August 25th, 1991 – Charlie writes to an anonymous person about himself because they will listen and understand

what he’s talking about when he uses generic names. He talks about his life as a new freshman in high school. Charlie’s friend, Michael, stopped going to school one day. Mr. Vaughan, one of their teachers, announced a memorial service to be held for Michael to mourn his passing.

September 7th, 1991- Charlie does not like high school. His cafeteria is called “The Nutrition Center”. He analyzes his friend Susan who used to be his friend in middle school, however, now she acts dumb around boys, and they don’t hang out very often anymore. She was still trying to cope with the loss of Michael, who was her best friend, and her boyfriend before he passed on. Charlie gets bullied a lot by a guy named Sean who gives him “swirlies” as he punches him with verbal insults.

September 16th, 1991 – Charlie becomes friends with his advanced English teacher named Bill. Bill assigns him to read different books than the class since they share a special bond, and he appreciates Charlie’s superior knowledge. Bill admires Charlie’s reading and language skills, and he enjoys reading Charlie’s insightful essays. The latest book Charlie reads is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

October 6th, 1991 – Charlie attends a high school football game and meets Patrick and Sam who later become his best friends. He finds out Patrick knows a lot about football as he gives him the play-by-play throughout the game. Charlie also starts to develop a crush on Sam as he admires her “very nice smile, brown hair and pretty green eyes”.

October 28th, 1991 – After his high school’s homecoming football game, Sam, Charlie, and Patrick drove to a party. Sam was tapping her hand on the steering wheel as they were all chilling out to this amazing song on the radio about this boy. After the song

finished, Charlie said, “I feel infinite,” and Sam and Patrick looked at him like he said the greatest thing they ever heard.

December 7th, 1991 – Charlie gets together with his friends and begins the “Secret Santa” process. He chooses Patrick’s name, so he decides to make him a mix tape. Charlie then gives the mix tape a winter theme and calls it “One Winter”. He fills it with winter-sounding indie and folk rock music. Patrick ends up loving the tape.

February 8th, 1992 – A girl named Mary Elizabeth gets Charlie to play Rocky in a Rocky Horror Picture Show musical. He got to pretend he was singing as he danced around, and Patrick couldn’t stop talking about the feather boa Charlie had to wear in the grand finale. Mary Elizabeth then asks Charlie to the Sadie Hawkins dance.

February 15th, 1992 – Charlie goes to the Sadie Hawkins dance with Mary Elizabeth. He learns she wants to go to Berkeley to get a degree in sociology and political science. She is also a vegetarian who is fluent in Spanish. Charlie gets anxious after she asks him out after the dance, and wants to talk to Sam before making his decision.

March 7th, 1992 – Charlie gets asked to go on another date by Mary. He gets paraded with questions about his girlfriend by his family while eating dinner, and his father hands him the car keys. Charlie and Mary see a foreign art film that follows in a long-winded discussion with Mary talking about how the movie was “articulate” and “life changing,” while Charlie keeps quiet.

April 19th, 1992 – Charlie is in the shopping mall, and he witnesses a crying kid. Then, this tough looking older kid with long hair and a leather jacket went up to the little boy and took him to the information desk. His mom finds the little boy, and the kid tells her to “just watch him a little better,” and walks away as the mom stands there, speechless.