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24 Krinitzi St. Ramat Gan 450-9922266 11/08/1983

2008-2013 Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel B.Sc. in Computer and Software Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Deans List at winter semester 2013. Degree Specializations: - Specialized in Computer Architecture and Computer Networks, and completed advanced courses in: Logic Design, Computer Architectures, Computer Networks and Internet, Operation Systems Structure, High Speed Network Processors. - Specialized in Integrated Electronic Circuits and completed advanced courses in: VLSI and Integrated Circuits, and Design of VLSI by Computers. Final Projects: - Designed and built a RISC VLIW Processor: including implementation of the processor in VHDL; conducted simulations of the processor in Model-Sim and assembly applications; synthesis of the processor with Synopsys , Place & Route with Encounter; Connected BTB to the processor and checked the improvement of the performances. - Authored Microcode to the High Speed Network Processor NP3 under EZ-Chip Guidance: The objective of the code is to have the right decision if to do switching in layer 2 or routing In Layer3 , according to the Destination Mac Address. In addition doing low-learn of the Source Address. 6991-1006 Mikveh Israel High School Emphasis in Exact Sciences. Intensive studies in: Math, Physics, Biology, English, and Computer Science. Programming Languages: C, SQL, ASSEMBLY, VHDL . In addition knowledge in: C++, C# ASP .NET , HTML, JAVAScript, JQUERY, MATLAB.

2013 - Today ATARNITY TECKNOLOGIES - Software Engineer Working on TAGLIT web site: Developing in the Client side with: HTML, JAVAScript, JQUERY. Developing in the Server side with: HTML, C# ASP .NET and SQL. Doing Manually QA and QA using SQL queries, for other software developers. 2112 -2102 Educational Program Guide - Tutored elementary school children in Mathematics. 2112-2112 Israel Airport Authority, Security Unit Ensured and monitored security of a specific sector of the Ben-Gurion International Airport. Received a Certificate of Excellence from the Israel Airport Authority.

2110-2112 Aharay Youth Counselor Facilitated a pre-army training course. Oversaw a team of 250 youth fundraising to provide for 2,000 combat soldiers needs.

2005 - Present 2112-2112 Reserve Duty in a combat battalion. Rank: Sergeant Major. Completed course in I.D.F. Special Forces Unit Maglan. Completed Squad Leaders Course of the Special Forces Unit Maglan. Served in the Givaty Infantry Brigade Completed instruction and led combat soldiers in basic training, advanced training, and operational activity in Gaza. Appointed as combat commander and combat soldier in the frontal platoon of the Battalion.

Hebrew native informant. Englishfluent.

Excellent team player and leader. Capable independent worker. Ability to serve in a leadership role.