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Case Ns 2-a-106108

Donetsk District Administrative Court

Decision In the Name of Ukraine February 1 1, 2008, 1.40 PM in presence of Donetsk District d-i"i'trative Court Head Judge Shaleva v.A' .s. , stiran v.v.

ijevski I'G' , Skrijevskaia G'V'

-iilo-u, afterhearingintheopencoutlsessioninthecourtroomin administrative law suit from S I.Tkachenko ,tr".t Ministry of For Skrijevskaia Galina Victorovna against Ukraine in D Office of Ministry of Inte ral Affairs of actions' unlawful and oblige to perform certain
recognize a.tions u, the

of Ministry of of Ukraine

asainst Gennadievich' Skrijevskaia Galina Victorovna Affairs or.*rui'e, Head rn.. of Ministry of,Intemalunlawful and the ion with recognize actions as to be satished' oblige to perform certain actions has

Recognize unlawful action Donetsk region in part of su of ukraine in regard to Igo deportation to Ukraine'

stry of Internal Affars of ukraine in onio the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ina v' Skrijevskaia what cause their

office of Foreign Affairs of r'kraine and Head Recognize unlawful actions of Ministry confirmation of l-Ikraine in Doetsk region in part of of Affairs Internal of Ministry of and Galina V' Skrijevskaia' ukrainian citizenip iot Igor G- Skrijevski

tkraine and Head office onetsk region in part of issuance of in ukraine of Affairs Internal of Ministry of nd Galina v' Skrijevskaia' for Return to ukraine- for Igor G. Skrijevski
of Foreign Affairs of Recognize unlawful action of Ministry certificates

ukraine to issue temporary identification obrige Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Galina in the name of Igor G. Skrijevski and citizenship without person for documents


Ukraine' Sf.ti:.vskaia to aross the state border of

obligeMinistryofForeignAffairsofUkraineandHeadof Igor G Internal Affairs of l-lkraine in Donetsk region to remove

v. Skrijevskaia
to the united States of America as the country



pay from state budget of Ukraine to Igor G. skrijevski and Galina v.Skrijevskaia 945 ( nine hundred and forfY five )'gr'
2008. Full text of decision have been made on February 16'h, court of Appeals This decision can be appealed in the Donetsk Administrative submitted in 10 daYs itted in 20 daYs after 186, part 5 KAC of


Head Judge

Seal of the Court

Copy ceftified
Judge Shaleva V.A. Signature

For Your information Decision gained lawful power on May 15th, 2008
Signature of the Judge

Ukraine Donetsk Administrative Court of Appeals

Decision In the Name of Ukraine

Court room Jrb 2 on the court premises at the address: Donetsk, blvd. Shevchenka 26

i I I I I

Court of Appeals in presence of Board of the Judges of the Donetsk Administrative Head Judge: Khanova R'F''
Judges: Badahova T.P. Starosud M'I' Secretary: Churikova Y.O. ."pr.r.rrtatives from plaintiffs from first resPondent : from second resPondent



skrijevski Igor Gennadievich Skrij evskaia Galina Victorovna

did not show uP Monakova V.M. - Power of attorneY dated August zl''t, 2OO7



After hearing in the open court session aPPeal from

1) Ministry of Foreign

Affairs of Ukraine

citizenship, immigration and registration - - rh from February 11"'' to change the decision of Donetsk District d,ninitt ative Court Shaleva V.A., Mogilnitski M'S'' ( 200g in administrative case Ns 2-a-r06108 Judges Stiran V.V. )

2)HeadofficeofMinistryoflnternalAffairsof llkraine in Donetsk region, department of

in the law suit of

1) Igor G. Skrijevski

1) Galina V. Skrijevskaia Affairs of Ukraine ZjHeadOifice of Ministry of Internal Affairs of

1) Ministry of Foreign


Ukraine in Donetsk region

with demand to

perform recognize actions as the unlawful and oblige to certain actions. Decided

and Head office of Ministry of Appeal from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of ukraine the decision of Internal Affairs of Ukrine in Donetsk lth' 2008 Donetsk Districk Administrative Court caseJ\lb2-a-|06/08_leavewithoutsatisfaction

11th, 2008 Decision of Donetsk District Administrative Court from February case Jrfs 2-a-1'06l08 - leave without changes n decided in deliberation room and announced Introduction Full text of decision made on May 15th,2008. during court se ult of review gains full power since the moment Decision of

of announcement.

Ukraine during one Decision can be appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court of month after decision of the court of appeals gained power'

Head Judge

Signatures Signatures

R.F. Khanova T.P. Bodahova



Same as original Judge

Seal of the court Signature

R.F. Khanova

Executive Order in accordance to administrative law suit Donetsk District Administrative Court May 29th, 2oo8

Nb 2a-106l08
dministrative Court after hearing or Gennadievich , Skrijevskaia Galina ffairs of l-Ikraine, Head Office of Donetsk region with demand to ige to Perform certain actions Decided

aine and Head Office of Ministry of gion to remove Skrijevski Igor ictorovna to the United States of America
as the



country of habitual residence'


Affairs - Head office of Internal g3023,Donetsk, Khodakovskogo street, 10

Juridical address :

of Ukraine in Donetsk region

_ skrijevskaia Galina victorovna, date of birth November coilector ' ;--" '-----S:ojo, Donetsk, Artema street 86a' ap'24
Decision of the Court gained lawful Executive document can be submitt Court established period to report about

28th, 1964

raw suit issued on May zg.:\h,2008 ,, Executive order in accordance to administrative


Signature Signature
Seal of the Court

V.A. Shaleva
V.O. Parhomenko

Secretary of Court