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A media plan for

Bold as Vitamin Water

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Situation Analysis . ..3 Creative Strategy . 9 Executions .10

Media Ob ective and Strategy .............11 Sales !ro"otions .1# Media $lo%c&art ..1' (or)s Cited .1*

A++endix 19
Situation Analysis
Company and Brand Background but %it& /e%er calories3 ,ita"in (ater 10 o//ers /our distinct /lavors %it& only ten calories +er serving and a natural s%eetener. S"art(ater goes beyond by allo%ing &ealt&7conscientious consu"ers a :ero7calorie3 va+or distilled o+tion. ,ita"in (ater-s cultural /uel is t&e ability to o//er a &ealt&y and taste/ul alternative to co"+eting %ater beverages by adding electrolytes3 calciu"3 "agnesiu"3 and +otassiu" to +ure %ater. Starting %it& S"art%ater3 4laceau introduced t&eir /irst %ater brand in convenient stores t&roug&out t&e ;e% <or) City "ar)et. A year later3 $ruit%ater %as broug&t on t&e scene3 /ollo%ed by ,ita"in (ater in 2000.

,ita"in (ater-s origins began in 199. %&en it %as /ounded by 0.1arius 2i)o//3 current C.E.O. o/ 4laceau. 4laceau3 "a)er o/ ,ita"in (ater 53 $ruit%ater 53 S"art%ater 53 and ,ita"in Energy 63 %as launc&ed in an atte"+t to beco"e t&e leader o/ t&e en&anced %ater beverage category and &as3 since3 u+&eld t&e ob ective. 2i)o//-s goal %as to create a %ater beverage %it& "eaning/ul levels o/ nutrients to ac&ieve a s+eci/ic &ealt& bene/it3 and t&at is %&at ,ita"in (ater is all about. (it& /i/teen di//erent varieties3 eac& %it& its o%n +articular blend o/ nutrients3 ,ita"in (ater &as beco"e one o/ t&e nation-s leading en&anced7%ater beverages. 8&e ,ita"in (ater brand consists o/ t&ree categories9 ,ita"in (ater3 ,ita"in (ater 103 and S"art%ater. Si"ilar to ,ita"in (ater3

Competitive Considerations

Indirect Competitors Co)e-s 1asani !lus Co)e-s ;e% Age $u:e Fra/t ,ery$ines-s $ruit 2 O

=n 200'3 4laceau reac&ed a >#.1 billion dollar ac?uisition agree"ent %it& Coca7Cola. (it& Coca7Cola-s /ierce co"+etition being !e+siCo3 Coca7Cola vie%ed t&e 4laceau buy as a %ay to extend t&e "ar)et /or non7 carbonated %ater beverages and ulti"ately boost t&e struggling category. Currently3 4laceau o+erates as a se+arate business %it&in Coca7Cola ;ort& A"erica @CC;AA3 &aving several rivals under t&e sa"e o%ners&i+. Alt&oug& Coca7Cola &as +ossession o/ several co"+eting %ater beverage brands3 4laceau-s success +roves it is /ar /ro" being an underdog. Selling /ive "illion bottles +er day3 4laceau ex+erienced 200B co"+ound annual gro%t& since t&e co"+any-s ince+tion. (it& 200. %&olesale dollar sales reac&ing an esti"ate CS >3D0 "illion3 4laceau /inds itsel/ as t&e leader in t&e over7+o+ulating bottled %ater "ar)et. Direct Competitors !e+si7Co So2e Ei/e%ater !e+si A?ua/ina !e+si !ro+el

Creative History of the Brand

,ita"in (ater %as launc&ed in 2000 by 4laceau3 and since t&en3 according to 2everage 1igest3 it %as been t&e leading brand in t&e en&anced7%ater seg"ent o/ t&e beverage "ar)et. One o/ t&eir /irst "ar)eting activities %as creating t%o li"ited7edition /lavors3 GGG and Hescue3 /or t&e release o/ t&e Sex and the City "ovie in May 200*. ,ita"in (ater %as t&e o//icial nonalco&olic beverage o/ t&e /il". 8&e next strategy %as aligning %it& t&e ;CAA3 starting in ;ove"ber o/ 200*. All eig&ty7eig&t ;CAA c&a"+ions&i+s3 including t&e Cro%n 0e%el "en-s tourna"ent3 &ad sideline cu+s3 coolers and s?uee:e bottles t&at &ad t&e logo o/ ,ita"in (ater-s Hevive /ruit7 +unc&7/lavored en&anced %ater. =n A+ril o/ 20093 4laceau launc&ed ,ita"in (ater 103 an en&anced7%ater t&at &as ten calories +er serving3 co"+ared to t&e original-s /i/ty calories

+er serving. 8&is ne% lo%7calorie version %as received very %ell3 es+ecially /ro" %o"en %&o are "ore %eig&t7conscious in today-s society. A "usic do%nload +ro"otion ran in May o/ 2009. A ne% ,ita"in (ater /lavor3 Sync3 o//ered a /ree M!3 do%nload under t&e bottle ca+ %&ic& %as revealed on "". ,ita"in (ater-s "ost recent ca"+aign ta++ed into social net%or)ing. 8&e $aceboo) $lavor Creator is running /ro" Se+te"ber 't& t&roug& October 20t& o/ t&is year. =t is a contest %&ere +artici+ants can design all as+ects o/ a ne% /lavor3 including t&e taste3 na"e and design o/ t&e bottle. 8&e %inning /lavor %ill be announced in 1ece"ber and %ill receive a >D3000 grand +ri:e. Carrie Cnder%ood and D0 Cent3 %&o endorse t&e +roduct3 %ill &el+ +ic) t&e %inner. $inally3 t&ose %&o endorse t&e en&anced7%ater3 or I/riends o/ ,ita"in (aterJ include Carrie Cnder%ood3 D0 Cent3 and nu"erous +ro/essional at&letes3 li)e 1%ig&t Ko%ard3 1onovan Mc;abb3 Ee2ron 0a"es3 1avid Orti: and Fobe 2ryant.

Target Audience

users ages 1* to 2# &ad t&e &ig&est index nu"ber o/ 1.'3 %&ile active drin) users ages 2D to 3# &ad t&e next &ig&est index nu"ber o/ 1D1. Ko%ever3 %o"en are "ore li)ely to +urc&ase t&e +roduct because t&ey are "ore &ealt&7conscious3 s+eci/ically %eig&t7 conscious3 t&an "en. ,ita"in (ater is not only selling a +roduct3 t&ey are selling a li/estyle. 8&ey are targeting "en and %o"en %&o are loo)ing /or &ealt&ier alternatives to &ig&7calorie so/t drin)s to en&ance t&eir overall &ealt&. 8&e C&oice 3 He+ort revealed t&at "any active drin) users consider t&eir diet to be very &ealt&y3 %it& an index nu"ber o/ *D3 and an above average a"ount "a)e sure t&ey exercise regularly3 %it& an index nu"ber o/ 10*. =n today-s society3 +eo+le are "a)ing +ur+ose/ul c&oices about &o% t&ey live and %&at t&ey +ut in t&eir body3 ,ita"in (ater is ta)ing advantage o/ t&is recent li/estyle c&ange. 8o" !ir)o3 +resident o/ 2evMar)3 said t&at3 ILen&anced7%aterM is "ar)eted to t&e vulnerable3 t&e naNve3 t&e great "ass o/ t&e +o+ulation t&at lives %it& certain anxieties3 a certain lac) o/ con/idence3 a certain set o/ drea"s and ideals t&at i/ t&ey ust drin) t&is t&ey can be &ealt&y.J ,ita"in (ater drin)ers are "ostly A/rican A"erican3 t&en Caucasian9 t&e C&oice 3 re+ort s&o%ed t&at A/rican A"erican active drin) users &ad t&e &ig&est index nu"ber o/ 12.3 /ollo%ed by (&ite active drin)er users

8&e +ri"ary consu"er target /or ,ita"in (ater is "en and %o"en ages 1* t&roug& 3#. 8&e C&oice 3 He+ort s&o%ed t&at active drin)

%&o &ad an index nu"ber o/ 92. A study done by" revealed t&at ,ita"in (ater drin)ers receive a "iddle inco"e3 bet%een >307>100F3 and usually &ave no )ids in t&eir &ouse&old. 8&ey are also "ostly college graduates @OuantcastA. According to Carol ;ess o/ t&e San $rancisco C&ronicle3 ,ita"in (ater is scoring in t&e &i+ness "ar)et3 %it& a do:en drin)s in a rainbo% o/ colors3 eac& %it& a na"e t&at +ro"ises "ore t&an t&irst relie/3 li)e 1eter"ination and $ocus @;essA. More recently &o%ever3 ,ita"in (ater is setting t&eir de"ogra+&ic sig&ts younger. (it& ca"+aigns li)e t&e /ree "usic do%nload3 use o/ celebrity endorse"ents3 and "ar)eting e//orts on $aceboo)3 it a++ears t&at ,ita"in (ater is starting to target teenagers.

Geographic Regions

li)ely due to t&e /act t&at t&is area is "ostly rural and doesn-t contain "any large cities. =t is good to note t&at t&e (est region also &ad t&e &ig&est index nu"bers by /ar %&en it ca"e to t&e nu"ber o/ +eo+le %&o dran) s+orts drin)s several ti"es +er "ont&. $or t&e (est region3 t&ose %&o dran) 37# s+orts drin)s in t&e +ast "ont& &ad an index nu"ber o/ 1#2 and t&ose %&o dran) D or "ore &ad an index nu"ber o/ 121. 8&is is signi/icant because all ot&er regions &ad index nu"bers belo% 100 /or bot& o/ t&ese categories. 8&e city %it& t&e &ig&est sales and consu"+tion o/ ,ita"in (ater is t&e Eos Angeles area %it& an index nu"ber o/ 1'9. 8&e index nu"ber /or t&ose %&o dran) it "ulti+le ti"es in t&e +ast "ont& +ea)s at 201. 8&ese nu"bers are &ig&er t&an any ot&er "a or cities3 including ;e% <or) and Mia"i. 8&is "a)es sense because +eo+le %&o live in t&e E.A. area are very active and /it.

Overall3 ,ita"in (ater is consistent in t&eir index nu"bers across t&e nation. Most index nu"bers %ere around 100. Ko%ever3 t&ere %ere so"e slig&t di//erences in a /e% )ey areas. According to Si""ons C&oice 3 data3 t&e (est region &ad an index nu"ber o/ 123 /or t&ose %&o dran) Iot&er brandsJ o/ s+orts drin)s. 8&e ;ort&east ca"e in second %it& and index nu"ber o/ 10.. 8&e Mid%est &as %ea) sales and t&e lo%est index nu"ber at *23 "ost

Timing and Purchase Cycles

4laceau introduced ,ita"in (ater in t&e year 2000. 8&is +roduct %ent "ain strea" so /ast t&at Ad Age said t&ey %ere t&e creators and leaders o/ a ne% brand categoryP en&anced %aters @!are)&A. 8&e brand continues to gro% year a/ter year3 and since t&e beginning3 ,ita"in (ater &as sustained a

200B average revenue gro%t&. ,ita"in (ater sa% a 19.3B gain in 200* sales &itting >31D.3 "illion3 according to =n/or"ation Hesources =ncor+orated. 8&is brand &as de/initely "atured since its start and gro%t& &as never declined. =t is suc& a +ioneer t&at it leads over !e+si-s !ro+el and all ot&er beverages in its category. 8&e latest +us& /or sales &as been t&e co"+etition %&ere consu"ers can create t&e next /lavor o/ ,ita"in (ater to be +roduced and sold. 8&e brand uses D0 Cent to +ro"ote t&is latest +us&. All users &ave to do is log onto ,ita"in (ater-s $aceboo) +age3 add t&e a++lication3 and start creatingQ 8&e sales o/ ,ita"in (ater are /airly consistent t&roug&out t&e year. 8&e beverage does not sell better during any s+eci/ic day o/ t&e %ee) or ti"e o/ t&e day. 8&ere are3 &o%ever3 so"e seasonal c&anges %&en +urc&asing t&is +roduct. 8&e sales tend to increase so"e in t&e su""er and decrease in t&e %inter3 es+ecially in t&e ;ort& regions o/ t&e country. 8&is is obviously due to t&e /act t&at during t&e %ar"er "ont&s3 consu"ers are generally outdoors in &ot %eat&er and "ore active. 8&ere/ore t&ey %ill c&oose a lig&ter3 cooler3 and "ore re/res&ing beverage. 8&is is t&e sa"e t&eory as to %&y sales o/ t&e +roduct are so "uc& &ig&er in E.A. and ot&er %ar"7 %eat&ered cities. Ot&er t&an slig&t seasonal di//erences3 +urc&ase cycles o/ t&is +roduct are very consistent.

uestions about the !edia !i"

,ita"in%ater &as considered "ost recently an at&leticRcelebrity s+o)es+erson3 %it& an interest in 1%ig&t Ko%ardSgranted &e "a)e so"e big %ins and +ut t&e Magic bac) on t&e "a+ as a strong contender. Ads /eaturing 1onovan Mc;abb &ave been seen as %ell. Celebrity s+o)es+ersons include A"erican =dols Felly Clar)son and Carrie Cnder%ood. Additionally3 t&e brand &as used +roduct +lace"ent in large +ri"e7ti"e series suc& as Gossip Girl @!are)&A. 1e"onstration advertise"ent &as been done in large cities to +ro"ote brand /a"iliarity. ,ita"in%ater &as been distributed to airline +assengers to )ee+ t&e" &ydrated on t&eir /lig&t and extend /a"iliarity %it& t&e"3 too. Also3 t&e standard +rint3 and 8, ads as %ell3 &ave /re?uently been used. Outdoor advertise"ents3 li)e billboards3 &ave also been +art o/ ,ita"in%ater-s advertising /or t&e brand. So"e side%al) advertise"ents &ave been used in t&e +ast as %ell. According to AdS+ender3 ,ita"in%ater is able to s+end over >D230003000 on a budget /or advertising3 and t&ere/ore is able to ex+eri"ent %it& t&ings li)e side%al) advertise"ents t&at are /ar less co""on t&an

t&e standard and ex+ected +rint ad. Also3 it ta)es a rat&er large budget to incor+orate at&letes3 celebrities3 and ot&er +ublic /igures. Ko%ever3 t&e addition o/ suc& +eo+le can o/ten bring "ore ex+osure and +ositive reactions %it& t&e +roduct i/ t&e co"+any &as t&e "eans to be able to +rovide t&e o++ortunity. !rint ads are ex+ected3 but to &ave large nu"bers o/ co""ercial aired and so"e billboards as %ell is outstanding. 8&e level o/ ex+osure o/ t&e brand to consu"ers is ?uite &ig&3 and it is a recogni:able brand as a result. ,ita"in%ater also tea"ed u+ %it& A"" to +rovide /ree "+3 do%nloads /or eac& bottle o/ ,ita"in%ater +urc&ased. =n general3 "ost o/ t&e ,ita"in%ater ads are si"+le and straig&t/or%ard3 o/ten %it& not&ing "ore t&an a +&oto dis+laying t&e +roduct /ro"Sat leastSa se"i7interesting vantage +oint. Many ads s&o% t&e +roduct in t&e bottle %it& a %&ite bac)ground and a /e% %ords %it&out anyt&ing else included. Ot&ers &ave a "ore artistic visual beyond using si"+ly t&e +roduct3 but in general3 ,ita"in%ater ads aren-t very co"+lex3 letting t&e +roduct s+ea) /or itsel/. Any )ind o/ %ording on t&eir ads is generally +retty brie/ as %ell. Overall3 ,ita"in%ater ads &ave ust t&e rig&t a"ount o/ in/or"ation @stating t&at it includes anti7oxidants3 vita"ins3 is lo% calorie etc.A but add so"e e"otional a++eal. Most ads /ocus si"+ly on t&e +roduct3 and t&e

bottles are all clear but t&e +roduct is brig&tly colored3 a++ealing to t&e senses. 8&e bottle &as a large I"out&3J "a)ing consu"ers t&in) o/ being incredibly t&irst and being able to gul+ it do%n. 8&e brig&t colors "a)e t&e +roduct see" s%eet3 energi:ing3 and satiating. ,ita"in%ater loves to brag about t&e contents o/ its beverage and t&eir +ositive e//ects3 so in/or"ational advertise"ent is de/initely +ro"inent. 8&e visual +ro"inence o/ t&e ad %or)s %it& t&e verbal co""unication %it& t&e %ords and state"ents used. 8&e incentives are in t&e &ealt& bene/its t&at are co""unicated t&roug& t&e ads @as %ell as t&e +roduct-s na"e in and o/ itsel/.A =n t&e case o/ t&e A"" tea" u+3 t&ere %as a +&ysical incentive in t&e receiving o/ "+3s.

Brand Strengths and #eaknesses

,ita"in%ater &as a strengt& in t&e vastness o/ its "edia "ar)eting and advertising. 8&e Coca7Cola co"+any uses a %ide array o/ "et&ods /or advertising and executes all o/ its e//orts ?uite %ell. ,ita"in%ater &as been used as +roduct +lace"ent in +ri"eti"e s&o%s on 8,3 %&ic& %or)s as great ex+osure /or t&e brand. 8&e a"ount o/ ex+osure t&at ,ita"in%ater &as received increases its brand recognition by

consu"ers and %ill be &el+/ul in luring custo"ers to +urc&ase t&e +roduct t&an)s to %&at +syc&ology re/ers to as t&e "ere ex+osure e//ect3 %&ere custo"ers are "ore li)ely to +urc&ase so"et&ing t&at t&ey &ave /a"iliarity %it&.

,ita"in%ater is +rivileged to &ave suc& a generous budget @>D23.013'00A available to %or) %it&. 2ecause o/ t&e Coca7Cola Co"+any-s ability to be recogni:ed as a to+ business %it& strong brands beneat& it3 ,ita"in%ater "aintains an elite status des+ite being relatively ne% in its "ar)et. Kaving t&e "eans to do de"onstrations and distribution o/ t&e +roduct increases /a"iliarity3 and consu"ers %&o &ave tried so"et&ing and li)ed it are /ar "ore li)ely to +urc&ase it over so"et&ing in t&e sa"e "ar)et t&at t&ey are un/a"iliar %it&. 8&e addition o/ a lo%7calorie o+tion to branc& o// o/ t&e original ,ita"in%ater %as absolutely genius. (e live in an i"age7 obsessed culture and ti"e3 and anyt&ing lo%7calorie is going to be +erceived as being +ositive /or "ost +eo+le %&o are concerned %it& t&eir &ealt& and a++earance. 2y &aving t&e lo% calorie o+tion3 +eo+le do not &ave to sacri/ice taste /or a beverage o//ering a &ealt&ier alternative. Anot&er brand +ositive about ,ita"in%ater is its uni?ue +ac)aging and t&e %ay it

"ar)ets itsel/ t&roug& t&e label itsel/. ,ita"in %ater is able to set itsel/ a+art /ro" all ot&er brands in its "ar)et in t&is %ay and be distinguis&able and "e"orable. Hat&er t&an being na"ed on t&e /lavor o/ t&e drin)3 it is na"ed /or t&e /unction t&at it is to +er/or"3 or t&e +ositive e//ects o/ t&e vita"ins included %it&in it. Additionally3 t&e label is cleverly %ritten to attract t&e consu"er and dra% t&e" into a s&ort story or scenario %&ere ,ita"in%ater %ill rescue t&e +erson in dire need o/ a boost t&at can be +rovided by drin)ing t&e +roduct.

Cn/ortunately3 ,ita"in%ater encountered +roble"s and t&e Coca7Cola Co"+any %as sued /or "isleading advertise"ents. =t %as argued t&at +eo+le %&o %ere obese or un&ealt&y "ig&t +erceive ,ita"in%ater to be &el+/ul to t&e" in resolving t&eir issues based on t&e advertise"ents t&at t&ey used. Ko%ever3 t&e original ,ita"in%ater beverages %ere not lo% calorie at all3 and so"e argues t&at t&ey %ere extre"ely un&ealt&y. Additionally3 /or consu"ers %&o &old grudges against brands and co"+anies3 t&ere "ig&t be a loss in sales or loyalty /ro" t&ese ty+es o/ +eo+le. ,ita"in%ater &a++ens to be in a co"+etitive "ar)et3 one %&ere 4atorade &as long reigned su+re"e. 4atorade also &as "ore advertise"ents3 and a long &istory o/ loyalty since its debut as a drin)

created /or t&e $lorida 4ators in 4ainesville %it& no intention o/ releasing it to t&e +ublic at t&e ti"e. 4atorade and !o%erade a++ear to be "ore +o+ular c&oices and t&e "ore ex+ected exa"+le /or t&e area t&at t&ey are +laced into.

Cn/ortunately3 ,ita"in%ater is not &ealt&y3 "a)ing it undesireable /or &ealt&7conscious consu"ers3 and anyone %orried about sugar inta)e. Consu"ers %ill not +urc&ase ,ita"in%ater i/ t&ey are counting calories3 or es+ecially %orried about t&e a"ount o/ sugar t&ey &ave in a day. Alt&oug& t&e ,ita"in%ater lo%7calorie o+tion I10J &as

been released and is %ell received3 t&e original ,ita"in%ater continues to garner +oor revie%s based on t&e /act t&at it "ar)ets itsel/ as being I&ealt&yJ %&en it is3 in /act3 as detri"ental to t&e consu"er-s &ealt& as any regular soda. ,ita"in%ater "ig&t need to create a I&ybridJ and eventually eli"inate its original entirely3 or rena"e it /or t&e sa)e o/ +reserving integrity and &onesty in advertising. A I&ybrid %ould &ave to be about one &al/3 to t%o7t&irds t&e sugar o/ t&e original ,ita"in%ater3 and &o+e/ully one &al/3 to t%o7t&irds t&e calories as %ell to "aintain a +ositive brand i"age.


Creative Strategy
Communication $b%ectives& 1. 8o educate consu"ers about t&e di//erent varieties available. 2. 8o c&ange attitude and rein/orce t&at ,ita"in (ater is an active drin) t&at &as added bene/its. 3. 8o increase a%areness t&roug& +ro"otional givea%ays. #. 8o increase brand loyalty. Position Statement& 8o active young adult and &ealt&7conscious adults3 ranging /ro" 1* to 3#3 ,ita"in (ater is t&e leading brand in t&e en&anced7%ater category. =t +rovides "eaning/ul levels o/ nutrients to ac&ieve a s+eci/ic &ealt& bene/it3 li)e de/ense3 /ocus3 balance and endurance. =t &as "ore bene/its t&an so/t drin)s and is a "ore /un alternative to %ater. Promise& ,ita"in (ater adds vita"ins to +ure %ater to ac&ieve t&e consu"er-s desired &ealt& bene/it. Support& ,ita"in (ater is a great7tasting3 &ealt&y en&anced %ater t&at is +ac)ed %it& nutrients. =t co"es in /i/teen di//erent /lavors3

eac& %it& its o%n individual co"bination o/ in/used vita"ins to ac&ieve t&eir designated &ealt& bene/it. Tone& Eig&t7&earted and %itty. Theme 'ine(Slogan& 2old as ,ita"in (ater



!edia $b%ective and Strategy

Target Audience and !edia !i" Ob ectiveP 8&e +ri"ary target audience is active and &ealt&7conscious adults3 ages 1*7 3#. 8&ey are "ost li)ely to consu"e ,ita"in (ater because t&ey care %&at t&ey are consu"ing and &o% &ealt&y it is. 8&ey are also "ore active and on t&e go t&an t&ose older t&an t&e target. Also3 /e"ales are "ore li)ely to buy t&is +roduct t&an "ales. $inally3 t&e target is u+ to date %it& t&e latest trends and o+en to trying ne% t&ings3 al%ays loo)ing /or t&e best bene/it in t&eir &ealt&. StrategyP Our ca"+aign %ill /eature a traditional and non7traditional "edia "ix in order to reac& our audience. 8raditional "edia used %ill +ri"arily consist o/ +rint in "aga:ines3 outdoor3 internet3 and television advertising. !rint ads %ill be +laced in relevant "aga:ines suc& as Kealt&3 MenTs Kealt& and Cos"o+olitan. Outdoor ads %ill consist o/ billboards and in7store advertising. 8&e television co""ercials %ill run in t&e national "ar)et as %ell as our s+ot "ar)ets. Our target audience &as a very active li/estyle %&ic& our /our +ro"otions re/lect. ,ita"in (ater +ro"otions and givea%ays %ill be %&ere our

consu"er isP grabbing a ?uic) drin) in a convenience store %&en on t&e go3 s+ending t&eir day at an outdoor concert li)e (ar+ed tour3 running in t&e Susan 4. Fo"en "arat&on3 and touring +o+ular cities li)e E.A. and ;e% <or). Since our audience is o+en to trying ne% t&ings and al%ays loo)ing /or &ealt&y alternatives t&ey %ill be very rece+tive to +ro"otional givea%ays.

Reach and *re+uency& Ob ectiveP Our reac& and /re?uency %ill start out "oderate in t&e S+ring "ont&s3 beginning in Marc& 20103 increase in t&e Su""er "ont&s3 and "aintain steady /or t&e re"ainder o/ t&e calendar year. StrategyP $or our national ca"+aign3 %e used a /lig&t sc&eduling +lan. Our goal is to ac&ieve a "oderate reac& o/ .DB and a /re?uency o/ 2.D /ro" Marc& to A+ril. 8&is is t&e start o/ our ca"+aign3 %&ere %e %ill co"e out "oderately strong %&ile leading u+ to our +ea) selling +oint. Ac&ieve a &ig& reac& o/ 'DB and a /re?uency o/ 2.* /ro" May to August. 8&e su""er "ont&s %ill be our +ea) selling +oint so %e %ant to &ave aggressive advertising. Kig& reac& is necessary during t&is ti"e because t&e brand is strong and do"inates its category3 and reac& s&ould be e"+&asi:ed during +ea) sales season. $inally3 during

Se+te"ber3 %e %ill "aintain a reac& o/ .DB and a /re?uency o/ 2.D. $or our s+ot ca"+aign3 %e used a +ulse sc&eduling +lan. Our goal is to ac&ieve a reac& o/ .DB and a /re?uency o/ 3.0 /ro" Marc& to A+ril3 and a reac& o/ 'DB and a /re?uency o/ 3.# /ro" May t&roug& August. $or t&e re"ainder o/ t&e year3 %e %ill only advertise during t&e "ont&s o/ October and 1ece"ber to re"ind our )ey "ar)ets o/ our +roduct. Also3 "any o/ our s+ot "ar)ets &ave a %ar" cli"ate year round so t&ey %ill still be consu"ing our +roduct in t&ose "ont&s. 1uring October and 1ece"ber3 our goal is to ac&ieve a reac& o/ DDB and a /re?uency o/ 2.*.

Ob ectiveP 8&e 201072011 ca"+aign %ill include "edia strategies and +ro"otional events. 8&e I2old as ,ita"in (aterJ ca"+aign %ill be launc&ed in Marc& o/ 20103 to +ri"e t&e +ublic /or t&e +ea) sales season during su""er "ont&s. 1uring t&e o// season3 advertising %ill continue on a +ulse sc&edule3 %it& a +eriod o/ "oderately &ig& reac& and /re?uency +rior to t&e su""er "ont&s3 and lo% in t&e %inter "ont&s. Our target audience o/ adults 1*73# %ill be reac&ed in t&e "ont&s %&ere t&ey are "ore li)ely to consu"e &ydrating beverages. StrategyP Starting on Marc& 1st t&roug& t&e end o/ August3 %e %ill begin t&e in7store advertising. Convenience stores %ill be su++lied %it& ,ita"in (ater bottle7s&a+ed &andles /or t&eir drin) coolers or glass a++li?uUs /or t&eir cases %&en &andles are not used. 8&e (ar+ 8our Musical $estival runs /ro" 0une 2.t& t&roug& August 23rd. (e %ill be s+onsoring t&is /estival in addition to setting u+ boot&s at eac& location giving a%ay /ree sa"+les o/ t&e +roduct and t7s&irts /eaturing our ca"+aign. 8&e Susan 4. Fo"en Hace /or t&e Cure s+onsors&i+ %ill be begin in Marc& and run t&roug& October3 s+eci/ically targeting races in ;e% <or)3 Connecticut3 $lorida3 Maryland3 ;e% 0ersey3 ;evada3 Cali/ornia3 !ennsylvania3 Ari:ona and 8exas3 to advertise in our s+ot "ar)ets in t&e (est and ;ort&east. (e %ill +ro"ote our s+onsors&i+ %it& banner

,Reach(*re+uency chart-

Scheduling and Timing&

ads on t&e %ebsite and set u+ boot&s at t&e s+ot "ar)et locations to give a%ay /ree sa"+les. 8&e tour bus +ro"otion %ill begin on Marc& 1st and run t&roug& t&e end o/ August3 to ex+ose our ca"+aign during t&e introductory ti"e in t&e s+ring and running t&roug&out our +ea) sales season in t&e su""er. 8&e bus tours %ill target our s+ot "ar)ets in Eos Angeles and ;e% <or) City3 %it& t&e Starline 8ours in E.A. and t&e City Sig&ts tours in ;e% <or)3 including t&e Sex and t&e City tour. !edia BudgetP >3030003000 Sales Promotion BudgetP >13D003000 Geography& Ob ectiveP 8&e I2old as ,ita"in (aterJ ca"+aign is going to run nation7%ide %it& e"+&asis in ' "a or cities t&at consu"e a &ig& a"ount o/ en&anced %ater beverages and &ave &ig& +o+ulations. 8&e in7store +ro"otion and (ar+ 8our s+onsors&i+ %ill run nation7 %ide %&ile t&e Hace /or t&e Cure s+onsors&i+ and bus tour advertising are s+ot "ar)et s+eci/ic. Moderately &eavy advertising %ill start in Marc&3 %it& national "aga:ine and outdoor advertise"ents. Our "ost aggressive advertising %it& start in 0une and continue until t&e end o/ August3 %it& continued national "aga:ine and outdoor advertise"ents and television co""ercials running in our s+ot "ar)ets.

StrategyP 8&e national ca"+aign %it& e"+&asi:e seven cities listed belo%. (e c&ose t&ese cities because o/ t&eir &ig& +o+ulations and concentration o/ our target audience. =n addition3 a "a ority o/ t&e cities &ave %ar"er cli"ates year7round and are "ore li)ely to consu"e en&anced %ater. (e targeted t&e (est and ;ort&east regions because researc& s&o%ed t&at s+orts drin)s are "ore +revalent in t&ese areas.

;e% <or) City3 ;e% <or) Mia"i3 $lorida Eas ,egas3 ;evada Eos Angeles3 Cali/ornia 1allas3 8exas 2alti"ore3 Maryland !&iladel+&ia3 !ennsylvania Sales promotion ./ Ob ectivesP 8o create a%areness at +oint7o/7 sale and ulti"ately +ersuade t&e custo"er to +urc&ase ,ita"in (ater. =n/luenced by touc&3 t&e consu"er %ill be able to si"ulate t&e /eeling o/ gras+ing a ,ita"in (ater bottle in t&eir &and %&en atte"+ting to o+en a convenience store drin) cooler. Consu"ers tend to be o+en to suggestion /or convenience store +urc&ases and t&e bottle acting as &andles3 or t&e alternative glass a++li?uU3 %ill in/luence t&e +urc&ase o/ ,ita"in (ater.


,ita"in (ater %ill be given a%ay in bet%een band sets to t&e /irst D00 +eo+le +er s&o%. 8&e attendees o/ t&e concert %ill t&en &ave a +ositive association %it& t&e brand3 and so %ill t&e "usicians as %ell. StrategyP =nstall cooler &andles at t&e to+ 100 convenience stores in our seven s+ot "ar)ets. 8&e &andles %ill consist o/ a "odel ,ita"in (ater bottle t&at attac&es on to+ o/ t&e existing &andle. An alternative glass a++li?uU %ill be a++lied %&en t&e &andles are not available. 8&e &andles %ill be in +lace /ro" Marc& 1st until t&e end o/ August. 2udgetP >1003000 Sales promotion .0 Ob ectivesP 8o increase a%areness to t&e younger audience and to +ro"ote t&e variety o/ /lavors. StrategyP S+onsor (ar+ 8our Music $estival %it& /ree +ro"otional givea%ays. ,ita"in (ater %ill "a)e a donation to t&e /estival to be considered as a s+onsor /or all .0 tour dates. ,ita"in (ater %ill be distributed to bands as t&ey %al) onstage @in lieu o/ %aterA t&at t&ey can use it to stay &ydrated %&ile +er/or"ing. 8ables %ill be set u+ %&ere co"+li"entary 10 o:. bottles o/ ,ita"in (ater %ill be distributed as sa"+les. S&irts /eaturing

2udgetP >#003000 /or t&e initial s+onsors&i+ and anot&er >1003000 /or t&e 87s&irts and co"+li"entary bottles.

Sales promotion .1 Ob ectivesP 8o +ro"ote ,ita"in (ater as a &ealt&y en&anced %ater t&at is +ac)ed %it& nutrients and vita"ins t&at gives you a s+eci/ic bene/it. StrategyP S+onsor t&e Susan 4 Fo"en Hace /or t&e Cure 371ay Marat&on3 %&ic& %ill be +ro"oted on t&e %ebsite %it& banner ads.

,ita"in (ater boot&s %ill be set u+ t&roug&out t&e races in ;e% <or)3 Connecticut3 $lorida3 Maryland3 ;e% 0ersey3 ;evada3 Cali/ornia3 !ennsylvania3 Ari:ona and 8exas3 to advertise in our s+ot "ar)ets in t&e (est and ;ort&east. 8&ese boot&s %ill +rovide co"+li"entary 10 o:. bottles to &ydrate t&e +artici+ants. 8&e races &a++en year round so t&is %ill be a continuous sc&edule o/ advertising3 but t&e boot&s %ill only be set u+ at t&e races Marc& t&roug& 0une. 8&e +artici+ants o/ t&e Hace /or t&e Cure %ill be "ore interested in &ealt& t&an t&e average +o+ulation so t&ey %ill be "ore interested in %&at t&ey +ut in t&eir body. ,ita"in (ater &as a +ositive association %it& good &ealt& so a race t&at +ro"otes living a &ealt&y li/e is a good "atc&. 2udgetP >#003000 /or t&e initial s+onsors&i+3 including t&e banner ads3 and anot&er >1003000 /or t&e co"+li"entary bottles. Sales promotion .2 Ob ectiveP 8o increase a%areness o/ t&e +roduct by &aving t&e ads on t&e side o/ tour buses in +o+ular cities li)e ;e% <or) and E.A. using our V2old As ,ita"in (aterV ca"+aign. StrategyP ="ages o/ ,ita"in (ater %ill be rig&t in t&e /ace o/ our consu"ers by advertising on t&e side o/ buses. 8&e ad itsel/ %ill +o+ because it %ill be color/ul in +ro"oting our V2old As ,ita"in (aterV t&e"e %&ere t&e

di//erent varieties o/ our +roduct are re+resented by t&eir colors. 8&ere are "ore consu"ers o/ ,ita"in (ater in cities li)e Eos Angeles and ;e% <or). Also3 since our target is constantly "oving and trying ne% t&ings3 t&ey %ill be li)ely to visit t&ese +o+ular cities and tour t&e". S+eci/ically3 ads %ill be seen on Starline 8ours %&ic& go around t&e Eos Angeles and Kolly%ood area. =n ;e% <or)3 t&e ad %ill increase a%areness in ne% visitors by s+onsoring City Sig&ts ;<. Also3 our /e"ale target %ill be reac&ed by t&e Sex and t&e City bus tour %&ic& ta)e t&e rider around to +o+ular +laces seen in t&e 8, s&o%. 8&is is also conducive to our 1*73# /e"ale audience because ,ita"in (ater +reviously s+onsored t&e Sex and t&e City "ovie. 2udgetP >30030003 >1003000 /or eac& tour3 City Sig&ts3 Starline3 and t&e Sex and t&e City "ovie tour. !edia Selections Maga:ine HationaleP (e advertised in "en-s and %o"en-s national "aga:ines because our target audience is "ore li)ely to read "aga:ines over ot&er +rint "ediu"s. Maga:ines are geared to%ards s+eci/ic interests3 li)e &ealt&3 %&ic& our target audience %ould be interested in. (e advertised in %o"en-s "aga:ines "ore t&an "en-s because

our researc& /ound t&at %o"en consu"e ,ita"in (ater "ore t&an "en. Outdoor ;ational 8, HationaleP (e advertised in net cable E7/ringe and net cable +ri"e because t&at is t&e %ay %e could reac& t&e "ost +eo+le. =nternet HationaleP (e advertised on t&e internet because in today-s society3 internet is t&e "ost +ro"inent "ediu". HationaleP (e used outdoor advertising in our seven s+ot "ar)ets because our target audience is on7t&e7go and %ill be rece+tive to t&is )ind o/ "ar)eting. S+ot 8, HationaleP (e advertised in s+ot 8, early /ringeRne%s and s+ot 8, +ri"e because t&at is t&e %ay %e could reac& t&e "ost +eo+le.


!edia *lo:chart
!edium 4et Cable6) *ringe 4et Cable6Prime !ar 20 1.*.2 20 ##9.1 !aga7ines6 #omens !aga7ines6!ens 8nternet6 .D ''* DD *09.# Apr 20 1.*.2 20 ##9.1 .D ''* DD *09.# <es 1D0 Spot T96)arly *ringe(4e:s Spot T96Prime $utdoor 4ational $nly Area GRPs Reach Avg; *re+; Spot $nly Area GRPs Reach Avg; *re+; 4ational<Spot GRPs Reach Avg; *re+; 19D 331#'.00 'D.# 2.. 19D 331#'.00 'D.# 2.. 2DD 339.D.D0 *0.* 3.2 2DD 339.D.D0 *0.* 3.2 2DD 339.D.D0 *0.* 3.2 2DD 339.D.D0 *0.* 3.2 1#* 23D*#.30 .#.* 2.3 1D2 23#1#.D0 ...# 2.3 1D2 23#1#.D0 ...# 2.3 4H!sP CostP 13*.2 293D.9.30 3D 9#2.3 2*.3 1.2 3D 9#2.3 2*.3 1.2 #D 909.2 3#.# 1.3 #D 909.2 3#.# 1.3 #D 909.2 3#.# 1.3 #D 909.2 3#.# 1.3 1D2 23#1#.D0 ...# 2.3 1D2 23#1#.D0 ...# 2.3 4H!sP CostP DD# 1033D0.D0 1.0 2320#.'0 ...9 2.# 1.0 2320#.'0 ...9 2.# 210 330D..20 '2.' 2.9 210 330D..20 '2.' 2.9 210 330D..20 '2.' 2.9 210 330D..20 '2.' 2.9 1#* 23D*#.30 .#.* 2.3 4H!sP CostP 1330* 19321*.*0 3D D9#.1 ... 3#*.2 3D D9#.1 ... 3#*.2 20 13..' 2D #2#.# ... 3#*.2 !ay D0 #20.. #0 *9*.3 .D ''* DD *09.# <es 1D0 20 13..' 2D #2#.# ... 3#*.2 3un D0 #20.. #0 *9*.3 .D ''* DD *09.# <es 1D0 20 13..' 2D #2#.# ... 3#*.2 3ul D0 #20.. #0 *9*.3 .D ''* DD *09.# <es 1D0 20 13..' 2D #2#.# ... 3#*.2 *D D*0.9 .' 1313'.30 ... .9..# *D D*0.9 .' 1313'.30 ... .9..# Aug D0 #20.. #0 *9*.3 .D ''* DD *09.# Sep 20 *#.1 20 22#.. .D 132D#.90 #3 13020.'0 $ct 4ov 5ec 3an *eb Total 4H!sP CostP 4H!sP CostP 4H!sP CostP 4H!sP CostP 4H!sP CostP 4H!sP CostP 4H!sP CostP 4H!sP CostP 2.0 23103.00 220 #3'1..00 #DD D3922.*0 3'3 D3*''.00 # .00 2D0 13'0*.D0 30# D31.0.10 D32* 33#*1.90


#orks Cited
1. ;ess3 Carol. V,ita"in (P En&anced %aters are +retty to loo) at and /un to drin)3 but are t&ey really better /or youWV San $rancisco C&ronicle 2 A+r. 2003. !rint. 2. V,ita"".V Ouantcast. Se+t. 2009. (eb. . Oct. 2009. X&tt+PRR%%%.?"Rvita""Y. 3. !are)&3 Hu+al. V4laceauTs ,ita"in%aterP A Mar)eting D0 Case Study.V Advertising Age 1' ;ov

200*P n. +ag. (eb. 3 1ec 2009. X&"RarticleWarticleZid[132##'Y.


Appendi" Simmons Choice 1& Target Audience

;CSP $AEE 200D A1CE8 $CEE <EAH @0A; 0D 7 SE!8 0DA $ilter 8otal Sa"+le Sa"+le 2#.1' T@000A 211#2D Sa"+le T@000A ,ertical Kori:ontal =ndex !A') Sa"+le T@000A ,ertical Kori:ontal =ndex Sa"+le T@000A ,ertical Kori:ontal =ndex Sa"+le T@000A 10'29 101*'9 #*.19B 100.00B 100 13*** 109D#. D1.*1B 100.00B 100 2#1' 23*.D.' 23 ACT89 5R84=S&>)S 9D'' ''9.* 100.00B 3..**B 100 #9.. #D10'.9 D'.*DB ##.2*B 120 #.11 32*.0.1 #2.1DB 30.00B *1 1D'# 1#'33.9 $TH)R BRA45S 1.13 10'1... 100.00B D.0'B 100 '1# D1#1.D' #'.9*B D.0DB 100 *99 DD'D.0D D2.02B D.09B 100 23# 20''.1


/? 6 02

,ertical Kori:ontal =ndex 0@ 6 12 Sa"+le T@000A ,ertical Kori:ontal =ndex Sa"+le T@000A ,ertical Kori:ontal =ndex Sa"+le T@000A ,ertical Kori:ontal =ndex Sa"+le T@000A ,ertical Kori:ontal =ndex Sa"+le T@000A ,ertical Kori:ontal =ndex

11.29B 100.00B 100 3921 3.#3D.# 1'.23B 100.00B 100 #*1' #1929.3 19.*3B 100.00B 100 #*.. #2299.1 20.01B 100.00B 100 *D9. ..*9D 31..#B 100.00B 100 19'3# 1.'3** '9.1'B 100.00B 100

1*.90B .1.'#B 1.' 23D* 202D1.3 2D.9'B DD.D*B 1D1 2393 1*9DD.3 2#.31B #D.21B 123 1D*0 121*3.' 1D..3B 2*.*0B '* 1.'2 11*#3.* 1D.19B 1'.'1B #* '002 D.939.# '3.03B 3#.02B 92

19.3*B *.'0B 1'2 399 2#9#..* 23.2*B ..*DB 13D 3#D 199..9* 1*..3B #.'.B 9# 2'. 190D.DD 1'.'*B #.D1B *9 3D9 22#2.31 20.92B 3.3DB .. 1099 '113.1* ...3*B #.2DB *#

1@ 6 22

2@ 6 @2




B'AC= $R A*R8CA4 A!)R8CA4

Sa"+le T@000A ,ertical Kori:ontal =ndex

132# 2232..2 10.D.B 100.00B 100

D.1 1033'.# 13.2.B #..30B 12.

9* 1.1#.2 1D.0.B '.23B 1#3

AS8A4(PAC8*8C 8S'A45)R

Sa"+le T@000A ,ertical Kori:ontal =ndex

D.0 *#10.01 3.9*B 100.00B 100

1*' 29#2.1D 3.''B 3#.9*B 9D

29 D21.*01 #.*'B ..21B 122

C$4S85)R !> 58)T T$ B) 9)R> H)A'TH>

Sa"+le T@000A ,ertical Kori:ontal =ndex

3.10 2D31D.D 11.9'B 100.00B 100

12*9 '932.1' 10.1'B 31.33B *D

29D 1D0*.#9 1#.0*B D.9.B 11*

8 !A=) SAR) 8 )B)RC8S) R)GA'AR'>

Sa"+le T@000A ,ertical Kori:ontal =ndex

#103 30902 1#..2B 100.00B 100

1.'1 123DD 1D.*DB 39.9*B 10*

30D 1*'1.3# 1'.#.B ..0.B 119


Simmons Choice 1& Regions

NCS: FALL 2004 ADULT FULL YEAR (JAN 04-SEPT 04) 2005 Total Sample USE? YES ",# # ##, $" $00* %#* $00 %#* $,#0 $%,555 $#* %4* "% .40* $,! 0 $4,!54 $"* 2. OTHER BRANDS $, 52 $0,"0# $00* 5.$5* $00 5.$5* %$# 2,$5" 20* 5.45* $0 $.02* %$5 2,042 $"* LST 30 DAYS: 5 + !! %,"%$ $00* $.! * $00 $.! * $%" !5$ 22* 2.$5* $$ 0.40* $20 50 $#* LST 30 DAYS: 3-4 4 " 2,!$# $00* $.%%* $00 $.%%* "5 4#% $#* $.$"* "0 0.22* # 454 $ * LST 30 DAYS: 1-2 #% 5,2%0 $00* 2.4#* $00 2.4#* $2# "0$ $#* 2.2#* "2 0.4%* $52 $,04% 20*

Total Sample



Sample (000) &e't()al +o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000) &e't()al +o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000) &e't()al

24, ! 2$$,!!" $00* $00* $00 $00* 4,#"2 %", 0" $"* $00* $00 $"* 5, " 4!,5!4 2%*







+o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000) &e't()al +o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000) &e't()al +o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000) &e't()al +o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000) &e't()al +o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000) &e't()al

$00* $00 2%* ",04$ #!,$ 2 %#* $00* $00 %#* 5,$!4 45,5%4 2$* $00* $00 2$* 5,4"2 4%,552 2$* $00* $00 2$* $,0$! ",#%2 4.5"* $00* $00 4.5"* 2,$!0 $$,$2% 5.25*

%$* !% #.0$* %, ! 2",!!# %"* %!* $04 $4* 2,5%% $",%2% 25* 42* $$ ".$2* $,"$$ $4,"!4 $"* %4* "4 #.0#* %0$ %,$5% 4.0 * %2* !! $.4"* "54 4,4 % 5.#5* 2'

4.20* !2 0." * 5 # %,!2% %5* 4.!"* "5 $.!0* 45% 2,!!2 2 * .%%* $2% $.% * %%! 2,045 $"* 4.#0* "$ 0."#* 44 5#5 5.2#* 5."$* $$5 0.2#* 2$4 "" .4$*

$.%4* #2 0.%$* 2%# $,405 % * $.!0* "# 0. * $"2 $,02 2 * 2.25* $2$ 0.4!* $4" ! $ 22* $."!* $0# 0.4$* 20 25% .4%* 2. 0* $40 0.$2* "$ 2!0 #.$2*

0."%* #0 0.2$* $ " $,0%0 %#* $.%2* "" 0.4"* $2" ! 0 %$* $.!"* $42 0.4$* $02 4"! $!* $.$4* ! 0.24* $$ $%" 4."%* $.4%* $0# 0.0#* # $"4 .!#*

2.$5* !# 0.4"* 24$ $,!5! % * 2.%!* " 0.!!* 2$ $,42# 2#* %.$%* $2# 0. #* $%% "4" $!* 2.$!* !! 0.45* $! 250 4.##* 2.5#* $04 0.$2* "0 %$0 5."%*




+o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000) &e't()al +o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000) &e't()al +o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000) &e't()al +o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000) &e't()al +o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000)

$00* $00 5.25* 2,2"4 22, "# $$* $00* $00 $$* 2,!#5 2#,#5$ $%* $00* $00 $%* %, $4 %%,05! $ * $00* $00 $ * $,##4 #,2"4 %.44* $00* $00 %.44* $,!40 25,# 4

40* $$0 2.$$* 5 #,% " ".4"* %2* !" %.4!* ##0 !,250 $$* %0* !$ %.!"* $,%4! $0,50 $4* %2* !# 4." * ! 5 2,"#5 %.!%* 4$* $$$ $.40* 4!% #,5%0 2*

.2!* $22 0.%%* !0 ##2 #.0#* %.40* 0.% * $$$ $,2$" $$* 4.%"* !5 0.5!* 24 $, %# $5* 4."5* " 0.##* $#5 4 # 4.2!* .40* $24 0.22* #$ $,$#0

2.52* $% 0.$%* %! %2! !.%5* $.45* #! 0.$5* 42 % 4 ".25* $.%$* #$ 0.$#* !" 454 $2* $.%#* #4 0.2$* #0 $45 %. !* $."!* $0# 0.0#* $" %0"

$.#4* $%$ 0.0"* 24 $ 5.!!* 0.#%* 55 0.0!* 25 2$% #.55* 0.##* 5! 0.$0* 4 %4" $2* $.0 * #" 0.$ * 4% #2 2.5 * 0.""* #4 0.0%* 2$ 2##

2.#"* $$% 0.$5* 25 %!" #.45* $.#2* #0 0.$!* 50 5!5 $$* 2.$$* !5 0.2!* $25 !!% $#* 2. #* $0! 0.42* "% 2#% 5.2$* %.#4* $5$ 0.$%* %2 $$







&e't()al +o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000) &e't()al +o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000) &e't()al +o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000) &e't()al +o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000) &e't()al +o'(,o-tal /-0e1 2a3e Sample (000)

$2* $00* $00 $2* #,"40 #,!0$ %2* $00* $00 %2* %,!04 4%,$02 20* $00* $00 20* 4,$% 24, "! $2* $00* $00 $2* 4,# 5 %",#2! $"* $00* $00 $"* $,"!% $2,504

".#0* 2"* !0 %.55* %,%5 2 ,5 4 %4* %"* $0# $%* $,45% $#,024 22* %"* $0! !.0%* $,"0% ",5%" $2* %"* $05 4.50* 2,%!2 $#,%$4 22* 44* $$" !.$#* $,$5% ,#5" 29

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OTHER &A%!'!%

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