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February 2014, Issue 89

Directors Desk
Injuries and Training
Dear members, family and friends, Every Step into Life Franchise nationally offers 7 different Group Outdoor Personal Training programs, each one with a different and highly beneficial focus. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with our program variety on the website, If you sustain an injury, it is vital that you advise your Trainer and discuss any limitations to your Training. Your Step into Life Trainers are experts in the content and delivery of the 7 Step into Life Training programs and your Trainer will recommend a change to your program to cater for your injury. When injured, it is a natural human tendency to want to stop training but in most cases (depending on the injury) stopping your training is not required, rather common sense modifications and changes to the type and intensity of training will allow you to continue, so please chat to your Trainer.

I am also very excited for the launch of Fitness N.O.W from 10th 16th February, our National Open Week. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to share your fitness journey at Step into Life with anyone and everyone! Any non-member can attend unlimited sessions free of charge at any of 160+ Step into Life venues around Australia during Fitness N.O.W! As a current member, when you refer someone who trials with us during Fitness N.O.W then joins as a member, youll receive an instant prize PLUS go into the draw to WIN one year of FREE unlimited Group Outdoor Personal Training with us*. Imagine not paying training fees for a whole year! With an average lifespan per member of 12 to 18 months, Step into Life is really making a positive impact in the health and fitness of our members, so well done and thank you to all for allowing us that opportunity. Train hard and all the best, Regards Larry Cohen Founder and Director

Local News
We had a new B.I in town B.I Bird! You dont want to mess around when hes here!

Comic Relief

We always work hard at our endurits, so hard that we ... have to smell ourselves afterwards ... right Edwards?

Timetable Changes
Talk to your Trainer regularly to ensure youre completing the best mix of training available to you to reach your goals.

What is happening? Id love to join in!
February 15 th Keysies 10 Year Celebration Scavenger Hunt 10am (No boxkick or toneup on this day) March 2 Cardinia Fun Run 5km & 10km March 22 Tough Mudder
nd nd th

This bigger timetable will be changing at the end of February so please get all your makeups done before this date a reminder that the timetable was expanded to help you make up your sessions that you missed/we called off due to the hot weather in January. As Melbournes weather is unpredictable at times we ask you to be resilient All it takes is a little bit of organisation to outwit the elements. Fail to prepare & youre preparing to fail.

Rubberised Resistance Bands

Blue (Difficult) - $37.00 Red (Moderate) - $32.00 Green (Light) - $30.00

Training Club
Achieving your goals at Step into Life
Goal setting is a key element to gaining fitness, weight loss and improved health benefits. At all Step into Life sessions we add Training Points to your Training Club tally (totals available on your fortnightly progress report). Points gained are a measure of your commitment to your training. How close are you to your next Training Club milestone? Ask your Trainer to help you set some time lines for your goals.

Member Profile
Who is?

Teagan Kemp
Kempy has been a member since September 2012

Awards achieved in January200 points

Brian Avalos

Where were you born?

1000 points
Dennis Le

2000 points
Tegan Berry

What is your current profession?

Nurse Trainee working & studying at Uni

3000 points
Melissa Brown

What sports have you been involved with during your life/best achievement?
I played alot of basketball & netball when I was younger. 3 times a week. Winning the netball grand final 3 years in a row was awesome!

New Members
Michelle Symss

What is your favourite Step into Life session?

Boxkick to get all my frustration out

Member Birthdays
4th Jackson Taylor 5 Brent Van Rooyen 6th Alison Van Rooyen 7th Jess Field 9th Dennis Le th 17 Matthew Edwards 20th Yvonne Edwards 23rd Marko Radisic 26th Bron Hevey 28th Joseph Kingi

What is your favourite naughty treat when your trainers arent looking?
Salt & Vinegar chips, I can not control myself

Happy Birthday!

What are your top 3 goals you would like to achieve?

To complete Tough Mudder & Spartan Race without giving up!

What goals have you achieved at Step into Life so far?

Being able to finish bootcamps without passing out! Haha. As I was petrified of doing them. Its easy to achieve what you want when you have such supportive people training with you.

Training Tips
Beat the heat: exercising outdoors in summer

Its important to listen to your body dont be afraid to take breaks (and drink more water!) if you need to. You can also shorten your workout if necessary, or break it up into intervals try 8 minutes of low-intensity exercise with a 2 minute break, repeated over the course of 3045 minutes, depending on how your body can handle it in the heat. Switch it up Instead of going for a run or attending an evening Step into Life sessions, on hot days its a good idea to be flexible and change your exercise time to earlier in the morning. Early mornings tend to be much cooler! Be sure to contact your Trainer ahead of time to let them know to expect you in the morning if this is your plan. If changing to a morning workout during a heat wave isnt possible and you still want to fit some exercise in to your day, then aim for late evening. If its still too hot, swimming can be refreshing way to keep active in extreme heat. Sweet summer shade Plan your outdoor exercise in the shade! Head for a walk through National Park forests (be sure to check Fire Danger Warnings ahead of time), workout with Step into Life under the shade of a tree in your local park, or try a breezy place like the beach or next to a lake. Dress for the occasion Wear light-coloured and lightweight clothing that wicks moisture away from your skin and dries quickly. Avoid cotton T-shirts and shorts as theyll get sweaty, stay damp, and make you feel hotter (and not the fun kind of hotter, either!). Wearing wicking socks and lightweight trainers will also help to keep your feet cool and dry while preventing blisters. Finally, if youre out in the sun, dont forget a hat and to slip, slop, slap! Remember, its always best to err on the side of caution in the heat to avoid running into trouble if its over 35 degrees, then use common sense and caution to decide if you should still be exercising or not. Stay cool, Australia!

In case stepping outside into the toasty warm air wasnt indication enough for you, summer has truly arrived across Australia, with much of the country seeing temperatures between 30-40 degrees most days this week. While beautiful, this heat can be quite overwhelming when not managed properly. So how can you ensure that you stay active while its still hot outside? Stay hydrated Drink water or an electrolyte drink before, during and after your workout to avoid dehydration. Keep sipping throughout your workout, and all day long throughout the week! Take it easy Ease into hot outdoor workouts, and dont push yourself too hard. Exercise at a low intensity only.

How to beat sugar cravings

Youve made it to mid-afternoon at work and then the sugar craving hits. Are you hardwired to seek sugar or are the treats just a bad habit? Here are three ways to beat these sugar cravings for good? Beat biological cravings Whether its a hit of energy or a feeling of happiness, we naturally feel better after consuming sugar. Its hard to know how biologically susceptible you are to sugars lure. You may be a hyper-responder with a strong chemical drive for sugar. Beat biological sugar cravings by: Starting your day with starches at breakfast to reduce levels of another craving chemical called NPY (neuropeptide-Y). Include lean proteins at main meals to help feel fuller for longer between meals. Eat nutrient-rich as much as possible to minimise any nutrient imbalances that may trigger the desire for sugar. Satisfy your sweet tooth with naturally sweet foods, including; fresh and dried fruit, yoghurt or milk and even roasted onion, peppers or beetroot. Be careful with sweet diet foods, as they may not satisfy a craving. Be keenly aware of your hunger signals to avoid becoming ravenous. This is when the craving chemicals take over! Keep a glass of water in your hand or on your desk to avoid the temptation of grabbing a chocolate bar instead.

Keep tempting treats out of the house and only bringing home small quantities of sweet treats on weekends. Plan a new and better food choice, like a handful of dried fruit, and have it ready with you for when a craving strikes. Distract yourself when you feel a craving coming on. Go for a walk and the craving may dissipate.

Beat big emotions In some cases sugar cravings can feel out of control, particularly if devouring sugar is used as a short-term fix for some bigger emotions. Beat big emotions by: First deal with any biological craving and bad habits by using the strategies above. This sets you up for success. Name your emotions be it stress, boredom, anger or anxiety. Then ask yourself, What other than food do I need to make me feel better? Work towards satisfying cravings with non-food rewards. Be patient and know that it takes time to work through emotions. Be your own best friend rather than beat yourself up. Slip-ups are allowed! Talk to someone you trust about your feelings or challenges. If its too much, get professional help from a counsellor. Their expert advice and guidance may be just the breath of fresh air you need.

Sugar cravings are not always based heavily on emotions, but knowing the sugar-feelings link is there in some way will better equip you to make a breakthrough and beat sugar cravings for good. With a little effort to address the biological cravings, bad habits and any emotions, the results are fantastic!

Beat bad habits Bad eating habits can keep the sugar-cycle spinning at full speed. But bad habits can be broken with awareness and positive alternative behaviours. Beat bad eating habits by: Logging your eating triggers and reactions to become more aware of your negative eating patterns. Matt ONeill BSpSc, MSc, APD, AN, Nutritionist, The Morning Show

At Last - Guilt Free Eating!

Healthy Recipe

Steps to Jumpstart your Metabolism!

Tired of conflicting diet advice? Re-wire your appetite and re-ignite your metabolism through Matt ONeills Metabolic Jumpstart. This 4 week program provides you with a complete metabolically matched diet plan, report & program. For only $79.95 you will receive: Body shape assessment and health risk profile Personal calorie burning times for specific foods Menu plan sample with meals and correct portions Nutrition targets for kj, calories, fat, protein and carb Daily food group exchanges Mix & match guide Motivational Pack posted to you with 8 daily targets, fridge cards, fact sheets and special offers Access to My Jumpstart Online with audio guides, weekly checklists, faqs and discussion posts Enhance your results with your FREE MJ Plus + program (worth $120 per year) when you sign up through a Step into Life trainer for the duration of your membership, and receive: Weekly motivational emails and articles Motivation Planner MJ Recipes Tip Sheets Expert interviews from hormones to intolerances Downloads tools and templates Ongoing support & expert advice from Matt O Neill Access to seminars online Supermarket foods MJ Exchanges

Beetroot, beef and mozzarella salad

Serves: 2 Prep: 15 mins Ingredients 1 cup wild rocket, raw 125 g can, drained, beetroot wedges medium tomato, cut into wedges 100g roast beef slices 30g mozzarella, reduced fat 30g pecan nuts, halved 2 tsp olive oil, to drizzle Method On a large platter or individual plates, arrange leaves, beetroot, beef, tomatoes and mozzarella. Scatter over pecans. Drizzle olive oil. Season to taste and garnish with herb of your choice.

For more information talk to your trainer.

Exchanges per serve




Nutrients per serve

1263kJ (298Cal), 20.9g Protein, 21g Fat, 4.1g Saturated Fat, 6.2g Carbs, 5.9g Sugars, 3.3g Fibre, 266mg Sodium

Michelle from Aberfoyle Park SA, hiked Mount Roland in Tasmania over the Christmas period. This is an amazing achievement for her as part of her journey and over the past 12 months has lost over 40 kg.

Glenhaven NSW, members up bright an early for a cardiomax session.

Woonona NSW, members toning up as the sun rises.

Scott Haddow from Aberfoyle Park SA, enjoying a night out in the United Arab Emirates next to Burj Khalifa in Dubai the worlds tallest building.

Brian Avalos
First Session 2nd of April 2013 Total # of sessions - 51 Fitness assessments 2 endurit bootcamps 4 1 teasers 1 recruits 1 marines 1 navy seals

Dennis Le
First Session 13th of June 2011 Total # of sessions - 211 Fitness assessments 7

First Session 10th of February 2011 Total # of sessions - 380 Fitness assessments 6 endurit bootcamps 58 10 teasers 13 recruits 17 marines 12 navy seals 6 - commandos Keysie Competitions 2011, 2012 & 2013 De Castella Fun Run 2011 & 2013 Bigegst Loser 3rd place 2012 Rookie of the Year 2012 Nominee Member of the Year 2013 First Session 22nd of August 2005 Total # of sessions - 700 Fitness assessments 17 endurit bootcamps 18 1 teasers 5 recruits 6 marines 6 navy seals achievit packages - 1 Keysie Competitions 2005, 2006, 2010 & 2013

Melissa Brown

Tegan Berry

Refer a friend and well give you anything you want!

At Step into Life we value your patronage and the people you refer to us.
Thank you for giving a gift of good health and fitness to your friends and family by referring them to Step into Life. Due to customer demand we have Franchise territories available throughout Australia and New Zealand. If you know anyone with an interest in health and fitness that would love to run a Fitness Franchise, please let them know about this exciting opportunity. $1000 referral bonus for any one you refer that becomes a Step into Life Franchisee. For each friend who joins as a result of your referral to any Step into Life Franchise nationally, you will receive a Step into Life Any Store Gift Card to the value of $25. Use your referral gift card from us to purchase almost anything provided it can be purchased from a store which has EFTPOS facilities.

Contact your state office on 1300 134 136 for more information.

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