The Magic of Creativity

Our little shimmering stars of Nachiketa Tapovan love to express themselves in the form of drawings, paintings and poems. Here’s a glimpse of the magic of two of our stars!We love them all dearly! Sushma, 4th Class. Lavanya, 2nd Class. Sushma is a bright Lavanya is a very eyed, happy-gosweet and calm girl. lucky girl. She adds She expresses life to the class and herself through her enjoys drawing. pretty drawings.

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Pranasyedam vashe sarvam Tridive yat pratisthitam, Mateva putran rakshasva shrischa prajnam cha vidhehi na iti.
Whatever exists in the three worlds, is all under control of Prana; (O Prana) protect us like a mother protects her sons. Give us prosperity and wisdom. -Prashna Upanishad (Chapter 2, Verse 13)

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The self inflicted miseries of ignorance are greater than what can be inflicted by enemies.

One can make up for many natural defects through industriousness.


‘’Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink!’’ This aptly suits the Tsunami days when water devastated many lives having caught people unawares. Those were the days when people pined for a pot of water for their very sustenance but when they were ruthlessly woken from their sleep to find themselves engulfed by water they were aghast as water challenged their very existence. If this is the effect of Tsunami created by nature, what about the Tsunamis happening in our lives? Almost every human being born on earth would have experienced at least one Tsunami in their lifetime. Who is to be EDITORIAL BOARD Editor blamed? When we opt to function through Subhadra K. the mind and not the heart Tsunamis tend Editorial Consultants: to occur in our lives. In grueling moments Annapurna R. we realize the mind is not enough to make Sowja A. right decisions and it is then we feel the need CONTENTS Page No. to reach the source of all knowledge - our heart - and draw from there the required Message by Swamiji 3 Mataji's Message 4 solution. If we listen to the voice of our Live & Let Live 5 conscience when confronted with Spiritual quest 6 challenging situations all our problems could Celebrations 7 be solved. When our entire life is in disarray Health Camp 8 let us be firm like a rock and follow our Prashna Upanishad 10 Annapurna 11 virtuous principles. Truly it is in the times of Publications 12 crisis that we discover who we really are! Upcoming Events 13 Let us take the ethical course of action Sponsor Options 14 though we have to live with repercussions An Appeal 15 on the worldly plane when Tsunami hits our Quotes from Subhadra K. lives. THIRUKKURAL


We perform many actions every day. Action is going on constantly even when sitting quietly. One follows the other. You cannot stop the action. You might get involved with one. An action can be called a good action when it is supported by a noble cause. The action which is not acceptable as a noble cause, by the world, by the society and not even by you is bad. Then how to translate such action into proper knowledge? How to transform that knowledge into wisdom? This is where the Guru comes into the picture. Guru will not stop you from doing that action. Guru will not stop you from doing anything. A guru will let you express. Guru will never ask you to drop anything. Even if a disciple has some bad habits, a real Guru will try to transform differently. If needed, He would not mind going to the pub with him and discuss what enjoyment he derives from

it. He will help overcome the thin layer that separates knowledge from wisdom. Once you know how to remove that barrier there is no stopping! When wisdom comes into the picture Spiritual journey becomes smooth. What you gain with effort is knowledge; what comes to you effortlessly is wisdom. And that indicates you are advancing in your spiritual journey. In this entire journey someone appears; an inside voice- the Guru, your Inner Self. When your heart speaks and you follow it, it results in pure action. Sixth sense is always working. But you don’t know how to use it. This is your Guru. Swami Vivekananda says that everyone is divine. Your Guru also might tell you that you are divine but YOU have to experience that. You have to express it and you can do that only through silent and invisible actions. Only actions that make an encounter with life are true actions. Wisdom can never be expressed externally. It has to be expressed internally. Bring wisdom in life and life in wisdom!

Should a fool fall upon a great fortune, strangers will feast while his family starves.

SWAMI NACHIKETANANDA One who has realized by himself his soul’s Self 3 will be worshiped by all other souls.


SURYANAMASKARAS - MANTRAS Suryanamaskaras or salutation to Sun God are a part of Yoga. In ancient culture Sun is worshiped as God. There are 12 Suryanamaskaras. When we do Suryanamaskaras we chant particular Mantra. Mantra is a combination of alphabets. Our sages during their deep meditation have perceived and heard the sounds of certain alphabets which turned out to be Mantras. Mantras impart knowledge and give us insight. While doing Suryanamaskaras, for every posture a different mantra is chanted. When we chant the first mantra Om Mitraya Namaha- Om is the Pranava, it is the Janani of all the mantras. In the traditional way of chanting after Om and before Sun Mantras we have Bija Mantras. Sun is our friend. We have seven chakras or psychik centers in our body called Muladhara, Swadistana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddi, Ajna and Sahasrara. The Bija mantras pertaining to these chakras might not be decipherabal, yet they are very powerful. While chanting Om Hram mitraya Namaha, we have to concentrate on Anahata Chakra. We fold our hands in front of our heart where the chakra is located. Similarly other

chakras are activated through different mantras and postures. ‘Ravaye Namaha’ is invoking the Sun's grace to shine in life like the Sun God. Suryaya Namaha is salutation to Sun God riding on a chariot drawn by 7 horses which represents the 7 lokas. Sun is the head of all these lokas. Seven horses represent seven rainbow colours. ‘Banave Namaha ‘is praying to the Sun God to rise and remove the darkness in our lives to lead us from mortal to immortality. ‘Khagaya Namaha’ we offer our homage to the Sun ,by whom time is measured. ‘Pushne Namaha’ is salutation to Sun God, who nourishes us. ‘Hiranyagarbhaya Namaha’ is salutation to the Sun who appears like a Golden egg of cosmic energy. ‘Marichaye Namaha’ is praying the Sun God to remove the mirage and show us the reality. ‘Adityaya Namaha’ is salutation to Sun who is the son of Aditi. ‘Savitre Namaha’ - We pray the rising Sun for stimulation of our consciousness. ‘Arkaya Namaha’ is praying for energy to function properly in this world. ‘Bhaskaraya Namaha’ is salutation to the one who reveals the Truth. It has always proved to be beneficial when Suryanamaskaras are chanted mentally. Swami Shivanandamayi

There is more than one way of doing things right. If everyone did things in one single fashion, this world wouldn’t have been this colourful and interesting enough for us to look forward to waking up every morning! If we look at our lives from this perspective, we can cherish this life in this world manifold. Many parents get all worked up about their children being not interested in Science or Math adding stress and limiting joy. Would the world be the same place if there were no artists, linguists, chefs, journalists, sports persons etc? We are reaping the consequences of over enthusiasm in the area of computer technology. Not to mention the dire job situation of computer professionals, the country is experiencing dearth of expertise in other professions. The more judgmental, opinionated and critical we are, more prone are we to increased levels of stress and a cause of pain to our neighbors. Open mind, flexibility and acceptance are the qualities we should strive for if we want to move towards Spirituality. In some

situations it helps to think ‘why a person had to do a thing’ than just seeing ‘what the person did’ that earned our displeasure. Many times I hear people sing glories of yester years whether it is about music, movies, literature, friendships, education …that the beauty and achievements of today go unnoticed! I agree that they are different, might not appeal to us, but don’t mean they are bad. As long as we don’t compromise on values that string our lives, families, country and world together, the best way to face these life style changes is to accept them. In nature, when population of one minute organism like a mosquito decreases, the entire food chain and the ecological balance of the whole habitat are affected. With so many changes in way of life shouldn’t we be prepared for some changes in areas encompassing our lives? Every single moment that we are experiencing is the consequence of a seed we have sown ‘sometime’ earlier. Keeping in mind that today is tomorrow’s yesterday, let us not wait till tomorrow to appreciate today! Annapurna R.

It is the nature of asceticism to patiently endure hardship and to not harm living creatures.

The lotus flower rises to the level of water. Greatness of men rise with mental strength.

Starting from this issue, Swamiji will answer questions from the seekers. Questions are welcome from everyone. They can be e-mailed to us at
1. Does a Guru give the same Mantra to all his disciples? Swamiji : One needs to have clarity about his relationship with God before deciding to take a mantra from his Guru. He has to choose his Ishta Devata and should not waver from his choice.. He should not be influenced by someone in his decision of taking a mantra. Everybody is not entitled to give mantra. He has to experience himself before giving initiation. If not, the mantra given by him will be a mere statement without having any effect. A Guru knows his disciple’s past, present and future and gives mantraaccording to their nature and Ishta Devata when the time is ripe. It is not necessary for a Guru to give the same mantra for all his disciples. 2. What is ‘Mouna’? What are the benefits of practicing Mouna? Swamiji: There are two types of Mouna. One is Aantar mouna and the other is Bahya mouna. Bahya mouna is easy to practice but Aantar mouna is very difficult as it demands no thought or a state of thoughtlessness. In English we call it “Silence or Silence State”. Bahya mouna can be practiced by imposing few rules on ourselves. But Aantar mouna cannot be practiced by just setting certain rules. It demands greater understanding towards our own mind and fine tuning of higher energies to the divinity. Simply keeping mouth shut will not make much difference when our minds are chattering. The true expression comes out when our minds are still or experiencing equipoise. Right now you might be speaking or listening or addressing gathering or writing or helping or supporting the noble cause, but it is not true action as it is coming from chaos and not from silence. That which comes from the silence is true action. Therefore when we start practicing Mouna, especially Aantar mouna we encounter with our ‘Self’. Any action that leads to divinity comes from Silence and has greater impact on every life. What we need in today’s so called developed world is action from Mouna. Mouna brings life into life. Mouna when practiced brings revolution in life and transforms hundreds and thousands of lives. You feel more calm and composed, devoted and dedicated towards every action. When understood and experienced Mouna brings clarity in every action!

TULSIDAS JAYANTI At Nachiketa Tapovan, on July 28 th afternoon at 1p.m. Goswami Sant Tulsidas’s Birthday was celebrated with humble reverence to the realized Saint poet who sung the glories of Sri Rama in common man’s language as Ram Charitmanas and handed us all the powerful Hanuman Chalisa. All the children, teachers and volunteers assembled in honor of the poet. The program started with one of the volunteer teachers lighting the lamp and narrating the life story of the Valmiki-incarnate, Rama Bhakta, Sant Tulsidas with Swamiji’s blessings. Mataji Swami Shivanandamayi conveyed the message of His life and its Spiritual significance to the children as a simple and appealing story that the listeners experienced the bliss of the Bhakti Bhava of Sri Hanuman and Sri Rama appearing to Tulsidas. Swamiji sang Ram Bhajans with whom children sang along and we all had the taste of the nectar of Rama rasam.

RAKHI CELEBRATIONS Rakhi was celebrated at Tapovan on the morning of Wednesday the 5th August in a very simple yet hearty mood. All the children colorfully dressed and adorned with smiles and excitement, gathered at the assembly hall. Swamiji, Mataji and Vasundhara Ma presided over the gathering. Mataji addressed the children and talked about the significance of Sravan Pournima. She explained how the day is called Triveni Sangamam because along with Raksha Bandhan, Change of Upanayanam thread and Worship of Sagara, God of Ocean is also performed on this day. The children were all distributed Rakhis made by them which they joyously tied on one another’s wrist and also on their favorite Swamiji’s and Mataji’s wrists. After enjoying the Payasam made by Jyoti Didi, a skit and some mingling and fun everyone left home with renewed bonds that will last forever!


‘A’ leads alphabets; the Ancient Lord Leads and lords the entire world.

A help rendered in hour of need, though small, is greater than the world.


At Nachiketa Tapovan, special health check-up and awareness programs have been going on the first Sunday of every month.

Doctors and other health professionals have regularly visited the campus and shared their invaluable expertise and services.


The dawn of August 2nd 2009 witnessed the noble involvement of Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Speciality Centre in Tapovan’s charitable activities. Dr.N.G. Shastri responded immediately to our request and conducted a screening and awareness camp for diabetes which was staffed by Coordinator Sri Padmanabha Shastri and Lab technicians Sri S Sayeed and Sri Sanjeev Kumar. Over 75 patients were screened and around 12 patients were diagnosed with diabetes. Dr N.G. Shastri counseled the patients on preventive care. We thank Dr. Mohan’s Diabetic Centre for such a noble work and support to our organization.

We are also extremely thankful to Dr. Sukhaveni from Pranadha Hospital who rendered timely help by conducting general health check-up on more than 100 patients and prescribed relevant medicines. Last but not least we thank our enthusiastic volunteers who actively participated in the camp by enrolling patients, organizing queues and rendering prescribed medicines. The patients left the campus only after receiving tips on yogic cure for their ailments by Swami Shivanandamayi and Spiritual Prasad from Swami Nachiketananda who filled their hungry bellies with the food specially cooked by our Karma yogis.


Even if your mother is seen starving Avoid the actions condemned by wise men.

Determined efforts result in prosperity; idleness will bring nothing.


meditating on Prana, the aspirant can enjoy bliss and attain liberation. The chief Prana, the nucleus of all activities and energy in the body is the ego-centre. Prana, Apana, Samana, Vyana and Udana are the forms of manifestations of the Chief prana which from their respective provinces, enable the physical organs perform their functions. The Prashna Upanishad belongs to the At the time of death, the senses Atharva Veda. The Upanishad opens gradually recede from the sense with the story of six disciples Sukesa, organs and get absorbed in the mind. Satyakama, Gargya, Kausalya, F inally whose fire has been Bhargava and Kabandhi approaching extinguished, the soul along with the the great rishi Pippalada, seeking mind (subtle body) is carried by Udana clarification for the doubts lingering in out of the (physical) body. According their minds after having fulfilled the to the literal meaning of Upanishad, ‘Apara-vidya’(science of world), with at the time of death, the thoughts and fuel ( symbol of self-surrender) in their impressions of the lifetime (memory) hands. The great teacher after a surface as desires, form a part of the prescription of a year’s brahmacharya subtle body that leaves with Udana and austerities answered their and determine the course of the soul questions about Prana and illumined to the consequent Punya loka or Papa them that this creation is spiritual and loka after death. We need to understand here that the word ‘loka’ not mechanistic. According to the Upanishad, the first denotes the ‘field of actions’ in this entity, the Cosmic mind projected the very world and not necessarily the Universe out of himself. His first mythical Heaven or Hell. By nurturing projection consists of the pair, Food or good and meaningful thoughts, one Rayi (the matter)and Eater or Prana shall not only enjoy peace in this life (the energy). It describes Prana as the but also the memory that goes out life force in the individual being. Prana, with Udana will lead to a favourable produced from Atman controls the five ‘loka’ in the next birth. Thus we are senses of the individual body which is a the authors of our destiny! It is never result of the actions and thoughts in the too late to inculcate the right thinking previous life. It sustains the body because intensity and purity of through all states of existence. By thought is what matters. To say If you do not care for pleasure, you unpleasant things, when we have nice ones, 10 will not fruit, ignoring sweet ripe fruits. is like eating unripe be afraid of pain.



The day’s menu on the chalk board welcomes you into ‘Annapurna’ the kitchen of Nachiketa Tapovan where not only your souls but also your hungry bellies are satiated with love. Swamiji and Mataji make sure that no visitor leaves Tapovan hungry. The person who is behind the scenes refilling the ‘Akshaya Patra’ is Jyoti ‘Didi’ as lovingly called by the children who feeds about 175 or at times even more hungry people at a time. With but a few helping hands, Jyoti very ably manages the whole scene, does the planning with Smt Vasundhara, shops for all the provisions at the best prices, stocks her kitchen, cooks the food each day as per the menu and still manages to go around Tapovan with a smile on her face checking if a volunteer needs a cup of tea or juice. I owe it to Jyoti for all the hot cups of perfectly brewed elaichi tea she treated me to on days I had colds and Headaches. In Jyoti’s words, “I love what I am doing. I never imagined I would be cooking on this scale for a noble cause like this. Credit goes to Swamiji for making this

task of cooking and stocking up a part of my Spiritual Sadhana. If not for the encouragement and the energy I derive from Him, I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing. I maintain my daily schedule of Sadhana ordained by Swamiji by waking up in the small hours of the day, perform Agnihotra at Sunrise and Sunset every day that help me greatly in maintaining the clarity of mind and purity of thought. We had lot more fun on days when Swamiji used to be a regular part of the team in Kitchen!”ANNADATA SUKHIBHAVA.

The great person will do things rare to do; The small cannot do rare things.


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Antarchakshu Dhyana or Inner Eye Meditation is a journey from dream to vision. One can develop concentration and intuition powers by practicing this Dhyana which is based on an extensive research done by Swami Nachiketananda. This work released on 1st April 2007, is a part of 8 yogic CDs and is available at our Nachiketa Tapovan Campus and other leading book stores.

GANESH CHATHURTHI on Sunday 23rd August 2009 10.00 AM onwards at our NACHIKETA TAPOVAN
Venue: NACHIKETA TAPOVAN Plot No. 70, Phase I, Kavuri Hills, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Yours in the service of Motherland Subha D. Director Vidya Mandir 13

Men of good birth graciously give, never uttering the wretched excuse, ‘I have nothing.’

Giving to the poor is true charity. All other giving expects some return.

Anna daanam maha daanam; vidya daanam mahattaram. Annena kshanika trupthihi yaavajjeevanthu vidyaya.
Vidya Mandir at Nachiketa Tapovan is currently able to accommodate a family of about 150 children who receive all-round nourishment from man-making education to milk-n- meals and basic health- aid in an atmosphere of genuine love. Kind-hearted Well wishers have been the unseen force behind this offering to God. We thank you for your continued support.


Dear Atman
No man is an island. To fight the good fight we need help. This has been the basis for the Nachiketa Tapovan’s inception and ensuing growth over the last 10 years from a hut into a 3 storiedbuilding onto a 40 acre spiritual complex. Imparting literacy to children from impoverished families was the idea with which the divine project started before it grew into a multifarious movement. All along Tapovan’s efforts received great support from you all in every way bringing fruition to the noble intent.. The main focus has never shifted from Vidya Mandir. Nachiketa Tapovan has become the haven for the underprivileged children who have been nourished with not only milk and food but also good academics supplemented by the traditional values of India. Vidya Mandir will be taking a big stride this June from offering Primary Education extending onto Secondary Education. That is, this academic year, Vidya Mandir will offer classes ranging from LKG through 6th grade. It requires additional resources, both monetary as well as human to fund this progressive step. We hereby make a fervent appeal for generous donations. Please participate in this ‘Vidya Daana Yaga’ being performed to benefit the most deserving children and help pass on the legacy of our Cultural heritage, Social values and Religious traditions. It may kindly be noted that donations to Nachiketa Tapovan are exempted from Income Tax U/S 80 G of IT Act, 1961 of Govt. of India. Donations in the form of Cheques/Demand Drafts may please be drawn in favour of Nachiketa Tapovan. We acknowledge the generous contributions made by donors.
Yours in the service of Motherland

Vidya Daanam (Education ) Anna Daanam (Mid-day Meals) Ksheera Daanam (Morning Milk) Vastra Daanam (Uniforms) Dinnerware (Steel Plates & Glasses) Stationery Supplies (Copier Paper) Festivals Celebration Oushadhi (Medical Supplies)

Rs. 3500/ year/student Rs. 2800/day Rs. 600/day Rs. 600/ 2 pairs Rs. 5000/ 50 sets Rs. 5000/ term Rs. 1500/festival Rs. 5000/month

Celebrate your Special Days with the Children at Nachiketa Tapovan!


Plan fully before launching out on action. To think of devising ways and means in the course of the action is fatal.

Swami Nachiketananda

The wise conserve what is already gained before entering on a doubtful undertaking.