Is in no way meant To surpass Or supplant The Word of od

Or the Bi!le Only to enhan"e your understandin# Of the Word of od And the "omin# "han#es

Author ary Fle"$

Editor Tom Foster

%Kin# &ames translation utili'ed(

Copyri#ht )**+,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,may !e freely "opied and distri!uted %May not !e sold in any form without my written permission( I would li$e to than$ all the people in-ol-ed either dire"tly or indire"tly with !rin#in# this !oo$ into manifestation, Espe"ially my !rother Fred. my nephew &ay. and my friend Tom. without whom there wouldn/t ha-e !een a !oo$ at all, I also would li$e to dedi"ate this !oo$ to my mother and my !rother Fred, Than$s e-eryone ary Fle"$

A BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE Is a messa#e of li#ht To the "hildren of li#ht Of e-ery ra"e and "reed Indeed All man and woman$ind I hope it will !e an inspiration to you As it has !een And "ontinues to !e to me


od !less you and $eep you 0o-e od/s pea"e paths A 1REAM

I was sleepin# and had a dream Then I awa$ened and wrote

Rea"h my sons and dau#hters A"ross the #reat o"ean Of pain and frustration Beyond disappointment and hearta"he Ma$e the #reat leap a!o-e medio"rity To !e"ome a no!le people Em!ra"e the reat 2pirit And on"e a#ain !e"ome a people Capa!le of e3pressin# his #reat li#ht In and on the Earth Wal$ in pea"e on"e more 0et truth on"e a#ain rin# From the mountains and the forests 0et him on"e a#ain say These are my people In whom I am well pleased If you ha-e need as$ of them And it will !e #i-en unto you For they are truly one with my will With these words Comes #reat responsi!ility For they are not li#htly #i-en 0et them not !e li#htly re"ei-ed For it is a path of wisdom Of whi"h I spea$ The footsteps upon whi"h Must !e #uided !y the whisperin# Of the still small -oi"e within And not !y loud -ain pronoun"ements from without 0et ea"h !e mo-ed only !y

The 2pirit of Truth And a new World will !e a!ornin# A 4RA5ER It is thee O 0ord O od of Israel Infinite one without a se"ond Who are my sour"e My 4ath And my destination Therefore lead on This is thy wor$ And these are thy words Therefore let it !e in thy order That they appear unto the "hildren of li#ht E-en so O 0ord Thy will !e done

An Introduction Ye have said, It is vain to serve God: and what profit is it that we have kept his ordinance, and that we have walked mournfully before the LOR of hosts! "alachi #:$% And now we call the proud happy& yea, they that work wickedness are set up& yea, they that tempt God are even delivered' "alachi #:$( )hen they that feared the LOR spake often one to another: and the LOR hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LOR , and that thou*ht upon his name' "alachi #:$+ )hat ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and of the commandment of us the apostles of the Lord and ,aviour: - .eter #:/rethren, I write no new commandment unto you, but an old commandment which ye had from the be*innin*' )he old commandment is the word which ye have heard from the be*innin*' $ 0ohn -:1

)his second epistle, beloved, I now write unto you& in both which I stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance: .eter #:$ A*ain, a new commandment I write unto you, which thin* is true in him and in you: because the darkness is past, and the true li*ht now shineth' $ 0ohn -:2 Remember his marvellous works that he hath done, his wonders, and the 3ud*ments of his mouth& $ 4hronicles $+:$/e ye mindful always of his covenant& the word which he commanded to a thousand *enerations $ 4hronnicles $+:$( )his is the LOR 5, doin*& it is marvellous in our eyes' .salms $$2:-# )herefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work amon* this people, even a marvellous work and a wonder: for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understandin* of their prudent men shall be hid' Isaiah -6:$% /ut ye are a chosen *eneration, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people& that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous li*ht: $ .eter -:6 7hich in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy' $ .eter -:$8 Of these thin*s put them in remembrance, char*in* them before the Lord that they strive not about words to no profit, but to the subvertin* of the hearers' )imothy -:$%

Let the field be 3oyful, and all that is therein: then shall all the trees of the wood re3oice .salms 6+:$/efore the LOR : for he cometh, for he cometh to 3ud*e the earth: he shall 3ud*e the world with ri*hteousness, and the people with his truth' .salms 6+:$# Ye are all the children of li*ht, and the children of the day: we are not of the ni*ht, nor of darkness' $ )hessalonians (:( 9or ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye li*ht in the Lord: walk as children of li*ht: :phesians (:2 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them' :phesians (:$$ Ye are the li*ht of the world' A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid' "athew (:$% Let your li*ht so shine before men, that they may see your *ood works, and *lorify your 9ather which is in heaven' "athew (:$+ And thou*h the lord *ive you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into the corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers: Isaiah #8:-8 And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, sayin*, this is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the ri*ht hand, and when ye turn to the left' Isaiah #8:-$ /ehold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom' .salms ($:+

A /ook of Remembrance

ary Fle"$ 2"ri!e

6In the !e#innin# was the Word. and the Word was with was od,6 77 &ohn )8) 6The same was in the !e#innin# with od,6

od. and the Word

77 &ohn )89

6All thin#s were made !y him: and without him was not any thin# made that was made,6 77 &ohn )8; 6And od said. 0et there !e li#ht8 and there was li#ht,6 77 en )8;

6And od saw the li#ht. that it was #ood8 and from the dar$ness,6 77 en )8<

od di-ided the li#ht

6To #i-e li#ht to them that sit in dar$ness and in the shadow of death. to #uide our feet into the way of pea"e,6 77 0u$e )8=* 6I &esus ha-e sent mine an#el to testify unto you these thin#s in the "hur"hes, I am the root and the offsprin# of 1a-id. and the !ri#ht and mornin# star,6 77 Re- 998)> 6I am Alpha and Ome#a. the !e#innin# and the end. the first and the last,6 77 Re- 998); 6I am "ome a li#ht into the world. that whosoe-er !elie-eth on me should not a!ide in dar$ness,6 77 &ohn )98<> 6And if any man hear my words. and !elie-e not. I ?ud#e him not8 for I "ame not to ?ud#e the world. !ut to sa-e the world,6 77 &ohn )98<=

6@e that re?e"teth me. and re"ei-eth not my words. hath one that ?ud#eth him8 the word that I ha-e spo$en. the same shall ?ud#e him in the last day,6 77 &ohn )98<A 6For I ha-e not spo$en of myself: !ut the Father whi"h sent me. he #a-e me a "ommandment. what I should say. and what I should spea$,6 77 &ohn )98<* 6And I $now that his "ommandment is life e-erlastin#8 whatsoe-er I spea$ therefore. e-en as the Father said unto me. so I spea$,6 77 &ohn )98+B 6In that hour &esus re?oi"ed in spirit. and said. I than$ thee. O Father. 0ord of hea-en and earth. that thou hast hid these thin#s from the wise and prudent. and hast re-ealed them unto !a!es8 e-en so. Father: for so it seemed #ood in thy si#ht,6 77 0u$e )B89) 6NCN, Thy word is a lamp unto my feet. and a li#ht unto my path,6 77 4sa ))*8)B+ 6For thou art my lamp. O 0OR18 and the 0OR1 will li#hten my dar$ness,6 77 9 2am 9989* 6For the "ommandment is a lamp: and the law is li#ht: and reproofs of instru"tion are the way of life86 77 4ro- >89; 6To #i-e $nowled#e of sal-ation unto his people !y the remission of their sins.6 77 0u$e )8== 6Throu#h the tender mer"y of our hi#h hath -isited us.6 77 0u$e )8=A od: where!y the daysprin# from on

6@a-in# made $nown unto us the mystery of his will. a""ordin# to his #ood pleasure whi"h he hath purposed in himself86 77 Eph )8* 6The people whi"h sat in dar$ness saw #reat li#ht: and to them whi"h sat in the re#ion and shadow of death li#ht is sprun# up,6 77 Mat <8)> 6O send out thy li#ht and thy truth8 let them lead me: let them !rin# me unto thy holy hill. and to thy ta!erna"les,6 77 4sa <;8; 6My son. if thou wilt re"ei-e my words. and hide my "ommandments with thee:6 77 4ro- 98)

62o that thou in"line thine ear unto wisdom. and apply thine heart to understandin#:6 77 4ro- 989 65ea. if thou "riest after $nowled#e. and liftest up thy -oi"e for understandin#:6 77 4ro- 98; 6If thou see$est her as sil-er. and sear"hest for her as for hid treasures:6 77 4ro- 98< 6Then shalt thou understand the fear of the 0OR1. and find the $nowled#e of od,6 77 4ro- 98+ 6For the 0OR1 #i-eth wisdom8 out of his mouth "ometh $nowled#e and understandin#,6 77 4ro- 98> 6@e $eepeth the paths of ?ud#ment. and preser-eth the way of his saints,6 77 4ro- 98A 6As$. and it shall !e #i-en you: see$. and ye shall find: $no"$. and it shall !e opened unto you86 77 Mat =8= 6But if from then"e thou shalt see$ the 0OR1 thy od. thou shalt find him. if thou see$ him with all thy heart and with all thy soul,6 77 1eu <89* 6When thou art in tri!ulation. and all these thin#s are "ome upon thee. e-en in the latter days. if thou turn to the 0OR1 thy od. and shalt !e o!edient unto his -oi"e:6 77 1eu <8;B 6Then shalt thou understand ri#hteousness. and ?ud#ment. and eDuity: yea. e-ery #ood path,6 77 4ro- 98* 6 et wisdom. #et understandin#8 for#et it not: neither de"line from the words of my mouth,6 77 4ro- <8+ 6Wisdom is the prin"ipal thin#: therefore #et wisdom8 and with all thy #ettin# #et understandin#,6 77 4ro- <8= 6And ye shall $now the truth. and the truth shall ma$e you free,6 77 &ohn A8;9 6Oh that my words were now writtenE oh that they were printed in a !oo$E6 77 &o! )*89;

6That they were #ra-en with an iron pen and lead in the ro"$ for e-erE6 77 &o! )*89< 6For I $now that my redeemer li-eth. and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth86 77 &o! )*89+ 6Who -erily was foreordained !efore the foundation of the world. !ut was manifest in these last times for you.6 77 ) 4et )89B 6&esus Christ the same yesterday. and to day. and for e-er,6 );8A 77 @e!

6Who #a-e himself for our sins. that he mi#ht deli-er us from this present e-il world. a""ordin# to the will of od and our Father86 77 al )8< 62o Christ was on"e offered to !ear the sins of many: and unto them that loo$ for him shall he appear the se"ond time without sin unto sal-ation,6 77 @e! *89A 6A""ordin# to the eternal purpose whi"h he purposed in Christ &esus our 0ord86 77 Eph ;8)) 6Who will ha-e all men to !e sa-ed. and to "ome unto the $nowled#e of the truth,6 77 ) Tim 98< 6For there is one od. and one mediator !etween Christ &esus:6 77 ) Tim 98+ od and men. the man

6Who #a-e himself for us. that he mi#ht redeem us from all iniDuity. and purify unto himself a pe"uliar people. 'ealous of #ood wor$s,6 77 Titus 98)< 6Whereunto I am ordained a prea"her. and an apostle. %I spea$ the truth in Christ. and lie not:( a tea"her of the entiles in faith and -erity,6 77 ) Tim 98= 6Now the thin#s whi"h I write unto you. !ehold. !efore 77 al )89B od. I lie not,6

6That all the people of the earth may $now that the 0OR1 is that there is none else,6 77 ) Ki A8>B

od. and

6I will therefore that men pray e-ery where. liftin# up holy hands. without wrath and dou!tin#,6 77 ) Tim 98A 6In hope of eternal life. whi"h the world !e#an:6 77 Titus )89 od. that "annot lie. promised !efore

6But hath in due times manifested his word throu#h prea"hin#. whi"h is "ommitted unto me a""ordin# to the "ommandment of od our 2a-iour:6 77 Titus )8; 6Who #a-e himself a ransom for all. to !e testified in due time,6 77 ) Tim 98> 6And he !e#an to say unto them. This day is this s"ripture fulfilled in your ears,6 77 0u$e <89) 6Behold. I set !efore you this day a !lessin# and a "urse:6 ))89> 6A !lessin#. if ye o!ey the "ommandments of the 0OR1 your "ommand you this day86 77 1eu ))89= 77 1eu

od. whi"h I

6And a "urse. if ye will not o!ey the "ommandments of the 0OR1 your od. !ut turn aside out of the way whi"h I "ommand you this day. to #o after other #ods. whi"h ye ha-e not $nown,6 77 1eu ))89A 6I "all hea-en and earth to re"ord this day a#ainst you. that I ha-e set !efore you life and death. !lessin# and "ursin#8 therefore "hoose life. that !oth thou and thy seed may li-e86 77 1eu ;B8)* 6For the promise is unto you. and to your "hildren. and to all that are afar off. e-en as many as the 0ord our od shall "all,6 77 A"ts 98;* 6@e hath showed thee. O man. what is #ood: and what doth the 0OR1 reDuire of thee. !ut to do ?ustly. and to lo-e mer"y. and to wal$ hum!ly with thy odF6 77 Mi"ah >8A 6The fear of the 0OR1 is the !e#innin# of $nowled#e8 !ut fools despise wisdom and instru"tion,6 77 4ro- )8= 6@um!le yoursel-es therefore under the mi#hty hand of e3alt od. that he may

you in due time86

77 ) 4et +8>

6To $now wisdom and instru"tion: to per"ei-e the words of understandin#:6 77 4ro- )89 6To re"ei-e the instru"tion of wisdom. ?usti"e. and ?ud#ment. and eDuity:6 77 4ro- )8; 6To #i-e su!tlety to the simple. to the youn# man $nowled#e and dis"retion,6 77 4ro- )8< 6The fear of the 0OR1 is the !e#innin# of wisdom8 a #ood understandin# ha-e all they that do his "ommandments8 his praise endureth for e-er,6 77 4sa )))8)B 6@e hath showed his people the power of his wor$s. that he may #i-e them the herita#e of the heathen,6 77 4sa )))8> 6And the word of the 0OR1 "ame unto me. sayin#.6 77 E'e$ )=8)

62on of man. put forth a riddle. and spea$ a para!le unto the house of Israel:6 77 E'e$ )=89 6A wise man will hear. and will in"rease learnin#: and a man of understandin# shall attain unto wise "ounsels86 77 4ro- )8+ 6To understand a pro-er!. and the interpretation: the words of the wise. and their dar$ sayin#s,6 77 4ro- )8> 6My son. hear the instru"tion of thy father. and forsa$e not the law of thy mother86 77 4ro- )8A 6@appy is the man that findeth wisdom. and the man that #etteth understandin#,6 77 4ro- ;8); 6When thou #oest. it shall lead thee: when thou sleepest. it shall $eep thee: and when thou awa$est. it shall tal$ with thee,6 77 4ro- >899 6For the "ommandment is a lamp: and the law is li#ht: and reproofs of instru"tion are the way of life86 77 4ro- >89; 6Who hath ears to hear. let him hear,6 77 Mat );8* 77

61oth not wisdom "ryF and understandin# put forth her -oi"eF6

4ro- A8) 62he standeth in the top of hi#h pla"es. !y the way in the pla"es of the paths,6 77 4ro- A89 62he "rieth at the #ates. at the entry of the "ity. at the "omin# in at the doors,6 77 4ro- A8; 6Thus saith the 0OR1. Keep ye ?ud#ment. and do ?usti"e8 for my sal-ation is near to "ome. and my ri#hteousness to !e re-ealed,6 77 Isa +>8) 6Behold. the days "ome. saith the 0OR1. that I will perform that #ood thin# whi"h I ha-e promised unto the house of Israel and to the house of &udah,6 77 &er ;;8)< 6And sayin#. The time is fulfilled. and the $in#dom of repent ye. and !elie-e the #ospel,6 77 Mar$ )8)+ od is at hand8

6For I am the 0OR18 I will spea$. and the word that I shall spea$ shall "ome to pass: it shall !e no more prolon#ed8 for in your days. O re!ellious house. will I say the word. and will perform it. saith the 0ord O1,6 77 E'e$ )989+ 6O!ser-e and hear all these words whi"h I "ommand thee. that it may #o well with thee. and with thy "hildren after thee for e-er. when thou doest that whi"h is #ood and ri#ht in the si#ht of the 0OR1 thy od,6 77 1eu )989A 6If ye fulfil the royal law a""ordin# to the s"ripture. Thou shalt lo-e thy nei#h!our as thyself. ye do well86 77 &ames 98A 6Who is wise. and he shall understand these thin#sF prudent. and he shall $now themF for the ways of the 0OR1 are ri#ht. and the ?ust shall wal$ in them8 !ut the trans#ressors shall fall therein,6 77 @osea )<8* 6Blessed is he that readeth. and they that hear the words of this prophe"y. and $eep those thin#s whi"h are written therein8 for the time is at hand,6 77 Re- )8;

6Behold. it is "ome. and it is done. saith the 0ord day whereof I ha-e spo$en,6 77 E'e$ ;*8A

O1: this is the

6In those days. and at that time. will I "ause the Bran"h of ri#hteousness to #row up unto 1a-id: and he shall e3e"ute ?ud#ment and ri#hteousness in the land,6 77 &er ;;8)+ 6For this is he that was spo$en of !y the prophet Esaias. sayin#. The -oi"e of one "ryin# in the wilderness. 4repare ye the way of the 0ord. ma$e his paths strai#ht,6 77 Mat ;8; 6And sayin#. Repent ye8 for the $in#dom of hea-en is at hand,6 Mat ;89 77

6@um!le yoursel-es in the si#ht of the 0ord. and he shall lift you up,6 77 &ames <8)B 6Behold. I "ome Dui"$ly8 !lessed is he that $eepeth the sayin#s of the prophe"y of this !oo$,6 77 Re- 998= 6The 2pirit of the 0ord is upon me. !e"ause he hath anointed me to prea"h the #ospel to the poor: he hath sent me to heal the !ro$enhearted. to prea"h deli-eran"e to the "apti-es. and re"o-erin# of si#ht to the !lind. to set at li!erty them that are !ruised.6 77 0u$e <8)A 6To prea"h the a""epta!le year of the 0ord,6 77 0u$e <8)*

6I say the truth in Christ. I lie not. my "ons"ien"e also !earin# me witness in the @oly host.6 77 Rom *8) 6Now I am "ome to ma$e thee understand what shall !efall thy people in the latter days8 for yet the -ision is for many days,6 77 1an )B8)< 6And when this "ometh to pass. %lo. it will "ome.( then shall they $now that a prophet hath !een amon# them,6 77 E'e$ ;;8;; 6But the anointin# whi"h ye ha-e re"ei-ed of him a!ideth in you. and ye need not that any man tea"h you8 !ut as the same anointin# tea"heth you of all thin#s. and is truth. and is no lie. and e-en as it hath tau#ht you. ye shall

a!ide in him,6

77 ) &ohn 989=

6And ye shall tea"h them your "hildren. spea$in# of them when thou sittest in thine house. and when thou wal$est !y the way. when thou liest down. and when thou risest up,6 77 1eu ))8)* 6And it shall "ome to pass in the day that the 0OR1 shall #i-e thee rest from thy sorrow. and from thy fear. and from the hard !onda#e wherein thou wast made to ser-e,6 77 Isa )<8; 6The 0OR1 said. Gerily it shall !e well with thy remnant: -erily I will "ause the enemy to entreat thee well in the time of e-il and in the time of affli"tion,6 77 &er )+8)) 6@e !rou#ht them out of dar$ness and the shadow of death. and !ra$e their !ands in sunder,6 77 4sa )B=8)< 6Oh that men would praise the 0OR1 for his #oodness. and for his wonderful wor$s to the "hildren of menE6 77 4sa )B=8)+ 6For he hath !ro$en the #ates of !rass. and "ut the !ars of iron in sunder,6 77 4sa )B=8)> 6 od that made the world and all thin#s therein. seein# that he is 0ord of hea-en and earth. dwelleth not in temples made with hands:6 77 A"ts )=89< 6Neither is worshipped with men/s hands. as thou#h he needed any thin#. seein# he #i-eth to all life. and !reath. and all thin#s:6 77 A"ts )=89+ 6And hath made of one !lood all nations of men for to dwell on all the fa"e of the earth. and hath determined the times !efore appointed. and the !ounds of their ha!itation:6 77 A"ts )=89> 6When the Most @i#h di-ided to the nations their inheritan"e. when he separated the sons of Adam. he set the !ounds of the people a""ordin# to the num!er of the "hildren of Israel,6 77 1eu ;98A 6That they should see$ the 0ord. if haply they mi#ht feel after him. and find him. thou#h he !e not far from e-ery one of us86 77 A"ts )=89=

6For in him we li-e. and mo-e. and ha-e our !ein#: as "ertain also of your own poets ha-e said. For we are also his offsprin#,6 77 A"ts )=89A 6In whose hand is the soul of e-ery li-in# thin#. and the !reath of all man$ind,6 77 &o! )98)B 6Thus saith the 0OR1. the @oly One of Israel. and his Ma$er. As$ me of thin#s to "ome "on"ernin# my sons. and "on"ernin# the wor$ of my hands "ommand ye me,6 77 Isa <+8)) 6I ha-e made the earth. and "reated man upon it8 I. e-en my hands. ha-e stret"hed out the hea-ens. and all their host ha-e I "ommanded,6 77 Isa <+8)9 6I form the li#ht. and "reate dar$ness8 I ma$e pea"e. and "reate e-il8 I the 0OR1 do all these thin#s,6 77 Isa <+8= 62ee now that I. e-en I. am he. and there is no #od with me8 I $ill. and I ma$e ali-e: I wound. and I heal8 neither is there any that "an deli-er out of my hand,6 77 1eu ;98;* 6And it shall "ome to pass in that day. that his !urden shall !e ta$en away from off thy shoulder. and his yo$e from off thy ne"$. and the yo$e shall !e destroyed !e"ause of the anointin#,6 77 Isa )B89= 61rop down. ye hea-ens. from a!o-e. and let the s$ies pour down ri#hteousness8 let the earth open. and let them !rin# forth sal-ation. and let ri#hteousness sprin# up to#ether: I the 0OR1 ha-e "reated it,6 77 Isa <+8A 6Truth shall sprin# out of the earth: and ri#hteousness shall loo$ down from hea-en,6 77 4sa A+8)) 6Behold. this is the ?oy of his way. and out of the earth shall others #row,6 77 &o! A8)* 6Blessed are they that $eep his testimonies. and that see$ him with the whole heart,6 77 4sa ))*89 62e-enty wee$s are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy "ity. to

finish the trans#ression. and to ma$e an end of sins. and to ma$e re"on"iliation for iniDuity. and to !rin# in e-erlastin# ri#hteousness. and to seal up the -ision and prophe"y. and to anoint the most @oly,6 77 1an *89< 6For all the promises of od in him are yea. and in him Amen. unto the #lory of od !y us,6 77 9 Cor )89B 6But ye ha-e an un"tion from the @oly One. and ye $now all thin#s,6 77 ) &ohn 989B 6Thou lo-est ri#hteousness. and hatest wi"$edness8 therefore od. thy od. hath anointed thee with the oil of #ladness a!o-e thy fellows,6 77 4sa <+8= 6Who hath also sealed us. and #i-en the earnest of the 2pirit in our hearts,6 77 9 Cor )899 6Now he whi"h sta!lisheth us with you in Christ. and hath anointed us. is od:6 77 9 Cor )89) 6Who also hath made us a!le ministers of the new testament: not of the letter. !ut of the spirit8 for the letter $illeth. !ut the spirit #i-eth life,6 77 9 Cor ;8> 6For we "annot !ut spea$ the thin#s whi"h we ha-e seen and heard,6 77 A"ts <89B 60o this. we ha-e sear"hed it. so it is: hear it. and $now thou it for thy #ood,6 77 &o! +89= 6It is the spirit that Dui"$eneth: the flesh profiteth nothin#8 the words that I spea$ unto you. they are spirit. and they are life,6 77 &ohn >8>; 6 od is a 2pirit8 and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth,6 77 &ohn <89< 6But the hour "ometh. and now is. when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth8 for the Father see$eth su"h to worship him,6 77 &ohn <89; 6 i-e ye ear. and hear my -oi"e: hear$en. and hear my spee"h,6 Isa 9A89; 77

6The spirit of the 0OR1 spa$e !y me. and his word was in my ton#ue,6 77 9 2am 9;89 6For we are not as many. whi"h "orrupt the word of od8 !ut as of sin"erity. !ut as of od. in the si#ht of od spea$ we in Christ,6 77 9 Cor 98)= 6We are of od8 he that $noweth od heareth us: he that is not of od heareth not us, @ere!y $now we the spirit of truth. and the spirit of error,6 77 ) &ohn <8> 6&esus answered and said unto them. 5e do err. not $nowin# the s"riptures. nor the power of od,6 77 Mat 9989* 6I "an of mine own self do nothin#8 as I hear. I ?ud#e8 and my ?ud#ment is ?ust: !e"ause I see$ not mine own will. !ut the will of the Father whi"h hath sent me,6 77 &ohn +8;B 6But these thin#s ha-e I told you. that when the time shall "ome. ye may remem!er that I told you of them, And these thin#s I said not unto you at the !e#innin#. !e"ause I was with you,6 77 &ohn )>8< 62ee$ ye out of the !oo$ of the 0OR1. and read8 no one of these shall fail. none shall want her mate8 for my mouth it hath "ommanded. and his spirit it hath #athered them,6 77 Isa ;<8)> 6Behold. I waited for your words: I #a-e ear to your reasons. whilst ye sear"hed out what to say,6 77 &o! ;98)) 6But I will show thee that whi"h is noted in the s"ripture of truth8 and there is none that holdeth with me in these thin#s. !ut Mi"hael your prin"e,6 77 1an )B89) 60et my senten"e "ome forth from thy presen"e: let thine eyes !ehold the thin#s that are eDual,6 77 4sa )=89 6Open thou mine eyes. that I may !ehold wondrous thin#s out of thy law,6 77 4sa ))*8)A 6Then did he see it. and de"lare it: he prepared it. yea. and sear"hed it out,6 77 &o! 9A89=

6The prea"her sou#ht to find out a""epta!le words8 and that whi"h was written was upri#ht. e-en words of truth,6 77 E""l )98)B 6And moreo-er. !e"ause the prea"her was wise. he still tau#ht the people $nowled#e: yea. he #a-e #ood heed. and sou#ht out. and set in order many pro-er!s,6 77 E""l )98* 6And he hath "ast the lot for them. and his hand hath di-ided it unto them !y line8 they shall possess it for e-er. from #eneration to #eneration shall they dwell therein,6 77 Isa ;<8)= 6Behold. this ha-e I found. saith the prea"her. "ountin# one !y one. to find out the a""ount86 77 E""l =89= 6The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant pla"es: yea. I ha-e a #oodly herita#e,6 77 4sa )>8> 6I will !less the 0OR1. who hath #i-en me "ounsel8 my reins also instru"t me in the ni#ht seasons,6 77 4sa )>8= 6Counsel is mine. and sound wisdom8 I am understandin#: I ha-e stren#th,6 77 4ro- A8)< 6Thou hast pro-ed mine heart: thou hast -isited me in the ni#ht: thou hast tried me. and shalt find nothin#: I am purposed that my mouth shall not trans#ress,6 77 4sa )=8; 60et the words of my mouth. and the meditation of my heart. !e a""epta!le in thy si#ht. O 0OR1. my stren#th. and my redeemer,6 77 4sa )*8)< 6For I ha-e not shunned to de"lare unto you all the "ounsel of 77 A"ts 9B89= od,6

6I "ounsel thee to !uy of me #old tried in the fire. that thou mayest !e ri"h: and white raiment. that thou mayest !e "lothed. and that the shame of thy na$edness do not appear: and anoint thine eyes with eyesal-e. that thou mayest see,6 77 Re- ;8)A Be"ause thou sayest. I am ri"h. and in"reased with #oods. and ha-e need of nothin#: and $nowest not that thou art wret"hed. and misera!le. and

poor. and !lind. and na$ed8 77Re- ;8)= Remem!er therefore how thou hast re"ei-ed and heard. and hold fast. and repent, If therefore thou shalt not wat"h. I will "ome on thee as a thief. and thou shalt not $now what hour I will "ome upon thee, 77Re;8; 6The statutes of the 0OR1 are ri#ht. re?oi"in# the heart8 the "ommandment of the 0OR1 is pure. enli#htenin# the eyes,6 77 4sa )*8A 6The words of the 0OR1 are pure words8 as sil-er tried in a furna"e of earth. purified se-en times,6 77 4sa )98> 6Thy testimonies ha-e I ta$en as an herita#e for e-er8 for they are the re?oi"in# of my heart,6 77 4sa ))*8))) 6@e that o-er"ometh. the same shall !e "lothed in white raiment: and I will not !lot out his name out of the !oo$ of life. !ut I will "onfess his name !efore my Father. and !efore his an#els,6 77 Re- ;8+ 6@e that hath an ear. let him hear what the 2pirit saith unto the "hur"hes: To him that o-er"ometh will I #i-e to eat of the hidden manna. and will #i-e him a white stone. and in the stone a new name written. whi"h no man $noweth sa-in# he that re"ei-eth it,6 77 Re- 98)= 6@im that o-er"ometh will I ma$e a pillar in the temple of my od. and he shall #o no more out8 and I will write upon him the name of my od. and the name of the "ity of my od. whi"h is new &erusalem. whi"h "ometh down out of hea-en from my od8 and I will write upon him my new name,6 77 Re;8)9 6For this is the "o-enant that I will ma$e with the house of Israel after those days. saith the 0ord: I will put my laws into their mind. and write them in their hearts8 and I will !e to them a od. and they shall !e to me a people86 77 @e! A8)B 6They also that erred in spirit shall "ome to understandin#. and they that murmured shall learn do"trine,6 77 Isa 9*89< 6And the eyes of them that see shall not !e dim. and the ears of them that

hear shall hear$en,6

77 Isa ;98;

6The heart also of the rash shall understand $nowled#e. and the ton#ue of the stammerers shall !e ready to spea$ plainly,6 77 Isa ;98< 6And they shall not tea"h e-ery man his nei#h!our. and e-ery man his !rother. sayin#. Know the 0ord8 for all shall $now me. from the least to the #reatest,6 77 @e! A8)) 6For thou hast !een a stren#th to the poor. a stren#th to the needy in his distress. a refu#e from the storm. a shadow from the heat. when the !last of the terri!le ones is as a storm a#ainst the wall,6 77 Isa 9+8< 6Thou shalt $eep them. O 0OR1. thou shalt preser-e them from this #eneration for e-er,6 77 4sa )98= 6@ear. O Israel8 The 0OR1 our od is one 0OR186 77 1eu >8<

6And thou shalt lo-e the 0OR1 thy od with all thine heart. and with all thy soul. and with all thy mi#ht,6 77 1eu >8+ 6And these words. whi"h I "ommand thee this day. shall !e in thine heart86 77 1eu >8> 6And of them way. when thou shalt tea"h them dili#ently unto thy "hildren. and shalt tal$ when thou sittest in thine house. and when thou wal$est !y the and thou liest down. and when thou risest up,6 77 1eu >8=

6Then shall the ri#hteous shine forth as the sun in the $in#dom of their Father, Who hath ears to hear. let him hear,6 77 Mat );8<; 6For I will set mine eyes upon them for #ood. and I will !rin# them a#ain to this land8 and I will !uild them. and not pull them down: and I will plant them. and not plu"$ them up,6 77 &er 9<8> 6And I will #i-e them an heart to $now me. that I am the 0OR18 and they shall !e my people. and I will !e their od8 for they shall return unto me with their whole heart,6 77 &er 9<8=

6For it is written. I will destroy the wisdom of the wise. and will !rin# to nothin# the understandin# of the prudent,6 77 ) Cor )8)* 6Where is the wiseF where is the s"ri!eF where is the disputer of this worldF hath not od made foolish the wisdom of this worldF6 77 ) Cor )89B 6For after that in the wisdom of od the world !y wisdom $new not od. it pleased od !y the foolishness of prea"hin# to sa-e them that !elie-e,6 77 ) Cor )89) 6Be"ause the foolishness of od is wiser than men: and the wea$ness of od is stron#er than men,6 77 ) Cor )89+ 6But od hath "hosen the foolish thin#s of the world to "onfound the wise: and od hath "hosen the wea$ thin#s of the world to "onfound the thin#s whi"h are mi#hty:6 77 ) Cor )89= 6And !ase thin#s of the world. and thin#s whi"h are despised. hath od "hosen. yea. and thin#s whi"h are not. to !rin# to nou#ht thin#s that are86 77 ) Cor )89A 6And he said unto me. These sayin#s are faithful and true8 and the 0ord od of the holy prophets sent his an#el to show unto his ser-ants the thin#s whi"h must shortly !e done,6 77 Re- 998> 62in# unto od. ye $in#doms of the earth: O sin# praises unto the 0ord: 2elah86 77 4sa >A8;9 6To him that rideth upon the hea-ens of hea-ens. whi"h were of old: lo. he doth send out his -oi"e. and that a mi#hty -oi"e,6 77 4sa >A8;; 6As"ri!e ye stren#th unto od8 his e3"ellen"y is o-er Israel. and his stren#th is in the "louds,6 77 4sa >A8;< 6For the 0OR1 will not "ast off his people. neither will he forsa$e his inheritan"e,6 77 4sa *<8)< 6But ?ud#ment shall return unto ri#hteousness8 and all the upri#ht in heart shall follow it,6 77 4sa *<8)+ 6@e that dwelleth in the se"ret pla"e of the most @i#h shall a!ide under the

shadow of the Almi#hty,6

77 4sa *)8) od: in

6I will say of the 0OR1. @e is my refu#e and my fortress8 my him will I trust,6 77 4sa *)89

6Wait on the 0OR1. and $eep his way. and he shall e3alt thee to inherit the land8 when the wi"$ed are "ut off. thou shalt see it,6 77 4sa ;=8;< 6A thousand shall fall at thy side. and ten thousand at thy ri#ht hand: !ut it shall not "ome ni#h thee,6 77 4sa *)8= 6Only with thine eyes shalt thou !ehold and see the reward of the wi"$ed,6 77 4sa *)8A 6Be"ause thou hast made the 0OR1. whi"h is my refu#e. e-en the most @i#h. thy ha!itation:6 77 4sa *)8* 6There shall no e-il !efall thee. neither shall any pla#ue "ome ni#h thy dwellin#,6 77 4sa *)8)B 6For he shall #i-e his an#els "har#e o-er thee. to $eep thee in all thy ways,6 77 4sa *)8)) 6They shall !ear thee up in their hands. lest thou dash thy foot a#ainst a stone,6 77 4sa *)8)9 6This shall !e written for the #eneration to "ome8 and the people whi"h shall !e "reated shall praise the 0OR1,6 77 4sa )B98)A 6Who ma$eth his an#els spirits: his ministers a flamin# fire86 4sa )B<8< 77

6Who layeth the !eams of his "ham!ers in the waters8 who ma$eth the "louds his "hariot8 who wal$eth upon the win#s of the wind86 77 4sa )B<8; 6Thi"$ "louds are a "o-erin# to him. that he seeth not: and he wal$eth in the "ir"uit of hea-en,6 77 &o! 998)< 61ost thou $now the !alan"in#s of the "louds. the wondrous wor$s of him whi"h is perfe"t in $nowled#eF6 77 &o! ;=8)> 6Out of hea-en he made thee to hear his -oi"e. that he mi#ht instru"t

thee8 and upon earth he showed thee his #reat fire: and thou heardest his words out of the midst of the fire,6 77 1eu <8;> 6And the an#el of the 0OR1 appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a !ush8 and he loo$ed. and. !ehold. the !ush !urned with fire. and the !ush was not "onsumed,6 77 E3o ;89 6And Moses said. I will now turn aside. and see this #reat si#ht. why the !ush is not !urnt,6 77 E3o ;8; 6And when the 0OR1 saw that he turned aside to see. od "alled unto him out of the midst of the !ush. and said. Moses. Moses, And he said. @ere am I,6 77 E3o ;8< 6And od said unto Moses. I AM T@AT I AM8 and he said. Thus shalt thou say unto the "hildren of Israel. I AM hath sent me unto you,6 77 E3o ;8)< 6I am Alpha and Ome#a. the !e#innin# and the endin#. saith the 0ord. whi"h is. and whi"h was. and whi"h is to "ome. the Almi#hty,6 77 Re- )8A 6I do set my !ow in the "loud. and it shall !e for a to$en of a "o-enant !etween me and the earth,6 77 en *8); 6And it shall "ome to pass. when I !rin# a "loud o-er the earth. that the !ow shall !e seen in the "loud86 77 en *8)< 6And the !ow shall !e in the "loud: and I will loo$ upon it. that I may remem!er the e-erlastin# "o-enant !etween od and e-ery li-in# "reature of all flesh that is upon the earth,6 77 en *8)> 6Behold. I send an An#el !efore thee. to $eep thee in the way. and to !rin# thee into the pla"e whi"h I ha-e prepared,6 77 E3o 9;89B 6And I loo$ed. and. !ehold. a whirlwind "ame out of the north. a #reat "loud. and a fire infoldin# itself. and a !ri#htness was a!out it. and out of the midst thereof as the "olour of am!er. out of the midst of the fire,6 77 E'e$ )8< 6As the appearan"e of the !ow that is in the "loud in the day of rain. so was

the appearan"e of the !ri#htness round a!out, This was the appearan"e of the li$eness of the #lory of the 0OR1, And when I saw it. I fell upon my fa"e. and I heard a -oi"e of one that spa$e,6 77 E'e$ )89A 6And the an#el answerin# said unto him. I am a!riel. that stand in the presen"e of od: and am sent to spea$ unto thee. and to show thee these #lad tidin#s,6 77 0u$e )8)* 6And he said unto me. 2on of man. stand upon thy feet. and I will spea$ unto thee,6 77 E'e$ 98) 6And I heard. !ut I understood not8 then said I. O my 0ord. what shall !e the end of these thin#sF6 77 1an )98A 62o he "ame near where I stood8 and when he "ame. I was afraid. and fell upon my fa"e8 !ut he said unto me. Cnderstand. O son of man8 for at the time of the end shall !e the -ision,6 77 1an A8)= 6I saw in the ni#ht -isions. and. !ehold. one li$e the 2on of man "ame with the "louds of hea-en. and "ame to the An"ient of days. and they !rou#ht him near !efore him,6 77 1an =8); 6I !eheld till the thrones were "ast down. and the An"ient of days did sit. whose #arment was white as snow. and the hair of his head li$e the pure wool8 his throne was li$e the fiery flame. and his wheels as !urnin# fire,6 77 1an =8* 6@is head and his hairs were white li$e wool. as white as snow: and his eyes were as a flame of fire:6 77 Re- )8)< 6And his feet li$e unto fine !rass. as if they !urned in a furna"e: and his -oi"e as the sound of many waters,6 77 Re- )8)+ 6And he had in his ri#ht hand se-en stars8 and out of his mouth went a sharp twoed#ed sword8 and his "ountenan"e was as the sun shineth in his stren#th,6 77 Re- )8)> 6A fiery stream issued and "ame forth from !efore him8 thousand thousands

ministered unto him. and ten thousand times ten thousand stood !efore him8 the ?ud#ment was set. and the !oo$s were opened,6 77 1an =8)B 6And the word of the 0OR1 "ame unto me. sayin#.6 77 E'e$ >8)

6Thou "alledst in trou!le. and I deli-ered thee: I answered thee in the se"ret pla"e of thunder8 I pro-ed thee at the waters of Meri!ah, 2elah,6 77 4sa A)8= 6And I saw another mi#hty an#el "ome down from hea-en. "lothed with a "loud8 and a rain!ow was upon his head. and his fa"e was as it were the sun. and his feet as pillars of fire86 77 Re- )B8) 6And he had in his hand a little !oo$ open8 and he set his ri#ht foot upon the sea. and his left foot on the earth.6 77 Re- )B89 6And "ried with a loud -oi"e. as when a lion roareth8 and when he had "ried. se-en thunders uttered their -oi"es,6 77 Re- )B8; 6Then was the se"ret re-ealed unto 1aniel in a ni#ht -ision, Then 1aniel !lessed the od of hea-en,6 77 1an 98)* 6@e re-ealeth the deep and se"ret thin#s8 he $noweth what is in the dar$ness. and the li#ht dwelleth with him,6 77 1an 9899 6And he "han#eth the times and the seasons8 he remo-eth $in#s. and setteth up $in#s8 he #i-eth wisdom unto the wise. and $nowled#e to them that $now understandin#86 77 1an 989) 6And when the se-en thunders had uttered their -oi"es. I was a!out to write8 and I heard a -oi"e from hea-en sayin# unto me. 2eal up those thin#s whi"h the se-en thunders uttered. and write them not,6 77 Re- )B8< 6And he said unto them. It is not for you to $now the times or the seasons. whi"h the Father hath put in his own power,6 77 A"ts )8= 6But thou. O 1aniel. shut up the words. and seal the !oo$. e-en to the time of the end8 many shall run to and fro. and $nowled#e shall !e in"reased,6 77 1an )98< 6Behold. the days "ome. saith the 0ord O1. that I will send a famine

in the land. not a famine of !read. nor a thirst for water. !ut of hearin# the words of the 0OR186 77 Amos A8)) 6And they shall wander from sea to sea. and from the north e-en to the east. they shall run to and fro to see$ the word of the 0OR1. and shall not find it,6 77 Amos A8)9 6And he said. o thy way. 1aniel8 for the words are "losed up and sealed till the time of the end,6 77 1an )98* 6And he said. Behold. I will ma$e thee $now what shall !e in the last end of the indi#nation8 for at the time appointed the end shall !e,6 77 1an A8)* 6Continue in prayer. and wat"h in the same with than$s#i-in#:6 Col <89 77

6Withal prayin# also for us. that od would open unto us a door of utteran"e. to spea$ the mystery of Christ. for whi"h I am also in !onds86 77 Col <8; 6That I may ma$e it manifest. as I ou#ht to spea$,6 6For mine eyes ha-e seen thy sal-ation.6 77 Col <8<

77 0u$e 98;B 77 0u$e

6Whi"h thou hast prepared !efore the fa"e of all people:6 98;) 6A li#ht to li#hten the 77 0u$e 98;9

entiles. and the #lory of thy people Israel,6

6This matter is !y the de"ree of the wat"hers. and the demand !y the word of the holy ones8 to the intent that the li-in# may $now that the most @i#h ruleth in the $in#dom of men. and #i-eth it to whomsoe-er he will. and setteth up o-er it the !asest of men,6 77 1an <8)= 60et the hea-ens !e #lad. and let the earth re?oi"e8 and let men say amon# the nations. The 0OR1 rei#neth,6 77 ) Chr )>8;) 60et the sea roar. and the fulness thereof8 let the fields re?oi"e. and all that is therein,6 77 ) Chr )>8;9

6For the stone shall "ry out of the wall. and the !eam out of the tim!er shall answer it,6 77 @a! 98)) 6Then shall the trees of the wood sin# out at the presen"e of the 0OR1. !e"ause he "ometh to ?ud#e the earth,6 77 ) Chr )>8;; 6Ma$e ye mention to the nations: !ehold. pu!lish a#ainst &erusalem. that wat"hers "ome from a far "ountry. and #i-e out their -oi"e a#ainst the "ities of &udah,6 77 &er <8)> 6Remem!er his mar-ellous wor$s that he hath done. his wonders. and the ?ud#ments of his mouth:6 77 ) Chr )>8)9 6For thus hath the 0ord said unto me. de"lare what he seeth,6 77 Isa 9)8> o. set a wat"hman. let him

6@ear$en unto me. my people: and #i-e ear unto me. O my nation8 for a law shall pro"eed from me. and I will ma$e my ?ud#ment to rest for a li#ht of the people,6 77 Isa +)8< 6Gerily. -erily. I say unto you. The hour is "omin#. and now is. when the dead shall hear the -oi"e of the 2on of od8 and they that hear shall li-e,6 77 &ohn +89+ 6For the Father lo-eth the 2on. and showeth him all thin#s that himself doeth8 and he will show him #reater wor$s than these. that ye may mar-el,6 77 &ohn +89B 6For as the Father raiseth up the dead. and Dui"$eneth them: e-en so the 2on Dui"$eneth whom he will,6 77 &ohn +89) 6For the Father ?ud#eth no man. !ut hath "ommitted all ?ud#ment unto the 2on86 77 &ohn +899 6Wherefore he saith. Awa$e thou that sleepest. and arise from the dead. and Christ shall #i-e thee li#ht,6 77 Eph +8)< 6Then the spirit too$ me up. and I heard !ehind me a -oi"e of a #reat rushin#. sayin#. Blessed !e the #lory of the 0OR1 from his pla"e,6 77 E'e$ ;8)9 6Come. and let us return unto the 0OR18 for he hath torn. and he will

heal us: he hath smitten. and he will !ind us up,6 6Behold. happy is the man whom thou the "hastenin# of the Almi#hty86

77 @osea >8)

od "orre"teth8 therefore despise not 77 &o! +8)=

6For he ma$eth sore. and !indeth up8 he woundeth. and his hands ma$e whole,6 77 &o! +8)A 6That the od of our 0ord &esus Christ. the Father of #lory. may #i-e unto you the spirit of wisdom and re-elation in the $nowled#e of him86 77 Eph )8)= 6The eyes of your understandin# !ein# enli#htened: that ye may $now what is the hope of his "allin#. and what the ri"hes of the #lory of his inheritan"e in the saints.6 77 Eph )8)A 6And that he would show thee the se"rets of wisdom. that they are dou!le to that whi"h isE Know therefore that od e3a"teth of thee less than thine iniDuity deser-eth,6 77 &o! ))8> 6But rise. and stand upon thy feet8 for I ha-e appeared unto thee for this purpose. to ma$e thee a minister and a witness !oth of these thin#s whi"h thou hast seen. and of those thin#s in the whi"h I will appear unto thee:6 77 A"ts 9>8)> 6And the spirit entered into me when he spa$e unto me. and set me upon my feet. that I heard him that spa$e unto me,6 77 E'e$ 989 6And he saith unto me. 2eal not the sayin#s of the prophe"y of this !oo$8 for the time is at hand,6 77 Re- 998)B 6Woe unto them that see$ deep to hide their "ounsel from the 0OR1. and their wor$s are in the dar$. and they say. Who seeth usF and who $noweth usF6 77 Isa 9*8)+ 6For his eyes are upon the ways of man. and he seeth all his #oin#s,6 77 &o! ;<89) 6There is no dar$ness. nor shadow of death. where the wor$ers of iniDuity may hide themsel-es,6 77 &o! ;<899

6Woe unto them that "all e-il #ood. and #ood e-il: that put dar$ness for li#ht. and li#ht for dar$ness: that put !itter for sweet. and sweet for !itterE6 77 Isa +89B 6That say. 0et him ma$e speed. and hasten his wor$. that we may see it8 and let the "ounsel of the @oly One of Israel draw ni#h and "ome. that we may $now itE6 77 Isa +8)* 6Behold. they say unto me. Where is the word of the 0OR1F let it "ome now,6 77 &er )=8)+ 6Therefore. !ehold. I will this on"e "ause them to $now. I will "ause them to $now mine hand and my mi#ht: and they shall $now that my name is The 0OR1,6 77 &er )>89) 6The ri#hteous shall ne-er !e remo-ed8 !ut the wi"$ed shall not inha!it the earth,6 77 4ro- )B8;B 6E-en as I ha-e seen. they that plow iniDuity. and sow wi"$edness. reap the same,6 77 &o! <8A 6@e that is un?ust. let him !e un?ust still8 and he whi"h is filthy. let him !e filthy still8 and he that is ri#hteous. let him !e ri#hteous still8 and he that is holy. let him !e holy still,6 77 Re- 998)) 6The soul that sinneth. it shall die, The son shall not !ear the iniDuity of the father. neither shall the father !ear the iniDuity of the son8 the ri#hteousness of the ri#hteous shall !e upon him. and the wi"$edness of the wi"$ed shall !e upon him,6 77 E'e$ )A89B 6But if the wi"$ed will turn from all his sins that he hath "ommitted. and $eep all my statutes. and do that whi"h is lawful and ri#ht. he shall surely li-e. he shall not die,6 77 E'e$ )A89) 6@a-e I any pleasure at all that the wi"$ed should dieF saith the 0ord O18 and not that he should return from his ways. and li-eF6 77 E'e$ )A89; 6Now a thin# was se"retly !rou#ht to me. and mine ear re"ei-ed a little thereof,6 77 &o! <8)9

6In thou#hts from the -isions of the ni#ht. when deep sleep falleth on men.6 77 &o! <8); 6Fear "ame upon me. and trem!lin#. whi"h made all my !ones to sha$e,6 77 &o! <8)< 6Then a spirit passed !efore my fa"e: the hair of my flesh stood up86 77 &o! <8)+ 6It stood still. !ut I "ould not dis"ern the form thereof8 an ima#e was !efore mine eyes. there was silen"e. and I heard a -oi"e. sayin#.6 77 &o! <8)> 62hall mortal man !e more ?ust than his ma$erF6 77 &o! <8)= odF shall a man !e more pure than

6And the -oi"e whi"h I heard from hea-en spa$e unto me a#ain. and said. o and ta$e the little !oo$ whi"h is open in the hand of the an#el whi"h standeth upon the sea and upon the earth,6 77 Re- )B8A 6And I went unto the an#el. and said unto him. i-e me the little !oo$, And he said unto me. Ta$e it. and eat it up: and it shall ma$e thy !elly !itter. !ut it shall !e in thy mouth sweet as honey,6 77 Re- )B8* 6My son. eat thou honey. !e"ause it is #ood: and the honey"om!. whi"h is sweet to thy taste86 77 4ro- 9<8); 62o shall the $nowled#e of wisdom !e unto thy soul8 when thou hast found it. then there shall !e a reward. and thy e3pe"tation shall not !e "ut off,6 77 4ro- 9<8)< 6@ow sweet are thy words unto my tasteE yea. sweeter than honey to my mouthE6 77 4sa ))*8)B; 6And I too$ the little !oo$ out of the an#el/s hand. and ate it up: and it was in my mouth sweet as honey8 and as soon as I had eaten it. my !elly was !itter,6 77 Re- )B8)B 6And he said unto me. Thou must prophesy a#ain !efore many peoples. and nations. and ton#ues. and $in#s,6 77 Re- )B8))

6And he said unto me. 2on of man. #o. #et thee unto the house of Israel. and spea$ with my words unto them,6 77 E'e$ ;8< 6The spirit of the 0ord O1 is upon me: !e"ause the 0OR1 hath anointed me to prea"h #ood tidin#s unto the mee$: he hath sent me to !ind up the !ro$enhearted. to pro"laim li!erty to the "apti-es. and the openin# of the prison to them that are !ound:6 77 Isa >)8) 6To pro"laim the a""epta!le year of the 0OR1. and the day of -en#ean"e of our od: to "omfort all that mourn:6 77 Isa >)89 6For these !e the days of -en#ean"e. that all thin#s whi"h are written may !e fulfilled,6 77 0u$e 9)899 6To me !elon#eth -en#ean"e. and re"ompense: their foot shall slide in due time8 for the day of their "alamity is at hand. and the thin#s that shall "ome upon them ma$e haste,6 77 1eu ;98;+ 6But woe unto them that are with "hild. and to them that #i-e su"$. in those daysE for there shall !e #reat distress in the land. and wrath upon this people,6 77 0u$e 9)89; 6The !est of them is as a !rier8 the most upri#ht is sharper than a thorn hed#e8 the day of thy wat"hmen and thy -isitation "ometh: now shall !e their perple3ity,6 77 Mi"ah =8< 6Therefore prophesy a#ainst them. prophesy. O son of man,6 ))8< 77 E'e$

6And the li#ht of Israel shall !e for a fire. and his @oly One for a flame8 and it shall !urn and de-our his thorns and his !riers in one day:6 77 Isa )B8)= 6Fearfulness and trem!lin# are "ome upon me. and horror hath o-erwhelmed me,6 77 4sa ++8+ 6For it is a day of trou!le. and of treadin# down. and of perple3ity !y the 0ord O1 of hosts in the -alley of -ision. !rea$in# down the walls. and of "ryin# to the mountains,6 77 Isa 998+

6The "hariots shall ra#e in the streets. they shall ?ustle one a#ainst another in the !road ways8 they shall seem li$e tor"hes. they shall run li$e the li#htnin#s,6 77 Nahum 98< 6And there shall !e si#ns in the sun. and in the moon. and in the stars: and upon the earth distress of nations. with perple3ity: the sea and the wa-es roarin#:6 77 0u$e 9)89+ 6Men/s hearts failin# them for fear. and for loo$in# after those thin#s whi"h are "omin# on the earth8 for the powers of hea-en shall !e sha$en,6 77 0u$e 9)89> 6Behold. the 0OR1 ma$eth the earth empty. and ma$eth it waste. and turneth it upside down. and s"attereth a!road the inha!itants thereof,6 77 Isa 9<8) 6The earth is utterly !ro$en down. the earth is "lean dissol-ed. the earth is mo-ed e3"eedin#ly,6 77 Isa 9<8)* 6For the thin# whi"h I #reatly feared is "ome upon me. and that whi"h I was afraid of is "ome unto me,6 77 &o! ;89+ 6And it shall "ome to pass in that day. saith the 0ord O1. that I will "ause the sun to #o down at noon. and I will dar$en the earth in the "lear day86 77 Amos A8* 6Then shall they !e#in to say to the mountains. Fall on us: and to the hills. Co-er us,6 77 0u$e 9;8;B 6And the 0ord O1 of hosts is he that tou"heth the land. and it shall melt. and all that dwell therein shall mourn8 and it shall rise up wholly li$e a flood: and shall !e drowned. as !y the flood of E#ypt,6 77 Amos *8+ 6The earth shall reel to and fro li$e a drun$ard. and shall !e remo-ed li$e a "otta#e: and the trans#ression thereof shall !e hea-y upon it: and it shall fall. and not rise a#ain,6 77 Isa 9<89B 6And it shall "ome to pass in that day. that the 0OR1 shall punish the

host of the hi#h ones that are on hi#h. and the $in#s of the earth upon the earth,6 77 Isa 9<89) 6Behold. I will send for many fishers. saith the 0OR1. and they shall fish them: and after will I send for many hunters. and they shall hunt them from e-ery mountain. and from e-ery hill. and out of the holes of the ro"$s,6 77 &er )>8)> 6For mine eyes are upon all their ways8 they are not hid from my fa"e. neither is their iniDuity hid from mine eyes,6 77 &er )>8)= 6Thou#h they di# into hell. then"e shall mine hand ta$e them: thou#h they "lim! up to hea-en. then"e will I !rin# them down86 77 Amos *89 65ea. the li#ht of the wi"$ed shall !e put out. and the spar$ of his fire shall not shine,6 77 &o! )A8+ 60ift up your eyes to the hea-ens. and loo$ upon the earth !eneath8 for the hea-ens shall -anish away li$e smo$e. and the earth shall wa3 old li$e a #arment. and they that dwell therein shall die in li$e manner8 !ut my sal-ation shall !e for e-er. and my ri#hteousness shall not !e a!olished,6 77 Isa +)8> 6@ear$en unto me. ye that $now ri#hteousness. the people in whose heart is my law: fear ye not the reproa"h of men. neither !e ye afraid of their re-ilin#s,6 77 Isa +)8= 6For the moth shall eat them up li$e a #arment. and the worm shall eat them li$e wool8 !ut my ri#hteousness shall !e for e-er. and my sal-ation from #eneration to #eneration,6 77 Isa +)8A 6For thus saith the 0OR1 of hosts: 5et on"e. it is a little while. and I will sha$e the hea-ens. and the earth. and the sea. and the dry land:6 77 @a# 98> 6And I will sha$e all nations. and the desire of all nations shall "ome8 and I will fill this house with #lory. saith the 0OR1 of hosts,6 77 @a# 98=

6Then the moon shall !e "onfounded. and the sun ashamed. when the 0OR1 of hosts shall rei#n in mount Hion. and in &erusalem. and !efore his an"ients #loriously,6 77 Isa 9<89; 6O thou that hearest prayer. unto thee shall all flesh "ome,6 >+89 77 4sa

6Blessed is the man whom thou "hoosest. and "ausest to approa"h unto thee. that he may dwell in thy "ourts8 we shall !e satisfied with the #oodness of thy house. e-en of thy holy temple,6 77 4sa >+8< 6At that time &esus answered and said. I than$ thee. O Father. 0ord of hea-en and earth. !e"ause thou hast hid these thin#s from the wise and prudent. and hast re-ealed them unto !a!es,6 77 Mat ))89+ 6E-en so. Father8 for so it seemed #ood in thy si#ht,6 77 Mat ))89>

6All thin#s are deli-ered unto me of my Father8 and no man $noweth the 2on. !ut the Father: neither $noweth any man the Father. sa-e the 2on. and he to whomsoe-er the 2on will re-eal him,6 77 Mat ))89= 6Come unto me. all ye that la!our and are hea-y laden. and I will #i-e you rest,6 77 Mat ))89A 6Ta$e my yo$e upon you. and learn of me: for I am mee$ and lowly in heart8 and ye shall find rest unto your souls,6 77 Mat ))89* 6For my yo$e is easy. and my !urden is li#ht,6 77 Mat ))8;B

6If now thou hast understandin#. hear this8 hear$en to the -oi"e of my words,6 77 &o! ;<8)> 6At the !e#innin# of thy suppli"ations the "ommandment "ame forth. and I am "ome to show thee: for thou art #reatly !elo-ed8 therefore understand the matter. and "onsider the -ision,6 77 1an *89; 6Where there is no -ision. the people perish8 !ut he that $eepeth the law. happy is he,6 77 4ro- 9*8)A

6Come near. ye nations. to hear: and hear$en. ye people8 let the earth hear. and all that is therein: the world. and all thin#s that "ome forth of it,6 77 Isa ;<8) 6For the indi#nation of the 0OR1 is upon all nations. and his fury upon all their armies8 he hath utterly destroyed them. he hath deli-ered them to the slau#hter,6 77 Isa ;<89 6And all the host of hea-en shall !e dissol-ed. and the hea-ens shall !e rolled to#ether as a s"roll8 and all their host shall fall down. as the leaf falleth off from the -ine. and as a fallin# fi# from the fi# tree,6 77 Isa ;<8< 6For it is the day of the 0ord/s -en#ean"e. and the year of re"ompenses for the "ontro-ersy of Hion,6 77 Isa ;<8A 6@ear the word of the 0OR1. ye "hildren of Israel8 for the 0OR1 hath a "ontro-ersy with the inha!itants of the land. !e"ause there is no truth. nor mer"y. nor $nowled#e of od in the land,6 77 @osea <8) 6My people are destroyed for la"$ of $nowled#e8 !e"ause thou hast re?e"ted $nowled#e. I will also re?e"t thee. that thou shalt !e no priest to me8 seein# thou hast for#otten the law of thy od. I will also for#et thy "hildren,6 77 @osea <8> 6For my people ha-e "ommitted two e-ils: they ha-e forsa$en me the fountain of li-in# waters. and hewed them out "isterns. !ro$en "isterns. that "an hold no water,6 77 &er 98); 6@ear ye. O mountains. the 0OR1/2 "ontro-ersy. and ye stron# foundations of the earth8 for the 0OR1 hath a "ontro-ersy with his people. and he will plead with Israel,6 77 Mi"ah >89 6The days of -isitation are "ome. the days of re"ompense are "ome: Israel shall $now it8 the prophet is a fool. the spiritual man is mad. for the multitude of thine iniDuity. and the #reat hatred,6 77 @osea *8= 6But the 0OR1 is the true $in#8 od. he is the li-in# od. and an e-erlastin#

at his wrath the earth shall trem!le. and the nations shall not !e a!le to a!ide his indi#nation,6 77 &er )B8)B 6@ear ye the word whi"h the 0OR1 spea$eth unto you. O house of Israel86 77 &er )B8) 6Thus saith the 0OR1. 0earn not the way of the heathen. and !e not dismayed at the si#ns of hea-en: for the heathen are dismayed at them,6 77 &er )B89 6For the day of -en#ean"e is in mine heart. and the year of my redeemed is "ome,6 77 Isa >;8< 6But their minds were !linded8 for until this day remaineth the same -eil unta$en away in the readin# of the old testament: whi"h -eil is done away in Christ,6 77 9 Cor ;8)< 6But e-en unto this day. when Moses is read. the -eil is upon their heart,6 77 9 Cor ;8)+ 6But if our #ospel !e hid. it is hid to them that are lost86 Cor <8; 77 9

6In whom the #od of this world hath !linded the minds of them whi"h !elie-e not. lest the li#ht of the #lorious #ospel of Christ. who is the ima#e of od. should shine unto them,6 77 9 Cor <8< 64rofessin# themsel-es to !e wise. they !e"ame fools.6 77 Rom )899

6They are of those that re!el a#ainst the li#ht: they $now not the ways thereof. nor a!ide in the paths thereof,6 77 &o! 9<8); 6Therefore also said the wisdom of od. I will send them prophets and apostles. and some of them they shall slay and perse"ute86 77 0u$e ))8<* 6But they mo"$ed the messen#ers of od. and despised his words. and misused his prophets. until the wrath of the 0OR1 arose a#ainst his people. till there was no remedy,6 77 9 Chr ;>8)> 6From the !lood of A!el unto the !lood of Ha"harias. whi"h perished !etween the altar and the temple8 -erily I say unto you. It shall !e reDuired of this


77 0u$e ))8+)

6Then shall they "ry unto the 0OR1. !ut he will not hear them8 he will e-en hide his fa"e from them at that time. as they ha-e !eha-ed themsel-es ill in their doin#s,6 77 Mi"ah ;8< 6Therefore ni#ht shall !e unto you. that ye shall not ha-e a -ision: and it shall !e dar$ unto you. that ye shall not di-ine: and the sun shall #o down o-er the prophets. and the day shall !e dar$ o-er them,6 77 Mi"ah ;8> 6Then shall the seers !e ashamed. and the di-iners "onfounded8 yea. they shall all "o-er their lips: for there is no answer of od,6 77 Mi"ah ;8= 6But truly I am full of power !y the spirit of the 0OR1. and of ?ud#ment. and of mi#ht. to de"lare unto &a"o! his trans#ression. and to Israel his sin,6 77 Mi"ah ;8A 6For we $now in part. and we prophesy in part,6 77 ) Cor );8*

6But when that whi"h is perfe"t is "ome. then that whi"h is in part shall !e done away,6 77 ) Cor );8)B 6When I was a "hild. I spa$e as a "hild. I understood as a "hild. I thou#ht as a "hild8 !ut when I !e"ame a man. I put away "hildish thin#s,6 77 ) Cor );8)) 6For now we see throu#h a #lass. dar$ly: !ut then fa"e to fa"e8 now I $now in part: !ut then shall I $now e-en as also I am $nown,6 77 ) Cor );8)9 6Behold. what manner of lo-e the Father hath !estowed upon us. that we should !e "alled the sons of od8 therefore the world $noweth us not. !e"ause it $new him not,6 77 ) &ohn ;8) 6Belo-ed. now are we the sons of od. and it doth not yet appear what we shall !e8 !ut we $now that. when he shall appear. we shall !e li$e him: for we shall see him as he is,6 77 ) &ohn ;89 6But we all. with open fa"e !eholdin# as in a #lass the #lory of the 0ord. are "han#ed into the same ima#e from #lory to #lory. e-en as !y the 2pirit

of the 0ord,6

77 9 Cor ;8)A

6To an inheritan"e in"orrupti!le. and undefiled. and that fadeth not away. reser-ed in hea-en for you.6 77 ) 4et )8< 6Who are $ept !y the power of !e re-ealed in the last time,6 od throu#h faith unto sal-ation ready to 77 ) 4et )8+

6Of whi"h sal-ation the prophets ha-e inDuired and sear"hed dili#ently. who prophesied of the #ra"e that should "ome unto you86 77 ) 4et )8)B 6Cnto whom it was re-ealed. that not unto themsel-es. !ut unto us they did minister the thin#s. whi"h are now reported unto you !y them that ha-e prea"hed the #ospel unto you with the @oly host sent down from hea-en: whi"h thin#s the an#els desire to loo$ into,6 77 ) 4et )8)9 6For there is nothin# hid. whi"h shall not !e manifested: neither was any thin# $ept se"ret. !ut that it should "ome a!road,6 77 Mar$ <899 6Then &esus said unto them. Ta$e heed and !eware of the lea-en of the 4harisees and of the 2addu"ees,6 77 Mat )>8> 6But #o rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel,6 77 Mat )B8>

6And as ye #o. prea"h. sayin#. The $in#dom of hea-en is at hand,6 77 Mat )B8= 6And into whatsoe-er "ity or town ye shall enter. inDuire who in it is worthy: and there a!ide till ye #o then"e,6 77 Mat )B8)) 6And when ye "ome into an house. salute it,6 77 Mat )B8)9

6And if the house !e worthy. let your pea"e "ome upon it8 !ut if it !e not worthy. let your pea"e return to you,6 77 Mat )B8); 6And whosoe-er shall not re"ei-e you. nor hear your words. when ye depart out of that house or "ity. sha$e off the dust of your feet,6 77 Mat )B8)< 6Gerily I say unto you. It shall !e more tolera!le for the land of 2odom and omorrha in the day of ?ud#ment. than for that "ity,6 77 Mat )B8)+ 6Behold. I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wol-es8 !e ye therefore

wise as serpents. and harmless as do-es,6

77 Mat )B8)>

6But when they deli-er you up. ta$e no thou#ht how or what ye shall spea$8 for it shall !e #i-en you in that same hour what ye shall spea$,6 77 Mat )B8)* 6For it is not ye that spea$. !ut the 2pirit of your Father whi"h spea$eth in you,6 77 Mat )B89B 6Fear them not therefore8 for there is nothin# "o-ered. that shall not !e re-ealed: and hid. that shall not !e $nown,6 77 Mat )B89> 6What I tell you in dar$ness. that spea$ ye in li#ht8 and what ye hear in the ear. that prea"h ye upon the housetops,6 77 Mat )B89= 6And fear not them whi"h $ill the !ody. !ut are not a!le to $ill the soul8 !ut rather fear him whi"h is a!le to destroy !oth soul and !ody in hell,6 77 Mat )B89A 6I $now that. whatsoe-er od doeth. it shall !e for e-er8 nothin# "an !e put to it. nor any thin# ta$en from it8 and od doeth it. that men should fear !efore him,6 77 E""l ;8)< 6Whosoe-er therefore shall "onfess me !efore men. him will I "onfess also !efore my Father whi"h is in hea-en,6 77 Mat )B8;9 6But whosoe-er shall deny me !efore men. him will I also deny !efore my Father whi"h is in hea-en,6 77 Mat )B8;; 6Thin$ not that I am "ome to send pea"e on earth8 I "ame not to send pea"e. !ut a sword,6 77 Mat )B8;< 6For I am "ome to set a man at -arian"e a#ainst his father. and the dau#hter a#ainst her mother. and the dau#hter in law a#ainst her mother in law,6 77 Mat )B8;+ 6And a man/s foes shall !e they of his own household,6 77 Mat )B8;>

6@e that lo-eth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me8 and he that lo-eth son or dau#hter more than me is not worthy of me,6 77 Mat )B8;=

6And he that ta$eth not his "ross. and followeth after me. is not worthy of me,6 77 Mat )B8;A 6But woe unto you. s"ri!es and 4harisees. hypo"ritesE for ye shut up the $in#dom of hea-en a#ainst men8 for ye neither #o in yoursel-es. neither suffer ye them that are enterin# to #o in,6 77 Mat 9;8); 6Woe unto you. s"ri!es and 4harisees. hypo"ritesE for ye de-our widows/ houses. and for a preten"e ma$e lon# prayer8 therefore ye shall re"ei-e the #reater damnation,6 77 Mat 9;8)< 6Woe unto you. lawyersE for ye ha-e ta$en away the $ey of $nowled#e8 ye entered not in yoursel-es. and them that were enterin# in ye hindered,6 77 0u$e ))8+9 6And he said. Woe unto you also. ye lawyersE for ye lade men with !urdens #rie-ous to !e !orne. and ye yoursel-es tou"h not the !urdens with one of your fin#ers,6 77 0u$e ))8<> 6Woe !e unto the pastors that destroy and s"atter the sheep of my pastureE saith the 0OR1,6 77 &er 9;8) 6And now. O ye priests. this "ommandment is for you,6 77 Mal 98)

6If ye will not hear. and if ye will not lay it to heart. to #i-e #lory unto my name. saith the 0OR1 of hosts. I will e-en send a "urse upon you. and I will "urse your !lessin#s8 yea. I ha-e "ursed them already. !e"ause ye do not lay it to heart,6 77 Mal 989 6For the priest/s lips should $eep $nowled#e. and they should see$ the law at his mouth8 for he is the messen#er of the 0OR1 of hosts,6 77 Mal 98= 6But ye are departed out of the way: ye ha-e "aused many to stum!le at the law: ye ha-e "orrupted the "o-enant of 0e-i. saith the 0OR1 of hosts,6 77 Mal 98A 65e hypo"rites. well did Esaias prophesy of you. sayin#.6 77 Mat )+8=

6This people draweth ni#h unto me with their mouth. and honoureth me with their lips: !ut their heart is far from me,6 77 Mat )+8A

62o are the paths of all that for#et shall perish86 77 &o! A8);

od: and the hypo"rite/s hope

6But in -ain they do worship me. tea"hin# for do"trines the "ommandments of men,6 77 Mat )+8* 6That the sayin# of Esaias the prophet mi#ht !e fulfilled. whi"h he spa$e. 0ord. who hath !elie-ed our reportF and to whom hath the arm of the 0ord !een re-ealedF6 77 &ohn )98;A 6@e that hath ears to hear. let him hear,6 77 Mat ))8)+

6@e answered and said unto them. When it is e-enin#. ye say. It will !e fair weather8 for the s$y is red,6 77 Mat )>89 6And in the mornin#. It will !e foul weather to day8 for the s$y is red and lowerin#, O ye hypo"rites. ye "an dis"ern the fa"e of the s$y: !ut "an ye not dis"ern the si#ns of the timesF6 77 Mat )>8; 65ea. the stor$ in the hea-en $noweth her appointed times: and the turtle and the "rane and the swallow o!ser-e the time of their "omin#: !ut my people $now not the ?ud#ment of the 0OR1,6 77 &er A8= 6I said in mine heart. od shall ?ud#e the ri#hteous and the wi"$ed8 for there is a time there for e-ery purpose and for e-ery wor$,6 77 E""l ;8)= 6A time to rend. and a time to sew: a time to $eep silen"e. and a time to spea$:6 77 E""l ;8= 6To e-ery thin# there is a season. and a time to e-ery purpose under the hea-en86 77 E""l ;8) 6Be ye therefore ready also8 for the 2on of man "ometh at an hour when ye thin$ not,6 77 0u$e )98<B 6And he said unto his dis"iples. Therefore I say unto you. Ta$e no thou#ht for your life. what ye shall eat: neither for the !ody. what ye shall put on,6 77 0u$e )9899

6And see$ not ye what ye shall eat. or what ye shall drin$. neither !e ye of dou!tful mind,6 77 0u$e )989* 6For all these thin#s do the nations of the world see$ after8 and your Father $noweth that ye ha-e need of these thin#s,6 77 0u$e )98;B 6But rather see$ ye the $in#dom of added unto you,6 77 0u$e )98;) od: and all these thin#s shall !e

6If any man ha-e ears to hear. let him hear,6

77 Mar$ <89;

6And he said also to the people. When ye see a "loud rise out of the west. strai#htway ye say. There "ometh a shower: and so it is,6 77 0u$e )98+< 6And when ye see the south wind !low. ye say. There will !e heat: and it "ometh to pass,6 77 0u$e )98++ 65e hypo"rites. ye "an dis"ern the fa"e of the s$y and of the earth: !ut how is it that ye do not dis"ern this timeF6 77 0u$e )98+> 6O 0OR1. how lon# shall I "ry. and thou wilt not hearE e-en "ry out unto thee of -iolen"e. and thou wilt not sa-eE6 77 @a! )89 6Why dost thou show me iniDuity. and "ause me to !ehold #rie-an"eF for spoilin# and -iolen"e are !efore me8 and there are that raise up strife and "ontention,6 77 @a! )8; 6Therefore the law is sla"$ed. and ?ud#ment doth ne-er #o forth8 for the wi"$ed doth "ompass a!out the ri#hteous: therefore wron# ?ud#ment pro"eedeth,6 77 @a! )8< 6For amon# my people are found wi"$ed men8 they lay wait. as he that setteth snares: they set a trap. they "at"h men,6 77 &er +89> 6As a "a#e is full of !irds. so are their houses full of de"eit8 therefore they are !e"ome #reat. and wa3en ri"h,6 77 &er +89= 6They are wa3en fat. they shine8 yea. they o-erpass the deeds of the wi"$ed8 they ?ud#e not the "ause. the "ause of the fatherless. yet they prosper: and

the ri#ht of the needy do they not ?ud#e,6

77 &er +89A

62hall I not -isit for these thin#sF saith the 0OR18 shall not my soul !e a-en#ed on su"h a nation as thisF6 77 &er +89* 6For when I shall ha-e !rou#ht them into the land whi"h I sware unto their fathers. that floweth with mil$ and honey: and they shall ha-e eaten and filled themsel-es. and wa3en fat: then will they turn unto other #ods. and ser-e them. and pro-o$e me. and !rea$ my "o-enant,6 77 1eu ;)89B 6The earth also is defiled under the inha!itants thereof: !e"ause they ha-e trans#ressed the laws. "han#ed the ordinan"e. !ro$en the e-erlastin# "o-enant,6 77 Isa 9<8+ 6Therefore hath the "urse de-oured the earth. and they that dwell therein are desolate8 therefore the inha!itants of the earth are !urned. and few men left,6 77 Isa 9<8> 6They ha-e !elied the 0OR1. and said. It is not he: neither shall e-il "ome upon us: neither shall we see sword nor famine86 77 &er +8)9 6Notwithstandin# the land shall !e desolate !e"ause of them that dwell therein. for the fruit of their doin#s,6 77 Mi"ah =8); 6And the 0OR1 said unto Moses. Behold. thou shalt sleep with thy fathers: and this people will rise up. and #o a whorin# after the #ods of the stran#ers of the land. whither they #o to !e amon# them. and will forsa$e me. and !rea$ my "o-enant whi"h I ha-e made with them,6 77 1eu ;)8)> 6Then my an#er shall !e $indled a#ainst them in that day. and I will forsa$e them. and I will hide my fa"e from them. and they shall !e de-oured. and many e-ils and trou!les shall !efall them: so that they will say in that day. Are not these e-ils "ome upon us. !e"ause our od is not amon# usF6 77 1eu ;)8)= 6And I will surely hide my fa"e in that day for all the e-ils whi"h they shall ha-e wrou#ht. in that they are turned unto other #ods,6 77 1eu ;)8)A

6For I $now that after my death ye will utterly "orrupt yoursel-es. and turn aside from the way whi"h I ha-e "ommanded you: and e-il will !efall you in the latter days: !e"ause ye will do e-il in the si#ht of the 0OR1. to pro-o$e him to an#er throu#h the wor$ of your hands,6 77 1eu ;)89* 6And the prophets shall !e"ome wind. and the word is not in them8 thus shall it !e done unto them,6 77 &er +8); 6Behold. the 0OR1/2 hand is not shortened. that it "annot sa-e: neither his ear hea-y. that it "annot hear86 77 Isa +*8) 6But your iniDuities ha-e separated !etween you and your od. and your sins ha-e hid his fa"e from you. that he will not hear,6 77 Isa +*89 6None "alleth for ?usti"e. nor any pleadeth for truth8 they trust in -anity. and spea$ lies: they "on"ei-e mis"hief. and !rin# forth iniDuity,6 77 Isa +*8< 6Their feet run to e-il. and they ma$e haste to shed inno"ent !lood8 their thou#hts are thou#hts of iniDuity: wastin# and destru"tion are in their paths,6 77 Isa +*8= 6The way of pea"e they $now not: and there is no ?ud#ment in their #oin#s8 they ha-e made them "roo$ed paths8 whosoe-er #oeth therein shall not $now pea"e,6 77 Isa +*8A 6Therefore is ?ud#ment far from us. neither doth ?usti"e o-erta$e us8 we wait for li#ht. !ut !ehold o!s"urity: for !ri#htness. !ut we wal$ in dar$ness,6 77 Isa +*8* 6And ?ud#ment is turned away !a"$ward. and ?usti"e standeth afar off8 for truth is fallen in the street. and eDuity "annot enter,6 77 Isa +*8)< 65ea. truth faileth: and he that departeth from e-il ma$eth himself a prey8 and the 0OR1 saw it. and it displeased him that there was no ?ud#ment,6 77 Isa +*8)+ 6The people of the land ha-e used oppression. and e3er"ised ro!!ery. and ha-e -e3ed the poor and needy8 yea. they ha-e oppressed the stran#er

wron#fully,6 77 E'e$ 9989* 6Thou hast not #i-en water to the weary to drin$. and thou hast withholden !read from the hun#ry,6 77 &o! 998= 6To turn aside the needy from ?ud#ment. and to ta$e away the ri#ht from the poor of my people. that widows may !e their prey. and that they may ro! the fatherlessE6 77 Isa )B89 6What mean ye that ye !eat my people to pie"es. and #rind the fa"es of the poorF saith the 0ord O1 of hosts,6 77 Isa ;8)+ 6It is time for thee. 0OR1. to wor$8 for they ha-e made -oid thy law,6 77 4sa ))*8)9> 6And what will ye do in the day of -isitation. and in the desolation whi"h shall "ome from farF to whom will ye flee for helpF and where will ye lea-e your #loryF6 77 Isa )B8; 6@e shall ?ud#e the poor of the people. he shall sa-e the "hildren of the needy. and shall !rea$ in pie"es the oppressor,6 77 4sa =98< 6The 0OR1 will enter into ?ud#ment with the an"ients of his people. and the prin"es thereof8 for ye ha-e eaten up the -ineyard: the spoil of the poor is in your houses,6 77 Isa ;8)< 6Therefore ha-e I poured out mine indi#nation upon them: I ha-e "onsumed them with the fire of my wrath8 their own way ha-e I re"ompensed upon their heads. saith the 0ord O1,6 77 E'e$ 998;) 6Behold ye amon# the heathen. and re#ard. and wonder mar-ellously8 for I will wor$ a wor$ in your days. whi"h ye will not !elie-e. thou#h it !e told you,6 77 @a! )8+ 6For the day of the 0OR1 is near upon all the heathen8 as thou hast done. it shall !e done unto thee8 thy reward shall return upon thine own head,6 77 O!a )8)+ 6Beware therefore. lest that "ome upon you. whi"h is spo$en of in the


77 A"ts );8<B

6Behold. ye despisers. and wonder. and perish8 for I wor$ a wor$ in your days. a wor$ whi"h ye shall in no wise !elie-e. thou#h a man de"lare it unto you,6 77 A"ts );8<) 6Consider the wor$ of od8 for who "an ma$e that strai#ht. whi"h he hath made "roo$edF6 77 E""l =8); 6And who. as I. shall "all. and shall de"lare it. and set it in order for me. sin"e I appointed the an"ient peopleF and the thin#s that are "omin#. and shall "ome. let them show unto them,6 77 Isa <<8= 60et them !rin# them forth. and show us what shall happen8 let them show the former thin#s. what they !e. that we may "onsider them. and $now the latter end of them: or de"lare us thin#s for to "ome,6 77 Isa <)899 6Also I heard the -oi"e of the 0ord. sayin#. Whom shall I send. and who will #o for usF Then said I. @ere am I: send me,6 77 Isa >8A 6And he said. o. and tell this people. @ear ye indeed. !ut understand not: and see ye indeed. !ut per"ei-e not,6 77 Isa >8* 6Meditate upon these thin#s: #i-e thyself wholly to them: that thy profitin# may appear to all,6 77 ) Tim <8)+ 6Ta$e heed unto thyself. and unto the do"trine: "ontinue in them8 for in doin# this thou shalt !oth sa-e thyself. and them that hear thee,6 77 ) Tim <8)> 6Behold. I will do a new thin#: now it shall sprin# forth: shall ye not $now itF I will e-en ma$e a way in the wilderness. and ri-ers in the desert,6 77 Isa <;8)* 6I will tea"h you !y the hand of will I not "on"eal,6 77 &o! 9=8)) od8 that whi"h is with the Almi#hty

6And I will deli-er thee out of the hand of the wi"$ed. and I will redeem thee out of the hand of the terri!le,6 77 &er )+89)

6Woe to the multitude of many people. whi"h ma$e a noise li$e the noise of the seas: and to the rushin# of nations. that ma$e a rushin# li$e the rushin# of mi#hty watersE6 77 Isa )=8)9 6The nations shall rush li$e the rushin# of many waters8 !ut od shall re!u$e them. and they shall flee far off. and shall !e "hased as the "haff of the mountains !efore the wind. and li$e a rollin# thin# !efore the whirlwind,6 77 Isa )=8); 6And !ehold at e-enin#tide trou!le: and !efore the mornin# he is not, This is the portion of them that spoil us. and the lot of them that ro! us,6 77 Isa )=8)< 62o shall they fear the name of the 0OR1 from the west. and his #lory from the risin# of the sun, When the enemy shall "ome in li$e a flood. the 2pirit of the 0OR1 shall lift up a standard a#ainst him,6 77 Isa +*8)* 6And the Redeemer shall "ome to Hion. and unto them that turn from trans#ression in &a"o!. saith the 0OR1,6 77 Isa +*89B 6And it shall "ome to pass. that from one new moon to another. and from one sa!!ath to another. shall all flesh "ome to worship !efore me. saith the 0OR1,6 77 Isa >>89; 6At that day shall a man loo$ to his Ma$er. and his eyes shall ha-e respe"t to the @oly One of Israel,6 77 Isa )=8= 6After this I loo$ed. and. !ehold. a door was opened in hea-en8 and the first -oi"e whi"h I heard was as it were of a trumpet tal$in# with me: whi"h said. Come up hither. and I will show thee thin#s whi"h must !e hereafter,6 77 Re- <8) 6I $now thy wor$s. and thy la!our. and thy patien"e. and how thou "anst not !ear them whi"h are e-il8 and thou hast tried them whi"h say they are apostles. and are not. and hast found them liars86 77 Re- 989 6And hast !orne. and hast patien"e. and for my name/s sa$e hast la!oured. and hast not fainted,6 77 Re- 98;

6I $now thy wor$s8 !ehold. I ha-e set !efore thee an open door. and no man "an shut it8 for thou hast a little stren#th. and hast $ept my word. and hast not denied my name,6 77 Re- ;8A 6Be"ause thou hast $ept the word of my patien"e. I also will $eep thee from the hour of temptation. whi"h shall "ome upon all the world. to try them that dwell upon the earth,6 77 Re- ;8)B 6And he that o-er"ometh. and $eepeth my wor$s unto the end. to him will I #i-e power o-er the nations86 77 Re- 989> 6And he shall rule them with a rod of iron: as the -essels of a potter shall they !e !ro$en to shi-ers8 e-en as I re"ei-ed of my Father,6 77 Re989= 6And I will #i-e him the mornin# star,6 77 Re- 989A

6For a #reat door and effe"tual is opened unto me. and there are many ad-ersaries,6 77 ) Cor )>8* 6Open to me the #ates of ri#hteousness8 I will #o into them. and I will praise the 0OR186 77 4sa ))A8)* 6This #ate of the 0OR1. into whi"h the ri#hteous shall enter,6 4sa ))A89B 6I will praise thee8 for thou hast heard me. and art !e"ome my sal-ation,6 77 4sa ))A89) 6The stone whi"h the !uilders refused is !e"ome the head stone of the "orner,6 77 4sa ))A899 6This is the 0OR1/2 doin#: it is mar-ellous in our eyes,6 ))A89; 77 4sa 77

6Open ye the #ates. that the ri#hteous nation whi"h $eepeth the truth may enter in,6 77 Isa 9>89 6 o throu#h. #o throu#h the #ates: prepare ye the way of the people: "ast up. "ast up the hi#hway: #ather out the stones: lift up a standard for the people,6 77 Isa >98)B

6Behold. the 0OR1 hath pro"laimed unto the end of the world. 2ay ye to the dau#hter of Hion. Behold. thy sal-ation "ometh: !ehold. his reward is with him. and his wor$ !efore him,6 77 Isa >98)) 6And they shall "all them. The holy people. The redeemed of the 0OR18 and thou shalt !e "alled. 2ou#ht out. A "ity not forsa$en,6 77 Isa >98)9 6&esus saith unto him. I am the way. the truth. and the life8 no man "ometh unto the Father. !ut !y me,6 77 &ohn )<8> 6Gerily. -erily. I say unto you. @e that entereth not !y the door into the sheepfold. !ut "lim!eth up some other way. the same is a thief and a ro!!er,6 77 &ohn )B8) 6But he that entereth in !y the door is the shepherd of the sheep,6 77 &ohn )B89 6To him the porter openeth: and the sheep hear his -oi"e8 and he "alleth his own sheep !y name. and leadeth them out,6 77 &ohn )B8; 6And when he putteth forth his own sheep. he #oeth !efore them. and the sheep follow him8 for they $now his -oi"e,6 77 &ohn )B8< 6Then said &esus unto them a#ain. Gerily. -erily. I say unto you. I am the door of the sheep,6 77 &ohn )B8= 6I am the door8 !y me if any man enter in. he shall !e sa-ed. and shall #o in and out. and find pasture,6 77 &ohn )B8* 6And immediately I was in the spirit: and. !ehold. a throne was set in hea-en. and one sat on the throne,6 77 Re- <89 6And he that sat was to loo$ upon li$e a ?asper and a sardine stone8 and there was a rain!ow round a!out the throne. in si#ht li$e unto an emerald,6 77 Re- <8; 6And round a!out the throne were four and twenty seats8 and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sittin#. "lothed in white raiment: and they had on their heads "rowns of #old,6 77 Re- <8<

6And !efore the throne there was a sea of #lass li$e unto "rystal8 and in the midst of the throne. and round a!out the throne. were four !easts full of eyes !efore and !ehind,6 77 Re- <8> 6And out of the throne pro"eeded li#htnin#s and thunderin#s and -oi"es8 and there were se-en lamps of fire !urnin# !efore the throne. whi"h are the se-en 2pirits of od,6 77 Re- <8+ 6And I saw in the ri#ht hand of him that sat on the throne a !oo$ written within and on the !a"$side. sealed with se-en seals,6 77 Re- +8) 6And I saw a stron# an#el pro"laimin# with a loud -oi"e. Who is worthy to open the !oo$. and to loose the seals thereofF6 77 Re- +89 6And no man in hea-en. nor in earth. neither under the earth. was a!le to open the !oo$. neither to loo$ thereon,6 77 Re- +8; 6And I wept mu"h. !e"ause no man was found worthy to open and to read the !oo$. neither to loo$ thereon,6 77 Re- +8< 6And one of the elders saith unto me. Weep not8 !ehold. the 0ion of the tri!e of &uda. the Root of 1a-id. hath pre-ailed to open the !oo$. and to loose the se-en seals thereof,6 77 Re- +8+ 6And the -ision of all is !e"ome unto you as the words of a !oo$ that is sealed. whi"h men deli-er to one that is learned. sayin#. Read this. I pray thee8 and he saith. I "annot: for it is sealed86 77 Isa 9*8)) 6They ha-e not $nown nor understood8 for he hath shut their eyes. that they "annot see: and their hearts. that they "annot understand,6 77 Isa <<8)A 6@a-in# the understandin# dar$ened. !ein# alienated from the life of od throu#h the i#noran"e that is in them. !e"ause of the !lindness of their heart86 77 Eph <8)A 6And the !oo$ is deli-ered to him that is not learned. sayin#. Read this. I

pray thee8 and he saith. I am not learned,6

77 Isa 9*8)9

6Wherefore the 0ord said. Forasmu"h as this people draw near me with their mouth. and with their lips do honour me. !ut ha-e remo-ed their heart far from me. and their fear toward me is tau#ht !y the pre"ept of men86 77 Isa 9*8); 6Therefore. !ehold. I will pro"eed to do a mar-ellous wor$ amon# this people. e-en a mar-ellous wor$ and a wonder8 for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish. and the understandin# of their prudent men shall !e hid,6 77 Isa 9*8)< 6And when I loo$ed. !ehold. an hand was sent unto me: and. lo. a roll of a !oo$ was therein:6 77 E'e$ 98* 6And he spread it !efore me: and it was written within and without8 and there was written therein lamentations. and mournin#. and woe,6 77 E'e$ 98)B 6And he "ame and too$ the !oo$ out of the ri#ht hand of him that sat upon the throne,6 77 Re- +8= 6And when he had ta$en the !oo$. the four !easts and four and twenty elders fell down !efore the 0am!. ha-in# e-ery one of them harps. and #olden -ials full of odours. whi"h are the prayers of saints,6 77 Re- +8A 6And I !eheld. and I heard the -oi"e of many an#els round a!out the throne and the !easts and the elders8 and the num!er of them was ten thousand times ten thousand. and thousands of thousands:6 77 Re- +8)) 62ayin# with a loud -oi"e. Worthy is the 0am! that was slain to re"ei-e power. and ri"hes. and wisdom. and stren#th. and honour. and #lory. and !lessin#,6 77 Re- +8)9 6And e-ery "reature whi"h is in hea-en. and on the earth. and under the earth. and su"h as are in the sea. and all that are in them. heard I sayin#. Blessin#. and honour. and #lory. and power. !e unto him that sitteth upon the throne. and unto the 0am! for e-er and e-er,6 77 Re- +8);

6Thou art worthy. O 0ord. to re"ei-e #lory and honour and power8 for thou hast "reated all thin#s. and for thy pleasure they are and were "reated,6 77 Re- <8)) 6After this I !eheld. and. lo. a #reat multitude. whi"h no man "ould num!er. of all nations. and $indreds. and people. and ton#ues. stood !efore the throne. and !efore the 0am!. "lothed with white ro!es. and palms in their hands:6 77 Re- =8* 6And "ried with a loud -oi"e. sayin#. 2al-ation to our sitteth upon the throne. and unto the 0am!,6 77 Re- =8)B od whi"h

6And all the an#els stood round a!out the throne. and a!out the elders and the four !easts. and fell !efore the throne on their fa"es. and worshipped od.6 77 Re- =8)) 62ayin#. Amen8 Blessin#. and #lory. and wisdom. and than$s#i-in#. and honour. and power. and mi#ht. !e unto our od for e-er and e-er, Amen,6 77 Re- =8)9 6And they sun# a new son#. sayin#. Thou art worthy to ta$e the !oo$. and to open the seals thereof8 for thou wast slain. and hast redeemed us to od !y thy !lood out of e-ery $indred. and ton#ue. and people. and nation:6 77 Re- +8* 6And hast made us unto our the earth,6 77 Re- +8)B od $in#s and priests8 and we shall rei#n on

6Then the word of the 0OR1 "ame unto me. sayin#.6

77 &er )8<

6Before I formed thee in the !elly I $new thee: and !efore thou "amest forth out of the wom! I san"tified thee. and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations,6 77 &er )8+ 6To open their eyes. and to turn them from dar$ness to li#ht. and from the power of 2atan unto od. that they may re"ei-e for#i-eness of sins. and inheritan"e amon# them whi"h are san"tified !y faith that is in me,6 77 A"ts 9>8)A 6Then said I. Ah. 0ord 77 &er )8> O1E !ehold. I "annot spea$8 for I am a "hild,6

6But the 0OR1 said unto me. 2ay not. I am a "hild8 for thou shalt #o to all that I shall send thee. and whatsoe-er I "ommand thee thou shalt spea$,6 77 &er )8= 6Be not afraid of their fa"es8 for I am with thee to deli-er thee. saith the 0OR1,6 77 &er )8A 6Then the 0OR1 put forth his hand. and tou"hed my mouth, And the 0OR1 said unto me. Behold. I ha-e put my words in thy mouth,6 77 &er )8* 62ee. I ha-e this day set thee o-er the nations and o-er the $in#doms. to root out. and to pull down. and to destroy. and to throw down. to !uild. and to plant,6 77 &er )8)B 6Then thou spa$est in -ision to thy holy one. and saidst. I ha-e laid help upon one that is mi#hty: I ha-e e3alted one "hosen out of the people,6 77 4sa A*8)* 6As for me. this is my "o-enant with them. saith the 0OR1: My spirit that is upon thee. and my words whi"h I ha-e put in thy mouth. shall not depart out of thy mouth. nor out of the mouth of thy seed. nor out of the mouth of thy seed/s seed. saith the 0OR1. from hen"eforth and for e-er,6 77 Isa +*89) 6But the word is -ery ni#h unto thee. in thy mouth. and in thy heart. that thou mayest do it,6 77 1eu ;B8)< 6For Hion/s sa$e will I not hold my pea"e. and for &erusalem/s sa$e I will not rest. until the ri#hteousness thereof #o forth as !ri#htness. and the sal-ation thereof as a lamp that !urneth,6 77 Isa >98) 6And the entiles shall see thy ri#hteousness. and all $in#s thy #lory8 and thou shalt !e "alled !y a new name. whi"h the mouth of the 0OR1 shall name,6 77 Isa >989 6Thou shalt also !e a "rown of #lory in the hand of the 0OR1. and a royal diadem in the hand of thy od,6 77 Isa >98;

6And he hath put a new son# in my mouth. e-en praise unto our od8 many shall see it. and fear. and shall trust in the 0OR1,6 77 4sa <B8; 6Blessed is that man that ma$eth the 0OR1 his trust. and respe"teth not the proud. nor su"h as turn aside to lies,6 77 4sa <B8< 6O sin# unto the 0OR1 a new son#8 sin# unto the 0OR1. all the earth,6 77 4sa *>8) 62in# unto the 0OR1. !less his name: show forth his sal-ation from day to day,6 77 4sa *>89 6Wilt thou not re-i-e us a#ain8 that thy people may re?oi"e in theeF6 77 4sa A+8> 62how us thy mer"y. O 0OR1. and #rant us thy sal-ation,6 77 4sa A+8=

6I will hear what od the 0OR1 will spea$8 for he will spea$ pea"e unto his people. and to his saints8 !ut let them not turn a#ain to folly,6 77 4sa A+8A 62urely his sal-ation is ni#h them that fear him: that #lory may dwell in our land,6 77 4sa A+8* 6Then said he unto them. Therefore e-ery s"ri!e whi"h is instru"ted unto the $in#dom of hea-en is li$e unto a man that is an householder. whi"h !rin#eth forth out of his treasure thin#s new and old,6 77 Mat );8+9 6For it is pleasure,6 od whi"h wor$eth in you !oth to will and to do of his #ood 77 4hil 98);

6And the man said unto me. 2on of man. !ehold with thine eyes. and hear with thine ears. and set thine heart upon all that I shall show thee: for to the intent that I mi#ht show them unto thee art thou !rou#ht hither8 de"lare all that thou seest to the house of Israel,6 77 E'e$ <B8< 6And he that sat upon the throne said. Behold. I ma$e all thin#s new, And he said unto me. Write8 for these words are true and faithful,6 77 Re9)8+ 6And I heard a #reat -oi"e out of hea-en sayin#. Behold. the ta!erna"le of od is with men. and he will dwell with them. and they shall !e his people.

and od himself shall !e with them. and !e their


77 Re- 9)8;

6And od shall wipe away all tears from their eyes: and there shall !e no more death. neither sorrow. nor "ryin#. neither shall there !e any more pain8 for the former thin#s are passed away,6 77 Re- 9)8< 6And he said unto me. It is done, I am Alpha and Ome#a. the !e#innin# and the end, I will #i-e unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely,6 77 Re- 9)8> 6@e that hath an ear. let him hear what the 2pirit saith unto the "hur"hes: To him that o-er"ometh will I #i-e to eat of the tree of life. whi"h is in the midst of the paradise of od,6 77 Re- 98= 6And when I saw him. I fell at his feet as dead, And he laid his ri#ht hand upon me. sayin# unto me. Fear not: I am the first and the last86 77 Re)8)= 6And the 0OR1 answered me. and said. Write the -ision. and ma$e it plain upon ta!les. that he may run that readeth it,6 77 @a! 989 6Write the thin#s whi"h thou hast seen. and the thin#s whi"h are. and the thin#s whi"h shall !e hereafter:6 77 Re- )8)* 6For the -ision is yet for an appointed time. !ut at the end it shall spea$. and not lie8 thou#h it tarry. wait for it: !e"ause it will surely "ome. it will not tarry,6 77 @a! 98; 6And the word of the 0OR1 "ame unto me. sayin#.6 77 E'e$ )989)

62on of man. what is that pro-er! that ye ha-e in the land of Israel. sayin#. The days are prolon#ed. and e-ery -ision failethF6 77 E'e$ )9899 62on of man. !ehold. they of the house of Israel say. The -ision that he seeth is for many days to "ome. and he prophesieth of the times that are far off,6 77 E'e$ )989= 6Tell them therefore. Thus saith the 0ord O1: I will ma$e this pro-er!

to "ease. and they shall no more use it as a pro-er! in Israel: !ut say unto them. The days are at hand. and the effe"t of e-ery -ision,6 77 E'e$ )989; 6Therefore say unto them. Thus saith the 0ord O1: There shall none of my words !e prolon#ed any more. !ut the word whi"h I ha-e spo$en shall !e done. saith the 0ord O1,6 77 E'e$ )989A 62o shall my word !e that #oeth forth out of my mouth8 it shall not return unto me -oid. !ut it shall a""omplish that whi"h I please. and it shall prosper in the thin# whereto I sent it,6 77 Isa ++8)) 6Who shall not fear thee. O 0ord. and #lorify thy nameF for thou only art holy8 for all nations shall "ome and worship !efore thee: for thy ?ud#ments are made manifest,6 77 Re- )+8< 6Then said the 0OR1 unto me. Thou hast well seen8 for I will hasten my word to perform it,6 77 &er )8)9 6Wherefore thus saith the 0OR1 od of hosts. Be"ause ye spea$ this word. !ehold. I will ma$e my words in thy mouth fire. and this people wood. and it shall de-our them,6 77 &er +8)< 6Now #o. write it !efore them in a ta!le. and note it in a !oo$. that it may !e for the time to "ome for e-er and e-er86 77 Isa ;B8A That at the name of &esus e-ery $nee should !ow. of thin#s in hea-en. and thin#s in earth. and thin#s under the earth: 774hil 98)B 6When the people are #athered to#ether. and the $in#doms. to ser-e the 0OR1,6 77 4sa )B9899 62o then e-ery one of us shall #i-e a""ount of himself to Rom )<8)9 od,6 77

6Remem!er the former thin#s of old8 for I am od. and there is none else: I am od. and there is none li$e me.6 77 Isa <>8* 61e"larin# the end from the !e#innin#. and from an"ient times the thin#s that

are not yet done. sayin#. My "ounsel shall stand. and I will do all my pleasure86 77 Isa <>8)B 6Known unto od are all his wor$s from the !e#innin# of the world,6 77 A"ts )+8)A 6I than$ thee. and praise thee. O thou od of my fathers. who hast #i-en me wisdom and mi#ht. and hast made $nown unto me now what we desired of thee8 for thou hast now made $nown unto us the $in#/s matter,6 77 1an 989; 6The se"ret thin#s !elon# unto the 0OR1 our od8 !ut those thin#s whi"h are re-ealed !elon# unto us and to our "hildren for e-er. that we may do all the words of this law,6 77 1eu 9*89* 6@e setteth an end to dar$ness. and sear"heth out all perfe"tion8 the stones of dar$ness. and the shadow of death,6 77 &o! 9A8; 6For there is nothin# "o-ered. that shall not !e re-ealed: neither hid. that shall not !e $nown,6 77 0u$e )989 6@e dis"o-ereth deep thin#s out of dar$ness. and !rin#eth out to li#ht the shadow of death,6 77 &o! )9899 6Therefore whatsoe-er ye ha-e spo$en in dar$ness shall !e heard in the li#ht: and that whi"h ye ha-e spo$en in the ear in "losets shall !e pro"laimed upon the housetops,6 77 0u$e )98; 6And there shall !e upon e-ery hi#h mountain. and upon e-ery hi#h hill. ri-ers and streams of waters in the day of the #reat slau#hter. when the towers fall,6 77 Isa ;B89+ 6Moreo-er the li#ht of the moon shall !e as the li#ht of the sun. and the li#ht of the sun shall !e se-enfold. as the li#ht of se-en days. in the day that the 0OR1 !indeth up the !rea"h of his people. and healeth the stro$e of their wound,6 77 Isa ;B89> 6Behold. the name of the 0OR1 "ometh from far. !urnin# with his an#er. and the !urden thereof is hea-y8 his lips are full of indi#nation. and his ton#ue as a

de-ourin# fire86

77 Isa ;B89=

6And his !reath. as an o-erflowin# stream. shall rea"h to the midst of the ne"$. to sift the nations with the sie-e of -anity8 and there shall !e a !ridle in the ?aws of the people. "ausin# them to err,6 77 Isa ;B89A 6And the 0OR1 shall "ause his #lorious -oi"e to !e heard. and shall show the li#htin# down of his arm. with the indi#nation of his an#er. and with the flame of a de-ourin# fire. with s"atterin#. and tempest. and hailstones,6 77 Isa ;B8;B 6For Tophet is ordained of old: yea. for the $in# it is prepared: he hath made it deep and lar#e8 the pile thereof is fire and mu"h wood: the !reath of the 0OR1. li$e a stream of !rimstone. doth $indle it,6 77 Isa ;B8;; 6For. !ehold. the day "ometh. that shall !urn as an o-en: and all the proud. yea. and all that do wi"$edly. shall !e stu!!le8 and the day that "ometh shall !urn them up. saith the 0OR1 of hosts. that it shall lea-e them neither root nor !ran"h,6 77 Mal <8) 6Be"ause thou hast spoiled many nations. all the remnant of the people shall spoil thee: !e"ause of men/s !lood. and for the -iolen"e of the land. of the "ity. and of all that dwell therein,6 77 @a! 98A 6The pride of thine heart hath de"ei-ed thee. thou that dwellest in the "lefts of the ro"$. whose ha!itation is hi#h: that saith in his heart. Who shall !rin# me down to the #roundF6 77 O!a )8; 6Thou#h thou e3alt thyself as the ea#le. and thou#h thou set thy nest amon# the stars. then"e will I !rin# thee down. saith the 0OR1,6 77 O!a )8< 6For thou hast said in thine heart. I will as"end into hea-en. I will e3alt my throne a!o-e the stars of od8 I will sit also upon the mount of the "on#re#ation. in the sides of the north86 77 Isa )<8); 6I will as"end a!o-e the hei#hts of the "louds: I will !e li$e the most @i#h,6 77 Isa )<8)<

6Knowest thou not this of old. sin"e man was pla"ed upon earth.6 &o! 9B8< 6That the triumphin# of the wi"$ed is short. and the ?oy of the hypo"rite !ut for a momentF6 77 &o! 9B8+


6Thou#h his e3"ellen"y mount up to the hea-ens. and his head rea"h unto the "louds:6 77 &o! 9B8> 6@e shall fly away as a dream. and shall not !e found8 yea. he shall !e "hased away as a -ision of the ni#ht,6 77 &o! 9B8A 6And many shall follow their perni"ious ways: !y reason of whom the way of truth shall !e e-il spo$en of,6 77 9 4et 989 60et them alone8 they !e !lind leaders of the !lind, And if the !lind lead the !lind. !oth shall fall into the dit"h,6 77 Mat )+8)< 6The paths of their way are turned aside: they #o to nothin#. and perish,6 77 &o! >8)A 6Behold. the day of the 0OR1 "ometh. "ruel !oth with wrath and fier"e an#er. to lay the land desolate8 and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it,6 77 Isa );8* 6@owl ye: for the day of the 0OR1 is at hand: it shall "ome as a destru"tion from the Almi#hty,6 77 Isa );8> 6And I will punish the world for their e-il. and the wi"$ed for their iniDuity: and I will "ause the arro#an"y of the proud to "ease. and will lay low the hau#htiness of the terri!le,6 77 Isa );8)) 6For the stars of hea-en and the "onstellations thereof shall not #i-e their li#ht8 the sun shall !e dar$ened in his #oin# forth. and the moon shall not "ause her li#ht to shine,6 77 Isa );8)B 6Therefore I will sha$e the hea-ens. and the earth shall remo-e out of her pla"e. in the wrath of the 0OR1 of hosts. and in the day of his fier"e an#er,6

77 Isa );8); 6But unto you that fear my name shall the 2un of ri#hteousness arise with healin# in his win#s: and ye shall #o forth. and #row up as "al-es of the stall,6 77 Mal <89 6And ye shall tread down the wi"$ed: for they shall !e ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this. saith the 0OR1 of hosts,6 77 Mal <8; 6Remem!er ye the law of Moses my ser-ant. whi"h I "ommanded unto him in @ore! for all Israel. with the statutes and ?ud#ments,6 77 Mal <8< 6Whoso is wise. and will o!ser-e these thin#s. e-en they shall understand the lo-in#$indness of the 0OR1,6 77 4sa )B=8<; 6Behold. I will send you Eli?ah the prophet !efore the "omin# of the #reat and dreadful day of the 0OR186 77 Mal <8+ 6And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the "hildren. and the heart of the "hildren to their fathers. lest I "ome and smite the earth with a "urse,6 77 Mal <8> 6Then said he unto me. This is the "urse that #oeth forth o-er the fa"e of the whole earth8 for e-ery one that stealeth shall !e "ut off as on this side a""ordin# to it: and e-ery one that sweareth shall !e "ut off as on that side a""ordin# to it,6 77 He" +8; 6I will !rin# it forth. saith the 0OR1 of hosts. and it shall enter into the house of the thief. and into the house of him that sweareth falsely !y my name8 and it shall remain in the midst of his house. and shall "onsume it with the tim!er thereof and the stones thereof,6 77 He" +8< 6And this shall !e the pla#ue wherewith the 0OR1 will smite all the people that ha-e fou#ht a#ainst &erusalem: Their flesh shall "onsume away while they stand upon their feet. and their eyes shall "onsume away in their holes. and their ton#ue shall "onsume away in their mouth,6 77 He" )<8)9

6And it shall "ome to pass in that day. that a #reat tumult from the 0OR1 shall !e amon# them: and they shall lay hold e-ery one on the hand of his nei#h!our. and his hand shall rise up a#ainst the hand of his nei#h!our,6 77 He" )<8); 6And &esus answered and said unto them. Elias truly shall first "ome. and restore all thin#s,6 77 Mat )=8)) 6And he shall #o !efore him in the spirit and power of Elias. to turn the hearts of the fathers to the "hildren. and the diso!edient to the wisdom of the ?ust: to ma$e ready a people prepared for the 0ord,6 77 0u$e )8)= 6Behold. I will send my messen#er. and he shall prepare the way !efore me8 and the 0ord. whom ye see$. shall suddenly "ome to his temple. e-en the messen#er of the "o-enant. whom ye deli#ht in8 !ehold. he shall "ome. saith the 0OR1 of hosts,6 77 Mal ;8) 6And many of the "hildren of Israel shall he turn to the 0ord their od,6 77 0u$e )8)> 6The 0OR1 loo$ed down from hea-en upon the "hildren of men. to see if there were any that did understand. and see$ od,6 77 4sa )<89 6Then they that feared the 0OR1 spa$e often one to another8 and the 0OR1 hear$ened. and heard it. and a !oo$ of remem!ran"e was written !efore him for them that feared the 0OR1. and that thou#ht upon his name,6 77 Mal ;8)> 60OR1. thou hast heard the desire of the hum!le8 thou wilt prepare their heart. thou wilt "ause thine ear to hear86 77 4sa )B8)= 6Thou hast #i-en a !anner to them that fear thee. that it may !e displayed !e"ause of the truth, 2elah,6 77 4sa >B8< 6The se"ret of the 0OR1 is with them that fear him: and he will show them his "o-enant,6 77 4sa 9+8)<

6The fear of the 0OR1 is the !e#innin# of wisdom8 and the $nowled#e of the holy is understandin#,6 77 4ro- *8)B 6The isles saw it. and feared: the ends of the earth were afraid. drew near. and "ame,6 77 Isa <)8+ 6Who hath wrou#ht and done it. "allin# the #enerations from the !e#innin#F I the 0OR1. the first. and with the last: I am he,6 77 Isa <)8< 6These thin#s ha-e I spo$en unto you. !ein# yet present with you,6 77 &ohn )<89+ 6But the Comforter. whi"h is the @oly host. whom the Father will send in my name. he shall tea"h you all thin#s. and !rin# all thin#s to your remem!ran"e. whatsoe-er I ha-e said unto you,6 77 &ohn )<89> 6And I will #i-e you pastors a""ordin# to mine heart. whi"h shall feed you with $nowled#e and understandin#,6 77 &er ;8)+ 6I ha-e set wat"hmen upon thy walls. O &erusalem. whi"h shall ne-er hold their pea"e day nor ni#ht8 ye that ma$e mention of the 0OR1. $eep not silen"e,6 77 Isa >98> 6And they shall tea"h my people the differen"e !etween the holy and profane. and "ause them to dis"ern !etween the un"lean and the "lean,6 77 E'e$ <<89; 6If thou put the !rethren in remem!ran"e of these thin#s. thou shalt !e a #ood minister of &esus Christ. nourished up in the words of faith and of #ood do"trine. whereunto thou hast attained,6 77 ) Tim <8> 6@old fast the form of sound words. whi"h thou hast heard of me. in faith and lo-e whi"h is in Christ &esus,6 77 9 Tim )8); 6Who hath sa-ed us. and "alled us with an holy "allin#. not a""ordin# to our wor$s. !ut a""ordin# to his own purpose and #ra"e. whi"h was #i-en us in Christ &esus !efore the world !e#an.6 77 9 Tim )8* 6Whereunto I am appointed a prea"her. and an apostle. and a tea"her of the


77 9 Tim )8))

6That whi"h we ha-e seen and heard de"lare we unto you. that ye also may ha-e fellowship with us8 and truly our fellowship is with the Father. and with his 2on &esus Christ,6 77 ) &ohn )8; 6And these thin#s write we unto you. that your ?oy may !e full,6 77 ) &ohn )8< 6This then is the messa#e whi"h we ha-e heard of him. and de"lare unto you. that od is li#ht. and in him is no dar$ness at all,6 77 ) &ohn )8+ 61e"lare this in the house of &a"o!. and pu!lish it in &udah. sayin#.6 77 &er +89B 6Of these thin#s put them in remem!ran"e. "har#in# them !efore the 0ord that they stri-e not a!out words to no profit. !ut to the su!-ertin# of the hearers,6 77 9 Tim 98)< 62tudy to show thyself appro-ed unto od. a wor$man that needeth not to !e ashamed. ri#htly di-idin# the word of truth,6 77 9 Tim 98)+ 6That all the people of the earth mi#ht $now the hand of the 0OR1. that it is mi#hty8 that ye mi#ht fear the 0OR1 your od for e-er,6 77 &osh <89< 6And the 0OR1 their od shall sa-e them in that day as the flo"$ of his people8 for they shall !e as the stones of a "rown. lifted up as an ensi#n upon his land,6 77 He" *8)> 6And they shall !e mine. saith the 0OR1 of hosts. in that day when I ma$e up my ?ewels: and I will spare them. as a man spareth his own son that ser-eth him,6 77 Mal ;8)= 6Ne-ertheless he sa-ed them for his name/s sa$e. that he mi#ht ma$e his mi#hty power to !e $nown,6 77 4sa )B>8A 6GAC, 0et thy mer"ies "ome also unto me. O 0OR1. e-en thy sal-ation. a""ordin# to thy word,6 77 4sa ))*8<) 6And I saw when the 0am! opened one of the seals. and I heard. as it were the noise of thunder. one of the four !easts sayin#. Come and see,6 77 Re- >8)

6And I saw. and !ehold a white horse8 and he that sat on him had a !ow: and a "rown was #i-en unto him8 and he went forth "onDuerin#. and to "onDuer,6 77 Re- >89 6And there was #i-en him dominion. and #lory. and a $in#dom. that all people. nations. and lan#ua#es. should ser-e him8 his dominion is an e-erlastin# dominion. whi"h shall not pass away. and his $in#dom that whi"h shall not !e destroyed,6 77 1an =8)< 6And I saw hea-en opened. and !ehold a white horse: and he that sat upon him was "alled Faithful and True. and in ri#hteousness he doth ?ud#e and ma$e war,6 77 Re- )*8)) 6@is eyes were as a flame of fire. and on his head were many "rowns: and he had a name written. that no man $new. !ut he himself,6 77 Re- )*8)9 6And he was "lothed with a -esture dipped in !lood8 and his name is "alled The Word of od,6 77 Re- )*8); 6And the Word was made flesh. and dwelt amon# us. %and we !eheld his #lory. the #lory as of the only !e#otten of the Father.( full of #ra"e and truth,6 77 &ohn )8)< 6@e stood. and measured the earth8 he !eheld. and dro-e asunder the nations: and the e-erlastin# mountains were s"attered. the perpetual hills did !ow8 his ways are e-erlastin#,6 77 @a! ;8> 6The mountains saw thee. and they trem!led8 the o-erflowin# of the water passed !y8 the deep uttered his -oi"e. and lifted up his hands on hi#h,6 77 @a! ;8)B 6The sun and moon stood still in their ha!itation8 at the li#ht of thine arrows they went. and at the shinin# of thy #litterin# spear,6 77 @a! ;8)) 6Thou didst mar"h throu#h the land in indi#nation. thou didst thresh the

heathen in an#er,6

77 @a! ;8)9

6And out of his mouth #oeth a sharp sword. that with it he should smite the nations8 and he shall rule them with a rod of iron8 and he treadeth the winepress of the fier"eness and wrath of Almi#hty od,6 77 Re- )*8)+ 6And the armies whi"h were in hea-en followed him upon white horses. "lothed in fine linen. white and "lean,6 77 Re- )*8)< 6And the $ey of the house of 1a-id will I lay upon his shoulder: so he shall open. and none shall shut: and he shall shut. and none shall open,6 77 Isa 99899 6And he hath on his -esture and on his thi#h a name written. KIN KIN 2. AN1 0OR1 OF 0OR12,6 77 Re- )*8)> OF

6And it shall "ome to pass in that day. that I will see$ to destroy all the nations that "ome a#ainst &erusalem,6 77 He" )98* 6Thou wentest forth for the sal-ation of thy people. e-en for sal-ation with thine anointed: thou woundedst the head out of the house of the wi"$ed. !y dis"o-erin# the foundation unto the ne"$, 2elah,6 77 @a! ;8); 6Woe to him that "o-eteth an e-il "o-etousness to his house. that he may set his nest on hi#h. that he may !e deli-ered from the power of e-ilE6 77 @a! 98* 6Thou hast "onsulted shame to thy house !y "uttin# off many people. and hast sinned a#ainst thy soul,6 77 @a! 98)B 6Thy terri!leness hath de"ei-ed thee. and the pride of thine heart. O thou that dwellest in the "lefts of the ro"$. that holdest the hei#ht of the hill8 thou#h thou shouldest ma$e thy nest as hi#h as the ea#le. I will !rin# thee down from then"e. saith the 0OR1,6 77 &er <*8)> 6For out of the north there "ometh up a nation a#ainst her. whi"h shall ma$e her land desolate. and none shall dwell therein8 they shall remo-e. they shall depart. !oth man and !east,6 77 &er +B8; 6In those days. and in that time. saith the 0OR1. the "hildren of

Israel shall "ome. they and the "hildren of &udah to#ether. #oin# and weepin#8 they shall #o. and see$ the 0OR1 their od,6 77 &er +B8< 6They shall as$ the way to Hion with their fa"es thitherward. sayin#. Come. and let us ?oin oursel-es to the 0OR1 in a perpetual "o-enant that shall not !e for#otten,6 77 &er +B8+ 6And the $in#dom and dominion. and the #reatness of the $in#dom under the whole hea-en. shall !e #i-en to the people of the saints of the most @i#h. whose $in#dom is an e-erlastin# $in#dom. and all dominions shall ser-e and o!ey him,6 77 1an =89= 6And I will pour upon the house of 1a-id. and upon the inha!itants of &erusalem. the spirit of #ra"e and of suppli"ations8 and they shall loo$ upon me whom they ha-e pier"ed. and they shall mourn for him. as one mourneth for his only son. and shall !e in !itterness for him. as one that is in !itterness for his first!orn,6 77 He" )98)B 6And &esus "ame and spa$e unto them. sayin#. All power is #i-en unto me in hea-en and in earth,6 77 Mat 9A8)A 6And I will #i-e unto thee the $eys of the $in#dom of hea-en8 and whatsoe-er thou shalt !ind on earth shall !e !ound in hea-en8 and whatsoe-er thou shalt loose on earth shall !e loosed in hea-en,6 77 Mat )>8)* 6For the 2on of man shall "ome in the #lory of his Father with his an#els: and then he shall reward e-ery man a""ordin# to his wor$s,6 77 Mat )>89= 6For the word of od is Dui"$. and powerful. and sharper than any twoed#ed sword. pier"in# e-en to the di-idin# asunder of soul and spirit. and of the ?oints and marrow. and is a dis"erner of the thou#hts and intents of the heart,6 77 @e! <8)9 6Neither is there any "reature that is not manifest in his si#ht8 !ut all thin#s are na$ed and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we ha-e to do,6 77 @e! <8);

6Thin$ not that I am "ome to destroy the law. or the prophets8 I am not "ome to destroy. !ut to fulfil,6 77 Mat +8)= 6For -erily I say unto you. Till hea-en and earth pass. one ?ot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law. till all !e fulfilled,6 77 Mat +8)A 6Whosoe-er therefore shall !rea$ one of these least "ommandments. and shall tea"h men so. he shall !e "alled the least in the $in#dom of hea-en8 !ut whosoe-er shall do and tea"h them. the same shall !e "alled #reat in the $in#dom of hea-en,6 77 Mat +8)* 6For I say unto you. That e3"ept your ri#hteousness shall e3"eed the ri#hteousness of the s"ri!es and 4harisees. ye shall in no "ase enter into the $in#dom of hea-en,6 77 Mat +89B 6I ha-e "ommanded my san"tified ones. I ha-e also "alled my mi#hty ones for mine an#er. e-en them that re?oi"e in my hi#hness,6 77 Isa );8; 6The noise of a multitude in the mountains. li$e as of a #reat people: a tumultuous noise of the $in#doms of nations #athered to#ether8 the 0OR1 of hosts mustereth the host of the !attle,6 77 Isa );8< 6They "ome from a far "ountry. from the end of hea-en. e-en the 0OR1. and the weapons of his indi#nation. to destroy the whole land,6 77 Isa );8+ 60ift ye up a !anner upon the hi#h mountain. e3alt the -oi"e unto them. sha$e the hand. that they may #o into the #ates of the no!les,6 77 Isa );89 6And he said. The 0OR1 will roar from Hion. and utter his -oi"e from &erusalem: and the ha!itations of the shepherds shall mourn. and the top of Carmel shall wither,6 77 Amos )89 6Therefore prophesy thou a#ainst them all these words. and say unto them. The 0OR1 shall roar from on hi#h. and utter his -oi"e from his holy ha!itation: he shall mi#htily roar upon his ha!itation: he shall #i-e a shout. as they that tread the #rapes. a#ainst all the inha!itants of the earth,6 77 &er 9+8;B

6A noise shall "ome e-en to the ends of the earth: for the 0OR1 hath a "ontro-ersy with the nations. he will plead with all flesh: he will #i-e them that are wi"$ed to the sword. saith the 0OR1,6 77 &er 9+8;) 6But if ye turn unto me. and $eep my "ommandments. and do them: thou#h there were of you "ast out unto the uttermost part of the hea-en. yet will I #ather them from then"e. and will !rin# them unto the pla"e that I ha-e "hosen to set my name there,6 77 Neh )8* 6And it shall "ome to pass in the last days. that the mountain of the 0ord/s house shall !e esta!lished in the top of the mountains. and shall !e e3alted a!o-e the hills: and all nations shall flow unto it,6 77 Isa 989 6And many people shall #o and say. Come ye. and let us #o up to the mountain of the 0OR1. to the house of the od of &a"o!: and he will tea"h us of his ways. and we will wal$ in his paths8 for out of Hion shall #o forth the law. and the word of the 0OR1 from &erusalem,6 77 Isa 98; 6And he will destroy in this mountain the fa"e of the "o-erin# "ast o-er all people. and the -eil that is spread o-er all nations,6 77 Isa 9+8= 6@e will swallow up death in -i"tory: and the 0ord O1 will wipe away tears from off all fa"es: and the re!u$e of his people shall he ta$e away from off all the earth8 for the 0OR1 hath spo$en it,6 77 Isa 9+8A 6Who shall as"end into the hill of the 0OR1F or who shall stand in his holy pla"eF6 77 4sa 9<8; 6@e that hath "lean hands. and a pure heart: who hath not lifted up his soul unto -anity. nor sworn de"eitfully,6 77 4sa 9<8< 6@e shall re"ei-e the !lessin# from the 0OR1. and ri#hteousness from the od of his sal-ation,6 77 4sa 9<8+ 6This is the #eneration of them that see$ him. that see$ thy fa"e. O &a"o!, 2elah,6 77 4sa 9<8>

62ee$ ye the 0OR1. all ye mee$ of the earth. whi"h ha-e wrou#ht his ?ud#ment: see$ ri#hteousness. see$ mee$ness8 it may !e ye shall !e hid in the day of the 0OR1/2 an#er,6 77 Hep 98; 6For in the time of trou!le he shall hide me in his pa-ilion8 in the se"ret of his ta!erna"le shall he hide me: he shall set me up upon a ro"$,6 77 4sa 9=8+ 6And for him. will #lad it shall !e said in that day. 0o. this is our od: we ha-e waited

and he will sa-e us8 this is the 0OR1: we ha-e waited for him. we !e and re?oi"e in his sal-ation,6 77 Isa 9+8*

6And he shall ?ud#e amon# the nations. and shall re!u$e many people8 and they shall !eat their swords into plowshares. and their spears into prunin#hoo$s8 nation shall not lift up sword a#ainst nation. neither shall they learn war any more,6 77 Isa 98< 6O house of &a"o!. "ome ye. and let us wal$ in the li#ht of the 0OR1,6 77 Isa 98+ 6Enter into the ro"$. and hide thee in the dust. for fear of the 0OR1. and for the #lory of his ma?esty,6 77 Isa 98)B 6The lofty loo$s of man shall !e hum!led. and the hau#htiness of men shall !e !owed down. and the 0OR1 alone shall !e e3alted in that day,6 77 Isa 98)) 6For the day of the 0OR1 of hosts shall !e upon e-ery one that is proud and lofty. and upon e-ery one that is lifted up: and he shall !e !rou#ht low86 77 Isa 98)9 6And they shall #o into the holes of the ro"$s. and into the "a-es of the earth. for fear of the 0OR1. and for the #lory of his ma?esty. when he ariseth to sha$e terri!ly the earth,6 77 Isa 98)* 6Therefore wait ye upon me. saith the 0OR1. until the day that I rise up to the prey8 for my determination is to #ather the nations. that I may assem!le the $in#doms. to pour upon them mine indi#nation. e-en all my fier"e an#er8

for all the earth shall !e de-oured with the fire of my ?ealousy,6 77 Hep ;8A 6For a fire is $indled in mine an#er. and shall !urn unto the lowest hell. and shall "onsume the earth with her in"rease. and set on fire the foundations of the mountains,6 77 1eu ;9899 6Who amon# you will #i-e ear to thisF who will hear$en and hear for the time to "omeF6 77 Isa <989; 6Behold. the former thin#s are "ome to pass. and new thin#s do I de"lare8 !efore they sprin# forth I tell you of them,6 77 Isa <98* 6 od. who at sundry times and in di-ers manners spa$e in time past unto the fathers !y the prophets.6 77 @e! )8) 6@ath in these last days spo$en unto us !y his 2on. whom he hath appointed heir of all thin#s. !y whom also he made the worlds:6 77 @e! )89 6These thin#s ha-e I spo$en unto you in pro-er!s8 !ut the time "ometh. when I shall no more spea$ unto you in pro-er!s. !ut I shall show you plainly of the Father,6 77 &ohn )>89+ 62in# unto the 0OR1 a new son#. and his praise from the end of the earth. ye that #o down to the sea. and all that is therein: the isles. and the inha!itants thereof,6 77 Isa <98)B 6And when he had opened the se"ond seal. I heard the se"ond !east say. Come and see,6 77 Re- >8; 6And there went out another horse that was red8 and power was #i-en to him that sat thereon to ta$e pea"e from the earth. and that they should $ill one another8 and there was #i-en unto him a #reat sword,6 77 Re- >8< 6But when ye shall hear of wars and "ommotions. !e not terrified8 for these thin#s must first "ome to pass: !ut the end is not !y and !y,6 77 0u$e 9)8* 6Then said he unto them. Nation shall rise a#ainst nation. and $in#dom a#ainst $in#dom86 77 0u$e 9)8)B

6And #reat earthDua$es shall !e in di-ers pla"es. and famines. and pestilen"es: and fearful si#hts and #reat si#ns shall there !e from hea-en,6 77 0u$e 9)8)) 6And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars8 see that ye !e not trou!led8 for all these thin#s must "ome to pass. !ut the end is not yet,6 Mat 9<8>


6For nation shall rise a#ainst nation. and $in#dom a#ainst $in#dom8 and there shall !e famines. and pestilen"es. and earthDua$es. in di-ers pla"es,6 77 Mat 9<8= 6All these are the !e#innin# of sorrows,6 77 Mat 9<8A

6Then shall they deli-er you up to !e affli"ted. and shall $ill you8 and ye shall !e hated of all nations for my name/s sa$e,6 77 Mat 9<8* 6And then shall many !e offended. and shall !etray one another. and shall hate one another,6 77 Mat 9<8)B 6And many false prophets shall rise. and shall de"ei-e many,6 9<8)) 77 Mat

6And !e"ause iniDuity shall a!ound. the lo-e of many shall wa3 "old,6 77 Mat 9<8)9 6But he that shall endure unto the end. the same shall !e sa-ed,6 77 Mat 9<8); 6And this #ospel of the $in#dom shall !e prea"hed in all the world for a witness unto all nations: and then shall the end "ome,6 77 Mat 9<8)< 6When ye therefore shall see the a!omination of desolation. spo$en of !y 1aniel the prophet. stand in the holy pla"e. %whoso readeth. let him understand8(6 77 Mat 9<8)+ 6Then let them whi"h !e in &udaea flee into the mountains86 9<8)> 77 Mat

60et him whi"h is on the housetop not "ome down to ta$e any thin# out of his house86 77 Mat 9<8)= 6Neither let him whi"h is in the field return !a"$ to ta$e his "lothes,6

77 Mat 9<8)A 6And woe unto them that are with "hild. and to them that #i-e su"$ in those daysE6 77 Mat 9<8)* 6But pray ye that your fli#ht !e not in the winter. neither on the sa!!ath day86 77 Mat 9<89B 6For then shall !e #reat tri!ulation. su"h as was not sin"e the !e#innin# of the world to this time. no. nor e-er shall !e,6 77 Mat 9<89) 6And e3"ept those days should !e shortened. there should no flesh !e sa-ed8 !ut for the ele"t/s sa$e those days shall !e shortened,6 77 Mat 9<899 6Then if any man shall say unto you. 0o. here is Christ. or there: !elie-e it not,6 77 Mat 9<89; 6For there shall arise false Christs. and false prophets. and shall show #reat si#ns and wonders: insomu"h that. if it were possi!le. they shall de"ei-e the -ery ele"t,6 77 Mat 9<89< 6Gerily I say unto you. This #eneration shall not pass. till all these thin#s !e fulfilled,6 77 Mat 9<8;< 6@ea-en and earth shall pass away. !ut my words shall not pass away,6 77 Mat 9<8;+ 6But of that day and hour $noweth no man. no. not the an#els of hea-en. !ut my Father only,6 77 Mat 9<8;> 6But as the days of Noe were. so shall also the "omin# of the 2on of man !e,6 77 Mat 9<8;= 6For as in the days that were !efore the flood they were eatin# and drin$in#. marryin# and #i-in# in marria#e. until the day that Noe entered into the ar$.6 77 Mat 9<8;A 6And $new not until the flood "ame. and too$ them all away: so shall also the "omin# of the 2on of man !e,6 77 Mat 9<8;* 6Then shall two !e in the field: the one shall !e ta$en. and the other

left,6 77 Mat 9<8<B 6Two women shall !e #rindin# at the mill: the one shall !e ta$en. and the other left,6 77 Mat 9<8<) 6Wat"h therefore8 for ye $now not what hour your 0ord doth "ome,6 77 Mat 9<8<9 6The -oi"e of the 0OR1 is upon the waters8 the the 0OR1 is upon many waters,6 77 4sa 9*8; od of #lory thundereth8

6And a -oi"e "ame out of the throne. sayin#. 4raise our ser-ants. and ye that fear him. !oth small and #reat,6

od. all ye his 77 Re- )*8+

6And I heard as it were the -oi"e of a #reat multitude. and as the -oi"e of many waters. and as the -oi"e of mi#hty thunderin#s. sayin#. Alleluia8 for the 0ord od omnipotent rei#neth,6 77 Re- )*8> 6&esus answered and said. This -oi"e "ame not !e"ause of me. !ut for your sa$es,6 77 &ohn )98;B 6But when the Comforter is "ome. whom I will send unto you from the Father. e-en the 2pirit of truth. whi"h pro"eedeth from the Father. he shall testify of me86 77 &ohn )+89> 6Now therefore hear$en. O Israel. unto the statutes and unto the ?ud#ments. whi"h I tea"h you. for to do them. that ye may li-e. and #o in and possess the land whi"h the 0OR1 od of your fathers #i-eth you,6 77 1eu <8) 65e shall not add unto the word whi"h I "ommand you. neither shall ye diminish ou#ht from it. that ye may $eep the "ommandments of the 0OR1 your od whi"h I "ommand you,6 77 1eu <89 6For I ha-e not spo$en of myself: !ut the Father whi"h sent me. he #a-e me a "ommandment. what I should say. and what I should spea$,6 77 &ohn )98<* 6Keep therefore and do them: for this is your wisdom and your understandin# in the si#ht of the nations. whi"h shall hear all these statutes. and say. 2urely

this #reat nation is a wise and understandin# people,6

77 1eu <8>

IAnd &esus said. Are ye also yet without understandin#FJ 77 Mat )+8)> 6I am "ome a li#ht into the world. that whosoe-er !elie-eth on me should not a!ide in dar$ness,6 77 &ohn )98<> 6The people that wal$ed in dar$ness ha-e seen a #reat li#ht8 they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death. upon them hath the li#ht shined,6 77 Isa *89 6And he shall !e as the li#ht of the mornin#. when the sun riseth. e-en a mornin# without "louds: as the tender #rass sprin#in# out of the earth !y "lear shinin# after rain,6 77 9 2am 9;8< 6For thou hast !ro$en the yo$e of his !urden. and the staff of his shoulder. the rod of his oppressor. as in the day of Midian,6 77 Isa *8< 62uffer me a little. and I will show thee that I ha-e yet to spea$ on od/s !ehalf,6 77 &o! ;>89 6I will fet"h my $nowled#e from afar. and will as"ri!e ri#hteousness to my Ma$er,6 77 &o! ;>8; 6And ye also shall !ear witness. !e"ause ye ha-e !een with me from the !e#innin#,6 77 &ohn )+89= 6The words of the wise are as #oads. and as nails fastened !y the masters of assem!lies. whi"h are #i-en from one shepherd,6 77 E""l )98)) 6@ear my words. O ye wise men: and #i-e ear unto me. ye that ha-e $nowled#e,6 77 &o! ;<89 6@ow!eit when he. the 2pirit of truth. is "ome. he will #uide you into all truth8 for he shall not spea$ of himself: !ut whatsoe-er he shall hear. that shall he spea$8 and he will show you thin#s to "ome,6 77 &ohn )>8); 6Who shall tell thee words. where!y thou and all thy house shall !e sa-ed,6 77 A"ts ))8)< 6For truly my words shall not !e false8 he that is perfe"t in $nowled#e is

with thee,6

77 &o! ;>8<

6And I ha-e filled him with the spirit of od. in wisdom. and in understandin#. and in $nowled#e. and in all manner of wor$manship.6 77 E3o ;)8; 6And as I !e#an to spea$. the @oly !e#innin#,6 77 A"ts ))8)+ host fell on them. as on us at the

6Then remem!ered I the word of the 0ord. how that he said. &ohn indeed !apti'ed with water: !ut ye shall !e !apti'ed with the @oly host,6 77 A"ts ))8)> 6For where two or three are #athered to#ether in my name. there am I in the midst of them,6 77 Mat )A89B 6And I will "ome down and tal$ with thee there8 and I will ta$e of the spirit whi"h is upon thee. and will put it upon them: and they shall !ear the !urden of the people with thee. that thou !ear it not thyself alone,6 77 Num ))8)= 6Cntil the spirit !e poured upon us from on hi#h. and the wilderness !e a fruitful field. and the fruitful field !e "ounted for a forest,6 77 Isa ;98)+ 6And it shall "ome to pass in the last days. saith od. I will pour out of my 2pirit upon all flesh8 and your sons and your dau#hters shall prophesy. and your youn# men shall see -isions. and your old men shall dream dreams86 77 A"ts 98)= 6And on my ser-ants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my 2pirit: and they shall prophesy86 77 A"ts 98)A 6And I will show wonders in hea-en a!o-e. and si#ns in the earth !eneath: !lood. and fire. and -apour of smo$e86 77 A"ts 98)* 6The sun shall !e turned into dar$ness. and the moon into !lood. !efore that #reat and nota!le day of the 0ord "ome86 77 A"ts 989B 6And it shall "ome to pass. that whosoe-er shall "all on the name of the 0ord shall !e sa-ed,6 77 A"ts 989) 6For we are la!ourers to#ether with od/s od8 ye are od/s hus!andry. ye are


77 ) Cor ;8*

6A""ordin# to the #ra"e of od whi"h is #i-en unto me. as a wise master!uilder. I ha-e laid the foundation. and another !uildeth thereon, But let e-ery man ta$e heed how he !uildeth thereupon,6 77 ) Cor ;8)B 6For other foundation "an no man lay than that is laid. whi"h is &esus Christ,6 77 ) Cor ;8)) 6I mar-el that ye are so soon remo-ed from him that "alled you into the #ra"e of Christ unto another #ospel86 77 al )8> 6Whi"h is not another: !ut there !e some that trou!le you. and would per-ert the #ospel of Christ,6 77 al )8= 6But thou#h we. or an an#el from hea-en. prea"h any other #ospel unto you than that whi"h we ha-e prea"hed unto you. let him !e a""ursed,6 77 al )8A 6Wherefore. holy !rethren. parta$ers of the hea-enly "allin#. "onsider the Apostle and @i#h 4riest of our profession. Christ &esus:6 77 @e! ;8) 6Who was faithful to him that appointed him. as also Moses was faithful in all his house,6 77 @e! ;89 6For e-ery house is !uilded !y some man: !ut he that !uilt all thin#s is od,6 77 @e! ;8< 6Wherefore %as the @oly 77 @e! ;8= host saith. To day if ye will hear his -oi"e.6

6A 2on# of de#rees for 2olomon, E3"ept the 0OR1 !uild the house. they la!our in -ain that !uild it8 e3"ept the 0OR1 $eep the "ity. the wat"hman wa$eth !ut in -ain,6 77 4sa )9=8) 60et us therefore fear. lest. a promise !ein# left us of enterin# into his rest. any of you should seem to "ome short of it,6 77 @e! <8) 6For unto us was the #ospel prea"hed. as well as unto them8 !ut the word prea"hed did not profit them. not !ein# mi3ed with faith in them that heard it,6 77 @e! <89

62o I sware in my wrath. They shall not enter into my rest,(6 ;8))

77 @e!

6A 2on# of de#rees, Blessed is e-ery one that feareth the 0OR1: that wal$eth in his ways,6 77 4sa )9A8) 6The 0OR1 shall !less thee out of Hion8 and thou shalt see the #ood of &erusalem all the days of thy life,6 77 4sa )9A8+ 65ea. thou shalt see thy "hildren/s "hildren. and pea"e upon Israel,6 77 4sa )9A8> 6Cease from an#er. and forsa$e wrath8 fret not thyself in any wise to do e-il,6 77 4sa ;=8A 6For e-ildoers shall !e "ut off8 !ut those that wait upon the 0OR1. they shall inherit the earth,6 77 4sa ;=8* 6Rest in the 0OR1. and wait patiently for him8 fret not thyself !e"ause of him who prospereth in his way. !e"ause of the man who !rin#eth wi"$ed de-i"es to pass,6 77 4sa ;=8= 6In the fulness of his suffi"ien"y he shall !e in straits8 e-ery hand of the wi"$ed shall "ome upon him,6 77 &o! 9B899 6This is the portion of a wi"$ed man from appointed unto him !y od,6 77 &o! 9B89* od. and the herita#e

6For yet a little while. and the wi"$ed shall not !e8 yea. thou shalt dili#ently "onsider his pla"e. and it shall not !e,6 77 4sa ;=8)B 6@is mis"hief shall return upon his own head. and his -iolent dealin# shall "ome down upon his own pate,6 77 4sa =8)> 6But the mee$ shall inherit the earth: and shall deli#ht themsel-es in the a!undan"e of pea"e,6 77 4sa ;=8)) 6And the 0OR1 shall help them. and deli-er them8 he shall deli-er them from the wi"$ed. and sa-e them. !e"ause they trust in him,6 77 4sa ;=8<B 6But the trans#ressors shall !e destroyed to#ether8 the end of the wi"$ed shall !e "ut off,6 77 4sa ;=8;A

6Woe to thee that spoilest. and thou wast not spoiled: and dealest trea"herously. and they dealt not trea"herously with theeE when thou shalt "ease to spoil. thou shalt !e spoiled: and when thou shalt ma$e an end to deal trea"herously. they shall deal trea"herously with thee,6 77 Isa ;;8) 6But the sal-ation of the ri#hteous is of the 0OR18 he is their stren#th in the time of trou!le,6 77 4sa ;=8;* 6And it shall "ome to pass. that whosoe-er shall "all on the name of the 0OR1 shall !e deli-ered8 for in mount Hion and in &erusalem shall !e deli-eran"e. as the 0OR1 hath said. and in the remnant whom the 0OR1 shall "all,6 77 &oel 98;9 6&esus answered and said unto them. This is the wor$ of !elie-e on him whom he hath sent,6 77 &ohn >89* od. that ye

6I ha-e many thin#s to say and to ?ud#e of you8 !ut he that sent me is true: and I spea$ to the world those thin#s whi"h I ha-e heard of him,6 77 &ohn A89> 6@e that is of od heareth od/s words8 ye therefore hear them not. !e"ause ye are not of od,6 77 &ohn A8<= 6And !e"ause I tell you the truth. ye !elie-e me not,6 77 &ohn A8<+

6But the natural man re"ei-eth not the thin#s of the 2pirit of od8 for they are foolishness unto him8 neither "an he $now them. !e"ause they are spiritually dis"erned,6 77 ) Cor 98)< 6But he that is spiritual ?ud#eth all thin#s. yet he himself is ?ud#ed of no man,6 77 ) Cor 98)+ 6For who hath $nown the mind of the 0ord. that he may instru"t himF But we ha-e the mind of Christ,6 77 ) Cor 98)> 60et this mind !e in you. whi"h was also in Christ &esus86 98+ 77 4hil

6Fulfil ye my ?oy. that ye !e li$eminded. ha-in# the same lo-e. !ein# of one a""ord. of one mind,6 77 4hil 989 6But ye are not in the flesh. !ut in the 2pirit. if so !e that the

2pirit of od dwell in you, Now if any man ha-e not the 2pirit of Christ. he is none of his,6 77 Rom A8* 6The 0OR1 thy od in the midst of thee is mi#hty: he will sa-e. he will re?oi"e o-er thee with ?oy: he will rest in his lo-e. he will ?oy o-er thee with sin#in#,6 77 Hep ;8)= 6E-en so then at this present time also there is a remnant a""ordin# to the ele"tion of #ra"e,6 77 Rom ))8+ 6I will #ather them that are sorrowful for the solemn assem!ly. who are of thee. to whom the reproa"h of it was a !urden,6 77 Hep ;8)A 6Behold. at that time I will undo all that affli"t thee8 and I will sa-e her that halteth. and #ather her that was dri-en out: and I will #et them praise and fame in e-ery land where they ha-e !een put to shame,6 77 Hep ;8)* 6And it shall "ome to pass in that day. that the remnant of Israel. and su"h as are es"aped of the house of &a"o!. shall no more a#ain stay upon him that smote them: !ut shall stay upon the 0OR1. the @oly One of Israel. in truth,6 77 Isa )B89B 6The remnant shall return. e-en the remnant of &a"o!. unto the mi#hty od,6 77 Isa )B89) 6I say then. @ath od "ast away his peopleF od for!id, For I also am an Israelite. of the seed of A!raham. of the tri!e of Ben?amin,6 77 Rom ))8) 6 od hath not "ast away his people whi"h he fore$new, Wot ye not what the s"ripture saith of EliasF how he ma$eth inter"ession to od a#ainst Israel. sayin#.6 77 Rom ))89 6What thenF Israel hath not o!tained that whi"h he see$eth for: !ut the ele"tion hath o!tained it. and the rest were !linded6 77 Rom ))8= 6For I would not. !rethren. that ye should !e i#norant of this mystery. lest ye should !e wise in your own "on"eits: that !lindness in part is

happened to Israel. until the fulness of the

entiles !e "ome in,6

77 Rom ))89+

6Ne-ertheless when it shall turn to the 0ord. the -eil shall !e ta$en away,6 77 9 Cor ;8)> 6At that time will I !rin# you a#ain. e-en in the time that I #ather you8 for I will ma$e you a name and a praise amon# all people of the earth. when I turn !a"$ your "apti-ity !efore your eyes. saith the 0OR1,6 77 Hep ;89B 6And I will ma$e her that halted a remnant. and her that was "ast far off a stron# nation8 and the 0OR1 shall rei#n o-er them in mount Hion from hen"eforth. e-en for e-er,6 77 Mi"ah <8= 6In that day. saith the 0OR1. will I assem!le her that halteth. and I will #ather her that is dri-en out. and her that I ha-e affli"ted:6 77 Mi"ah <8> 6And so all Israel shall !e sa-ed8 as it is written. There shall "ome out of 2ion the 1eli-erer. and shall turn away un#odliness from &a"o!86 77 Rom ))89> 6And he shall ?ud#e amon# many people. and re!u$e stron# nations afar off: and they shall !eat their swords into plowshares. and their spears into prunin#hoo$s8 nation shall not lift up a sword a#ainst nation. neither shall they learn war any more,6 77 Mi"ah <8; 6And many nations shall "ome. and say. Come. and let us #o up to the mountain of the 0OR1. and to the house of the od of &a"o!: and he will tea"h us of his ways. and we will wal$ in his paths8 for the law shall #o forth of Hion. and the word of the 0OR1 from &erusalem,6 77 Mi"ah <89 6Blessed !e the 0ord od of Israel: for he hath -isited and redeemed his people.6 77 0u$e )8>A 6Then the word of the 0OR1 "ame unto me. sayin#.6 77 E'e$ ;;89;

6But now I will not !e unto the residue of this people as in the former days. saith the 0OR1 of hosts,6 77 He" A8)) 6For the seed shall !e prosperous: the -ine shall #i-e her fruit. and

the #round shall #i-e her in"rease. and the hea-ens shall #i-e their dew: and I will "ause the remnant of this people to possess all these thin#s,6 77 He" A8)9 6And it shall "ome to pass. that as ye were a "urse amon# the heathen. O house of &udah. and house of Israel: so will I sa-e you. and ye shall !e a !lessin#8 fear not. !ut let your hands !e stron#,6 77 He" A8); 6The wilderness and the solitary pla"e shall !e #lad for them: and the desert shall re?oi"e. and !lossom as the rose,6 77 Isa ;+8) 6It shall !lossom a!undantly. and re?oi"e e-en with ?oy and sin#in#8 the #lory of 0e!anon shall !e #i-en unto it. the e3"ellen"y of Carmel and 2haron. they shall see the #lory of the 0OR1. and the e3"ellen"y of our od,6 77 Isa ;+89 62tren#then ye the wea$ hands. and "onfirm the fee!le $nees,6 ;+8; 77 Isa

62ay to them that are of a fearful heart. Be stron#. fear not8 !ehold. your od will "ome with -en#ean"e. e-en od with a re"ompense: he will "ome and sa-e you,6 77 Isa ;+8< 6Then the eyes of the !lind shall !e opened. and the ears of the deaf shall !e unstopped,6 77 Isa ;+8+ 6Then shall the lame man leap as an hart. and the ton#ue of the dum! sin#8 for in the wilderness shall waters !rea$ out. and streams in the desert,6 77 Isa ;+8> 6In that day there shall !e a fountain opened to the house of 1a-id and to the inha!itants of &erusalem for sin and for un"leanness,6 77 He" );8) 6And the par"hed #round shall !e"ome a pool. and the thirsty land sprin#s of water8 in the ha!itation of dra#ons. where ea"h lay. shall !e #rass with reeds and rushes,6 77 Isa ;+8= 6And it shall "ome to pass in that day. that the li#ht shall not !e "lear. nor


77 He" )<8>

6But it shall !e one day whi"h shall !e $nown to the 0OR1. not day. nor ni#ht8 !ut it shall "ome to pass. that at e-enin# time it shall !e li#ht,6 77 He" )<8= 6And it shall !e in that day. that li-in# waters shall #o out from &erusalem: half of them toward the former sea. and half of them toward the hinder sea8 in summer and in winter shall it !e,6 77 He" )<8A 6And an hi#hway shall !e there. and a way. and it shall !e "alled The way of holiness: the un"lean shall not pass o-er it: !ut it shall !e for those8 the wayfarin# men. thou#h fools. shall not err therein,6 77 Isa ;+8A 6No lion shall !e there. nor any ra-enous !east shall #o up thereon. it shall not !e found there: !ut the redeemed shall wal$ there86 77 Isa ;+8* 6I ha-e tau#ht thee in the way of wisdom: I ha-e led thee in ri#ht paths,6 77 4ro- <8)) 6When thou #oest. thy steps shall not !e straitened: and when thou runnest. thou shalt not stum!le,6 77 4ro- <8)9 6But they that wait upon the 0OR1 shall renew their stren#th: they shall mount up with win#s as ea#les: they shall run. and not !e weary: and they shall wal$. and not faint,6 77 Isa <B8;) 6Thou wilt show me the path of life8 in thy presen"e is fulness of ?oy: at thy ri#ht hand there are pleasures for e-ermore,6 77 4sa )>8)) 6Ta$e fast hold of instru"tion: let her not #o8 $eep her: for she is thy life,6 77 4ro- <8); 6Enter not into the path of the wi"$ed. and #o not in the way of e-il men,6 77 4ro- <8)< 6A-oid it. pass not !y it. turn from it. and pass away,6 77 4ro- <8)+

6But the path of the ?ust is as the shinin# li#ht. that shineth more and more unto the perfe"t day,6 77 4ro- <8)A

6And the ransomed of the 0OR1 shall return. and "ome to Hion with son#s and e-erlastin# ?oy upon their heads8 they shall o!tain ?oy and #ladness. and sorrow and si#hin# shall flee away,6 77 Isa ;+8)B 6In that day shall thy mouth !e opened to him whi"h is es"aped. and thou shalt spea$. and !e no more dum!8 and thou shalt !e a si#n unto them: and they shall $now that I am the 0OR1,6 77 E'e$ 9<89= 60et thy priests !e "lothed with ri#hteousness: and let thy saints shout for ?oy,6 77 4sa );98* 6For thy ser-ant 1a-id/s sa$e turn not away the fa"e of thine anointed,6 77 4sa );98)B 6For the 0OR1 hath "hosen Hion: he hath desired it for his ha!itation,6 77 4sa );98); 6This is my rest for e-er8 here will I dwell: for I ha-e desired it,6 77 4sa );98)< 6I will a!undantly !less her pro-ision8 I will satisfy her poor with !read,6 77 4sa );98)+ 6I will also "lothe her priests with sal-ation8 and her saints shall shout aloud for ?oy,6 77 4sa );98)> 6There will I ma$e the horn of 1a-id to !ud8 I ha-e ordained a lamp for mine anointed,6 77 4sa );98)= 6@is enemies will I "lothe with shame8 !ut upon himself shall his "rown flourish,6 77 4sa );98)A 6O the depth of the ri"hes !oth of the wisdom and $nowled#e of odE how unsear"ha!le are his ?ud#ments. and his ways past findin# outE6 77 Rom ))8;; 6For who hath $nown the mind of the 0ordF or who hath !een his "ounsellorF6 77 Rom ))8;< 6For when for the time ye ou#ht to !e tea"hers. ye ha-e need that one tea"h you a#ain whi"h !e the first prin"iples of the ora"les of od: and are

!e"ome su"h as ha-e need of mil$. and not of stron# meat,6

77 @e! +8)9

6For e-ery one that useth mil$ is uns$ilful in the word of ri#hteousness8 for he is a !a!e,6 77 @e! +8); 6But stron# meat !elon#eth to them that are of full a#e. e-en those who !y reason of use ha-e their senses e3er"ised to dis"ern !oth #ood and e-il,6 77 @e! +8)< 6If any man spea$. let him spea$ as the ora"les of od: if any man minister. let him do it as of the a!ility whi"h od #i-eth8 that od in all thin#s may !e #lorified throu#h &esus Christ. to whom !e praise and dominion for e-er and e-er, Amen,6 77 ) 4et <8)) 6Of whom we ha-e many thin#s to say. and hard to !e uttered. seein# ye are dull of hearin#,6 77 @e! +8)) 6I write not these thin#s to shame you. !ut as my !elo-ed sons I warn you,6 77 ) Cor <8)< 6But I will "ome to you shortly. if the 0ord will. and will $now. not the spee"h of them whi"h are puffed up. !ut the power,6 77 ) Cor <8)* 6What will yeF shall I "ome unto you with a rod. or in lo-e. and in the spirit of mee$nessF6 77 ) Cor <89) 6Is not this laid up in store with me. and sealed up amon# my treasuresF6 77 1eu ;98;< 6For the $in#dom of od is not in word. !ut in power,6 77 ) Cor <89B

6And when he had opened the third seal. I heard the third !east say. Come and see, And I !eheld. and lo a !la"$ horse: and he that sat on him had a pair of !alan"es in his hand,6 77 Re- >8+ 6And the 0OR1 said unto him. o throu#h the midst of the "ity. throu#h the midst of &erusalem. and set a mar$ upon the foreheads of the men that si#h and that "ry for all the a!ominations that !e done in the midst thereof,6

77 E'e$ *8< 6If a man therefore pur#e himself from these. he shall !e a -essel unto honour. san"tified. and meet for the master/s use. and prepared unto e-ery #ood wor$,6 77 9 Tim 989) 6Not !y wor$s of ri#hteousness whi"h we ha-e done. !ut a""ordin# to his mer"y he sa-ed us. !y the washin# of re#eneration. and renewin# of the @oly host:6 77 Titus ;8+ 60et me !e wei#hed in an e-en !alan"e that inte#rity,6 77 &o! ;)8> od may $now mine

6Ne-ertheless the foundation of od standeth sure. ha-in# this seal. The 0ord $noweth them that are his, And. 0et e-ery one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniDuity,6 77 9 Tim 98)* 6And after these thin#s I saw four an#els standin# on the four "orners of the earth. holdin# the four winds of the earth. that the wind should not !low on the earth. nor on the sea. nor on any tree,6 77 Re- =8) 6And I saw another an#el as"endin# from the east. ha-in# the seal of the li-in# od8 and he "ried with a loud -oi"e to the four an#els. to whom it was #i-en to hurt the earth and the sea.6 77 Re- =89 62ayin#. @urt not the earth. neither the sea. nor the trees. till we ha-e sealed the ser-ants of our od in their foreheads,6 77 Re- =8; 6And I heard the num!er of them whi"h were sealed8 and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tri!es of the "hildren of Israel,6 77 Re- =8< 6&esus answered. Gerily. -erily. I say unto thee. E3"ept a man !e !orn of water and of the 2pirit. he "annot enter into the $in#dom of od,6 77 &ohn ;8+ 6That whi"h is !orn of the flesh is flesh: and that whi"h is !orn of the 2pirit is spirit,6 77 &ohn ;8>

6Mar-el not that I said unto thee. 5e must !e !orn a#ain,6 ;8=

77 &ohn

6For !y #ra"e are ye sa-ed throu#h faith: and that not of yoursel-es8 it is the #ift of od86 77 Eph 98A 6Not of wor$s. lest any man should !oast,6 77 Eph 98*

6The wind !loweth where it listeth. and thou hearest the sound thereof. !ut "anst not tell when"e it "ometh. and whither it #oeth8 so is e-ery one that is !orn of the 2pirit,6 77 &ohn ;8A 6If we li-e in the 2pirit. let us also wal$ in the 2pirit,6 +89+ 77 al

6The 2pirit itself !eareth witness with our spirit. that we are the "hildren of od86 77 Rom A8)> 6And if "hildren. then heirs: heirs of od. and ?oint7heirs with Christ: if so !e that we suffer with him. that we may !e also #lorified to#ether,6 77 Rom A8)= 6For we $now that the whole "reation #roaneth and tra-aileth in pain to#ether until now,6 77 Rom A899 6As ye ha-e therefore re"ei-ed Christ &esus the 0ord. so wal$ ye in him86 77 Col 98> 6For as many as are led !y the 2pirit of od,6 77 Rom A8)< od. they are the sons of

6@ear$en. my !elo-ed !rethren. @ath not od "hosen the poor of this world ri"h in faith. and heirs of the $in#dom whi"h he hath promised to them that lo-e himF6 77 &ames 98+ 6For the 0OR1 will not forsa$e his people for his #reat name/s sa$e8 !e"ause it hath pleased the 0OR1 to ma$e you his people,6 77 ) 2am )9899 6Behold. I and the "hildren whom the 0OR1 hath #i-en me are for si#ns and for wonders in Israel from the 0OR1 of hosts. whi"h dwelleth in mount Hion,6 77 Isa A8)A

6And I will wait upon the 0OR1. that hideth his fa"e from the house of &a"o!. and I will loo$ for him,6 77 Isa A8)= 6@ow shall we es"ape. if we ne#le"t so #reat sal-ation: whi"h at the first !e#an to !e spo$en !y the 0ord. and was "onfirmed unto us !y them that heard him:6 77 @e! 98; 6 od also !earin# them witness. !oth with si#ns and wonders. and with di-ers mira"les. and #ifts of the @oly host. a""ordin# to his own willF6 77 @e! 98< 6For our #ospel "ame not unto you in word only. !ut also in power. and in the @oly host. and in mu"h assuran"e: as ye $now what manner of men we were amon# you for your sa$e,6 77 ) Th )8+ 6Knowin#. !rethren !elo-ed. your ele"tion of od,6 77 ) Th )8<

6But ye are a "hosen #eneration. a royal priesthood. an holy nation. a pe"uliar people: that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath "alled you out of dar$ness into his mar-ellous li#ht86 77 ) 4et 98* 6Whi"h in time past were not a people. !ut are now the people of od8 whi"h had not o!tained mer"y. !ut now ha-e o!tained mer"y,6 77 ) 4et 98)B 6And it shall "ome to pass in that day. that the 0ord shall set his hand a#ain the se"ond time to re"o-er the remnant of his people. whi"h shall !e left. from Assyria. and from E#ypt. and from 4athros. and from Cush. and from Elam. and from 2hinar. and from @amath. and from the islands of the sea,6 77 Isa ))8)) 6And he shall set up an ensi#n for the nations. and shall assem!le the out"asts of Israel. and #ather to#ether the dispersed of &udah from the four "orners of the earth,6 77 Isa ))8)9 6And in that day there shall !e a root of &esse. whi"h shall stand for an ensi#n of the people: to it shall the entiles see$8 and his rest shall !e #lorious,6 77 Isa ))8)B 6And there shall "ome forth a rod out of the stem of &esse. and a

Bran"h shall #row out of his roots86

77 Isa ))8)

6And the spirit of the 0OR1 shall rest upon him. the spirit of wisdom and understandin#. the spirit of "ounsel and mi#ht. the spirit of $nowled#e and of the fear of the 0OR1:6 77 Isa ))89 6And shall ma$e him of Dui"$ understandin# in the fear of the 0OR18 and he shall not ?ud#e after the si#ht of his eyes. neither repro-e after the hearin# of his ears86 77 Isa ))8; 6But with ri#hteousness shall he ?ud#e the poor. and repro-e with eDuity for the mee$ of the earth8 and he shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth. and with the !reath of his lips shall he slay the wi"$ed,6 77 Isa ))8< 6And ri#hteousness shall !e the #irdle of his loins. and faithfulness the #irdle of his reins,6 77 Isa ))8+ 6For the 0OR1 will ha-e mer"y on &a"o!. and will yet "hoose Israel. and set them in their own land8 and the stran#ers shall !e ?oined with them. and they shall "lea-e to the house of &a"o!,6 77 Isa )<8) 6The wolf also shall dwell with the lam!. and the leopard shall lie down with the $id: and the "alf and the youn# lion and the fatlin# to#ether: and a little "hild shall lead them,6 77 Isa ))8> 6And the "ow and the !ear shall feed: their youn# ones shall lie down to#ether8 and the lion shall eat straw li$e the o3,6 77 Isa ))8= 6They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain8 for the earth shall !e full of the $nowled#e of the 0OR1. as the waters "o-er the sea,6 77 Isa ))8* 6And a#ain. Esaias saith. There shall !e a root of &esse. and he that shall rise to rei#n o-er the entiles: in him shall the entiles trust,6 77 Rom )+8)9 6That it mi#ht !e fulfilled whi"h was spo$en !y Esaias the prophet. sayin#.6 77 Mat )98)=

6@e shall not stri-e. nor "ry: neither shall any man hear his -oi"e in the streets,6 77 Mat )98)* 6But as it is written. To whom he was not spo$en of. they shall see8 and they that ha-e not heard shall understand,6 77 Rom )+89) 6I am sou#ht of them that as$ed not for me: I am found of them that sou#ht me not8 I said. Behold me. !ehold me. unto a nation that was not "alled !y my name,6 77 Isa >+8) 6Thus saith the 0OR1. As the new wine is found in the "luster. and one saith. 1estroy it not: for a !lessin# is in it8 so will I do for my ser-ants/ sa$es. that I may not destroy them all,6 77 Isa >+8A 6And I will !rin# forth a seed out of &a"o!. and out of &udah an inheritor of my mountains8 and mine ele"t shall inherit it. and my ser-ants shall dwell there,6 77 Isa >+8* 6Now therefore. if ye will o!ey my -oi"e indeed. and $eep my "o-enant. then ye shall !e a pe"uliar treasure unto me a!o-e all people8 for all the earth is mine86 77 E3o )*8+ 6And ye shall !e unto me a $in#dom of priests. and an holy nation, These are the words whi"h thou shalt spea$ unto the "hildren of Israel,6 77 E3o )*8> 6Fear not8 for I am with thee8 I will !rin# thy seed from the east. and #ather thee from the west:6 77 Isa <;8+ 6I will say to the north. i-e up: and to the south. Keep not !a"$8 !rin# my sons from far. and my dau#hters from the ends of the earth:6 77 Isa <;8> 6E-en e-ery one that is "alled !y my name8 for I ha-e "reated him for my #lory. I ha-e formed him: yea. I ha-e made him,6 77 Isa <;8= 6For whosoe-er shall do the will of my Father whi"h is in hea-en. the same is my !rother. and sister. and mother,6 77 Mat )98+B

6Neither will I hide my fa"e any more from them8 for I ha-e poured out my spirit upon the house of Israel. saith the 0ord O1,6 77 E'e$ ;*89* 6For a small moment ha-e I forsa$en thee: !ut with #reat mer"ies will I #ather thee,6 77 Isa +<8= 6In a little wrath I hid my fa"e from thee for a moment: !ut with e-erlastin# $indness will I ha-e mer"y on thee. saith the 0OR1 thy Redeemer,6 6They shall not hun#er nor thirst: neither shall the heat nor sun smite them8 for he that hath mer"y on them shall lead them. e-en !y the sprin#s of water shall he #uide them,6 77 Isa <*8)B 6And I will ma$e all my mountains a way. and my hi#hways shall !e e3alted,6 77 Isa <*8)) 62in#. O hea-ens: and !e ?oyful. O earth: and !rea$ forth into sin#in#. O mountains8 for the 0OR1 hath "omforted his people. and will ha-e mer"y upon his affli"ted,6 77 Isa <*8); 6For I will not "ontend for e-er. neither will I !e always wroth8 for the spirit should fail !efore me. and the souls whi"h I ha-e made,6 77 Isa +=8)> 6But let ?ud#ment run down as waters. and ri#hteousness as a mi#hty stream,6 77 Amos +89< 6For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty. and floods upon the dry #round8 I will pour my spirit upon thy seed. and my !lessin# upon thine offsprin#86 77 Isa <<8; 6And the 2pirit and the !ride say. Come, And let him that heareth say. Come, And let him that is athirst "ome, And whosoe-er will. let him ta$e the water of life freely,6 77 Re- 998)= 6&esus answered and said unto her. Whosoe-er drin$eth of this water shall thirst a#ain86 77 &ohn <8);

• •

Isa +<8A

6But whosoe-er drin$eth of the water that I shall #i-e him shall ne-er thirst: !ut the water that I shall #i-e him shall !e in him a well of water sprin#in# up into e-erlastin# life,6 77 &ohn <8)< 6@o. e-ery one that thirsteth. "ome ye to the waters. and he that hath no money: "ome ye. !uy. and eat: yea. "ome. !uy wine and mil$ without money and without pri"e,6 77 Isa ++8) 60et us !e #lad and re?oi"e. and #i-e honour to him8 for the marria#e of the 0am! is "ome. and his wife hath made herself ready,6 77 Re- )*8= 6And to her was #ranted that she should !e arrayed in fine linen. "lean and white8 for the fine linen is the ri#hteousness of saints,6 77 Re)*8A 6And there "ame unto me one of the se-en an#els whi"h had the se-en -ials full of the se-en last pla#ues. and tal$ed with me. sayin#. Come hither. I will show thee the !ride. the 0am!/s wife,6 77 Re- 9)8* 6And I fell at his feet to worship him, And he said unto me. 2ee thou do it not8 I am thy fellowser-ant. and of thy !rethren that ha-e the testimony of &esus8 worship od8 for the testimony of &esus is the spirit of prophe"y,6 77 Re- )*8)B 6And he "arried me away in the spirit to a #reat and hi#h mountain. and showed me that #reat "ity. the holy &erusalem. des"endin# out of hea-en from od.6 77 Re- 9)8)B 6@a-in# the #lory of od8 and her li#ht was li$e unto a stone most pre"ious. e-en li$e a ?asper stone. "lear as "rystal:6 77 Re- 9)8)) 6And had a wall #reat and hi#h. and had twel-e #ates. and at the #ates twel-e an#els. and names written thereon. whi"h are the names of the twel-e tri!es of the "hildren of Israel86 77 Re- 9)8)9 6And the wall of the "ity had twel-e foundations. and in them the names of the

twel-e apostles of the 0am!,6

77 Re- 9)8)<

6And I &ohn saw the holy "ity. new &erusalem. "omin# down from od out of hea-en. prepared as a !ride adorned for her hus!and,6 77 Re- 9)89 6And he saith unto me. Write. Blessed are they whi"h are "alled unto the marria#e supper of the 0am!, And he saith unto me. These are the true sayin#s of od,6 77 Re- )*8* 6Awa$e. awa$e: put on thy stren#th. O Hion: put on thy !eautiful #arments. O &erusalem. the holy "ity8 for hen"eforth there shall no more "ome into thee the un"ir"um"ised and the un"lean,6 77 Isa +98) 62ha$e thyself from the dust: arise. and sit down. O &erusalem8 loose thyself from the !ands of thy ne"$. O "apti-e dau#hter of Hion,6 77 Isa +989 6For thus saith the 0OR1. 5e ha-e sold yoursel-es for nou#ht: and ye shall !e redeemed without money,6 77 Isa +98; 6As$ ye of the 0OR1 rain in the time of the latter rain: so the 0OR1 shall ma$e !ri#ht "louds. and #i-e them showers of rain. to e-ery one #rass in the field,6 77 He" )B8) 6In the li#ht of the $in#/s "ountenan"e is life: and his fa-our is as a "loud of the latter rain,6 77 4ro- )>8)+ 6Then shall we $now. if we follow on to $now the 0OR18 his #oin# forth is prepared as the mornin#: and he shall "ome unto us as the rain. as the latter and former rain unto the earth,6 77 @osea >8; 6Be #lad then. ye "hildren of Hion. and re?oi"e in the 0OR1 your od8 for he hath #i-en you the former rain moderately. and he will "ause to "ome down for you the rain. the former rain. and the latter rain in the first month,6 77 &oel 989; 6 od hath spo$en on"e: twi"e ha-e I heard this: that power !elon#eth unto od,6 77 4sa >98)) 60et thy tender mer"ies "ome unto me. that I may li-e8 for thy law is

my deli#ht,6

77 4sa ))*8==

6This se"ond epistle. !elo-ed. I now write unto you: in !oth whi"h I stir up your pure minds !y way of remem!ran"e86 77 9 4et ;8) 6That ye may !e mindful of the words whi"h were spo$en !efore !y the holy prophets. and of the "ommandment of us the apostles of the 0ord and 2a-iour86 77 9 4et ;89 6Knowin# this first. that there shall "ome in the last days s"offers. wal$in# after their own lusts.6 77 9 4et ;8; 6And sayin#. Where is the promise of his "omin#F for sin"e the fathers fell asleep. all thin#s "ontinue as they were from the !e#innin# of the "reation,6 77 9 4et ;8< 6But the hea-ens and the earth. whi"h are now. !y the same word are $ept in store. reser-ed unto fire a#ainst the day of ?ud#ment and perdition of un#odly men,6 77 9 4et ;8= 6But. !elo-ed. !e not i#norant of this one thin#. that one day is with the 0ord as a thousand years. and a thousand years as one day,6 77 9 4et ;8A 6The 0ord is not sla"$ "on"ernin# his promise. as some men "ount sla"$ness: !ut is lon#sufferin# to us7ward. not willin# that any should perish. !ut that all should "ome to repentan"e,6 77 9 4et ;8* 6For he doth not affli"t willin#ly nor #rie-e the "hildren of men,6 77 0am ;8;; 6But the day of the 0ord will "ome as a thief in the ni#ht: in the whi"h the hea-ens shall pass away with a #reat noise. and the elements shall melt with fer-ent heat. the earth also and the wor$s that are therein shall !e !urned up,6 77 9 4et ;8)B 6Ne-ertheless we. a""ordin# to his promise. loo$ for new hea-ens and a new earth. wherein dwelleth ri#hteousness,6 77 9 4et ;8);

6For od spea$eth on"e. yea twi"e. yet man per"ei-eth it not,6 &o! ;;8)<


6In a dream. in a -ision of the ni#ht. when deep sleep falleth upon men. in slum!erin#s upon the !ed:6 77 &o! ;;8)+ 6A 2on# of de#rees, When the 0OR1 turned a#ain the "apti-ity of Hion. we were li$e them that dream,6 77 4sa )9>8) 6It shall e-en !e as when an hun#ry man dreameth. and. !ehold. he eateth: !ut he awa$eth. and his soul is empty8 or as when a thirsty man dreameth. and. !ehold. he drin$eth: !ut he awa$eth. and. !ehold. he is faint. and his soul hath appetite8 so shall the multitude of all the nations !e. that fi#ht a#ainst mount Hion,6 77 Isa 9*8A 62tay yoursel-es. and wonder: "ry ye out. and "ry8 they are drun$en. !ut not with wine: they sta##er. !ut not with stron# drin$,6 77 Isa 9*8* 6For the 0OR1 hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep. and hath "losed your eyes8 the prophets and your rulers. the seers hath he "o-ered,6 77 Isa 9*8)B 6Ma$e the heart of this people fat. and ma$e their ears hea-y. and shut their eyes: lest they see with their eyes. and hear with their ears. and understand with their heart. and "on-ert. and !e healed,6 77 Isa >8)B 6@ear thou. my son. and !e wise. and #uide thine heart in the way,6 77 4ro- 9;8)* 6Bow down thine ear. and hear the words of the wise. and apply thine heart unto my $nowled#e,6 77 4ro- 998)= 6That thy trust may !e in the 0OR1. I ha-e made $nown to thee this day. e-en to thee,6 77 4ro- 998)* 6@a-e not I written to thee e3"ellent thin#s in "ounsels and $nowled#e.6 77 4ro- 9989B 6That I mi#ht ma$e thee $now the "ertainty of the words of truth: that thou

mi#htest answer the words of truth to them that send unto theeF6 77 4ro- 9989) 6For it seemed #ood to the @oly host. and to us. to lay upon you no #reater !urden than these ne"essary thin#s:6 77 A"ts )+89A 6Apply thine heart unto instru"tion. and thine ears to the words of $nowled#e,6 77 4ro- 9;8)9 6Then he openeth the ears of men. and sealeth their instru"tion.6 77 &o! ;;8)> 64E, Thy testimonies are wonderful8 therefore doth my soul $eep them,6 77 4sa ))*8)9* 6The entran"e of thy words #i-eth li#ht: it #i-eth understandin# unto the simple,6 77 4sa ))*8);B 6And they waited for me as for the rain: and they opened their mouth wide as for the latter rain,6 77 &o! 9*89; 6Behold my ser-ant. whom I uphold: mine ele"t. in whom my soul deli#hteth: I ha-e put my spirit upon him8 he shall !rin# forth ?ud#ment to the entiles,6 77 Isa <98) 6@e shall not "ry. nor lift up. nor "ause his -oi"e to !e heard in the street,6 77 Isa <989 6For ye ha-e need of patien"e. that. after ye ha-e done the will of od. ye mi#ht re"ei-e the promise,6 77 @e! )B8;> 6For yet a little while. and he that shall "ome will "ome. and will not tarry,6 77 @e! )B8;= 6Be patient therefore. !rethren. unto the "omin# of the 0ord, Behold. the hus!andman waiteth for the pre"ious fruit of the earth. and hath lon# patien"e for it. until he re"ei-e the early and latter rain,6 77 &ames +8= 6Be ye also patient: sta!lish your hearts8 for the "omin# of the 0ord draweth ni#h,6 77 &ames +8A 6 rud#e not one a#ainst another. !rethren. lest ye !e "ondemned8 !ehold. the ?ud#e standeth !efore the door,6 77 &ames +8*

6Ta$e. my !rethren. the prophets. who ha-e spo$en in the name of the 0ord. for an e3ample of sufferin# affli"tion. and of patien"e,6 77 &ames +8)B 6Behold. we "ount them happy whi"h endure, 5e ha-e heard of the patien"e of &o!. and ha-e seen the end of the 0ord: that the 0ord is -ery pitiful. and of tender mer"y,6 77 &ames +8)) 6The #rass withereth. the flower fadeth8 !ut the word of our stand for e-er,6 77 Isa <B8A od shall

6O Hion. that !rin#est #ood tidin#s. #et thee up into the hi#h mountain: O &erusalem. that !rin#est #ood tidin#s. lift up thy -oi"e with stren#th: lift it up. !e not afraid: say unto the "ities of &udah. Behold your odE6 77 Isa <B8* 6Behold. the 0ord O1 will "ome with stron# hand. and his arm shall rule for him8 !ehold. his reward is with him. and his wor$ !efore him,6 77 Isa <B8)B 6@e shall feed his flo"$ li$e a shepherd8 he shall #ather the lam!s with his arm. and "arry them in his !osom. and shall #ently lead those that are with youn#,6 77 Isa <B8)) 6@e shall not fail nor !e dis"oura#ed. till he ha-e set ?ud#ment in the earth8 and the isles shall wait for his law,6 77 Isa <98< 60i$e as a lion that is #reedy of his prey. and as it were a youn# lion lur$in# in se"ret pla"es,6 77 4sa )=8)9 6But when I spea$ with thee. I will open thy mouth. and thou shalt say unto them. Thus saith the 0ord O1: @e that heareth. let him hear: and he that for!eareth. let him for!ear8 for they are a re!ellious house,6 77 E'e$ ;89= 62on of man. I ha-e made thee a wat"hman unto the house of Israel8 therefore hear the word at my mouth. and #i-e them warnin# from me,6 77 E'e$ ;8)= 6That this is a re!ellious people. lyin# "hildren. "hildren that will not hear the law of the 0OR186 77 Isa ;B8*

6Therefore they say unto od. 1epart from us: for we desire not the $nowled#e of thy ways,6 77 &o! 9)8)< 6What is the Almi#hty. that we should ser-e himF and what profit should we ha-e. if we pray unto himF6 77 &o! 9)8)+ 6Whi"h say to the seers. 2ee not: and to the prophets. 4rophesy not unto us ri#ht thin#s. spea$ unto us smooth thin#s. prophesy de"eits86 77 Isa ;B8)B 6 et you out of the way. turn aside out of the path. "ause the @oly One of Israel to "ease from !efore us,6 77 Isa ;B8)) 6Wherefore thus saith the @oly One of Israel. Be"ause ye despise this word. and trust in oppression and per-erseness. and stay thereon86 77 Isa ;B8)9 6Therefore this iniDuity shall !e to you as a !rea"h ready to fall. swellin# out in a hi#h wall. whose !rea$in# "ometh suddenly at an instant,6 77 Isa ;B8); 6I ha-e lon# time holden my pea"e: I ha-e !een still. and refrained myself8 now will I "ry li$e a tra-ailin# woman: I will destroy and de-our at on"e,6 77 Isa <98)< 6And I will !rin# the !lind !y a way that they $new not: I will lead them in paths that they ha-e not $nown8 I will ma$e dar$ness li#ht !efore them. and "roo$ed thin#s strai#ht, These thin#s will I do unto them. and not forsa$e them,6 77 Isa <98)> 6@ear. ye deaf: and loo$. ye !lind. that ye may see,6 77 Isa <98)A

6Mas"hil of Asaph, i-e ear. O my people. to my law8 in"line your ears to the words of my mouth,6 77 4sa =A8) 6I will open my mouth in a para!le8 I will utter dar$ sayin#s of old86 77 4sa =A89 6Whi"h we ha-e heard and $nown. and our fathers ha-e told us,6 4sa =A8; 77

6We will not hide them from their "hildren. showin# to the #eneration to "ome the praises of the 0OR1. and his stren#th. and his wonderful wor$s that he hath done,6 77 4sa =A8< 6For he esta!lished a testimony in &a"o!. and appointed a law in Israel. whi"h he "ommanded our fathers. that they should ma$e them $nown to their "hildren86 77 4sa =A8+ 6That the #eneration to "ome mi#ht $now them. e-en the "hildren whi"h should !e !orn: who should arise and de"lare them to their "hildren86 77 4sa =A8> 6That they mi#ht set their hope in od. and not for#et the wor$s of od. !ut $eep his "ommandments86 77 4sa =A8= 6This !oo$ of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth: !ut thou shalt meditate therein day and ni#ht. that thou mayest o!ser-e to do a""ordin# to all that is written therein8 for then thou shalt ma$e thy way prosperous. and then thou shalt ha-e #ood su""ess,6 77 &osh )8A 6@a-e not I "ommanded theeF Be stron# and of a #ood "oura#e: !e not afraid. neither !e thou dismayed8 for the 0OR1 thy od is with thee whithersoe-er thou #oest,6 77 &osh )8* 6Blessed is the man that wal$eth not in the "ounsel of the un#odly. nor standeth in the way of sinners. nor sitteth in the seat of the s"ornful,6 77 4sa )8) 6But his deli#ht is in the law of the 0OR1: and in his law doth he meditate day and ni#ht,6 77 4sa )89 6And he shall !e li$e a tree planted !y the ri-ers of water. that !rin#eth forth his fruit in his season: his leaf also shall not wither: and whatsoe-er he doeth shall prosper,6 77 4sa )8; 6Is it not yet a -ery little while. and 0e!anon shall !e turned into a fruitful field. and the fruitful field shall !e esteemed as a forestF6 77 Isa 9*8)= 6And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the !oo$. and the

eyes of the !lind shall see out of o!s"urity. and out of dar$ness,6 9*8)A

77 Isa

6The mee$ also shall in"rease their ?oy in the 0OR1. and the poor amon# men shall re?oi"e in the @oly One of Israel,6 77 Isa 9*8)* 6 i-e ear. O ye hea-ens. and I will spea$: and hear. O earth. the words of my mouth,6 77 1eu ;98) 6My do"trine shall drop as the rain. my spee"h shall distil as the dew. as the small rain upon the tender her!. and as the showers upon the #rass86 77 1eu ;989 6Be"ause I will pu!lish the name of the 0OR18 as"ri!e ye #reatness unto our od,6 77 1eu ;98; 6In"line your ear. and "ome unto me8 hear. and your soul shall li-e: and I will ma$e an e-erlastin# "o-enant with you. e-en the sure mer"ies of 1a-id,6 77 Isa ++8; 6Behold. I ha-e #i-en him for a witness to the people. a leader and "ommander to the people,6 77 Isa ++8< 6@e is the Ro"$. his wor$ is perfe"t8 for all his ways are ?ud#ment8 a od of truth and without iniDuity. ?ust and ri#ht is he,6 77 1eu ;98< 6Behold. thou shalt "all a nation that thou $nowest not. and nations that $new not thee shall run unto thee !e"ause of the 0OR1 thy od. and for the @oly One of Israel: for he hath #lorified thee,6 77 Isa ++8+ 6%For he saith. I ha-e heard thee in a time a""epted. and in the day of sal-ation ha-e I su""oured thee8 !ehold. now is the a""epted time: !ehold. now is the day of sal-ation,(6 77 9 Cor >89 62ee$ ye the 0OR1 while he may !e found. "all ye upon him while he is near86 77 Isa ++8> 60et the wi"$ed forsa$e his way. and the unri#hteous man his thou#hts8 and let him return unto the 0OR1. and he will ha-e mer"y upon him: and to our od. for

he will a!undantly pardon,6

77 Isa ++8=

6Thus saith the 0OR1. In an a""epta!le time ha-e I heard thee. and in a day of sal-ation ha-e I helped thee8 and I will preser-e thee. and #i-e thee for a "o-enant of the people. to esta!lish the earth. to "ause to inherit the desolate herita#es:6 77 Isa <*8A 6For my thou#hts are not your thou#hts. neither are your ways my ways. saith the 0OR1,6 77 Isa ++8A 6For as the hea-ens are hi#her than the earth. so are my ways hi#her than your ways. and my thou#hts than your thou#hts,6 77 Isa ++8* 6Thou shalt arise. and ha-e mer"y upon Hion8 for the time to fa-our her. yea. the set time. is "ome,6 77 4sa )B98); 6Behold. I show you a mystery: We shall not all sleep. !ut we shall all !e "han#ed.6 77 ) Cor )+8+) 6In a moment. in the twin$lin# of an eye. at the last trump8 for the trumpet shall sound. and the dead shall !e raised in"orrupti!le. and we shall !e "han#ed,6 77 ) Cor )+8+9 6But as for me. my prayer is unto thee. O 0OR1. in an a""epta!le time8 O od. in the multitude of thy mer"y hear me. in the truth of thy sal-ation,6 77 4sa >*8); 6Kui"$en me after thy lo-in#$indness: so shall I $eep the testimony of thy mouth,6 77 4sa ))*8AA 6O that thou wouldest hide me in the #ra-e. that thou wouldest $eep me se"ret. until thy wrath !e past. that thou wouldest appoint me a set time. and remem!er meE6 77 &o! )<8); 6Now will I rise. saith the 0OR1: now will I !e e3alted: now will I lift up myself,6 77 Isa ;;8)B 6For the oppression of the poor. for the si#hin# of the needy. now will I arise. saith the 0OR1: I will set him in safety from him that puffeth at him,6 77 4sa )98+

6For thou shalt !rea$ forth on the ri#ht hand and on the left: and thy seed shall inherit the entiles. and ma$e the desolate "ities to !e inha!ited,6 77 Isa +<8; 6For the mountains shall depart. and the hills !e remo-ed: !ut my $indness shall not depart from thee. neither shall the "o-enant of my pea"e !e remo-ed. saith the 0OR1 that hath mer"y on thee,6 77 Isa +<8)B 6And all thy "hildren shall !e tau#ht of the 0OR1: and #reat shall !e the pea"e of thy "hildren,6 77 Isa +<8); 6In ri#hteousness shalt thou !e esta!lished8 thou shalt !e far from oppression: for thou shalt not fear8 and from terror: for it shall not "ome near thee,6 77 Isa +<8)< 6Behold. they shall surely #ather to#ether. !ut not !y me8 whosoe-er shall #ather to#ether a#ainst thee shall fall for thy sa$e,6 77 Isa +<8)+ 6No weapon that is formed a#ainst thee shall prosper: and e-ery ton#ue that shall rise a#ainst thee in ?ud#ment thou shalt "ondemn, This is the herita#e of the ser-ants of the 0OR1. and their ri#hteousness is of me. saith the 0OR1,6 77 Isa +<8)= 6Thou#h thy !e#innin# was small. yet thy latter end should #reatly in"rease,6 77 &o! A8= 6For inDuire. I pray thee. of the former a#e. and prepare thyself to the sear"h of their fathers86 77 &o! A8A 6%For we are !ut of yesterday. and $now nothin#. !e"ause our days upon earth are a shadow8(6 77 &o! A8* 62hall not they tea"h thee. and tell thee. and utter words out of their heartF6 77 &o! A8)B 6When the 0OR1 shall !uild up Hion. he shall appear in his #lory,6 77 4sa )B98)> 6@e will $eep the feet of his saints. and the wi"$ed shall !e silent in dar$ness: for !y stren#th shall no man pre-ail,6 77 ) 2am 98*

6They that hate thee shall !e "lothed with shame: and the dwellin# pla"e of the wi"$ed shall "ome to nou#ht,6 77 &o! A899 6The ad-ersaries of the 0OR1 shall !e !ro$en to pie"es: out of hea-en shall he thunder upon them8 the 0OR1 shall ?ud#e the ends of the earth: and he shall #i-e stren#th unto his $in#. and e3alt the horn of his anointed,6 77 ) 2am 98)B 6O earth. earth. earth. hear the word of the 0OR1,6 77 &er 9989*

6And I will raise me up a faithful priest. that shall do a""ordin# to that whi"h is in mine heart and in my mind8 and I will !uild him a sure house: and he shall wal$ !efore mine anointed for e-er,6 77 ) 2am 98;+ 6But my faithfulness and my mer"y shall !e with him8 and in my name shall his horn !e e3alted,6 77 4sa A*89< 6@e shall "ry unto me. Thou art my father. my sal-ation,6 77 4sa A*89> od. and the ro"$ of my

6Also I will ma$e him my first!orn. hi#her than the $in#s of the earth,6 77 4sa A*89= 6My mer"y will I $eep for him for e-ermore. and my "o-enant shall stand fast with him,6 77 4sa A*89A 6@is seed also will I ma$e to endure for e-er. and his throne as the days of hea-en,6 77 4sa A*89* 6If his "hildren forsa$e my law. and wal$ not in my ?ud#ments:6 4sa A*8;B 6If they !rea$ my statutes. and $eep not my "ommandments:6 A*8;) 77

77 4sa

6Then will I -isit their trans#ression with the rod. and their iniDuity with stripes,6 77 4sa A*8;9 6Ne-ertheless my lo-in#$indness will I not utterly ta$e from him. nor suffer my faithfulness to fail,6 77 4sa A*8;;

6My "o-enant will I not !rea$. nor alter the thin# that is #one out of my lips,6 77 4sa A*8;< 6@is seed shall endure for e-er. and his throne as the sun !efore me,6 77 4sa A*8;> 6It shall !e esta!lished for e-er as the moon. and as a faithful witness in hea-en, 2elah,6 77 4sa A*8;= 6@ear "ounsel. and re"ei-e instru"tion. that thou mayest !e wise in thy latter end,6 77 4ro- )*89B 6Thus saith the 0OR1 to his anointed. to Cyrus. whose ri#ht hand I ha-e holden. to su!due nations !efore him: and I will loose the loins of $in#s. to open !efore him the two lea-ed #ates: and the #ates shall not !e shut:6 77 Isa <+8) 6I will #o !efore thee. and ma$e the "roo$ed pla"es strai#ht8 I will !rea$ in pie"es the #ates of !rass. and "ut in sunder the !ars of iron86 77 Isa <+89 6And I will #i-e thee the treasures of dar$ness. and hidden ri"hes of se"ret pla"es. that thou mayest $now that I. the 0OR1. whi"h "all thee !y thy name. am the od of Israel,6 77 Isa <+8; 6For sin"e the !e#innin# of the world men ha-e not heard. nor per"ei-ed !y the ear. neither hath the eye seen. O od. !eside thee. what he hath prepared for him that waiteth for him,6 77 Isa ><8< 6Oh how #reat is thy #oodness. whi"h thou hast laid up for them that fear thee: whi"h thou hast wrou#ht for them that trust in thee !efore the sons of menE6 77 4sa ;)8)* 6Thou shalt hide them in the se"ret of thy presen"e from the pride of man8 thou shalt $eep them se"retly in a pa-ilion from the strife of ton#ues,6 77 4sa ;)89B 6Blessed !e the 0OR18 for he hath showed me his mar-ellous $indness in a stron# "ity,6 77 4sa ;)89)

6Thou shalt !e hid from the s"our#e of the ton#ue8 neither shalt thou !e afraid of destru"tion when it "ometh,6 77 &o! +89) 6For thou shalt !e in lea#ue with the stones of the field8 and the !easts of the field shall !e at pea"e with thee,6 77 &o! +89; 6Thou art my hidin# pla"e: thou shalt preser-e me from trou!le: thou shalt "ompass me a!out with son#s of deli-eran"e, 2elah,6 77 4sa ;98= 6But as it is written. Eye hath not seen. nor ear heard. neither ha-e entered into the heart of man. the thin#s whi"h od hath prepared for them that lo-e him,6 77 ) Cor 98* 6But od hath re-ealed them unto us !y his 2pirit8 for the 2pirit sear"heth all thin#s. yea. the deep thin#s of od,6 77 ) Cor 98)B 6Whi"h thin#s also we spea$. not in the words whi"h man/s wisdom tea"heth. !ut whi"h the @oly host tea"heth: "omparin# spiritual thin#s with spiritual,6 77 ) Cor 98); 6Blessed are they that do his "ommandments. that they may ha-e ri#ht to the tree of life. and may enter in throu#h the #ates into the "ity,6 77 Re- 998)< 6Behold. I stand at the door. and $no"$8 if any man hear my -oi"e. and open the door. I will "ome in to him. and will sup with him. and he with me,6 77 Re- ;89B 6To him that o-er"ometh will I #rant to sit with me in my throne. e-en as I also o-er"ame. and am set down with my Father in his throne,6 77 Re;89) 6@e that hath an ear. let him hear what the 2pirit saith unto the "hur"hes,6 77 Re- ;899 62tri-e to enter in at the strait #ate8 for many. I say unto you. will see$ to enter in. and shall not !e a!le,6 77 0u$e );89< 6For without are do#s. and sor"erers. and whoremon#ers. and murderers. and

idolaters. and whosoe-er lo-eth and ma$eth a lie,6

77 Re- 998)+

6And. !ehold. there are last whi"h shall !e first. and there are first whi"h shall !e last,6 77 0u$e );8;B 6And they shall "ome from the east. and from the west. and from the north. and from the south. and shall sit down in the $in#dom of od,6 77 0u$e );89* 6Gerily I say unto you. Whosoe-er shall not re"ei-e the $in#dom of as a little "hild shall in no wise enter therein,6 77 0u$e )A8)= od

6All thin#s are deli-ered to me of my Father8 and no man $noweth who the 2on is. !ut the Father: and who the Father is. !ut the 2on. and he to whom the 2on will re-eal him,6 77 0u$e )B899 60et a man so a""ount of us. as of the ministers of Christ. and stewards of the mysteries of od,6 77 ) Cor <8) 6Therefore ?ud#e nothin# !efore the time. until the 0ord "ome. who !oth will !rin# to li#ht the hidden thin#s of dar$ness. and will ma$e manifest the "ounsels of the hearts8 and then shall e-ery man ha-e praise of od,6 77 ) Cor <8+ 6E-ery man/s wor$ shall !e made manifest8 for the day shall de"lare it. !e"ause it shall !e re-ealed !y fire: and the fire shall try e-ery man/s wor$ of what sort it is,6 77 ) Cor ;8); 6Wherefore !y their fruits ye shall $now them,6 77 Mat =89B

6Not e-ery one that saith unto me. 0ord. 0ord. shall enter into the $in#dom of hea-en: !ut he that doeth the will of my Father whi"h is in hea-en,6 77 Mat =89) 6Many will say to me in that day. 0ord. 0ord. ha-e we not prophesied in thy nameF and in thy name ha-e "ast out de-ilsF and in thy name done many wonderful wor$sF6 77 Mat =899 6And then will I profess unto them. I ne-er $new you8 depart from me. ye that wor$ iniDuity,6 77 Mat =89; 6Therefore whosoe-er heareth these sayin#s of mine. and doeth them. I

will li$en him unto a wise man. whi"h !uilt his house upon a ro"$86 Mat =89<


6And the rain des"ended. and the floods "ame. and the winds !lew. and !eat upon that house: and it fell not8 for it was founded upon a ro"$,6 77 Mat =89+ 6And e-ery one that heareth these sayin#s of mine. and doeth them not. shall !e li$ened unto a foolish man. whi"h !uilt his house upon the sand86 77 Mat =89> 6And the rain des"ended. and the floods "ame. and the winds !lew. and !eat upon that house: and it fell8 and #reat was the fall of it,6 77 Mat =89= 6%For not the hearers of the law are ?ust !efore the law shall !e ?ustified,6 77 Rom 98); 6In the day when a""ordin# to my #ospel,6 od. !ut the doers of

od shall ?ud#e the se"rets of men !y &esus Christ 77 Rom 98)>

6%Whi"h he had promised afore !y his prophets in the holy s"riptures.(6 77 Rom )89 6Whosoe-er therefore shall !e ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful #eneration: of him also shall the 2on of man !e ashamed. when he "ometh in the #lory of his Father with the holy an#els,6 77 Mar$ A8;A 6The 0OR1 is slow to an#er. and #reat in power. and will not at all a"Duit the wi"$ed8 the 0OR1 hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm. and the "louds are the dust of his feet,6 77 Nahum )8; 6The mountains Dua$e at him. and the hills melt. and the earth is !urned at his presen"e. yea. the world. and all that dwell therein,6 77 Nahum )8+ 6Who "an stand !efore his indi#nationF and who "an a!ide in the fier"eness of his an#erF his fury is poured out li$e fire. and the ro"$s are thrown down !y him,6 77 Nahum )8> 6The 0OR1 is #ood. a stron# hold in the day of trou!le: and he $noweth

them that trust in him,6

77 Nahum )8=

6For yet a -ery little while. and the indi#nation shall "ease. and mine an#er in their destru"tion,6 77 Isa )B89+ 62o li$ewise ye. when ye shall see all these thin#s. $now that it is near. e-en at the doors,6 77 Mat 9<8;; 6Behold. I ha-e told you !efore,6 77 Mat 9<89+

6I will spea$. that I may !e refreshed8 I will open my lips and answer,6 77 &o! ;989B 6That I may "ome unto you with ?oy !y the will of !e refreshed,6 77 Rom )+8;9 od. and may with you

6@ear this. ye old men. and #i-e ear. all ye inha!itants of the land, @ath this !een in your days. or e-en in the days of your fathersF6 77 &oel )89 6I ha-e also spo$en !y the prophets. and I ha-e multiplied -isions. and used similitudes. !y the ministry of the prophets,6 77 @osea )98)B 65e are the "hildren of the prophets. and of the "o-enant whi"h made with our fathers. sayin# unto A!raham. And in thy seed shall all the $indreds of the earth !e !lessed,6 77 A"ts ;89+ od

65ea. and all the prophets from 2amuel and those that follow after. as many as ha-e spo$en. ha-e li$ewise foretold of these days,6 77 A"ts ;89< 6For whatsoe-er thin#s were written aforetime were written for our learnin#. that we throu#h patien"e and "omfort of the s"riptures mi#ht ha-e hope,6 77 Rom )+8< 6All s"ripture is #i-en !y inspiration of od. and is profita!le for do"trine. for reproof. for "orre"tion. for instru"tion in ri#hteousness86 77 9 Tim ;8)> 6And the thin#s that thou hast heard of me amon# many witnesses. the same "ommit thou to faithful men. who shall !e a!le to tea"h others also,6

77 9 Tim 989 6Repent ye therefore. and !e "on-erted. that your sins may !e !lotted out. when the times of refreshin# shall "ome from the presen"e of the 0ord:6 77 A"ts ;8)* 6And he shall send &esus Christ. whi"h !efore was prea"hed unto you86 77 A"ts ;89B 6Whom the hea-en must re"ei-e until the times of restitution of all thin#s. whi"h od hath spo$en !y the mouth of all his holy prophets sin"e the world !e#an,6 77 A"ts ;89) 6For Moses truly said unto the fathers. A prophet shall the 0ord your od raise up unto you of your !rethren. li$e unto me: him shall ye hear in all thin#s whatsoe-er he shall say unto you,6 77 A"ts ;899 6And it shall "ome to pass. that e-ery soul. whi"h will not hear that prophet. shall !e destroyed from amon# the people,6 77 A"ts ;89; 6It is written in the prophets. And they shall !e all tau#ht of od, E-ery man therefore that hath heard. and hath learned of the Father. "ometh unto me,6 77 &ohn >8<+ 6No man "an "ome to me. e3"ept the Father whi"h hath sent me draw him8 and I will raise him up at the last day,6 77 &ohn >8<< 6For the 2on of man is "ome to see$ and to sa-e that whi"h was lost,6 77 0u$e )*8)B 6For od so lo-ed the world. that he #a-e his only !e#otten 2on. that whosoe-er !elie-eth in him should not perish. !ut ha-e e-erlastin# life,6 77 &ohn ;8)> 6For od sent not his 2on into the world to "ondemn the world: !ut that the world throu#h him mi#ht !e sa-ed,6 77 &ohn ;8)= 6@e that !elie-eth on him is not "ondemned8 !ut he that !elie-eth not is "ondemned already. !e"ause he hath not !elie-ed in the name of the only !e#otten 2on of od,6 77 &ohn ;8)A 6And this is the "ondemnation. that li#ht is "ome into the world. and

men lo-ed dar$ness rather than li#ht. !e"ause their deeds were e-il,6 77 &ohn ;8)* 6For e-ery one that doeth e-il hateth the li#ht. neither "ometh to the li#ht. lest his deeds should !e repro-ed,6 77 &ohn ;89B 6But he that doeth truth "ometh to the li#ht. that his deeds may !e made manifest. that they are wrou#ht in od,6 77 &ohn ;89) 6Blessed are those ser-ants. whom the lord when he "ometh shall find wat"hin#8 -erily I say unto you. that he shall #ird himself. and ma$e them to sit down to meat. and will "ome forth and ser-e them,6 77 0u$e )98;= 60a!our not for the meat whi"h perisheth. !ut for that meat whi"h endureth unto e-erlastin# life. whi"h the 2on of man shall #i-e unto you8 for him hath od the Father sealed,6 77 &ohn >89= 61oth not the ear try wordsF and the mouth taste his meatF6 )98)) 77 &o!

6&esus saith unto them. My meat is to do the will of him that sent me. and to finish his wor$,6 77 &ohn <8;< 6I drew them with "ords of a man. with !ands of lo-e8 and I was to them as they that ta$e off the yo$e on their ?aws. and I laid meat unto them,6 77 @osea ))8< 6With the an"ient is wisdom: and in len#th of days understandin#,6 77 &o! )98)9 6They shall wal$ after the 0OR18 he shall roar li$e a lion8 when he shall roar. then the "hildren shall trem!le from the west,6 77 @osea ))8)B 6Now. !rethren. if I "ome unto you spea$in# with ton#ues. what shall I profit you. e3"ept I shall spea$ to you either !y re-elation. or !y $nowled#e. or !y prophesyin#. or !y do"trineF6 77 ) Cor )<8> 62o li$ewise ye. e3"ept ye utter !y the ton#ue words easy to !e understood. how shall it !e $nown what is spo$enF for ye shall spea$ into the air,6 77 ) Cor )<8*

6For then will I turn to the people a pure lan#ua#e. that they may all "all upon the name of the 0OR1. to ser-e him with one "onsent,6 77 Hep ;8* 6&esus answered them. and said. My do"trine is not mine. !ut his that sent me,6 77 &ohn =8)> 6If any man will do his will. he shall $now of the do"trine. whether it !e of od. or whether I spea$ of myself,6 77 &ohn =8)= 6That we hen"eforth !e no more "hildren. tossed to and fro. and "arried a!out with e-ery wind of do"trine. !y the slei#ht of men. and "unnin# "raftiness. where!y they lie in wait to de"ei-e:6 77 Eph <8)< 6That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men. !ut in the power of od,6 77 ) Cor 98+ 6Now we ha-e re"ei-ed. not the spirit of the world. !ut the spirit whi"h is of od: that we mi#ht $now the thin#s that are freely #i-en to us of od,6 77 ) Cor 98)9 6For pre"ept must !e upon pre"ept. pre"ept upon pre"ept: line upon line. line upon line: here a little. and there a little86 77 Isa 9A8)B 6For with stammerin# lips and another ton#ue will he spea$ to this people,6 77 Isa 9A8)) 6For the earth shall !e filled with the $nowled#e of the #lory of the 0OR1. as the waters "o-er the sea,6 77 @a! 98)< 6Wherefore ta$e unto you the whole armour of od. that ye may !e a!le to withstand in the e-il day. and ha-in# done all. to stand,6 77 Eph >8); 6Mine eyes shall !e upon the faithful of the land. that they may dwell with me8 he that wal$eth in a perfe"t way. he shall ser-e me,6 77 4sa )B)8> 6For now will I !rea$ his yo$e from off thee. and will !urst thy !onds in sunder,6 77 Nahum )8); 62tand therefore. ha-in# your loins #irt a!out with truth. and ha-in#

on the !reastplate of ri#hteousness:6

77 Eph >8)<

6And your feet shod with the preparation of the #ospel of pea"e:6 77 Eph >8)+ 6A!o-e all. ta$in# the shield of faith. wherewith ye shall !e a!le to Duen"h all the fiery darts of the wi"$ed,6 77 Eph >8)> 6And ta$e the helmet of sal-ation. and the sword of the 2pirit. whi"h is the word of od86 77 Eph >8)= 6Finally. !rethren. whatsoe-er thin#s are true. whatsoe-er thin#s are honest. whatsoe-er thin#s are ?ust. whatsoe-er thin#s are pure. whatsoe-er thin#s are lo-ely. whatsoe-er thin#s are of #ood report: if there !e any -irtue. and if there !e any praise. thin$ on these thin#s,6 77 4hil <8A 62eein# then that we ha-e su"h hope. we use #reat plainness of spee"h86 77 9 Cor ;8)9 6Those thin#s. whi"h ye ha-e !oth learned. and re"ei-ed. and heard. and seen in me. do8 and the od of pea"e shall !e with you,6 77 4hil <8* 6For we wrestle not a#ainst flesh and !lood. !ut a#ainst prin"ipalities. a#ainst powers. a#ainst the rulers of the dar$ness of this world. a#ainst spiritual wi"$edness in hi#h pla"es,6 77 Eph >8)9 6Then spa$e &esus a#ain unto them. sayin#. I am the li#ht of the world8 he that followeth me shall not wal$ in dar$ness. !ut shall ha-e the li#ht of life,6 77 &ohn A8)9 6My sheep hear my -oi"e. and I $now them. and they follow me86 &ohn )B89= 77

6And &esus said. For ?ud#ment I am "ome into this world. that they whi"h see not mi#ht see: and that they whi"h see mi#ht !e made !lind,6 77 &ohn *8;* 6And as he sat upon the mount of Oli-es. the dis"iples "ame unto him pri-ately. sayin#. Tell us. when shall these thin#s !eF and what shall !e the si#n of thy "omin#. and of the end of the worldF6 77 Mat 9<8;

6And &esus answered and said unto them. Ta$e heed that no man de"ei-e you,6 77 Mat 9<8< 6For many shall "ome in my name. sayin#. I am Christ: and shall de"ei-e many,6 77 Mat 9<8+ 6Wat"h therefore. for ye $now neither the day nor the hour wherein the 2on of man "ometh,6 77 Mat 9+8); 6But of the times and the seasons. !rethren. ye ha-e no need that I write unto you,6 77 ) Th +8) 6For yoursel-es $now perfe"tly that the day of the 0ord so "ometh as a thief in the ni#ht,6 77 ) Th +89 6For when they shall say. 4ea"e and safety: then sudden destru"tion "ometh upon them. as tra-ail upon a woman with "hild: and they shall not es"ape,6 77 ) Th +8; 6But ye. !rethren. are not in dar$ness. that that day should o-erta$e you as a thief,6 77 ) Th +8< 65e are all the "hildren of li#ht. and the "hildren of the day8 we are not of the ni#ht. nor of dar$ness,6 77 ) Th +8+ 6Therefore let us not sleep. as do others: !ut let us wat"h and !e so!er,6 77 ) Th +8> 6%A""ordin# as it is written. od hath #i-en them the spirit of slum!er. eyes that they should not see. and ears that they should not hear:( unto this day,6 77 Rom ))8A 6And 1a-id saith. 0et their ta!le !e made a snare. and a trap. and a stum!lin#!lo"$. and a re"ompense unto them86 77 Rom ))8* 60et their eyes !e dar$ened that they may not see. and !ow down their !a"$ alway,6 77 Rom ))8)B 6And for this "ause should od shall send them stron# delusion. that they

!elie-e a lie86

77 9 Th 98))

6For they that sleep sleep in the ni#ht: and they that !e drun$en are drun$en in the ni#ht,6 77 ) Th +8= 6But let us. who are of the day. !e so!er. puttin# on the !reastplate of faith and lo-e: and for an helmet. the hope of sal-ation,6 77 ) Th +8A 6Kuen"h not the 2pirit,6 61espise not prophesyin#s,6 77 ) Th +8)* 77 ) Th +89B 77 ) Th +89)

64ro-e all thin#s: hold fast that whi"h is #ood,6

60et e-ery soul !e su!?e"t unto the hi#her powers, For there is no power !ut of od8 the powers that !e are ordained of od,6 77 Rom );8) 6Whosoe-er therefore resisteth the power. resisteth the ordinan"e of od8 and they that resist shall re"ei-e to themsel-es damnation,6 77 Rom );89 60et no man de"ei-e you with -ain words8 for !e"ause of these thin#s "ometh the wrath of od upon the "hildren of diso!edien"e,6 77 Eph +8> 6Be not ye therefore parta$ers with them,6 64ro-in# what is a""epta!le unto the 0ord,6 77 Eph +8= 77 Eph +8)B

6For ye were sometimes dar$ness. !ut now are ye li#ht in the 0ord8 wal$ as "hildren of li#ht86 77 Eph +8A 6%For the fruit of the 2pirit is in all #oodness and ri#hteousness and truth:(6 77 Eph +8* 6And ha-e no fellowship with the unfruitful wor$s of dar$ness. !ut rather repro-e them,6 77 Eph +8)) 6For it is a shame e-en to spea$ of those thin#s whi"h are done of them in se"ret,6 77 Eph +8)9 6Wherefore !e ye not unwise. !ut understandin# what the will of the 0ord is,6 77 Eph +8)= 6And that. $nowin# the time. that now it is hi#h time to awa$e out of sleep8

for now is our sal-ation nearer than when we !elie-ed,6

77 Rom );8))

6The ni#ht is far spent. the day is at hand8 let us therefore "ast off the wor$s of dar$ness. and let us put on the armour of li#ht,6 77 Rom );8)9 6That Christ may dwell in your hearts !y faith: that ye. !ein# rooted and #rounded in lo-e.6 77 Eph ;8)= 6May !e a!le to "omprehend with all saints what is the !readth. and len#th. and depth. and hei#ht:6 77 Eph ;8)A 6And to $now the lo-e of Christ. whi"h passeth $nowled#e. that ye mi#ht !e filled with all the fulness of od,6 77 Eph ;8)* 6@ow that !y re-elation he made $nown unto me the mystery: afore in few words.6 77 Eph ;8; %as I wrote

6Where!y. when ye read. ye may understand my $nowled#e in the mystery of Christ(6 77 Eph ;8< 6Whereof I was made a minister. a""ordin# to the #ift of the #ra"e of od #i-en unto me !y the effe"tual wor$in# of his power,6 77 Eph ;8= 6That he would #rant you. a""ordin# to the ri"hes of his #lory. to !e stren#thened with mi#ht !y his 2pirit in the inner man:6 77 Eph ;8)> 6That the entiles should !e fellowheirs. and of the same !ody. and parta$ers of his promise in Christ !y the #ospel86 77 Eph ;8> 6Now unto him that is a!le to do e3"eedin# a!undantly a!o-e all that we as$ or thin$. a""ordin# to the power that wor$eth in us.6 77 Eph ;89B 6For od. who "ommanded the li#ht to shine out of dar$ness. hath shined in our hearts. to #i-e the li#ht of the $nowled#e of the #lory of od in the fa"e of &esus Christ,6 77 9 Cor <8> 6This is a #reat mystery8 !ut I spea$ "on"ernin# Christ and the "hur"h,6 77 Eph +8;9 6For throu#h him we !oth ha-e a""ess !y one 2pirit unto the Father,6 77 Eph 98)A

6Now therefore ye are no more stran#ers and forei#ners. !ut fellow"iti'ens with the saints. and of the household of od:6 77 Eph 98)* 6And are !uilt upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets. &esus Christ himself !ein# the "hief "orner stone:6 77 Eph 989B 6In whom all the !uildin# fitly framed to#ether #roweth unto an holy temple in the 0ord86 77 Eph 989) 6In whom ye also are !uilded to#ether for an ha!itation of the 2pirit,6 77 Eph 9899 od throu#h

6There is one !ody. and one 2pirit. e-en as ye are "alled in one hope of your "allin#:6 77 Eph <8< 6One 0ord. one faith. one !aptism.6 77 Eph <8+

6One od and Father of all. who is a!o-e all. and throu#h all. and in you all,6 77 Eph <8> 6But unto e-ery one of us is #i-en #ra"e a""ordin# to the measure of the #ift of Christ,6 77 Eph <8= 60et not your heart !e trou!led8 ye !elie-e in me,6 77 &ohn )<8) od. !elie-e also in

6In my Father/s house are many mansions8 if it were not so. I would ha-e told you, I #o to prepare a pla"e for you,6 77 &ohn )<89 6And if I #o and prepare a pla"e for you. I will "ome a#ain. and re"ei-e you unto myself: that where I am. there ye may !e also,6 77 &ohn )<8; 6And whither I #o ye $now. and the way ye $now,6 77 &ohn )<8<

6Wherefore he saith. When he as"ended up on hi#h. he led "apti-ity "apti-e. and #a-e #ifts unto men,6 77 Eph <8A 6And he #a-e some. apostles: and some. prophets: and some. e-an#elists: and some. pastors and tea"hers:6 77 Eph <8))

6For the perfe"tin# of the saints. for the wor$ of the ministry. for the edifyin# of the !ody of Christ86 77 Eph <8)9 6Till we all "ome in the unity of the faith. and of the $nowled#e of the 2on of od. unto a perfe"t man. unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ86 77 Eph <8); 6That in the dispensation of the fulness of times he mi#ht #ather to#ether in one all thin#s in Christ. !oth whi"h are in hea-en. and whi"h are on earth: e-en in him86 77 Eph )8)B 6And to ma$e all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery. whi"h from the !e#innin# of the world hath !een hid in od. who "reated all thin#s !y &esus Christ86 77 Eph ;8* 6That they may wal$ in my statutes. and $eep mine ordinan"es. and do them8 and they shall !e my people. and I will !e their od,6 77 E'e$ ))89B 6Behold. I will #ather them out of all "ountries. whither I ha-e dri-en them in mine an#er. and in my fury. and in #reat wrath: and I will !rin# them a#ain unto this pla"e. and I will "ause them to dwell safely86 77 &er ;98;= 6For it shall "ome to pass in that day. saith the 0OR1 of hosts. that I will !rea$ his yo$e from off thy ne"$. and will !urst thy !onds. and stran#ers shall no more ser-e themsel-es of him86 77 &er ;B8A 6Therefore say. Thus saith the 0ord O1: I will e-en #ather you from the people. and assem!le you out of the "ountries where ye ha-e !een s"attered. and I will #i-e you the land of Israel,6 77 E'e$ ))8)= 6And I will #i-e them one heart. and I will put a new spirit within you: and I will ta$e the stony heart out of their flesh. and will #i-e them an heart of flesh86 77 E'e$ ))8)* 6And they shall !e my people. and I will !e their od86 77 &er ;98;A

6And I will #i-e them one heart. and one way. that they may fear me for e-er.

for the #ood of them. and of their "hildren after them86

77 &er ;98;*

6And I will ma$e an e-erlastin# "o-enant with them. that I will not turn away from them. to do them #ood: !ut I will put my fear in their hearts. that they shall not depart from me,6 77 &er ;98<B 65ea. I will re?oi"e o-er them to do them #ood. and I will plant them in this land assuredly with my whole heart and with my whole soul,6 77 &er ;98<) 6For thus saith the 0OR1: 0i$e as I ha-e !rou#ht all this #reat e-il upon this people. so will I !rin# upon them all the #ood that I ha-e promised them,6 77 &er ;98<9 6Behold. I will !rin# it health and "ure. and I will "ure them. and will re-eal unto them the a!undan"e of pea"e and truth,6 77 &er ;;8> 6And I will "leanse them from all their iniDuity. where!y they ha-e sinned a#ainst me: and I will pardon all their iniDuities. where!y they ha-e sinned. and where!y they ha-e trans#ressed a#ainst me,6 77 &er ;;8A 6And it shall !e to me a name of ?oy. a praise and an honour !efore all the nations of the earth. whi"h shall hear all the #ood that I do unto them8 and they shall fear and trem!le for all the #oodness and for all the prosperity that I pro"ure unto it,6 77 &er ;;8* 6For I will restore health unto thee. and I will heal thee of thy wounds. saith the 0OR1: !e"ause they "alled thee an Out"ast. sayin#. This is Hion. whom no man see$eth after,6 77 &er ;B8)= 6And out of them shall pro"eed than$s#i-in# and the -oi"e of them that ma$e merry8 and I will multiply them. and they shall not !e few: I will also #lorify them. and they shall not !e small,6 77 &er ;B8)* 6Their "hildren also shall !e as aforetime. and their "on#re#ation shall !e esta!lished !efore me. and I will punish all that oppress them,6 77 &er ;B89B 6For I $now the thou#hts that I thin$ toward you. saith the 0OR1.

thou#hts of pea"e. and not of e-il. to #i-e you an e3pe"ted end,6

77 &er 9*8))

6As he spa$e !y the mouth of his holy prophets. whi"h ha-e !een sin"e the world !e#an86 77 0u$e )8=B 6That thou mi#htest $now the "ertainty of those thin#s. wherein thou hast !een instru"ted,6 77 0u$e )8< 6Then shall ye "all upon me. and ye shall #o and pray unto me. and I will hear$en unto you,6 77 &er 9*8)9 6And ye shall see$ me. and find me. when ye shall sear"h for me with all your heart,6 77 &er 9*8); 6And I will !e "apti-ity. and pla"es whither I ha-e into the pla"e when"e I found of you. saith the 0OR18 and I will turn away your I will #ather you from all the nations. and from all the dri-en you. saith the 0OR1: and I will !rin# you a#ain "aused you to !e "arried away "apti-e,6 77 &er 9*8)<

6Call unto me. and I will answer thee. and show thee #reat and mi#hty thin#s. whi"h thou $nowest not,6 77 &er ;;8; 6For e-ery one that as$eth re"ei-eth: and he that see$eth findeth: and to him that $no"$eth it shall !e opened,6 77 Mat =8A 6Enter ye in at the strait #ate8 for wide is the #ate. and !road is the way. that leadeth to destru"tion. and many there !e whi"h #o in thereat86 77 Mat =8); 6Be"ause strait is the #ate. and narrow is the way. whi"h leadeth unto life. and few there !e that find it,6 77 Mat =8)< 6Therefore all thin#s whatsoe-er ye would that men should do to you. do ye e-en so to them8 for this is the law and the prophets,6 77 Mat =8)9 6Woe to the re!ellious "hildren. saith the 0OR1. that ta$e "ounsel. !ut not of me: and that "o-er with a "o-erin#. !ut not of my spirit. that they may add sin to sin86 77 Isa ;B8) 6And when they shall say unto you. 2ee$ unto them that ha-e familiar

spirits. and unto wi'ards that peep. and that mutter8 should not a people see$ unto their odF for the li-in# to the deadF6 77 Isa A8)* 6Thus saith the 0ord O1: Woe unto the foolish prophets. that follow their own spirit. and ha-e seen nothin#E6 77 E'e$ );8; 6Beware of false prophets. whi"h "ome to you in sheep/s "lothin#. !ut inwardly they are ra-enin# wol-es,6 77 Mat =8)+ 6To the law and to the testimony8 if they spea$ not a""ordin# to this word. it is !e"ause there is no li#ht in them,6 77 Isa A89B 6Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy "ounsels, 0et now the astrolo#ers. the star#a'ers. the monthly pro#nosti"ators. stand up. and sa-e thee from these thin#s that shall "ome upon thee,6 77 Isa <=8); 6And they shall loo$ unto the earth: and !ehold trou!le and dar$ness. dimness of an#uish: and they shall !e dri-en to dar$ness,6 77 Isa A899 6Cast away from you all your trans#ressions. where!y ye ha-e trans#ressed: and ma$e you a new heart and a new spirit8 for why will ye die. O house of IsraelF6 77 E'e$ )A8;) 6For I ha-e no pleasure in the death of him that dieth. saith the 0ord O18 wherefore turn yoursel-es. and li-e ye,6 77 E'e$ )A8;9 60oo$ unto me. and !e ye sa-ed. all the ends of the earth8 for I am od. and there is none else,6 77 Isa <+899 6@e that hath an ear. let him hear what the 2pirit saith unto the "hur"hes,6 77 Re- 989* 6Follow after "harity. and desire spiritual #ifts. !ut rather that ye may prophesy,6 77 ) Cor )<8) 6Thou#h I spea$ with the ton#ues of men and of an#els. and ha-e not "harity. I am !e"ome as soundin# !rass. or a tin$lin# "ym!al,6 77 ) Cor );8) 6And thou#h I ha-e the #ift of prophe"y. and understand all mysteries. and all

$nowled#e: and thou#h I ha-e all faith. so that I "ould remo-e mountains. and ha-e not "harity. I am nothin#,6 77 ) Cor );89 6And thou#h I !estow all my #oods to feed the poor. and thou#h I #i-e my !ody to !e !urned. and ha-e not "harity. it profiteth me nothin#,6 77 ) Cor );8; 6O that they were wise. that they understood this. that they would "onsider their latter endE6 77 1eu ;989* 6And he said. @ear now my words8 If there !e a prophet amon# you. I the 0OR1 will ma$e myself $nown unto him in a -ision. and will spea$ unto him in a dream,6 77 Num )98> 6The prophet that hath a dream. let him tell a dream: and he that hath my word. let him spea$ my word faithfully, What is the "haff to the wheatF saith the 0OR1,6 77 &er 9;89A 6Is not my word li$e as a fireF saith the 0OR1: and li$e a hammer that !rea$eth the ro"$ in pie"esF6 77 &er 9;89* 6Turn you at my reproof8 !ehold. I will pour out my spirit unto you. I will ma$e $nown my words unto you,6 77 4ro- )89; 6And the spirit of the 0OR1 will "ome upon thee. and thou shalt prophesy with them. and shalt !e turned into another man,6 77 ) 2am )B8> 6But there is a spirit in man8 and the inspiration of the Almi#hty #i-eth them understandin#,6 77 &o! ;98A 6I would $now the words whi"h he would answer me. and understand what he would say unto me,6 77 &o! 9;8+ 6For the @oly host shall tea"h you in the same hour what ye ou#ht to say,6 77 0u$e )98)9 6Then opened he their understandin#. that they mi#ht understand the s"riptures.6 77 0u$e 9<8<+ 6And they said one to another. 1id not our heart !urn within us. while he tal$ed with us !y the way. and while he opened to us the s"ripturesF6

77 0u$e 9<8;9 6For ye may all prophesy one !y one. that all may learn. and all may !e "omforted,6 77 ) Cor )<8;) 6And the spirits of the prophets are su!?e"t to the prophets,6 77 ) Cor )<8;9 6And he said. Cnto you it is #i-en to $now the mysteries of the $in#dom of od8 !ut to others in para!les: that seein# they mi#ht not see. and hearin# they mi#ht not understand,6 77 0u$e A8)B 6And ye are witnesses of these thin#s,6 77 0u$e 9<8<A

6Whi"h in other a#es was not made $nown unto the sons of men. as it is now re-ealed unto his holy apostles and prophets !y the 2pirit:6 77 Eph ;8+ 6All these thin#s spa$e &esus unto the multitude in para!les: and without a para!le spa$e he not unto them86 77 Mat );8;< 6That it mi#ht !e fulfilled whi"h was spo$en !y the prophet. sayin#. I will open my mouth in para!les: I will utter thin#s whi"h ha-e !een $ept se"ret from the foundation of the world,6 77 Mat );8;+ 6But we spea$ the wisdom of od in a mystery. e-en the hidden wisdom. whi"h od ordained !efore the world unto our #lory86 77 ) Cor 98= 6But I "ertify you. !rethren. that the #ospel whi"h was prea"hed of me is not after man,6 77 al )8)) 6For I neither re"ei-ed it of man. neither was I tau#ht it. !ut !y the re-elation of &esus Christ,6 77 al )8)9 6Now to him that is of power to sta!lish you a""ordin# to my #ospel. and the prea"hin# of &esus Christ. a""ordin# to the re-elation of the mystery. whi"h was $ept se"ret sin"e the world !e#an.6 77 Rom )>89+ 6But now is made manifest. and !y the s"riptures of the prophets. a""ordin# to the "ommandment of the e-erlastin# od. made $nown to all nations for the o!edien"e of faith86 77 Rom )>89>

6The Re-elation of &esus Christ. whi"h od #a-e unto him. to show unto his ser-ants thin#s whi"h must shortly "ome to pass: and he sent and si#nified it !y his an#el unto his ser-ant &ohn86 77 Re- )8) 6Who !are re"ord of the word of od. and of the testimony of &esus Christ. and of all thin#s that he saw,6 77 Re- )89 6E-en the mystery whi"h hath !een hid from a#es and from #enerations. !ut now is made manifest to his saints86 77 Col )89> 6And I &ohn saw these thin#s. and heard them, And when I had heard and seen. I fell down to worship !efore the feet of the an#el whi"h showed me these thin#s,6 77 Re- 998A 6Then saith he unto me. 2ee thou do it not8 for I am thy fellowser-ant. and of thy !rethren the prophets. and of them whi"h $eep the sayin#s of this !oo$8 worship od,6 77 Re- 998* 65e are my witnesses. saith the 0OR1. and my ser-ant whom I ha-e "hosen8 that ye may $now and !elie-e me. and understand that I am he8 !efore me there was no od formed. neither shall there !e after me,6 77 Isa <;8)B 6Therefore seein# we ha-e this ministry. as we ha-e re"ei-ed mer"y. we faint not:6 77 9 Cor <8) 6But ha-e renoun"ed the hidden thin#s of dishonesty. not wal$in# in "raftiness. nor handlin# the word of od de"eitfully: !ut !y manifestation of the truth "ommendin# oursel-es to e-ery man/s "ons"ien"e in the si#ht of od,6 77 9 Cor <89 6And my spee"h and my prea"hin# was not with enti"in# words of man/s wisdom. !ut in demonstration of the 2pirit and of power86 77 ) Cor 98< 6I will in"line mine ear to a para!le8 I will open my dar$ sayin# upon the harp,6 77 4sa <*8< 6And he said unto them. o ye into all the world. and prea"h the #ospel to e-ery "reature,6 77 Mar$ )>8)+

6For I will #i-e you a mouth and wisdom. whi"h all your ad-ersaries shall not !e a!le to #ainsay nor resist,6 77 0u$e 9)8)+ 6Now therefore #o. and I will !e with thy mouth. and tea"h thee what thou shalt say,6 77 E3o <8)9 6The 0ord O1 hath #i-en me the ton#ue of the learned. that I should $now how to spea$ a word in season to him that is weary8 he wa$eneth mornin# !y mornin#. he wa$eneth mine ear to hear as the learned,6 77 Isa +B8< 6To the "hief Musi"ian. A 4salm for the sons of Korah, @ear this. all ye people: #i-e ear. all ye inha!itants of the world86 77 4sa <*8) 6Both low and hi#h. ri"h and poor. to#ether,6 77 4sa <*89

6My mouth shall spea$ of wisdom: and the meditation of my heart shall !e of understandin#,6 77 4sa <*8; 6And they were not a!le to resist the wisdom and the spirit !y whi"h he spa$e,6 77 A"ts >8)B 6The 0ord O1 hath opened mine ear. and I was not re!ellious. neither turned away !a"$,6 77 Isa +B8+ 60o. mine eye hath seen all this. mine ear hath heard and understood it,6 77 &o! );8) 6And he said unto them. Know ye not this para!leF and how then will ye $now all para!lesF6 77 Mar$ <8); 6For many are "alled. !ut few are "hosen,6 77 Mat 998)<

6But he said unto them. All men "annot re"ei-e this sayin#. sa-e they to whom it is #i-en,6 77 Mat )*8)) 6If the world hate you. ye $now that it hated me !efore it hated you,6 77 &ohn )+8)A 6If ye were of the world. the world would lo-e his own8 !ut !e"ause ye are not of the world. !ut I ha-e "hosen you out of the world. therefore the world hateth you,6 77 &ohn )+8)* 65e ha-e not "hosen me. !ut I ha-e "hosen you. and ordained you. that

ye should #o and !rin# forth fruit. and that your fruit should remain8 that whatsoe-er ye shall as$ of the Father in my name. he may #i-e it you,6 77 &ohn )+8)> 6But !lessed are your eyes. for they see8 and your ears. for they hear,6 77 Mat );8)> 6For -erily I say unto you. That many prophets and ri#hteous men ha-e desired to see those thin#s whi"h ye see. and ha-e not seen them: and to hear those thin#s whi"h ye hear. and ha-e not heard them,6 77 Mat );8)= 6And the dis"iples "ame. and said unto him. Why spea$est thou unto them in para!lesF6 77 Mat );8)B 6@e answered and said unto them. Be"ause it is #i-en unto you to $now the mysteries of the $in#dom of hea-en. !ut to them it is not #i-en,6 77 Mat );8)) 6For whosoe-er hath. to him shall !e #i-en. and he shall ha-e more a!undan"e8 !ut whosoe-er hath not. from him shall !e ta$en away e-en that he hath,6 77 Mat );8)9 6Therefore spea$ I to them in para!les8 !e"ause they seein# see not: and hearin# they hear not. neither do they understand,6 77 Mat );8); 6And in them is fulfilled the prophe"y of Esaias. whi"h saith. By hearin# ye shall hear. and shall not understand: and seein# ye shall see. and shall not per"ei-e86 77 Mat );8)< 6For this people/s heart hearin#. and their eyes they ha-e their eyes and hear with their and should !e "on-erted. and is wa3ed #ross. and their ears are dull of "losed: lest at any time they should see with ears. and should understand with their heart. I should heal them,6 77 Mat );8)+

6And he said unto them. Ta$e heed what ye hear8 with what measure ye mete. it shall !e measured to you8 and unto you that hear shall more !e #i-en,6 77 Mar$ <89<

6The lion hath roared. who will not fearF the 0ord "an !ut prophesyF6 77 Amos ;8A

O1 hath spo$en. who

62urely the 0ord O1 will do nothin#. !ut he re-ealeth his se"ret unto his ser-ants the prophets,6 77 Amos ;8= 6And he said unto them. @e that hath ears to hear. let him hear,6 77 Mar$ <8* 6A 4salm of 1a-id, The earth is the 0OR1/2. and the fulness thereof: the world. and they that dwell therein,6 77 4sa 9<8) 6O 0OR1. I $now that the way of man is not in himself8 it is not in man that wal$eth to dire"t his steps,6 77 &er )B89; 6Man/s #oin#s are of the 0OR1: how "an a man then understand his own wayF6 77 4ro- 9B89< 6The steps of a #ood man are ordered !y the 0OR18 and he deli#hteth in his way,6 77 4sa ;=89; 6My help "ometh from the 0OR1. whi"h made hea-en and earth,6 )9)89 77 4sa

6A 2on# of de#rees, I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills. from when"e "ometh my help,6 77 4sa )9)8) 6@e will not suffer thy foot to !e mo-ed8 he that $eepeth thee will not slum!er,6 77 4sa )9)8; 6Behold. he that $eepeth Israel shall neither slum!er nor sleep,6 77 4sa )9)8< 6The 0OR1 is thy $eeper8 the 0OR1 is thy shade upon thy ri#ht hand,6 77 4sa )9)8+ 6The sun shall not smite thee !y day. nor the moon !y ni#ht,6 )9)8> 77 4sa

6The 0OR1 shall preser-e thee from all e-il8 he shall preser-e thy soul,6 77 4sa )9)8= 6The 0OR1 shall preser-e thy #oin# out and thy "omin# in from this time forth. and e-en for e-ermore,6 77 4sa )9)8A

6Trust in the 0OR1 with all thine heart: and lean not unto thine own understandin#,6 77 4ro- ;8+ 6In all thy ways a"$nowled#e him. and he shall dire"t thy paths,6 77 4ro- ;8> 6But the end of all thin#s is at hand8 !e ye therefore so!er. and wat"h unto prayer,6 77 ) 4et <8= 6Be not wise in thine own eyes8 fear the 0OR1. and depart from e-il,6 77 4ro- ;8= 6For this is he. of whom it is written. Behold. I send my messen#er !efore thy fa"e. whi"h shall prepare thy way !efore thee,6 77 Mat ))8)B 6And the an#el whi"h I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to hea-en.6 77 Re- )B8+ 6And sware !y him that li-eth for e-er and e-er. who "reated hea-en. and the thin#s that therein are. and the earth. and the thin#s that therein are. and the sea. and the thin#s whi"h are therein. that there should !e time no lon#er86 77 Re- )B8> 6The #reat day of the 0OR1 is near. it is near. and hasteth #reatly. e-en the -oi"e of the day of the 0OR18 the mi#hty man shall "ry there !itterly,6 77 Hep )8)< 6That day is a day of wrath. a day of trou!le and distress. a day of wasteness and desolation. a day of dar$ness and #loominess. a day of "louds and thi"$ dar$ness.6 77 Hep )8)+ 6This $now also. that in the last days perilous times shall "ome,6 77 9 Tim ;8) 6For men shall !e lo-ers of their own sel-es. "o-etous. !oasters. proud. !lasphemers. diso!edient to parents. unthan$ful. unholy.6 77 9 Tim ;89 6Without natural affe"tion. tru"e!rea$ers. false a""users. in"ontinent. fier"e. despisers of those that are #ood.6 77 9 Tim ;8; 6Traitors. heady. hi#hminded. lo-ers of pleasures more than lo-ers of od:6 77 9 Tim ;8<

6@a-in# a form of #odliness. !ut denyin# the power thereof8 from su"h turn away,6 77 9 Tim ;8+ 6Behold. I am a#ainst thee. O thou most proud. saith the 0ord O1 of hosts8 for thy day is "ome. the time that I will -isit thee,6 77 &er +B8;) 6And the most proud shall stum!le and fall. and none shall raise him up8 and I will $indle a fire in his "ities. and it shall de-our all round a!out him,6 77 &er +B8;9 6Therefore all they that de-our thee shall !e de-oured: and all thine ad-ersaries. e-ery one of them. shall #o into "apti-ity: and they that spoil thee shall !e a spoil. and all that prey upon thee will I #i-e for a prey,6 77 &er ;B8)> 6AlasE for that day is #reat. so that none is li$e it8 it is e-en the time of &a"o!/s trou!le: !ut he shall !e sa-ed out of it,6 77 &er ;B8= 6Gerily I say unto you. All these thin#s shall "ome upon this #eneration,6 77 Mat 9;8;> 6For he will finish the wor$. and "ut it short in ri#hteousness8 !e"ause a short wor$ will the 0ord ma$e upon the earth,6 77 Rom *89A 6And shall say. Cast ye up. "ast ye up. prepare the way. ta$e up the stum!lin# !lo"$ out of the way of my people,6 77 Isa +=8)< 6For thus saith the hi#h and lofty One that inha!iteth eternity. whose name is @oly: I dwell in the hi#h and holy pla"e. with him also that is of a "ontrite and hum!le spirit. to re-i-e the spirit of the hum!le. and to re-i-e the heart of the "ontrite ones,6 77 Isa +=8)+ 6To set up on hi#h those that !e low: that those whi"h mourn may !e e3alted to safety,6 77 &o! +8)) 6Blessed are the poor in spirit8 for theirs is the $in#dom of hea-en,6 77 Mat +8; 6Blessed are they that mourn8 for they shall !e "omforted,6 77 Mat

+8< 6Blessed are the mee$8 for they shall inherit the earth,6 77 Mat +8+

6Blessed are they whi"h do hun#er and thirst after ri#hteousness8 for they shall !e filled,6 77 Mat +8> 6Blessed are the mer"iful8 for they shall o!tain mer"y,6 6Blessed are the pure in heart8 for they shall see od,6 77 Mat +8= 77 Mat +8A

6Blessed are the pea"ema$ers8 for they shall !e "alled the "hildren of od,6 77 Mat +8* 6Re?oi"e. and !e e3"eedin# #lad8 for #reat is your reward in hea-en8 for so perse"uted they the prophets whi"h were !efore you,6 77 Mat +8)9 6@e that hath an ear. let him hear what the 2pirit saith unto the "hur"hes,6 77 Re- ;8> 6A 4salm of 1a-id, The 0OR1 is my shepherd: I shall not want,6 4sa 9;8) 77

6@e ma$eth me to lie down in #reen pastures8 he leadeth me !eside the still waters,6 77 4sa 9;89 6@e restoreth my soul8 he leadeth me in the paths of ri#hteousness for his name/s sa$e,6 77 4sa 9;8; 65ea. thou#h I wal$ throu#h the -alley of the shadow of death. I will fear no e-il8 for thou art with me: thy rod and thy staff they "omfort me,6 77 4sa 9;8< 6Thou preparest a ta!le !efore me in the presen"e of mine enemies8 thou anointest my head with oil: my "up runneth o-er,6 77 4sa 9;8+ 62urely #oodness and mer"y shall follow me all the days of my life8 and I will dwell in the house of the 0OR1 for e-er,6 77 4sa 9;8> 6For thus saith the 0ord O1: Behold. I. e-en I. will !oth sear"h my sheep. and see$ them out,6 77 E'e$ ;<8)) 6As a shepherd see$eth out his flo"$ in the day that he is amon# his sheep

that are s"attered: so will I see$ out my sheep. and will deli-er them out of all pla"es where they ha-e !een s"attered in the "loudy and dar$ day,6 77 E'e$ ;<8)9 6And I will !rin# them out from the people. and #ather them from the "ountries. and will !rin# them to their own land. and feed them upon the mountains of Israel !y the ri-ers. and in all the inha!ited pla"es of the "ountry,6 77 E'e$ ;<8); 6I will feed them in a #ood pasture. and upon the hi#h mountains of Israel shall their fold !e8 there shall they lie in a #ood fold. and in a fat pasture shall they feed upon the mountains of Israel,6 77 E'e$ ;<8)< 6I will feed my flo"$. and I will "ause them to lie down. saith the 0ord O1,6 77 E'e$ ;<8)+ 6I will see$ that whi"h was lost. and !rin# a#ain that whi"h was dri-en away. and will !ind up that whi"h was !ro$en. and will stren#then that whi"h was si"$8 !ut I will destroy the fat and the stron#: I will feed them with ?ud#ment,6 77 E'e$ ;<8)> 6My people hath !een lost sheep8 their shepherds ha-e "aused them to #o astray. they ha-e turned them away on the mountains8 they ha-e #one from mountain to hill. they ha-e for#otten their restin#pla"e,6 77 &er +B8> 6All that found them ha-e de-oured them8 and their ad-ersaries said. We offend not. !e"ause they ha-e sinned a#ainst the 0OR1. the ha!itation of ?usti"e. e-en the 0OR1. the hope of their fathers,6 77 &er +B8= 6Behold. the whirlwind of the 0OR1 #oeth forth with fury. a "ontinuin# whirlwind8 it shall fall with pain upon the head of the wi"$ed,6 77 &er ;B89; 6The fier"e an#er of the 0OR1 shall not return. until he ha-e done it. and until he ha-e performed the intents of his heart8 in the latter days ye shall "onsider it,6 77 &er ;B89< 6Now will I sin# to my well!elo-ed a son# of my !elo-ed tou"hin# his -ineyard, My well!elo-ed hath a -ineyard in a -ery fruitful hill86 77 Isa +8)

6And I will ma$e with them a "o-enant of pea"e. and will "ause the e-il !easts to "ease out of the land8 and they shall dwell safely in the wilderness. and sleep in the woods,6 77 E'e$ ;<89+ 6And I will ma$e them and the pla"es round a!out my hill a !lessin#: and I will "ause the shower to "ome down in his season: there shall !e showers of !lessin#,6 77 E'e$ ;<89> 6And the tree of the field shall yield her fruit. and the earth shall yield her in"rease. and they shall !e safe in their land. and shall $now that I am the 0OR1. when I ha-e !ro$en the !ands of their yo$e. and deli-ered them out of the hand of those that ser-ed themsel-es of them,6 77 E'e$ ;<89= 6And they shall no more !e a prey to the heathen. neither shall the !east of the land de-our them: !ut they shall dwell safely. and none shall ma$e them afraid,6 77 E'e$ ;<89A 6Thus shall they $now that I the 0OR1 their od am with them. and that they. e-en the house of Israel. are my people. saith the 0ord O1,6 77 E'e$ ;<8;B 6And ye my flo"$. the flo"$ of my pasture. are men. and I am your saith the 0ord O1,6 77 E'e$ ;<8;) 6I ha-e "onsidered the days of old. the years of an"ient times,6 4sa ==8+ 6I "all to remem!ran"e my son# in the ni#ht8 I "ommune with mine own heart8 and my spirit made dili#ent sear"h,6 77 4sa ==8> 6For the word of the 0OR1 is ri#ht: and all his wor$s are done in truth,6 77 4sa ;;8< 6The 0OR1 !rin#eth the "ounsel of the heathen to nou#ht8 he ma$eth the de-i"es of the people of none effe"t,6 77 4sa ;;8)B 6The "ounsel of the 0OR1 standeth for e-er. the thou#hts of his heart to all od.



77 4sa ;;8))

6Blessed is the nation whose od is the 0OR1: and the people whom he hath "hosen for his own inheritan"e,6 77 4sa ;;8)9 62in# unto him a new son#: play s$ilfully with a loud noise,6 ;;8; 6And all men shall fear. and shall de"lare the wor$ of shall wisely "onsider of his doin#,6 77 4sa ><8* 77 4sa

od: for they

6The ri#hteous shall !e #lad in the 0OR1. and shall trust in him: and all the upri#ht in heart shall #lory,6 77 4sa ><8)B 6A 4salm of 1a-id, Fret not thyself !e"ause of e-ildoers. neither !e thou en-ious a#ainst the wor$ers of iniDuity,6 77 4sa ;=8) 6For they shall soon !e "ut down li$e the #rass. and wither as the #reen her!,6 77 4sa ;=89 6Trust in the 0OR1. and do #ood: so shalt thou dwell in the land. and -erily thou shalt !e fed,6 77 4sa ;=8; 61eli#ht thyself also in the 0OR1: and he shall #i-e thee the desires of thine heart,6 77 4sa ;=8< 6Commit thy way unto the 0OR1: trust also in him: and he shall !rin# it to pass,6 77 4sa ;=8+ 6The 0OR1 hath !rou#ht forth our ri#hteousness8 "ome. and let us de"lare in Hion the wor$ of the 0OR1 our od,6 77 &er +)8)B 6And he shall !rin# forth thy ri#hteousness as the li#ht. and thy ?ud#ment as the noonday,6 77 4sa ;=8> 6Then said I. 0o. I "ome8 in the -olume of the !oo$ it is written of me.6 77 4sa <B8= 6I deli#ht to do thy will. O my 77 4sa <B8A od8 yea. thy law is within my heart,6

6I ha-e prea"hed ri#hteousness in the #reat "on#re#ation8 lo. I ha-e not

refrained my lips. O 0OR1. thou $nowest,6

77 4sa <B8*

6I ha-e not hid thy ri#hteousness within my heart: I ha-e de"lared thy faithfulness and thy sal-ation8 I ha-e not "on"ealed thy lo-in#$indness and thy truth from the #reat "on#re#ation,6 77 4sa <B8)B 62on of man. prophesy and say. Thus saith the 0ord worth the dayE6 77 E'e$ ;B89 O1: @owl ye. Woe

6For the day is near. e-en the day of the 0OR1 is near. a "loudy day: it shall !e the time of the heathen,6 77 E'e$ ;B8; 6I will raise them up a 4rophet from amon# their !rethren. li$e unto thee. and will put my words in his mouth: and he shall spea$ unto them all that I shall "ommand him,6 77 1eu )A8)A 6And it shall "ome to pass. that whosoe-er will not hear$en unto my words whi"h he shall spea$ in my name. I will reDuire it of him,6 77 1eu )A8)* 6And I heard a -oi"e from hea-en. as the -oi"e of many waters. and as the -oi"e of a #reat thunder8 and I heard the -oi"e of harpers harpin# with their harps86 77 Re- )<89 6And they sun# as it were a new son# !efore the throne. and !efore the four !easts. and the elders8 and no man "ould learn that son# !ut the hundred and forty and four thousand. whi"h were redeemed from the earth,6 77 Re)<8; 6And I loo$ed. and. lo. a 0am! stood on the mount 2ion. and with him an hundred forty and four thousand. ha-in# his Father/s name written in their foreheads,6 77 Re- )<8) 6&esus said unto him. Thou shalt lo-e the 0ord thy od with all thy heart. and with all thy soul. and with all thy mind,6 77 Mat 998;= 6This is the first and #reat "ommandment,6 77 Mat 998;A

6And the se"ond is li$e unto it. Thou shalt lo-e thy nei#h!our as thyself,6 77 Mat 998;*

6On these two "ommandments han# all the law and the prophets,6 Mat 998<B 6And I saw another an#el fly in the midst of hea-en. ha-in# the e-erlastin# #ospel to prea"h unto them that dwell on the earth. and to e-ery nation. and $indred. and ton#ue. and people.6 77 Re- )<8>


62ayin# with a loud -oi"e. Fear od. and #i-e #lory to him: for the hour of his ?ud#ment is "ome8 and worship him that made hea-en. and earth. and the sea. and the fountains of waters,6 77 Re- )<8= 6And the third an#el followed them. sayin# with a loud -oi"e. If any man worship the !east and his ima#e. and re"ei-e his mar$ in his forehead. or in his hand.6 77 Re- )<8* 6The same shall drin$ of the wine of the wrath of od. whi"h is poured out without mi3ture into the "up of his indi#nation: and he shall !e tormented with fire and !rimstone in the presen"e of the holy an#els. and in the presen"e of the 0am!86 77 Re- )<8)B 6And the smo$e of their torment as"endeth up for e-er and e-er8 and they ha-e no rest day nor ni#ht. who worship the !east and his ima#e. and whosoe-er re"ei-eth the mar$ of his name,6 77 Re- )<8)) 6And I saw as it were a sea of #lass min#led with fire8 and them that had #otten the -i"tory o-er the !east. and o-er his ima#e. and o-er his mar$. and o-er the num!er of his name. stand on the sea of #lass. ha-in# the harps of od,6 77 Re- )+89 6And they sin# the son# of Moses the ser-ant of od. and the son# of the 0am!. sayin#. reat and mar-ellous are thy wor$s. 0ord od Almi#hty: ?ust and true are thy ways. thou Kin# of saints,6 77 Re- )+8; 6@ere is the patien"e of the saints8 here are they that $eep the "ommandments of od. and the faith of &esus,6 77 Re- )<8)9 62o li$ewise ye. when ye see these thin#s "ome to pass. $now ye that the $in#dom of od is ni#h at hand,6 77 0u$e 9)8;)

6Gerily I say unto you. This #eneration shall not pass away. till all !e fulfilled,6 77 0u$e 9)8;9 6@ea-en and earth shall pass away8 !ut my words shall not pass away,6 77 0u$e 9)8;; 6Ba!ylon hath !een a #olden "up in the 0OR1/2 hand. that made all the earth drun$en8 the nations ha-e drun$en of her wine: therefore the nations are mad,6 77 &er +)8= 6And I heard another -oi"e from hea-en. sayin#. Come out of her. my people. that ye !e not parta$ers of her sins. and that ye re"ei-e not of her pla#ues,6 77 Re- )A8< 6Flee out of the midst of Ba!ylon. and deli-er e-ery man his soul8 !e not "ut off in her iniDuity: for this is the time of the 0OR1/2 -en#ean"e: he will render unto her a re"ompense,6 77 &er +)8> 62o he "arried me away in the spirit into the wilderness8 and I saw a woman sit upon a s"arlet "oloured !east. full of names of !lasphemy. ha-in# se-en heads and ten horns,6 77 Re- )=8; 6And the woman was arrayed in purple and s"arlet "olour. and de"$ed with #old and pre"ious stones and pearls. ha-in# a #olden "up in her hand full of a!ominations and filthiness of her forni"ation86 77 Re- )=8< 6And upon her forehead was a name written. M52TER5. BAB50ON T@E REAT. T@E MOT@ER OF @AR0OT2 AN1 ABOMINATION2 OF T@E EART@,6 77 Re- )=8+ 6And I saw the woman drun$en with the !lood of the saints. and with the !lood of the martyrs of &esus8 and when I saw her. I wondered with #reat admiration,6 77 Re- )=8> 6For all nations ha-e drun$ of the wine of the wrath of her forni"ation. and the $in#s of the earth ha-e "ommitted forni"ation with her. and the mer"hants of the earth are wa3ed ri"h throu#h the a!undan"e of her deli"a"ies,6 77 Re- )A8; 6And the an#el said unto me. Wherefore didst thou mar-elF I will tell

thee the mystery of the woman. and of the !east that "arrieth her. whi"h hath the se-en heads and ten horns,6 77 Re- )=8= 6The !east that thou sawest was. and is not: and shall as"end out of the !ottomless pit. and #o into perdition8 and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder. whose names were not written in the !oo$ of life from the foundation of the world. when they !ehold the !east that was. and is not. and yet is,6 77 Re- )=8A 6And here is the mind whi"h hath wisdom, The se-en heads are se-en mountains. on whi"h the woman sitteth,6 77 Re- )=8* 6And there are se-en $in#s8 fi-e are fallen. and one is. and the other is not yet "ome: and when he "ometh. he must "ontinue a short spa"e,6 77 Re- )=8)B 6And the !east that was. and is not. e-en he is the ei#hth. and is of the se-en. and #oeth into perdition,6 77 Re- )=8)) 6And the ten horns whi"h thou sawest are ten $in#s. whi"h ha-e re"ei-ed no $in#dom as yet: !ut re"ei-e power as $in#s one hour with the !east,6 77 Re- )=8)9 6These ha-e one mind. and shall #i-e their power and stren#th unto the !east,6 77 Re- )=8); 6These shall ma$e war with the 0am!. and the 0am! shall o-er"ome them8 for he is 0ord of lords. and Kin# of $in#s8 and they that are with him are "alled. and "hosen. and faithful,6 77 Re- )=8)< 6And he saith unto me. The waters whi"h thou sawest. where the whore sitteth. are peoples. and multitudes. and nations. and ton#ues,6 77 Re- )=8)+ 6And the ten horns whi"h thou sawest upon the !east. these shall hate the whore. and shall ma$e her desolate and na$ed. and shall eat her flesh. and !urn her with fire,6 77 Re- )=8)> 6For od hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will. and to a#ree. and

#i-e their $in#dom unto the !east. until the words of fulfilled,6 77 Re- )=8)=

od shall !e

6And the woman whi"h thou sawest is that #reat "ity. whi"h rei#neth o-er the $in#s of the earth,6 77 Re- )=8)A 6Ba!ylon is suddenly fallen and destroyed8 howl for her: ta$e !alm for her pain. if so !e she may !e healed,6 77 &er +)8A 6We would ha-e healed Ba!ylon. !ut she is not healed8 forsa$e her. and let us #o e-ery one into his own "ountry8 for her ?ud#ment rea"heth unto hea-en. and is lifted up e-en to the s$ies,6 77 &er +)8* 6For her sins ha-e rea"hed unto hea-en. and iniDuities,6 77 Re- )A8+ od hath remem!ered her

6Reward her e-en as she rewarded you. and dou!le unto her dou!le a""ordin# to her wor$s8 in the "up whi"h she hath filled fill to her dou!le,6 Re)A8>


6And the $in#s of the earth. who ha-e "ommitted forni"ation and li-ed deli"iously with her. shall !ewail her. and lament for her. when they shall see the smo$e of her !urnin#.6 77 Re- )A8* 6And the mer"hants of the earth shall weep and mourn o-er her: for no man !uyeth their mer"handise any more86 77 Re- )A8)) 6And the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee. and all thin#s whi"h were dainty and #oodly are departed from thee. and thou shalt find them no more at all,6 77 Re- )A8)< 6The mer"hants of these thin#s. whi"h were made ri"h !y her. shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment. weepin# and wailin#.6 77 Re- )A8)+ 6Therefore shall her pla#ues "ome in one day. death. and mournin#. and famine: and she shall !e utterly !urned with fire8 for stron# is the 0ord od who ?ud#eth her,6 77 Re- )A8A 6For true and ri#hteous are his ?ud#ments8 for he hath ?ud#ed the #reat

whore. whi"h did "orrupt the earth with her forni"ation. and hath a-en#ed the !lood of his ser-ants at her hand,6 77 Re- )*89 6Re?oi"e o-er her. thou hea-en. and ye holy apostles and prophets: for od hath a-en#ed you on her,6 77 Re- )A89B 6And the li#ht of a "andle shall shine no more at all in thee: and the -oi"e of the !ride#room and of the !ride shall !e heard no more at all in thee8 for thy mer"hants were the #reat men of the earth: for !y thy sor"eries were all nations de"ei-ed,6 77 Re- )A89; 6For the 0OR1 spa$e thus to me with a stron# hand. and instru"ted me that I should not wal$ in the way of this people. sayin#.6 77 Isa A8)) 6My people. #o ye out of the midst of her. and deli-er ye e-ery man his soul from the fier"e an#er of the 0OR1,6 77 &er +)8<+ 6Who will render to e-ery man a""ordin# to his deeds86 77 Rom 98>

6And e3"ept that the 0ord had shortened those days. no flesh should !e sa-ed8 !ut for the ele"t/s sa$e. whom he hath "hosen. he hath shortened the days,6 77 Mar$ );89B 6Brea$ forth into ?oy. sin# to#ether. ye waste pla"es of &erusalem8 for the 0OR1 hath "omforted his people. he hath redeemed &erusalem,6 77 Isa +98* 61epart ye. depart ye. #o ye out from then"e. tou"h no un"lean thin#: #o ye out of the midst of her: !e ye "lean. that !ear the -essels of the 0OR1,6 77 Isa +98)) 6For ye shall not #o out with haste. nor #o !y fli#ht8 for the 0OR1 will #o !efore you: and the od of Israel will !e your rereward,6 77 Isa +98)9 6Wherefore. my !elo-ed. as ye ha-e always o!eyed. not as in my presen"e only. !ut now mu"h more in my a!sen"e. wor$ out your own sal-ation with fear and trem!lin#,6 77 4hil 98)9

6That ye may !e !lameless and harmless. the sons of od. without re!u$e. in the midst of a "roo$ed and per-erse nation. amon# whom ye shine as li#hts in the world:6 77 4hil 98)+ 65e are the li#ht of the world, A "ity that is set on an hill "annot !e hid,6 77 Mat +8)< 60et your li#ht so shine !efore men. that they may see your #ood wor$s. and #lorify your Father whi"h is in hea-en,6 77 Mat +8)> 6And the #lory of the 0OR1 shall !e re-ealed. and all flesh shall see it to#ether8 for the mouth of the 0OR1 hath spo$en it,6 77 Isa <B8+ 6Who hath !elie-ed our reportF and to whom is the arm of the 0OR1 re-ealedF6 77 Isa +;8) 6That the sayin# of Esaias the prophet mi#ht !e fulfilled. whi"h he spa$e. 0ord. who hath !elie-ed our reportF and to whom hath the arm of the 0ord !een re-ealedF6 77 &ohn )98;A 6And for me. that utteran"e may !e #i-en unto me. that I may open my mouth !oldly. to ma$e $nown the mystery of the #ospel.6 77 Eph >8)* 6Whereof I am made a minister. a""ordin# to the dispensation of whi"h is #i-en to me for you. to fulfil the word of od:6 77 Col )89+ od

6To whom od would ma$e $nown what is the ri"hes of the #lory of this mystery amon# the entiles: whi"h is Christ in you. the hope of #lory86 77 Col )89= 6@e sent his word. and healed them. and deli-ered them from their destru"tions,6 77 4sa )B=89B 6But he said. 5ea rather. !lessed are they that hear the word of and $eep it,6 77 0u$e ))89A od.

6Brethren. I write no new "ommandment unto you. !ut an old "ommandment whi"h ye had from the !e#innin#, The old "ommandment is the word whi"h ye ha-e heard from the !e#innin#,6 77 ) &ohn 98=

6To whom he said. This is the rest wherewith ye may "ause the weary to rest: and this is the refreshin#8 yet they would not hear,6 77 Isa 9A8)9 6The sower soweth the word,6 62o mi#htily #rew the word of 77 Mar$ <8)< od and pre-ailed,6 77 A"ts )*89B

6A#ain. a new "ommandment I write unto you. whi"h thin# is true in him and in you8 !e"ause the dar$ness is past. and the true li#ht now shineth,6 77 ) &ohn 98A 6That whi"h was from the !e#innin#. whi"h we ha-e heard. whi"h we ha-e seen with our eyes. whi"h we ha-e loo$ed upon. and our hands ha-e handled. of the Word of life:6 77 ) &ohn )8) 6For as$ now of the days that are past. whi"h were !efore thee. sin"e the day that od "reated man upon the earth. and as$ from the one side of hea-en unto the other. whether there hath !een any su"h thin# as this #reat thin# is. or hath !een heard li$e itF6 77 1eu <8;9 6And he shall !e for a san"tuary: !ut for a stone of stum!lin# and for a ro"$ of offen"e to !oth the houses of Israel. for a #in and for a snare to the inha!itants of &erusalem,6 77 Isa A8)< 6And many amon# them shall stum!le. and fall. and !e !ro$en. and !e snared. and !e ta$en,6 77 Isa A8)+ 6In the law it is written. With men of other ton#ues and other lips will I spea$ unto this people: and yet for all that will they not hear me. saith the 0ord,6 77 ) Cor )<89) 6But the word of the 0OR1 was unto them pre"ept upon pre"ept. pre"ept upon pre"ept: line upon line. line upon line: here a little. and there a little: that they mi#ht #o. and fall !a"$ward. and !e !ro$en. and snared. and ta$en,6 77 Isa 9A8); 6For thus saith the 0ord rest O1. the @oly One of Israel: In returnin# and

shall ye !e sa-ed: in Duietness and in "onfiden"e shall !e your stren#th8 and ye would not,6 77 Isa ;B8)+ 6And he !eheld them. and said. What is this then that is written. The stone whi"h the !uilders re?e"ted. the same is !e"ome the head of the "ornerF6 77 0u$e 9B8)= 6Whosoe-er shall fall upon that stone shall !e !ro$en: !ut on whomsoe-er it shall fall. it will #rind him to powder,6 77 0u$e 9B8)A 6For as a snare shall it "ome on all them that dwell on the fa"e of the whole earth,6 77 0u$e 9)8;+ 6Wat"h ye therefore. and pray always. that ye may !e a""ounted worthy to es"ape all these thin#s that shall "ome to pass. and to stand !efore the 2on of man,6 77 0u$e 9)8;> 6And then shall they see the 2on of man "omin# in a "loud with power and #reat #lory,6 77 0u$e 9)89= 6And when these thin#s !e#in to "ome to pass. then loo$ up. and lift up your heads: for your redemption draweth ni#h,6 77 0u$e 9)89A 6Gerily I say unto you. that this #eneration shall not pass. till all these thin#s !e done,6 77 Mar$ );8;B 62o ye in li$e manner. when ye shall see these thin#s "ome to pass. $now that it is ni#h. e-en at the doors,6 77 Mar$ );89* 6And then shall he send his an#els. and shall #ather to#ether his ele"t from the four winds. from the uttermost part of the earth to the uttermost part of hea-en,6 77 Mar$ );89= 6And I loo$ed. and !ehold a white "loud. and upon the "loud one sat li$e unto the 2on of man. ha-in# on his head a #olden "rown. and in his hand a sharp si"$le,6 77 Re- )<8)< 6And another an#el "ame out of the temple. "ryin# with a loud -oi"e to him

that sat on the "loud. Thrust in thy si"$le. and reap8 for the time is "ome for thee to reap: for the har-est of the earth is ripe,6 77 Re- )<8)+ 6And he that sat on the "loud thrust in his si"$le on the earth: and the earth was reaped,6 77 Re- )<8)> 6Behold. a whirlwind of the 0OR1 is #one forth in fury. e-en a #rie-ous whirlwind8 it shall fall #rie-ously upon the head of the wi"$ed,6 77 &er 9;8)* 6The an#er of the 0OR1 shall not return. until he ha-e e3e"uted. and till he ha-e performed the thou#hts of his heart8 in the latter days ye shall "onsider it perfe"tly,6 77 &er 9;89B 6Can any hide himself in se"ret pla"es that I shall not see himF saith the 0OR1, 1o not I fill hea-en and earthF saith the 0OR1,6 77 &er 9;89< 6@a-e respe"t unto the "o-enant8 for the dar$ pla"es of the earth are full of the ha!itations of "ruelty,6 77 4sa =<89B 6For who hath stood in the "ounsel of the 0OR1. and hath per"ei-ed and heard his wordF who hath mar$ed his word. and heard itF6 77 &er 9;8)A 6For the time will "ome when they will not endure sound do"trine: !ut after their own lusts shall they heap to themsel-es tea"hers. ha-in# it"hin# ears:6 77 9 Tim <8; 6And they shall turn away their ears from the truth. and shall !e turned unto fa!les,6 77 9 Tim <8< 6For the leaders of this people "ause them to err: and they that are led of them are destroyed,6 77 Isa *8)> 6But thou. O 0OR1. shalt endure for e-er: and thy remem!ran"e unto all #enerations,6 77 4sa )B98)9 6And I will pray the Father. and he shall #i-e you another Comforter. that he may a!ide with you for e-er:6 77 &ohn )<8)> 6E-en the 2pirit of truth: whom the world "annot re"ei-e. !e"ause it seeth him not. neither $noweth him8 !ut ye $now him: for he dwelleth with you.

and shall !e in you,6

77 &ohn )<8)=

6At that day ye shall $now that I am in my Father. and ye in me. and I in you,6 77 &ohn )<89B 6&esus answered and said unto him. If a man lo-e me. he will $eep my words8 and my Father will lo-e him. and we will "ome unto him. and ma$e our a!ode with him,6 77 &ohn )<89; 6@e that lo-eth me not $eepeth not my sayin#s8 and the word whi"h ye hear is not mine. !ut the Father/s whi"h sent me,6 77 &ohn )<89< 6And now I ha-e told you !efore it "ome to pass. that. when it is "ome to pass. ye mi#ht !elie-e,6 77 &ohn )<89* 6@e that hath my "ommandments. and $eepeth them. he it is that lo-eth me8 and he that lo-eth me shall !e lo-ed of my Father. and I will lo-e him. and will manifest myself to him,6 77 &ohn )<89) 6A seed shall ser-e him: it shall !e a""ounted to the 0ord for a #eneration,6 77 4sa 998;B 6For the $in#dom is the 0OR1/28 and he is the #o-ernor amon# the nations,6 77 4sa 9989A 6The mee$ shall eat and !e satisfied8 they shall praise the 0OR1 that see$ him8 your heart shall li-e for e-er,6 77 4sa 9989> 6They shall "ome. and shall de"lare his ri#hteousness unto a people that shall !e !orn. that he hath done this,6 77 4sa 998;) 6All the ends of the world shall remem!er and turn unto the 0OR18 and all the $indreds of the nations shall worship !efore thee,6 77 4sa 9989= 6Multitudes. multitudes in the -alley of de"ision8 for the day of the 0OR1 is near in the -alley of de"ision,6 77 &oel ;8)< 62ay not ye. There are yet four months. and then "ometh har-estF !ehold. I say unto you. 0ift up your eyes. and loo$ on the fields: for they are white

already to har-est,6

77 &ohn <8;+

64ut ye in the si"$le. for the har-est is ripe8 "ome. #et you down: for the press is full. the -ats o-erflow: for their wi"$edness is #reat,6 77 &oel ;8); 6What man is he that feareth the 0OR1F him shall he tea"h in the way that he shall "hoose,6 77 4sa 9+8)9 6The mee$ will he #uide in ?ud#ment8 and the mee$ will he tea"h his way,6 77 4sa 9+8* 6All the paths of the 0OR1 are mer"y and truth unto su"h as $eep his "o-enant and his testimonies,6 77 4sa 9+8)B 6And when he had opened the fourth seal. I heard the -oi"e of the fourth !east say. Come and see,6 77 Re- >8= 6And I loo$ed. and !ehold a pale horse8 and his name that sat on him was 1eath. and @ell followed with him, And power was #i-en unto them o-er the fourth part of the earth. to $ill with sword. and with hun#er. and with death. and with the !easts of the earth,6 77 Re- >8A 6For thus saith the 0ord O1: @ow mu"h more when I send my four sore ?ud#ments upon &erusalem. the sword. and the famine. and the noisome !east. and the pestilen"e. to "ut off from it man and !eastF6 77 E'e$ )<89) 62o will I send upon you famine and e-il !easts. and they shall !erea-e thee: and pestilen"e and !lood shall pass throu#h thee: and I will !rin# the sword upon thee, I the 0OR1 ha-e spo$en it,6 77 E'e$ +8)= 6Repent: or else I will "ome unto thee Dui"$ly. and will fi#ht a#ainst them with the sword of my mouth,6 77 Re- 98)> 60et no man de"ei-e you !y any means8 for that day shall not "ome. e3"ept there "ome a fallin# away first. and that man of sin !e re-ealed. the son of perdition:6 77 9 Th 98; 6Who opposeth and e3alteth himself a!o-e all that is "alled od. or

that is worshipped: so that he as od sitteth in the temple of himself that he is od,6 77 9 Th 98<

od. showin#

60ittle "hildren. it is the last time8 and as ye ha-e heard that anti"hrist shall "ome. e-en now are there many anti"hrists: where!y we $now that it is the last time,6 77 ) &ohn 98)A 6For many de"ei-ers are entered into the world. who "onfess not that &esus Christ is "ome in the flesh, This is a de"ei-er and an anti"hrist,6 77 9 &ohn )8= 6Wherefore if they shall say unto you. Behold. he is in the desert: #o not forth8 !ehold. he is in the se"ret "ham!ers: !elie-e it not,6 77 Mat 9<89> 6And then if any man shall say to you. 0o. here is Christ: or. lo. he is there: !elie-e him not86 77 Mar$ );89) 6For false Christs and false prophets shall rise. and shall show si#ns and wonders. to sedu"e. if it were possi!le. e-en the ele"t,6 77 Mar$ );899 6Who is a liar !ut he that denieth that &esus is the ChristF @e is anti"hrist. that denieth the Father and the 2on,6 77 ) &ohn 9899 6For as the li#htnin# "ometh out of the east. and shineth e-en unto the west: so shall also the "omin# of the 2on of man !e,6 77 Mat 9<89= 6And e-ery spirit that "onfesseth not that &esus Christ is "ome in the flesh is not of od8 and this is that spirit of anti"hrist. whereof ye ha-e heard that it should "ome: and e-en now already is it in the world,6 77 ) &ohn <8; 6But there were false prophets also amon# the people. e-en as there shall !e false tea"hers amon# you. who pri-ily shall !rin# in damna!le heresies. e-en denyin# the 0ord that !ou#ht them. and !rin# upon themsel-es swift destru"tion,6 77 9 4et 98) 6And in the latter time of their $in#dom. when the trans#ressors are

"ome to the full. a $in# of fier"e "ountenan"e. and understandin# dar$ senten"es. shall stand up,6 77 1an A89; 6And his power shall !e mi#hty. !ut not !y his own power8 and he shall destroy wonderfully. and shall prosper. and pra"ti"e. and shall destroy the mi#hty and the holy people,6 77 1an A89< 6And the $in# shall do a""ordin# to his will: and he shall e3alt himself. and ma#nify himself a!o-e e-ery #od. and shall spea$ mar-ellous thin#s a#ainst the od of #ods. and shall prosper till the indi#nation !e a""omplished8 for that that is determined shall !e done,6 77 1an ))8;> 6And throu#h his poli"y also he shall "ause "raft to prosper in his hand: and he shall ma#nify himself in his heart. and !y pea"e shall destroy many8 he shall also stand up a#ainst the 4rin"e of prin"es: !ut he shall !e !ro$en without hand,6 77 1an A89+ 6And there appeared a #reat wonder in hea-en: a woman "lothed with the sun. and the moon under her feet. and upon her head a "rown of twel-e stars86 77 Re- )98) 6And she !ein# with "hild "ried. tra-ailin# in !irth. and pained to !e deli-ered,6 77 Re- )989 6And there appeared another wonder in hea-en: and !ehold a #reat red dra#on. ha-in# se-en heads and ten horns. and se-en "rowns upon his heads,6 77 Re- )98; 6And his tail drew the third part of the stars of hea-en. and did "ast them to the earth8 and the dra#on stood !efore the woman whi"h was ready to !e deli-ered. for to de-our her "hild as soon as it was !orn,6 77 Re)98< 6And she !rou#ht forth a man "hild. who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron8 and her "hild was "au#ht up unto od. and to his throne,6 77 Re- )98+ 6And the woman fled into the wilderness. where she hath a pla"e prepared of od. that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and

threes"ore days,6 77 Re- )98> 6And there was war in hea-en8 Mi"hael and his an#els fou#ht a#ainst the dra#on: and the dra#on fou#ht and his an#els.6 77 Re- )98= 6And pre-ailed not: neither was their pla"e found any more in hea-en,6 77 Re- )98A 6And the #reat dra#on was "ast out. that old serpent. "alled the 1e-il. and 2atan. whi"h de"ei-eth the whole world8 he was "ast out into the earth. and his an#els were "ast out with him,6 77 Re- )98* 6And he shall spea$ #reat words a#ainst the most @i#h. and shall wear out the saints of the most @i#h. and thin$ to "han#e times and laws8 and they shall !e #i-en into his hand until a time and times and the di-idin# of time,6 77 1an =89+ 6And they o-er"ame him !y the !lood of the 0am!. and !y the word of their testimony: and they lo-ed not their li-es unto the death,6 77 Re)98)) 6Therefore re?oi"e. ye hea-ens. and ye that dwell in them, Woe to the inha!iters of the earth and of the seaE for the de-il is "ome down unto you. ha-in# #reat wrath. !e"ause he $noweth that he hath !ut a short time,6 77 Re- )98)9 6And when the dra#on saw that he was "ast unto the earth. he perse"uted the woman whi"h !rou#ht forth the man "hild,6 77 Re- )98); 6And to the woman were #i-en two win#s of a #reat ea#le. that she mi#ht fly into the wilderness. into her pla"e. where she is nourished for a time. and times. and half a time. from the fa"e of the serpent,6 77 Re- )98)< 6And the serpent "ast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman. that he mi#ht "ause her to !e "arried away of the flood,6 77 Re- )98)+ 6And the earth helped the woman. and the earth opened her mouth. and swallowed up the flood whi"h the dra#on "ast out of his mouth,6 77 Re- )98)> 6And the dra#on was wroth with the woman. and went to ma$e war with the remnant of her seed. whi"h $eep the "ommandments of od. and ha-e the testimony of &esus Christ,6 77 Re- )98)=

6And I stood upon the sand of the sea. and saw a !east rise up out of the sea. ha-in# se-en heads and ten horns. and upon his horns ten "rowns. and upon his heads the name of !lasphemy,6 77 Re- );8) 6And the !east whi"h I saw was li$e unto a leopard. and his feet were as the feet of a !ear. and his mouth as the mouth of a lion8 and the dra#on #a-e him his power. and his seat. and #reat authority,6 77 Re- );89 6And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death: and his deadly wound was healed8 and all the world wondered after the !east,6 77 Re- );8; 6And they worshipped the dra#on whi"h #a-e power unto the !east8 and they worshipped the !east. sayin#. Who is li$e unto the !eastF who is a!le to ma$e war with himF6 77 Re- );8< 6And there was #i-en unto him a mouth spea$in# #reat thin#s and !lasphemies: and power was #i-en unto him to "ontinue forty and two months,6 Re- );8+ 6And he opened his mouth in !lasphemy a#ainst od. to !laspheme his name. and his ta!erna"le. and them that dwell in hea-en,6 77 Re- );8> 6And it was #i-en unto him to ma$e war with the saints. and to o-er"ome them8 and power was #i-en him o-er all $indreds. and ton#ues. and nations,6 77 Re- );8= 6And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him. whose names are not written in the !oo$ of life of the 0am! slain from the foundation of the world,6 77 Re- );8A 6If any man ha-e an ear. let him hear,6 77 Re- );8*


6@e that leadeth into "apti-ity shall #o into "apti-ity8 he that $illeth with the sword must !e $illed with the sword, @ere is the patien"e and the faith of the saints,6 77 Re- );8)B 6And I !eheld another !east "omin# up out of the earth: and he had two horns li$e a lam!. and he spa$e as a dra#on,6 77 Re- );8))

6And he e3er"iseth all the power of the first !east !efore him. and "auseth the earth and them whi"h dwell therein to worship the first !east. whose deadly wound was healed,6 77 Re- );8)9 6And he doeth #reat wonders. so that he ma$eth fire "ome down from hea-en on the earth in the si#ht of men.6 77 Re- );8); 6And de"ei-eth them that dwell on the earth !y the means of those mira"les whi"h he had power to do in the si#ht of the !east: sayin# to them that dwell on the earth. that they should ma$e an ima#e to the !east. whi"h had the wound !y a sword. and did li-e,6 77 Re- );8)< 6And he had power to #i-e life unto the ima#e of the !east. that the ima#e of the !east should !oth spea$. and "ause that as many as would not worship the ima#e of the !east should !e $illed,6 77 Re- );8)+ 6And he "auseth all. !oth small and #reat. ri"h and poor. free and !ond. to re"ei-e a mar$ in their ri#ht hand. or in their foreheads86 77 Re);8)> 6And that no man mi#ht !uy or sell. sa-e he that had the mar$. or the name of the !east. or the num!er of his name,6 77 Re- );8)= 6The time is "ome. the day draweth near8 let not the !uyer re?oi"e. nor the seller mourn8 for wrath is upon all the multitude thereof,6 77 E'e$ =8)9 6@ere is wisdom, 0et him that hath understandin# "ount the num!er of the !east8 for it is the num!er of a man: and his num!er is 2i3 hundred threes"ore and si3,6 77 Re- );8)A 6And now ye $now what withholdeth that he mi#ht !e re-ealed in his time,6 77 9 Th 98> 6Remem!er ye not. that. when I was yet with you. I told you these thin#sF6 77 9 Th 98+ 6For the mystery of iniDuity doth already wor$8 only he who now letteth

will let. until he !e ta$en out of the way,6

77 9 Th 98=

6And then shall that Wi"$ed !e re-ealed. whom the 0ord shall "onsume with the spirit of his mouth. and shall destroy with the !ri#htness of his "omin#86 77 9 Th 98A 6E-en him. whose "omin# is after the wor$in# of 2atan with all power and si#ns and lyin# wonders.6 77 9 Th 98* 6And with all de"ei-a!leness of unri#hteousness in them that perish: !e"ause they re"ei-ed not the lo-e of the truth. that they mi#ht !e sa-ed,6 77 9 Th 98)B 6And I saw an an#el "ome down from hea-en. ha-in# the $ey of the !ottomless pit and a #reat "hain in his hand,6 77 Re- 9B8) 6And he laid hold on the dra#on. that old serpent. whi"h is the 1e-il. and 2atan. and !ound him a thousand years.6 77 Re- 9B89 6And "ast upon him. that years should !e 77 Rehim into the !ottomless pit. and shut him up. and set a seal he should de"ei-e the nations no more. till the thousand fulfilled8 and after that he must !e loosed a little season,6 9B8;

6And when the thousand years are e3pired. 2atan shall !e loosed out of his prison.6 77 Re- 9B8= 6And shall #o out to de"ei-e the nations whi"h are in the four Duarters of the earth. o# and Ma#o#. to #ather them to#ether to !attle8 the num!er of whom is as the sand of the sea,6 77 Re- 9B8A 6And they went up on the !readth of the earth. and "ompassed the "amp of the saints a!out. and the !elo-ed "ity8 and fire "ame down from od out of hea-en. and de-oured them,6 77 Re- 9B8* 6And the de-il that de"ei-ed them was "ast into the la$e of fire and !rimstone. where the !east and the false prophet are. and shall !e tormented day and ni#ht for e-er and e-er,6 77 Re- 9B8)B

6And I saw an an#el standin# in the sun: and he "ried with a loud -oi"e. sayin# to all the fowls that fly in the midst of hea-en. Come and #ather yoursel-es to#ether unto the supper of the #reat od:6 77 Re- )*8)= 6That ye may eat the flesh of $in#s. and the flesh of "aptains. and the flesh of mi#hty men. and the flesh of horses. and of them that sit on them. and the flesh of all men. !oth free and !ond. !oth small and #reat,6 77 Re)*8)A 6And I saw the !east. and the $in#s of the earth. and their armies. #athered to#ether to ma$e war a#ainst him that sat on the horse. and a#ainst his army,6 77 Re- )*8)* 6And the !east was ta$en. and with him the false prophet that wrou#ht mira"les !efore him. with whi"h he de"ei-ed them that had re"ei-ed the mar$ of the !east. and them that worshipped his ima#e, These !oth were "ast ali-e into a la$e of fire !urnin# with !rimstone,6 77 Re- )*89B 6And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse. whi"h sword pro"eeded out of his mouth8 and all the fowls were filled with their flesh,6 77 Re- )*89) 6And when he had opened the fifth seal. I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of od. and for the testimony whi"h they held86 77 Re- >8* 6And they "ried with a loud -oi"e. sayin#. @ow lon#. O 0ord. holy and true. dost thou not ?ud#e and a-en#e our !lood on them that dwell on the earthF6 77 Re- >8)B 6And white ro!es were #i-en unto e-ery one of them: and it was said unto them. that they should rest yet for a little season. until their fellowser-ants also and their !rethren. that should !e $illed as they were. should !e fulfilled,6 77 Re- >8)) 6Fear none of those thin#s whi"h thou shalt suffer8 !ehold. the de-il shall

"ast some of you into prison. that ye may !e tried: and ye shall ha-e tri!ulation ten days8 !e thou faithful unto death. and I will #i-e thee a "rown of life,6 77 Re- 98)B 6And I heard a -oi"e from hea-en sayin# unto me. Write. Blessed are the dead whi"h die in the 0ord from hen"eforth8 5ea. saith the 2pirit. that they may rest from their la!ours: and their wor$s do follow them,6 77 Re)<8); 6And I will #i-e power unto my two witnesses. and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threes"ore days. "lothed in sa"$"loth,6 77 Re))8; 6These are the two oli-e trees. and the two "andlesti"$s standin# !efore the od of the earth,6 77 Re- ))8< 6And if any man will hurt them. fire pro"eedeth out of their mouth. and de-oureth their enemies8 and if any man will hurt them. he must in this manner !e $illed,6 77 Re- ))8+ 6These ha-e power to shut hea-en. that it rain not in the days of their prophe"y8 and ha-e power o-er waters to turn them to !lood. and to smite the earth with all pla#ues. as often as they will,6 77 Re- ))8> 6And when they shall ha-e finished their testimony. the !east that as"endeth out of the !ottomless pit shall ma$e war a#ainst them. and shall o-er"ome them. and $ill them,6 77 Re- ))8= 6And their dead !odies shall lie in the street of the #reat "ity. whi"h spiritually is "alled 2odom and E#ypt. where also our 0ord was "ru"ified,6 77 Re- ))8A 6And they of the people and $indreds and ton#ues and nations shall see their dead !odies three days and an half. and shall not suffer their dead !odies to !e put in #ra-es,6 77 Re- ))8* 6And they that dwell upon the earth shall re?oi"e o-er them. and ma$e merry. and shall send #ifts one to another: !e"ause these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth,6 77 Re- ))8)B

6And after three days and an half the 2pirit of life from od entered into them. and they stood upon their feet: and #reat fear fell upon them whi"h saw them,6 77 Re- ))8)) 6And they heard a #reat -oi"e from hea-en sayin# unto them. Come up hither, And they as"ended up to hea-en in a "loud: and their enemies !eheld them,6 77 Re- ))8)9 6And one of the elders answered. sayin# unto me. What are these whi"h are arrayed in white ro!esF and when"e "ame theyF6 77 Re- =8); 6And I said unto him. 2ir. thou $nowest, And he said to me. These are they whi"h "ame out of #reat tri!ulation. and ha-e washed their ro!es. and made them white in the !lood of the 0am!,6 77 Re- =8)< 6Therefore are they !efore the throne of od. and ser-e him day and ni#ht in his temple8 and he that sitteth on the throne shall dwell amon# them,6 77 Re- =8)+ 6They shall hun#er no more. neither thirst any more: neither shall the sun li#ht on them. nor any heat,6 77 Re- =8)> 6And he showed me a pure ri-er of water of life. "lear as "rystal. pro"eedin# out of the throne of od and of the 0am!,6 77 Re- 998) 6In the midst of the street of it. and on either side of the ri-er. was there the tree of life. whi"h !are twel-e manner of fruits. and yielded her fruit e-ery month8 and the lea-es of the tree were for the healin# of the nations,6 77 Re- 9989 6And there shall !e no more "urse8 !ut the throne of od and of the 0am! shall !e in it: and his ser-ants shall ser-e him86 77 Re- 998; 6And they shall see his fa"e: and his name shall !e in their foreheads,6 77 Re- 998< 6And there shall !e no ni#ht there: and they need no "andle. neither li#ht of the sun: for the 0ord od #i-eth them li#ht8 and they shall rei#n for

e-er and e-er,6

77 Re- 998+ od Almi#hty and the 0am!

6And I saw no temple therein8 for the 0ord are the temple of it,6 77 Re- 9)899

6And the "ity had no need of the sun. neither of the moon. to shine in it8 for the #lory of od did li#hten it. and the 0am! is the li#ht thereof,6 77 Re- 9)89; 6And the nations of them whi"h are sa-ed shall wal$ in the li#ht of it8 and the $in#s of the earth do !rin# their #lory and honour into it,6 77 Re- 9)89< 6And the #ates of it shall not !e shut at all !y day8 for there shall !e no ni#ht there,6 77 Re- 9)89+ 6And they shall !rin# the #lory and honour of the nations into it,6 77 Re- 9)89> 6And there shall in no wise enter into it any thin# that defileth. neither whatsoe-er wor$eth a!omination. or ma$eth a lie8 !ut they whi"h are written in the 0am!/s !oo$ of life,6 77 Re- 9)89= 6For the 0am! whi"h is in the midst of the throne shall feed them. and shall lead them unto li-in# fountains of waters8 and od shall wipe away all tears from their eyes,6 77 Re- =8)= 6And I saw thrones. and they sat upon them. and ?ud#ment was #i-en unto them8 and I saw the souls of them that were !eheaded for the witness of &esus. and for the word of od. and whi"h had not worshipped the !east. neither his ima#e. neither had re"ei-ed his mar$ upon their foreheads. or in their hands: and they li-ed and rei#ned with Christ a thousand years,6 77 Re- 9B8< 6But the rest of the dead li-ed not a#ain until the thousand years were finished, This is the first resurre"tion,6 77 Re- 9B8+ 6Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurre"tion8 on su"h the se"ond death hath no power. !ut they shall !e priests of od and of Christ. and shall rei#n with him a thousand years,6 77 Re- 9B8>

6@e that hath an ear. let him hear what the 2pirit saith unto the "hur"hes: @e that o-er"ometh shall not !e hurt of the se"ond death,6 77 Re- 98)) 6And I saw a #reat white throne. and him that sat on it. from whose fa"e the earth and the hea-en fled away: and there was found no pla"e for them,6 77 Re- 9B8)) 6And I saw the dead. small and #reat. stand !efore od: and the !oo$s were opened8 and another !oo$ was opened. whi"h is the !oo$ of life8 and the dead were ?ud#ed out of those thin#s whi"h were written in the !oo$s. a""ordin# to their wor$s,6 77 Re- 9B8)9 6And the sea #a-e up the dead whi"h were in it: and death and hell deli-ered up the dead whi"h were in them8 and they were ?ud#ed e-ery man a""ordin# to their wor$s,6 77 Re- 9B8); 6And death and hell were "ast into the la$e of fire, This is the se"ond death,6 77 Re- 9B8)< 6And whosoe-er was not found written in the !oo$ of life was "ast into the la$e of fire,6 77 Re- 9B8)+ 6@e that o-er"ometh shall inherit all thin#s: and I will !e his and he shall !e my son,6 77 Re- 9)8= od.

6But the fearful. and un!elie-in#. and the a!omina!le. and murderers. and whoremon#ers. and sor"erers. and idolaters. and all liars. shall ha-e their part in the la$e whi"h !urneth with fire and !rimstone8 whi"h is the se"ond death,6 77 Re- 9)8A 6And the nations were an#ry. and thy wrath is "ome. and the time of the dead. that they should !e ?ud#ed. and that thou shouldest #i-e reward unto thy ser-ants the prophets. and to the saints. and them that fear thy name. small and #reat: and shouldest destroy them whi"h destroy the earth,6 77 Re))8)A 6THA11I, Ri#hteous art thou. O 0OR1. and upri#ht are thy ?ud#ments,6

77 4sa ))*8);= 6The ri#hteousness of thy testimonies is e-erlastin#8 #i-e me understandin#. and I shall li-e,6 77 4sa ))*8)<< 6And I !eheld when he had opened the si3th seal. and. lo. there was a #reat earthDua$e: and the sun !e"ame !la"$ as sa"$"loth of hair. and the moon !e"ame as !lood:6 77 Re- >8)9 6And the stars of hea-en fell unto the earth. e-en as a fi# tree "asteth her untimely fi#s. when she is sha$en of a mi#hty wind,6 77 Re- >8); 6And the hea-en departed as a s"roll when it is rolled to#ether: and e-ery mountain and island were mo-ed out of their pla"es,6 77 Re- >8)< 6And the $in#s of the earth. and the #reat men. and the ri"h men. and the "hief "aptains. and the mi#hty men. and e-ery !ondman. and e-ery free man. hid themsel-es in the dens and in the ro"$s of the mountains:6 77 Re>8)+ 6And said to the mountains and ro"$s. Fall on us. and hide us from the fa"e of him that sitteth on the throne. and from the wrath of the 0am!86 77 Re>8)> 6For the #reat day of his wrath is "ome: and who shall !e a!le to standF6 77 Re- >8)= 6And there were -oi"es. and thunders. and li#htnin#s: and there was a #reat earthDua$e. su"h as was not sin"e men were upon the earth. so mi#hty an earthDua$e. and so #reat,6 77 Re- )>8)A 6And e-ery island fled away. and the mountains were not found,6 Re)>89B 77

6And I saw another si#n in hea-en. #reat and mar-ellous. se-en an#els ha-in# the se-en last pla#ues: for in them is filled up the wrath of od,6 77 Re- )+8) 6And the se-en an#els "ame out of the temple. ha-in# the se-en pla#ues. "lothed in pure and white linen. and ha-in# their !reasts #irded with #olden


77 Re- )+8>

6And one of the four !easts #a-e unto the se-en an#els se-en #olden -ials full of the wrath of od. who li-eth for e-er and e-er,6 77 Re- )+8= 6And the temple was filled with smo$e from the #lory of od. and from his power: and no man was a!le to enter into the temple. till the se-en pla#ues of the se-en an#els were fulfilled,6 77 Re- )+8A 6And I heard a #reat -oi"e out of the temple sayin# to the se-en an#els. o your ways. and pour out the -ials of the wrath of od upon the earth,6 77 Re- )>8) 6And the first went. and poured out his -ial upon the earth: and there fell a noisome and #rie-ous sore upon the men whi"h had the mar$ of the !east. and upon them whi"h worshipped his ima#e,6 77 Re- )>89 6And the se"ond an#el poured out his -ial upon the sea: and it !e"ame as the !lood of a dead man: and e-ery li-in# soul died in the sea,6 77 Re)>8; 6And the third an#el poured out his -ial upon the ri-ers and fountains of waters: and they !e"ame !lood,6 77 Re- )>8< 6And I heard the an#el of the waters say. Thou art ri#hteous. O 0ord. whi"h art. and wast. and shalt !e. !e"ause thou hast ?ud#ed thus,6 77 Re)>8+ 6For they ha-e shed the !lood of saints and prophets. and thou hast #i-en them !lood to drin$: for they are worthy,6 77 Re- )>8> 6And I heard another out of the altar say. E-en so. 0ord true and ri#hteous are thy ?ud#ments,6 77 Re- )>8= od Almi#hty.

6And the fourth an#el poured out his -ial upon the sun: and power was #i-en unto him to s"or"h men with fire,6 77 Re- )>8A 6And men were s"or"hed with #reat heat. and !lasphemed the name of whi"h hath power o-er these pla#ues8 and they repented not to #i-e him #lory,6 77 Re- )>8* od.

6And the fifth an#el poured out his -ial upon the seat of the !east: and his $in#dom was full of dar$ness: and they #nawed their ton#ues for pain.6 77 Re- )>8)B 6And !lasphemed the od of hea-en !e"ause of their pains and their sores. and repented not of their deeds,6 77 Re- )>8)) 6And the si3th an#el poured out his -ial upon the #reat ri-er Euphrates: and the water thereof was dried up. that the way of the $in#s of the east mi#ht !e prepared,6 77 Re- )>8)9 6And I saw three un"lean spirits li$e fro#s "ome out of the mouth of the dra#on. and out of the mouth of the !east. and out of the mouth of the false prophet,6 77 Re- )>8); 6For they are the spirits of de-ils. wor$in# mira"les. whi"h #o forth unto the $in#s of the earth and of the whole world. to #ather them to the !attle of that #reat day of od Almi#hty,6 77 Re- )>8)< 6And he #athered them to#ether into a pla"e "alled in the @e!rew ton#ue Arma#eddon,6 77 Re- )>8)> 6Behold. I "ome as a thief, Blessed is he that wat"heth. and $eepeth his #arments. lest he wal$ na$ed. and they see his shame,6 77 Re- )>8)+ 6And the se-enth an#el poured out his -ial into the air: and there "ame a #reat -oi"e out of the temple of hea-en. from the throne. sayin#. It is done,6 77 Re- )>8)= 6And there fell upon men a #reat hail out of hea-en. e-ery stone a!out the wei#ht of a talent8 and men !lasphemed od !e"ause of the pla#ue of the hail: for the pla#ue thereof was e3"eedin# #reat,6 77 Re- )>89) 6And after these thin#s I saw another an#el "ome down from hea-en. ha-in# #reat power: and the earth was li#htened with his #lory,6 77 Re- )A8) 6And he "ried mi#htily with a stron# -oi"e. sayin#. Ba!ylon the #reat is fallen. is fallen. and is !e"ome the ha!itation of de-ils. and the hold

of e-ery foul spirit. and a "a#e of e-ery un"lean and hateful !ird,6 77 Re- )A89 6And the #reat "ity was di-ided into three parts. and the "ities of the nations fell8 and #reat Ba!ylon "ame in remem!ran"e !efore od. to #i-e unto her the "up of the wine of the fier"eness of his wrath,6 77 Re- )>8)* 6The sun shall !e turned into dar$ness. and the moon into !lood. !efore the #reat and the terri!le day of the 0OR1 "ome,6 77 &oel 98;) 6Immediately after the tri!ulation of those days shall the sun !e dar$ened. and the moon shall not #i-e her li#ht. and the stars shall fall from hea-en. and the powers of the hea-ens shall !e sha$en86 77 Mat 9<89* 6They meet with dar$ness in the daytime. and #rope in the noonday as in the ni#ht,6 77 &o! +8)< 6Thou hast made the earth to trem!le: thou hast !ro$en it8 heal the !rea"hes thereof: for it sha$eth,6 77 4sa >B89 6Thou hast showed thy people hard thin#s8 thou hast made us to drin$ the wine of astonishment,6 77 4sa >B8; 6The sun and the moon shall !e dar$ened. and the stars shall withdraw their shinin#,6 77 &oel ;8)+ 6The 0OR1 also shall roar out of Hion. and utter his -oi"e from &erusalem: and the hea-ens and the earth shall sha$e8 !ut the 0OR1 will !e the hope of his people. and the stren#th of the "hildren of Israel,6 77 &oel ;8)> 6And he shall send his an#els with a #reat sound of a trumpet. and they shall #ather to#ether his ele"t from the four winds. from one end of hea-en to the other,6 77 Mat 9<8;) 6And then shall appear the si#n of the 2on of man in hea-en8 and then shall all the tri!es of the earth mourn. and they shall see the 2on of man "omin# in the "louds of hea-en with power and #reat #lory,6 77 Mat 9<8;B 6In that day will I raise up the ta!erna"le of 1a-id that is fallen.

and "lose up the !rea"hes thereof: and I will raise up his ruins. and I will !uild it as in the days of old86 77 Amos *8)) 6And I will restore thy ?ud#es as at the first. and thy "ounsellors as at the !e#innin#8 afterward thou shalt !e "alled. The "ity of ri#hteousness. the faithful "ity,6 77 Isa )89> 6And I will plant them upon their land. and they shall no more !e pulled up out of their land whi"h I ha-e #i-en them. saith the 0OR1 thy od,6 77 Amos *8)+ 6Hion shall !e redeemed with ?ud#ment. and her "on-erts with ri#hteousness,6 77 Isa )89= 6And the destru"tion of the trans#ressors and of the sinners shall !e to#ether. and they that forsa$e the 0OR1 shall !e "onsumed,6 77 Isa )89A 6Thou hast heard. see all this: and will not ye de"lare itF I ha-e showed thee new thin#s from this time. e-en hidden thin#s. and thou didst not $now them,6 77 Isa <A8> 6Come ye near unto me. hear ye this: I ha-e not spo$en in se"ret from the !e#innin#: from the time that it was. there am I8 and now the 0ord O1. and his 2pirit. hath sent me,6 77 Isa <A8)> 6Thus saith the 0OR1. thy Redeemer. the @oly One of Israel: I am the 0OR1 thy od whi"h tea"heth thee to profit. whi"h leadeth thee !y the way that thou shouldest #o,6 77 Isa <A8)= 6And thou. "hild. shalt !e "alled the prophet of the @i#hest8 for thou shalt #o !efore the fa"e of the 0ord to prepare his ways:6 77 0u$e )8=> 6And the 0OR1 shall #uide thee "ontinually. and satisfy thy soul in drou#ht. and ma$e fat thy !ones8 and thou shalt !e li$e a watered #arden. and li$e a sprin# of water. whose waters fail not,6 77 Isa +A8)) 6And the 0OR1 will "reate upon e-ery dwellin# pla"e of mount Hion. and upon

her assem!lies. a "loud and smo$e !y day. and the shinin# of a flamin# fire !y ni#ht8 for upon all the #lory shall !e a defen"e,6 77 Isa <8+ 6For I. saith the 0OR1. will !e unto her a wall of fire round a!out. and will !e the #lory in the midst of her,6 77 He" 98+ 6And they will tell it to the inha!itants of this land8 for they ha-e heard that thou 0OR1 art amon# this people. that thou 0OR1 art seen fa"e to fa"e. and that thy "loud standeth o-er them. and that thou #oest !efore them. !y day time in a pillar of a "loud. and in a pillar of fire !y ni#ht,6 77 Num )<8)< 6And they that shall !e of thee shall !uild the old waste pla"es8 thou shalt raise up the foundations of many #enerations: and thou shalt !e "alled. The repairer of the !rea"h. The restorer of paths to dwell in,6 77 Isa +A8)9 6Thy wat"hmen shall lift up the -oi"e: with the -oi"e to#ether shall they sin#8 for they shall see eye to eye. when the 0OR1 shall !rin# a#ain Hion,6 77 Isa +98A 6Then shalt thou deli#ht thyself in the 0OR1: and I will "ause thee to ride upon the hi#h pla"es of the earth. and feed thee with the herita#e of &a"o! thy father8 for the mouth of the 0OR1 hath spo$en it,6 77 Isa +A8)< 6And if thou draw out thy soul to the hun#ry. and satisfy the affli"ted soul: then shall thy li#ht rise in o!s"urity. and thy dar$ness !e as the noon day86 77 Isa +A8)B 6Then shall thy li#ht !rea$ forth as the mornin#. and thine health shall sprin# forth speedily8 and thy ri#hteousness shall #o !efore thee: the #lory of the 0OR1 shall !e thy rereward,6 77 Isa +A8A 6And when he had opened the se-enth seal. there was silen"e in hea-en a!out the spa"e of half an hour,6 77 Re- A8) 6And after these thin#s I saw another an#el "ome down from hea-en. ha-in#

#reat power: and the earth was li#htened with his #lory,6

77 Re- )A8)

6And he said. o forth. and stand upon the mount !efore the 0OR1, And. !ehold. the 0OR1 passed !y. and a #reat and stron# wind rent the mountains. and !ra$e in pie"es the ro"$s !efore the 0OR1: !ut the 0OR1 was not in the wind8 and after the wind an earthDua$e: !ut the 0OR1 was not in the earthDua$e86 77 ) Ki )*8)) 6And after the earthDua$e a fire: !ut the 0OR1 was not in the fire8 and after the fire a still small -oi"e,6 77 ) Ki )*8)9 6@e that hath an ear. let him hear what the 2pirit saith unto the "hur"hes,6 77 Re- ;8); 6And I saw the se-en an#els whi"h stood !efore #i-en se-en trumpets,6 77 Re- A89 od: and to them were

6And another an#el "ame and stood at the altar. ha-in# a #olden "enser: and there was #i-en unto him mu"h in"ense. that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the #olden altar whi"h was !efore the throne,6 77 Re- A8; 6And the smo$e of the in"ense. whi"h "ame with the prayers of the saints. as"ended up !efore od out of the an#el/s hand,6 77 Re- A8< 6And the an#el too$ the "enser. and filled it with fire of the altar. and "ast it into the earth8 and there were -oi"es. and thunderin#s. and li#htnin#s. and an earthDua$e,6 77 Re- A8+ 6And the se-en an#els whi"h had the se-en trumpets prepared themsel-es to sound,6 77 Re- A8> 6The first an#el sounded. and there followed hail and fire min#led with !lood. and they were "ast upon the earth8 and the third part of trees was !urnt up. and all #reen #rass was !urnt up,6 77 Re- A8= 6And the se"ond an#el sounded. and as it were a #reat mountain !urnin# with fire was "ast into the sea8 and the third part of the sea !e"ame !lood:6

77 Re- A8A 6And the third part of the "reatures whi"h were in the sea. and had life. died: and the third part of the ships were destroyed,6 77 Re- A8* 6And the third an#el sounded. and there fell a #reat star from hea-en. !urnin# as it were a lamp. and it fell upon the third part of the ri-ers. and upon the fountains of waters:6 77 Re- A8)B 6And the name of the star is "alled Wormwood8 and the third part of the waters !e"ame wormwood: and many men died of the waters. !e"ause they were made !itter,6 77 Re- A8)) 6And the fourth an#el sounded. and the third part of the sun was smitten. and the third part of the moon. and the third part of the stars: so as the third part of them was dar$ened. and the day shone not for a third part of it. and the ni#ht li$ewise,6 77 Re- A8)9 6And I !eheld. and heard an an#el flyin# throu#h the midst of hea-en. sayin# with a loud -oi"e. Woe. woe. woe. to the inha!iters of the earth !y reason of the other -oi"es of the trumpet of the three an#els. whi"h are yet to soundE6 77 Re- A8); 6And the fifth an#el sounded. and I saw a star fall from hea-en unto the earth8 and to him was #i-en the $ey of the !ottomless pit,6 77 Re*8) 6And he opened the !ottomless pit: and there arose a smo$e out of the pit. as the smo$e of a #reat furna"e: and the sun and the air were dar$ened !y reason of the smo$e of the pit,6 77 Re- *89 6And there "ame out of the smo$e lo"usts upon the earth8 and unto them was #i-en power. as the s"orpions of the earth ha-e power,6 77 Re- *8; 6And it was "ommanded them that they should not hurt the #rass of the earth. neither any #reen thin#. neither any tree: !ut only those men whi"h ha-e not the seal of od in their foreheads,6 77 Re- *8<

6And to them it was #i-en that they should not $ill them. !ut that they should !e tormented fi-e months8 and their torment was as the torment of a s"orpion. when he stri$eth a man,6 77 Re- *8+ 6And in those days shall men see$ death. and shall not find it: and shall desire to die. and death shall flee from them,6 77 Re- *8> 6And the shapes of the lo"usts were li$e unto horses prepared unto !attle: and on their heads were as it were "rowns li$e #old. and their fa"es were as the fa"es of men,6 77 Re- *8= 6And they had hair as the hair of women. and their teeth were as the teeth of lions,6 77 Re- *8A 6And they had !reastplates. as it were !reastplates of iron: and the sound of their win#s was as the sound of "hariots of many horses runnin# to !attle,6 77 Re- *8* 6And they had tails li$e unto s"orpions. and there were stin#s in their tails8 and their power was to hurt men fi-e months,6 77 Re- *8)B 6And they had a $in# o-er them. whi"h is the an#el of the !ottomless pit. whose name in the @e!rew ton#ue is A!addon. !ut in the ree$ ton#ue hath his name Apollyon,6 77 Re- *8)) 6One woe is past: and. !ehold. there "ome two woes more hereafter,6 77 Re- *8)9 6And the si3th an#el sounded. and I heard a -oi"e from the four horns of the #olden altar whi"h is !efore od.6 77 Re- *8); 62ayin# to the si3th an#el whi"h had the trumpet. 0oose the four an#els whi"h are !ound in the #reat ri-er Euphrates,6 77 Re- *8)< 6And the four an#els were loosed. whi"h were prepared for an hour. and a day. and a month. and a year. for to slay the third part of men,6 77 Re*8)+ 6And the num!er of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand

thousand8 and I heard the num!er of them,6

77 Re- *8)>

6And thus I saw the horses in the -ision. and them that sat on them. ha-in# !reastplates of fire. and of ?a"inth. and !rimstone8 and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions: and out of their mouths issued fire and smo$e and !rimstone,6 77 Re- *8)= 6By these three was the third part of men $illed. !y the fire. and !y the smo$e. and !y the !rimstone. whi"h issued out of their mouths,6 77 Re- *8)A 6For their power is in their mouth. and in their tails8 for their tails were li$e unto serpents. and had heads. and with them they do hurt,6 77 Re- *8)* 6And the rest of the men whi"h were not $illed !y these pla#ues yet repented not of the wor$s of their hands. that they should not worship de-ils. and idols of #old. and sil-er. and !rass. and stone. and of wood8 whi"h neither "an see. nor hear. nor wal$86 77 Re- *89B 6Neither repented they of their murders. nor of their sor"eries. nor of their forni"ation. nor of their thefts,6 77 Re- *89) 6And after that I loo$ed. and. !ehold. the temple of the ta!erna"le of the testimony in hea-en was opened86 77 Re- )+8+ 6And the se-enth an#el sounded: and there were #reat -oi"es in hea-en. sayin#. The $in#doms of this world are !e"ome the $in#doms of our 0ord. and of his Christ: and he shall rei#n for e-er and e-er,6 77 Re- ))8)+ 6And the temple of od was opened in hea-en. and there was seen in his temple the ar$ of his testament8 and there were li#htnin#s. and -oi"es. and thunderin#s. and an earthDua$e. and #reat hail,6 77 Re- ))8)* 6But in the days of the -oi"e of the se-enth an#el. when he shall !e#in to sound. the mystery of od should !e finished. as he hath de"lared to his ser-ants the prophets,6 77 Re- )B8= 6For the 0ord himself shall des"end from hea-en with a shout. with the

-oi"e of the ar"han#el. and with the trump of shall rise first86 77 ) Th <8)>

od8 and the dead in Christ

6Then we whi"h are ali-e and remain shall !e "au#ht up to#ether with them in the "louds. to meet the 0ord in the air8 and so shall we e-er !e with the 0ord,6 77 ) Th <8)= 6And I heard a loud -oi"e sayin# in hea-en. Now is "ome sal-ation. and stren#th. and the $in#dom of our od. and the power of his Christ8 for the a""user of our !rethren is "ast down. whi"h a""used them !efore our od day and ni#ht,6 77 Re- )98)B 6The 0OR1 hath made !are his holy arm in the eyes of all the nations: and all the ends of the earth shall see the sal-ation of our od,6 77 Isa +98)B 6Behold. my ser-ant shall deal prudently. he shall !e e3alted and e3tolled. and !e -ery hi#h,6 77 Isa +98); 62o shall he sprin$le many nations: the $in#s shall shut their mouths at him8 for that whi"h had not !een told them shall they see: and that whi"h they had not heard shall they "onsider,6 77 Isa +98)+ 6All ye inha!itants of the world. and dwellers on the earth. see ye. when he lifteth up an ensi#n on the mountains: and when he !loweth a trumpet. hear ye,6 77 Isa )A8; 6This is the purpose that is purposed upon the whole earth8 and this is the hand that is stret"hed out upon all the nations,6 77 Isa )<89> 6For the 0OR1 of hosts hath purposed. and who shall disannul itF and his hand is stret"hed out. and who shall turn it !a"$F6 77 Isa )<89= 6But he is in one mind. and who "an turn himF and what his soul desireth. e-en that he doeth,6 77 &o! 9;8); 6That they may see. and $now. and "onsider. and understand to#ether. that the hand of the 0OR1 hath done this. and the @oly One of Israel hath

"reated it,6 77 Isa <)89B 6@ear now this. O foolish people. and without understandin#: whi"h ha-e eyes. and see not: whi"h ha-e ears. and hear not86 77 &er +89) 6My ri#hteousness is near: my sal-ation is #one forth. and mine arms shall ?ud#e the people: the isles shall wait upon me. and on mine arm shall they trust,6 77 Isa +)8+ 6For the 0OR1 shall "omfort Hion8 he will "omfort all her waste pla"es: and he will ma$e her wilderness li$e Eden. and her desert li$e the #arden of the 0OR1: ?oy and #ladness shall !e found therein. than$s#i-in#. and the -oi"e of melody,6 77 Isa +)8; 6Now the 2pirit spea$eth e3pressly. that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith. #i-in# heed to sedu"in# spirits. and do"trines of de-ils:6 77 ) Tim <8) 6E-er learnin#. and ne-er a!le to "ome to the $nowled#e of the truth,6 77 9 Tim ;8= 6But e-il men and sedu"ers shall wa3 worse and worse. de"ei-in#. and !ein# de"ei-ed,6 77 9 Tim ;8); 62pea$in# lies in hypo"risy: ha-in# their "ons"ien"e seared with a hot iron:6 77 ) Tim <89 6Therefore ha-e I hewed them !y the prophets: I ha-e slain them !y the words of my mouth8 and thy ?ud#ments are as the li#ht that #oeth forth,6 77 @osea >8+ 6And I ha-e put my words in thy mouth. and I ha-e "o-ered thee in the shadow of mine hand. that I may plant the hea-ens. and lay the foundations of the earth. and say unto Hion. Thou art my people,6 77 Isa +)8)> 6Awa$e. awa$e. stand up. O &erusalem. whi"h hast drun$ at the hand of the 0OR1 the "up of his fury: thou hast drun$en the dre#s of the "up of trem!lin#. and wrun# them out,6 77 Isa +)8)=

6Therefore hear now this. thou affli"ted. and drun$en. !ut not with wine86 77 Isa +)89) 6Thus saith thy 0ord the 0OR1. and thy od that pleadeth the "ause of his people. Behold. I ha-e ta$en out of thine hand the "up of trem!lin#. e-en the dre#s of the "up of my fury: thou shalt no more drin$ it a#ain86 77 Isa +)899 6But I will put it into the hand of them that affli"t thee: whi"h ha-e said to thy soul. Bow down. that we may #o o-er8 and thou hast laid thy !ody as the #round. and as the street. to them that went o-er,6 77 Isa +)89; 6Therefore my people shall $now my name8 therefore they shall $now in that day that I am he that doth spea$8 !ehold. it is I,6 77 Isa +98> 6I applied mine heart to $now. and to sear"h. and to see$ out wisdom. and the reason of thin#s. and to $now the wi"$edness of folly. e-en of foolishness and madness86 77 E""l =89+ 6Counsel in the heart of man is li$e deep water: !ut a man of understandin# will draw it out,6 77 4ro- 9B8+ 6The words of a man/s mouth are as deep waters. and the wellsprin# of wisdom as a flowin# !roo$,6 77 4ro- )A8< 6When"e then "ometh wisdomF and where is the pla"e of understandin#F6 77 &o! 9A89B 62eein# it is hid from the eyes of all li-in#. and $ept "lose from the fowls of the air,6 77 &o! 9A89) 6There is a path whi"h no fowl $noweth. and whi"h the -ulture/s eye hath not seen86 77 &o! 9A8= 6The lion/s whelps ha-e not trodden it. nor the fier"e lion passed !y it,6 77 &o! 9A8A 6 od understandeth the way thereof. and he $noweth the pla"e thereof,6 77 &o! 9A89;

6For he loo$eth to the ends of the earth. and seeth under the whole hea-en:6 77 &o! 9A89< 6@e !indeth the floods from o-erflowin#: and the thin# that is hid !rin#eth he forth to li#ht,6 77 &o! 9A8)) 6That whi"h is far off. and e3"eedin# deep. who "an find it outF6 77 E""l =89< 6@ast thou entered into the sprin#s of the seaF or hast thou wal$ed in the sear"h of the depthF6 77 &o! ;A8)> 6@ast thou entered into the treasures of the snowF or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail.6 77 &o! ;A899 6Whi"h I ha-e reser-ed a#ainst the time of trou!le. a#ainst the day of !attle and warF6 77 &o! ;A89; 6Out of whose wom! "ame the i"eF and the hoary frost of hea-en. who hath #endered itF6 77 &o! ;A89* 6The waters are hid as with a stone. and the fa"e of the deep is fro'en,6 77 &o! ;A8;B 6@e "auseth the -apours to as"end from the ends of the earth: he ma$eth li#htnin#s for the rain: he !rin#eth the wind out of his treasuries,6 77 4sa );+8= 6@e stret"heth out the north o-er the empty pla"e. and han#eth the earth upon nothin#,6 77 &o! 9>8= 6@e !indeth up the waters in his thi"$ "louds: and the "loud is not rent under them,6 77 &o! 9>8A 6@e holdeth !a"$ the fa"e of his throne. and spreadeth his "loud upon it,6 77 &o! 9>8* 6A 2on# and 4salm for the sons of Korah, reat is the 0OR1. and #reatly to !e praised in the "ity of our od. in the mountain of his holiness,6 77 4sa <A8) 6Beautiful for situation. the ?oy of the whole earth. is mount Hion. on the

sides of the north. the "ity of the #reat Kin#,6 6 od is $nown in her pala"es for a refu#e,6

77 4sa <A89

77 4sa <A8;

6The 0OR1 hath prepared his throne in the hea-ens: and his $in#dom ruleth o-er all,6 77 4sa )B;8)* 6For od is my Kin# of old. wor$in# sal-ation in the midst of the earth,6 77 4sa =<8)9 6And he said. @ear thou therefore the word of the 0OR18 I saw the 0OR1 sittin# on his throne. and all the host of hea-en standin# !y him on his ri#ht hand and on his left,6 77 ) Ki 998)* 6The 0OR1 loo$eth from hea-en: he !eholdeth all the sons of men,6 77 4sa ;;8); 6From the pla"e of his ha!itation he loo$eth upon all the inha!itants of the earth,6 77 4sa ;;8)< 6I $now it is so of a truth8 !ut how should man !e ?ust with 77 &o! *89 odF6

6Who hath as"ended up into hea-en. or des"endedF who hath #athered the wind in his fistsF who hath !ound the waters in a #armentF who hath esta!lished all the ends of the earthF what is his name. and what is his son/s name. if thou "anst tellF6 77 4ro- ;B8< 6%Now that he as"ended. what is it !ut that he also des"ended first into the lower parts of the earthF6 77 Eph <8* 6@e that des"ended is the same also that as"ended up far a!o-e all hea-ens. that he mi#ht fill all thin#s,(6 77 Eph <8)B 6The 0OR1 thundered from hea-en. and the most @i#h uttered his -oi"e,6 77 9 2am 998)< 6And he sent out arrows. and s"attered them: li#htnin#. and dis"omfited them,6 77 9 2am 998)+ 6And the "hannels of the sea appeared. the foundations of the world were dis"o-ered. at the re!u$in# of the 0OR1. at the !last of the !reath of

his nostrils,6

77 9 2am 998)>

6@e sent from a!o-e. he too$ me: he drew me out of many waters:6 77 9 2am 998)= 6@e deli-ered me from my stron# enemy. and from them that hated me8 for they were too stron# for me,6 77 9 2am 998)A 6They pre-ented me in the day of my "alamity8 !ut the 0OR1 was my stay,6 77 9 2am 998)* 6@e !rou#ht me forth also into a lar#e pla"e8 he deli-ered me. !e"ause he deli#hted in me,6 77 9 2am 9989B 62ee$ him that ma$eth the se-en stars and Orion. and turneth the shadow of death into the mornin#. and ma$eth the day dar$ with ni#ht8 that "alleth for the waters of the sea. and poureth them out upon the fa"e of the earth8 The 0OR1 is his name86 77 Amos +8A 6Whi"h ma$eth Ar"turus. Orion. and 4leiades. and the "ham!ers of the south,6 77 &o! *8* 6For there shall !e a day. that the wat"hmen upon the mount Ephraim shall "ry. Arise ye. and let us #o up to Hion unto the 0OR1 our od,6 77 &er ;)8> 6Cntil the day !rea$. and the shadows flee away. I will #et me to the mountain of myrrh. and to the hill of fran$in"ense,6 77 2on# <8> 6Thou shalt !rin# them in. and plant them in the mountain of thine inheritan"e. in the pla"e. O 0OR1. whi"h thou hast made for thee to dwell in. in the 2an"tuary. O 0ord. whi"h thy hands ha-e esta!lished,6 77 E3o )+8)= 6With "louds he "o-ereth the li#ht: and "ommandeth it not to shine !y the "loud that "ometh !etwi3t,6 77 &o! ;>8;9 6A #arden en"losed is my sister. my spouse: a sprin# shut up. a fountain sealed,6 77 2on# <8)9 6For thus saith the 0OR1: 2in# with #ladness for &a"o!. and shout amon#

the "hief of the nations8 pu!lish ye. praise ye. and say. O 0OR1. sa-e thy people. the remnant of Israel,6 77 &er ;)8= 6And when the entiles heard this. they were #lad. and #lorified the word of the 0ord8 and as many as were ordained to eternal life !elie-ed,6 77 A"ts );8<A 6For so hath the 0ord "ommanded us. sayin#. I ha-e set thee to !e a li#ht of the entiles. that thou shouldest !e for sal-ation unto the ends of the earth,6 77 A"ts );8<= 6For ye shall #o out with ?oy. and !e led forth with pea"e8 the mountains and the hills shall !rea$ forth !efore you into sin#in#. and all the trees of the field shall "lap their hands,6 77 Isa ++8)9 6They shall enter into my san"tuary. and they shall "ome near to my ta!le. to minister unto me. and they shall $eep my "har#e,6 77 E'e$ <<8)> 6And it shall "ome to pass. that when they enter in at the #ates of the inner "ourt. they shall !e "lothed with linen #arments: and no wool shall "ome upon them. whiles they minister in the #ates of the inner "ourt. and within,6 77 E'e$ <<8)= 6And they that !e wise shall shine as the !ri#htness of the firmament: and they that turn many to ri#hteousness as the stars for e-er and e-er,6 77 1an )98; 6Behold. I will !rin# them from the north "ountry. and #ather them from the "oasts of the earth. and with them the !lind and the lame. the woman with "hild and her that tra-aileth with "hild to#ether8 a #reat "ompany shall return thither,6 77 &er ;)8A 6@ear$en to me. ye that follow after ri#hteousness. ye that see$ the 0OR18 loo$ unto the ro"$ when"e ye are hewn. and to the hole of the pit when"e ye are di##ed,6 77 Isa +)8) 6@e that wal$eth ri#hteously. and spea$eth upri#htly: he that despiseth the #ain of oppressions. that sha$eth his hands from holdin# of !ri!es.

that stoppeth his ears from hearin# of !lood. and shutteth his eyes from seein# e-il:6 77 Isa ;;8)+ 6@e shall dwell on hi#h8 his pla"e of defen"e shall !e the munitions of ro"$s8 !read shall !e #i-en him: his waters shall !e sure,6 77 Isa ;;8)> 6There is a ri-er. the streams whereof shall ma$e #lad the "ity of the holy pla"e of the ta!erna"les of the most @i#h,6 77 4sa <>8< 6And my people shall dwell in a pea"ea!le ha!itation. and in sure dwellin#s. and in Duiet restin# pla"es:6 77 Isa ;98)A 6And at that time shall Mi"hael stand up. the #reat prin"e whi"h standeth for the "hildren of thy people8 and there shall !e a time of trou!le. su"h as ne-er was sin"e there was a nation e-en to that same time8 and at that time thy people shall !e deli-ered. e-ery one that shall !e found written in the !oo$,6 77 1an )98) 6Many shall !e purified. and made white. and tried: !ut the wi"$ed shall do wi"$edly8 and none of the wi"$ed shall understand: !ut the wise shall understand,6 77 1an )98)B 6My !elo-ed spa$e. and said unto me. Rise up. my lo-e. my fair one. and "ome away,6 77 2on# 98)B 6Come. my people. enter thou into thy "ham!ers. and shut thy doors a!out thee8 hide thyself as it were for a little moment. until the indi#nation !e o-erpast,6 77 Isa 9>89B 6Thine eyes shall see the $in# in his !eauty8 they shall !ehold the land that is -ery far off,6 77 Isa ;;8)= 64raise ye the 0OR1, 4raise od in his san"tuary8 praise him in the firmament of his power,6 77 4sa )+B8) 6One thin# ha-e I desired of the 0OR1. that will I see$ after: that I may dwell in the house of the 0OR1 all the days of my life. to !ehold the !eauty of the 0OR1. and to inDuire in his temple,6 77 4sa 9=8< od.

6The 0OR1 hath appeared of old unto me. sayin#. 5ea. I ha-e lo-ed thee with an e-erlastin# lo-e8 therefore with lo-in#$indness ha-e I drawn thee,6 77 &er ;)8; 6I would lead thee. and !rin# thee into my mother/s house. who would instru"t me8 I would "ause thee to drin$ of spi"ed wine of the ?ui"e of my pome#ranate,6 77 2on# A89 61raw me. we will run after thee8 the $in# hath !rou#ht me into his "ham!ers8 we will !e #lad and re?oi"e in thee. we will remem!er thy lo-e more than wine8 the upri#ht lo-e thee,6 77 2on# )8< 6For. !ehold. the 0OR1 "ometh out of his pla"e to punish the inha!itants of the earth for their iniDuity8 the earth also shall dis"lose her !lood. and shall no more "o-er her slain,6 77 Isa 9>89) 6The li#ht of the ri#hteous re?oi"eth8 !ut the lamp of the wi"$ed shall !e put out,6 77 4ro- );8* 6Fear and dread shall fall upon them: !y the #reatness of thine arm they shall !e as still as a stone: till thy people pass o-er. O 0OR1. till the people pass o-er. whi"h thou hast pur"hased,6 77 E3o )+8)> 6Behold. he "ometh with "louds: and e-ery eye shall see him. and they also whi"h pier"ed him8 and all $indreds of the earth shall wail !e"ause of him, E-en so. Amen,6 77 Re- )8= 6Be silent. O all flesh. !efore the 0OR18 for he is raised up out of his holy ha!itation,6 77 He" 98); 6I am he that li-eth. and was dead: and. !ehold. I am ali-e for e-ermore. Amen: and ha-e the $eys of hell and of death,6 77 Re- )8)A 6Fear. and the pit. and the snare. are upon thee. O inha!itant of the earth,6 77 Isa 9<8)= 6And it shall "ome to pass. that he who fleeth from the noise of the fear shall fall into the pit: and he that "ometh up out of the midst of the

pit shall !e ta$en in the snare8 for the windows from on hi#h are open. and the foundations of the earth do sha$e,6 77 Isa 9<8)A 6The 2on of man shall send forth his an#els. and they shall #ather out of his $in#dom all thin#s that offend. and them whi"h do iniDuity:6 77 Mat );8<) 6Blow ye the trumpet in Hion. and sound an alarm in my holy mountain8 let all the inha!itants of the land trem!le8 for the day of the 0OR1 "ometh. for it is ni#h at hand:6 77 &oel 98) 6A day of dar$ness and of #loominess. a day of "louds and of thi"$ dar$ness. as the mornin# spread upon the mountains8 a #reat people and a stron#: there hath not !een e-er the li$e. neither shall !e any more after it. e-en to the years of many #enerations,6 77 &oel 989 6And the 0OR1 shall utter his -oi"e !efore his army8 for his "amp is -ery #reat8 for he is stron# that e3e"uteth his word8 for the day of the 0OR1 is #reat and -ery terri!le: and who "an a!ide itF6 77 &oel 98)) 62o shall it !e at the end of the world8 the an#els shall "ome forth. and se-er the wi"$ed from amon# the ?ust.6 77 Mat );8<* 6And shall "ast them into the furna"e of fire8 there shall !e wailin# and #nashin# of teeth,6 77 Mat );8+B 6And thou shalt "ome from thy pla"e out of the north parts. thou. and many people with thee. all of them ridin# upon horses. a #reat "ompany. and a mi#hty army86 77 E'e$ ;A8)+ 6And he will lift up an ensi#n to the nations from far. and will hiss unto them from the end of the earth8 and. !ehold. they shall "ome with speed swiftly86 77 Isa +89> 6Whose arrows are sharp. and all their !ows !ent. their horses/ hoofs shall !e "ounted li$e flint. and their wheels li$e a whirlwind,6 77 Isa +89A 6The lion is "ome up from his thi"$et. and the destroyer of the

entiles is on his way: he is #one forth from his pla"e to ma$e thy land desolate: and thy "ities shall !e laid waste. without an inha!itant,6 77 &er <8= 6Their roarin# shall !e li$e a lion. they shall roar li$e youn# lions8 yea. they shall roar. and lay hold of the prey. and shall "arry it away safe. and none shall deli-er it,6 77 Isa +89* 6@e was unto me as a !ear lyin# in wait. and as a lion in se"ret pla"es,6 77 0am ;8)B 62et up the standard toward Hion8 retire. stay not8 for I will !rin# e-il from the north. and a #reat destru"tion,6 77 &er <8> 6And in that day they shall roar a#ainst them li$e the roarin# of the sea8 and if one loo$ unto the land. !ehold dar$ness and sorrow. and the li#ht is dar$ened in the hea-ens thereof,6 77 Isa +8;B 6@ear. all ye people: hear$en. O earth. and all that therein is8 and let the 0ord O1 !e witness a#ainst you. the 0ord from his holy temple,6 77 Mi"ah )89 6For. !ehold. the 0OR1 "ometh forth out of his pla"e. and will "ome down. and tread upon the hi#h pla"es of the earth,6 77 Mi"ah )8; 6And the mountains shall !e molten under him. and the -alleys shall !e "left. as wa3 !efore the fire. and as the waters that are poured down a steep pla"e,6 77 Mi"ah )8< 6Then the hea-en and the earth. and all that is therein. shall sin# for Ba!ylon8 for the spoilers shall "ome unto her from the north. saith the 0OR1,6 77 &er +)8<A 60o. I will !rin# a nation upon you from far. O house of Israel. saith the 0OR18 it is a mi#hty nation. it is an an"ient nation. a nation whose lan#ua#e thou $nowest not. neither understandest what they say,6 77 &er +8)+ 6And thou shalt "ome up a#ainst my people of Israel. as a "loud to "o-er the land: it shall !e in the latter days. and I will !rin# thee a#ainst my land.

that the heathen may $now me. when I shall !e san"tified in thee. O o#. !efore their eyes,6 77 E'e$ ;A8)> 6Thou shalt !e -isited of the 0OR1 of hosts with thunder. and with earthDua$e. and #reat noise. with storm and tempest. and the flame of de-ourin# fire,6 77 Isa 9*8> 6The earth shall Dua$e !efore them: the hea-ens shall trem!le8 the sun and the moon shall !e dar$. and the stars shall withdraw their shinin#86 77 &oel 98)B 6The 0OR1 shall !rin# a nation a#ainst thee from far. from the end of the earth. as swift as the ea#le flieth: a nation whose ton#ue thou shalt not understand:6 77 1eu 9A8<* 6Thus saith the 0OR1. Behold. a people "ometh from the north "ountry. and a #reat nation shall !e raised from the sides of the earth,6 77 &er >899 6Behold. he shall "ome up as "louds. and his "hariots shall !e as a whirlwind8 his horses are swifter than ea#les, Woe unto usE for we are spoiled,6 77 &er <8); 6@is #oin# forth is from the end of the hea-en. and his "ir"uit unto the ends of it8 and there is nothin# hid from the heat thereof,6 77 4sa )*8> 6Cpon the wi"$ed he shall rain snares. fire and !rimstone. and an horri!le tempest8 this shall !e the portion of their "up,6 77 4sa ))8> 6Cry aloud. spare not. lift up thy -oi"e li$e a trumpet. and show my people their trans#ression. and the house of &a"o! their sins,6 77 Isa +A8) 6Now is the ?ud#ment of this world8 now shall the prin"e of this world !e "ast out,6 77 &ohn )98;) 6Then the 0OR1 said unto me. Out of the north an e-il shall !rea$ forth upon all the inha!itants of the land,6 77 &er )8)< 60et not the swift flee away. nor the mi#hty man es"ape: they shall stum!le. and fall toward the north !y the ri-er Euphrates,6 77 &er <>8>

6For this is the day of the 0ord O1 of hosts. a day of -en#ean"e. that he may a-en#e him of his ad-ersaries8 and the sword shall de-our. and it shall !e satiate and made drun$ with their !lood8 for the 0ord O1 of hosts hath a sa"rifi"e in the north "ountry !y the ri-er Euphrates,6 77 &er <>8)B 6And at the time of the and the $in# of the north shall "hariots. and with horsemen. and with "ountries. and shall o-erflow and pass end shall the $in# of the south push at him8 "ome a#ainst him li$e a whirlwind. with many ships: and he shall enter into the o-er,6 77 1an ))8<B

6O ye that dwell in Moa!. lea-e the "ities. and dwell in the ro"$. and !e li$e the do-e that ma$eth her nest in the sides of the hole/s mouth,6 77 &er <A89A 6O my do-e. that art in the "lefts of the ro"$. in the se"ret pla"es of the stairs. let me see thy "ountenan"e. let me hear thy -oi"e: for sweet is thy -oi"e. and thy "ountenan"e is "omely,6 77 2on# 98)< 6And I said. Oh that I had win#s li$e a do-eE for then would I fly away. and !e at rest,6 77 4sa ++8> 6Who are these that fly as a "loud. and as the do-es to their windowsF6 77 Isa >B8A 6These see the wor$s of the 0OR1. and his wonders in the deep,6 77 4sa )B=89< 6And he rode upon a "heru!. and did fly8 yea. he did fly upon the win#s of the wind,6 77 4sa )A8)B 6@e made dar$ness his se"ret pla"e: his pa-ilion round a!out him were dar$ waters and thi"$ "louds of the s$ies,6 77 4sa )A8)) 6Then the "hannels of waters were seen. and the foundations of the world were dis"o-ered at thy re!u$e. O 0OR1. at the !last of the !reath of thy nostrils,6 77 4sa )A8)+ 6I "alled upon the 0OR1 in distress8 the 0OR1 answered me. and set me in a

lar#e pla"e,6

77 4sa ))A8+

6Therefore "ame I forth to meet thee. dili#ently to see$ thy fa"e. and I ha-e found thee,6 77 4ro- =8)+ 6Thus saith the 0OR1 of hosts: If thou wilt wal$ in my ways. and if thou wilt $eep my "har#e. then thou shalt also ?ud#e my house. and shalt also $eep my "ourts. and I will #i-e thee pla"es to wal$ amon# these that stand !y,6 77 He" ;8= 6I lo-e them that lo-e me: and those that see$ me early shall find me,6 77 4ro- A8)= 6Ri"hes and honour are with me: yea. dura!le ri"hes and ri#hteousness,6 77 4ro- A8)A 62in# and re?oi"e. O dau#hter of Hion8 for. lo. I "ome. and I will dwell in the midst of thee. saith the 0OR1,6 77 He" 98)B 6And many nations shall !e ?oined to the 0OR1 in that day. and shall !e my people8 and I will dwell in the midst of thee. and thou shalt $now that the 0OR1 of hosts hath sent me unto thee,6 77 He" 98)) 6@ear the word of the 0OR1. O ye nations. and de"lare it in the isles afar off. and say. @e that s"attered Israel will #ather him. and $eep him. as a shepherd doth his flo"$,6 77 &er ;)8)B 6They shall "ome with weepin#. and with suppli"ations will I lead them8 I will "ause them to wal$ !y the ri-ers of waters in a strai#ht way. wherein they shall not stum!le8 for I am a father to Israel. and Ephraim is my first!orn,6 77 &er ;)8* 6For the 0OR1 hath redeemed &a"o!. and ransomed him from the hand of him that was stron#er than he,6 77 &er ;)8)) 6Thou hast in"reased the nation. O 0OR1. thou hast in"reased the nation8 thou art #lorified8 thou hadst remo-ed it far unto all the ends of the earth,6 77 Isa 9>8)+ 6And it shall "ome to pass. that !efore they "all. I will answer: and

while they are yet spea$in#. I will hear,6

77 Isa >+89<

6The wolf and the lam! shall feed to#ether. and the lion shall eat straw li$e the !ullo"$8 and dust shall !e the serpent/s meat, They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain. saith the 0OR1,6 77 Isa >+89+ 6As one whom his mother "omforteth. so will I "omfort you: and ye shall !e "omforted in &erusalem,6 77 Isa >>8); 6And they shall !uild houses. and inha!it them: and they shall plant -ineyards. and eat the fruit of them,6 77 Isa >+89) 6They shall not !uild. and another inha!it: they shall not plant. and another eat8 for as the days of a tree are the days of my people. and mine ele"t shall lon# en?oy the wor$ of their hands,6 77 Isa >+899 6Thou shalt also de"ree a thin#. and it shall !e esta!lished unto thee8 and the li#ht shall shine upon thy ways,6 77 &o! 9989A 6And when ye see this. your heart shall re?oi"e. and your !ones shall flourish li$e an her!8 and the hand of the 0OR1 shall !e $nown toward his ser-ants. and his indi#nation toward his enemies,6 77 Isa >>8)< 6For. !ehold. the 0OR1 will "ome with fire. and with his "hariots li$e a whirlwind. to render his an#er with fury. and his re!u$e with flames of fire,6 77 Isa >>8)+ 6For he said. Be"ause the 0OR1 hath sworn that the 0OR1 will ha-e war with Amale$ from #eneration to #eneration,6 77 E3o )=8)> 6And the 0OR1 said unto Moses. Write this for a memorial in a !oo$. and rehearse it in the ears of &oshua8 for I will utterly put out the remem!ran"e of Amale$ from under hea-en,6 77 E3o )=8)< 6And when he loo$ed on Amale$. he too$ up his para!le. and said. Amale$ was the first of the nations: !ut his latter end shall !e that he perish for e-er,6 77 Num 9<89B 6For the 0OR1 lo-eth ?ud#ment. and forsa$eth not his saints: they are

preser-ed for e-er8 !ut the seed of the wi"$ed shall !e "ut off,6 77 4sa ;=89A 6The ri#hteous shall inherit the land. and dwell therein for e-er,6 77 4sa ;=89* 6Therefore the redeemed of the 0OR1 shall return. and "ome with sin#in# unto Hion: and e-erlastin# ?oy shall !e upon their head8 they shall o!tain #ladness and ?oy: and sorrow and mournin# shall flee away,6 77 Isa +)8)) 6Therefore they shall "ome and sin# in the hei#ht of Hion. and flow to#ether to the #oodness of the 0OR1. for wheat. and for wine. oil. and for the youn# of the flo"$ and of the herd8 and their soul as a watered #arden: and they shall not sorrow any more at all,6 ;)8)9 shall and for shall !e 77 &er

60et us "ome !efore his presen"e with than$s#i-in#. and ma$e a ?oyful noise unto him with psalms,6 77 4sa *+89 6And he !rou#ht forth his people with ?oy. and his "hosen with #ladness86 77 4sa )B+8<; 6With #ladness and re?oi"in# shall they !e !rou#ht8 they shall enter into the $in#/s pala"e,6 77 4sa <+8)+ 6But ye are "ome unto mount 2ion. and unto the "ity of the li-in# od. the hea-enly &erusalem. and to an innumera!le "ompany of an#els.6 77 @e! )9899 6To the #eneral assem!ly and "hur"h of the first!orn. whi"h are written in hea-en. and to od the &ud#e of all. and to the spirits of ?ust men made perfe"t.6 77 @e! )989; 6And to &esus the mediator of the new "o-enant. and to the !lood of sprin$lin#. that spea$eth !etter thin#s than that of A!el,6 77 @e! )989< 62ee that ye refuse not him that spea$eth, For if they es"aped not who refused him that spa$e on earth. mu"h more shall not we es"ape. if we turn away from him that spea$eth from hea-en86 77 @e! )989+

6Whose -oi"e then shoo$ the earth8 !ut now he hath promised. sayin#. 5et on"e more I sha$e not the earth only. !ut also hea-en,6 77 @e! )989> 6For our od is a "onsumin# fire,6 77 @e! )989*

6Wherefore we re"ei-in# a $in#dom whi"h "annot !e mo-ed. let us ha-e #ra"e. where!y we may ser-e od a""epta!ly with re-eren"e and #odly fear86 77 @e! )989A 6And this word. 5et on"e more. si#nifieth the remo-in# of those thin#s that are sha$en. as of thin#s that are made. that those thin#s whi"h "annot !e sha$en may remain,6 77 @e! )989= 6But ta$e ye heed8 !ehold. I ha-e foretold you all thin#s,6 );89; 77 Mar$

6But in those days. after that tri!ulation. the sun shall !e dar$ened. and the moon shall not #i-e her li#ht.6 77 Mar$ );89< 6And the stars of hea-en shall fall. and the powers that are in hea-en shall !e sha$en,6 77 Mar$ );89+ 6And I will !rin# the third part throu#h the fire. and will refine them as sil-er is refined. and will try them as #old is tried8 they shall "all on my name. and I will hear them8 I will say. It is my people8 and they shall say. The 0OR1 is my od,6 77 He" );8* 6And then shall they see the 2on of man "omin# in the "louds with #reat power and #lory,6 77 Mar$ );89> 6When the 2on of man shall "ome in his #lory. and all the holy an#els with him. then shall he sit upon the throne of his #lory86 77 Mat 9+8;) 6And !efore him shall !e #athered all nations8 and he shall separate them one from another. as a shepherd di-ideth his sheep from the #oats86 77 Mat 9+8;9 6And he shall set the sheep on his ri#ht hand. !ut the #oats on the left,6 77 Mat 9+8;;

6Then shall the Kin# say unto them on his ri#ht hand. Come. ye !lessed of my Father. inherit the $in#dom prepared for you from the foundation of the world86 77 Mat 9+8;< 6Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand. 1epart from me. ye "ursed. into e-erlastin# fire. prepared for the de-il and his an#els86 77 Mat 9+8<) 6Belo-ed. thin$ it not stran#e "on"ernin# the fiery trial whi"h is to try you. as thou#h some stran#e thin# happened unto you86 77 ) 4et <8)9 6For in my ?ealousy and in the fire of my wrath ha-e I spo$en. 2urely in that day there shall !e a #reat sha$in# in the land of Israel:6 77 E'e$ ;A8)* 62o that the fishes of the sea. and the fowls of the hea-en. and the !easts of the field. and all "reepin# thin#s that "reep upon the earth. and all the men that are upon the fa"e of the earth. shall sha$e at my presen"e. and the mountains shall !e thrown down. and the steep pla"es shall fall. and e-ery wall shall fall to the #round,6 77 E'e$ ;A89B 6I !eheld. and. lo. there was no man. and all the !irds of the hea-ens were fled,6 77 &er <89+ 6I !eheld. and. lo. the fruitful pla"e was a wilderness. and all the "ities thereof were !ro$en down at the presen"e of the 0OR1. and !y his fier"e an#er,6 77 &er <89> 6For thus hath the 0OR1 said. The whole land shall !e desolate: yet will I not ma$e a full end,6 77 &er <89= 6For this shall the earth mourn. and the hea-ens a!o-e !e !la"$8 !e"ause I ha-e spo$en it. I ha-e purposed it. and will not repent. neither will I turn !a"$ from it,6 77 &er <89A 6Behold. I will !rin# a#ain the shadow of the de#rees. whi"h is #one down in the sun dial of Aha'. ten de#rees !a"$ward, 2o the sun returned ten de#rees. !y whi"h de#rees it was #one down,6 77 Isa ;A8A

IAnd this shall !e a si#n unto thee from the 0OR1. that the 0OR1 will do this thin# that he hath spo$en:J 77 Isa ;A8= 6Ta$e ye heed. wat"h and pray8 for ye $now not when the time is,6 77 Mar$ );8;; 6And I !esee"h you. !rethren. suffer the word of e3hortation8 for I ha-e written a letter unto you in few words,6 77 @e! );899 6But the word of the 0ord endureth for e-er, And this is the word whi"h !y the #ospel is prea"hed unto you,6 77 ) 4et )89+ 6But re?oi"e. inasmu"h as ye are parta$ers of Christ/s sufferin#s: that. when his #lory shall !e re-ealed. ye may !e #lad also with e3"eedin# ?oy,6 77 ) 4et <8); 62eein# ye ha-e purified your souls in o!eyin# the truth throu#h the 2pirit unto unfei#ned lo-e of the !rethren. see that ye lo-e one another with a pure heart fer-ently86 77 ) 4et )899 6Bein# !orn a#ain. not of "orrupti!le seed. !ut of in"orrupti!le. !y the word of od. whi"h li-eth and a!ideth for e-er,6 77 ) 4et )89; 6E-ery word of od is pure8 he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him,6 77 4ro- ;B8+ 6Add thou not unto his words. lest he repro-e thee. and thou !e found a liar,6 77 4ro- ;B8> 6For I testify unto e-ery man that heareth the words of the prophe"y of this !oo$. If any man shall add unto these thin#s. od shall add unto him the pla#ues that are written in this !oo$86 77 Re- 998)A 6And if any man shall ta$e away from the words of the !oo$ of this prophe"y. od shall ta$e away his part out of the !oo$ of life. and out of the holy "ity. and from the thin#s whi"h are written in this !oo$,6 77 Re998)* 6And to you who are trou!led rest with us. when the 0ord &esus shall !e re-ealed from hea-en with his mi#hty an#els.6 77 9 Th )8= 6In flamin# fire ta$in# -en#ean"e on them that $now not od. and that

o!ey not the #ospel of our 0ord &esus Christ86

77 9 Th )8A

6Who shall !e punished with e-erlastin# destru"tion from the presen"e of the 0ord. and from the #lory of his power:6 77 9 Th )8* 6Be not de"ei-ed: od is not mo"$ed8 for whatsoe-er a man soweth. that shall he also reap,6 77 al >8= 6And let us not !e weary in well doin#8 for in due season we shall reap. if we faint not,6 77 al >8* 60et us hear the "on"lusion of the whole matter8 Fear od. and $eep his "ommandments8 for this is the whole duty of man,6 77 E""l )98); 6For od shall !rin# e-ery wor$ into ?ud#ment. with e-ery se"ret thin#. whether it !e #ood. or whether it !e e-il,6 77 E""l )98)< 6@e whi"h testifieth these thin#s saith. 2urely I "ome Dui"$ly, Amen, E-en so. "ome. 0ord &esus,6 77 Re- 9989B


And I heard a voice from heaven, saying, come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. Revelation 18:4 or her sins have reached unto heaven, and !od hath remembered her ini"uities. Revelation 18:#

At the beginning of thy supplications the commandment came forth, and I am come to she$ thee% for thou art greatly beloved: therefore understand the matter, and consider the vision. &aniel ':() *here there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the la$, happy is he. +roverbs (':18

And they that shall be of thee

shall build the old $aste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations% and thou shalt be called, the repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths to d$ell in. Isaiah #8:1(
And he said unto me, these sayings are faithful and true: and the ,ord !od of the holy prophets sent his angel to sho$ unto his servants the things $hich must shortly be done. Revelation ((:-

.ehold, I come "uickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book. Revelation ((:/ 0e that is un1ust, let him be un1ust still: and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still: he that is righteous,

let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. Revelation (:11 And, behold, I come "uickly% and my re$ard is $ith me, to give every man as according as his $ork shall be. Revelation ((:1(
I am Alpha and 2mega, the beginning and the end,the first and the last. Revelation ((:1) .lessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. Revelation ((:14 or $ithout are dogs, and sorcerers, and $horemongers, and murderers, and idolitors, and $hosoever loveth and maketh a lie. &aniel 4:( or $e $restle not against flesh and blood, but against

against po$ers, against the rulers of darkness of this $orld, against spiritual $ickedness in high places. 3phesians -:1(

.ut take ye heed: behold, I have foretold you all things. Revelation ((:1# I 4esus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of &avid, and the bright and morning star. Revelation ((:1I thought it good to sho$ the signs and $onders that the high !od hath $rought to$ard me. 5ark 1):() 0o$ great are his signs6 And ho$ mighty are his $onders6 0is kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and his dominion is from generation to generation. &aniel 4:) 7hou shalt keep them, 2 ,ord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever. +salms 1(:/

And thou shalt s$ear, the ,ord liveth, in truth, in 1udgement, and in righteousness% and the nations shall bless themselves in him, and in him shall they glory. 4eremiah 4:(

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