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Nothingness is the inIinity oI pure being. It is the UnmaniIest, the Womb oI Creation.

Nothingness is the inward Ieminine principle, creating the Visible Irom its invisible nature.
The invisibility oI Nothingness cannot be understood unless it creates something to provide a
Somethingness arises out oI Nothingness. It is the projection oI Nothingness. It is the outward,
masculine principle.
Because Somethingness is a projection oI Nothingness, one could say that Somethingness is the
way Nothingness expresses itselI.
Expression is the creative projection oI Nothingness, which is inIinite. Thus projection is the
Iinite painting oI an InIinite Painter.
Since Nothingness is inIinite, it can express itselI in inIinite ways. Somethingness represents the
multiplicity oI Nothingness, the oIIspring oI a Divine Mother.
Somethingness is the Visible, or that which can be perceived by the senses. These sensory
perceptions are thought seeds planted in the grounds oI Nothingness. The seeds will grow iI
properly cultivated, nourished by the energy oI one`s Iocus.
Because Nothingness has a point oI Iocus when it is maniIesting Somethingness, it has a
consciousness. It has an awareness oI what it would like to maniIest.
Nothingness is a vast Iield oI potentiality. It conjures thoughts that it would like to bring to
Iruition. It is a Cosmic Thinker. It is Divine Intelligence.
Nothingness is InIinite Consciousness. It is a sentient being.
The thought seeds that Nothingness plants are potentialities that have the ability to maniIest into
Realities are thought worlds designed by Nothingness.
Nothingness pushes a reality out oI its womb, and then it pulls it back in with the gravity oI its
Thus a reality construct has a metaphysical umbilical cord that connects it to its Original Source.
This metaphysical umbilical cord, or 'meta-bilical cord, provides a reality construct (which is
Somethingness) with the cosmic inIormation oI Nothingness.
The meta-bilical cord is the channel through which higher vibrational inIormation can be
transmitted to the dimension oI Iorm.
A human being is a projection oI InIinite Nothingness. He/she exists within the dimension oI
Iorm and can thereIore receive such inIormation Irom the cosmos.
The soul is the glue that holds the physicality oI a human being in place.
The soul is inIinite. A human being is a Iinite expression oI the InIinite. The InIinite is injected
into the Iinite world oI appearances.
The world is a reIlection oI the InIinite, which is Conscious Intelligence. Thus the world is a
reIlection oI consciousness.
The world is the Apparent. Conscious Nothingness is the Essential.
The totality oI existence is a juxtaposed Iluctuation between Appearance and Essence.
What causes this Iluctuation between Appearance and Essence is consciousness. Consciousness
is ultimately Iluctuating between aspects oI itselI.
Each world is its own dimension. Consciousness has many chambers.
The multiple chambers oI consciousness are accessed through the power oI Iocus.
This current reality is the result oI Iocused intent. It is a thought materialized. It is energy
condensed to the singularity oI an experience.
What is Iocused on is what expands, becoming a reality.
Focus is the energy oI attention. What is given attention is given energy. What is given energy
becomes a reality.
The world is a psychological projection. It is a thought that has been thought oI long enough to
be expressed physically.
A physical expression is a creative projection. It is the Ilower that blooms Irom the womb oI
The Ilower oI reality was a thought seed cultivated by a Divine Mind through the energy oI
LiIe Iorce energy propels a potentiality into actuality.
The reality that is actualized is activated. The activation oI one reality implies the deactivation
oI other potential realities.
Focus should be given to one`s desired reality.
Develop an internal vision oI the reality desired. This vision is an electromagnetic Irequency
that will translate itselI into a physical replica.
The internal vision, or inner-vision, is seen by the Inner Eye, or what is more commonly called
the Third Eye.
Internal vision is inner-vision. One can change the channel oI energy to the desired Irequency.
The inner-vision is all that matters, meaning that it is all that materializes into one`s experience.
The inner-vision becomes the outer-vision because the outer-vision is a projected inner-vision.
The external world is the result oI past thoughts and Ieelings made maniIest. The internal world
is the current world, which is initially vibrational in nature. The accumulation oI Iocused energy
in the direction oI one`s vibrational reality will initiate a condensation oI this energy into a
material reality.
The multidimensional dream matrix is the way that the Cosmic Thinker replicates the contents oI
its psyche.
The Cosmic Thinker has a desire to know itselI experientially, hence the creation oI dream
Each dream world is an electromagnetic thought carrying a particular vibration.
Varying vibrations create multiple densities oI experience.
The density oI an experience is controlled by the consciousness oI the Observer.
One can always transcend his density oI experience by raising his vibration.
Vibratory rates increase as one is centered in the Beingness oI Now.
The Now is one`s point oI creation. It is the location where Iuture worlds are brought to Iruition.
The past and Iuture are illusions oI a sequential mind. Only the Now exists.
The Now is the center oI inIinite potentiality Irom which all creation maniIests.
Creation is a series oI light-constructed realities arising Irom InIinite Darkness.
Darkness is Feminine Energy. It is the Metaphysical Womb. It is the incubator oI realities.
One`s immersion into Darkness is a primordial connection with Essential Beingness.
Returning to the Darkness, one loses individuality amidst the seas oI pure potentiality.
Darkness is similar to a cocoon. An individual can reside in it Ior an extended period oI time,
Iacilitating a metaphysical metamorphosis, or a complete transIormation oI one`s consciousness.
Darkness is a PeaceIul Nothingness. It lets one know that all is well.
Darkness is the closest thing to death. It is a return to the Void.
What we call death is the deactivation oI consciousness Irom a particular reality construct. To
deactivate a reality construct is to deIocus Irom the immediate point oI observation.
To Iocus on something is to give it energy, to activate it into existence, to make it a reality.
What is Iocused on becomes one`s reality. It becomes interwoven into the Iabric oI one`s
All that exists in one`s reality is a psychological projection. Its existence is mental. That which
maniIests into reality is a reIlection oI one`s mental Iocus.
Mental energy is the gravitational pull oI consciousness.
That which is conceived in the mind will, through continual Iocus, maniIest into existence.
A clear mind, unimpeded by negative thoughts and emotions, provides the ideal environment Ior
an intent to maniIest into one`s reality.
Negative thoughts and emotions are counterproductive, as they only serve to stagnate the Iruition
oI a potentiality.
Send a clear signal out to the Universe, and it will provide you with a reIlection that matches
your desires.
ClariIy your vibration, and then live Irom that vibration.
Seeing into the darkness oI the Psyche, one is able to electromagnetically attract realities into the
space oI perception.
The nature oI reality is based on one`s perceptions.
One chooses how to see the world.
What we call the world is one possible reality out oI an inIinite variety. The world is the
subjective experience oI the Observer. 'The world is really 'a world.
You control your world through the power oI your thoughts, Ieelings, belieIs, and expectations.
The energy oI your being is a gravitational vortex that will attract a matching reality. Reality is
your energy physicalized.
Everything is energy. A reality construct is simply Iocused energy.
Focused energy causes energetic accumulation. This concentration oI energy Iacilitates the
process oI maniIestation.
Electromagnetic energy units are the building blocks oI reality.
Reality revolves around your point oI observation.
You are the Eye oI a psycho-spiritual hurricane. Your Iocus Iorms the violent creativity oI
Your perceptions shape your world.
Realities are seen even when the eyes are closed, so what is truly seeing?
The Eye oI Darkness is the Supreme Perceiver. It observes locally Irom a distance. It is non-
locally local. It is a perceptual paradox.
The Eye oI Darkness represents the lucidity oI awareness. It is the Cosmic Owl, seeing clearly
through its InIinite Nothingness.
What is seen is the maniIested Mind.
The contents oI the Psyche are physically expressed through Iocus.
Nothingness has a mind. It is intelligent. The realities it Iorms are elements oI its mental
Realities are explosions oI creative energy. They illuminate the darkness oI inIinity.
A reality is light. Light is an electromagnetic explosion caused by an intense concentration oI
energy at a singular point oI Iocus.
Focus causes an accumulation oI energy units inside the Mind.
The Mind is Darkness. It is an Intelligent Nothingness.
Light emerges Irom the Darkness. Thoughts are Light, the Mind is Darkness, so thoughts
emerge Irom Mental Darkness.
Thoughts are electromagnetic impulses erupting Irom the Mind.
Thoughts are electrical currents oI energy Ilowing through an Oceanic Psyche.
Quiet the Mind. Return to the Darkness to pull out light-encoded inIormation.
From a dualistic perspective, Darkness and Light are necessary, but realize that they are both one
and the same. They are interconnected polarities.
Light is outward Darkness. Darkness is inward Light.
Light is the electrical extension oI Darkness. It is the kinetic Ilow oI potential Darkness.
Because thought is Light, the accumulation oI thought energy produces a light-constructed
A reality construct is a potentiality oI InIinite Darkness. It is activated through Iocus.
This reality was once a shadow, it was once Darkness. Its current existence is predicated on
your attention to it.
Things are seen into existence by Iocus.
Consciousness is omnipresent while injecting itselI into the Iinite realm oI appearances.
An appearance is the Iinite representation oI consciousness. Essence is the inIinity oI
Consciousness Iluctuates between the Finite and the InIinite.
The Finite is an extension oI consciousness. It is how consciousness experiences itselI.
The vast ocean oI consciousness consists oI inIinite possibilities.
The paradox is that even the ocean itselI is Iinite, is deIinable. What is perceiving this ocean oI
Is there an Observer observing the ocean oI consciousness?
It seems that there is a Multidimensional Observer who is always perceiving itselI.
Can consciousness be aware oI consciousness?
Is there a macro-consciousness giving birth to a micro-consciousness?
Is consciousness constantly emerging out oI itselI, giving birth to itselI?
II consciousness is constantly giving birth to itselI, then it would be a perpetual mother.
The perpetual mother oI consciousness always bears Iruit. It produces a unique version oI itselI.
Consciousness is evolving. There is a need Ior it to experience greater versions oI itselI.
Yet the changes in consciousness are taking place against the background oI the Unchanging.
Is that which is unchanging conscious that it is unchanging?
II the Unchanging is conscious that it is unchanging, can it then decide to change?
The decision to change would seem to be an alchemical process Ior the Unchanging, as it would
transmute Irom the Unchanging to the Changing. It would become that which it originally was
not. It would become its opposite.
That which seems to be opposite is in Iact interconnected. They only appear to be opposites
based on the nature oI one`s perceptions.
Perception shapes one`s reality.
Light and dark appear to be opposites. But because light emerges out oI darkness, light is
actually darkness personiIied. It was initially darkness, and then became light through a
conscious choice.
The emerging out oI Nothingness into Somethingness, or the transmutation oI the Unchanging
into the Changing, creates the illusion oI duality.
Illusion is an appearance. It exists in the realm oI the Apparent.
That which is apparent has a particular Irequency that can only be perceived by the Iive senses.
II one is only perceiving with the Iive senses, then it may seem like Iive-sense reality is the only
reality that exists.
In actuality, only a tiny Iraction oI the electromagnetic spectrum is being decoded by the Iive
There are Irequencies that exist outside the scope oI one`s Iive-sense reality.
These Irequencies are not perceivable by one who is Iocused on the immediate sensory
To perceive other Irequencies, one would have to change the nature oI his perceptions. One
would have to see beyond the Iive senses.
To see beyond the Iive senses, one could return to the Darkness. Returning to the Darkness
means turning oII the light oI one`s current reality. It means returning to the Primordial Womb.
II one decides to return to the Darkness, one can decide to activate Irequencies that were once
imperceptible to him. One can choose to maniIest shadow Irequencies.
By returning to the Darkness, one can produce a new current oI energy. One can experience a
metamorphosis oI Irequency.
Darkness is the cocoon that can produce such a metamorphosis.
At the appropriate time, one emerges out oI the Darkness and begins to see with new eyes. He
has attained a new vision.
Attaining a new vision allows one to see things diIIerently. It allows one to see things Irom
another perspective. A change oI perspective causes a shiIt in perception.
This shiIt in perception is what is necessary to access a new Irequency. It is the alchemical
process in Iull eIIect, a shiIt Irom one level oI perception to another.
ShiIting one`s perception activates the shadow Irequency because the nature oI one`s perception
has changed. One senses diIIerently.
Sensing diIIerently allows one to experience diIIerently. A diIIerent experience means a new
A reality construct is the particular Irequency being decoded by perceptual consciousness.
One always has a choice as to which Irequency he would like to decode.
Reality is never stagnant. It is Ilowing with the Ilow oI consciousness.
Reality is Iluid. Consciousness is shaping the nature oI reality.
Reality is the water, consciousness is the cup. Reality will take the shape oI consciousness.
Reality is a projection oI consciousness, so ultimately, consciousness is shaping itselI.
Each moment is a moment oI creation and a moment oI destruction.
For something to be created, something else has to be destroyed.
To create a new reality, one has to destroy the old reality.
Creation and destruction are necessary Ior the evolution oI consciousness.
Consciousness has an intelligence. It chooses to experience greater versions oI itselI. To have
these new experiences, it must eliminate the old. Yet the old was necessary to get consciousness
to the new.
The old worlds were building blocks Ior the Iruition oI a new world. The old worlds provide a
Ioundation Ior a new world to maniIest.
Thus the new world is based oII oI older worlds.
The old worlds were once new worlds, and the new worlds will soon be old worlds. They are
essentially the same, but the seeming passage oI time (Irom a sequentially mental perspective)
generates the polarities oI old and new.
Judge not the past, Ior it is creating the Iuture in the present.
Time is an illusion. The only time that exists is the Eternal Moment oI Now, which is timeless.
Transcending the illusions oI time and space, one realizes the interconnection oI all things, how
one event leads to another.
That which exists came Irom the non-existent.
Because that which exists is derived Irom a common source, it is essentially the same yet
uniquely diIIerent.
Essence is the commonality. Appearance is the diIIerential.
Appearance is the individualized creativity oI Essence.
The multiplicity oI appearances existing within a given space and time creates the illusion oI
separation when, in actuality, it is Essence experiencing itselI.
To transcend the boundaries oI space and time, one must access Essence, or that which is beyond
space and time.
That which is beyond space and time is not conIined by those particular parameters.
The existence oI space and time assumes a Iinite reality.
Essence is the Primordial Creator oI spacetime realities.
Essence is an Intelligent Force that creates the boundaries oI space and time because a reality
construct needs boundaries to exist.
Essence is expansion, reality is contraction. One cannot exist without the other.
Space and time are the mental constructs oI Essence. Essence is a psycho-spiritual Beingness.
Essence is aware oI itselI as being Essence. Essence is simply being in its Essence.
Essence is in the Apparent as well. The Apparent is Essence physicalized.
Worlds are vibrational maniIestations oI a Conscious Mind.
This Mind is multiIaceted, the creator oI all vibrational Irequencies.
Focus determines which vibrational Irequency is accessed.
The totality oI consciousness seems to be a Iluctuation between expansion and contraction.
Consciousness must expand beyond its current reality to contract into a new one.
Expansion and contraction are necessary components Ior the perpetuation oI existence.
Thus the experience oI being in a reality construct is perpetual because one is exploring all
possibilities. One is exploring the inIinity oI Beingness.
Go inward to project outward. Become acquainted with the ebb and Ilow oI consciousness.
There is a natural Ilow to consciousness that, iI leIt unimpeded, will lead one to more expansive
Consciousness always Ilows. It is never resistant to change because it must change to evolve.
Letting go oI the old allows one to make space to receive the new.
The paradox is that you get to where you need to be by being still.
Being still, one is able to Ilow. When one is in Ilow, one is non-resistant. When one is non-
resistant, one is changing. When one is changing, one is evolving.
One may not know where the current Ilows, yet he trusts in the process.
One must learn to see beIore he can see.
What you are seeing, you are Ilowing towards.
Your Ilow is your current. You are Ilowing deeper into your SelI.
Flowing deeper into your SelI, you are Ilowing towards the Primal Source.
You are always moving towards your SelI.
You have to move away Irom your SelI to move toward your SelI.
Exploring the totality oI inIinity, you are literally going around in circles. Yet with each circle
around the circumIerence oI inIinity, you learn something new about yourselI.
As you circle, you evolve. You circle upwards, or spiral upwards. You become a vortex oI
spiraling energy like a Cosmic Tornado electriIying the InIinite Path oI Darkness.
In the Cosmic Tornado, all lives are existing simultaneously. One liIe builds oII oI the previous
As you continue to elevate, you move towards the light within. You are a plant growing towards
Solar Darkness.
Your spirit is electrical. With your electrical energy intensiIied, you become a light being. You
require less. Less is more.
You are ascending towards a higher Irequency, a Irequency oI pure light.
The higher you ascend, the less dense you become. You begin to shed the physical Iorm.
The physical Iorm is based in lower densities oI consciousness. Once you elevate your
consciousness past the lower densities, a physical body will no longer be necessary.
The elevation oI consciousness will initiate your alchemical transIormation Irom a physical
being to an ethereal being.
The higher the Irequency, the quicker the maniIestations.
With elevated awareness comes the responsibility oI choosing thoughts and Ieelings that are in
alignment with the desired reality.
Since the maniIestations occur quicker in high Irequency realms, it becomes important to display
mental discipline. You must match the Irequency oI your desires.
All is a mental reIlection. The state oI your inner psyche will be projected in the Outer Psychic
High Irequency thoughts (such as love, peace, joy, happiness, and abundance) produce a high
Irequency existence.
Focus is the tool that the Mind uses to carve out a speciIic reality.
Focus on your desired reality to the exclusion oI all else.
Nothing matters (nothing materializes) without your consent.
Give energy to that which you would like to see in your reality.
Reality is a paradoxical raindrop elevating to greater heights. The descent occurred to allow the
ascension process to take place.
Each reality is its own dimension oI existence. InIinite realities equal inIinite dimensions.
The upper dimensions are accessed by increasing one`s vibratory rate.
Increasing one`s vibratory rate may entail letting go oI that which no longer serves you.
Each person is having their own individualized experience. It is best to allow everyone to walk
their own path.
By allowing everyone to walk their own path, you give them the Ireedom to be and to express
who they truly are.
Although all that exists emanated Irom Source Energy, each component provides its own unique
Source Energy is able to conjure so many thoughts, yet where do these thoughts come Irom?
Thoughts are electromagnetic Irequencies originating Irom the darkness oI Source Energy.
A thought can morph into another thought through metaphysical transmutation.
A thought is a reality. It can become another reality by changing the thought.
Reality provides a mirror as to the quality oI your thoughts. It reIlects your Irequency. II you
want to gage the quality oI your maniIestations, look at your current reality.
A reality is a thought projected Irom the inner reaches oI your soul.
A thought incubates in Darkness until it accumulates enough energy to explode into existence.
Darkness is Feminine Energy. It is the Cosmic Womb oI maniIestation.
You are the oIIspring oI Darkness. You are a potentiality made maniIest.
Darkness is the Supreme Mother because she gives birth without becoming attached to her
oIIspring. She allows her oIIspring to realize their true potentials without interIering. She
respects their Iree will.
The Womb oI Darkness is inIinitely IruitIul.
Worlds are borne through her, but they are not Ior her. She is detached Irom her creations. She
is the Observer. She allows the natural Ilow oI existence.
Like the Divine Mother, allow creation to Ilow through you without attachment.
II you are attached, then there is a need to experience a particular outcome. Yet this thwarts
By detaching, you are able to experience that which naturally arises.
Consciousness has its own intelligence, so it ultimately knows where you want to go.
Consciousness is leading you in the direction oI your thoughts.
Thoughts are magnets attracting the Ilow oI consciousness.
The Mind is an electromagnetic vortex. Whatever is placed in the Mind will be activated Irom
the inIinite Iield oI pure potentiality.
Your Iocus has a gravitational pull. Thoughts orbit your point oI Iocus.
Focus initiates the Iruition oI a reality construct.
You are at the center oI a violent psychological storm that represents the creative spontaneity oI
the Cosmic Mind. You are the eye oI the hurricane.
Thoughts erupt Irom the depths oI the Psyche. Focus determines which thoughts are able to
access the Psyche`s Iield oI orbit.
Look within. Develop Inner Sight, or insight.
Inner Sight allows one to see things in the dark, to activate unknown potentialities.
What is seen mentally will be experienced physically.
The acceleration oI consciousness Iacilitates the rapidity oI maniIestations.
As consciousness increases its vibratory rate, time speeds up.
Consciousness moves through inner space, exploring multiple worlds. It is a Celestial Traveler.
Everything is internal. Even the external world is the projected internal world.
Even beyond the dualistic concepts oI internal and external, everything is simply in a state oI
When something is being itselI, it is able to grow naturally.
Growing naturally promotes the ability to reach one`s true potential.
True potential is that which is in alignment with one`s spirit.
Because the spirit is dynamic, its true potential may vary to coincide with the Ilow oI creativity.
Against the screen oI stillness, everything is moving.
Consciousness is moving towards greater expressions oI its Divine Nature.
Movement Iacilitates maniIestation.
In actuality, what is known as maniIestation is the alignment with a potential vibrational reality.
What is desired already exists. It only needs to be tuned into.
Tune into the vibrational reality oI your desire by altering your Irequency.
When your Irequency matches the Irequency oI your desired vibrational reality, you will be
transported to that reality. You will experience a new world.
PuriIy your Irequency to puriIy your reality.
When the Mind is puriIied oI its psychological toxins, it will be able to access realities that
reIlect its puriIied state.
You do not have to know everything. Just Ilow and let the Universe take care oI the details.
Once you know what you want, let go and allow what you want to Ilow into your experience.
The paradox is that by letting go, you receive.
By letting go, you surrender to the Universe, allowing it to deliver that which you desire.
By letting go, you are simply in Ilow, allowing the currents oI consciousness to take you where it
The currents oI consciousness do not lead you anywhere speciIically. You are always
experiencing, always evolving without ever arriving.
Beingness is the true destination because everything is just allowed to happen.
It will happen when you allow it to happen.
When there is no resistance, liIe is in Ilow.
When you are in Ilow, you are at peace.
The current always leads you in the direction oI your desires.
Consciousness is a perpetual river Ilowing through your internal realm.
Ultimately, you are moving deeper into your Beingness.
Your Beingness is Divine Nothingness. It is Iormless, or that Irom which Iorm emerges.
You are the Form and the Formless. You are a walking paradox.
The Form and the Formless are intertwined polarities within yourselI.
You are visible and invisible. You exist in a visible dimension, based on the nature oI your
perceptions, while being surrounded by inIinite invisible dimensions containing inIinite potential
selves. You are truly multidimensional.
What is regarded as Darkness, or as invisibility, is not Darkness at all. Your eyes are not able to
decode that particular reality because the subconscious mind has been programmed to only
decode the Irequency oI visible light. Thus, that which cannot be seen physically by the eyes is
perceived as Darkness.
The subconscious mind must be reprogrammed to decode the shadow Irequencies.
Darkness is a cryptic Iield oI energy waiting to be decoded by the Observer.
What truly is Darkness then? Is it only that which cannot be perceived by the physical senses?
The physical senses illuminate the world into existence. Darkness must be that which is
interpreted as potential, or as unmaniIest.
That which is unmaniIest is not illuminated, so it remains in the dark.
For something to be maniIest, something else has to be unmaniIest. Hence darkness.
One can go into Darkness to illuminate the UnmaniIest.
This reality is a lighthouse in a sea oI InIinite Darkness.
Energy is Iocused on a singular point oI the spacetime continuum until it is electrically activated
into Iorm.
Focus is the Light in the Darkness.
Focusing on only that which serves you, you deactivate that which does not serve you.
Through Iocus, you are only placing your energy on that which you would like to bring to
What is energized is activated Irom the Iield oI pure potentiality.
Potentiality is Darkness. Actuality is Light.
That which is Light is lucid. Awareness is brought to it. It becomes a Conscious
Somethingness, a deIinite reality.
Potential energy is the UnmaniIest. Kinetic energy is motion. Kinetic energy is consciousness
in motion.
Movement causes existence. Stillness is the non-existent, or that which has not been brought
into Iorm.
This reality is a luminous orb moving through the Iabric oI Nothingness.
The world is an electromagnetic thought Iluctuating between dimensions. It is a
multidimensional extension oI consciousness.
You possess a magnetic nature. Thoughts rotate around your energetic center, creating a vortex
oI inevitable maniIestation.
What is maniIest is what was previously given energy.
The present is the past materialized. Thought energy accumulates over time, coalescing into the
Iorm oI experience.
Mental energy in the present determines one`s Iuture.