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Nursing care plan

Problem Nrsg. diagnose Nrsg. planning Implementation

Pain on the incision Alteration in Independent 1. client

site comfort R/t after 1.assess pain level reported
effect of using pain scale 0- pain on the
procedure 10 incision site
>to assess clients with pain
intolerance & scale of 6
severity of pain out of 0-10
2. client
2.assess location positioned
of pain in a
ASSESSMENT comfortable
3.provide comfort position
S-sakit usahay measures 3. DEPENDENT
akong >relief of pain >Mefenamic
Gitahian pag mag GOAL acid 1 cap
lihok 4.encourage to was given
>at the end of 8
Ko ( as verbalized verbalization of
by the feelings to reduce
Patiebt with pain Shift, after all anxiety
scale nursing EVALUATIO
Of 6 out of 0-10 interventions 5. encourage DBE N
client’s will be >to relive pain >GOAL
O-guarding able to report MET. AFTER
behavior relief of pain with Dependent RENDERING
On the incision scale of 3 out of 6 ALL
site; from pain scale 0- 1. administer NURSING
Positioning to 10 pain INTERVENTI
avoid 2. reliever ONS
Pain according to CLIENT’S
the doctors WAS ABLE
Pain scale order TO
5-7 moderate A RELIEF OF
8-10 severe PAIN WITH
6 OUT OF 0-