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Title: To Require the Rebuilding of Destroyed Wetlands Be it enacted by the United States Federal Government Section One: For the purpose of this bill, a wetland shall be defined as those areas that are saturated by surface or groundwater at a frequency and duration sufficient to support, and that does support, a prevalence of vegetation typically adapted for life in saturated soil conditions. Section Two: For the purpose of this bill, a destroyed wetlands shall be defined as a wetland that is removed, drained, or built over by man made actions. Section Three: For the purpose of this bill, a company shall be defined as any organization that makes, buys, or sells goods or provides services in exchange for money or operates under funds received from the federal government. Section Four: The United States Government is deeply alarmed at the rate in which an ecosystem and resource as the wetlands are disappearing as a result of development in our Country Section Five: The purpose of this bill is to stop the loss of wetlands and begin to restore this ecosystem within our nation. Wetlands are of utmost importance due to their ability to slow floods, filter water, provide homes to many rare species, and draw in eco-tourists. Section Six: As development occurs in our country, companies continue to profit from buying the cheap wetlands and removing them in order to build over them. Section Seven: Companies who destroy wetlands shall be required to rebuild or contract and pay for the rebuilding of one acre of wetland for every acre they destroy. Section Eight: Violators of this bill will be punished under federal statute; the United States Department of Justice shall have the jurisdiction to determine the exact details of punishment. Violators may be hit with fines minimally twice as large as the cost of wetland restoration, a freezing of all current land transactions, and criminal charges. Section Nine: Fines collected from violators of the bill shall be reserved for restoration, conservation, and building of wetlands on federal lands or other designated project areas. Section Ten: This bill shall go into effect nationwide on January 22, 2015. Any land transfers completed before this date shall be exempt. However any transfers not completed by this date, even if in progress, must abide by all components of this law. Section Eleven: All laws and acts in conflict with this law are hereby repealed.