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The German Immigration The impacts on Chicago made by the German Immigration

Libni Ezequiel Zunun Senior Division

I chose this topic due to the fact that German people have always caught my attention. Not for their brutal event of the Holocaust, but for their history and events. I always wanted to learn and know more about the Germans. I chose it by having more interest in the topic on the migration of the Germans into the U.S. Plenty of races and people from different countries migrated to the U.S, Germans especially. Yes, they immigrated to the U.S but not to every state or city. Among the various cities, there was New York, Virginia and Chicago. Due to this, my topic and research was; The German Immigration to Chicago. For this topic, I conducted research in various ways. I conducted it by checking out books from the Harold L. Washington public library, not only from there but also from my schools library. I checked out books of the German Immigration to America. Not only did I check out books, but also, I printed out and took such things as pictures from the internet. I printed pictures, newspapers and documents that were on the Germans or on the German Immigration. Also, the city of Chicago was part of my research so I indeed printed pictures of the Germans leaving their mark in Chicago. Another way that I conducted my research was with the help of my history teacher, Mr. Hernandez. He was a great help towards my research and encouraged me to research more specific things. I selected to exhibit my topic through a website. The medium that used to present my research and ideas was in a website. I tried to make my website creative and smart so that my research could look good and in good shape. I even try to put in songs to make it all emotional. I put my research in order and pictures to describe specific things. I created my project by gathering all of the evidence that was related to my topic and inserted it into my website. I then took pictures and put them into the evidence that went with the pictures. Not only did I used pictures but also newspapers. My project relates to the NHD theme of rights and responsibilities by the Germans taking action of the rights they got and had when arrived to America, after that they took the responsibility of building municipal buildings, establishing religious churches and even protests and marches. They took all that and opened them for the help of other people. Not only that, but there was also

neighborhoods with German roots and German people living in it. Another right was that they immigrated to America in a journey to find a bright new future with more things in their favor.