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G#- QR @())-KS# 9LM- L)P ;)$KTU,(O+$# &##(O)M-)$J Winnei giants peimission
foi }PRC anu those acting puisuant to }PRC's authoiity to use, in peipetuity,
Winnei's name, pictuie, voice, peifoimance, likeness, biogiaphical infoimation,
statements, piopeity, piize infoimation, uemonstiations, iecoiuing anuoi entiy
mateiials in connection with Piomotion, any anu all of which may be alteieu,
changeu, mouifieu, euiteu, useu alone, togethei oi with othei woiks, anuoi useu in
uistoiteu, illusoiy oi composite foim, as solely ueteimineu by }PRC, foi auveitising,
tiaue anu piomotional puiposes without fuithei compensation, at any time(s), in all
meuia now known oi heieaftei uiscoveieu woiluwiue, incluuing, without limitation,
piint, iauio anu television bioaucasting, cable casting, auuiovisual, closeu-ciicuit
exhibition, anu on the Inteinet, without notice oi ieview oi appioval.

Any peifoimance, uemonstiation, entiy mateiials, paiticipation oi appeaiance by
the Winnei in connection with the Piomotion (the "Piopeity") will be ueemeu a
Woik Naue Foi Biie by }PRC unuei the Copyiight laws of the 0niteu States, but if it
cannot be so ueemeu, then Winnei iiievocably sells, assigns anu tiansfeis to }PRC
all of Winnei's iight, title anu inteiest in anu to the Piopeity, incluuing, without
limitation, all copyiight anu tiauemaik iights, in the 0niteu States anu woiluwiue,
theiein, foi valuable consiueiation, the ieceipt anu sufficiency of which is heieby
acknowleugeu. 0pon iequest of }PRC, Winnei shall execute anu uelivei such
auuitional uocuments, as may be solely ueemeu by }PRC, ieasonably necessaiy to
effectuate the owneiship anu iights tiansfeiieu heieunuei. Winnei iepiesents anu
waiiants that the winning entiy uoes not violate oi infiinge any copyiight,
tiauemaiktiaue name, logo, tiaue seciet oi intellectual-piopeity iight, oi othei
piopiietaiy iight of any peison, anu that Winnei has the powei anu authoiity to
giant the iights gianteu heiein.

,-0-L#-U?(#*0L(M-KU3(M($L$(Q)# QR 3(L1(0($TJ Winnei heieby ieleases }PRC anu
Piomotion juuges anu theii iespective affiliates, paient companies, subsiuiaiies,
uistiibutois, auveitising anu piomotion agencies, sponsois, anu theii iespective
officeis, uiiectois, employees, iepiesentatives anu agents (inuiviuually anu
collectively, "Releasees") fiom, anu agiees that Releasees shall have no liability foi,
anu shall be helu haimless anu inuemnifieu by Winnei against, any anu all liability
foi any injuiies, losses oi uamages, iights, claims anu actions of any kinu to
peison(s), incluuing peisonal injuiy, ueath, oi uamage to oi loss of piopeity, oi
violation of intellectual piopeity iights, oi iights of publicity oi piivacy iesulting in
whole oi in pait, uiiectly oi inuiiectly, in connection with paiticipation in the
Piomotion anu the paiticipation in, acceptance, possession oi use of any Piomotion
piize. The Releasees aie not iesponsible foi anu shall not be liable foi: (a) piinting
oi typogiaphical eiiois in any Piomotion-ielateu mateiials; (b) technical failuies,
incluuing, without limitation, electionic, haiuwaie oi softwaie piogiam, netwoik,
telephone, Inteinet, website, ISP availability oi computei malfunctions, failuies, oi
uifficulties of any kinu; oi (c) any injuiy oi uamage to peisons oi piopeity that may
be causeu, uiiectly oi inuiiectly, in whole oi in pait, fiom Winnei's paiticipation in
the Piomotion oi ieceipt oi use oi misuse of any Piomotion piize, oi tiavel oi
accommouations in connection with any Piomotion piize. Winnei is not an
employee of }PRC anu is solely iesponsible foi all applicable taxes ielateu to theii
paiticipation in the Piomotion.

The Piomotion, incluuing constiuction, valiuity, inteipietation anu enfoiceability of
this Agieement anu Waivei, shall be goveineu by the laws of the State of Tennessee
without iegaiu to choice of law oi conflict-of-laws piinciples. Any uisputes, claims
anu causes of action aiising out of oi connecteu in any way with the Piomotion oi
any piize awaiueu shall be biought exclusively in a feueial oi state couit in
Williamson County, Tennessee. Any anu all claims, juugments anu awaius shall be
limiteu to actual out-of-pocket costs incuiieu, incluuing costs associateu with
enteiing the Piomotion, but in no event attoineys' fees. G)P-K )Q *(K*"M#$L)*-#
V(00 @())-K 1- .-KM($$-P $Q Q1$L() LVLKP# RQK2 L)P @())-K +-K-1T VL(W-# L00
K(O+$# $Q *0L(M2 ()P(K-*$2 .")($(W-2 #.-*(L02 ()*(P-)$L0 L)P *Q)#-X"-)$(L0
PLMLO-# L)P L)T Q$+-K PLMLO-#2 Q$+-K $+L) RQK L*$"L0 Q"$YQRY.Q*Z-$ -[.-)#-#\

&=,;;? :8 &9? &//;':;?J

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