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A Reader's List of Published Works by Robert A.

James Gifford This page lists all of the works of Robert A. Heinlein that have been published at one time or another. It includes all books, all short fiction, and most of his nonfiction writings. ome of the ver! minor nonfiction items, mostl! those that are hard to find and probabl! of little interest to most readers, have been omitted from this list. Also omitted are some minor, secondar! collections that combine two or more novels or e"isting collections into one volume. #earl! all of the novels, collections and other books have been published in multiple editions from multiple publishers. Therefore, no attempt has been made to list bibliographic information. The author and title should be plent! to help !ou find these books in libraries, used book stores, and new book stores. Readers and researchers seeking an e"haustive listing of all of Heinlein$s works, including all variations of each, should see the #ew Heinlein %pus &ist. #ovels Juvenile #ovels hort 'iction elected #onfiction (ollections

i"th (olumn *ethuselah$s (hildren .e!ond This Hori1on A ' Jan)'eb)*ar +,-+ .ook publication +,-, A ' Jul)Aug) ep +,-+ Rewritten and e"panded for book publication +,/0 A ' Apr)*a! +,-2 .ook publication +,-0 +,/+ eriali1ed Gala"! ep)%ct)#ov +,/+ 4ncut version published +,,5 +,/7 eriali1ed A ' 'eb)*ar)Apr +,/7 Hugo award +,/7 +,/8 eriali1ed '9 ' %ct)#ov)6ec +,/7 +,/, eriali1ed '9 ' %ct)#ov +,/, Hugo award +,/, +,7+ Hugo award +,7+ 4ncut version published +,,5

The 3uppet *asters

6ouble tar

The 6oor into ummer

tarship Troopers

tranger in a trange &and

Glor! Road

+,7: eriali1ed '9 ' Jul)Aug) ep +,7: Hugo nominee +,7eriali1ed ;orlds of If Jul)Aug)%ct +,7+,77 eriali1ed ;orlds of If 6ec +,7/)Apr +,77 Hugo award +,77 +,85 eriali1ed Gala"! Jul)Aug)%ct)6ec +,85 +,8: +,8, eriali1ed %mni %ct)#ov +,8, +,02 +,0+,0/ +,08 ;ritten +,:0 3ublished 255-

'arnham$s 'reehold

The *oon is a Harsh *istress

I ;ill 'ear #o <vil Time <nough for &ove The #umber of the .east 'rida! Job= A (omed! of Justice The (at ;ho ;alks Through ;alls To ail .e!ond the unset 'or 4s, The &iving

Juvenile Novels
Rocket hip Galileo pace (adet Red 3lanet 'armer in the k! .etween 3lanets The Rolling tones tarman Jones The tar .east Tunnel in the k! Time for the tars (iti1en of the Gala"! +,-8 +,-0 +,-, +,/5 eriali1ed .o!$s &ife Aug)#ov +,/5 +,/+ eriali1ed .lue .ook ep)%ct +,/+ +,/2 eriali1ed .o!$s &ife ep)6ec +,/2 +,/: +,/eriali1ed '9 ' *a!)Jul +,/+,// +,/7 +,/8 eriali1ed A ' ep)6ec +,/8

Have pace uit ) ;ill Travel

+,/0 eriali1ed '9 ' Aug)%ct +,/0 Hugo nominee +,7: eriali1ed ;orlds of If 6ec +,72)*ar +,7: 4ncut version published +,,5

3odka!ne of *ars

Short Fiction
The names of some of the collections in which each stor! will be found have been abbreviated. ee the (%&&<(TI%# list following for complete titles. >&ife)&ine> >*isfit> >Re?uiem> A ', Aug +,:, In *oon, 3TT, ;orlds, <4 A ', #ov +,:, In 2+55, 3TT A ', Jan +,-5 In *oon, 3TT A ', 'eb)*ar +,-5 In 2+55, 3TT Rewritten and e"panded for book collection +,/: as >Heil@> 'uturia 'antasia A-, ummer +,-5 as b! &!le *onroe In <4 uper cience tories, *a! +,-5, as b! &!le *onroe In *oon A ', Jun +,-5 In *oon, 3TT A ', Jul +,-5 In 2+55, 3TT A ', ep +,-5 In *oon, ;orlds, 3TT, <4 Rewritten for first antholog! in +,-7 4nknown, ep +,-5 as >The 6evil *akes the &aw> In ;aldo, 'antasies A ', 'eb +,-+ In Hoag, 'antasies A ', *ar +,-+ In GH%<, 3TT Astonishing tories, Apr +,-+ As b! <lma ;ent1 and &!le *onroe

>$If This Goes %n )$>

> uccessful %peration>

>&et There .e &ight>

>The Roads *ust Roll> >(oventr!>

>.lowups Happen>

>*agic, Inc.>

>) And He .uilt a (rooked House )> >&ogic of <mpire> >.e!ond 6oubt>

#ever reprinted >The!> 4nknown, Apr +,-+ In Hoag, 'antasies A ', *a! +,-+ As b! Anson *ac6onald In ;orlds, <4 A ', *a! +,-+ In %rphans A ', Jul +,-+ As b! Anson *acdonald In GH%<, 3TT A ', ep +,-+ As b! (aleb aunders In Ain< A ', %ct +,-+ As b! Anson *ac6onald In *enace A ', %ct +,-+ In %rphans , #ov +,-+ As b! &!le *onroe In Ain< 'uture, 'eb +,-2 As b! &!le *onroe #ever reprinted A ', *ar +,-2 As b! Anson *ac6onald In *enace Astonishing tories, *ar +,-2 As b! &!le *onroe #ever reprinted A ', Aug +,-2 As b! Anson *ac6onald In ;aldo, 'antasies 4nknown ;orlds, %ct +,-2 As b! John Riverside In Hoag, 'antasies +,-7 #ot previousl! published In <4 +,-8 #ot previousl! published In ;orlds, <4

> olution 4nsatisfactor!>


>$ ) ;e Also ;alk 6ogs$>


>.! His .ootstraps>

>(ommon ense>

>&ost &egac!>

>$*! %bBect All ublime$>

>Goldfish .owl>

>3ied 3iper>


>The 4npleasant 3rofession of Jonathan Hoag>

>A .athroom of Her %wn>

>'ree *en>

>#o .ands 3la!ing, #o 'lags 'l!ing )>

+,-8 Certe" A:, +,8: In <4 +,-8 #ot previousl! published In <4 aturda! <vening 3ost, 0 'eb +,-8 In GH%<, 3TT aturda! <vening 3ost, 27 Apr +,-8 In GH%<, 3TT tartling tories, *a! +,-8 In <4 3opular 6etective, *a! +,-8 As b! imon Dork In <4 aturda! <vening 3ost, 27 Jul! +,-8 In GH%<, 3TT Thrilling ;onder tories, %ct +,-8 In Ain< Argos!, #ov +,-8 In *enace +,-0 aturn, %ct +,/8 In Hoag, 'antasies aturda! <vening 3ost, +5 Jan +,-0 In GH%<, 3TT Argos!, *a! +,-0 In GH%<, 3TT Town 9 (ountr!, *a! +,-0 In GH%<, 3TT ;eird Tales, Jan +,-, In Hoag, 'antasies .o!$s &ife, Apr)*a! +,-, In <4 (alling All Girls, Aug +,-, In Re?uiem A ', #ov)6ec +,-, In Ain< American &egion *aga1ine, 6ec +,-, As Rebellion on the *oon In GH%<, 3TT

>%n the lopes of Cesuvius>

>The Green Hills of <arth> > pace Jocke!> >(olumbus ;as a 6ope>

>The! 6o It with *irrors>

>It$s Great to .e .ack@> >Jerr! ;as a *an> >;ater is for ;ashing>

>The *an ;ho Traveled in <lephants>

>The .lack 3its of &una> >Gentlemen, .e eated> >%rdeal in pace> >%ur 'air (it!> >#othing <ver Happens on the *oon> >3oor 6add!> >Gulf>

>The &ong ;atch>

>6elilah and the pace)Rigger> >The *an ;ho old the *oon> >(liff and the (alories> >6estination *oon> >The .ulletin .oard> >The Dear of the Jackpot> > k! &ift> >3roBect #ightmare> >The *enace from <arth>

.., 6ec +,-, In GH%<, 3TT #ot previousl! published, +,/5 In *oon enior 3rom, Aug +,/5 In <4 hort tories *aga1ine, ep +,/5 In Re?uiem #ot previousl! published, +,/+ In Re?uiem Gala"!, *ar +,/2 In *enace Imagination, *ar +,/: In *enace Ama1ing tories, Apr)*a! +,/: In *enace '9 ', Aug +,/8 In *enace .o!$s &ife, *a!)Jul +,/0 In Re?uiem aka >Tenderfoot on Cenus> '9 ', *ar +,/, In Hoag, 'antasies cientific American, Aug +,72 In ;orlds, <4, 3TT

>Tenderfoot in pace>

>) All Dou Eombies )> > earchlight>

Selected Nonfiction
>The 6iscover! of the 'uture> FThird ;orld cience 'iction (onvention Guest of Honor peechG How to .e a 3olitician >%n the ;riting of peculative 'iction> >;here ToH> +,-+ In Re?uiem +,-7 3ublished as Take .ack Dour Government@, +,,2 +,-8 +,/5, updated versions +,77, +,8: aka >3andora$s .o"> In ;orlds, <4 +,/2 In <4 +,/-

>Ra! Guns and Rocket hips> Tramp Ro!ale

3ublished +,,: >The Third *illenium %pens> > cience 'iction= Its #ature, 'aults and Cirtues> >The 'uture Revisited> F i"teenth ;orld cience 'iction (onvention Guest of Honor peechG >(hannel *arkers> FJames C. 'orrestal Graduation &ecture, AnnapolisG Ama1ing tories, Apr +,/7 In <4 +,/8 +,7+ In Re?uiem +,8: &ong but incomplete transcript published in Analog, Jan +,8horter transcript published in <4 as >The 3ragmatics of 3atriotism> +,8, In <4 %mni, *ar +,05 In <4 +,05 In <4 +,05 +,0, Cirginia Heinlein, editor

>&arger than &ife> > pinoff> >The Happ! 6a!s Ahead> Interstitial commentar! in <"panded 4niverse Grumbles from the Grave

;aldo and *agic, Inc. F>;aldo>G The *an ;ho old the *oon F>*oon>G +,/5

>;aldo> >*agic, Inc.>

+,/5 There are two editions of this collection. %ne does not contain the items marked with an asterisk. In addition, the longer collection contains the so)called >raunch!> version of >&et There .e &ight,> while the shorter edition contains the >clean> version. Introduction b! John ;. (ampbell, Jr.I 3reface >&et There .e &ight> >The Roads *ust Roll> >The *an ;ho old the *oon> >Re?uiem> >.lowups Happen>, +,-7 versionI >&ife)&ine>I +,/+

The Green Hills of <arth


>6elilah and the pace)Rigger> > pace Jocke!> >The &ong ;atch> >Gentlemen, .e eated> >The .lack 3its of &una> >$It$s Great to .e .ack@$> >$ ) ;e Also ;alk 6ogs$> >%rdeal in pace> >The Green Hills of <arth> >&ogic of <mpire> Introduction b! Henr! Juttner= >The Innocent <!e> >$If This Goes %n )$> >(oventr!> >*isfit> Afterword= >(oncerning tories #ever ;ritten> >Gulf> ><lsewhen> >&ost &egac!> >Jerr! ;as a *an> >The Dear of the Jackpot> >.! His .ootstraps> >(olumbus ;as a 6ope> >The *enace from <arth> > k! &ift> >Goldfish .owl> >3roBect #ightmare> >;ater is for ;ashing>

Revolt in 2+55 F>2+55>G


Assignment in <ternit! F>Ain<>G


The *enace from <arth F>*enace>G


The 4npleasant 3rofession of Jonathan Hoag F>Hoag>G

+,/, Also published under the title 7"H >The 4npleasant 3rofession of Jonathan Hoag> >The *an ;ho Traveled in <lephants> >) All Dou Eombies )> >The!> >%ur 'air (it!> >) And He .uilt a (rooked House )> +,7:

%rphans of the k! F>%rphans>G The ;orlds of Robert A. Heinlein F>;orlds>G

>4niverse> >(ommon ense>

+,77 (ontents completel! subsumed b! <"panded 4niverse >3andora$s .o"> F+,/5 version plus +,77 updatesG

>'ree *en> >.lowups Happen> F+,-7 versionG > earchlight> >&ife)&ine> > olution 4nsatisfactor!> Introduction b! 6amon Jnight >&ife)&ine> >The Roads *ust Roll> >.lowups Happen> +,-7 version >The *an ;ho old the *oon> >6elilah and the pace)Rigger> > pace Jocke!> >Re?uiem> >The &ong ;atch> >Gentlemen, .e eated> >The .lack 3its of &una> >$It$s Great to .e .ack@$> >$ ) ;e Also ;alk 6ogs$> > earchlight> >%rdeal in pace> >The Green Hills of <arth> >&ogic of <mpire> >The *enace from <arth> >$If This Goes %n )$> >(oventr!> >*isfit> >*ethuselah$s (hildren> 'oreword >&ife)&ine> > uccessful %peration> >.lowups Happen> F+,-5 versionG > olution 4nsatisfactor!> >The &ast 6a!s of the 4nited tates> >How to .e a urvivor> >3ie from the k!> >The! 6o It with *irrors> >'ree *en> >#o .ands 3la!ing, #o 'lags 'l!ing )> >A .athroom of Her %wn> >%n the lopes of Cesuvius> >#othing <ver Happens on the *oon> >3andora$s .o"> F+,/5 version plus +,77, +,05 updatesG >;here ToH> >(liff and the (alories> >Ra! Guns and Rocket hips>

The 3ast Through Tomorrow F>3TT>G


<"panded 4niverse F><4>G


>The Third *illenium %pens> >;ho Are the Heirs of 3atrick Henr!H> >Inside Intourist> > earchlight> >The 3ragmatics of 3atriotism> >3aul 6irac, Antimatter and Dou> >&arger than &ife> > pinoff> >The Happ! 6a!s Ahead> >*agic, Inc.> >) And He .uilt a (rooked House )> >The!> >;aldo> >The 4npleasant 3rofession of Jonathan Hoag> >%ur 'air (it!> >The *an ;ho Traveled in <lephants> >) All Dou Eombies )>

The 'antasies of Robert A. Heinlein F>'antasies>G


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