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Afraid to Embrace By Shreyas Gune [29th June , 2010]

Before I write this article , I would like to thank the following source for the motivation to pursue the theme of this article and the need to draw a perspective on this subject. very recent one and easy to get hold of, watch the documentary Until The Light Takes Us it take you through all of this and you have to agree coz i wudnt want anybody else telling me abt the Norwegian scene than the ones in the documentary.. So I got hold of this documentary and watched it. I had some idea about the infamous Black Metal scene in Norway , and this documentary did a fine job clearing my doubts and explaining the actions. Their explanation did not make me think burning churches was the right step to take but it certainly made me relate to why they were motivated to do so. A few obvious facts about Norwegian Metal scene is that the earlier bands from the late 80 s and early 90s were really deep into the music and did not just play it for the heck of it. Those people who are not really interested in the musical aspect of it but are curious about the whole Satanic aspect of it , there are a few clarifications Id like to make. Satanism is NOT the same as anti-Christianism. An anti-Christ is someone who detests Christianity. Someone who wants to eradicate it. Satanist shares the same belief as an anti-Christ but also recognizes Satan as their lord and master. Anti-Christs to some extent are atheists or they believe in something far more deep and sacred than Christianity. Satanic Black Metal musicians are those who use devilish imagery-lyrics to support their beliefs. But all Norwegian Black Metal is NOT satanic. Finally , the Church burnings are NOT a Satanic movement. As rightly put by Varg Vikernes We burnt the churches down , to make a statement. The Christians came to our land , burnt all our ancient records , force-fed their religion upon us , when we already had a holy , sacred and rich culture ourselves. Those atrocities done cannot be forgotten and we will never forgive it. We never ever worshipped Satan at all.. it was all the media coverage that created that misconception This is not the exact quote but this is pretty much what he said. About Varg Vikerness , I had seen him in Sam Dunns : Metal A Headbangers Journey (2005) DVD and thought to myself , whaoh , this is the guy who burnt those churches.. .. and 5 years later , I read his story , and to be honest.. he is very talented , very intelligent and very straightforward. Coincidently , his point of view in life resembles the similar postulates as that laid down by The Satanic Bible by Anton

LaVey. But , I have to agree , that is an extremists book , that somehow makes a lot of sense. At least some of it anyway. Okay , having clarified stuff on the Norwegian Scene , let me talk about India. Man , when I read the history of India, only one feeling cropped up to summarize the entire epic saga of struggle that is our history. The Word is Lament. We were the first true civilization to emerge out of the darkness of barbarism .We were progressive , advanced and brilliant in our lifestyle than any other civilization. Then , it all went downhill.. All throughout our history , we ve been robbed , plundered , invaded , captured , annexed , divided , ruled over and pretty much RAGGED. Almost all the countries picked on us. And what once was the golden child of Earth , is now reduced to low-paid call centre clerk at the BPO that is The Middle East. This debate has endless arguments but two conclusions are undeniable from this trajectory of our history. 1.Indians always liked to be secluded kingdoms , doing their own thing , in their land. Never did they think of expanding , organizing and collaborating. If anything , theyll jump in to fight over stuff. Divided we already were , everyone else just exploited that fact. 2.Indians were basically whimps at first. I mean , not until they re really truly oppressed will they let their inner beast out. Having recognized such loopholes in our history, I wonder whether that was the reason why students resent history as a subject , or maybe they just dont like it! Nevertheless , all the history that India is made up of is glorious in content and values. Its got the brightest minds and the darkest practices. Its got everything anyone is looking for. Its comprehensive and vibrant. It is truly, amazing. I draw these conclusions to support the following conclusions about modern India. 1.Modern India has the most ridiculously conformist attitude there ever can be. We are nave to the extent that our tempers can be easily tickled and we d almost agree or disagree to anything. We are not very practical or straightforward. This simplistic and linear thinking basically slows the rate of progress. 2.Modern India , especially the youth is heavily disassociated with the past , the heritage or the patriotic pride that this country deserves. Again , we are conformists to such an extent that even in our pathetic acts of rebellion , we are just doing the milder versions of more bad-ass rebellions that have taken place. Hence , Modern India can never have Anarchy. Ever! We re so afraid of change that it is almost smothering. Eg. Some wanabe-badass teen with a Megadeth t-shirt on (who probably listens to BSB or LP) can grow a little pony and color it blonde to be all cool. But you wont see a total punk kid with a large Mohawk

and tattoos all over. Okay , im not saying , go .. copy other people..copy west ,do a Mohawk, wear piercings and be all western punk/emo/goth whatever. On the contrary , stop copying west , compete with them! Which brings me back to the title of the topic : Afraid to Embrace. We cannot embrace the darker aspect of anything in life. We dont recognize it and hence we mourn over it for eternity. Having said that , most Indians live a hell , far worse than any dark themes explored by any progressive nation around the world. We accept it to be a bitter truth of life and move on. We have been so suppressed by the expectations of our society that our creativity is choked and we basically live like drones. Its a sad sad life. You are ridiculed if you are different or take a stand , not to be conformist. On the AbsurdHistory blog , I made this comment : Im wondering does Black Metal exclusively have to be Anti-Christian? I mean , India is mostly Hindu , and I wonder that would a group of atheists form a band to make Black Metal.. but I dont see that happening since our generation is very disconnected with the religious ideologies of Hinduism or Christianity. I mean , there are so many myth beings to rip on , but the extent of imagination is so farfetched that any attempts at tarnishing it will be a mockery of itself.Hmm.. cant imagine a band singing about Rakshas (Demons) and Devas (Gods) stuff like that. Nevertheless .. the darker elements in Indian Subculture are more black than anything EuroBlack could offer , just that.. no one wants to dig deep. :p When I was in school , I took a lot of interest in history , and we had these chapters about Indus valley , and post vedic Hindu era , and the dark stuff I came across .. was way worse than any satanic rituals. I mean , Indian Dark arts do not dwell on magical incantations , they rather dwell on chemically abrasive capabilities , and using actual sciences to bring the fragility of human form in most grotesque manners. Thats how Black Metal should sound We must first EMBRACE what is rightfully ours , before adopting the ideologies of other cultures.. Think about it.. maybe someday , someone will implement it.

In Service to my motherland and the Metal in it.. Shreyas Gune