Religious war by christians and muslims against Hindus in India

Annual Statistics report prepared by the Revenue and Endowment Board of Andhra Pradesh which maintains the Statistics and Accounts of Religious institutions in Andhra Pradesh have the following list which is self explanatory. Christians are 2.3%, but the Christian data says they are 6% in India now is more terrorizing with their house to house conversion effort than the physical suicide bombing muslims. The Document can be easily procured by paying a minimum fee at the Endowment Board in Hyderabad. The Contents of the Documents is really shocking to any Hindu. Please Read the following.

Existing No. of Temples, Mosques and Churches in as on 31st March 2005.
District Temples Adilabad 12,346 Ananthpur 14,008 Chittor 26,120 Cuddpah 22,982 Churches 3,347 4,892 9,098 7,241 East Godavari 8,220 12,123 Guntur 9,302 16,388 Hyderabad 13,144 3,204 (Rangareddy) Kakinada 7,203 8,585 Karimnagar 4,129 1,648 Khammam 5,210 7,203 Krishna 8,929 8,462 Kurnool 6,549 5,203 Machlipatnam 5,000(approx) 8,320 Mahboobnagar 3,299 3,128 Medak 6,302 3,203 Nellore 7,993 6,782 mosques 18,482 9,328 12,320 14,223 9,230 5,429 15,203 5,274 9,714 5,922 3,769 9,293 6,493 7,235 3,234 7,323

Nalgonda 6,882 Nizamabad 4,638 Prakasham 4,255 Srikakulam 7,339 Warangal 1,393 West Godavari 3,293 Vishakapatnam 6,430 Vizianagaram 3,891

2,412 3,203 5,583 9,879 6,320 5,464 3,203 3,100

5,239 9,366 4,932 2,140 1,342 2,765 4,203 3,500

What are the communal christians and communal muslims are up to in India. Christians have placed a Vatican spy Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi in India. A christian chief minister in Andhra, the Samuel Reddy (full name Y. Samuel Rejasekhara Reddy and he is ashamed and hides his christian name like Yousuf Khan alias Dilip Kumar) was destroying Tirupathi and was stealing temple lands. For his sins he was killed in a helicopter accident on 2-9-09. Chief Minister Samuel had already stopped the supply of fish for the free Asthma treatment given by the Bathini Goud brothers’ earlier. (The fisheries dept used to supply lakhs of fish at Rs 7 per fish previously). The muslims even after partition and occupation of Pakistan are breeding like rats in India and their numbers in India is more than that of Pakistan. Young muslims like the terrorist Haroon Rashid, a BTech from Aligarh Muslim University who joined HAL as a trainee with an intention to blow it up (Times of India 19-5-05) is the true face of muslims in India. What we should do about these two anti Indian communities?

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