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Reading and Writing Ordinal Numbers

I. Learning Objectives Cognitive: Psychomotor: A ective: II. Learning Content !"ill: Re erence: #aterials: $alue: Reading and writing ordinal numbers B ! " #! $ % 3 flash cards with ordinal numbers 1st to 10th, cut outs of car, boat &rderliness Read and write ordinal numbers 1st, 2nd, 3rd up to 10th in a given set Maintain order in performing an activity Write the ordinal numbers acurately

III. Learning %&'erinces A. Pre'aratory Activities (. Revie) 'sing your own scartch paper ot show(me(board) Rename the numbers) *ample+ *. #otivation What do you do when there are many children who want to buy food in the canteen.We form a line and wait for our turn)/ Why should you wait for your turn+. ,evelo'mental Activities (. Presentation a) %s0 10 pupils to stand in front of the class and let them form a line) 1he class will identify themselves by their names) Why do you thin0 the children are falling in line- Who is number 1 in the line- %s0+ What is his2her position- "resent the ordinal numbers in words and in symbols) ,2 answer+ , tens 2 ones

b) 'se cutouts and follow the same procedure) 3ave the pupils read the ordinal numbers and number names of each ob4ect) c) #oo0 at the set of pictures)

What is the first ob4ect from the left- 555 .1he table is the first ob4ect from the left)/ What is the second ob4ect from the left- 5555 .%s0 the same 6uestion up to 10th/ "lace the corresponding ordinal number card and number name on each ob4ect and as0 the pupils to read them) *. -i&ing !"ills.Practice 7roup the pupils into four) "rovide each group with a chart) 8irection+ !omplete the chart by placing the cards of ordinal numbers to the given set of ob4ects) 1he group who will complete the chart first wins the game)

3ow did you win the game8id you wait for your turn in completing the chart- Why/. 0enerali1ation What dod ordinal numbers tell us&rdinal numbers tell the position for an ob4ect) 3ow do we read anmd write the symbol for ordinal numbers2$aluing: 3ow do we write the symbol for ordinal numbers3ow did you perform the activity on 4umping( We did it in an orderly manner) I$. %valuation 1) What is the position of tye ob4ect!onnect with a line)

2) Write the ordinal number of the circled ob4ect)

3) Read the word) Write the correct symbol) second 5555555555 fifth 555555555555 $. Assignment Write the symbol for ordinal numbers first to tenth in your noteboo02sheet paper) tenth 555555555555 si*th 555555555555 first 55555555555