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Mary Peterson

From Maria the Unicorn to her Instructor.

You asked to know a bit about me and here are the things I can tell you:

I am a visual learner, which I have been aware of for quite some time. Whenever I think about directions or traveling from place to place with my entourage of Pixies and Pegasus, my entire base of operations revolves around seeing certain objects. When I travel in foreign cities of Fairytopia, I glance at a map to get the general layout of the city and then I usually have a decent knowledge of where I am. Personally, I find it very helpful when material is presented in a visually stunning way, such as how people are stunned when they view my rainbow colored hair for the first time. An image with a shock factor usually sticks with me. I can still remember various photos and diagrams from different textbooks and flower magazines I have had throughout the years.

A few years ago, there were some unfortunate occurrences around Gum Drop Village Inc. Some Leprechaun Charlie thought it would be ok to ask out Julie Giant every day until she said yes, knowing she was not interested in him. With all my Unicorn knowledge, I informed him of what he was doing, but he would not listen. Too much gold surrounding him and he thought it made him invincible. He ended up being fired over it all.

I am a high-self monitor, which means I set my behavior based on the situation and people around me; I am likely to offer emotional support to others. But obviously these are all qualities of a one-horned horse. I have found over the past few years that I am really good at reading

other fairy-tale creatures; I can understand how they feel, even without them verbalizing itwhich some cannot do. Most of the Llamhigyn Y Dwr, which is loosely Welsh for frog-batlizard hybrid, cannot say a single word, but I can tell how they are feeling and I change how I am acting so I can better relate to them, or give them the advice I think it is they need. Because I am not an overly masculine horse, according to a study by O.A. ONeill and C.A. OReilly III, I will receive less of a backlash (for breaking the nurture stereotype of woman horse) and I am more likely to receive promotions. While this is great news for me, it is a disappointing statistic to know. A person or creatures gender and tendency toward masculinity or femininity should not be a factor in promotions or the workplace in general. Where would happen to all the Fairies?

I had this summer at the Polar Inn Express as a Front Desk Agent. The pay was not that great, but it was a summer job in an area where jobs are relatively scarce, so I did not let that factor control my choice to keep the job. Like most others, I would not have argued if they wanted to give me a pay raise. I need money to get my hair colored, find the right accessories, and paint my hooves the newest pop color. Should I have had the job for a long time (a year or more), I feel as though I would have received one. I love everything else about the job though. Despite the two or three people with whom I did not enjoy working, I became friends with most everyone there, especially on the night shift when there were fewer guests. My supervisors were very understanding and knew that a lot of the problems faced by the Front Desk Staff were in relation to factors that were out of our control (such as other loud guests, appliances not working, the neighbors being loud-snoring Giants). .

How am I ethical? Such a silly question. What kind of Unicorn does unethical things? I want to get far in life and I refuse to throw away my morals to do so. Now, I know Im not perfect, but by Sasquatch standards, I do pretty well. I gossip from time to time, but drama is not something this Unicorn thrives on. Other than that, I respect the others with and for whom I work. I do not take things that do not belong to me nor would I ever use drugs or be under any type of influence while working. I am being paid to represent the company as much as to work for it, thus I would not risk my own or its image. Still dont believe me? Im a Unicorn, I have magic. No need to be unethical when you have these kinds of skills.

Working at Buttercup Lane, I learned a lot about my work ethic. I was told by Dragon Dan that I have a strong work ethic. I know that working hard will help me get far. I truly believe that hard work pays off. Having a job since the day I could properly control my magic has made this pony learn a lot more about life and it made me feel better about myself overall. I think a job should be something you care about, but not something you have only to pay for the activities you do on your free time. How could I appreciate my job if that were the case?

The things that I find most important about a job are interesting work and recognition for said work. When I paint a rainbow, its amazing and I want people to see it! I put as much of my effort as I can into my projects and when they are about things I find interesting, everything comes together. Like the Elves, when I am driven by passion, nothing can stand in my way. Thus, if my work was interesting, I would be incredibly involved with it and I know it would turn out really well. Being recognized for my work is something that I strive for and appreciate. I do not need it to do well, but when I am given positive feedback, I become encouraged to work

harder and I become more creative. When those two aspects come together, I get my best work done!

While I studied at Arcania University in Arcania, New Moon (dont worry, noones heard of it), I had some opinions on how the goals were set. I felt I had a moderate level of participation in setting them. I like this to an extent. Being left-brain oriented, I like to guidelines, but the Unicorn in me always wins out. Creative is the best catalyst for me. I received moderate level off feedback, but that varied by instructor. The Cyclopes of Luna were quick when returning assignments and thorough. They gave me written responses to how I was doing with each part. The Serpents of the Salma Seas would only give me a final grade so it was hard to determine what I needed to improve. I did not find this university a very competitive place, but I think that has more to do with me on a personal level. Some people like to compete, others do not. I do the best that I can, but I do not compare that to others. The goals were all well-defined, again something my left-brain appreciated. The goals were moderately difficult, except for the end of the year when everything piles up. When asked how I work best, I know that I work well with defined goals, but without being told exactly how to accomplish it.

There was one instance last semester in my Marshmallow Economics class where I had a difficult time in relation to our tests. How hard can learning about marshmallows be? Very, I assure. I did not do well on my first test, but I was able to correct my problem. I had no idea what the test would be set up like and I will admit that I was not extremely well prepared. I had studied for probably three hours, but my Sphinx friend Amy convinced me to go pick strawberries instead. This horse learned the hard way that no work and all play leads to a grade

too low to tell Mama and Papa Unicorn about. In the future, I locked Sphinx out of my room and studied for at least eight hours for my exams.

Working with fully transformed Werewolves taught me a lot about anger. They certainly do not know how to control it. Every three to four weeks, they would complain about everything and would be quick to snap at everyone. They were always irritable and some even would have to wear muzzles because they would literally want to attack others. Talk about a bad time of the month. Thankfully, I do not fall in this range. I am in the normal range. On bad days, I might not be the most cheery person to be around, but I can overcome this for the sake of others, thanks to my aforementioned self-monitoring skills. When I do overreact, I try and apologize for my actions. No one likes an Angry Abby or Negative Nancy, so I let others know that these outbursts are not who I really am. I am a happy-go-lucky, optimistic pony.

On that topic, I am also a very self-reliant pony. I feel secure in my abilities and I know I can do well without the help of others. Mainly, I believe in myself. I do not think that working with others will slow me down, but I in no way put all my work on to other people. Everyone needs to be able to work together, but not get so comfortable that they do not do a sufficient amount of work. I find it extremely important that everyone can motivate themselves and understand that the only thing that stands between them and success is themselves.

You asked to know a little about how I work in groups, so let me tell you a little about the Unigroup I was in to put together sea shell necklaces for the pregnant Mermaids in Saint Shellfish Hospital who could not make them for themselves. A noble cause, I know. We were all very

close, I always felt like a member of the group. Had another group approached me, like the Peggroup, I would have definitely said no. I enjoyed that group and I value loyalty. The others in this group were all Unicorns with whom I was friends, thus we always got along, we stuck together like glue, and we helped each other accomplish our goals. Overall, it was a wonderful group to be a part of. I may be biased though, because I have found that I work really well in groups.

As for diversity in this group, I found that friendship ties, community ties, religion, and ethnicity were attributes of my team. We had two deep-level types of diversity and two surface-level ones. The factors that contributed most were our education, abilities, and friendship ties. How else would I have learned the complicated mermaid-fish tail knot!? We were unfortunate in that we lacked any male Unicorns (who are sparse at best), experience, and training. Luckily, a positive attitude can take you far and we had a very successful group dynamic. Those mama Mermaids were very merry.

I am a left-hemisphere dominated being. What does this mean exactly? It means that I work best with lists, numbers, order, and logic. As a Unicorn, this seems counter-intuitive, but the more I thought about this, the more I realized it is an accurate description of how I think. But I still feel as though it is a limited description of how I work. I might have a way with numbers, but they do not inspire passion in me. I work best with a set guide line, but with a lot of space for creativity. I think I am fortunate in that I utilize both sides of my brain, whereas some are strictly limited and have a lot of difficulties when they come into a situation in which they have to use the other hemisphere.

This exercise was difficult with me; I enjoy all the different options, but I did not really do that great. The only reason I got as many as I did was because I had a friend do it with me. After doing as much as we could, I looked up the rest on the internet. From this, I was only able to emphasize my ability to overcome problems! Working with friends and then using an outside resource was how I was able to get all of this accomplished. If I were working for a company, this is how I would look for help. First, I would go to my coworkers and ask their opinions on how I could accomplish my task. I would take his/her advice and apply it to the best of my ability. If I still could not solve my problem, I would look to outside resources, such as the sources provided by the organization or the wonders of the internet. Lastly, I would go to my managers for help with my problem and hope they could help me solve the issue.

While frolicking gaily through a field of daisies one day, I had my friend Phoenix Philly approach me. He was having a hard time fitting in at his new job at the water park and he asked me how I make so many friends and can blend in with any group of creatures. I told him its because I put a lot of effort into my relationship with others. I find the people who are friends with a lot of people because I know they will be able to help me network. Its important to show an interest in what people say and pay attention to how they react to the things you say. I am high self-monitoring, I explained, so I can test out the waters pretty well. I advised him to be observant and considerate and things would get easier. I hope his business politics have improved since then, but for all I know its probably all gone up in flames.

This pony has always been self-empowered. From taking advanced classes to taking flight overseas, I have motivated myself the entire way. I like to be challenged by others, because I feel as though I can hold my own ground. I will take responsibility for the things I do, whether they are done well or poorly. I empower myself by empowering others, which is one of the reasons I really enjoyed giving the presentation on leadership. I know that it benefitted those who were able to participate in it, and thus it benefitted me. I think that I am more empowered because I am self-confident. Having faith in yourself is fundamental to success and my life goal is to be successful.

I see you were looking for more information on my job as a Front Desk Agent at the Polar Inn Express, in relation to the motivating potential. I would say that it was low. Everything was laid out for the workers and there was not much room to expand on it. When we interacted with guests, we had the chance to have them mention us in comment cards or to our managers if they liked us, but those things required extra work that most people were not willing to give. The most motivating aspects were the Unicorn to Unicorn interactions and that one was able to use a variety of skills to accomplish our tasks. In the future, I would like a job with a higher motivating potential.

One of the factors I really appreciated about this job was that it was very much a psychologically healthy work environment. I felt very at ease there. I had a lot of say in the things I did (mainly on how I interacted with guests) and when I made suggestions, management was open to hear them and make changes as they found necessary. I received feedback from both the guests and management. I enjoyed that the company had clearly defined roles for us and that there were

several handbooks and managers to turn to if ever we faced a problem. This job was a pleasant one in Hard Rock Candy Mountain.

But back to Arcania University, the home of the Vikings. I had a job on campus that I very much enjoyed. I worked with one other Unicorn and we would spread our joy to all those who came to pick up the packages their loved ones sent them. One day, between sorting lollipops and candy canes, I started thinking about who really has the power in my organization. After a complicated serious of calculations, I came to the realization that my organization was in the middle of centralized and decentralized. There was a widespread flow of power. Various members were in charge of different tasks, but overall, no one Unicorn kept all the power to themselves and thus we were all able to prosper.

Lastly, I want to talk to you about today versus the future. In the past, my managers generally thought about things on an everyday basis. We need to solve the problem today, so it will not be here when we get back. I cannot agree with this analysis however and I think every problem should be a challenge to prevent it from happening again in the future, not just deal with the situation. We should have a broad focus. Getting the job accomplished is important, but I always try to think ahead. What can I do to make the organization and the whole Bubblegum World better?

I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen! I will be gone chasing rainbows and water droplets for the summer.