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The Start of Something New


Hours of Operation
Subject to change based upon participant preference



Location & Contact Info

First Church of God *

1650 Lathrop Ave, Racine

Caitlin Rodriguez

888-8888 999-9999 *This program is not affiliated with any specific religionthe location was determined based upon donation

Michelle Seay

Factual Information
Sources listed on last slide

In 2010, there were 17,285 divorces in the state of Wisconsin

Of those divorces, 425 children under the age of 18 were affected

A significant number of children suffer long-term affects of divorce:

Psychological Difficulties Social Difficulties


Factual Information

A childs brain is developed 85%-90% by the age of 3 or 4.

If we do not act while they are young, they will continue to experience the effects throughout the rest of their life

A child whose parents went through a divorce is more likely to feel ashamed and blame his/herself.

Program Mission
Help prevent aforementioned problems within young children by teaching coping skills and helping them gain an understanding of what is happening. Help the parents understand and work through the emotions that may come with separation. As well as communicate with children in a beneficial way.

Expected Outcomes


The children will gain an understanding of what is happening to their families The children will develop appropriate coping mechanisms The parents will learn how to appropriately communicate, in a healthy manner, with their children The parents will develop the skills to establish healthy relationships with their children The children will be able to continue through their adolescence in a positive, healthy manner. Both the children and parents will continue to use their coping mechanisms and control of emotions to become positive role models.


Child Program
The Classroom Breakdown

Initially, each child will be given the opportunity to communicate and meet with a child psychologist.

This will help the classroom leaders develop individualized learning plans for each child

Each child classroom will have one leader

Potentially could have aids & helpers on a volunteer-basis

There will be a classroom for 2 year-olds, 3 year-olds, and 4 & 5 year-olds

Child Program

Throughout the classrooms, the leaders/teachers will work with the children, planning activities and lessons to:

Develop proper ways of dealing with emotions

Proper coping mechanisms

Help them understand what is happening with their parents Understand it is not their fault Maintain healthy relationships with both parents

Parent Program

Both parents are expected to come, but we can always adjust depending on the situation The parent session will be held as a group session. The sessions will be led by a Family Mediator trained to help in cases of separation or divorce.

The Mediator will plan and create activities to help the parents:

Work together Communicate with each other Communicate with their children

Keep their children happy

Help the children understand Maintain healthy relationships with each child involved

Other Partnerships & Resources

Child Services Local Child Care Centers Childrens Institute Office where child psychologist operates Racine County Child Advocacy Center


There will be a one-time fee of $40 per family to help cover cost of supplies & refreshments The grant money will be used as pay for:

Each classroom leader of each age group Child psychologist

Adult Group Mediator

Supplies needed for each session Refreshments Volunteers

Outside funding:

As aids in the classrooms Of either money or supplies Would come from partnership with child care centers


Local United way

Family Enrollment

There will be a one-time fee of $35 per family

This will help to cover costs of supplies & refreshments This is due by the initial evaluation

Each family will fill out a questionnaire regarding their relationship with their former partner and the children

The questionnaire will be used by the mediator and psychologist to help plan for each session

Families should be open-minded and understand we are here to help


Child Psychologist

Will be used for initial session/evaluation, mid-way check-in, exit evaluation $1250/week

Classroom Lead Teachers

Must have at least 3 years background in early education


Adult Mediator

$150/week Professional

The Start of Something New

Anticipated Timeline of Events
List job openings for teachers, psychologist, and mediator Get in contact with church to establish acceptable (Tues & Sat) schedule

Reach out to local child care centers to display brochures and ask for volunteers Begin enrollment process for families (questionnaire)

First session meets






Hire qualified applicants Apply for United Way Funding

Initial evaluations performed Employees will begin collaborating on lessons and plans for the families

Sources of Information

Divorce Hurts Children, Even Grown Ones

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Wisconsin Marriages and Divorces

Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

The Long-Term Effects of Divorce on Children: a Review