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From the first day of human existence on the Earth a need for understanding the things and thoughts beyond his power of control and rule appeared. Through the whole time of existence people developed all kind of different beliefs to explain their behavior, moral and ethics. When a number of people start to live, believe in, and exercise the same sets of behavioral, moral and ethical beliefs a religion is formed. Throughout the history of human a lot of beliefs appeared, where worship disappeared, but the need to find comfort, understanding and explanation from higher and divine power was always present. t the beginning man tried to explain the natural phenomenon with his imagination. !e started to give those phenomenon cause and meaning and the need for creator of it appeared. From the beliefs of good and evil spirits to the complex modern time religions the goal is still the same, to find comfort, understanding and explanation in our existence as beings in relation to the nature and cosmos. The human nature is curious and the need of answering all the "uestions led to developing such a fascinating imagination of what was thought greater than the human. #o today there are as many religions in the world, worshiping and following as many gods, goddesses and different divine creatures as the human imagination allows. From the theological point of view the religions can be divided into two groups$ monotheistic and polytheistic. %nto the modern time a bigger percentage of people believe monotheistic religions. The main monotheistic religions in the world currently are$ &hristianity, %slam, 'udaism, !induism and other. The concept of monotheism is believing and worshiping one almighty (od, creator of the men and the universe. lthough all of the monotheistic religions follow one basic concept they are often in conflict with each other. #ince their appearance, the believers of every religion tend to present themselves as the true descendents of (od and !eaven, and the others as non believers, thus developing all kind of stereotypes and hatred towards one another. %n all !oly )ooks like )ible, *uran, Tora and the other the concept of love, good doing, helping the others in need is preached, so it is not necessary making any conflicts and arguments. For a conclusion, since religion was the reason for many conflicts, today in the ++% century it is time for all of us to use it in a positive way, as the same purpose. We need to be more tolerant and cease the wars in the name of (od. The same good (od who we pray to give us love, good health and fortune. ,o matter to whom we pray, 'esus, lah, 'ahve and other we still pray to one and almighty (-..