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At various stages of civilization over the past five thousand years, successions of factors have
formed bottlenecks on the efficiency of human beings, threatening to repress the growth of civilization. Upto the end of 1800s, limits on amount of available arable land caused problems as populations were growing and there were more mouths to feed. Then as large scale manufacturing came into e!istence, urban labours became the most valuable asset. "ollowing technological breakthroughs, machinery came into picture of production and it began to improve the automation and industry had no longer to depend on labors to that e!tent. #ut due to investment in machinery, capital became all important. $ontrolling flow of capital was foremost problem for the industrialists at that time and suddenly capital became the bottleneck to efficiency. %hile traditional three factors of production & Land, Labour and Capital & have become easier to handle, in '1st century, a fourth factor is increasingly and fast becoming a hurdle or bottleneck for companies to grow. This is "Knowledge", which is at the heart of much of today(s global economy and managing knowledge has become vital for companies success. KNOWLEDGE )nowledge can be defined as a fluid mi! of e!perience, values, conte!tual information and e!pert insight that provides a framework for evaluating and incorporating new e!periences and information. )nowledge is information in action. )nowledge is what people in an organization know about their customers, products, processes, mistakes, and successes. Unlike the conventional *aterial assets, which decrease as they are used, )nowledge asset increases with use+ ,deas breed new ideas, and shared knowledge stays with the giver while it enriches the receiver.

Types of Knowledge Expli it !nowledge" ,t is the visible knowledge available in the form of letters, reports, memos, literatures, etc. -!plicit knowledge can be embedded in ob.ects, rules, systems, methods etc.

Ta it !nowledge" ,t is highly invisible and confined in the mind of a person. ,t is hard to formalize and therefore, difficult to communicate to others. / master craftsman after years of e!perience develops a wealth of e!pertise 0at his fingertips(. #ut he is often unable to articulate the scientific or technical principle behind what he knows. Transformation of knowledge from tacit to e!plicit form increases its usability and visibility. $apturing the e!perts Tacit )nowledge that resides within him in the form of )now how and insights is a very difficult and challenging task.

%hile tacit and e!plicit type of knowledge is only a way to dissect the field, in reality the situation is more complicated. The above two categories are so heavily interlinked that such a bipolar map is not easy to draw in practice. "or e!ample, to understand completely a written document i.e. e!plicit knowledge, it often re1uires a significant amount of e!perience i.e. tacit knowledge. / sophisticated recipe is meaningless to someone who has never stood in kitchen or a diagram of machines is indecipherable without an engineering background. T#e Essen e of Knowledge $anage%ent )nowledge *anagement is a process that, continuously and systematically, transfers knowledge from individuals and teams, who generate them, to the brain of the organisation for the benefit of the entire organisation. ,t is the systematic, e!plicit, and deliberate building, renewal, and application of knowledge to ma!imize an enterprise2s knowledge related effectiveness and returns from its knowledge assets.

The central theme of Knowledge Management is to leverage and reuse knowledge resources that already exist in the organization so that people will seek out best practices rather than reinvent the wheel. "ew other ways to define )* are, $apturing, storing, retrieving and distributing tangible )nowledge /ssets such as copyrights patents and licenses. 3athering, organizing and disseminating intangible knowledge, such as professional know how and e!pertise, individual insight and e!perience, creative solutions and the like, brands, technology. $reating an interactive learning environment where people readily transfer and share what they know, internalize it and apply it to create new knowledge.

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Tata 4teel decided to embark on formal )*

initiative in the year 1555. The beginning was made in 6uly(55 to place a )nowledge *anagement 7)*8 programme for the company to

systematically 9 formally share and transfer learning concepts, best practices and other implicit knowledge. The emphasis on knowledge management was clearly demonstrated in 1555 while coining the vision statement of the company & which read :Tata 4teel enters the new millennium with the confidence of learning and knowledge based organization;..< Then followed the new vision statement, co created by the employees in '001 7"ig. 18 which again identified 0*anage )nowledge( as one of the main pillars in strategy to become -=/> by '00?. This clearly indicated the thrust 4enior *anagement wanted on an initiative like )*. The essence of )nowledge management is to capture the available abundant knowledge assets either in form of tacit 7e!perience, learning from failure, thumb rules, etc.8 or e!plicit 7literature, reports, failure analysis etc.8, to organize and transform the captured knowledge, and to facilitate its usage at right place and at the right time. &#ases of Knowledge $anage%ent 4tarting from a small sapling in 1555, the )* system of Tata 4teel underwent a lot of improvements, and changes. ,n the process, it passed through many learning phases to reach its current state. The various phases of )* spiral at Tata 4teel are shown in "ig '. ,n its latest phase, the )nowledge *anagement has been identified as one of the main enablers to make Tata 4teel self reliant in technology which will enable the company become a global player in near future.

'ta!e#olders in K$

Tata 4teel aims at capturing knowledge from various working groups and outside agencies who play a ma.or role in day to day functioning. The ma.or stakeholders covered under )* being@ 4enior *anagement Afficers -mployees 74upervisors 9 %orkmen8 $ustomers 4upplier -!perts 7,n 9 outside company8 Opportunity of !nowledge transfer Tata 4teel(s knowledge management initiative is driven by its corporate )* group which attempts to cover all possible opportunities of knowledge generation in and outside the steel works. The primary sources being@ Bay to day operation Cearning from failure Dublished Dapers by employees 7Eational and ,nternational publications8 Task "orceF$onsultantFTechnical 3roups -ngineering Dro.ect )nowledge 4haring across the value chain

Tata 4teel defines its value chain as a connected series of internal and e!ternal organizations, resources, and knowledge streams involved in creation and delivery of value to end customers. ,t includes the organization(s suppliers and customers. ,n fact, one of the organization(s strategic goals is to develop value creating partnerships with customers and suppliers. Tata 4teel developed two programs in particular to help manage knowledge across its value chain@ the customer value management 7$=*8 program and its supplier value management 74=*8 program.

,mprovement /ctivities )nowledge generated through 4uggestions, 4mall 3roup /ctivity,etc. s (nstru%ents of Knowledge Transfer Tata 4teel follows three strategies for managing organizational knowledge 7"ig '8. )nowledge can be contributed either by an individual 7codification8 or a team or a group of people 7Dersonalization8. The first two strategies enable capture and systematic storage of knowledge, whereas the third strategy 7)nowledge Biffusion8 derives the benefit of replicating best practices identified in the repository and thereby eliminating the 0re invention of wheel(.

The above strategies ensure knowledge sharing across the entire value chain from customer to the supplier. 4ome of the instruments through which the above strategies are deployed are@

Knowledge Contribution by an individual ( !" /ll contributions are first sent to a set of sub.ect matter e!perts to check their relevance, correctness of information and utility to the company before being available in portal for public usage.

#sk #uthor ( !" / user can put forth hisFher 1ueries to the author regarding any particular )nowledge Diece through this route.

#sk $xpert ( % !" / panel of e!perts is identified area wise to answer 1ueries of users from all corner of Tata 4teel. This feature directs the 1uery to the relevant e!pert and thus helps the 1uestioner in seeking his answer. The 1ueries also remain open for other users to attempt a reply.

Knowledge &sage ( !" /ny employee can bring about intangibleFtangible savings in related work areas by using an e!isting knowledge asset. Communities of 'ractice ( !" To encourage knowledge sharing behavior in an informal manner, across the boundaries of departments and divisions, various $ommunities of Dractice or )nowledge $ommunities are formed. -ach knowledge community further consists of certain sub communities which attempts to focus on smaller functional areas. The knowledge communities continuously look for new bench marks, identify gaps, set targets and strive to achieve them through e!periments and best practice deployment. ,n the process, the new knowledge gathered is collected in the form of various ) Droducts, such as, #est Dractice ,dentification, Trial of new products, -!periments and #est Dractice deployment.

Content Management ( !" The knowledge repository of Tata 4teel is not only huge in size, but also is rich in content thanks to the contribution of more than 1G,000 employees. However, constant effort is put in to keep the knowledge base current and contemporary. ,n order to do this, old knowledge pieces are archived and knowledge on similar sub.ects are distilled. ,n the process of knowledge distillation, members are encouraged to compile knowledge pieces available in related areas and hence prepare a consolidated one which will contain all relevant information at one place.

(ther activities of Knowledge Communities ( % ! " The diverse community structure re1uires knowledge sharing among the members to ensure proper knowledge diffusion. Hence communities organize inter and intra community meetings at regular intervals chaired by senior officials to discuss and share knowledge on aspects that affects both the parties. These communities also organize seminars by inviting well known e!perts in various fields.

nvolving shop)floor employees in KM" / large number of employees in Tata 4teel are deployed at the shop floor. ,n a century old company, these employees really possess a wealth of knowledge. ,n order to capture the tacit knowledge from

shop floor and to facilitate horizontal deployment of the same at all other locations, a new initiative named as )nowledge *anthan 7means churning8 has been started in '00I. Jealizing the rich dividend from its )nowledge *anthan initiative the )nowledge management group has e!tended the idea of involving grass root employees by launching yet another initiative named 0*/44( in the year '00G. *any of the ideas captured through *anthan are now being deployed through 0*/44(.

K$ &ortal ) Tata 'teel An the corporate intranet a )* Dortal has been developed to communicate all )* related matters across the company. ,t provides an online knowledge repository to the users who can submit, search and use knowledge pieces available on it. The portal also provides a virtual forum where employees can invite and involve other fellow employees or lead e!perts 7specific to interested areas8 to discuss and solve the problems faced by them. Jelevant ,ndian and international standards, 1uality system manuals, standard practices and procedures also feature for ready reference of users. *wards + * olades

Tata 4teel has won many laurels for its endeavour and initiatives towards creating a culture of managing knowledge. ,t was the winner of */)- /sia award for the year '00K and '00I 7finalist in the year '00'8. ,n '00G, Tata 4teel won the first */)- ,ndia award. ,t has also earned a distinction among ,ndian companies to be selected twice as a best practice partner by /merican Droductivity 9 Luality $enter 7/DL$8 for its )* process.

Tata 'teel ran!ed as no,- in .//0 (ndian $*KE 'ur1ey Tata 4teel has been recognized as the overall 71st place8 '00M ,ndian *ost /dmired )nowledge -nterprises 7*/)-8 %inner compared to its Mth position far the last year 7'00G8. Ather '00M ,ndian */)- %inners are 7in alphabetical order8@ #harti /irtel 7Telecommunications8 -ureka "orbes 7$onsumer products8 ,nfosys Technologies 7,T solutions8 *indTree $onsulting 7,T consulting 9 solutions8 Tata $onsultancy 4ervices 7,T solutions8 %ipro Technologies 7,T solutions8 '00M ,ndian *ost /dmired )nowledge -nterprises 7*/)-8 /wards ceremony was held on 4eptember '8, '00M, in #angalore, ,ndia, as part of N,nfovision '00M The )nowledge 4ummit,N organized by $onfederation of ,ndian ,ndustry 7$,,8 and ,nternational 4chool of ,nformation *anagement 7i4,*8. Jory $hase, *anaging Birector of Teleos, announced the result of '00M

,ndian */)- 4urvey. *r.J.J.4hah, *ember 4ecretary, Dlanning $ommission, 3ovt.of ,ndia presented the */)- awards to all the winners. *r./mit )hanna, Head )nowledge *anagement received the award on behalf of Tata 4teel. Tata 4teel2s '00M ,ndian */)- rankings in the 8 knowledge performance dimensions which are the basis of the */)- framework are@ creating an enterprise knowledge driven culture 71st place8 developing knowledge workers through senior management leadership 7'nd place8 delivering knowledge based productsFsolutions 7Krd place8 ma!imizing enterprise intellectual capital 7Krd place8 creating an environment for collaborative knowledge sharing 71st place8 creating a learning organization 71st place8 delivering value based on customer knowledge 71st place8 transforming organizational knowledge into shareholder value 7'nd place8 /ccording to Jory $hase, managing director of Teleos, N,ndia is emerging as a dynamic center of innovative knowledge management. The annual ,ndian */)- study serves as a benchmark to recognize those ,ndian companies which are leaders in effectively transforming enterprise knowledge into wealth creating ideas, products and solutions. These companies are building portfolios of intellectual capital and intangible assets which will enable them to out perform their competitors both in ,ndia and abroad in years to come.N #usiness leaders, analysts and investors constantly ask@ N%hat are the economic and competitive advantages of pursuing a business strategy based on knowledge leadershipON #ased on the findings of the '00M ,ndian */)- study, the benefits are tangible and significant. Ane of the clearest metrics to demonstrate this fact is Total 4hareholder Jeturn 7T4J8. Cast year, the T4J for the '00M ,ndian */)- %inners was '5P, more than five times that of the U4 "ortune G00 company median of G.IP.

2une -3, .//0 Tata Group re ogni4ed as one of t#e .//0 Global $ost *d%ired Knowledge Enterprises 5$*KE6 The %inners of the 5th annual 3lobal *ost /dmired )nowledge -nterprises 7*/)-8 study have been announced by Teleos and T/T/ 3roup 7primarily due to Tata 4teel 9 T$48 has been named as one of the winners of this coveted award. Toyota is the overall 3lobal */)- %innerN. This is the first time that the Tata 3roup has been named a 3lobal */)- %inner. /s per the summary report available Tata 3roup was rated high in two of the following knowledge dimensions Beveloping knowledge workers through senior management leadership 78th place8 $reating an environment for collaborative knowledge sharing 71Kth place8 /ccording to *r. Jory $hase, *B, Teleos, Tata 4teel and Tata $onsultancy 4ervices received a similar number of nominations from the '00M 3lobal */)- e!pert panel. *ost

of Tata 4teel2s nominations 7appro!. 50P8 were from '00M 3lobal */)- e!pert panel members located in /sia. Tata 4teel received particularly high scores in the following knowledge performance dimensions@ $reating a learning organization Belivering value based on customer knowledge /reas where Tata 4teel can improve are@ *a!imizing enterprise intellectual capital Transforming enterprise knowledge into shareholder value

/ccording to the '00M 3lobal */)- Jeport, -uropean knowledge driven organizations are failing to keep pace with their /sian and Eorth /merican counterparts, and more organizations are relying on innovation for the competitive advantage. The winners of the '00M 3lobal */)- study, conducted by Teleos in association with The )EA% Eetwork, are 7in alphabetical order8@

Q /ccenture Q /pple $omputer Q #HD #illiton Q #uckman Caboratories Q Bell Q -rnst 9 Roung Q "luor Q 3oogle Q Hewlett Dackard Q Honda *otor Q *c)insey Q *icrosoft Q Eovo Eordisk Q Dricewaterhouse$oopers Q 4amsung 3roup Q 4ony Q Tata 3roup Q K* Q Toyota *otor $orporation Q Unilever
Jory $hase, managing director of Teleos, said@ NThese organizations have been recognized as global leaders in effectively transforming enterprise knowledge into wealth creating ideas, products and solutions. They are building portfolios of intellectual capital and intangible assets which will enable them to out perform their competitors now and in the future.N

/ panel of 3lobal "ortune G00 senior e!ecutives and internationally recognized knowledge managementFintellectual capital e!perts chose the '00M 3lobal */)- %inners. The panel rated organizations against the */)- framework of eight key knowledge performance dimensions which are the visible drivers of competitive advantage and intellectual capital growth. The '00M 3lobal */)- %inners have been recognized as leaders in@

Q creating a corporate knowledge driven culture Q developing knowledge workers through senior management leadership Q delivering knowledge based productsFsolutions Q ma!imizing enterprise intellectual capital Q creating an environment for collaborative knowledge sharing Q creating a learning organization Q delivering value based on customer knowledge Q transforming enterprise knowledge into shareholder value

2anuary .7, .//0 Tata 'teel is sele ted as a 8est &ra ti e &artner by *&9C : 'e ond Ti%e for K$

THE /merican Droductivity and Luality $enter 7/DL$8 selected Tata 4teel as one of the
#est Dractice Dartners in the area of NCeveraging )nowledge /cross the =alue $hainN. The other organizations selected as best practice partners are #uckman Cabs, Jaytheon, $aterpillar, and the U4 /ir "orce *aterial $ommand. /ll the #est Dractice Arganizations has been recognized on 6anuary 'I 'G, '00M at Houston at the )nowledge Transfer 4ession. The message received from /DL$ is as follows@ N$ongratulations on being selected as a best practice partner in /DL$2s Ceveraging )nowledge across the =alue $hain consortium benchmarking studyS The study sponsors are impressed with the work Tata 4teel is doing and are eager to learn from your organization as we continue through this study. The other organizations selected best practice partners are #uckman Cabs, Jaytheon, $aterpillar, and the U4 /ir "orce *aterial $ommand.N /DL$ is involved in conducting consortium benchmarking study on various business processes. They have a structured methodology for identifying and selecting N#est Dractice DartnerN for a particular consortium benchmarking study. ,n the process they have identified Tata 4teel as one of the potential best practice partners and after one and a half hour of teleconferencing /DL$ prepared a case study for Tata 4teel which was then discussed with the sponsors of the benchmarking study. /fter going through the case study of each potential partner, sponsors select the best practice partner. /ll selected #est Dractice Dartners share their practices with sponsors and with each other through a virtual site visit and the cycle finishes with one and a half day )nowledge Transfer 4ession 7)T48 in which #est Dractice Dartners present their case study to all the participating organizations and /DL$ recognizes them at the end of )T4.

De e%ber 0;<, .//3 *n (nternational 'y%posiu% on Knowledge $anage%ent was organised at 2a%s#edpur on De e%ber 0;<, .//3 The ,ndian ,nstitute of *etals, 6amshedpur and Tata 4teel have .ointly organized a ' day symposium on )* at 6amshedpur on Bec M ?.<)nowledge *anagement & The key differentiator for Ceaders< was the main theme of the symposium. %hile inaugurating, *B, *r.# *uthuraman, remarked that in today(s business, knowledge is useful only if it is manifested. He stressed that creating a culture of innovation and allowing the freedom to fail are the basic ingredients to create a successful )* system in any organization. B*B748, Br.T *, in his thematic speech addressed the gathering saying :systematic application of knowledge and agile decision making ultimately helps the company and the country to develop.< There were 1G0 delegates from IG organizations who gathered for the symposium. I )ey note addresses by eminent )* e!perts of ,ndia and 1K speakers from organizations spanning almost all sectors of industry, e.g. manufacturing, ,T, academia, chemical, power, service, government, etc. & shared their best practice in )*. The ' day symposium culminated with a panel discussion 7fig.'8 attended by all seven */)- ,ndia winning organizations. The delegates .oined hands in giving a standing ovation to the organizers and e!pressed satisfaction over the ' days of deliberation on the following four themes@ 1. '. K. I. ,nnovative ways of managing knowledge across value chain Dragmatic understanding of )* & converting concept into reality Transforming enterprise knowledge into shareholder value /ligning )* with business needs

.nd *ugust, .//3 T#rust on usage of !nowledge assets t#roug# $*'' 5Manthan ab shopfloor se6 ,n order to promote horizontal deployment of available knowledge assets e!isting in the )* site, a new initiative was launched on 'nd /ugust, '00G. This was inaugurated by =ice Dresident 7,J8, *r /vinash Drasad. 0*/44( is an acronym derived from the hindi name :*anthan /b 4hop floor 4e<. ,t is a time bound process where one employee 7supervisors from shopfloor8 is chosen from selected departments for eight weeks. The entire 8 week programme is facilitated by the core )* group and carried out in following phases@ Training and defining scope of work 4earching of knowledge assets, harvesting with shopfloor employees and e!perts

,dentifying good practices 4yndication with department and documentation

/fter completion of three waves the initiative so far has clearly demonstrated the following benefits@ There is huge scope for horizontal deployment of available knowledge within the company. 4ome of the e!cellent ideas remain confined to their shell due to inade1uate thrust on proper knowledge transfer. 4tructured guidance for a desired goal and interaction with different departments 9 e!perts during the wave has helped a lot in changing the way our */44 leaders think and has actually turned them into a real 0$hange /gent( at 4hop floor.

*ugust, .//3 Tata 'teel : winner of t#e first (ndian $*KE *ward, .//3 "or the first time in '00G, The Teleos( */)- research program instituted ,ndian *ost /dmired )nowledge -nterprises 7*/)-8 award in order to recognize organizations 7founded and head1uartered in ,ndia8 for their ability to create shareholder wealth 7or in the case of public and non profit organizations to increase societal capital8 by transforming new as well as e!isting enterprise knowledge into superior productsFservicesFsolutions. Tata 4teel featured amongst the seven winners declared for this very first year of the award. The '00G ,ndian */)- panel recognized Tata 4teel for creating an environment for collaborative knowledge sharing 71st place8, and organizational learning 71st place8. The companies other than Tata 4teel, who were declared winner 7in alphabetical order8 are@ -ureka "orbes, i fle! solutions, ,nfosys Technologies, 4atyam $omputer 4ervices, Tata $onsultancy 4ervices and %ipro Technologies. Br. T. *, Beputy *anaging Birector & 4teel, on this achievement had the following message to offer@ Tata Steel has embarked aggressively on the journey of becoming Global Leader with customer driven excellence, integrity and ethical behavior in all our transactions. The rate of success in achieving and exceeding the global standards will be directly ro ortional to how fast we ac!uire new knowledge and de loy the knowledge ac!uired over last "## years in the minerals and metals business, to all the existing and u $coming units of Tata Steel. %n this endeavor knowledge management initiatives and the modest success that we have had over last few years instills us with confidence of achieving our as irations.&

2uly ., .//3 Laun # of Knowledge Debate= a %ode of !nowledge transfer

The concept of )nowledge Bebate was launched in Tata 4teel in 6une '00G. The first debate was organized on :=ery soon there will be demand for /nti #acterial $oated 4teel Droducts in the 3lobal 4teel *arket.< "or the first time ever, family members of the employees, including children, were encouraged to take part in this debate. The )nowledge *anagement 3roup of Tata 4teel organized the final leg of the above mentioned debate on 6uly ', '00G. -ight teams out of fifteen participating teams were selected for the final round. The $hief 3uest, Br T *, Beputy *anaging Birector, 4teel, appreciated the spirit of the debate. .nd $ar #, .//7 T*T* 'TEEL Laun #es >Knowledge Manthan? The )* programme, which so far was primarily focused on officers and a few supervisors who were computer savvy, was brought within the reach of other employees working at the shop floor through a new initiative named #spire Knowledge Manthan.7$hurning of )nowledge8. This new initiative was launched by By. *anaging Birector 74teel8, Br T * on 'nd *arch, '00I. This is an initiative to capture and share the tacit knowledge directly from the grass root level. )nowledge *anthan is conducted every month on certain selected topics 7e.g. *otor, Ceveling and alignment, Cubrication, %ater Treatment, etc.8 in which supervisors from all corners of the plant including the sister concerns of Tata 4teel participate. They discuss and share their knowledge on a common topic through various methods like 4tory telling( method or through case studies to generate initial interest in the group. ,n order to facilitate the discussion, all these *anthan sessions are chaired by one 2Champion2 and an 0$xpert (. T*T* 'TEEL Wins $*KE *'(* .//7 *W*@D Tata 4teel wins the prestigious /sian *ost /dmired )nowledge -nterprise 7*/)-8, '00I /ward for the second consecutive year. This award was handed over to Tata 4teel on 1Kth Actober,'00I at 4eoul.

The official publication from the /sian */)- /ward organizers states@ :The '00I /sian *ost /dmired )nowledge -nterprises 7*/)-8 %inners were recognized before 1,000 business e!ecutives during a special /wards $eremony at the Gth %orld )nowledge

"orum in 4eoul, )orea. The winners for '00I /sian */)- /ward, other than Tata 4teel are 7alphabetically8@$anon 76apan8, Honda *otor 76apan8, ,nfosys Technologies 7,ndia8, )ao 76apan8, Eissan *otor 76apan8, 4amsung -lectronics 74. )orea8, 4amsung 4B4 74. )orea8, 4ingapore /irlines 74ingapore8, 4ony 76apan8, Taiwan 4emiconductor *anufacturing $ompany 7Taiwan8, Tata $onsultancy 4ervices 7,ndia8, Toyota *otor 76apan8, %ipro Technologies 7,ndia8 / panel of /sian "ortune 3lobal G00 senior e!ecutives and leading knowledge management e!perts selects the /sian */)- %inners. ,n the /sian */)- study there are three rounds of consensus building. ,n the first round, members of the e!pert panel nominate enterprises founded and head1uartered in /sia. ,n the second round, each member of the e!pert panel selects a ma!imum of three organizations from the list of nominations. Those organizations selected by at least 10P of the e!pert panel are recognized as /sian */)- "inalists. ,n the third and final round, the /sian */)- "inalists are ranked against each of the eight knowledge performance dimensions which form the */)- framework and are the visible drivers of wealth creation@ $reating an enterprise knowledge driven culture. Beveloping knowledge workers through senior management leadership. Beveloping and delivering knowledge based productsFservicesFsolutions. *a!imizing enterprise intellectual capital. $reating an environment for collaborative knowledge sharing. $reating a learning organization. Belivering value based on customer knowledge. Transforming enterprise knowledge into shareholder value.

$ar #, .//7 Tata 'teel is t#e 8est &ra ti e &artner in Knowledge $anage%ent $urrently when knowledge management is being increasingly recognized as a distinguishing feature among companies in all sectors, Tata 4teel has again proved that its )* Dractices are one of the best in the world. The /merican Droductivity 1uality $ouncil 7/DL$8 selected Tata 4teel 7the only ,ndian $ompany8 as the N#est Dractice Dartner in )nowledge *anagementN for its 1Ith $onsortium study. Aut of several participants from all over the world only four companies from ,ndia, U4/ and *e!ico were selected to be a part of this study. *ost interestingly Tata 4teel is the only steel company from world to get selected in this competition. To 1ualify for this prestigious study, the )nowledge *anagement group of Tata 4teel underwent three rounds of screening survey including answering the 1uestionnaires and teleconferencing. /fter the selection, a two and half hours presentation on internet and teleconferencing together was done by Tata 4teel, where /DL$ had invited forty participants from twenty four organizations spread over five countries from U4/ and -urope to listen to the presentation. %hile commenting on the presentation /DL$ e!pressed that they are thrilled to have Tata 4teel

in their study. They further said that participants listening to the presentation shared opined that they en.oyed the presentation and are impressed with the work of Tata 4teel on )* practices. *ugust, .//A Tata 'teel wins t#e $*KE *'(* .//A *ward Tata 4teel was the winner of '00K /sian *ost /dmired )nowledge -nterprises 7*/)-8. Tata 4teel is recognized in the 'nd annual /sian */)- study for@ 'evelo ing knowledge workers through senior management leadershi (reating an environment for collaborative knowledge sharing

/ccording to Jory $hase, managing director of Teleos, NThese organizations have been recognized as global leaders in effectively transforming enterprise knowledge into wealth creating ideas, products and solutions. They are building portfolios of intellectual capital and intangible assets which will enable them to out perform their $ompetitors in the future.N *anaging Birector, *r. # *uthuraman2s comments on winning the award@ /fter a decade of transformation by way of modernisation at Tata 4teel, we embarked on our .ourney of making ourselves a knowledge based and learning organisation. Aur )nowledge *anagement program has so far focused on people and process with appropriate blend of ,nformation Technology. Aur future growth and prosperity will increasingly depend upon our agility to network and learn from our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. , am proud that Tata 4teel is recognised for its )nowledge creating and 4haring character and , congratulate all the employees of Tata 4teel. This award, however, is only a milestone and must not be mistaken for our destination. %e need to make knowledge the primary source of our distinction in an industry where technology is increasingly becoming a commodity.