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Wireless-N USB Network Adapter

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Wireless-N USB Network Adapter Setup Wizard CD-ROM User Guide on CD-ROM Quick Installation

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A. If you have Windows XP or 2000. You will need to allow the software to run in order to continue. This Quick Installation is for Windows Vista users only.1� Installation The Adapter is installed and set up using the Setup Wizard that is on the enclosed Setup Wizard CD. . NOTE: Windows Vista or other personal firewalls may ask for permission to run the software or program. B. Insert the Setup Wizard CD into your CD-ROM drive. The Welcome screen appears on your monitor. use the other enclosed Quick Installation. Click the Click Here to Start button. IMPORTANT: Do not install the Adapter in your PC until you are instructed to do so or the Adapter will not install correctly.

If you want to use the included USB Extension Cable. D. then insert the Adapter into the USB port on the Base. Click Finish. connect the Adapter to the female end of the USB Extension Cable. first connect the USB Extension Base to the USB port on the PC. the Congratulations screen appears. . E. Locate an available USB port on your PC. If you want to use the included USB Extension Base.C. then connect the male end of the Cable to the PC. Read the License Agreement and click Next to continue the installation. After you install the Adapter correctly. Connect the Adapter in one of three ways: Insert the Adapter into the USB port.

depending on your type of security). go to step H. Click Connect. G. this screen appears. this screen appears. The first Windows Vista Wireless Network Configuration utility screen appears. Select your network. H. Enter the security key or passphrase (also known as pre-shared key or WEP key. click Connect Anyway and go to step I. If your network has no wireless security. To continue to your unsecured network. If your network has wireless security.F. If your network has wireless security. . then click Connect.

Work. This screen appears while the Adapter connects to your network. Click Close. If it doesn’t appear. Select from Home. This screen appears when you are connected to your network. go to step M.I. J. if you want to save your settings. K. unless you want to end the installation. The Network Location screen may appear to help apply the correct settings for your type of location. or Public location. Do not cancel. . Select Save this Network.

refer to the User Guide on the CD-ROM. Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.S.L. This screen varies according to the selected location. and certain other FTP Site ftp://ftp.linksys. Website http://www. and/or its affiliates in the U. NOTE: For help with the Windows Vista Wireless Network Configuration utility. Click Sales Information 800-546-5797 (800-LINKSYS) . Additional support is also available via e-mail or by phone. refer to Windows Vista Help and Support. M. by clicking Vista’s Start button Installation is complete! For additional information or troubleshooting help. 24-Hour Technical Support 800-326-7114 (toll-free from US or Canada) E-mail Support Linksys is a registered trademark or trademark of Cisco Systems. RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) http://www.linksys. You can use this utility to configure or change your wireless settings. The Windows Vista Wireless Network Configuration utility appears on your desktop’s system tray. Inc. 7041910NC-BW > Help and Support. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2007 Cisco Systems.