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Fun fact of the day: Each one of us has a Guardian Angel specifically assigned to us.

No one has two of the same angel. They are there to help guide you and help you throughout life. Have you experienced a near death experience or you almost fell but somehow you miraculously caught yourself? Discoveries of Noahs Ark 4000 feet above sea level in Turkey!
The Holy Spirit aka Advocate Spirit vs. Ghost o The Church changed the name of the third person of the Trinity from Holy Ghost Holy Spirit o Ghost = a spirit without a physical body Modern definitions see ghost as a frightening dead person o Our greatest supporter and helper in life In the Beginning (Genesis 1:1-2) o The Holy Spirit was present as early as the first verse of the bible. o Influences the writers of the bible o Old Testament: Active in the creation of the universe o Examples of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament: Holy Spirit fills John the Baptist at his birth (1:15) Mary conceiving Jesus (1:35) Helping Jesus in the desert (4:1) Why the Holy Spirit? o Jesus made a promise to us before he ascended into heaven o Suddenly, as the apostles waited for the Spirit that Jesus had promised, there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind divided tongues, as of fire, appeared among them, and a tongue rested on each of them Pentecost: the birthday of the Catholic Church, for it was on this day that the holy Spirit gave the Apostles the courage to preach the message of Jesus Christ and to baptize those who believed. That day, 3000 people were baptized. o Celebrate the feast of Pentecost app. 50 days after Easter Symbols o Water baptism, satisfies our spiritual thirst o Fire - vibrant and transforming energy of the Holy Spirit o Cloud & light - the Holy Spirit reveals yet also keeps hidden the golry of God o Dove Jesus Baptism, the dove descends on him o Anointing anointed with oil symbolizes the power of the Holy Spirit being poured out on the person o Laying on hands Jesus healed the sick and blessed children by laying his hands on them. People received the Holy Spirit when the Apostles laid hands on them. Gifts of the Holy Spirit o the gifts help strengthen your bond with the catholic church and help you witness to the Christian faith in words and deeds. o The seven gifts represent the gifts God gives us to live a holy life. o Wisdom we see God at work in our life and in the world. We see nature, historical events, and the ups and downs of our life take on a deeper meaning and purpose. o Understanding comprehend how we need to live as a follower of Jesus Christ. A person with understanding wouldnt be easily drawn in by our culture of the right way to live.

Right Judgment know what is right and wrong. We choose to do right and avoid sinning o Courage - we overcome our fear, take risks as a follower of Jesus, willing to stand up for what is right. o Knowledge understand the meaning of Gods Revelation. A person with knowledge is always learning more about the Scriptures and Tradition o Reverence we have a deep sense of respect for God and the Church. We come to God with humility, trust, and love. o Wonder and awe (fear of the Lord) we are aware of Gods glory and majesty. We would understand that God has perfect of everything. Fruits of the Holy Spirit o The characteristics of qualities of those who allow themselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit. o

Activity Knowledge is the gift that helps us to know ourselves and the world around us. It helps us to know where our faith is leading us and what our church is about. Knowledge is the gift that makes us smart about ourselves. [smarties] In Confirmation we receive the gift of Understanding. This helps us to untie the knots, to straighten out our lives, to deal with our problems. Understanding is letting the Word of God have room in our lives. [pretzels] Wisdom is the gift of the Holy Spirit that helps us to see and understand Gods plan in our lives and in the world. It helps us to say, Aha, I finally understand. [AHA card] Courage is the gift of the Holy Spirit that helps us walk out into the world and feel prepared. It gives us the stick-to-it-iveness to stand up for what we believe. [gum] Reverence is the gift of the Holy Spirit that helps us to see God in everything around us. It teaches us to treat our fragile world gently. [flower petal] Wonder is the gift of the Holy Spirit that keeps us awestruck by the power and beauty of God in our lives. Wonder and awe explode like a starburst when we let the Holy Spirit into our lives. Right Judgment is the gift of the Holy Spirit that encourages us to talk things over so that we can make choices that let us feel comfortable with ourselves afterwards. Right Judgment keeps us from feeling like suckers. [suckers]