced risk, economy and the most important being professional management and expertise. GodMind mutual fund advisory services is novel concept of providing advisory service to people, using which a person from anywhere can receive personalized mutual fund advisory service and also invest in the mutual fund of their choice or in one which suits them the most. This marks the beginning of our association with you by providing comprehensive services such as: investment, tracking, managing and rebalancing your mutual fund investment such that you get good consistent return on an investment. A good mutual fund investment is one that helps you maximize your total returns, net of taxes and inflation over the time period you invest in mutual funds. Mutual fund is one of the safest investment tool for investors looking for a safe, high and assured return over the period money remain invested. This is where Godmind Mutual fund advisory services comes to your assistance, we help you choose the best performing funds, track their progress, and update you on the status of your mutual fund portfolio, so that you can have more wealth, security for the unforeseen future and achieve inner peace while your portfolio keeps performing well and gives you a consistent return on your hard earned capital invested.

We manage the choice of your funds.
Godmind mutual fund advisory service is set up by a team of Certified and Registered Mutual Fund advisors by Association Of Mutual Funds In India (AMFI). Our main aim is to provide guidance and impart knowledge for a disciplined approach towards investment in mutual funds. Investment is an on going process and proper care should be taken while investing.


Godmind Mutual fund Advisory Services- Investor Profiler
Our Investment planning process at a glance….

To sum up, wealth is a goal everyone aspires for. the difference between wishing for it and realizing it is in “investment planning”. Whilst the wisdom of investing prudently is indisputable, it also pays to know when and how to disinvest, i.e. redeem your precious money- Godmind comes to your assistance and updates you regularly on your investment performance and educate you about the investment process. All investment processes are built on team based decision making with interdependence, skills and responsibility.

Our Mission Statement
• • To provide our clients with the best possible investment planning and mutual fund advisory services. To believe that each client’s profile is unique and that short, medium and long term needs must be customized to ensure: Optimum returns-keeping in mind the investment objectives. Minimal risk and above all... Peace of mind and security of the invested capital. And to accomplish each and every plan with commitment and the highest level of service.


Godmind Mutual fund Advisory Services- Investor Profiler
Our Services
INVESTMENT ADVISORY Provide advice on mutual fund as an investment device to fulfill your financial goals. Provide the customer with best investment plan as per his own requirement and investment objective. Investments through mutual fund in equity, debts and Money Market instruments will be done. Creation and Accumulation of Wealth through Systematic Investment Plans. Investments done through us will be tracked and managed. Proper tracking can give certain advantage over those who invest in mutual fund through banks or other distributor. Regular update will be provided regarding their value of investment. All information will be provided regarding new offers and investment options.

INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT. Manage a certain amount of fund for an individual or company. The particular fund will be managed by investing through mutual funds in Equities, Debt and money Market instruments. Depending upon the Risk and Return expectation allocation of the fund will be made to different category of investment instruments. A portfolio with allocation in equity, debt and money market will be prepared taking in consideration the client's requirement and expectation. Client’s invested fund will be actively tracked and managed with emphasis on long term wealth creation. Clients can view their whole investment profile online. Clients will be updated on a regular basis about the status of their investments.


Godmind Mutual fund Advisory Services- Investor Profiler

Investment Strategies
When investment is done either you pick your fund or with the proper consultation of an expert or investment advisors. Whatever is done & however it is done, we need to keep the investment diversified among funds, also the portfolio need to have variety, for that there need to be a proper strategy.

Investment approaches
The options you choose to put your money in, reflect the investment strategy you are using - whether you realize it or not. Most people adopt the following approaches:-

These investors take only limited risk by concentrating on secure, fixed-income investments, money market instruments etc.

Such Investors take moderate risk by investing in debt mutual funds, select diversified funds and balance fund too.

These are investors who take major risk on investments in order to have high (above-average) returns can go for sectoral funds that are sector specific or can go for growth oriented funds. As a matter of fact, the investment approach of an investor is directly linked to his or her ability to accept risk. The ability to take risks depends largely on personal circumstances and factors like age, past experiences with investing, level of responsibility, etc.


Godmind Mutual fund Advisory Services- Investor Profiler

How We Choose Funds?
Right Investment Options to choose:
The choice of mutual fund is no rocket science, the choice of mutual fund depend upon an individuals financial condition, requirement of investor, comfort level with the investment instrument, personal circumstance of the investor. Keeping all these conditions and keeping in mind the general market scenario a decision on any fund is taken. A particular investment may be good for one person or one particular condition but it may not be the right under some other condition. When we are talking of right investment the balance of three things: Liquidity, Safety and Return can be termed as best. When talking of Investment an investors best investment options depends on personal conditions and the market scenario which play a major role.

* Liquidity - Accessibility of the cash
How easily an investment can be converted to cash, since part of your invested money must be available to cover financial emergencies.

* Safety - Amount of risk involved
The biggest risk is the risk of losing the money you have invested. Another equally important risk is that your investments will not provide enough growth or income to offset the impact of inflation, which could lead to a gradual increase in the cost of living. There are additional risks as well (like decline in economic growth). But the biggest risk of all is not investing at all.

* Return - The gains you get out of investment.
Investments are made for the purpose of generating returns. Safe investments often promise a specific, though limited return. Those that involve more risk offer the opportunity to make - or lose a lot of money. To a large extent, the choice of the right investment option will also depend upon your financial goals. For example, if you want to invest for funding your vacation next year, don't choose an investment vehicle that has a three-year lock-in. Similarly, if you want to invest for your daughter's marriage after 10 years, don't invest in 1yr bonds for the next 10 years. Instead, choose an option that matches your investment horizon. Our decisions are on the basis of: • • • • • •

Organization (20%) – Evaluates the strength of the manager’s organiza tion. Information Gathering (20%) Gauges a manager’s edge in gathering and process ing information – Forecasting (20%)– Determines the accuracy of a manager’s forecasts . Portfolio Construction (20%) Rates how a manager’s portfolio reflects its inv estment objectives. – Implementation (10%)– Measures a manager’s trading and back office eff iciency. Attribution (10%)– Assesses a manager’s ability to understand its e xposure


Godmind Mutual fund Advisory Services- Investor Profiler
1. We review the ten Funds of the desired investment objective with the top performance over a 5-7 year period.


The bottom five performers are then eliminated.


Then they are narrowed down to two Funds with the lowest Beta performance.


The Fund with the lowest operating expenses of the two is then selected for the portfolio.

We deal with funds of all the AMC’s across India, s ome of them are: